As it turned out, it wasn’t as close as I feared.  My Snow Monkeys, after winning a must-win game to get into the playoffs, pulled off two successive post-season upsets to land themselves in my fantasy football league finals.  Who the Snow Monkeys will be facing is entirely dependent on tonight’s Monday Night match-up.  It’ll either be the Pigskin Pirates led by QB Aaron Rodgers, WR Wes Welker, TE Gronkowski and a ferocious 49ers D, or my long-time nemesis Daryl and his team, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, that beat us twice during the regular season.  Either way, should be a fun match-up.

In addition to closing in on my first fantasy football league title, I also took the time to catch the Survivor season finale.  My thoughts?  Meh. It occasionally happens and it’s annoying when it does: one player outwits and outplays his competitors, some of whom take it personally and end up voting “not for him/her”.  In this case “him”, Coach.  Sorry, America, but Coach deserved the title this year (just like Russell Hantz should have won the season he made the finals).  Yes, the social aspect is part of the game, but so is having the meager intellect to realize your competitors aren’t you’re friends, that they’re there to win and that, given the choice, they will probably choose the million dollars over you.  The last Tribal is always fun as the embittered players get the opportunity to pout and vent and generally demonstrate exactly why they had no business being in the finale.

With Snow Monkeys and Survivor out of the way, he headed over to the Hotel Vancouver for holiday drinks with a modest gathering of Stargate alumni.  Among those in attendance…

Tio, ready for action.
Gets a goodbye kiss from Lulu before he goes.
Tanja, who organized the evening.
Rob comes bearing gifts: some highly recommended reads.
Josh and Ken
Julia and Peter
James and Bev
Nathan and his wife
Akemi and Michelle
James and Mike
Kerry and friend

Nice to see (some of) the gang again.  Here’s hoping we get so spend a lot more time together in 2012!

19 thoughts on “December 19, 2011: Snow Monkeys Bowl-Bound! A Very Stargate Christmas Reunion!

  1. *waves at Julia!* Still lovely as ever!

    I still don’t get fantasy football.

    I still don’t get Survivor.

    Aaaaaand…that’s about it. Went out for dinner tonight and kinda stuffed and tired. Watching The Incredibles, still one of my favorite movies, ever.

    Think I’m going to call it an early night. Hope all is well with you and your little fella, Joey.


  2. thank you so much for the pictures. I love to see Stargate cast/crew party pictures.

    Heck, I am reading there are discussions of a 3rd X-files movie with Chris Carter 10 years after the completion of the TV Show, i don’t see why the same couldn’t happen to the Stargate franchise ! Just need the opportunity.
    thx again for pictures.

  3. Congratulations on the win!! Go Snow Monkeys! Nice people pictures, they look so festive. thanks for sharing.

  4. Congrats Snow Monkeys!!! And thanks for the Stargate reunion pictures. I will second your final statement.

    Hope you have a great night!!!!!

  5. So today I picked up some Stargte Atlantis action figures from a local seller and found out he also orders in comic books. So I immediately put in an order for the entire Dark Matter series 🙂 So excited!

  6. So lovely to see everyone. Everyone looks so happy. Well maybe not Mark. LOL.

    I head off in 5 hours for the hospital. They have agreed to my terms. I should maybe consider the field of hostage negotiation.

    I can’t sleep obviously and I’m listening to the pouring rain outside. We are still so drought-stricken, every little bit helps, although some of this is now sounding like hail. Guess I should see if there is a tornado warning out, huh?

    I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.

  7. I figured Mike Dopud would be there. Are most of the other people there working on other productions? Is there a contingent of former SG crew working on Sanctuary? I know Martin Wood has directed a few episodes there and I figured Amanda would want to take as many people with her as she could. Boy that girl’s goofy. I’ve seen way too many bloopers and BTS footage of her giggling almost uncontrollably to think that she could be serious for more than about ten minutes at a time. I happen to think it’s adorable, but that doesn’t help work get done sometimes… 🙂

    Well, as for my fantasy football season, it continues!!! Man, oh man! It got down to the wire!! I was up by 11 points and he had Vernon Davis and I had David Akers yet to play. It was going to be close since I knew the Steelers had great deep coverage and Davis is good for short strikes up the middle. Even though he only averages 6.8 points a game, I knew, with my luck, he’d have a great outing tonight. Sure enough. With that last extra point after Gore’s TD the see-saw nature of our fantasy score finally evened out, in a tie!!! Thankfully, our tiebreaker is decided by total points on the bench and while he had 26 points there, I had a whopping 66 thanks to the likes of Nate Washington and Heath Miller and a few others. My only starting “mistake” was benching Nate Washington for Pierre Garçon. Oh well, I eeked out the win. But man, I was puckered pretty much that entire game!!

    So, cheers, Joe! Here’s to our respective Super Bowls and wishing us both the right starts and sits and many, many touchdowns!

    -Mike A.

  8. Oh my, you have cute friends. Handsome couples all around.
    Something I’ve always wanted to ask the ladies: You look great but do you freeze in those sleeveless dresses? I get cold very easy.

    I hope all is well there. Sending hugs!

  9. Woo Hoo for the Snow Monkeys!

    I’m glad you had a nice time at the reunion and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Dark Matter project.

    As for “new stuff” around our house:

    1. My daughter got her acceptance letter for Western Illinois University (her first choice for colleges)!

    2. Christmas Eve is shaping up to be the usual family drama. Oh, what fun.

  10. Hi Joe

    Sorry I stepped back a little because hell broke loose in my life.

    That said, I’m wishing you, the furballs (especially Max), friends and family all the best for Christmas and the New Year… and I would like to wish everyone on this blog the best for the New Year too. Let’s hope it’s better than the last.

    Your wishes for seeing more of the Stargate gang do not go unnoticed. I hope that your plans all work out in the best way possible… Oh, I am SO hoping…

    Also Joe, a great big THANK YOU! I enjoy reading your blog and getting to know the contributors and hope that you and all the familiar people here find the energy to continue for a long time.


  11. Congratulations on making it to the finals. And totally agree with you on Survivor. I’m getting pretty tired of watching the best players lose out. What is amazing is so many of the jury blindly follow their leader( in the last couple of seasons game vets they should have had the sense to vote out the first chance they had), and then be surpised when that leader betrays them. I mean, it’s pretty simple math. 6 or 7 people on a tribe, and only 3 go onto the final. that leaves only 2 people for said leader to carry with him, meaning at some point he has to throw folks under the bus. I thought Coach played his best game ever. The winner at least did win some immunities, including the critical final one. That makes her win a bit less obnoxious than last year’s. But I’m not sure I’m up to another season of watching the show only to be frustrated at the final result.
    Great pictures and glad to see the Stargate crew maintaining contact. Even if it is only a dream, there is always the hope that someday the gang will be reunited to bring us another installment of the Stargate saga. Thanks for the daily posts and hope the travel east goes well.

  12. I get the feeling the Snow Monos win comes at the expense of the Steelers, but I forgive, they sometimes need a kick in the nose before they’ll “activate”, Mazinger Zeta style.

    Love seeing the gang back together, I’d forgotten how ridiculously good looking they all are! Pritty! I thoroughly enjoyed the finale of Stargate: Dino 1 on Fox, in which adventurers traversed a stargate to another world and had to destroy the bridge in order to save the planet from exploitation from a devious cabal of businessmen.

    I can’t process Survivor. Every time one of them says “…and he promised to take me to the final three” I just cringe. I feel sorry for all the people on it, that they make a spectacle of themselves and debase themselves. Then again it’s a million bucks, but to me money is not important (and my puny bank account proves it!)

  13. HBO renews ‘Enlightened,’ cancels comedy trio
    ‘Hung,’ ‘Bored to Death,’ ‘America’ let go to make room for Sundays

    “Bored to Death” was created by novelist Jonathan Ames, who exec produced with Sarah Condon, Stephanie Davis and Dave Becky. Series starred Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis

    I guess Martin will have more time to hang out with Joe in 2012 maybe work up a reboot of Scifi Action Drama that has a guranteed world-wide TV audience? Hmm

  14. @Shiny: LOL on the Stargate: Dino 1 on Fox finale. We love that show here. My younger son watched the finale with us last night and thoroughly enjoyed the dinosaurs. He did also ask, “Does this show have anything to do with Stargate? The portal looks like a stargate.”

  15. what no love for ozzy?
    totally agree russel should’ve won.

    Whats your opinion on them switching from 2 to 3 in the final, they did it a few years ago but i cant stand it, they need to go back to 2 in the final.

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