25 thoughts on “March 24, 2012: Dogs eating ice cream!

  1. How cute!!! I enjoyed watching those probably just as much as the dogs enjoyed eating the ice cream.

    Have a great night!!!!

  2. Wow, the pugs are enthusiastic ice cream eaters, that’s for sure! Can’t say as I blame them. Our “Summer” weather that we’ve had the last few days here on the East coast finally seems to be leaving us though, so it’s starting to feel more like normal March. Not so much ice cream weather now as maple sugaring-off weather!

  3. Love the look on Bubba’s face in the last one. “WHAT do you mean it’s GONE. There has to be more.” I’ve felt that way many a time on a hot day when I’ve finished off the last bit of cone.

  4. Looking good… We, in the Ottawa area have slipped from 27 degrees down to 5 today. I’m sure spring (the real spring) is just around the corner, but just the other day the weatherman was reminding us that April is sometimes known for its snow storms… not to mention the sometimes unusual one occurring in May.

    I remember spring in Vancouver… beautiful. Good to see your family enjoying it.

  5. Loved the doggy eating ice cream videos.., So Bubba does not like ice cream,,,,hmmmm. glad Akemi still has her fingers there. thanks for sharing. Now I want ice cream, wow, the power of suggestion. Have a nice evening.

  6. I do like the differences between the three dogs:

    Jelly: I will happily and calmly lick this ice cream.
    Lulu: I will calmly and happily lick this ice cream.
    Bubba: Screw the both of ya! I’m gonna fit as much of this stuff in my mouth as I can!!!

    And even when it was all gone Bubba kept looking – even going so far as to maul the camera in case more ice cream was hidden within!

  7. Entirely too cute. If you ever cast the dogs in a horror flick, you know now how to give bubba that maniacal crazed look. And lulu was such a perfect contrast. Glad you took the to,e to share…

  8. How cute!!! They sounded like 20 dogs eating ice cream, I’m like Lulu, small bites and I eat slow.

  9. Hubby and I totally sounded like the pugs tonight when we both dived into a big bowl of Costa Rican coffee ice cream. According to Mr. Das, I was Bubba. 😛

    @ Akemi – You’re speaking English with Joe’s accent! 🙂


  10. Thanks Joe….great vids.

    The end is priceless with the – what, no more look.
    Akemi – careful, your fingers were at risk.
    Great….now I want ice cream. lol.

  11. I have to say that your dogs are just cute and adorable eating ice cream. They look so happy and well taken care of.

  12. ROFLMAO, poor LuLu and Jelly, show some dignity and decorum and what does it get them? Most the ice cream down Bubba’s throat.

  13. -=It’s a Dog’s Life=-
    This fall NBC takes you where no dog has gone before-The first all-dog reality show.

    @Joe, this post IS better than 95% of what I see on TV…(special shoutout to a new show I started watching “Grim” – the dude that plays Monroe can actually act, so rare these days!)
    I treated myself to an exotic Mayfield’s ice-cream sammich afterwards…

    I just finished reading the Harry Potter canon and must say, I loved it. Starting The Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick edited by Jerold J. Abrams, love critical essay collections like this one!


  14. @Joe Thanks for another great blog entry, made me both laugh & realize how poor television programming has gotten…pitch a dog tv series-PLEASE! “It’s a Dog’s Life” with Cookie Monster intros!

    I had an exotic Mayfield’s Ice-Cream Sammich to celebrate.

    Finished Harry Potter canon and LOVED it.

    NFL funnies – Jockey erects first Tebow billboard in NYC!


  15. Adorable. Those videos scientifically prove one thing – dogs do not get ice cream headaches.

  16. Hi Joe,

    I apologize in advance for the off-topic comment, but your Chicagoland readers (myself included), are putting together a mini-foodie tour, which Lou Zucaro expressed interest in.

    Lou (and anyone else that may be interested) can join the discussion at:


    I posted this in the “YouTube – Browser killing post”, so it may have been missed if people were looking for it 😉

    Right now we’re looking at Wednesdays or Saturdays in April or May for Tsukasa and 1776 (Tapas and set meals).

    Again, sorry for the off-topic plug, but you’ve stirred a developing Foodie fanbase here in Chicagoland, so this is partially your fault! 😀

    Thanks in advance!

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