Look out!  My Snow Monkeys are back and gunning for their second consecutive Fantasy Football league championship.  The season kicks off tonight but things will really get interesting on Sunday when I’ll be hosting an all-day football fest and feast.  And, since I’m hosting, it falls on me to put together a schedule for the day.  I was thinking we could start with a few relay races, then move on to the scavenger hunt, some charades, an egg toss and then, time permitting, watch some football.  I also have to do a little menu planning and, to that end, I’ve been scouring some recipes from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  I’m thinking Philly Cheesesteaks on focaccia (and maybe a roast chicken variation).  Thoughts?  Am I going with American, cheddar, or Swiss cheese?  I don’t want to end up having the wrong choice cost me the election like John Kerry.  Thoughts?  Anybody out there have a surefire Philly Cheesesteak recipe?

Hey!  We’ve moved on to Atlantis’s fourth season as part of our ongoing Days of Stargate Past reminiscences.  Over on Gateworld, they’re also doing a season 4 rewatch.  Head on over here for the details (Stargate Rewatch: Atlantis Season Four We’re rewatching Atlantis’s fourth season all through September — part of the Stargate Rewatch! #SGRewatch) then over here (this forum thread) to submit nominations in the categories of Best Episode, Best Sheppard Moment, Best McKay Moment, Best Teyla Moment, Best Ronon Moment, Best Carter Moment, Best Keller Moment, Best Team Moment, Best Alien Race, Best Individual Villain, Coolest Ancient Technology, Coolest Alien Technology, Best SG-1 Crossover, and Best Guest Star.

Oh, and speaking of voting, the results are in for The Most Heartbreaking Moment in Stargate History:

Hunh.  I’m surprised.  Not that the death of Janet Fraiser won the poll, but that it won so handily, easily doubling Daniel’s goodbye in Meridian.  I suppose that, placed in the context of the series as a whole, it makes sense since, even though he did ascend, Daniel’s goodbye wasn’t a final farewell.

Anyway, as promised, we have some lucky winners, both of whom have won some signed scripts.  And they are:

Becky Truitt


Alex Valentine

Leave a comment in this entry’s comment section with your email (fear not, it won’t be published) and Stargate Command will be in touch.

Continuing our stroll down memory lane…


What I found particularly interesting about this episode was not so much what was going on in front of the camera, or behind the camera, but way over on the other side of the lot beyond the security fence. I’m talking about –

And this.

Yes, this was the year fandom galvanized for the Save Carson Beckett Campaign which culminated in a demonstration outside the Bridge Studios in support of the good (dead) doctor.  As far as demonstrations go, it was well-organized, spirited and, ultimately, successful.  They DID save Carson Beckett!

And, not to be forgotten…after the conversation wrapped up and everyone had left, I discovered this forlorn sign sitting on the lawn.

As for the episode itself, it was another Carl Binder masterpiece.  Carl had wanted to a heist episode for a while and Lifelife offered him the opportunity with the team infiltrating the Asuran homeworld in order to get their hands on a desperately needed ZPM.  They succeed, but at a great cost when they are forced to leave Elizabeth behind.  Jennifer Keller, meanwhile, cements her position as the new CMO while Samantha Carter takes over command of the Atlantis expedition.

Writer-Producer celebrates a successful heist.
Andy Mikita called in for directing duties since Martin Wood had his hands full with Ark of Truth.
Andy Mikita directs.  Listening to the actors and following the script.  Radio in hand to offer constructive criticism like: “Great job!”, “Perfect!” and “Speak louder and hold the prop up higher!”. 
The puddle jumpers were surprisingly roomy.  The backseats made for a much more comfortable ride than any SG-1 cargo ship could provide.  

Anybody else watch the season 5 finale of Breaking Bad?  I mean do we really have to wait until next summer to find out how it all ends?  Really?

36 thoughts on “September 5, 2012: Philly Cheesesteak secrets! The Most Heartbreaking Moment in Stargate History results and winners! Let’s hear ’em! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Lifeline!

  1. This was a really cool episode, lots of action & sci-fi stuff. Of course there were tons of other great eppies also. 🙂

  2. Imma watch the whole Breaking Bad series next summer, then there’ll be a level step over to Season 6. I know! I should be supporting the good shows by watching them live. If it gets cancelled before Season 6, it’ll be partly my fault. Too bad. So sad. Oh, but I sure do love being able to watch at my own pace (and not getting obsessed about following spoilers that come out early).

  3. Ah I remember that Save Carson Beckett stuff, they had a website and everything I believe. They did a very admirable job.

    Then you had the B.A.G stuff on Gateworld and Twitter about the lol, Balding Asian guy on SGU, funny stuff and good humor there.

    I miss Stargate 🙁

    Anyways speaking about other shows. Person of Interest is quite good, episode 10 stood out as very dramatic, loved the final few minutes of that episode. Easily wins the most dramatic few minutes in a tv show award in the past 12 months.

  4. Yes Joe, we have to wait a year to find out Walter’s fate.

    It’s going to be painful (both the wait, and his end no doubt!).


  5. Love that sign! Darn that Martin Gero! Who did he kill after Carson and Weir?? You know he wanted to…

  6. wow. I can remember when that protest was going on, and you were discussing it. Was with those folks in spirit, though time and money kept me from being there in person. Someone really needs to come up with a Star Trek transporter system that we can use for free as much as we want.(Better yet, just put the Daedalus in orbit and give me a comm link). No can help with the roast beef. That’s one of those things I still am struggling to find, much less make myself. Woefully lacking in really good cheesesteak here. Maybe you should incorporate the scavenger hunt with the menu, that way deferring costs as the guest end up buying/bringing all the ingredients. Just make sure trash pickup was the day BEFORE the hunt, so that none of them get tempted to go cheap.
    Still got to watch Breaking Bad. Got the first 3 seasons on DVD, which my dad enjoyed. Just haven’t gotten to watching them yet. Instead, I’ve been feeling a yearning for Deep Space 9. 5 1/2 seasons down. It’s odd how that show reminds me in some ways of the Stargate Franchise. The writing, character development, and broad story arcs compare favorably to your own series.
    As for Lifeline, felt a bit rushed to me, but had that Sheppard touch of doubling down on his bets to save the city. Certainly the last thing anyone would expect is for them to invade the enemy homeworld. Still a good episode, with solid performances all round.
    Good luck with the Snow Monkeys. Im resigned to another 4 months of football, football, football Though this year I’ll start planning the superbowl pool early.

  7. Hey, I remember that campaign! Look, the website is still up , sort of a time capsule of those good times. Even thought your buddy Gero used the day’s events to mock the visiting fans and put that on the DVD special, I don’t blame you. 🙂

    As for Breaking Bad, wow. Next summer is far too long. I had a nightmare about bathroom discoveries Sunday night. What do you think will happen? I think Walt won’t survive the finale. And frankly I think they’ve pushed his character far enough that I now feel he needs to die. Are you rooting for him still?

    Sparced that graphic is the coolest!

  8. Lordy, Joe…you have NO concept of what a Philly Cheesesteak is. *shakes head in dismay* And if this is an attempt to draw me out of the woodwork, well…it worked. 😛

    Firstly, and most importantly, any deviation from the traditional recipe voids any claims on the sandwich being a Philly cheesesteak. It will still be a cheesesteak, but not one that can lay a legitimate claim to hailing from Philadelphia or the Delaware Valley. So, feel free to deviate, but keep in mind you will then be creating a Vancouver cheesesteak, or a Mallozzi cheesesteak. K? K.

    Secondly, and almost as equally important, is that it’s the bread that makes it a Philly cheesesteak a PHILLY cheesesteak. There are no substitutes in this regard – it is the singularly most important part of the sandwich. Some say it’s the local water. Some say it’s the wheat. Some say it’s the way it’s baked. I say it’s magic! For those who have never had Philadelphia rolls, it’s something like a Kaiser roll – crusty and slightly chewy on the outside, heavenly soft on the inside – but in a long roll shape instead of a bun. Amoroso’s is probably the best known supplier of Italian rolls in the area, but there are others, and some even SHIP! 🙂




    I won’t go into the details of how a cheesesteak is made, but here are the basic ingredients (you can also have it without cheese – a steak sandwich):

    Authentic Philadelphia Italian roll
    Thinly sliced steak (top round and rib-eye are the most common)
    Cheez Whiz, American, or Provolone

    Common optional toppings:

    Onions (raw or fried)
    Bell peppers (fried)
    Sweet peppers (in vinegar)
    Hot peppers (while some favor hot pepper spead, I prefer these guys: http://www.cento.com/product/centoproducts.html )
    Pizza-style (a pizza steak)
    A combo of lettuce, tomato & onions (a cheesesteak HOAGIE)

    And no matter what anyone says – NO MAYO! *shudder*

    My preference? I LOVE a cheesesteak hoagie (lettuce, tomato, raw onions), with American cheese, hot peppers, and ketchup. (Alas, probably won’t be eating one of those for a long time. 😛 )

    Some additional info:




    There. That’s my two-cents. Now let me get back to my friggin’ JELLO!! 😡


  9. @DP

    I believe Sunday was the midseason finale for season 5 of Breaking Bad and they run the final half of the season next summer. They did add an extra three episodes to Season 5 to make sure they end the series the way they wanted.

    So make sure to catch up before July of next year and you’ll be set for the end 🙂

  10. @ Sparrowhawk – Ha! Scalzi does resemble Joe! Is it the Italian factor, or the geek factor, I wonder? 😉


  11. I liked “Lifeline” but I absolutely hated the fact there would be no more Weir. I really enjoyed that character.

    Anne Teldy (Hands shaking a bit. Will type tomorow after a good night’s sleep. I hope!)

  12. @Randomness

    Yeh, we all miss Stargate. 🙁

    What really continues to antagonise me though is just the sheer amount of shows that get cancelled after only one season at the moment. It’s like it’s the new cool thing to do for the execs of TV broadcasters. I think a lot of shows have a slowish first season as an introduction, and things usually pick up after that. Terra Nova is a case in point, and I really thought that would get a second season. Now there’s a host of decent shows out there with cliff-hanger endings that will never be resolved!!!

  13. Lady Das has hit the nail on the head regarding the Philly Cheesesteak on quite a few points:

    1) You MUST use ribeye steak. The thinner the cut, the better. I also prefer to chop the meat up (so it’s practically shredded) while it’s cooking. Only those tourist traps in Philly like Pat’s and Geno’s leave their steaks whole.

    2) The roll is indeed the most important part. There cannot be any substitutions. No focaccia allowed! That’s like using whitebread for a reuben. you just wouldn’t be doing it right otherwise. Das included the link to Sarcones and I can attest that they would be the premiere bread palace in the city. Amoroso’s is a little too mass-produced for me while Sarcones still has that Mom & Pop quality to their rolls. They also supply some of the best steak and hoagie shops in the city and surrounding area.

    3) A standard cheesesteak is meat, cheese and either with or without fried onions. No mushrooms. No peppers. None of the stuff you see on TV where people in California have something like Guacamole added in. Meat, cheese and maybe onions. On a roll. The cheese can vary between American, Provolone (not sharp) and Cheese Wiz. (I prefer provolone). NOW…you CAN add that other stuff. I personally prefer my cheesesteaks with provolone, fried onions, hot peppers, pickles & ketchup. It’s even better when the hot peppers are cooked in with the meat, but purists will turn their noses to a preposterous idea. Pizza steaks (using mozzarella cheese & sauce) are probably my second choice. I could also recommend adding pepperoni to the pizza steak “mix” (again cooking it in with the meat) for some added zip.

    4) You mention making a chicken variety. Chicken cheesesteaks are quite popular here. I would HIGHLY recommend using chopped chicken breasts and American cheese if you go that route.

    If you ever find your way into Philly, avoid most of the cheesesteak places you’ve probably heard of. Pat’s, Geno’s…they’re crap. You’re better off getting a cheesesteak at a corner deli in South Philly or the greater Northeast (Philly) before going to one of those junkholes. My biggest recommendation comes from GOOEY LOUIES in South Philly. They’re only open for lunch hours but they are amazing. And their steaks are HUGE!

    Good luck & happy cooking!

  14. @das: I kind of figured you would be the Philly Steak authority! re: Scalzi and Mallozzi – it’s probably equal parts Italian and geek, but the resemblance surprised me. Especially since John Scalzi’s photo on his books looks so… scary.

    @Joe: was the fan outcry really the reason that you resurrected Beckett? So would the story line have been different otherwise?

    I’m having a migraine now so I’d best stop typing.

  15. In support of Das’ comments, and coming from a fellow New Jersey resident and someone who has made thousands of cheesesteaks, she is correct on the bread. It must be a hoagie style roll.

    Just a little background in case anyone is wondering how New Jersey residents know so much about “Philly” cheesesteaks, and then I’ll get to the recipe.

    New Jersey is basically split into two unofficial states: North Jersey, and South Jersey. North Jersey, (which starts somewhere around Mercer County) affiliates itself with New York City. South Jersey (which is everywhere south of Mercer County) affiliates itself with Philadelphia. Sports teams, local news, food, politics…you name it.

    Das and I are from South Jersey. Taking into account the preceding short history lesson, we may as well be from Philly. So when we say we know Philly cheeseteaks, we KNOW Philly cheesesteaks. And working in the food industry as long as I did, I had the good fortune (?) to make literally thousands of them. In fact, my very first job was as a cook at a pizza shop across the street from my high school. So that being said, here you go:

    For an authentic steak, you must have shaved rib eye and the previously mentioned hoagie roll. The roll is slightly crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside.

    You should offer a choice of cheeses. The classic typical Philly steak uses Cheese Wiz. Variations include by order of popularity: American cheese, provolone cheese, mozzarella cheese. The classic Philly steak is also usually ordered “wit” or “witout” fried (sauteed) onions. You will also see options of ketchup, hot sauce, hot peppers, sweet peppers, mayo. The list goes on and on. I do enjoy mine with mayo, if it has American Cheese. If you go Wiz, then no mayo is needed.

    Some like the meat whole, some like the meat pulled apart while cooking. It’s a personal preference. I prefer it pulled. Easier to eat.

    You’ll also find the meat easier to cook and pull apart (should you decide to do that) on a cast iron griddle (unless you have access to a full flat top grill).

    Philly Cheesesteak Recipe:
    Makes 1 serving

    4 tbs cooking oil of choice
    2 cups thinly sliced onion
    1-2 lb thinly sliced rib eye
    salt & pepper to taste
    4 oz warmed cheese whiz
    one 12″ long hoagie roll

    Add 2 tbs cooking oil to saute pan, add onions. Saute until translucent.

    Add 2 tbs cooking oil to skillet, add rib eye. Salt & pepper to taste. Gently pull rib eye apart with two spatulas. Cook to desired doneness.

    Slice 12″ hoagie roll half way through on the seam side from end to end, leaving a hinge on the back.

    Ladle warmed cheese whiz onto hoagie roll.

    Add onions to rib eye. Mix well.

    Add rib eye, onion mixture to hoagie roll.


  16. Now that my migraine has abated with the help of some drugs, I’ll continue.

    On the Scalzi-Mallozzi connection: also, both are witty, good-looking, occasionally snarky and brilliant writers.

    re: Beckett – I liked the character but never entirely bought into his return – it kind of felt forced to me, but that’s not the fault of the writing; I don’t think anything would have felt quite right to me.

    And now I should really go to work while my brain is still functioning. Not looking forward to driving in this bright sunshine with a migraine, though.

  17. Ha, Scalzi was the answer to a puzzle hint I wrote up for game content a couple days ago. I hope he doesn’t sue me. I corrected the attempt at a clever hint (Scalzi’s War) that made it look like I was calling him an Old Man and it’s just a straight-out title/author hint now. I hope that’s fair use – I fixed the hint, that was being fair to him at least.


    ^^ – Joe or Cookie, In the age of the information, I find it surprising that quotes get mis-attributed more than ever now. Just looking for a source check on this one. (I guess when they say “Information Age”, they aren’t really specifying the quality of information, huh?)

  18. Alright Philly Cheesesteaks….I live in Philly and I hardly ever eat them…. (Additionally I have never seen a chicken Philly cheesesteak in Philly…other than from a cart or something).

    Cheese would have to be Provolone, it’s by far the best and it adds a lot of flavor. (Granted the Cheesesteak giants of Philly use Cheese Wiz, but I don’t think Cheese Wiz should be on anything, ever.)

    Outside of an amazing South Philly Italian roll, any other bread is just not a Philly steak, However, I love the idea of having it in focaccia bread; I just have a weakness for crusty bread. Topping them off with grilled onions and peppers is also a great idea! Some people use mushrooms…but they are on my “do not eat” list so it’s up to you.

    Oh! And maybe instead of roast chicken variation, keep with the Philly sandwich theme and go with a roast pork sandwich! When most people think of Philly sandwiches they think of the cheesesteak, but when locals want a good sandwich, we tend to go roast pork (usually with broccoli rabe).

  19. @ Marc and Jim – Thanks so much for helping to set Joe straight! And Marc, I must try Gooey Louie’s if I ever get up enough courage to venture into the city again. Down at the shore it’s said the best cheesesteaks are at A & LP (in N. Wildwood), but I’ve not been eating many cheesesteaks lately, so it’s hard to tell (last time I was there was a year ago). A Tony Luke’s opened up down here, but no idea what they’re like…is it a ‘trap’ similar to Pat’s?

    Also, I can second the suggestion to cook the hot peppers with the meat. 🙂 (I would add more, but must get back to work! Yes…working at home…in my jammies! 😀 )

    @ Sparrowhawk – Careful, CAREFUL! We don’t want Joey’s head to pop! (No worries, I’m here to help keep him humble. 😉 )


  20. @ Marc – Whoops – forgot to add that whenever my cousins would come down from Philly for a visit they always brought a bag of rolls from Sarcones. My cousin (one of my parents’ generation) married an Italian gal from S. Philly…you know, the ones that cover the furniture and rugs with plastic and polish the copper pipes in the basement…and she insisted that the only real Philly roll was from Sarcones. Based upon her particular nature, I figured she knew what she was talking about!


  21. After blowing through season 1 of Homeland my hyper-aware senses caught that Carl Binder is making suspicious hand signals in that pic above; he is clearly flashing the Playboy symbol with his right hand. I’m going to go over all his previous pictures to look for other threats to national security. May god have mercy on our souls.

    Those snow monkey pics are amazing; what do they feed those little buggers for them to have that kind of energy? I love the protest pics, those guys were so lucky to be able to travel to the studio and say their piece about their favorite show. God bless sci fi fans, and protect them from whatever Carl Binder is cooking up.

  22. Wow, whoulda thunk a sammich would spark all the comments? 🙂 Back to programming!

    Loved, loved, LOVED Adrift. Ronan’s scene with Weir is one of the few times Stargate makes me cry, Sheppard’s near-meltdown with McKay made me genuinely nervous (till it was resolved far too quickly), and I still do not understand how this ep didn’t win an effects Emmy. Utterly mystifying.

    LIfeline – also good, but as someone else said, a bit rushed. I wish the city had stayed lost a little longer. Also, Keller struck an off note in this 3-parter and didn’t gel later. I’m sorry, Jewel sounds like a lovely person, but the character of Keller never worked for me as the CMO. The CMO is more than a doctor – she’s a leader, an administrator, a confident person in charge. As written and performed, I never saw anything that qualified her for the position. If she’d been just a precocious surgeon on the team, it would have been believable.

    Loved the actual heist – the freeze, Weir vs Oberoth. [sniff]

    Did I mention there should have been an Emmy?

  23. Joe, I don’t have a recipe, but I do appreciate a good cheesesteak, having attended college near Philadelphia. Maybe I’ll bring some crunchy bolillos (Mexican version of crunchy Italian rolls) when I next visit Van. (BTW, we see pain specialist re Husband’s back in just over an hour. Wish us luck?)

  24. Cheese Whiz is for (damn good Wiener King) hamburgers, or at least it was in Hunterdon County, NJ, where I grew up three miles north of and downhill from the Mercer County line. (Personally, I divide the state into North, South, and CENTRAL Jersey, with Hunterdon and Mercer being among the Central counties.)

    Sadly, I didn’t learn of the marvelous cheesesteak until moving west of PHL for college in 1975. Only an hour and a quarter from home, but oh, what a difference in accents and foods!

    “Chuckie Cheesesteak” at the student union, two years ahead of me, worked his way through making cheesesteaks. I think the Union used only white American cheese, but I agree that provolone is preferred. You never forget your first…

  25. @Joe:

    Sorry, I can’t help on the Philly Cheesesteaks, but it looks like you’re in good hands with Das and JimfromJersey! I’d love to find a local place that does it right…so far no luck.

    I did enjoy my first smoked BBQ in months for Labor Day though. Still not quite there on the pork sandwich…I blame the ingredients! 😉 If you want to see how it turned out, see:


    Now I’m off to see if I can find a local butcher that sells pork bellies…

  26. Is anyone allowed to comment today or just Philly steak fans? 😉 I’ve never had a Philly steak sandwich….

    Liked Lifeline but that mind scene with Weir was odd. I cringed every time a hand went through a forehead. Enjoyed the ride though. Why didn’t the Atlantis team ever learn how to build ZPM’s? It seems like there must have been a manual somewhere around Atlantis.

    I did find the “upload the virus” scene with J. F. kind of familiar. My hubby (computer genius) gets so mad at me if I have trouble with some kind of computer process. It’s so annoying having him go over EVERY move I’ve done and find that, it doesn’t work when he presses the buttons either! I was impressed with Sheppard when he came up with ways to deal with the problem. McKay would have had to talk me through the process for sure!

    Yay for the power of the protest! Are any of those “faithful Carson fans” on the blog?

    How are you doing AnneTeldy?

    Must be migraine day Das & Sparrowhawk. I’m feeling one come on. I just did too much today and need to slow down. It’s my fun day, so I swam a mile and then to karate class. Combine that with the fact that it 99F (37C) here, too much! Canadian air is coming down here this weekend. 80F (26C) will feel like paradise after this sauna. Thanks Canadians!!!!!!!!

  27. I’m back from the desert. Never have a cheesesteak from Arbys, even if you’re starving and that’s the only food place open within a hundred miles. It is NOT good mood food. It is bitter peppers pissing me off food. Truckstop roller dogs and heat lamp baked “tornado roll ups” have got to be better than anything from Arbys.

    A good time was had by all. I have dust in my ears.

  28. SPOILERS for breaking bad finale if anyone hasn’t seen it yet, please skip my comment.

    I love breaking bad. It is the best thing on TV as far as I’m concerned. Not sure how I’m going to make it to next summer to see the conclusion.
    I loved the semblance of ‘perfect happy ending’. Of course it could never be and also should never be. I find it beyond fascinating how the show can push you and push you until most (all?) give up rooting for Walt. You despise him, yet see the family sitting together you kinda feel good about it. They have a unique way of screwing with the viewer and I just love it. Although even while watching I knew it couldn’t be. I thought it was incredibly tense and quite frankly was waiting for a sniper shot to Walt Jr. head.
    I didn’t think Skylar would live through this half of the season, but I’m rarely right with with this show.
    Loved Hank on the crapper realizing that Walt has played him all along. And how awesome was that quietly gloating/self satisfied scene after the successful execution of Mike’s guys.
    Ahhh how I’m I going to make it to next summer?!

  29. @TeesterX

    Fair point.

    What annoys me most is the simple and undisputable fact that MGM through Stargate under a bus because SGU didn’t perform to expectations and thus was cancelled on Syfy.

    You only have to look at the fact around 20,000 households make up Americas ratings system and failure on Nielsens system shouldn’t reflect the demand for more Stargate.

    They’ve made so much money off Stargate over the years and couldn’t give the fans/cast/production team another movie or two, or perhaps a mini series to end things?

    MGM should of funded some direct to DVD Stargate movies, or a mini series to end things. Not just pull the plug and sell anything off. If people didn’t feel the least bit sad when the props and stuff were sold off at The Bridge they had no soul.

    Concluding, Stargate was robbed. By Americas poor ratings system and MGMs actions.

  30. Hi Joe,
    I’ve not commented in a over a year, but I still read your blog daily. Thanks for all you do to keep us loyal followers entertained.

    Philly Cheese Steaks – I keep it simple:

    Fry on a flat top – pancake pans work well in the home
    Rib eye steak sliced paper thin – slightly freeze it and slice it on a Mandolin- easy preparation that way
    Onions also sliced on Mandolin (like equal amounts of onions to meat)
    Fry together with a bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of Oregano

    Use two flat spatulas to cut the meat (pull apart) and onions as it cooks, cutting tenderizes the meat and helps mix in the onions.

    When just about cooked through, Mound the steak and onions together and place Provolone slices to melt. Splash a table spoon of water or a small ice cube next to the meat for steam and Cover with a large pan lid, which helps melt the cheese quickly so you don’t over cook the meat.

    Place on bun and enjoy. 😛


  31. I’ve fallen behind and now your on one of my favorites…Reunion! I better step it up!

    Really enjoyed Lifeline. I don’t like change, so losing Weir was hard to get use to. I wished she would have gotten in big trouble for doing something and had to go back to earth and then been replaced by Carter. I wished her character didn’t “die”. Why did you always have to kill them off? Why Gero, why? Why did you call this episode #403? Shouldn’t that have been #402? Did you show them out of order? My favorite part was when they went to get the ZPM and those machines were so bright and colorful and all lit up with lights. Reminded me of slot machines in Las Vegas. So pretty! And like (I think Tam mentioned) the hand in the forehead was a little sickening for me. Yuck! This ep was nice and tidy, except for the leaving Weir behind part. Is Carl a perfectionist? Bless all those fans that came out on a rainy day to protest Beckett’s death! I remember back then you went out to talk to them. That was sweet of you.

    (Also, I would believe only a person who lives in Philadelphia (or at least Pennsylvannia) about the best Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Or maybe someone from New York City, but that’s it! Nobody else! It only makes sense…)

  32. @Randomness,

    I think as Joe pointed out, the final decision by MGM was influenced by poor DVD sales, but overall, Stargate got a bad deal. I think the size of the Internet outcry showed that.

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