You’ll never guess what I picked up today.

Uh, correct on the first guess.  How did you…?  Oh, right.  The photo.

Yes, I picked up the complete five volume collection of Bloom County. And, because it wasn’t on the shelf, I had to special order a little something else.

Well, not so little.  It’s, in the words of its creator: “an 18 pound hernia-giver”.  Now I’ll give you two hints as to what –

Oh.  The photo.  Right.

Anyway, yes.  It’s funny but, even though I grew up with these comic strips, I hadn’t given them a thought in years – until my recent blog post about them. And, suddenly, I’m looking forward to cracking open these collections open like a kid looks forward to his Christmas haul – especially if he asked Santa for the complete Bloom County and Far side collections.

This afternoon, finished up the second of my two interviews for my comic book series, Dark Matter – the first for Shaun Manning over at Comic Book Resources and the other for Chris Arrant at Newsarama. They were fun but tough.  Having worked in SF television long enough, I’m mindful of spoilers.  The trick, of course, is to tease potential readers by providing them with just enough information to whet their appetites, but not give too much away.  In the case of Dark Matter, however, this has proven particularly challenging because this series is driven by so many narrative twists, turns, and surprises that even the most seemingly straightforward of story elements can telegraph a future revelation.

Will let you know when the interviews are up.

Two days to Maximus’s surgery and he seems fairly relaxed…

Just lazing around, not a care in the world.

The others seems equally unconcerned –

27 thoughts on “November 14, 2011: Recent Purchase! Dark Matter! Dogs!

  1. Dark Matter! Puppies!!!! MAXIMUS!!!!!

    And, hey, Joey…can you forward that Far Side collection to me? I really want to buy it but funds are tight, and in your present condition you really shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy right now.



  2. It’s nice to see you’re having guests over. I would like to see another one of those site stats things you did a while back (“what the hell is a raccoon lottery?”) Also good to see the dog recovering….18 inch hernia….*Laughter*. I had a hernia once….painfull….

  3. Joey…Mr. Das and I hung out with some German tourists a couple years ago. They didn’t speak English, we didn’t speak German, but there was one language we did speak: beer! And once those Germans have a few beers in them, they sing…a LOT. So my suggesting for entertaining is keep the beer flowing, and Alex will entertain himself! 😀


  4. @narelle We have that Midvale School For the Gifted cartoon framed, hanging in our family room. Not an original or anything, it’s just so TRUE.

    When GeekBoy was small, people would watch him and then turn to me and say “Hey, have you ever read ‘Calvin & Hobbes?'” Yes, we have all the books. Not that we needed them.

  5. I’d recommend a roller-blading tour of Vancouver. Start off at the highest point possible, and the problem of what to do will resolve itself. Hospitals have set hours for people to vist those who are admitted, and the dogs give you an excuse not to stay at their side constantly. Lend them a dvd player and some movies and you’re set…
    I look forward to the food reports. The food you cook for your guests, the food from the places you take them to…lots and lots of food… and now I can save the pictures! I’m one stiep closer to my “apple-ization:”, as my bright shiny new iPad goes into service. No more delays,, or worse, missing of your posts. I too can add to the bandwiidth pollution that will collapse modern civilization. And one more toy to see how quickly I can break….. thanks for the daily dose of info and entertainment…

  6. I have a framed panel from an old Bloom County calendar, about Opus and air guitars and air groupies. I’ve had it for ages.

    Random coincidence: I have an appointment tomorrow to see if the small mass on my right side is a hernia, or a wad of old scar tissue, or heaven forbid, something near my liver. I’ve had a huge hernia, post surgical sucker. I am not excited at the prospect of another.

    Enough with the organ recital, the’s some cute doggums! Yay for doggums!

  7. Love the Far Side collection – something I definitely would get for myself. If those dogs get any more relaxed, they’ll be comatose!

  8. Awwww!!! Jelly! Bubba! Lulu! 🙂 Love your doggies! 🙂

    I pray for Maximus. I pray that the surgery goes well, and that he has healthy and full recovery. 🙂

  9. Re: the pics:- Amazing what one finds down the back of the sofa, isn’t it? 🙂

    Re: Alexander & Sarah visit:- Didn’t your deck need fixing, Mr. M? Are either of them the home handyperson sort? 😉

  10. Hello Joe,

    I think you should take them to ReFuel.

    Hugs and best wishes to Maximus.



  11. Okay, so I’m guessing that karaoke is out…

    But what about having a painting party when they come round? I’m sure you must be needing something freshened up in the house?

    No…then what about having a real party for them. Invite all your friends round and have a barbecue if the weathers nice. Or I suppose you could do the boring things like taking them sightseeing or to the theatre/dinner.

    Better yet, why not leave the dogs with them while you go on holiday!

    (Okay…I know I’m not very good at this.)

  12. Narelle: I’m learning some Spanish and the gender thing is very confusing to me also!

    You sound much more relaxed Mr. M.. I’m glad for you. Hugs to Max!

    Things have been a little bit stressful at our house. These darn cats! Something set them off and they are all trying to kill each other. I separated them and gave Amitriptyline (anti-anxiety/anti-depressant) to the little cat. The odd thing is that is the little cat being the aggressor. We had to put the big (25lb) cat (Harry) into “protective custody” to protect him from the little bully.

  13. @das and @thorny, how about we combine the rollerblading tour with the beergarden and singing? Then they can end the weekend with a trip to Vancouver’s best ER rooms! 🙂

    There are no good concerts this weekend unless you’re really into punishing your loved ones with Trans Siberian Orchestra. If Alexander is anything like my three year old niece he’ll love a trip to the gardens, and you should bring some goldfish so that Akemi can feed the turtles and koi (I think they have turtles and koi?)

    You can also have a private breakfast at the Vancouver Art Gallery; it’s a 20 person minimum but maybe you guys can tack onto another groups bkfst:

  14. Well, I know Sarah likes to shop. Maybe you could take her on a shopping adventure to that strip-mall where you buy your collared shirts with all the busy patterns? Just brainstorming here…

  15. Dog pictures: awww – cute. Maximus looks nice and relaxed. I’m glad he is not getting nervous. But how are YOU holding up? That fallopian tube feeling better?

    Oooh. Hard cover collections of your favorite comic collections. Niiiiiiice.

    Looking forward to Dark Matter and your interviews.

    Even though I’ve been demoted from ‘blog regular‘ to ‘blog reader‘ due to my recent lack of posts, I will venture some suggestions for your visitors:

    1. Dinner at ReFuel is a must. And wherever else you favor these days.
    2. Take them out to a musical! I’m sure Ashleigh could suggest one… 😀
    3. Lunch at the Food Trucks.
    4. Ask what they would like to do/see. Do they like museums? I’m a big fan of the First Nations art, especially the masks. The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia has some pretty cool stuff.
    5. Feed them chocolate and macarons.
    6. Walk around Stanley Park to burn off all those calories.

    @Deni: Sorry to hear that Elway is having seizures again. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

    @maggiemayday: Hope all is well and the lump is nothing to worry about and doesn’t need surgery.

    @das: Loved your post yesterday! And I agree, beer is an excellent ice breaker. Especially good local stuff.

  16. @ Tam and Sparrow: I thank you and Elway thanks you. He had his last seizure at 11 a.m., but he’s fooled us before and waited 12 hours before his next one, so we’re hanging here by the skin of our teeth tonight. He’s had 3 seizures since 3 a.m., so we’re hoping that’s the end of it for this time. Bedtime is NOW as far as I’m concerned! Have a good night!

  17. Hey Joe

    Has Transporter ceased to be? Chris Vance was injured, Tara is looking for other work and Alex is coming to stay with you for a month…


  18. Joe, I’ll be thinking about Maximus on Wednesday. Praying everything goes according to plan.

  19. Das, was laughing nearly to tears over that classic comic response to Joe’s faux fallopian tubes. That has to be your funniest essay of the year.

    Joe, wishing Maximus a wonderful surgery and recovery. Sending prayers…

    Also for Deni’s Elway guy, and for everyone there to get some sleep without worry.

    Ditto, prayers for Madame Maggiemayday, and very late condolences to Sheryl and 2Cats for the loss of your baby kitties.

    Am shell-shocked tonight… Just found out an acquaintance from my singles’ group took her own life. She was pretty, outgoing, handy at organizing fun stuff for several groups, and now, for some inexplicable reason, no longer with us. What did we miss?! 😥

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