I am melty sleepy” – Akemiism.  Translation: I’m REALLY sleepy.

It was nice today, so we ended up checking out the local farmer’s market with Jelly.  On the way home, we happened to come across a street festival so we parked, hopped out, and too that in as well.

Seriously. It looks like they’re actually cooking the chili out part of a tank.
The lady pictured took a HUGE crepe.
What Vancouver street festival would be complete without the ubiquitous octopus ball stand?
The maple-bacon ice cream sandwich from Fable.
I know. She looks ridiculous. But given her hip problems, this is the only way she gets out to take in some of the sights the more mobile Bubba and Lulu get to check out.

On an unrelated note – ooooh, I feel a rant coming in.  Best to let it simmer for a couple of days and then really let loose, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.

So, like the title of this entry says: What was the greatest season-ending cliffhanger in Stargate history?

Within the Serpent’s Grasp: After being forced to kill Klorel/Skaara, SG-1 looks on helplessly as death gliders are launched toward Earth.

Out of Mind: The team is captured by Hathor who intends to implant one of them with a symbiote.

Nemesis: The replicator-infested Asgard ship is destroyed, but one replicator has survived – and has reached Earth.

Exodus: The team finds itself stranded, four million light years from home – with Apophis.

Camelot: The Ori kick ass, one of the Earth ships is destroyed, Carter is left floating in space while Vala, pregnant with the Orici, looks on helplessly.

The Siege II: Atlantis is about to fall to the wraith while Sheppard makes a suicide run against a enemy hive ship.

Allies: The wraith are headed to Earth – with Ronon and McKay in tow!

First Strike: Elizabeth and Ronon are injured, Atlantis is stranded in the middle of nowhere, and the zpm has only enough energy to power the city for twenty-four hours…

The Last Man: In an effort to locate a pregnant Teyla, kidnapped by Michael, Sheppard unwittingly leads a rescue team into a trap.  As the base collapses in on our heroes…

Incursion II: Scott and Greer are trapped outside the ship, Kiva, Telford and a pregnant T.J. are shot, the Lucian Alliance prepares to execute Young and the rest of the military personnel.

Gauntlet: The rest of the crew goes into stasis for what could be three to three hundred years, leaving a solitary Eli to figure out a means to save his own life.

Head on over and vote:

Polls close at midnight next Saturday (July 28th).  Leave a comment here or on the poll site for a chance to win signed scripts and one of these nifty Stargate security badges I picked up at Comic Con…just for you guys!

74 thoughts on “July 21, 2012: What was the greatest season-ending cliffhanger in Stargate history?

  1. I was so tempted by Camelot -the space battle was so masterfully done and incredibly intense that when the episode ended I was left shell-shocked for a moment- but in the end, I had to pick the season 1 finale. Classic SG-1 will always be my favorite of the lot, and this was the very first of them! At that point, I knew without a doubt that I wouldn’t rest until I saw the next season xD

  2. Hey Joe,

    I have a question and I’ll understand if you choose not answer but I was wondering…

    You guys (Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Paul Mullie, Carl Binder and yourself) were writers and producers on the most successful series on SyFy. You could even make the argument that Stargate MADE their network. But now that Stargate is over, I’m surprised that this working relationship hasn’t continued in some form. Have you approached them about doing another series (like Dark Matter)? Have they even expressed any interest in working with you guys again?

    Like I said, given your past with them, I’d find it surprising if they didn’t at least reach out to you. What’s the story?

  3. O.k., Jelly’s picture is super cute!

    Akemi’s english is very good. She may put the words together in a different way but I understood her meanly clearly.

    <bLisarrr: Sounds good!

  4. That was very very tough. I ended up voting for The Last Man, but Within a Serpent’s Grasp and Incursion 2 were strong runner-ups.

    Looks like you had a better day than I did.

    Hope you have a great night!!!!!!!

  5. I think Jelly looks adorable, not ridiculous..and its probably a better view to see it all from her perch.
    I am going to go back and look at those shows and see if I can do the vote justice. Would be super to win. Thanks for the Akemiism, I would have known that one, ha., cute. Hope there was no gas tank near the chili cooking tank,,blammo. I am out of ice cream, but the sandwich/cookies look terrific, thanks for sharing. Akemis mom says thanks for the picture.(i am sure)

  6. I voted “First Strike” (didn’t we have this poll before?) just because it was so awesome, with a cliffhanger ending I couldn’t imagine how they would get out of.

    In other news, I’m finally home from my wanderings.

  7. Depending on who your rant is aimed at, tuesday or wednesday will be entertaining. Meantime, I’ve voted Siege II, though camelot was a heck of a tossup. But all other factors being equal, I went with the show I liked better.
    The street festival looked like fun. While not so large or entertaining a place as Vancouver, Richmond has its moments. Alas, I rarely find out about such things in time to get up there and enjoy them. Ah well. Last thing I need are things like that maple bacon ice cream sandwhich…. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Im hoping to enjoy Dark Knight Rises despite the actions of a crazed and/or evil person who has stolen just a bit more of our innocence.

  8. I went with Gauntlet. With the shot of Eli, and his smile, it really pulls you in and makes you think about how you would feel in that situation. It makes you think of what you would do to get out of that scrape, and helps you connect with the situation. And of course the music really made the whole cliffhanger too. And maybe it went to the top of my list because it’s the only unresolved cliffhanger, and leaves the payoff to the imagination, so you’re not left thinking “well that was convenient!” at the start of the next season.

  9. Oh! oh! oh!, you got me a Stargate security badg…what? Wait a minute… Wait a minute! Where’s Ronon’s? Where is Ronon’s badge? All sold out? Better have been all sold out. Well, the others are pretty cool too. I’ll cast my vote later. Have to study up on the question. But you can bet it will be a SGA episode.

    Jelly does not look ridiculous! She looks like a well cared for, loved and pampered baby. If I saw her I would probably start crying, just imaging what is wrong with her that she cannot walk on her own. Then you and Akemi would be a hero in my eyes.

    I am in computer hell. My wireless mouse went out and now I have to use that stupid magic wandy rolly clicky thing on the keyboard. Jesus crisis, just shoot me now!!

  10. I picked Camelot as the team is so spread out, everyone really is alone at the end of that episode. I also liked that their were other characters that we cared about in jeopardy…

  11. What a great poll – reminded me of some awesome eppys! I choose Last Man, because it’s such a wonderful Rodney episode and I do love Rodney 🙂 Thanks!!

  12. I own all of Stargate on DVD…series & movies. I actually really enjoyed the way SGU ended. It was a perfect end. Would I like to see more? Yes…but I understand how it all works.

    I love the new APP that MGM put out. Makes me wish I had an iPad to have a larger version.

    The downside of SGU short stay on the air…is that there more than likely won’t be action figures or dolls. I’ve probably collected too much over the years. I had to laugh that Syfy is starting a show about people’s collections looking a bit like hoarding. :o(

    Oh well…I enjoy my wormhole with Sg1 & Atlantas teams. Still would like a Volker doll. Hehehe….

  13. Are you planning on continuing the SGA trip down memory lane, or did it end with season 2?

  14. The Siege II for me, what a cliffhanger! I’m melty sleepy today too, but it’s probably more due to the 9th level of hell heat than anything else. And Joe? I’ll take the Daniel Jackson thingie, ok? 🙂

  15. The best season-ending cliffhanger was definitely Camelot. I mean…that space battle with the Ori and the Korelev blowing up. Then…you got Sam out there floating in space. And…that magnificent score composed by Joel Goldsmith (Godspeed my friend) was just jaw-dropping. Then…seeing Vala in the Ori ship was just icing on the cake. Beautifully orchestrated! 🙂

  16. @gforce

    Welcome home!

    On the poll, I had to go with Camelot, although Siege II and Gauntlet were very behind. The spaceship battle in Camelot put it over the edge for me though.

  17. Oh, boy! Security badges! 😀 Will have to re-watch episodes this week before I vote. 🙂

    Jelly looks adorable. The paw print makes it obvious that it’s her stroller, not a child’s. You two are lovely dog parents.

    Akemi, I feel melty sleepy, too. (It’s been a rough week. Going out for dinner with friends helped.) Nighty-night… zzzzz

  18. 1. Can each blog entry start with an Akemiism? Pleeeeease! This one reminded me of yet another episode of Coupling:



    2. Will have to wait on the Stargate question. Too much in my head right now (well, mostly rugby at the moment).

    3. I wanna hear the rant! Unless it’s about me. 😛

    4. Why is there no Todd security badge? 😉

    5. Jelly does not look ridiculous!

    6. You did that crepe thing on purpose, didn’t you? And yes…I read it exactly the way you wanted me to. 😛

    7. I hate whiskers. (Which has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with my relationship with my tweezers. 😛 😛 😛 )


  19. Okay, I have cast my vote. Surprisingly, I voted for SGU’s Gauntlet. You confused me a little because you have it misslabled as season 1. It should be season 2. That final episode made me cry. It was written so beautifully and the final sequence with the ship shutting down, Joel Goldsmith’s music, David Blue all alone, and his smile, was so emotional for me.

  20. Gaunlet for me too, very sad that the show never got its MUCH deserved 3rd Season or movie.

    Looking back, il’d be alright but sad with SGU ending had it got its third season, ideally you’d construct a season that leads towards an end, the fact the show never got that ideal end just makes it(As in the fact it was cancelled) worse to be honest.

    Think to be honest SGU would of been better off on a different network, Syfy is too family orientated with its programming lately(If its not Ghost orientated, its not staying lol), somewhere like TNT where Falling Skies is currently being aired would of been better.

  21. Jelly is just chilling in a stately fashion. Cool.

    Very difficult to choose…from your list. I think, as stated by others, because we will never know – I had to go with Gauntlet.

    @Akemi – thanks for the Akemi-isms….LOVE THEM.
    And, the do make perfect sense!

  22. The best part of gauntlet is knowing its over but still having hope off a return still to this day i might add

  23. I said it before and I still believe it, Gauntlet.

    Jelly’s stroller is cute. And far less embarrasing for her than say a front carrier (which I have seen for dogs and cant imagine wearing either as a human or a dog).

  24. Without a doubt its Gauntlet. I cry every time I watch that episode. Last Man would be second choice for me.

  25. On an unrelated note – ooooh, I feel a rant coming in. Best to let it simmer for a couple of days and then really let loose, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.
    *puts on helmet & flak jacket* i’m ready.

    as for the best season season-ending cliffhanger; i think i have to go with camelot.

  26. It was a tough call between SG-1’s Within the Serpent’s Grasp and SGU’s Gauntlet.

    Gauntlet is my choice though because we are left to largely create how the voyage will turn out. Not that I wouldn’t in a heartbeat want to see it visualized on screen but to a large degree I am satisfied. Eli’s expression of hope and wonder at such a task makes me smile now.

    It took over twenty viewings before I could watch the ending of Gauntlet without tears rolling down my cheeks. Joel Goldsmith’s music perfectly capped those last three minutes, and Destiny shutting down, her crew asleep not knowing their future – heartrending.

  27. CAMELOT was kick-ass with the Battle. They were soooo screwed! And great shot with Vala at the end. – There went the Baby-Shower plans…

    BTW, my 2nd choice would have been LAST MAN. The Ocean of Sand was a nice touch… Although, Shep should *always* carry snacks!

  28. I had to go for Siege II – the look on Sheppard’s face as he pauses on the steps, face pale and eyes big as saucers…

  29. @ archersangel – “*puts on helmet & flak jacket* i’m ready.”
    😆 😆 😆

  30. Incursion II because it was action packed and you didn’t know who’d live or die.

  31. Well, i was going to vote for Gauntlet. But this ending really touching/tears squeezing not because of alone Eli with 3 years gap, and never known resolve for all those on Destiny, but it’s hurt melting music.
    It’s brilliant! So it’s not actually cliffhanger but end of the story, which add more sad note to final scene.

    So i voted for Camelot. 9th and 10th seasons was really-really strong/interesting/involving. Vala and Cam was great addition to cast, backstory of King Arthur was strong move.

    If not Camelot i would vote for Last Man. That whole back story of future…

  32. Hmm, that’s tough! I chose Siege II since you seemed to focus on the cliff-hanger aspect. And while I knew Atlantis wasn’t going to sink into the ocean forever or be overrun by wraith, it was still more of a nail biter than most of the others.

    But in terms of writing/acting/brilliance in general, The Last Man will remain my favorite.

  33. This is a tough one! Camelot, The Siege II and Gauntlet were all great cliffhangers, but I have to go with Gauntlet. SGU really grew on me during the second season (especially the last 4 episodes were great), so Gauntlet it is.

  34. I really wanted to vote for Gauntlet, but honestly, it’s such a calm and peaceful final scene, that even though there’s an incredibly strong desire to know how long they’re in stasis, and how Eli manages to survive, I’m also incredibly okay with just now knowing. As sad as it is that it was not only the season cliffhanger, but the unexpected series finale, it kind of just works as that series finale. So I had to go with Incursion II, although Camelot and First Strike were alright right up there.

  35. G’day Joe

    My shippy heart says Out of Mind. But Camelot has sheer awesomeness. I was petrified for Samantha.

  36. All of these are worthy of the title, but I decided to vote for Camelot because of those epic battle scenes, Sam floating in space, the music . . .I think this was the one that most left me hanging off the cliff cursing the long wait until the conclusion. (Gauntlet, of course, has left me hanging on the cliff the longest, and so would be my second choice.)

  37. Gauntlet has the greatest Cliffhanger, it has no resolution. I’m still hanging at that cliff and waiting for rescue 😉
    Greetings from Berlin

  38. So unfair to have to vote on just one of the three shows. So, I’ll talk about my favorite or most “Aah!!!” from each show. Stagate SG-1 would have to be “Camelot”. The whole ending sequence with the ships being blown up and not knowing who lived or died. We weren’t even sure which X304 went down. For Atlantis, it was “The Last Man”. It was such a good episode given the episode, gave us a glimpse it what could be. I loved that we got to see what happened with Carter, Ronon, and McKay/Keller. SGU, we knew going in that this was the final episode. My family and I were really enjoying the show. At the end of this episode, I think most of our response was, “They’re ending it there!!!” At least with Atlantis we were given closure that we could live with, the same with SG-1. I can’t imagine how frustrating it was for all of you. Thank you, again, for giving us all these wonderful episodes. Finally had the money to go buy my last season to add to my collection of Stargate series, the final season of SGU. My son and I have watched all the SG-1 episodes and movies, working our way through SGA, and then onto SGU. I did this with my oldest daughter a few years back when we had Netflix. 🙂

  39. I voted for Within the Serpent’s Grasp because when I first saw it I loved the fact that the Earth was facing attack from ships rather than the Stargate. I remember thinking that it played nicely to what SG-1 had told Kinsey about how shutting down the gate wouldn’t protect them. I couldn’t wait to see how they were going to save Earth, and themselves!

  40. After much internal deliberation, I had to go with Gauntlet. But it was a tough between that, Incursion II, Camelot, Siege II, and First Strike

  41. The Siege II. It had been building all year and I had no idea how our heroes would turn it around. Everyone was in peril and I remember being blown away.
    It was pure torture to wait until the premiere.

  42. I went with Gauntlent for jut about every reason.. The georgous cinematography, the amazing script, and the moving music. I wish I could get a soundtrack of the closing piano piece. With everything that was going on in the scene: Destiny powering down, everyone in stasis, and Eli walking out on to the observation deck looking towards the future is possibly the best moment in television.

    I know we gripe and complain about the series being over with no new Stargate on the horizon, but through it all we complain because of how much we loved and cherished the series’ (all three of them). So thank you for taking us on that journey Joe!

  43. Security badges!!! Yay, I’m so pleased you brought a bunch back from Comic Con! My limbs are rearranging themselves into a happy Snoopy Dance!

    Fingers crossed I win Carson Beckett. LOL 🙂

    I am SO torn on the Stargate Season Ending Vote: Camelot is a truly excellent episode, it really is … and yet, I still voted for (The Siege II). It’s equal in EVERY way to Camelot and I want to stay loyal to SGA, my favourite series in the franchise!


    @ Joe: “The lady pictured took a HUGE crepe.” Okay, I admit, I laughed out loud! 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about your rant! You know what they say about picking your battles? It’s why I try to minimise the things which annoy me … there are a LOT!

    1. I have to bite my tongue with people who queue jump – I use public transport and it isn’t always the teenagers who think they have a right to push in front. Older folks! Sure, go ahead, I don’t mind where you sit; everyone else should respect the queue, especially when it’s wet and cold – two things we excel at in England!

    2. Idiots on game shows! Seriously! “I don’t know if he is a Conservative Politician but I’m going to say Gordon Brown!” Duh! Anyone, regardless of whether they in any way follow politics should surely know Gordon Brown IS Labour! Sorry! I just like to watch BBC1’s Pointless, which has anything from smart likable contestants through to those who giggle through the entire episode barely remembering their own names!

  44. Gauntlet is really my bittersweet favorite.

    @Joe: I’m afraid the german translation of SGU was rather bad. Do you know anything about the translation process?
    I wonder whether the series bible or the scripts are available to the translators.

    Just to give you the worst example I remember (retranslated of course):
    “if necissary we will let the air from space inside (!!!) the ship” (Col. Young in german in “Incursion”)

    PS: Thank’s for giving an insight into the world of television production!

  45. I would have voted for Enemy At The Gate if it had been on the list purely because you plonked Atlantis just off the coast of San Francisco AND WE’RE STILL WAITING TO FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, because I seem to be a sucker for lost causes, I voted for Gauntlet because you left Eli all alone AND WE’RE STILL WAITING TO FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. It’s got to be Gauntlet, mainly because it’s a goodbye to Stargate as we know it, but it’s also a fine episode in it’s own right. To be honest, I think Camelot is actually a better episode, with a great space battle at the end, but I voted for that in the greatest SG two-parters survey.

  47. *nothing* will beat “gauntlet”. I actually reeled from this ending. Really hope we get an ‘update’ 🙂 —- Thanks for your daily updates, Joe.

  48. Camelot without question. Love the photo of Jelly in her stroller. More dog photos please!

  49. This will be my first comment on this blog and felt compelled to share my choice for best cliffhanger after all the time I’ve spent lurking. I picked SGU’s Gauntlet. I started watching Stargate when I still was living at home with my dad in my late teens. After 14 years of watching the stories progress, I was so sad it was coming to an end for more than just the entertainment I got from the shows. I realized this was the last show still on the air that I watched with my dad in the house I grew up in. We now live states apart and I’m an adult with my own life but we still discuss science fiction and Stargate. The emotional maturity in this episode was like realizing that Stargate had grow up too–in the same way I could see how I grew. It was an emotional end to a wonderful journey and will continue to hold a special place in my memory that I can share with my father.

  50. Looks like i agree with many others, I’m going to vote Camelot. Great prizes!

  51. I am gonna use my write in vote for the Stargate Atlantis Season 5 finale as the biggest cliffhanger!

  52. Original SG-1 will always be my favorite, but I have to say Gauntlet for the obvious reason that there is no Part 2, alas. (That and the music score is beyond beautiful)

  53. Have to go with Gauntlet, and I would really love to see a resolution to it, as would many others I imagine. 🙂

  54. It’s gotta be Gauntlet – a good way to end a series who’s ending was premature. I’ve been revisiting SGA and that’s another series that met too early an end. Hope MGM will one day come to their senses. Either that, or perhaps I say the ‘R’ word…REBOOT?

  55. Atlantis’ Siege was a seriously good action suspens episode ! Surely one of the best.

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