Last night, Paul and I got together with our former Stargate script coordinator Alex Levine who, since moving to Toronto, has been busy forging a successful writing career.  He has worked on a various productions, most notably Flashpoint and the critically-acclaimed Orphan Black (Check it out!).  He’s come a long way from his very first script, a little Atlantis episode called Inquisition and, in hindsight, I now regret being so critical of his spellchecking abilities.

I also regret all those lunch trays I broke over his head for not distributing my scripts in a timely manner.

But before meeting with Alex, it was another heartfelt reunion of sorts. Yes, I’ve missed a number of Toronto residents since moving back to Vancouver but, perhaps, none more than Buca, without a doubt one of my Top  Restaurants worldwide.  Last night, we dined on crispy sweetbread, various house cured meats including elk tongue, goat cheese and foie gras ravioi, an unbelievable tiramisu, and these two standout “standout” items:

Warm bread knots with rosemary, olive oil, garlic, and sea salt.
Warm bread knots with rosemary, olive oil, garlic, and sea salt.
Burrata, tomato, basil, and truffle.  The best pizza I've had outside of Tokyo.
Burrata, tomato, basil, and truffle. The best pizza I’ve had outside of Tokyo. 

This morning, after breakfast with our former Toronto neighbors John and Nancy, Paul and I got together with Jay and hammered out a structure for the feature.  Sometime, in the next couple of weeks, we’ll send him the outline for both it and the JM series/pilot.  Also, sometime in the next little while, I’m going to start looking into all of your (no doubt) terrific suggestions for potential shows/movies. Thanks for submitting!

All in all a very productive afternoon, however the highlight of the day was the five minutes I spent on FaceTime with Jelly.

Jelly (File picture - Copyright, Library of Congress)
Jelly (File picture – Copyright, Library of Congress)

Another dinner tonight and then, tomorrow morning, it’s off to Montreal!

10 thoughts on “June 8, 2013: Alex! John and Nancy! Jelly! And pizza!

  1. You’ll be in Montreal for the Formula 1 Grand Prix! Are you going? I hope the weather will be a bit better than it was for today’s Qualifying!

    It’s 11:50pm here and I’m nearly finished with a major database upgrade at work. Thankfully it’s all done remotely so at least I don’t have to go into the office but it does mean I’m sitting at a computer rather than sitting on the sofa watching TV!

  2. OMG!!!! And I don’t use that often. But the warm bread knots!!!!! I’m salivating at the keyboard now. I LOVE bread. I’d be some fat gelatinous pig if I failed to restrain myself from bread, in any form. Thick pizza crust, hot pretzels, baguettes and any other form of bread. My intestinal tract would be like a mini glue factory. Those look so tasty. I once ran a baguette down like it was going through a chipper shredder. Remember the ‘Chipper shredder’ scene in the movie Fargo? That baguette had the same journey. So, be honest. Were they as warm and tasty as that photo suggests?

  3. Ditto what Woody said re the break knots…double yum! That pizza looks mighty tasty too.

    awwwww – Jelly misses you, but you knew that.

    Now I want pizza. sigh

  4. Yes, I’ll take that plate of bread knots please, and hope that’s enough. I’ll probably need seconds.

  5. Poor Jelly, she looks so sad.

    That bread and pizza looks delicious, but where normally my mouth would be watering, I’m currently so hopped-up on cobbler and kifli that I couldn’t think of eating another bite.

    I’m glad to see someone else using lunch trays as the disciplinary tool of choice! (figuratively, of course.)

    Say hi to the folks in Montreal for us!

  6. I prefer you to live 1 hour ahead of me than 2 hours behind me. If that helps any…

  7. Have fun in Montreal! And let us know how Andria’s team did in the Dragon Boat race.

    The food looks great, but I made DP’s cobbler yesterday and just finished a reheated bit of cobbler and ice cream before I sat down to check the blog. So, like gforce – I’m stuffed.

    The cobbler was excellent. I was a little worried when I saw how liquidy the batter was. I made it with frozen mixed berries and baked it in an 11 x 7 baking dish. Next time I will probably reduce the fruit to 3 cups instead of 4 if I am using frozen fruit and bake it in a 9 x 9 dish. And there will be a next time – soon!

    I may have to wait a couple of weeks to try the kifli. It doesn’t look something I can do one handed.

    And lunch trays also make excellent sleds in a pinch.

  8. The bread knots look amazing (like Woody said–and Woody, you crack me up), and I probably would try the pizza. The tiramisu is a given even though there are no pictures. Looks like Jelly is missing you something awful. I have heard good things about Orphan Black but I’m so overcommitted to TV viewing at the present time.

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