March 30, 2012: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!  And Chocolate.

So I was in bed last night, dreaming about the end of the world (don’t recall the details but I do remember we only got a days advance warning – fairly typical of the government), when I was awakened by the sound of something hitting the floor – kerplunk!  I sat up, assuming it had come from downstairs, glanced over at Akemi first, still fast asleep, and then at the dogs – both snoozing comfortably. Both?  Where was Jelly?  At which point I realized the old gal was on the floor, scrambling to right herself.  I’m not sure if she’d been sleepwalking or simply misjudged a rollover but it marked the first time she had fallen off the bed.  I hopped out, scooped her up, and deposited her back onto the pillow beside me, seemingly none the worse for wear.  By morning, she seemed to have put the incident behind her.  I think she was embarrassed and just didn’t want to talk about it.


I received an email from Cookie Monster, this blog’ resident film critic, complaining about the fact that he’s been unable to track down a copy of The Punisher (1990) for this Monday’s Supermovie of the Month Club meeting.  Apparently, it’s unavailable for download on iTunes and the only copy at his local video store was rented out some time last year by Grover and never returned (along with The Last Boy Scout, and Lady Chatterly’s Lover).  I suggested he give it to the end the day and then switch gears to those lovable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1980) although I would feel a little letdown missing out on the always entertaining Dolph Lundgren.  I’m heading downtown today to see if I can locate a second-hand dvd I can overnight to Sesame Street.  Wish me luck!

The other day, Akemi put her Pierre Marcolini Cafe experience to good use.  No, she didn’t wipe down tables or serve me Earl Grey tea.  She made truffles!

March 30, 2012: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!  And Chocolate.
Akemi presents her truffles.
March 30, 2012: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!  And Chocolate.
Dark chocolate, mascarpone, dark rum, brown sugar, crushed almonds and macadamia nuts.

Good timing. Love chocolate? That may be good news for your waistline  I can feel the pounds melting away!

26 thoughts on “March 30, 2012: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! And chocolate.

  1. Poor Jelly! I remember the first time that happened with Patrick. As an infant, I had no idea he was rolling over. I placed him in the middle of our very high but very large king-sized bed and went to the master bath to go to the bathroom. I exited the bathroom just in time to see him take the final roll off the bed, but not in time to save him. After checking him out and taking him to the doctor to make sure I didn’t cause him permanent brain damage, I cried for another day at what a bad mother I was. Buddy was never a bed goer, but Sam had fallen off at least once, and Maddie has several times. Guess they’re like Tiggers — they bounce back as if nothing happened.

    Been bummed since Tuesday and could use some of that chocolate. Those look delicious.

  2. Those are some mighty fierce pups you have there!

    Those truffles look totally delicious. Akemi is awesome!

    I can sympathize with Cookie’s difficulties in finding a copy of the ’89 version of “The Punisher”. I can’t find a copy for the life of me, and I’ve even (shamefully) tried the typical less-official sources. From what I’ve read, it was never actually released in North America, which may explain the lack of availability here. Shame too, really, since based on what few clips I was able to find on YouTube it would make excellent reviewing fodder. Keep us posted on Cookie’s search so that I can load up TMNT soon, if necessary!

  3. I love Lulu “attacking” Bubba, and how he lets her have her way. Smart guy! Elway fell off the bed for the first time about 6 months ago and scared the crap out of me. Like Jelly, he didn’t want to talk about it, so I figured it was just once of those things. About 2 months later, I woke up to a huge crash and he’d done it again. He always sleeps between us because of his seizures, but when Mr. Deni leaves, Elway’s unprotected on that side of the bed. We thought about getting a fold-up rail that could be put up when Mr. Deni leaves in the morning, but I discovered that big pillows under the blankets do the trick. We’re just lucky he didn’t break his neck; our bedroom is tiled! To get on and off the bed, he has a carpeted “step” that Mr. Deni made him, along with a big rug and a non-slip pad under it, but every once in a while he decides he’s going to try to jump off somewhere else. He’s big enough that I wake up and tackle him before he jumps or catch him before he hits the floor! Always a good way to wake up. 🙂 Otherwise, we reduced all his meds and he’s doing wonderfully, almost back to puppyhood these days!

    By the way, the chip-in for Freddy the puppy went so well they exceeded their goal, so hopefully the poor guy will get the best treatment possible and will come out of this ok. If anybody’s interested, I’ll update in about a week. 🙂

    So, can you FedEx me some of those truffles?

  4. Jelly’s fight face looks like Mr. Bean’s riding-a-roller-coaster face.

    1980 was not ready for TMNT. 1990 had been desensitized enough for it.

    I thought Akemi was holding a tray of buckeyes for a minute. That’s a lot of chocolates.

  5. Bubba, what a gentleman. Lulu just wore him down. Now if you got another French bulldog, that might give her a run for her money. 🙂 But then… when Brie and Stewie were mixing it up, didn’t Stewie come out on the short end. Those feisty Frenchies. 🙂

    The title immediately made me think of grade school. (Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!) That kind of drama usually sent someone to the principal’s office.

    Those truffles are beautiful, Akemi. They look much better than the “gourmet” ones at the store. Now if only I could eat chocolate…

  6. Oops! Sorry to hear the stories of human and doggie babies rolling off. You do all you can, but sometimes things happen. I felt bad when my doggie girl started falling down.

  7. Just three things…

    1. First rule of Doggie Fight Club…go for the soft, fleshy bits! 😀

    2. Joey, stop making excuses. You were dreaming about the end of the world, and you kicked Zombie Jelly out of the bed. (I know what I’m talking about. I’ve had similar dreams and have kicked zombie kitties out of my bed more than once. 😛

    3. If that stuff about chocolate was true, I’d weigh 3 pounds. 😛


  8. Reminds me of my mom’s and Sister’s dogs. The two are best friends and the “battles” start from the first steps from the car till my sister goes home. They chasing and wrestling each other continuously.
    Dark chocolate is very health. Don’t be shy

  9. Aw, poor Jelly. I’m glad she’s okay.

    Mmmm. Truffles. Those look really good.

    I have dark chocolate pretty much every day, but I limit how much I eat. Even when I cut calories, I never cut out the chocolate.

    Keep us posted about the movie selection. I can’t find The Punisher, either.

  10. Oh, did I mix up Bubba and Jelly?

    Correction: Bubba’s fight face looks like Mr. Bean’s riding-a-roller-coaster face.

  11. I saw the movie “On the Beach” this past December, and for a couple weeks after was having nightmares about the end of the world. At least the people in the movie got more warning than just a day. (Well, the main characters did; the rest of the world did not.) Good movie, but definitely a bummer.

    Lulu’s a punk! What’d Bubba do to her to deserve that beat-down? I’m thinkin’ nothing. Which means you raised a little hoodlum. Not that I’m any better, though: my ginormous German shepherd / golden retriever cross Sadie picks unprovoked fights with smaller dogs she meets on walks. She gets scolded harshly for it, but that doesn’t seem to make her think twice the next time. She’s a punk too. Maybe she and Lulu should rumble.

  12. See that’s what happens when you get dogs ice cream and take them to the beach…. they join Fight Club!!!!

    They’re going down the same dark path as Brad Pitt!!!

    George Clooney will probably be calling any day now to see if they’ll hang with his entourage.

  13. Poor Jelly! Maybe put some pillows on the floor around the bed in case it happens again. Poor girl. Lulu is really whipping up on Bubba! Either she is part pit bull or Bubba is just letting her win, which makes him look like a sweetie pie. Those truffles look fabulous! And looks like Chef Akemi made enough for all of us! 🙂 hint, hint

  14. Testing the chocolate theory. Found Vosges Dark with bacon in The Fresh Market..yay. Otherwise, Vosges was only when I got to the airport shop – enroute somewhere. Dangerous find – too convenient now…but yummy!
    So I expect to lose 50 lbs, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
    But, my heart is healthy.

  15. So..did You know… The BODY SHOP makes a CHOCOLATE-scented Shower-gel…? ;-D

  16. Hey Joe,

    🌹Loved🌹the story of the pups💤 It is surprising how many things pups do the same as small 👶children. Well…if my children didn’t cry upon falling out of bed…I usually found them still asleep💤 on the floor in the morning.

    👘Akemi’s is quite good at making everything 👀look yummy.

    Best to you Joe, Akemi & pups,

  17. @ gforce – now THAT was pathetic!! I just wasted 5:27 minutes of my Saturday. 🙂

  18. Mmmm … I love truffles! Well, those AND Turkish Delight! Not the powdery kind; it has to be liberally covered in dark chocolate.

    Akemi, you really are a confectionery genius! Wish I could taste a few … okay, wish I could taste several! Course, I do still have a whole layer of Milk Tray left from Mother’s Day a coupla weeks ago … I may have to dive into those to fill the void!


  19. @PBMom – That almost happened to my brother. He was waaay too little to be rolling over but my mom found him ready to go head first. The poodle had pulled a Lassie and fetched her from the laundry room. His disturbing head bonk came from being put in a pumpkin seat on top of a shopping cart, then his sister jumping on an already top-heavy cart.

    It’s happened to my kids, but we didn’t install the frame on the bed so it’s pretty short. My kids have fulfilled their disturbing head bonk quotas other ways.

  20. Poor little Jelly. 🙁 I’m glad she didn’t hurt herself!

    I love watching critters play.

    Those truffles look fantastic! I wouldn’t have the patience to make all those little balls. Very tedious work but yummy.

    On yesterday’s post, I’m impressed you’ve kept up with your Japanese studies so diligently. It must help when you visit the country. Did you notice a difference in your language skills on your Japanese trip this time?

    I’m still working my Spanish program but not as frequently as I should. It’s just been killer busy here lately. I just dropped off a few supplies at the humane society and stopped to pick up a cookies & cream milkshake at Chick fil la. Chick was CRAZY busy today. It was “Pirates & Princess Day”. Gotta remember to avoid that day next time!

    To reiterate, if anyone has old towels, comforters, sheets, pillowcases or bathroom rugs they want to get rid of, please think about donating these items to an animal rescue place (like the humane society). We use a lot of supplies! We don’t care if it has holes or stains either.

  21. @ das – congratulations on your anniversary and your ability to pay your bills! Both noteworthy! 🙂

  22. haha those dogs look so cute, do love pug dogs. I remember the dolph lundgren punisher wasnt too bad 😛 wonder what your thoughts are about the Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles being changed to Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles in Michael Bay’s new version?

    Also I would like to ask again , if someone did a animation tribute to stargate and didnt make any money, just felt like doing one whenever will it be removed straight away by mgm, or is it ok?

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