The second issue of my comic book series, Dark Matter, came out last weekend to some terrific reviews.  Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the book by picking up a copy.  If you haven’t already checked it out, please do so by swinging by your local bookstore, or ordering a copy (for those of you residing outside North America or not within easy access of a comic store) here:, or just get yourself a digital copy here:

As you well know, the plan is to use the comic book’s opening four-issue arc as a springboard to an SF television series – so if you’d like to get behind the prospect of a new SF t.v. series, want to get an early sneak peek at what it’s all about, or simply want to start making some early, early casting suggestions, pick up Dark Matter #2 (and #1 if you missed it).

Oh, and those reviews of the second issue…

Imad Khan at IGN: Click to read the entire review!

Josh Cabrera at KABOOOOOM: REVIEW: Dark Matter #2 | KABOOOOOM

Paul Centeno at Shifted2u:  Dark Matter #2.. 

Dustin Cabeal at Comic Bastards:

Kaitlyn McAllister at Bloody Disgusting:…

So I’ve decided to give a go.  For those of you don’t know, it’s a website that streams (among other East Asian programming) the latest anime, often within hours of its broadcast Japanese television (Subtitled.  I don’t know how they do it).  I’ve decided to go ahead and try out the 14 day trial and, for the past two nights, Akemi and I have been watching the highly enjoyable Usagi Jump in glorious HD.  So far so good – especially for someone who has invested so much in anime dvd’s – but I’ll keep you posted.

Hey, what is the deal with Apple?  Akemi asked me to transfer photos of our Tokyo trip to her iPad.  I told her I’d put them on a USB for her only to have her inform me that the iPad didn’t have a USB port.  Odd. I visited my local electronics store to inquire about whatever is used to connect a USB drive to an iPad.  It turns out the answer is nothing. There is no way to attach a USB drive to an iPad.  “Okay,”I said, “so how can I attach my iPad to my MacBook Air (probably the easiest way to transfer the photos)?”.  The answer: “You can’t.”  Huh?  So let me get this straight, if I want to transfer documents from my computer to someone’s iPad, I have no choice but to email them over?  All one thousand six hundred and eighty pictures?  THIS is progress?!!  What am I missing?

Oh, and one more pic from my Tokyo trip.  I snapped a photo of this billboard because it was my last day and didn’t have time to pick up these wonderfully colorful, non-douchebag-looking jackets for my good friends Carl Binder and Alexander Ruemelin (in my estimation, the only two men who could actually pull off this look):

Guess I’ll have to go the mail-order route.

Today’s more upbeat blog entry is dedicated to all those who have taken the time to tell us about the difficult decisions they have faced in the past.

46 thoughts on “February 10, 2012: All aboard the Dark Matter express! Next stop: a t.v. near you! Sampling Crunchyroll! What’s up with Apple? And Carl and Alexander’s early, early Christmas gifts!

  1. Hahaha! crunchyroll!!! I used to go to crunchyroll but gave up on it…. sometimes the translation isn’t translated that well….but oh well.

    the design for dark matter is amazing. very different from the mangas I read, but I like it!

    sadly life is never easy….the only way you can go is up but always remember the people you love are always there.

  2. Looking forward to DM#2 when I get it (hopefully tomorrow – if not, next weekend; this is the one big drawback to not buying through my lcs). I’m fighting a cold, and don’t much feel like getting all wordy, but I really do hope this makes it to tv. Would be nice to have sci fi back on tv, instead of all the supernatural stuff.


  3. I believe you can take photos/vids from your puter and put on your iPad, but you need to transfer using the “apple cloud” via the apple store.
    Think of the cloud and a humongous flash drive. – and read allllll about it. – had details about photo streams, etc.

    AND… can get the app for Dark Horse comics and get your digital content.

    I am NOT an expert…been futzing with it for a while just to get the digital comic which I finally succeeded. BUT…via DH digital content and website that I have on the Ipad.

    Good luck and I know there are other folks with way more kowledge than me on this subject. I am PC…not MAC. LOL

    AND…Dark Matter 2 – as other’s have said – wow, did not see that coming.
    This will be a great TV series. Crossing fingers and toes.

  4. I considered getting an iPad (my wife has one). But, after all the trouble she has getting files to and from the device I decided to get something else.

    I went with an Ultrabook and I totally love it.

    I bought the Toshiba

    It couldn’t be easier to use as it has Windows 7 and all the USB ports, etc.

    It is only 1 pound heavier than the iPad but it is a full laptop computer.

    *disclaimer: I work for Intel.

  5. Joe, I’m really rooting for you. I would LOVE to see Dark Matter on TV. Currently, TV is severly devoid of space-based, live action, science fiction.

  6. If she doesn’t have the iPad’s “home” laptop around — or if you don’t share an iCloud account — or if you don’t have a Flickr account — or a MobileMe account — then, yes, there will be a delay getting your photos onto her iPad.

  7. Dark Matter 2 was sold out at my comic book store when I went Thursday morning, but they have more on order. Sounds like it’s selling well in addition to getting good reviews!

    Glad you’re more upbeat today.

  8. I think I’m going to have to plug my ears (or, more logically, cover my eyes) to avoid Dark Matter spoilers. My issue #2 is on it’s way from TFAW, but has not yet arrived. I suppose it’s entirely possible that my apartment building manager is hiding it from me…

  9. iCloud is the way to go. By the time you have them downloaded on your computer they will be on the iPad. Alternatevly you can buy a card reader for the iPad and load them directly off the camera’s memory card.

  10. It may depend on whose name the account is in. This would be a how to share your stuff question.

  11. I meant…it may depend on the name of the iPad account. How did she get started? If it is in her name, then there has to be a way to share between the two of you.

  12. Hi Joe,

    I didn’t get a chance to respond to yesterday’s post on Maximus, but I wanted to pass on that any life and death decision is likely to leave you with regrets and doubts. It’s a natural inclination to wonder if things could have been different.

    I’ve done this myself. Years ago I came across a stalled car in the middle of a DC freeway, lights off and sitting in traffic lanes late at night (I nearly hit the car myself). I swerved off the highway, reversed and tried to alert other drivers, only to watch the person in that car die anyway.

    And then again two years ago with the passing of my mom I had to decide (after 3 days of no brain activity in the ICU) to let her go.

    I’ve had family members, friends, people and pets in my life pass away before this (and after), but not in a way where I had a part in the outcome.If we’ve had any decision to make, regrets and doubts will likely come with it. But if you made the best decision you could based on the best information you had, then what more could you have humanly done?

    I don’t think I can say anymore; it’s just something you’ll need to work through, but I know you’ll be fine and we all wish you the best.

  13. I use a combo of an Apple camera adapter, iCloud and sync with my PC. Whichever works better for what I’m doing.

  14. Joe, I’d go with the card-reader. Apple makes their own. It’s about $30 and comes with two adapters. One for an SD card and one that will allow you to directly connect a digital camera to the iPad with a cable. I think the Cloud will only work if you and Akemi have the same Apple account. The card reader can be a little finicky at times, but it does work and sure beats emailing yourself all those pictures. Good luck!


  15. duh!! — This is “WHY” I **DON’T** own an iPAD!! Seriously! ANY device without a USB [or ANY card slot] is freaking USELESS!!

    — NEWSFLASH, Joe. These Toys are NOT your “does-EVERYTHING”-STARGATE-Tablets!

    When will the “Brainwashed” FIGURE-IT-OUT..? “Steveo” is ORI and snickering at the Masses from Wherever at this very moment! Everything APPLE “designs” is geared to *make* you BUY “Their” Parts!!

    — Case-in-point… The “unique” Screws at the back of your iPods, iPhones, iEtceteras, where the Battery goes – that *only* They have THE Tool for, so you have to BUY Their battery! AND, *IF* you happen to have an “old” version of the screws, They will be the FIRST Thing that is REPLACED on your Unit before anything Else is done!!

    Just get one of those Digital Frames – one that runs on batteries if you can find one…

    AND, I’d watch “what” you load up to ANY cloud-[hacker-heaven]- site!!

  16. Joe, I’ve found myself purchasing new episodes of TV shows on iTunes a lot lately,when available, as I don’t get to sit in front of a TV at the same time every week and even then it doesn’t mean I’ll have the control of the remote, so I was wondering what kind of revenue networks/shows expect to take from legal downloads as opposed to traditional forms of revenue generation these days?

  17. I do know it’s possible to set up a family shared iCloud account. A friend of mine did it, but I’ve never tried so I’m not sure of the details. I thing there’s also a charge to store more than 5 GB, but I don’t think it’s a lot. You can also do wireless sync over your wireless LAN now with iOS5. So, there’s lots of options!

  18. I’m a mess after reading yesterday’s post. It’s been 8 years since I lost my Siberian husky, Roscoe, and the pain of that is ever lurking beneath the surface, ready to be called up in full force by any hint of a similar tale of loss and grief. He was my first dog, and although he was 11 years old when he died, he was far from a “senior” dog, and his passing was very unexpected. (He died from gastric torsion, which can kill a dog in just a matter of a couple hours.) Worst of all, I WASN’T THERE for him when this happened. I was back visiting family in Detroit for Christmas, and Roscoe was 2000 miles away in L.A. My friend who was dogsitting didn’t even have time to call and let me know something was wrong before Roscoe was gone. I can hardly express to you how monstrous I felt, and still feel, 8 years later, that my little man didn’t have his mother with him when he needed her most. I still haven’t forgiven myself for leaving him. I couldn’t even “leave him” in L.A. when I moved to Vancouver. His ashes immigrated right along with me, and they sit not 15 feet away as I type this.

    Max had you with him when it counted; that’s really all that matters. Dogs’ noses are their primary sense organ, not their eyes. The scent of his favorite person in the world told him he was surrounded by love, and the warmth of your lap, combined with your loving caress, eased his journey. Please try to take comfort in that.

    Any other decision path you could have chosen would only have made you regret the outcome just as much, if not more.

  19. This is why I never gave a cent to Apple. I never bought any of their products. I built my PC myself, I use one of those new phones from Sony Ericsson, and I never really needed a tablet. Music-wise, I use a Creative device.

    If you have a decent internet connection, zip all the photos into 1 file, upload it to some place like, e-mail the link it gives you to whoever needs it, and they can download it onto their device. Easy as pie.

  20. I do like my iPad but it does come with limitations. I usually just put the photos on my computer and transfer them into a folder I labeled “iPad photos”. I have the iPad set up to sync with that folder when I hook it to the computer.
    The rumor is there will be a Windows 8 tablet on the market near Christmas this year. Win 8 is supposed to be the same on every device, so you can share information easier. Hubby works for Microsoft but they aren’t telling him anything. These are just rumors.

    Changing the subject to Max. Our society doesn’t value the grief we go through when we lose a pet. Here is a link to the seven stages of grief. The process is the same for me, person or pet.

    I haven’t had a chance to read Dark Matter yet. Bad headache yesterday and today.. It’s on the iPad though.

    Narelle: did you get your sony books over on the iPad yet? That is a tedious process as well.
    I loved your mom story yesterday. Very sweet. I didn’t dream about my dad at all. I think I put most of my feelings in a “box” and haven’t dealt with it all yet. I went straight from his funeral to my MIL’s bedside while she was dying with lung cancer. Just had to put it in a box and deal with it later.

  21. Casting for your potential series…. hmmmm. I’ll give it some thought.

    I’ll be interested in how you solve the iPad photo issue. I’ll be getting one soon (a gift) and would like to be able to keep pictures on it as well as books. The adapter that allows you to directly download from the camera sounds like a good choice, though.

    Crunchyroll – instant subtitles???!!! Excellent! I’ll have to start a free trial when I actually have time to watch!

  22. Sorry to hear about Max! On another matter, think you’ll be able to catch in Canada “Comic Book Men” on AMC tomorrow night?

  23. I’m surprised at Apple–usually they are the clever ones to make life easier.

    BTW, you should not torment yourself by second guessing your decision about Maximus. It is clear that you always had his best interests at heart and if you truly believe you could have done something else, then you know better for the next time you are in a similar situation and adjust the decision-making process.

    On another, really happy/exciting note, we picked out a mini schnauzer puppy last night and he will join our menagerie at the beginning of March (almost 3 years to the day, I had to say good bye to my beloved mini schnauzer Quincy). This time the little guy is a black and silver colour instead of the typical salt and pepper. He’s a cutie! Quincy’s dad is the newbie’s great-great-great grandpa, so hopefully he’ll give us as much joy and entertainment as Quincy did. We are having trouble deciding on a name, so perhaps your dog-loving readers can offer some suggestions? I like to stick to 2 syllables, end the name with a vowel or “y” and usually base it on a book/TV/movie/historical character. I’m willing to part with my copy of DM#1 if the name chosen is picked from one of your readers suggestions….

  24. Hmmm…casting suggestions.

    Well, the black guy reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson, but he’s not likely to do tv. I find it very hard to pick actors for roles…however, if I see the actor first, I can often say ‘he’d be great as so-and-so’. It’s hard for me to do it the other way round. Also, avoid with all cost actors that are considered series killers. No matter how much you like them, if the audience doesn’t, then they’re poison. Geeks can be a vicious lot.

    My biggest concern would be the Samurai hottie. You need a balance of beauty and masculinity. Someone along the lines of a younger Takeshi Kaneshiro. Pretty, but not so pretty that you mistake him for a girl. Hmmmm…someone like Kazuya Kamenashi, perhaps. Someone with those looks, who is in television and can speak (I assume) English. Find that guy, and I’ll be thrilled! 😀


  25. @Das:

    Well, the black guy reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson, but he’s not likely to do tv.

    I was thinking along the lines of Michael Clarke Duncan or Chris Judge… from the way he is drawn, it looks like Samuel L. Jackson might not be buff enough. Even then, both Michael Clarke Duncan and Chris Judge may be too old? It’s hard to be exact from comic artwork, but he looks like he would be in his early 30’s?

  26. @ JeffW – Yeah, age may be a problem. Sadly, I don’t watch enough tv to know exactly what the field of tv actors looks like these days, and all I can think of are actors that would probably be a tad too old. Or, too pretty. 😉

    Speaking of pretty, I came across this pic of Kazuya Kamenashi (or is it Kamenashi Kazuya?)…

    I’m a sucker for the sidelong glance, and that picture just convinces me that someone with a similar look would make an excellent Two Katana-san.


  27. JeffW: The Roasted Kale was very good! I think the lime and cheese made for a great flavor. My boys wouldn’t touch it but that’s ok because I ate the whole thing myself 😉 .

  28. Must be slacking off Joe forgot to pick up my copy of D.M. 2 however my Comic store is holding a copy for me to pick up tomorrow….Looking foward

  29. I was going to order your Dark Matter series as soon as they all came out. Save on postage and order them all at once. But I’m afraid I will be so behind the times I went ahead and ordered them all this morning. Book 1 and 2 are coming. Book 3 and 4 will ship when released. I’ve got to start watching every penny since I may lose my job by year end. 🙁

    I am drawn to those jackets. There is something about them… Something from my past… I’m finding them rather disturbing and weird.

  30. Wow, I had no idea about that (the ipad thing). I didn’t really want one already, and now I really don’t want one.

  31. Doing some editing and managing to goof off every few pages. Crunchroll sounds like a great way to keep your fluency up. I’m enjoying Maurane’s “Sur Un Prelude De Bach” right now, trying to keep up the French and also because I just sentimental French pop.

    Can you order those cool jackets online? Isn’t Carl’s birthday coming up? I see him in green, and if they have matching Uggs in the same pattern for Carl it will be perfection. I was just watching spicy fan fids of Teyla and Michael taking turns tying each other up on youtube, and all I can say is thank you Carl Binder for giving the world Meyla. Or Teychel.

  32. @Tam Dixon:

    I made LDP’s Kale Chips tonight:

    When I make them again, I think I’ll cook them a little longer…I like mine a little crisper. LDP has them in for 20 minutes at 250 and I think I’ll try for 30 minutes with the next batch. I did like the lime and parmesan; it added a nice balance to the Kale’s flavor.

    The cookies look good, but cookies are more my wife’s department…I’ll pass it on to Barb to put it “in the rotation” 😉 . Thanks!

  33. Do you plan on doing a SGA trip down memory lane like you did with SG1. I’ve been rewatching all the episodes for what seems to be like the 10th time. I’d like to see some of your opinions on all the episodes. Thank you in advance!

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