I can be counted upon in most situations.  If you need a letter of reference or require a lift or even, in some circumstances, someone to back you up in a fight.  I cannot, however, be counted upon to lend anyone any sort of shopping support.  I hate lingering whether it be over a post-meal coffee at a fine restaurant, as a party is winding down or, say, in the oral care aisle of my local drugstore debating over the perfect toothpaste.  In all of the aforementioned situations, I am NOT your man.  Nor am I your man if you want someone to weigh in on the merits of shampoos, soaps, and skin care products.  And if you need someone to help you choose a new pair of shoes…well I am DEFINITELY not your guy!

The reason for this – and I’ll happily admit it – is because I am incredibly impatient.  When I go shopping, it’s usually because I need something.  I go in knowing exactly what I’m going to buy and waste little time in buying it.  Sure, I’ll try on the shirt or read the book jacket or even spray the aftershave on one of those little strips of paper you wave around and sniff and pretend it smells all that different from the other aftershaves, but you won’t catch me vacillating over a purchase and then leaving and going to check the same product at some other place and vacillating over there and then, on the home, loudly lamenting my indecision and vowing to go back the next day to pick it up after all only to return the next day and discover it’s been sold out.  Or – even worse! – change my mind and decide not to buy it after all.

Knowing this, if you still insist on my accompanying you shopping, then stand forewarned that when I get bored, I get very embarrassing.  For instance, if we’re at the Sephora and a salesperson approaches to ask “Do you have any questions?”, there’s a good possibility I may respond: “Yeah!”  Holding a bottle of facial cleanser aloft.  “Why does this have such a weird aftertaste?”, or at the women’s section of any major retailer: “Sure.  Does this sundress come in a men’s medium?”.  Just roll with it.  Don’t get upset because next to visiting The Home Depot (which elicits a response from me akin to what a vampire would undoubtedly experience walking into a church), there’s nothing I dislike more than accompanying someone on a shopping trip.

Okie-doke.  With that out of the way, let’s move on to the second issue of my comic book series, Dark Matter.  “But wait!”you’re no doubt saying.  “I just picked up and read (and, by the way, thoroughly enjoyed) Dark Matter #1.  Dark Matter #2 isn’t due to hit the shelves until February 8th!”  True but, if you’re curious, I can give you a sneak peek at what lies ahead.  The fine folk at Comic Book Resources (Comic Book Resources – Daily Comic Book News, Previews …) have posted the first six glorious pages of the next issue so I thought I’d give you a page a day leading up to my Tokyo departure next week.

Those of you asking if and when Dark Matter will be coming to your neighborhood…in the words of Scooby Doo: “Rye ron’t row.”  I DO know, however, that you can order yourself a copy (or two) here:TFAW.com, or get yourself a digital version of the comic book here: digital.darkhorse.com.

Oh, yeah.  That preview…

Finally: Sparrow_hawk – Yes, meeting up several of my foodie buddies while in Tokyo (Moro, Tomomi, Keiko) while Akemi visits with her mom; pmagent2013 – I’m cautiously optimistic on Dark Matter’s chances of being a television series but am still a long way from considering any casting choices; Birdy – welcome back and, yes, would love to visit Germany.  After all, if I’m ever in Berlin, I can look forward to spending time with this colorful character:

Identify my mystery guest!


54 thoughts on “January 21, 2012: I can be counted upon in MOST situations… Dark Matter #2 preview! Identify my mystery guest!

  1. “I’m cautiously optimistic on Dark Matter’s chances of being a television series but am still a long way from considering any casting choices”

    Shame you can’t just get the Stargate Universe cast for it.

    Sorry but had to say it. 🙂

    How’s Maximus?

  2. mystery guest ,Alex with a wig, hmmm .rrrraarrrr.
    –Mr Air is that way with shopping when it comes to purses and the like, but a whole different animal when in Home depot.. I have to admit I can cruise the aisles in HD for a while, never know might be some new invention or something I just can’t live without, the grocery store is a place I make list and try to get in and out, not as much fun as it once was, or was that just my imagination.

  3. Okay! Okay! I was going to ask you to go with me to Costco, but I won’t now.

  4. Ok, I’ll ask what we’re all thinking. You can’t take Maximus to Japan and I can’t imagine leaving him for a month in his condition. ?

  5. Totally off the wall question. Have you and Akemi had Mochi Ice Cream? Like bonbons a ball of ice cream surrounded by a thin skin of mochi. Usually the mochi matches the ice cream flavor.

    I love this stuff.

  6. You are just like my hubby and kids on the shopping thing which makes clothes shopping for the kids extremely hard. Funny story—today we were out looking for clothing for the kiddoes. Each picked out a few things and went to try them on. The last thing hubby said to older boy was: “Come out when you get the shorts on so I can make sure you have the right size.” Well, they go in and we wait and wait. Finally, I go to the door and ask him how it’s going. He says fine, and I ask him when he’s coming out. Says, and I quote, “I was supposed to show you the shorts??” The dressing room checker burst out laughing, and I’m rolling my eyes. Go back to hubby and make him go in there and check. That’s kids for you.

    Have a great night!!!

  7. I know exactly how you feel about shopping – I approach any kind of purchase like I’m on some kind of surgical strike team. In, execute the mission and then out in the least amount of time possible. I go in knowing exactly what I want and if I don’t see it (I will ask – occasionally – if I don’t) I’m out of there right away. Heck, I’ve bought a new car before in less than 15 minutes. I just don’t get the idea of “browsing”. Am I supposed to be looking around because I haven’t yet decided if I WANT to buy something? If I didn’t want to buy something, I wouldn’t be there! Of course, like you say, accompanying someone ELSE who is a browser is sheer misery.

    Read Dark Matter #1 a couple of times now, and I’m looking forward to the continuation. A TV series would be great, and I would love to see it produced in good ol’ Vancouver.

    Yeah, I would say it’s Alex!

  8. @ Joey – When I get some time, we’re gonna have a LOT to talk about, RE: Shopping. You and me are very much alike, and yet very different. But right now I can’t go into it because I just got back from a big Mexican dinner (cooked by Mexicans…not that I actually ate Mexicans…), and I need to settle in a bit. If I don’t get to it tonight, I will tomorrow…or the next day. It was a REALLY big Mexican dinner. 😛

    @ Sparrowhawk – Bought a vacuum…which I will end up hating because vacuums never make me happy, no matter what. It’s basically a newer version of what I had (a Bissell), and it’s heavy, but it had three things I was looking for: a separate beater brush for use on furniture for pet hair, a regular cord (not a self-winder – I HATE self-winders), and a price tag under $100.

    I also borrowed my brother’s metal detector, tried it out…and found a car! 😀

    Speaking of pretty boy albinos…




  9. I am an avid shopper and I usually find my world off it’s axis if I don’t shop every 3 – 4 months until I’m unconscious. Proudly, I am a decisive shopper and you will find very little indecisiveness if you have the good fortune to accompany to me on an excursion to the outlet mall.

  10. Is that Sunshine in disguise? Is he hiding out from some super secret organization that has targeted him for his intelligence and wants him to author super secret spy novels? Tell him it is all clear here in the US and he can come here and hide out. We won’t tell anybody…

    Joe, I got you with the shopping thing. I used to be that girl who would do what you described. no more. Due to some health issues, I can’t do all that shopping no matter how much I desire it. so I shop online. and I go back and forth between sites and double check and check this or that. also if I want to go to the store, I will check the online store first, to see what they might have, then when I go to the actual store, I have an idea already what I want. Then I just go in and get it. so you would like shopping with me now. My hubby sure does! He will keep a look at his watch and say, “we gotta go!” to keep me on pace.

  11. Have you tried putting Maximus’ food in the food processor so it’s baby food consistency; such as blending chicken breast with broth?

  12. That be Alex. I know cuz of the shirt.

    Heeeeeeeey, that comic book dude has numbery eyes.

    I looked at numbery eye guy, then read the paragraph with the Scooby Doo words. I totally imagined him talking in the Scooby Doo voice. Is that going to ruin the character for me?

  13. Hey Joe,

    I mostly refuse to go shopping. I like you will go if I need something. I know what I want so purchases are made quickly. I cannot even begin to tell you how many cars I’ve purchased because my husband always insisted on a 6 month study program. I ended up with the task of purchasing company & personal cars because he could NOT make a decision.

    My children all love to shop…and by that I mean wander around for hours at the mall just to see what is new. I LOVE getting things online now. It is painless.

    I made a deal with the comic store…I call and order it early…then they call when it is in. Nope..I did not really enjoy hanging around and looking at the “stuff” they have. Know that if you require ME to shop in order to comply with a request…I will more than likely not do it. The comic store is 3 minutes away…and it was easy to order. So I actually made TWO trips to actually get the comic. Ha…I shop for exactly has to be had…and no more. There is always an exception…that would be the Disney Store at Disneyland. *smiles*

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  14. I’m glad you have some eating buddies lined up for Tokyo, Joe.

    Yikes! So what prompted this anti-shopping tirade. *Sigh* yeah, I’m not much of a shopper either when it comes to clothes. But I do like helping other people shop. I’ll come help Akemi shop any time! Just send me a plane ticket and I’ll be right there!

    However, I love shopping in office supply stores.

    And Home Depot.

    Thanks for the Dark Matter #2 preview. Let’s see more of Mr. Two Swords.

    @das: Very pretty indeed.

  15. Okie dokie, Joey…I’m all fired up from talking about Captain Chicken of the Sea with my brother (a fishing boat captain in his younger days), my dad (Coast Guard and Navy man), and a buncha other people who just happened to have the misfortune of crossing my path the last few days…so now I’m ready to talk SHOPPING, et al!

    1. We differ in that I LOVE to linger after a big meal over coffee, or wine, or a yummy dessert. I am always the last to leave the table. (My husband, sadly, is like you – once he’s finished his last bite of food he’s ready to go, regardless of how much I’m enjoying the end of my meal. I always win, though. 😀 )

    2. We differ in that I am always the last to leave a party, often staying to help clean up. I am also usually late to parties. I believe it’s because I do not like setting up a party (bringing chaos to order), but prefer to put everything back to normal afterwards (bringing order to chaos).

    3. We differ in that I love Home Depot.

    4. We differ in that I will linger when shopping, and I will ask questions…and, depending on the purchase, I may ponder, compare, and spend waaaaay too much time making a decision about such things as toothpaste, and even worse, prophylactics.

    ANYhoo…I only do this when shopping alone. When I shop alone my time is my own, I’m in control of whatever I do and wherever I go, and I LOVE it. I am not a fan of shopping for apparel or shoes, however…those I will rush in, grab, and rush out. There’s a long story behind my disdain for clothing and shopping for such, which I will sum up in one word: Mom. 🙄 The woman can spend an entire day looking through racks and racks of clothes and still buy nothing! AARRRGGHH!

    Now, some things we have in common:

    1. We are similar in that I do not like shopping with other people, especially people who take forever to make decisions. I, too, am impatient (or, more specifically, my ADD kicks in and I get very restless and distracted).

    2. We are similar in that I should never be asked to pass an opinion on shoes.

    3. We are similar in that when I set out to find something it becomes a sort of mission, and once I find what I’m looking for I will not vacillate. The decision, and the purchase, is made. (I tend to be this way with ‘bigger’ purchases, such as the vacuum which took only a few moments to select. However, I spent a good 7 or 8 minutes trying to figure out which wild bird food to pick up in the same store.)

    4. We are VERY similar in that when I become impatient, I also become embarrassing (reading your comments was like reading my own mind! 😛 ). So, don’t be surprised if you’re ever in my area and you hear someone yell, “Why does Munsingwear have horizontal weenie grab holes while all the others have vertical ones?!”

    Ah, yes…my friends – and my husband – know all too well that it’s best to let me shop alone. Even when I do shop with people I (and they) usually end up shopping alone because 99% of the time I will wander off and do my own thing anyway.


  16. @ Sparrowhawk – Yes, he is pretty. But only 17, so no gushing! Parisian by birth, Georgian (the country) by blood, and albino by the grace of God. 😀

    And ‘Mr. Two Swords’? That works. Hmmm…what other names can we come up with? Duel-bladed Demon? Prince Katana? Hot Boy with Cold Steel?

    Yeah, yeah…I really do need to get some sleep. 😛


  17. Looks like Alex wanting to be George Harrison mood.
    I was at my local comic store (second time in two weeks), and they did not have a copy of Dark Matter. He will call me Tuesday.

    I agree with your first paragraph. It reminds me of my time in BKK last OCT, But you are obviously more whimsical about it than I. That is why I use a tag line “Purgatory?! I have already been shopping with my wife.”

  18. PS @ Sparrowhawk – Ugh. This is why I have too high a post count here…

    I meant to say that I love Home Depot, office supply stores, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, bookstores (when they still existed), and just about anything as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with clothes. I can spend hours in a rock and gem store, a country hardware store, an antique store…but I start to panic the second I walk into a clothing store. I really do not like clothes, at all. If it was up to me, I’d wear the same thing, every day.

    Wait. I already DO do that. 😀


  19. Good for you Joe for being reliable with reference letters.

    Maybe your industry is different, but I find getting references in the first place can be a huge challenge, and then actually counting on those people to vouch for you when the time comes (which may be months/a year or two later), can be even more problematic.

    I find many places now won’t even give references, to anyone, because of liability concerns. Some of my former employers are like that. The bank my sister works for expects newly hired employees to provide references to them, but, will not give a reference to a former employee regardless of the circumstances for them leaving.

  20. I watched all Stargate films last weeks. Please, continue…
    stargate-fun from Hungary

  21. I LOVE that picture of the man with the flower…HA!

    The shirt and the jacket are dead giveways.

    Hi Alexander!!….we all miss you!
    Now go back to writing something extra extra exciting.

  22. loooool Alex is so cool, hahahahha!
    Thanks for the response 🙂

    Aw and I hate shopping too. Especially cloth since it takes me longest to find something that fits, looks good and is comfy at the same time, which is basically impossible to find as a woman 🙁
    But yeah, I agree with Michelle. I can imagine that Akemi really likes shopping. So who is the substitute for you to go shopping with Akemi? Tell us! 😀

    Haha@ Das
    I really do the same thing when my Mom takes me shopping I start wandering off alone, because she tends to push stuff on me I don’t like to wear. That usually makes me most impatient. Wort things are shoes. I have awkward feet so finding shoes takes like 5hrs >_< HATE IT!!

    But if you mean food than I start really roaming around, because I need to find stuff I like with low budget and since I live alone I hate to throw things away.

    Anyway, nice Sunday everyone!


  23. I’m not much of a shopper either, except in book stores. I can and do linger for hours in bookstores. About once a year I get in the mood to go clothes shopping, but it usually passes quickly, usually before I even get to the store.

  24. Hi Joe,

    is Dark Matter going to be published in Germany? I’m curious of your comic and hope I don’t have to wait to long to get it.

    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  25. Yep. It’s Alexander M. Rümelin! Did he just send you that picture?

    @das: I got a good laugh out of your posts. Maybe we should call him Two-Katana-san.

    And now I’m off the try out my new cross country skis!

  26. Welcome to the new cat chronicles, er, sorry Joe, this IS your blog.
    Today I decided the two cats had to meet. Tomorrow I return to work and they need to learn to share the house — and me.
    Basil, elder queen of the premises, officially welcomed Stash, the new guy, much smaller, maler and neutered, so no aggression left in him. The result: much hissing, spitting, growling, flattened ears and aggressive posturing — all from Basil. Stash just sat there with an expression of “yikes!”. Then he hid behind my legs. She fears his newness and is threatened, he just wants to be loved.

    After reassuring him and telling Basil to cool it. I left them alone, for a few minutes. Next, I distracted Basil with play as Stash walked the rooms, no doubt investigating good places to hide. Hey, I’m fine with dominant/submissive, it’s natural. I just hope Basil doesn’t bite him and do injury. He was a stray for the first 5 months of life, now he has a nice home, meals, clean litter, my attention and care, etc. His personality does seem to be mellow and gentle. I don’t think he will mind being whipped boy.

    Comments? Advice?


  27. Also wondering how Max is faring? What are your plans regarding leaving for Japan and his condition? Will your usual dog sitter be able to cope with him?
    Hugs and kisses to your furry gang Joe.

    Update: Basil is now in kitchen eating happily. I’m off to check upstairs for Stash. Maybe they have come to an understanding, since she is calm enough to eat?


  28. @ Mr. M .. Sparrow_hawk and Tam Dixon

    Thanks for the congrats! Really excited about this..

    Just to clarify this is only for the summer, not the 4 year undergrad program.

    However, these 2 classes I’m taking do count as college credit, so I supposed I technically did get accepted to college, even if only for 6 weeks. 😛

    I will most certainly be applying to USC’s production program at the end of this year. It’s extremely competitive, but there’s nothing I can really do other than work hard, hope for the best, and trust that God will land me where he wants me….

    LOVE the artwork on dark matter. It looks like it would make an awesome TV show/mini series….

    Also really looking forward to that trailer for the horror film….

    What means of distribution are you hoping for (regarding the horror script)? TV movie, theatrical release, indie?

  29. Mystery guest? That’s easy! It’s Alexander.

    I’m exactly the same when it comes to shopping. Get in, get IT, get the F out. My ex-wife was a shopaholic. She would think nothing of spending 8-10 hours just walking around the mall. And regularly spending her entire pay on designer clothing. One of the many reasons she’s now my “ex” wife.

    That pizza crust recipe was out of this world! It’s by far the best I’ve ever made. And that includes my cousin’s recipe (who owns a pizza shop). Thank you!

    We made three pizzas:
    [u]The Pep-Mo[/u]: with pepperoni and shredded mozzarella

    [u]The El Wilbur[/u]: with spiced alfredo, queso blanco, sazon spiced chicken, thick cut peppered bacon, avocado, roasted garlic, jalapeno and bhut jolokia. I used the bhut jolokia sparingly. One half pepper on the whole pizza. And it was f’ing HOT. These things make habaneros taste like M&M’s.

    [u]The European[/u]: with olive oil, fresh mozzarella, shaved parmigiano reggiano, potatoes, thick cut peppered bacon, roasted garlic, caramelized sweet onion, black truffle oil, paprika, basil. The clear winner of the three. Rich and almost buttery. I had Joe in mind when I made this one. I would have rather had freshly shaved truffles, but I had to make two car payments this month. 😛

  30. Joe I am curious about the image from Dark Matter #2
    in the third Frame the person sitting in the chair has Red eyes and short white hair. Is that suppose to be the same person in the 4th frame?
    In the 4th frame their eyes are now Blue and I am not seeing any of white hair.
    I can think of several different situations where the eyes change but they are very red in that third frame.


  31. I also just noticed about the 4th frame that there is no headrest behind the person.

    I have not spent much time reading Graphic Novels or Comics so maybe this is just how a comic is suppose to be read?


  32. JeffW: Do you live near Mt. Prospect? My cousin lives there. Keep warm! AND I look forward to the pizza postings 😉 .

    Mr. M.: Thank you, for the comic book ordering link. I may wait until all the issues are out and order them all at one time. Until then, the eBook copies will do me.
    I thought they might send you a “total number of copies sold” number so you could gauge how well the comic did. Good luck with selling it for a TV series!
    I looked through my hubby’s kindle fire but they don’t have a dark horse app yet at Amazon. Amazon is nearly as territorial as Apple. Hubby will just have to read Dark Matter on the iPad.

    Is that Alex smelling the rose?

    When I go shopping with hubby, I park him at the book store and check in from time to time. As long as he has Wifi and a little computer, he is fine. Otherwise he will follow behind me and make passive agressive sighs until I give up and go home. 🙄 It’s a different story if we go to Brookstone or Best Buy 😉 .

    Max hanging in there?

  33. There’s shopping and then there is shopping. I tend to take time with clothes and shoes, not because I enjoy the process, but because finding something which fits, looks decent, and is not dry cleanable is a chore for a fat woman with odd bulges in odd places.
    Shopping for food means coupons and a list, although seeing what’s new at Costco is mandatory every few months. Never know when a freezer full of chicken apple gouda sausages is a good idea. And knowing when the Mexican markets are having sales.
    Online shopping, yes, but I must be careful about wants vs. needs.
    Then there are thrift shops, antiques, art, and junk stores…. like shifting history for treasures. In vintage stores, I find myself wondering about the previous owners. Here I am in Hawaii and we’ve hit at least five different thrift shops. I found a beautiful black kimono embroidered with golden butterflies, never worn (belt is still sewn into the sleeve) for $8. Wow. I’m betting a gift for grandma which she treasured, stuck in a drawer, and it was donated when she passed away. See, that isn’t shopping, that’s life.

  34. Who’s wig is Alex wearing? Is it yours Joe? Can we see a picture of you in it? Pleeeease.

  35. Well you aren’t unique in that respect Joe. I just don’t take my hubby shopping any more.

    1…I don’t want him knowing how much I spend. (Didn’t you know everything is on sale ALL of the time?)

    And 2…When birthday’s/Christmas comes around he slouches three paces behind, and when I pick anything up he’ll ask hopefully. “Do you want that?” Now any woman will tell you how off putting that is. So my advice to Akeim – go shopping without you!

    In my local shopping centre there is a male crèche. It offers to take care of your husband so you can go pain free shopping. I think you might like it. It sells tapas and alcohol.

  36. Dang it! Ravens Lose! Guess I’ll have to root for the Niners…


    Your pizza pics look incredible! I would like to be creative with my toppings (and I have been in the past), but my family is a very much a “cheese or cheese and pepperoni” family, and it seems a waste to get creative on the toppings just for myself. However, I think I might try an asparagus and asiago cheese pizza for the Superbowl.

    I’m glad the dough recipe worked out for you, and from your pics it looks like you can handle the dough really well. My compliments! Do you toss your dough or stretch it on a board? I tried tossing for a while, but I always ended up tearing the dough, which is why I reverted to stretching it out on a floured cutting board.

    @Tam Dixon:

    JeffW: Do you live near Mt. Prospect? My cousin lives there. Keep warm! AND I look forward to the pizza postings 😉

    I’m further out than Mount Prospect; north of Elgin or about an hour and 15 minutes northwest of Chicago. I’m actually closer to Wisconsin than Chicago, but everyone around here just calls it “Chicagoland”.

    It’s warmed up today (it even got above freezing for a little bit!) As for the pizza pics, take a look at JimFromJersey’s above; they’re awesome! Mine are at:


  37. @ Major D. Davis – Congrats on your continuing education! I’m sure this will help you get your foot in the door when you are ready to head off to college fulltime!

    @ Birdy – Firstly, welcome back! Secondly, it’s a mixed bag when I go food shopping. I can get in and out quick, or take 3 hours. 😛 Sometimes I take a long time because I read labels, and sometimes I take a long time because I run into everyone I know in the market, and talk…and talk…and talk… 😛

    @ Sparrowhawk – I like Two-Katana-san! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my comments. I went a bit overboard. 😛 Did you see my comments about Ghosts of War a few days ago? I really should e-mail you about it, but I’m lazy. 😛

    @ 2cats – It’s been a long time since I’ve had to introduce a new cat into the house. I know a few tips: if possible, keep them separated for a few days by a gate so that they can sniff each other without getting too close. Personally, I’ve never done this because it’s just not practical in my small house and I don’t have an ‘isolation’ area, but I understand it works well for others. Also, when feeding time comes, feed them in the same room but well apart from each other, then each day move the dishes closer until they are used to eating together. This supposedly helps with socialization. And a big thing – don’t over discipline Basil for putting Stash in his place. She will probably determine the pecking order, and if you interfer too much she might start pooping in your shoes. Help them to be friends, but don’t force them to be friends. Playing with both cats at the same time can be good, but also right now Basil will need more affection and attention because she feels threatened. If she thinks you’re showing more attention to Mr. Noobie, she might poop in your shoes for that, too. 😉

    @ JimFromJersey – Exactly where do you live and how fast can you get one of those pizzas to my front door!! 😀


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