Spinning ideas with Rob, Lulu, and Ivon.

We handed in our second draft of the scifi miniseries the other day, paring it down from a robust 204 pages to a trim 194.  We went through four different titles (including the cryptic Cogito and, my personal favorite, The Apocalypse Engine) before finally settling on the one they’re going with.  For now anyway.  The script is, of course, already in prep as it goes to camera in July and I believe our work on it is done.  Can’t wait to see the finishing product and hearing where it ends up.  In the meantime…

I’m prepping myself for the next pass on my horror script by immersing myself in the horror realm.  I’ve got a stack of movies to screen that will, hopefully, put me in the right frame of mind.  On deck: Wolf Creek, Vinyan, The Nameless, Them, The Devil’s Backbone, Frontieres, and Cold Prey.  As much as possible, I’m focusing on foreign horror films.  If you’ve got any suggestions, I’d love to hear ’em.

Paul and I will be switching gears to work on a pilot we’ve been hired to write.  There’s already broadcaster interest in the fantasy premise that could be a lot of fun.  We start spinning the creative next week.

Also next week, we’ll be heading into discussions with another party on Dark Matter, my comic book series (which I’ll be promoting at 4:00 p.m., July 14th at the Dark Horse Comics booth at Comic Con so swing on by and say hi!).  The business plan being proposed is a lot more intriguing and, hopefully, I’ll have some good news on the DM front before summer’s end.

In addition to Dark Matter, we’re also shopping another genre (supernatural…ish) pilot that has generated some interest south of the border.  Our agent is suggesting we make plans to head down to L.A. for a couple of days in late July and take some meetings on the pilot – in addition to some of the fabulous series ideas we have are going to come with between now and then.  Maybe a series about loyal scifi fans campaigning to get their favorite cancelled SF series back on the air. Can their dogged and determined efforts succeed in convincing the obstinate studio to resurrect the show?  What do you think?

Speaking of fabulous series ideas, I got together with some of the old Stargate gang today for a creative discussion on a show we’re developing.  Check out the action:

Ivon pitches to Lulu.
Rob pitches to Lulu.
Fed up with pitching to Lulu, Ivon and Paul take a break to check out some hilarious online videos.
Lunch. Akemi has a surprisingly-good-although-it-looks-nothing-like-any-version-I’ve-seen-before gumbo.

27 thoughts on “June 22, 2012: Projects on Deck!

  1. Good luck with your show stuff Joe.

    Hope something comes of Dark Matter, it deserves a mini series at least. And speaking of horror, I guess that’s one thing I won’t be watching. Horror stuff kinda creeps me out a bit, okay with anime but the real life stuff in movies not so much. Had to look away when watching Prometheus when they were extracting the alien from the womans stomach it was so, graphic.

    I guess look away is a bit strong of a word but didn’t really look at the screen much during the scene to say the least lol

  2. Sounds like things are moving on the Dark Matter front. Hopefully, it will be good news. Loved the dog pictures. Every time I walk around our apartment complex, I see people walking dogs, and some of them look like Lulu.

    Have a great night!!!
    Lisa R

  3. I’m not usually one for horror, but I liked “Let the Right One In” – not the US remake but the original. I’m pretty sure it was discussed here once before.

  4. Oh, and one more – I haven’t seen it, but my daughter is kind of a horror geek and sort of liked “Dead Snow“. Don’t ask. Just watch it and tell us what you think.

  5. Darn it…I was overdue for a html tag screw up. It should have been:


    We went through four different titles (including the cryptic Cogito…

    …ergo edo?

    Good luck with Dark Matter next month! Sounds…intriguing

    Sorry, can’t help with the horror films. I haven’t really watched the genre since “Friday the 13th” unless you count “The Sixth Sense”, or the Will Smith “Omega Man” remake (which I would tend to put in the Suspense category). Good luck with that one too though…I’ll be sure to watch knowing your writing skills.

  6. Wait a minute. Paul was there? Where is his picture of him pitching to Lulu? I’m sure Lulu thinks his eyes are dreamy too, like me. 🙂

  7. 1. Sandusky found guilty on 45 counts! What a relief! So glad this Penn State sex abuse case is over, at least for now. I hope the victims find some sort of closure, and peace of mind.

    2. Why do all the bad guys have to be pretty pale things??! 😡 Hubby watched Ghost Rider 2 tonight, and called me in to see this:


    At least now we know what happened to Todd’s wig. 😀

    3. Rod looks like he’s holding a bomb.

    4. We gots t’boomers tonight! Lots of rain! My AC is cooling again!! Woo!

    5. Whatever that is, it sure as hell ain’t gumbo. THIS is gumbo:


    6. Any long-locked pallid dudes in any of these upcoming projects of yours? I’m going through serious withdrawal here. Got the shakes, and everything. 😛

    7. You said ‘fabulous’, and I immediately thought of this little gem from the rugby forum:


    I will now forever picture you in that pose. 😀


  8. Good luck with Dark Matter looking forward to it….
    Maybe you could pitch a sci fi series writting with the writers on The Big Bang Theory.
    The mind boggles at “Bazinganess” of the idea !

  9. @Deni

    It’s been a while. Im surprised anyone still remembers me.. Im sure das will at least… Joe’s probably long forgotten.. 😉 Its good to talk to you guys again though. Ill be around more often.

    How have you been by the way?

    Mr. Mallozzi…

    You’re an inspiration to me with all these projects going on. You have so much energy and creativity.

    It’s actually been your blog that initially got me interested in the production process. Being able to follow SGU from its conception to one of the most epic sci fi series was an amazing opportunity. I learned so much about pre- production, production, and post-production just from this blog. If it wasn’t for you or Stargate, I probably wouldn’t have taken interest in production and I never would have gotten to go to USC this summer. And if it wasn’t for Stargate I would never have met Michael Hinman at the Chicago Con.

    Its kinda weird how these things work out, isn’t it.. 😀

    Thanks so much

    Major D.

  10. You went from “take a year off” to nonstop work. Someone help me out but what was the word Akemi told you not to do?

    Sorry, Seattle– after my daughter bemoaning no sun, rain rain and more rain in Le Havre, I think I agree– places with too LITTLE sun and too much rain, not so good.

    I have lived in or near Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Charleston, Knoxville (TN). I have lived in TN, TX, GA, SC, NC, NJ and PA. My main goals for my next and hopefully final location?
    1. Liberals, diversity, culture. Really, big selling point. Living in GA has driven that need home to never live again in the midst of right-wingers.
    2. Lower humidity. It doesn’t have to be desert dry, but when you spend half the year in air so wet you drown, no thanks, GA humidity– you can have it.
    3. Seasons… I don’t need 6 ft snows, but 3 or 4 inches on the ground 3 to 5 days a few times during the winter just seems like a welcomed thing.
    4. Affordability.

    Give me ideas, I am up for a move next year. 🙂

  11. I’m back you guys. Didn’t miss me, did you? Some of you know, others don’t, my kid has been extremely ill. Today was day 10 of really high fever. Last Friday he had a 105.1 rectal temp & we were in the ER. In 10 days we’ve had 2 ER visits, 2 doctor visits. He’s lost 11 pounds in 10 days. I’ll spare you the details, but most current working theory is that he has a version of the flu (a summer flu), with maybe superimposed adenoiditis (but it sure sounds like bronchitis to me). His fever is not going down because the kid will not drink anything of significance (and Wed’s ER visit was to get an IV in him to re-hydrate him). In all of his life, up until last week, we had only been in the ER only 2 times ever in his life–the first time he had seizures back in 2004, and the 2nd time this past Feb when he had a seizure at the airport in Houston as we had just disembarked from the plane to come home after my father-in-law died. I thought we were headed there again tonight, but she thought we were still okay to stay home. If he still has fever on Monday, we’ll head back to her office to see what the next thing to do.

    Meanwhile, the great wife that I am (not really) told my husband to go ahead and take his trip to Fort Myers, Florida (where the tropical depression is lurking in the Gulf of Mexico). After all, if he weren’t around, I’d have to learn how to get Patrick to an ER and/or hospital stay by myself. And, well the truth is, we did not buy flight insurance for his ticket. Patrick’s been rather healthy his whole life. We were never freaky about him being exposed to germs, and we didn’t run to the doctor for every sniffle. But this is really the sickest he has ever been in his entire life. I wasn’t going to lose out on a $500 ticket. Money talks. Don’t know what might happen to his trip home Monday night if that thing turns into a storm.

    And I’ve been busy trying to get all the details worked out for my new pet sitting business I’m launching in August. Also planning when exactly to try to get my hair done for my reunion trip in July to New York. It was too soon to get it cut/colored at the beginning of June because I would have had to get it done again before my trip. But by beginning of June, it had been since the beginning of April since I did it (for the gala). It looks horrible right now.

  12. Now that I’ve summed up my life these past 2 weeks (oh yeah, I forgot, we had a massive flood and my pool looked like it did after Ike, and we had to replace the tank on our filter system. Cha-ching! And Patrick was off the first week of June and we did all our appointments and I’ve had to shred 23 years of my work life to meet HIPAA requirements, which I still haven’t finished. June has been hopping.

    So here is my theory about what you’ve been up to, Joe. I think you aren’t JUST going down to SDCC for Dark Matter. You are doing a SF miniseries that brings you back to Stargate stomping grounds that is supposed to start in July? In July, MGM is making an announcement at SDCC–an important one–about something Stargate related. I think maybe you are there for this part of it, too. I guess I’ll find out soon enough if my theories are correct.

    Are you watching Falling Skies at all? My favorite character is Pope (Colin Cunningham). His character is soo complex. You don’t know if he is a good guy, a bad guy, a hero, a villan. Remi is doing an outstanding job with this season. Have you caught Michael Shanks’ new show, Saving Hope? I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but by episode 2 definitely in love with it.

    I hope Akemi’s stomach issues worked themselves out. I hope your sleeping issues have resolved themselves as well.

    It was great to see @JeffW in the blog. If I ever get to Vancouver and you are still living there, I won’t be able to do a food tour with you. Maybe a dessert tour, but I would never try 99% of what you eat. But I find it a fascinating journey to read about.

    How are the pups? How is your mom doing these days? Did she find out if her headaches were indeed migraines? Did any of the suggestions everyone gave help? And your sister, the rest of your family? Hope everyone is well.

    @Debra Was sorry to hear about your sister. I sent you a message via Facebook privately to find out the status of all that. Sorry I wasn’t around when it first happened. Sending love & hugs.

  13. Since Lulu sits in on all these creative meetings perhaps you should have her pitch a few shows. I’m sure your dogs could come up with something very new and exciting 😉

  14. Good to see that you’re keeping busy, Joe! I agree without about “The Apocalypse Engine”. I would definitely watch that, whatever it’s about!

    @PBMom: Great to see you back! Sorry to hear about Patrick’s woes – hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon.

  15. Ugh. That’s “agree with you”. Note to self: Don’t make uneditable internet comments at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.

  16. That’s great news on the sci-fi mini-series. A fantasy and a supernatural series? Those would both be cool, we could use two more shows, one each to rival Game Of Thrones and Supernatural, both of which I like a lot. 🙂

    I hope Patrick feels better soon PBMom. Just started watching Falling Skies (didn’t watch first season because I figured it would get canceled like everything else) and it is better than I expected. First season was like Terra Nova, too much talking, not enough action, but it looks like this second season is moving along much better = action. 🙂

  17. @Major Davis – Wow. I remember when you first came by here. Great to hear you’re doing well.

  18. @Major D: Hi! Nice to see you back! What are you up to at USC?

    @PBMom: I hope Patrick gets better soon.

    @Debra: The word you are looking for is karoshi. Low humidity locations with seasons and not too much snow and lots of sun? Santa Fe is a lovely place and very dry. But I’m not sure how it is faring economically during this recession. Or you could try Cape May, NJ. 😀

    @das: Oooh. I haven’t seen Ghostrider 2 yet, but it just moved up on my list.

    Okay, I’ve got to get going on my weekend chores now. Or maybe I’ll go sit in the Japanese tea room and enjoy the blessedly cool morning after the heat wave we just had. No rain, but at least it cooled off a bit.

  19. Joe, you gotta’ let Cookie off the hook for watching the Phantom. He won’t take it well. I’m very worried for his neighbors. I’m feeling a tad ragey myself.

  20. @pbmom and major Davis. Great seeing you again. Been absentee myself but most of the real life crises are done with. Hope things improve with both of you. Mr. m. Glad to see you have projects that are moving forward. I hope your successes continue to grow, and have lots of fun along the way.

  21. @Narelle from Aus

    It’s good to hear from you again. It’s great seeing all the familiar names pop up in the comments. How have things been with you?


    Its nice to be back… and it’s good to see you again. I hope you’ve been doing well…. So this summer I’m taking two college courses at University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts (I believe Mr. Binder went there). I’m still in high school but they allow those over 16 to participate in the program. One class will be a producing and directing class (8 credit) and the other will be a business of Film at TV class (4 credits)..

    I’m also writing a 6 part guest column on Airlock Alpha about my experiences at the school. I posted the link to the intro article on yeaterdays blog. It’s a really exciting opportunity, and if it wasn’t for stargate, I doubt any of this would ever happen.

    @Deborah Rose

    It’s good to see you again. Im glad to hear things are going well with you now… Real life crisis’ suck… This whole past year I’ve been pretty depressed and I’ve had a lot of issues.. But I’m glad you’re doing better now.


    Dang, I hope Patrick feels better soon. Hopefully it is something minor that will quickly dissipate.

  22. I absolutely LOVE the idea of a show about loyal fans campaigning to get their favorite cancelled sci-fi series back on the air. My big question is, who’s going to play the character based on me? 🙂

    Best wishes for success in all your projects!

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