One of the nice things about this blog is the sense of community that has developed over the past 5+ years I’ve been updating it.  Readers have come and gone but many have stuck it out and become regulars, distinguishing themselves through insightful posts, amusing anecdotes, or their single-minded devotion to the wraith. One such regular is Kelly Hurt who has been following yours truly since 2007.  Although the name may not ring a bell, her pseudonym probably does: Anne Teldy. Back in January of 2008, I held a contest to celebrate the 1 000 000th visit to this blog.  In my January 19th entry, I allowed our buddy Cookie Monster to announce the winner: 

“COOKIE MONSTER: Congradulation to Anne Teldy who post at 10:03 a.m. and be first comment after one millionith visit! Enjoy watch for tell time and hit people with! Also enjoy possible red shirt charakter Anne before she be eated by carnivorus space cow!”

Yes, that’s right.  Anne not only won a Stargate 10th Anniversary watch (not suitable for children under 12 since the damn thing was so heavy it would no doubt dislocate their fragile little shoulders):

A 10th Anniversary Stargate watch!
And a closer look. You have to open the iris to check the time.

– she also won a part on Stargate: Atlantis!  Sort of.  I ended up naming a character after her in an upcoming episode.  

And she was, naturally, pleased to hear it, leaving the following message in the comment section in which she thanked me – and then offered some constructive criticism for my upcoming script:

“Mr. M,

I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night! I have a gabillion ideas for the character which I know wasn’t part of the contest and you couldn’t use even if I sent them to you. So I thought I’d ask for three small things which aren’t really ideas and which you are completely free to ignore.

1. If at all possible, please don’t make my namesake a ‘space bimbo’. I wouldn’t mind if she were pretty, but please not a slutty airhead. That could get a wee bit embarrassing if people thought the character was based on your actual impressions of me and was not just a random character you gave my name. That said, if needs must, go for it. Better a bimbo than nothing.:-D

2. If at all possible, please have Sheppard growl/shout “Anne!” the way he does “Rodney!” when he’s exasperated or frustrated with McKay. (Sheppard saying my whole name would be nice, too.)

3. If at all possible, have Rodney include “Anne Teldy” in one of his speed-speeches or rants.

That’s my top three requests for my namesake character. I will not say or ask anything further about my crazy ideas for her and you can just ignore them if you want. I trust you.

Thanks again for the marvelous prize!

Anne Teldy”

In the end, Sheppard didn’t yell her name and Rodney didn’t rant about her, but Major Anne Teldy was no airhead bimbo.  She was a pretty kick-ass character; the leader of an all-female team Sheppard teams up with in season 5’s Whispers.  

Major Anne Teldy

The plan was to eventually bring Major Teldy and a couple of her teammates back in a future episode but, unfortunately, time ran out on the series before we got a chance to see her again (frankly, before we got a chance to do a lot of things).  Nevertheless, I like to think that Major Teldy is out there somewhere, leading leading Porter and Dusty through the gate on all sorts of amazing adventures (Come on, people. Where’s the fan fic?).  

As it turned out, Anne Teldy was just a pseudonym, an online handle like the one Baron Destructo uses (Vince Ramone) to leave anonymous critiques on the Downtown Abbey fan forums.  Anne Teldy was, in reality, Kelly Hurt – as she revealed to us:

“By the way, “Anne Teldy” is just a nom de Internet I adopted years ago when I first came online. [It was the way my then not-yet-two-years-old niece said “Aunt Kelly”.] My actual name is Kelly Hurt. I asked Mr. M. to use “Anne Teldy” for my character instead as I prefer it and, in a way, it honors my niece as well.”

It was a nice thing to do for her niece.  And, upon further reflection, made things easier for me since Major Hurt would have opened the character up to all sorts of ribbing.

In time, we got to know a little more about Kelly.  That she was unwell. That she was occasionally bed-ridden.  And that she was an avid reader.  This led a number of her fellow blog readers to send her well-wishes in the form of postcards and letters and, in a couple of instances, books!  

Over the past couple of years, Kelly has continued to visit this blog, but these visits have become somewhat infrequent owing to a recent downturn in her health.  Then, earlier this week, we received the following message:

“Hello All

This is Anne Teldy’s little sister. We received test results on Anne today. The news was not good. Her care will now be overseen by Hospice. Our information is sketchy at this point. We will know more tomorrow. What we were told today was at best we will have a couple of more months with Anne. A test will be done tomorrow morning that will let us know if we will be lucky enough to have that much more time with her. If Anne is up to it, she will pop in herself to visit. If she can’t, I will be her eyes for her and share the latest news from this blog with her. Anne is experiencing difficulty with spasms in her muscles making it hard for her to type. I will be happy to provide updates as time permits for those that are interested.

This blog has always meant a lot to Anne, and I will be sure she is able to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Anne Teldy’s Little Sister”

So, Kelly, please know (and I’m sure I speak for all of us here on the blog when I say) we are wishing our Major Teldy all the best and sending positive energy her way.

This entry is dedicated to all of the members of this extended blog family but especially to Kelly in this most difficult time.

And I’d like to cap off today’s entry by continuing our look back on one of Kelly’s favorite shows, Stargate Atlantis – and an episode that turned out to be a fan favorite:


Actress Michelle Morgan was originally cast as Linara, Davos’s grand-daughter in The Seer, but scheduling conflicts required us to recast the role.  Two episodes later, when we were looking for a Fran, we immediately thought of Michelle.  And her resemblance to actress Torri Higginson clinched the deal.  Michelle was great in her original audition and simply terrific as the friendly but doomed replicator.  Fran’s altruistic eagerness and ultimate sacrifice at episode’s end is truly heartbreaking.   

Another scheduling conflict through a wrench in the production when Chris Heyerdahl, who had previously played the part of the captive wraith, Todd, was unable to reprise the role.  As a result, actor Brendan Penny stepped in for this episode.  Chris later looped Todd’s dialogue during post-production.  Hats off to our amazing hair and make-up department.

The VFX budget for this episode surpassed those of any other episode of the series.  And, in my opinion, it was money well spent:

And another hats off to VFX Supervisor Mark Savela and the rest of the VFX crew.

Not surprisingly, Be All My Sins rates as one of the most popular episodes in Stargate fandom.

56 thoughts on “September 15, 2012: Our Major Teldy! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Be All My Sins Remember’d!

  1. Wow, just finished reading your previous entry.. Go to check back on my RSS feed and THERE’S ANOTHER ENTRY!! Thanks again for posting these restrospectives!

    Be All My Sins Remembered is a great episode! One of my favourites – the teaming up of Earthlings + Wraith + Travellers is so awesome. And the ZPMs that Todd gets at the end of this episode has a big impact later on in the series…

    And the name of the episode is from Shakespeare apparently.. I know hardly anything about Shakespeare (only experience was reading Macbeth in highschool – very interesting though) so I can’t really understand why it is named that way.

    Great episode, great blog, great show 😀 Thanks!!

  2. For Anne Teldy via Mr M……
    Happy and healing thoughts sent your way as well as prayers.

  3. My question remains, why did they not beam aboard a few replicator ships and fly back to atlantis with a new fleet of warships?

  4. Looking back now, i really underestimated how many storylines were never really finished off with the conclusion of Atlantis. I guess it’s that whole “moving on” feeling once these series end prematurely.

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you Major Teldy!!!!!
    Loved BAMSR, FRAN was an excellent character, that’s for sure. Someone who knew their purpose in “life” and took joy in living that purpose to its’ fullest. 🙂 Brilliant, brilliant VFX!

  6. To Major Teldy and her family, healing thoughts, best wishes, and just general good vibes during this difficult time.

  7. G’day Joe

    Trying to catch up, been on holidays for a few days.

    Did not know Anne Teldy was sick. All my good thoughts and blessings to Anne (Kelly) and her family.

  8. {{{hugs}}} to AnneTeldy, and also to lil sis… it’s hard to be the one staying behind, too.

  9. Read daily, but don’t post often, but I do want to wish Kelly aka lAnne Teldy all the best

  10. This is the first blog I’ve been able to read all week, and I’m in tears. Anne, you have made me laugh so hard over the years with your hilarious and witty comments, that I swear I’ve practically fallen out of my chair.

    Please know that you are with family here. We’ve got your six, and are sending you LOVE and HUGS.

  11. Joe, that was just lovely – a fine dedication and tribute. Anne, know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your posts, and your humor, and especially the way you keep Joe in line, have always been enjoyed and appreciated…especially the latter. 😉 I’m glad he didn’t make Anne Teldy a bimbo, you’re far more classier than that. All the best to you and yours. {{{{hugs}}}}

    That said, I almost wish you had gone with your real name for the ep – I can just hear Rodney now quipping, ‘Whoa, you see that? She just put a major hurting on those guys. Get it? Major Hurt. A major hurting. Ya know, like a word play, or a pun. Was that a pun? I think it was a pun. I guess that makes me a very punny guy!”, and Sheppard (with that dubious look of his) growling back, “Look, I tell the jokes around here…(and a lot better, too).”

    Hope that gave you a smile. 🙂 All the best!


  12. @Anne:

    Still praying here and we hope you’re doing better. And a very belated congratulations on the watch! 😀

    @Joe, that was interesting history on the “Anne Teldy” character. Since I started frequenting your blog sometime after that, I wasn’t up on the history of it (and going back through 2000+ entries is an ambitious project all by itself).

    @baterista9 (et Joe):

    Campagnolo sounds great if we can make the schedules line up. I’m arriving on Tuesday October 2nd and leaving on Sunday the 7th. It’s a business trip for me, and I don’t know the schedules of any customer dinners yet, but it’s probably a safe bet to say Friday night and Saturday should be open.

    I tried to search ‘baterista9’ on Facebook and got a Chilean grunge band…I’m guessing that’s not you 😉 . Maybe you can leave a comment on my blog with your contact info (I promise not post it):

    Due to traveling this week (Nashville), it may take me a day or two to respond.

  13. Be All My Sins Remembered is one of the best episodes. I love the alliance with the Wraith and the Travelers. The VFX in this episode is amazing. It’s a shame that the final scene with Torri Higginson was his last appearance.

    I have the same question that mike mcginnis. Why they don’t aboard a few replicator ships? In Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis they had many oportunities to get many advance ships but they were always destroyed or forgotten (In SG-1 the Stargate Command had two Ha’tak ships and both were destroyed. In Atlantis the same with the Orion, the Tria, the Weir replicator ship…)

  14. Please pass on to Anne Teldy- I’ve followed your posts for years and have always admired your courage. You’re in my prayers.

  15. I lurk more than comment here, but I do love the sense of community this blog has. I remember reading about the contest wau back when, and thinking it was fitting that Anne Teldy won since she commented regularly and not just so she could win the contest 🙂 Plus I always think about our Anne Teldy whenever I watch Whispers, which I do quite often since it’s a favorite of mine. Anne, we’re all thinking about you and wishing you the best.

    Be All My Sins Remembered is also one of my favorite SGA shows. I loved Fran.

  16. Loved this episode of Stargate Atlantis. I especially liked how well the actress playing Fran did at interacting with the people she would have known previously as Elizabeth. I also liked all of the special effects.

    Sending thoughts and prayers to Anne/Kelly and ((((hugs)))) too!!!!!

    Have a great day!!!!!!!

  17. Prayers and blessings to you and your family, Anne Teldy. I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

  18. @ Anne Teldy. Hey there, have your sis let us know if there is anything we can do. If it is humanly possible, I’ll do what I can. I think Mr. M. has said it all.
    Too bummed at the news about Major Teldy, so I’ll pass on BAMSR comments.

  19. @ AnneTeldy – agreeing with melinda ward, I too have admired your courage over the years. Hope you have a good day and many brighter days ahead. You remain in my prayers. God bless you.

    Be All My Sins Remember’d (I’d rather you forgive and forget) was an awesome ep!

  20. @Anne Teldy You are in my thoughts

    @Joe Wonderful post! And, Go, Snow Monkeys, Go!


  21. @ Anne Teldy (Kelly)

    I wish you ALL the best in the world – you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  22. Anne Teldy’s lil sis here…

    I never thought I would see the day when Anne was rendered speechless. Mr. M’s post moved her to tears and Anne was overwhelmed!!!!! Needless to say that only lasted a moment before she remarked, “Well he was wrong. Stargate Atlantis is not one of my favorite shows, it IS my favorite show ever.”

    Everyone’s kind thoughts and comments really mean a lot to her and to all of us. Anne is tired and sleeping during much of the day. Today we have planned to start watching all of the Stargate Atlantis episodes together.

    Anne’s words here…

    I have a wonderfully supportive family. My brother, two sisters, and mother have been doing everything they can for me. I don’t want you to think they aren’t supportive, but this outpouring of love and friendship has meant so much to me. (much crying here) It makes me smile when I didn’t think I could. Thank you Mr. M for your kind words and for a look back at one of the most remarkable moments in my life. Having a character named after me was one of the greatest highlights.

    Thanks again to everyone for extending their hand in friendship to a lonely woman stuck in a nursing home room. (Lot’s more tears here.)


    Now on with the show….

    The standout moment was when the puddle jumper is taken onto the Traveler’s ship. The tailgate goes down and Larrin sees the Wraith and orders her crew to kill Todd. I love all the different reactions. (Ronon ducking out of the way, etc.) Perfect!

  23. Like some of the others, I rarely comment but love this blog. I look forward each day to reading not only what Joe has to say (and often drooling over his pictures and descriptions of food and laughing at pictures of the dogs or the learning the latest Akemisms), but also the posts of frequent commenters. The sense of community is lovely. Anne has been a big part of that and I send her and her family prayers and healing thoughts. And finally, Joe, I know how much work this blog is. I thank you for your willingness to share with us and to offer something I look forward to each day.

  24. That was just lovely Mr. M.! I especially like the list of “suggestions” that AnneTeldy sent for her character. 😆 Sending warm wishes and hugs to Anne/Kelly and her family.

    AnneTeldy: Don’t you think your character would have been a Colonel by now? I do! Colonel Anne Teldy has a nice ring to it.

    BE ALL MY SINS REMEMBER’D: The special effects were very good! I liked the scene where the big blob lashed out and smashed buildings. Why didn’t Rodney grab some ZPM’s before he left?

    I’m going to watch “Whispers” again today and I’ll be thinking of you Anne/Kelly. I hope today is a good day for you.

  25. Hugs and best wishes to Anne / Kelly, and her little sister and family.

    Joe, that was a really lovely post.

  26. Be ALL My Sins Remember’d….Awesome epic episode! 🙂 What’s not to love about this episode! We got the team camaraderie of Atlantis team with so many other characters and allies. It was just cool! Seeing Earth vessels with Wraith vessels and Travelers vessels. Plus….the VFX was just off the charts! 🙂 My favorite moment was when FRAN sucked all the Replicators and turned into a colossal mass and imploded the Replicator planet! That was beyond cool! 🙂

    Kelly hon…your in my prayers. 🙂

  27. Joe, thank you for telling “Major Teldy’s” story, so everyone can know her, too.

    Dear Kelly, “Little Sister,” and your family, please know that all of us here are wrapping you up in prayers and love.

    Kelly, what can I say that I haven’t already told you? Your sassy spirit and blunt wit have made many days much better! Even recently, your gentle humor was funny: (To Joe: “Naughty, naughty…”) In spite of all, during this hard week, I still hear your author “voice” in your comments. (Thank you, Lil Sis!)

    Kelly, thank you for everything these past three years.
    You are SO LOVED!!! :’-)

    Hugs {{{{{{{Kelly}}}}}}}

  28. I think paloosa got it.. :” Please know that you are with family here. We’ve got your six.” Anne Teldy, you honored your niece with the nickname, and you have honored us with being part of this community. Sending warmth and care to help you and your family through this passage of time.

  29. Wow, all my prayers to Anne Teldy. Sometimes, when you hear news like this, all the other daily niggles in life suddenly don’t seem to matter much anymore…

  30. Oh, the Atlantis episode, also one of my faves. It’s amazing isn’t it; Put a lot of exploding spaceships onscreen and it’s almost a guaranteed winner!

  31. Aloha!
    Would you please ask your buddy, Cookie Monster, if he could turn his valuable insight towards reviewing food shows- Top Chef, Nadia G., Restaurant Impossible, Hells Kitchen, Chuck’s Day Off, etc.- after he’s run the gamut of action films? Just a one blog rundown of his intellectual commentary would be brilliant. His movie reviews are so spot on and he’s obviously a connoisseur of the finer things, that I feel his thoughts on TV food programs would be of great assistance to those of us in search of quality programming.

  32. Im sorry to hear about Kelly. I will be thinking and praying for her.

    PS. I love that Stargate watch!

  33. BAMSR is the episode that got me hooked on Atlantis! And the Wraith! In part it was due to Brendan Penny in Todd’s make-up. I think even Chris has joked about people referring to Brendan’s Todd as the good-looking one. Personally, I find both equally gorgeous, but it was Brendan under that green make-up when I caught a glimpse of Todd out of the corner of my eye and declared, “Whoa! These guys are HAWT!!” 😀

    And the rest is history. 🙂


  34. To Anne/Kelly and Family: Joe is right that many of the people that follow this blog have become in a sense a family and feel each other’s trials and joys. I’m sending warm thoughts your way and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  35. My thoughts are with you Anne and your family. I hope you can all find peace and comfort in what must be a very difficult time.

    Joe, I LOVED that episode! But while we are on the topic of Whispers, HOW scary was that episode?!? I usually don’t get scared at all by movies etc but when I saw The Descent I really wanted to leave the cinema…I was terrified! No joke 🙁 Then cut to me several years later (when my fear was finally forgotten), on my own, in the middle of the night watching Whispers…you can imagine my face (as it hid behind a blanket) :-S

    Still, an excellent episode!

  36. @Anne Teldy aka Aunt Kelly (love the way your pseudonym came about) . Thinking of you through this difficult time and happy for you to be part of your favourite show and Tam Dixon is right: your character would be a Colonel now and would be giving Sheppard a run for his money (enough for him to exclaim “Anne!”). Glad to be part of your blog family.

    As for the episode, Fran was great but it is odd seeing Michelle Morgan on a horse ranch in Heartland.

  37. I always figured that Cadman took the 4th spot in Teldy’s team after Whispers. Not a huge fanfic, but it’s a nice connection to one of my favorite guest characters in Atlantis.

  38. Oh no! That’s terrible! Yes, we’re definitely thinking of you, Anne and family. *hugs and prayers*

    Hard to believe that little contest was so long ago.

  39. So sorry to hear about Anne. What a wonderful story about her win.

    There are many kind acts shown in this blog. The ripples will continue long after we are gone.

    You are very generous Joe.

  40. I’ve out of the loop for a few days and just read that Anne Teldy is not doing so well. Like all the other posters I wish you the best – you will be in our thoughts.

  41. I liked this episode. The culmination of the final battle reminded me of the gathering in a long forgotten Babylon 5. It was an odd shaky Entente. After the end of the replicator threat what would Atlanta’s policy be vi sa vi the Wraith Culling?

    What was it about SG getting rid of some very attractive women. I was wondering if Marting Gero wrote this episode. I mean it was like when Norm from Cheers was hired to fire people. Want to get rid of a character? Let Martin do it. Up to this point you lost Weir, F.R.A.N., Doctor in Heightmeyer (How did they come up with that name?). I am sure there are others. I mean could not Heightmeyer’s character been turned into ghost had she could have impromptu appearances walking across the set? Just kidding.

    I guess there was just not enough time for a boarding party to hop on the Replicator ships. I mean if the Todd was going to snag a couple of Zeds, which McKay did not think of doing when he gave up his implosion plan, why not grab a ship or two. Guess it was not in the arch of things to come. Spoiler question, how did all those replicator pieces get through the ships’ walls with out causing structural damage?

    It was fun to see the Wanderers again and the leader Larrin. Sheppard was still down right smitten with her. It was fun to see Carter rise to the defense of her staff even if that member was trying to sell a bag of good like a used car sails man.

  42. I’ve been reading this blog for about 4 years (infrequent poster)…and there are regulars that stand out in my mind and Anne Teldy is one of them. What a sweet story about her name…and I wish the best for her and her family in the coming tough months. ((hugs))

  43. I don’t usually comment but I wanted to wish Kelly all the best – I don’t know you and I hope you don’t mind a virtual hug!
    There are lots of other blogs out there, but I only follow this one. I have no idea what makes it so special, but it very definitely is special to me! Blog onwards, Joe!

  44. I am so sorry to hear this news about Anne! Sending well wishes and healing thoughts to her. And thanks to her sister for keeping us updated. <3

  45. So sorry to hear about Kelly. I’m an infrequent poster – my life gets in the way – but I will pray for Kelly and her family. I will also include the character in my next story, where Ann Teldy will show the same bravery Kelly has shown us all.

    God bless.

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