Well, I heard from Akemi who is presently in Yellowknife enjoying the Northern Lights – and deep freeze (35 degrees celsius/-31 fahrenheit) – with friends.  One of the first messages she texted me was:

“It’s skin peel cold.  I want to go back to Vancouver.”

Eventually, she warmed up a little to idea of her northern adventure (figuratively speaking) but did admit she much preferred Vegas as a vacation destination.

1Still, she seems to be having a good time, spending time with her girlfriends and, of course, checking out the lights –

Ooooh.  Aaaah.
Ooooh. Aaaah.

I’m sure they’re a marvelous sight to behold in person but I couldn’t imagine sitting through more than twenty minutes of their glorious splendor – much less three days!

Oh, and just to give you an idea of how cold it is there, Akemi sent me the following photo of a wet towel she flapped (did “bun bun” as she put it) in the open air:

Yep.  Frozen solid.
Yep. Frozen solid.

Speaking of interesting texts, I received the following from my sister, a pic of the directions on a bag of dumplings in my mother’s freezer:


This is one of those rare instances where it’s actually MORE confusing with instructions.

Rodney's bathtub - Broken Ties.
Rodney’s bathtub – Broken Ties.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I came across a slew of Art Department handouts (schematics, sketches, blueprints, etc.) for Atlantis’s 4th and 5th seasons. Since I’m in the process of downsizing my crawlspace, I thought it might be nice to find them a new home.  There were a few of you who suggested I donate them to charity and, while I like the idea in principle, these items aren’t originals.  They’re copies.  And, while they’s certainly prove interesting to most fans, they won’t be commanding the type of price that would make it worthwhile.  Alternately, it was suggested I auction them off myself since doing so would give everyone a fair chance to win.  But, in reality, that simply gives the individual with the deepest pockets an unfair advantage.

No.  Ultimately, I’d like to give everyone of you blog readers a shot at winning – or, more precisely, 40 shots at winning as I’ll be packaging these documents up by episode for distribution.  I’m thinking, maybe, some quizzes or contests specific to each episode.  I’ll take the weekend to think about it.

Finally – swung by my local bookstore the other night and picked up a few new titles, some of them recommended…


42 thoughts on “January 10, 2013: The Akemi Update!

  1. Glad Akemi is having fun. Sounds like a fascinating experience which I might could handle for about 20 minutes myself. 🙂

    I think that’s a fair way to give away the drawings. Time for me to brush up on my Atlantis episodes.

    Have a great afternoon! Is it as gloomy in Vancouver as it is here in B’ham?

  2. Best way to see the northern lights is on a plane.

    Once, going from Chicago to Hong Kong in November, we flew over the pole and could see them for a couple hours. Look when you want to. Don’t when you don’t. Nice & comfy.

    Also, Joe…went to Stephanie Izard’s new place (across from Girl & the Goat) called Little Goat. It’s a “modern diner”…fun concept but I imagine you’d much prefer Girl & the Goat.

  3. It’s great to see that Akemi is getting to see the Aurora (as well as surviving the cold). I’ve seen them occasionally around here and they are astoundingly beautiful even this far South.

    Those instructions are completely nonsensical, unless they’re the instructions for making word salad.

  4. Burr, I’m cold just thinking about -35F! The Northern lights would be such a great sight to see but I could see those from an inside window drinking a hot toddy. 😉 The fun part would be hanging out with my gal pals. I hope they have a blast!

    You should get that picture of her beautiful eyes (face covered) framed. That’s a keeper!!!!

    Das will love that you got Relic . Have a great evening and whatever you decide about the SG papers….I’m sure everyone will enjoy.

    Hubby bought a ginormous bottle of Chambord when he made a liquor store run. I’ll have to come up with more than just a flourless chocolate cake to make….. Any ideas?

  5. Glad to hear about some of your plans for the schematics. You can trust me that I will be visiting this blog everyday trying to win one if you go down the competition route.

  6. Time for an Atlantis marathon so I can be crisp and ready for the trivia showdown.

    The picture of Akemi all bundled up makes me remember the cast/crew who went up to the Arctic for Continuum. It is very beautiful though. Although I would like to stay out even for 20 minutes, my body has become accustomed to Texas weather. I’d be lucky if I made it 5 minutes. The towel is a riot.

    Sounds like the editor of the dumpling instruction needs more than a little bit of help. That’s hysterical.

  7. Joe! It’s been a while since I have posted but I read this blog religiously. The prospect of stargate blueprints got me, a student of architecture, very excited!

    I hope Akemi stays warm enough. We recently had 14 degree weather which doesn’t even compare but I was frozen all the same.

  8. Gorgeous pics of Akemi, by the way, she’s gorgeous! Orange juice out my nose with the dumplings thing, too. Thanks heaps. 🙂

  9. But when does it put the lotion in the basket?

    I am envious of Akemi – I would love to see the northern lights! Also Antarctica and Churchill. Can never justify the cost of those trips, though. Curious to know if she thinks it all worth it once she’s back.

  10. WOW Akemi looks frozen, but what an experience! Well if she wants to warm up… it’s in the 80’s here had to turn the a/c on. Guess I need to refresh my memory and start watching a little SGA.

    What’s up with those instructions?? Were they drunk when they printed them?

  11. Joey – just a quickie. If you enjoy Relic, mebbe you could contact Preston and Child to coerce a Q&A out of them. (They just did a ‘live’ Q&A over at Goodreads, and are usually quite willing to answer questions on their FB page – they’re very interactive.)


  12. A lot better looking equiment, Joe. Those are not temps to play with. Fortunately there is a stationary front keeping that weather from slipping into the lower 48. In fact Anchorage is above freezing. But you know it is cold when those nose hairs freeze.

  13. What a good blog. 🙂

    Akemi, thanks for sending the photos! I love the pics of you bundled up and the Northern lights. Are you going on any sled dog tours? Can you take pictures? Would so love to do that some day, but in warmer temps.

    The coldest weather we’ve had is -27 F, which is close, come to think of it! We wore three layers of everything.

    Those instructions had to have written by a English-as-a-2nd-language speaker. Either that, or the translator skipped out after the first sentence.

    Cool idea for the drawings, Joe. I’ll do my best. You’re right, PBMom. Time for an Atlantis Marathon!

    Oohhhhhh, the Preston Child series. I’ve read Cabinet of Curiosities (which comes third) on Das’ and Sparrowhawk’s recommendation. It was great! *shudder*

  14. Flashman! Loved the series. And it was Fraser’s adaption of the 3 Musketeers that was my favorite film version of that classic(especially as he wrote not one, but 2 outstanding scripts, helped out by a solid all-star cast). As a history buff, I particularly enjoyed the series. Though as a final irony, I have not read the book from which Flashman originated.
    As much as I would love to see the Northern Lights, I don’t think I could handle that kind of cold to witness them. Kudos to Akemi for being willing to endure so much. Do keep us informed, and thanks for sharing.

  15. I was at mom’s place over the holidays and just happened to pick Flashman off the shelf on a lark. It was a gift from my writing partner, Paul, way back when. I loved it! And, if the quality holds, will no doubt work my way through the entire series.

    And I was unaware Fraser was a screenwriter as well and that he wrote the two greatest Musketeer movies ever made. Loved them!

  16. And what were they smoking when they wrote the directions at that dumpling factory,,wow, quality control(out of control).
    Glad to hear from Akemi and the towel is hilarious. (but way too cold for me)-(you brave girl), also I would prefer Vegas to the cold tundra,,brrr. thanks for sharing.

  17. I wouldn’t brave those temps to see anything, and I mean ANYTHING. brrrrr

    Please, please please, get a translation of those instructions. WHAT THE HELL IS AN anit-spoon? I’ll dream about those instructions.

  18. We’ll think warm thoughts for you, Akemi!

    It puts in the garlic! We likes garlic in our dumplings, Precioussss….

  19. Where I live in North Eastern Alberta, we’ve had temperatures as low as -50. As with anything, you learn to adapt and to dress appropriately. To me, most days are an adventure. What I really get a kick out of is, after a week of -40 to -50, the -25 temperatures actually feel balmy. As far as I can tell, with Akemi\s photo, she needent have gone all the way to Yellowknife for the Aurora. It looks about the same here. All she would have needed is a plane ticket to Edmonton. I could pick her up at the airport and drive her up here (4 hour drive) and shown her some cool stuff as well. A consideration for next year, maybe.

    I assumed you’d go with the random selection process for your swag. The only thing about that is that there are people who perpetually never win anything. I won 2 nights stay in Jasper, yes, but that was after a dry spell of 20 years when, despite regularly entering contests, I never won anything. To prove it, when you draw your random winners, you’ll see that I will not be one of those who gets picked. I firmly believe that there are lucky people and then there are people like me. Ah well, it’s not like it’s life or death, is it.

  20. As I mentioned previously… In 3 weeks, *BIRTHDAY*… And, I really not that difficult to buy for.

  21. I once experienced -26F while camping in the Virginia mountains (near Skyline Drive). It was amazing how everyday materials behaved (our vinyl tablecloth broke!). Glad to hear you prepared her well. And the green aurora photo was beautiful!

  22. Ah, competition… I suck at trivia, even when I can look it up. Ah well.

    We have a lovely 8 inches of snow outside, dead silent this early. No traffic noises, nothing is out and about, even the furnace cycled down. I swear, that’s what woke me up hours before dawn. Too quiet. Well, I can hear my bug kitty snoring. Nice warm 26 degrees, but we’re looking at single digit lows tomorrow night. No bun bun towels, but I will be using the fireplace!

  23. @ Tam Dixon & ftloB – I’m just glad Joey picked up Relic himself…I was getting ready to send him a copy. 😉

    Relic is a nice introduction to the Pendergast character and series, although he really doesn’t become the ‘main’ character until the aforementioned Cabinet of Curiosities. In Cabinet you start to see more of his personal life, and his family history. And the fourth, Still Life With Crows is probably my favorite, mostly for the rural setting and a particular character who is introduced in that story. That one scared the crap out of me, too. 😛


  24. @ Joe – I think distributing them among the blog readers is a nice idea. It’s not something I need (unless, of course, you have a diagram of the Vegas Wraith in various states of undress…though actual pictures would be best…AAAAAND a drool bucket 😛 )…




    I totally lost my train of thought. Totally. 😛 “It’s not something I need…” Hmmmmm. Yeah, it’s gone. Total brain death. Damn that Spike! (That’s the name we gave him…fitting, no? Although I did have a vote in for ‘Smokin’ Side of Wraith Beef’, but that just made all the fangirls hungry. 😛 )

    So, anyways, with Akemi away, have you managed to burn down the kitchen yet? Forgot a pooch at the dog park? Driven through the garage door? Got trapped in your crawlspace? Spilled a bottle of dark brown hair dye all over the white rug? (NOT suggesting that you dye your hair…but I DO love a good fishing trip! 😉 ) Let the iron burn a hole through your favorite silk shirt? Confused the Ben-Gay with the Prep H? (Again, not suggesting anything at all…) Accidentally fed your favorite gold chain to the Insinkerator? Mixed up that new bright red shirt in a laundry load of tighty whities? Got caught in your own zipper? (Hey, it’s been known to happen!)

    In other words, we need an updated accident report. 😀

    And Joe, stay safe! (For the record, I have put my voodoo Joey dolly away – I see no point to needlessly stacking the deck. 😉 )


  25. I’m glad Akemi is having a good, albeit frigid time. I vaguely recall an episode of Northern Exposure that referenced that the Northern Lights held some special significance in Japanese culture. I think. That was a long time ago.

    Winter’s Bone sounds really good. I’m going to Netflix it, and then read the book. I’m a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan.

    They are to say the least, an interesting set of directions. I surely hope your mom has an anti-spoon. Do warn her that if the anti-spoon touches a real spoon, it will cause a massive explosion and quite possibly produce a shift in the space/time continuum.

    A contest for the Art Dept. swag? Damn, I’m out. My bad luck is the stuff of legend in my family and circle of friends. My nephew even named it: “Taylorluck”.

    The basic premise is that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. To me.

    Here’s a good example: Last summer at our campground, a fierce storm arose. Wind, rain, wrath of God type shit. The women ran into the trailer. My nephew, I and a neighbor started to batten stuff down. I walked out of the trailer after dropping something off, and the second I walked through the door, a large branch broke from a tree and hit me squarely in the back of the head, almost knocking me unconscious. Two other people within 15 feet of me. I got hit. One second earlier or later out of the trailer and it would have missed me. And that’s just one example of many. Good times. Good times.

  26. Oooh. I may have to look into those Flashman books. I loved those 1974 and ’75 versions of the Musketeers. And, Joe, have you ever watched The Man in the Iron Mask (1998 version)? Another good Musketeer movie, even if it does have Leonardo di Caprio in it. I’m a huge Dumas fan, so I watch pretty much everything based on his works that comes to the screen. .

  27. Debra: Thanks for the reminder (instructions). I had to wait and read it on PC, too small on the iPad. It looks like instructions that were translated wrong. I won’t dream about those instructions but they were funny.

  28. Great Pics of Akemi, glad she’s enjoying herself:) Love the dumpling instructions too, had me laughing so much the tears ran down my leg.
    We’ve been “promised” cold weather, snow and ice so I’ve got me snowchains and folding shovel ready with me insulated blankets and hot thermos. Bring it on:)


  29. “After boiling 30 second degree, it puts in the vessel.”

    Were those cooking directions written by Hannibal Lecter?

  30. Well, one thing’s for sure. When Akatmi’s away, the Mallousie will sleep late. 🙂


  31. I think I’d rather be in Vancouver too…heck, I’d rather be were I am rather than freezing my butt off where Akemi is. Hasn’t she heard Vegas is much more fun for a girls night out?

    But I’d love Rodney’s bath tub…Now he’s finished with it, can I have it…please?

  32. Hey Joe,

    Tell Akemi, that we are freezing here in Vegas too. It’s been in the 40’s during the day and 29 at night.

  33. “…I’ll be packaging these documents up by episode for distribution. I’m thinking, maybe, some quizzes or contests specific to each episode.”

    A wonderful solution, thank you! The opportunity is appreciated…

  34. Haha, Das! Also, true about the first picture of Akemi. Composition, lighting, everything came out just right. Akemi’s eyes almost tell a story. Beautiful picture!

  35. I think that’s a fantastic idea Joe. It’l give you something to do and will bring a ton of fun here lol

    @But, in reality, that simply gives the individual with the deepest pockets an unfair advantage.

    You’re right Joe, I’m sure there’s a few crazy fans out there who would do that lol. I’m in the same if there’s something I want, I usually get what I want regardless.

  36. I have been working to death and too tired at night to read. Time to get caught up… Like others have said, that first picture of Akemi is strikingly beautiful. It looks so professional. Did she take it or a friend? I would enlarge it, frame it, and hang it on a wall. Artistically beautiful!! And of course the second one is pure Akemi beauty.

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