1Look at what awaited me upon my return to Vancouver.  Yes, Joreos! Akemi woke up early yesterday morning to make them.  Apparently, it was a surprisingly long and involved process that saw her start at 7:00 a.m. and finally finish at 2:00 p.m.  Can’t wait for the instructional video for this particular recipe.

1The dogs were equally thrilled to see me, especially Jelly who was unusually vocal today – and full of energy on her walk.

Jelly - all smiles.
Jelly – all smiles.

Before leaving Montreal, I enjoyed one final home-cooked meal highlighted by mom’s lasagna and some home made cotechino.  What, pray tell, is cotechino?  Why, it’s an Italian pork sausage commonly served with lentils on New Year’s Eve.  My mother received some from a family friend and it fell on me to prepare them.  Following a little online research, I was all set…

1First up, I soaked the fresh sausages in cold water, rinsed and then heated them on high.  Once the water started boiling, I brought the heat down to a low simmer and allowed the sausages to slow-cook or about an hour.

1An hour later, I plucked them from the water and the sausages were nice and firm.  Since I had to take mom shopping, we popped them in the refrigerator for the afternoon.\

1The few hours in the fridge helped them firm up even more and made cutting them easier.  I cooked them over medium heat in a frying pan with just a touch of olive oil.  I’d suggest covering the pan with a lid because once  those tiny pockets of fat start exploding, you DON’T want to get caught up in the fireworks!

And serve.  Crispy, sticky, slightly sweet, and salty.  Not for the diet-conscious.

While I was making fatty sausage, my sister was making these Cat in the Hat kebabs –


Finally, look at what I found on mom’s bookshelf.

1Yes, it’s the first (and only) edition of Latin For the Novice by revered Latin scholar Joseph Mallozzi, memorably featured in Stargate: SG-1’s fourth season episode Window of Opportunity – and sitting in mom’s basement ever since, right between Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet and old issues of Readers Digest.

Well, I may be back home, but there won’t be time for much relaxing. I have a lot to do, a lot to read, before I head off to L.A. next week!

Today’s entry is dedicated to the memory of Gumbo.  Condolences, Deni.

27 thoughts on “June 11, 2013: Back in Van!

  1. Thank you so much, Joe. He was a sweet boy and the house is unusually quiet tonight, even the Boxers are subdued. I’ll miss his gooey kisses and his readiness for a cuddle any time I needed it. Like now. 🙂

  2. The Joe-reos are just perfect. You’re a lucky man to have someone like that, Joe! Akemi really is a treasure.

    The sausage looks pretty intense. ” I’d suggest covering the pan with a lid because once those tiny pockets of fat start exploding, you DON’T want to get caught up in the fireworks!” Is that speaking from experience? 🙂

    What are the Cat in the Hat kebabs made from? It doesn’t appear to be actual cat, so that’s something.

  3. @gforce: Thank you so much, it’s nice to know the blog family is always here to lean on when we need it. xo

  4. Those cookies are so cute! How in the world do you eat all those desserts? I gain weight just reading, but pack it on when I try to keep up with you (the recipe of the week). A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. They were looking at me when they came up with that saying. 🙁

    @ Deni – So sorry about Gumbo. No doubt, another much loved and well taken care of fur baby. A lucky boy to be in your family.

  5. Fun food pictures today. Love the Joreos. 😀 Jelly looks so happy.

    Thanks gforce for asking about the Cat in the Hat kabobs; I was wondering what they were composed of.

  6. @Deni – so very sorry to hear about Gumbo. He’s one of the family.
    {{{hugs}}} Hard to provide the “gooey kisses.” So, the virtual cuddles are plentiful for you.

  7. @deni. Sending sympathy on the passing of Gumbo.

    @jioe–Akemi worked 5 hours to make you something special?? Wow. She is quite special indeed, and naming them Joreo’s? Adorable. Jelly looks like she got into some before you got home.

    Today, June 11 is a full year since I legally started my pet sitting business. I cannot believe it.

  8. Deni……sorry to hear about Gumbo 🙁

    Joe…how can I/we get an autographed copy of “Latin For The Novice”? 😉

  9. I haven’t been able to keep up lately, but it sounds like you’re really needing a big change, and LA is it.

    In fact, I was thinking about you a few weeks ago because the LA Times had a great section on the 101 Best Restaurants.

    In case you haven’t already seen it – http://guides.latimes.com/jonathan-gold-best-restaurants-2013-map/. Should get you started 🙂

    I’ll ask around for other favorites.

    If you’re looking for a place, folks think location, location, location. But it’s really traffic, traffic, traffic. It’s horrible, and getting worse. There’s lots of construction that will take years to complete. Wherever you go, figure it will take at least an hour to get there.

    And if you’re tired of rain, you’re in luck. We won’t get any until October.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures down this-a-way!

    @Deni Very sorry to hear about Gumbo.

  10. 🙁 @ Deni . I am so sorry. They leave a shape cut out in your heart for sure.

    Joreos.. okay then.

    Only took a month, got the child’s grad pictures taken, and the pro ones which stink ordered (but have to get as only ones of her being handed the diploma.. sigh.. so professionally done, the black robe looks eggplant purple and.. oh well.. life goes on.

  11. @Sorry about Gumbo.
    @you r working in a new ediition of “Ancient for the casual reader”?

  12. @sylvia, Skua, Debra FTS, Paloosa, mamasue9, PBMom, Ponytail, jcckeith:
    thanks guys so much for your kindness, it means a lot. Gumbo was the last of the “original” bunch who got really old within a year or two of each other. He was a rescue from Texas and he’d apparently had a pretty rough time of life before he came to our family. I’m glad the second part of his life was good. 🙂

  13. @ Deni – Sorry to hear about Gumbo… Sad to lose our furry friends.

    Joe: So the adventures keep coming and now you’ve turned the leaf on your Montreal trip and are getting ready for LA adventures. Hope everything falls into place for you, with plenty of pleasant surprises…

  14. So I guess that in the universe that Stargate takes place, you got a Ph.D in linguistics(?) and wrote reference/text books instead of becoming a TV writer/producer?

    Joe, I’ve always wondered, what is actually on the pages in the prop books used as part of television and movie productions? Are they blank or are those just fake covers glued to real books?

  15. Akemi — Your Joe-reo cookies are so cute! You could do pastry catering very easily! Joe, you know you’re spoiled, right? 😉

    Deni-cita! — Gumbo was a wonderful nanny to Elway when he was recovering. And Gumbo stayed for you as long as he could. So sorry for you to lose another fur child. 🙁 With Riley and Cody you’ll have another and different pair of nannies one day. I’ve heard Boxers are very sensitive to their owners. Big {{{{{Hugs!}}}}}

  16. @for the love of Becket – Lisita: Thank you, sweet girl. Oh yeah, Boxers are very sensitive to, uh, food. 🙂 Someday, maybe!

  17. @So I guess that in the universe that Stargate takes place, you got a Ph.D in linguistics(?)

    More a bit of harmless fun on Joes part. As this was a Mallozzi and Mullie episode 🙂

  18. great being with family again hein? Does that mean that you speak French then Joe? Alors, vous avez des talents caches, et le latin pour les novices aussi!! 🙂
    Hard to settle with all this travelling i bet! I am off over seas mysef next week for 2 days .. not looking forward to it. I am turing into my cat: a home bird, if i may say so 🙂 thank you for the news and pics of Jelly ! 🙂 xo

  19. G’day

    @ Deni – So very sorry to on the passing of Gumbo. Sending hugs and love.

  20. @Deni:

    Sorry to hear about Gumbo…hope you’re doing okay. We’re keeping you in our prayers.


    Joereos? How are they in milk? They also remind me of the candy hearts since Akemi put different letters and smiley faces on them. Did she spell anything in particular, or is it like alphabet soup where you spell out words as you go?

    And welcome back and good luck in L.A.!

  21. @Janet and JeffW: Thank you for your kindness, very much appreciated. I keep thinking I see and/or hear Gumbo, so I think tomorrow I’ll be getting out of the house for a bit. 🙂

  22. Joreos look delicious and so cute! The sausages are giving me flashbacks to the GoT finale.

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