To be perfectly honest, there was only one thing I missed during my trip to Japan.  And it wasn’t the food or the television or the general comforts of home.  It was the dogs.  Even Akemi, who admittedly never “got” dogs before coming to Canada, could think of nothing but her dear Bubba those last few days in Tokyo.  It was nice to know that they were in great hands.  Our dog-sitter, Christine, stayed at the house with them, sending us daily updates and, occasionally, photos.

As I struggle to readjust back to Pacific Standard Time and scramble to tend to the 101 things that magically did not get done while I was away (This isn’t like Stargate where I could always rely on the infamous script elves), I thought it might be nice (and relaxing) to dedicate this entry to the gang – in pictures (most of them compliments of Christine):

31 thoughts on “November 13, 2012: Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

  1. Wait! Christine didn’t tell you about the great dog riots that took place in Vancouver last week? Apparently there was this Pug & French Bulldog that went all over town being rabble-rousers ..turning over food trucks, sniffing other dogs in the park, and crying over spilled ice cream cones! The news called them the doggie Bonnie & Clyde of the 21st Century and the picture they showed looked a lot like Bubba & LuLu. All I’m saying is lock your doors and don’t be too surprised if the SWAT team comes flying through your windows tonight.

  2. Wonderful post tonight, Joe, love those guys! 🙂 By the way, Riley is almost 60 lb and Cody is over 30 lb now!

  3. Yep… home is where you hang your hat and your belongings are. These are great pictures, Joe. Did they give you and Akemi a suitable welcome? [or just Akemi… ] 😉

  4. @Lewis: loved your post!

    @Ponytail: Didn’t mean to knock your film. It will still be the worst movie for me. T. L.’s karate skills were the best part of the film though.

    @Deni: Give the pups a hug for me.

    @PBmom: I hope you’re feeling better!?

    Akemi has been assimilated! I knew puppy love was contagious 🙂 . Loved the pictures!

  5. awwww, too cute. Thanks for the doggie shots. thanks for sharing, and hope they have forgiven you for leaving them for so long. Or at least that they remember you

  6. @ Tam Dixon – there you go again! Stop that! 😉

    Joe, the lads are all so handsome. You must be very proud. Makes me want multiple dogs too. Glad they behaved for the babysitter. Great pictures!

  7. They look like they missed you, especially in that first picture. Glad you are all together now.

  8. And did the pups(who are oh so cuteeeeee!!) let you in the door, or say gimmee,,gimmmee,,gimmmee..??!? sniff sniff,,bark bark..Thanks for sharing the pictures Christine and Joe, and it looks like Christine did a great job with the babies, they look well fed and,,,Lulu looks especially rested!

  9. Perfectly understandable Joe, you’ve had your dogs for so long you consider them to be part of your family and life. When you leave anyone you care about, you consider what you’ve left behind. A perfectly normal reaction.

  10. Awwww, puppers.

    I felt a twinge of guilt on vacation when I realized I hadn’t obsessed about my kitties for three days. My 11 year old pet sitter did a superior job over any adult I ever hired to watch my home and my fur babies.

  11. It’s no surprise that Akemi has grown attached to Bubba. Chinese Pugs have a way of endearing themselves to non-dog people. I don’t know what it is. But, they’re excellent first dogs for people who have never owned a dog and even for people who’ve been dog owners their whole lives. They’re just a great breed! I remember when I was in elementary school and going to daycare after school, the lady’s house we’d go to, she had two pugs: Winky and Wonka. They actually were brothers, too. Winky was (I know now) oddly tall and narrow for a pug, Wonka looked a lot like Bubba, but with more black fur in the face and a little chubbier all around. I used to use him as a pillow when we were allowed to watch TV for the last 15 minutes or so before our parents picked us up. Mellow does not begin to describe Wonka. Great dogs, great personalities, great memories. Still probably my #2 choice of favorite dog breed.

    I’ll always be a Beagle man. 😉

    -Mike A.

  12. Short and sweet today … damned internet doesn’t want to play nicely; every time I attempt to do anything I lose my connection.

    @Joe: Smile inducing doggy photos! Cosy, sleepy and happy. It’s enough to make me want to curl up under a fleece and hibernate for the winter.

    @Das: Ya know, since I can’t share a hammock with the yummy Doctor Beckett, I’ll happily spend a little off-duty time with Horatio! 😉

  13. I love Bubba’s head tilt! They look so relaxed. Their Auntie Christine was good to them.

  14. I’m not a foodie or anything at all. But today saw something quite cute, a Japanese Panda wafer thing from a company called Kabaya. Packaging all in Japanese with this really cute panda picture/writing alongside a picture of the thing, tastes like a combination of white/milk chocolate on like a bisulty like base.

    Certainly the cutest snack I’ve seen. So much effort gone into the packaging and what not. Only the Japanese would make something so different.

    Did you ever pick up any Japanese snacks or anything in your time in Japan Joe? They’re totally unique.

  15. Yaaaaaay!!! Baby doggies!! 🙂 Lulu…you sassy girl! Jelly…such a diva that one! And…of course…Bubba…who just a mush-ball! 😀

  16. @ Deni – “Cute” is an under statement. Gorgeous, adorable, and beautiful markings. Cody looks like he is going to be a big boy. Maybe one day he will grow into those feet. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  17. Eek, think my comment disappeared. Love Bubba’s head tilt. 😀

  18. An article that is hard to read, but worthy — on football. Not sure if you read it, but in Reader’s Digest they included stats/research. This is the original longer piece:

  19. @Joe:

    Very cute pictures! How did they greet you all when you came home? Excitement? Jumping?

    My Alaskan Husky does a full on Dino/Fred Flintstone impression; running madly around the house and then doing jumping mid-air tackles to welcome me home. I usually end up having to protect myself with my luggage to keep from being bowled over. I expect Saturday to be the same.

    Kind of heart warming and adrenaline inducing at the same time 🙂


    @TamDixon Thanks for the concern. To update you all, Patrick came down with the flu de jour from school on Saturday. Then Tuesday, after I came home from walking 2 of my puppy clients, my fever shot up to 103 (his was never that high). Upper respiratory symptoms, nausea, lack of appetite, feeling furry (just kidding about that), headache, throat pain, a horrid cough, body pain. Patrick has been home all week. I’m keeping him home tomorrow because he has the “I feel like shit” look in his eyes. Our fevers are gone but not much else but we make forward movement every day. I’ll likely keep him home tomorrow. It occurred to me that his immune system might still be depressed from that 108 fever stuff in June. I think he was out of school for 3 weeks then. This kid does not get sick often. This has been a bad year for him. Now interestingly, the husband has not gotten sick yet. He had a flu shot. My friend’s kiddo had the flu shot and his amounted to a 1-day event and was back to school the next day; his mother, however, did not have a flu shot and she was horribly ill. Still won’t make me or give Patrick a flu shot because of my personal viewpoints on the matter, but if Jeff does not get sick, then I’ll call it the flu.

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