You’ll be pleased or indifferent to hear that I finally completed a first draft of my horror script yesterday and sent off versions to Ivon, my writing partner Paul and, of course, my Toronto nemesis Tara who would make either a fantastic lunatic or an equally great hapless victim when it comes time to shoot the movie.  I, of course, feel a terrific sense of accomplishment – that will inevitably fade over the next few days to be replaced by feelings of regret, uncertainty, and a general desire to switch gears and do something completely different like go to chef school or become a professional Warhammer player.  More than likely, however, I’ll just end up writing something else – probably that damn pilot script I’ve been meaning to finish.  Meanwhile, the more I research that historical mini-series, the more I think it will just be too damn expensive to produce and I should instead consider writing that feature about the crime-solving monkeys.

Today, Ivon, Patrick, Lawren and I reconvened to continue our Game of Thrones marathon.

In preparation, Akemi made some caramelized onions and crispy mushrooms. In her Uggs.
Four types of sausages. I browned them, added a little ice wine, reduced, added some chicken stock, then simmered it, covered, for another ten minutes. I hear that browning first is the way to go and that roasting results in less juicy results. Anyone care to weigh in?
We also fried up some oysters and I made my version of oyster po'boy - with fried onions, mushrooms, jalapeno mayo, and kale chips (compliments of Ivon).

I was hoping we could reconvene sometime this week to continue watching but Lawren ruined everything by getting a job.

So, everybody finished watching Condorman?  I’m sure Cookie Monster, our Supermovie of the Week guest reviewer, will have plenty to say on the subject.  Wonder if he enjoyed it more than Superman II?

Speaking of Cookie Monster, check these out –

Tara is apparently the nail art Queen of Toronto and given to posting pics of her latest creations over on her blog. The other day, I asked her if she took requests.  What kind of requests?  I suggested cartoon characters.  She went one better.

In addition to posting pics of her nails, she also posts the occasional amusing story – like this one, for instance, detailing an awkward on-set experience with John McLean himelf, Bruce Willis: This is My Bruce Willis Story

My front and semi-regular blog reader, Kellie Rice, is trying to win her sister tickets to The Hunger Games premiere (which, I assume, is sort of like the Olympics for dieters).  Anyway, Kellie’s video is a top 5 finalist and she needs YOUR support.  Head on over to and “like” the Badass: Katniss Everdeen vid.  The gals, I’m sure, will be eternally grateful.

17 thoughts on “February 26, 2012: Sunday matinee! Tara’s tribute to Cookie Monster! Help Kellie help her sister win!

  1. Hey, Joe!

    Comicgeek/Stargate mailbag question(s):

    If the X-Men’s Nightcrawler were to walk through an open Stargate would he be able to “transport” his molecules outside of the wormhole while still in the wormhole before reaching the Stargate at the other end? And if he were able to do so, where would he end up? (a random point outer space between the 2 Stargates? the nearest planet? back at the 1st gate/point of origin?)

    Okay, I apologize for the stupid question(s)… but it’s been a really slow day.

  2. I started reading Dark Matter and i picked up the first two issue and i was wondering during the creation of the characters for Dark Matter, did you and Paul ever wonder if your work on stargate was going to affect how you developed the characters? such as one character would end up as a Jack O’Neill type character. one character end up as the Carter type? the daniel type? teal’c type?

  3. Oyster po-boys sure ‘nuf looked good !
    I haven’t found anyplace in Seattle that makes a good po-boy and real beignets.

  4. Just catching up on the blog and saw your comment about tech. We just had a discussion within our department about the film industry. Basically it’s going to tank just like the music business did. Revenue, and where to get it, is the battle. People won’t pay for anything they can get for free. So for now, it’s coming down to mostly ad-supported sites, at least for the music biz.

    Personally, I think the speed at which technology is changing is hurling the entertainment industry right off a cliff.

    So before I loose my job, please, please do an Atlantis review. I just got done watching “Vengeance” and couldn’t help wondering why McKay didn’t carry extra DHD crystals. They were always getting stuck somewhere.

  5. the liquid would make the sausage cook faster, but roasting would not result in a less juicy sausage unless you overcook it

  6. Okay, I won’t lick screen-oysters. Yuck. But those are some mighty fine lookin’ sausages. I just can’t bring myself to sane anything remotely dignified about licking and sausages.

  7. JeffW: Thanks for the movie info!

    Montrealer: Very good point about data usage and internet streaming.

    How does Akemi keep her girlish figure with you feeding her all the time?

    The food looks so delicious! No dessert?

    Congratulations on finishing the draft!

  8. The food looked great, and those nails were something else. Sounds like good times were had by all. And Joe, you don’t know what The Hunger Games is? 😉
    We’re reading that right now for our homeschool. My older one has already poured over it several times, and he’s asked if we can see the movie. When he does that, you know he likes it.

    Hope you have a great day!!

  9. Tara as hapless victim for your horror script, k. Who would make a good deserving-of-comeuppance victim? How about a posts-endless-pictures-of-himself-in-the-same-weird-pose-on-Facebook-but-matures-during-events-so-we’re-sad-to-see-him-die victim?

  10. Joe,

    Quick question about the inspiration for the writing of Stargate, particularly the story line of the ancients. I was invited to go see a pre-screening of John Cater this last weekend and couldn’t help but see the correlation between the ability to travel between worlds and a superior race that over saw everything. Having not read the books by Edger R Burroughs I can’t say for certain, So my question is was there any inspiration taken from Burroughs writing in the creation and continued writings of Stargate?


  11. I’m not a big fan of ice wine. Too sweet, even in sauces.

    I do like a nice rich carbonara pasta every once and a while.
    In fact, it’s such a good idea I think I’ll have some tomorrow.

    Sometimes I add some thinly sliced roasted red peppers.


  12. Just catching up from the weekend…

    Yay, Ashleigh. Very good to see you again. Marriage has not dulled your nemesis skills in the slightest. Wishing you every happiness, including tweaking Joe from time to time. 🙂

    I miss Carl, too! Carl, will you drop by the comments, sass Joe a little, and tell us what you’re working on? So hope you do at least one project with John Lasseter some day. That would be stellar. 😀

    Oh Joe, please use Tara in your horror script. Listened to her voiceover recording the other day. Tara, you are good! It was amazing how you sounded like 5 (or 6?) totally different people. The comic ones are the best. You really need to be on Saturday Night Live one day. Just sayin.’ 🙂
    Re: the Bruce Willis story. I’ve gotten unsolicited hugs out of the blue before also, and yeah, while they are a huge surprise, they do make you feel great.

    Das, Sparrow, Tam Dixon, I’m with you on the technology front. Entertainment consumption is different today, because our lives are different.. Our work schedules aren’t the typical 9 to 5, and connecting with family & friends is on-the-fly. So technology has to follow us, when we’re available. I don’t want to be chained to a computer to view or stream media, because it feels like being at work longer, instead of downtime. Yes, there are many mobile devices, but do I want to sink a substantial amount of income into buying & upgrading the devices? Let alone buying the content that I may not have time to view completely? Nope.

    I’d rather flip through on-demand content via TV. That way, it’s viewable when I want, and I can work on craft projects or just vedge out. Not everything is available on-demand via cable. Tough noogies. Maybe I don’t need to watch it then. There’s plenty of content out there. 🙂

    My brother works as an engineer for a local TV station. It’s actually a satellite hub for 7-10 stations. He said he can definitely see a day when TV stations will be no more. The demise of local TV stations and newspapers scares me, though. With them we are losing the independent reporting and oversight of our government and society. Am praying that the loss of accountability does not ultimately result in loss of individual freedoms. Journalism today is more about entertainment or repeating often inaccurate press releases, not investigations that are independently — and professionally — gathered. Being a print media refugee, that bothers me no end.

    Okay, that’s probably enough soapbox for one day. 🙂

    Congrats, Joe, on finishing your script! Way to go, Akemi, on keeping up with Joe and keeping your figure. Any news on the “Stuff my Canadian Boyfriend Says” Twitter account?

    Hugs for Jelly girl. 😀

    P.S. Made kale chips last week. They’re great if you eat them right away. Unfortunately, they do “perfume” the house. 😛

  13. I read your blog. I thought I commented. I sign on now, same blog. I am thinking something wrong, then I realize this was in fact yesterday’s blog that I read at 3 a.m and you didn’t skip a day, I just lost some brain cells evidently.

    I love oysters.I’ll take Maggie’s share.

  14. How IS Carl? There’s been too little Carl in your blog lately. Maybe you could move to LA so you can hang out with him more and blog about it. Akemi could make him some of those cute breakfast kits and you could post photos of him eating them. I miss Carl.

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