Given the fact that the prognosis isn’t good for my pug, Maximus, we’ve decided to make the most of his remaining days.  And so, this afternoon, taking advantage of a rare sunny day, we took him out for a walk along the seawall.

A festive Maximus, ready for his road trip.

Making new friends. Although interested in other dogs, Maximus is more of a people dog and especially loves kids.
Max on the move. Lookit him go! All jingle-jangle and such!
The customary meet-n-greet.
Max and me getting some long overdue exercise.
Akemi and Maximus
Maximus socializing.
Tuckered out and ready for the ride home.

A great time was had by all.

Now Maximus may have lost his appetite, but mine’s doing just fine, thanks.  On our way back to the car, we happened by a food truck I hadn’t visited yet as part of my Vancouver Food Truck Tour.  The oversight was no doubt partly due to its location a little further away from the downtown core – but mostly due to its strictly vegan offerings.


Gourmet vegan sandwiches and burgers.

Crispy Chick 'n Burger: Gardein, chipotle mayo, guacamole, apricot/jalepeno relish, tomato, lettuce, onion.

I had no idea what gardein was (from what I understand, it’s a soy-based protein fashioned to resemble meat) and, while I was initially apprehensive, it turned out to be quite tasty crispy-fried and topped with a spicy apricot/jalepeno relish and served on a fresh bun.  Crazy as it sounds, given the choice I’d probably choose it over a regular burger.

So, the other day I put up the Christmas tree simply because I wanted to leave the dog-sitter with at least a touch of the holiday spirit, albeit a half-ass touch at that.  The plastic tree is lopsided and bereft of branches in certain spotty areas and the lower half of the stringed lights are burnt out.  To add insult to injury, the tree is sparsely decorated because Akemi seemed to lose interest partway through the process.  When I asked her about it, she informed me that she was turned off by the selection of ugly ornaments.  Ugly Christmas ornaments?  Are there any other kind?

Of course, it’s all relative.  There are ugly ornaments and then there are UGLY ornaments.  Your challenge, dear reader, is to help me find the ugliest Christmas ornament out there.  Just send in your pics and I’ll narrow down to a Top 3 Christmas day.  I’ll get us started…

Why is Santa wearing boxing gloves?
Snowmenese quadruplets?
Ladybug? Christmas cockroach? Dung beetle? Not sure but it's certainly festive.
And...we have a winner!

 Got something hideous hanging off your tree?  Send us the link!

10 thoughts on “December 22, 2011: Maximus’s Day Out! Squeezing in one more food truck! Take part in our Ugliest Christmas Ornament contest!

  1. Aren’t some of those Family “heirlooms”..? If they are, I’d watchout for the probable radioactive shiny-paint if they break! — isn’t that “bug” one more of a “Santa-SLUG”..?

    So. Have a GOOD Trip! — BTW, if AIR-CANAcrap gives you grief, “remind” Them about the PUFFIN that Their flying from MONTREAL *TO* NEWFOUNDLAND **VIA** TORONTO!! — [yeah, that’ll save fuel costs!]

  2. Yay, Max! Great pictures and vid, though the latter felt like I was watching that old Batman tv show… 😉

    Speaking of comic book related stuff, lately I’ve been losing interest in the regular comic book fare, so I started looking into other things. My comic book guy – Lord Jermaine of Acme Comics – had a batch of graphic novels on hand that he agreed to sell for cheap:

    Treasure Island
    Picture of Dorian Gray
    Man in the Iron Mask
    Sherlock Holmes Mysteries 1 & 2
    Sherlock Holmes and Kolchak
    Moby Dick
    Last of the Mohicans

    This should keep me busy for a bit!

    Also, Joey, I just finished reading the first Drizzt graphic novel omnibus (Homeland, Exile, Sojourn). I went the graphic novel route because I just have too much to read right now, and getting into another novel series would be a bit overwhelming. Plus, Drizzt translates very well in graphic format, perhaps because he’s so easy on the eyes. 😉 Though I am still not a fan of fantasy, I do like this character. In these three stories he’s very much the pariah sort to which I’m naturally drawn. Not sure if you ever read any of these tales of the dark elves (a.k.a. drow), but the society created in these books is very Wraith-like. A matriarchal society where males are expendable and life revolves around gaining power and position through evil schemes and treachery. Drizzt is their ‘Todd’, the one who bucks the system because he believes things can be different. However, he’s more innocent and idealistic than Todd – a pure soul, not a scheming one.

    Seems that even though I can read all types of stories and enjoy them, the only ones I really love are the ones where the protagonist is some kind of outcast…preferrably one that is long-locked, and hawt. 🙂

    Have a good night, sir! I’m off to finish watching the Thin Man marathon on TCM! Nick Charles is neither long-locked, nor hawt, but he IS thin…another requirement I have of my fictional men. 😀


  3. Now remember…you ASKED for them. *smiles* Pictures will take place tomorrow from THE Christmas tree in our living room. No need to look very far.

    *loving squishs for Maximus*

  4. I didn’t break out the tree this year, but we did get the smaller tree up on the kitchen table, and the smaller small tree next to it. One has red and clear crystal drops, and the other has red velvet bows.

    Had I put up the big tree and dug out the ornaments, the West Virginian coal miner snowman would take the prize, little hard hat, pick-axe and all. Thank you, hubby’s family, nothing says Christmas like a pick-axe.

    I have boxes of ornaments, from mom’s old blown glass ones of early vintage (40s, 50s), to my Hallmark figures including herds of rocking horses (and unicorns and carousel horses, I can do a whole horse tree), to my new blown glass (interesting shapes and colors and mini wine bottles and grapes and acorns and pinecones). I am quite sure Akemi would approve of my Swarovski and Waterford ornament collection, right up to my Swarovski multi-star tree topper. A pricey annual obsession.

    (except mine is the silver edition)

  5. Loved the ugly ornaments. I should take a picture of an ugly light display for you, but, alas, we are moving today, and I won’t have time. I’ll probably be out of pocket most of the weekend. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!

    And Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!!!!

  6. Awwwwwww…Maxi-poo! 🙂 Good to him out and about! Love the jingles on Maximus! 🙂 He seems happier when he’s among other doggies. *hugs and kisses for Maximus*

    Those Christmas ornaments are that ugly. In fact, I think they’re kinda sweet! 🙂 I love the angel. 🙂

  7. The Crispy Chick ‘n Burger looks very good.

    We usually would do a big Christmas for my son but about three years ago, the stress just exhausted us. My dad died and then the day after his funeral, my MIL went in for lung cancer treatments. She died seven months later after a lot of ups and downs. I’m just now starting to actually “shop” for Christmas. It was gift cards for everyone because I was too stressed to shop. We decorated more this year than last but we still have a small tree with very few ornaments. With three cats, ornaments are not a great idea.

    I hope Max does well on the trip. Airelle has a good idea to dress Max in warm clothes for the trip. Depending on how the steroids effect Max, a doggie diaper while he is on the plane might be a good idea as well. Good luck and have a great time!

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