24 thoughts on “October 24, 2011: Vids! SGA! SGU! Puppy Lulu!

  1. Vegas – one of the best ever SGA episodes. Cute baby Lulu. Forgot just how big her satelite dish ears were.

  2. Oh the memories! I remember thinking to myself…”Just act natural, and stay on camera as long as possible just in cast Joe posts the video on his blog.” 🙂

  3. Awww. Lulu is too cute. Is that a Swiss accent I hear in the background next to the Chinese?

  4. Gak! SGA and puppy clips, and this dang netbook won’t play them!

    Glad to hear you’re chilling out for the rest of the year, and that Paul will be back to Van soon.

    It was such a fantastic day here today. Cool, cloudy, sunny, breezy and enjoyed it all in Stanley Park. I ended up taking the same pictures in the same spots I took them last year, but I can’t help myself, it’s just so beautiful. Off to Tswassen tomorrow.

  5. @Dasndanger – The WC final was a real nail-biter, eh? Huzzah for the All Blacks! NZ really needed the morale boost, after this last 12 months. Kiwis did well in the last FIFA World Cup, too – especially for a team made up of non-professionals & part-timers. 😀

    Cool here today, only 19C, good day for baking, so I’ve made an orange & raisin cake; new recipe, baking now, smells good, hope it turns out okay. Not a recipe Rodney would enjoy!

    I thought Sheppard was so mean to Rodney in ‘The Pegasus Project’ with the lemon ‘gag’ – an allergy is nothing to fool around with; and he was siding with outsiders against Rodney – must have made Rodney feel like he was the outsider…It was a great ep. though – Daniel on Atlantis, Rodney helping to save the day, and some nice subtle moments between Cam & Rodney that showed Cam appreciating Rodney as a team member – eg Cam reaching out to steady Rodney when the ship was hit with a blast. Jeez, I miss these shows. Atlantis, Universe, SG1 – they all had more stories to tell. Universe was like reading a novel that just gets better & better, and then some b*****d grabs it out of your hand and runs off with it…or something.

    Thanks, Mr. M, for the behind the scenes stuff, looking forward to more, & maybe Atlantis reminiscences…?

    ‘It wouldn’t matter if Akemi DID look like that, she would still be beautiful!’

    So true! And well said!

  6. Hi Mr. Mallozzi, I was just wondering what your opinion is on all the Stargate universe fan fiction out there, specifically the animated fan series that’s being worked on at the moment. Also do you have any advice for how to make this project better or any ideas of what you would have liked to see in a third season?

  7. Amazing the scene of the evacuation of the Icarus base!

    I have a question for you and I don’t know if in the past someone asked the same, but, have you read the Stargate Atlantis Legacy Books?? What do you think about the history?


  8. Thanks so much for the SGA vid! And Lulu was a ball of fire, wasn’t she? If we could only harness LuluPuppyPower, we’d be able to solve the world’s energy problems!

  9. @ Zed of Earth – Yeah, I really didn’t expect it to be such a close match, although with Dan Carter out of the mix I knew it wouldn’t be easy for the AB to win…I just didn’t expect only one point in it. Nail biter, indeed! They’re down to the quick!

    @ Joey – That Lulu looks like a little bunny hoping around the yard – soooo cute! Thanks! I can see the videos on hubby’s computer, but there’s no sound (his sound is disconnected and I don’t know how to h\ook it up), so I’m going to have to wait for my office computer to be back up and running before I can really enjoy the vids, but in the meantime I do want to thank you for posting them! Have a good day, sir!


  10. Lulu the bunny! She even hops like a bunny, can’t believe that’s her first day, she looks like she’s long time pals with the pugs. Lulu is adorable, I can see why you couldn’t resist expanding the brood.

  11. Lulu video put 2 thoughts into my head. 1) When she is bouncing around like a bunny, she looks like a black rabbit; 2) Jelly saying, “You will learn your place Young Padawan.”

    Thanks again for the wonderful BTS stuff.

    Oct 24 was my 19th wedding anniversary.

  12. Awww, she’s so stinkin’ cute! Cheered me right up.
    I fell today on the way to the gym, rolled my ankle on a rock. Smacked my hands good and really did a number on my knee. I was lying in the street, literally, couldn’t get on my feet by myself. Well dressed business types on the phone walked right by me. What is WRONG with people?!?!
    A nice man stopped his car in the road and got me upright, I hobbled to the gym for a bandaid (and a quick cry in the locker room) before I limped back to the bus and home. So toady sucked. Tomorrow can only be better (oh. Wait a minute. Nevermind. I have a root canal scheduled).
    Sigh, more puppies, please!

    1. @maggiemayday Sorry to hear about your ankle and the heartless people who didn’t help. Reminded me of Matt, a local resident who many people know from working at the local Target and being in the paper. I was leaving the grocery store when I saw Matt using his motorized wheelchair to make his way home. And then I saw Matt hit a bump in the sidewalk and fly out of his wheelchair. Did anyone stop? NO. I did. I had him instruct me the best way to get him back into the wheelchair which was not broken, but he was bleeding. I had nothing in my car to help. A woman came out of the office building who was totally ignoring us. I yelled to her, “Do you happen to have a Band-Aid or a tissue or something in your purse? Matt fell and he’s bleeding.” She said, “No” and walked directly to her car. I finally found something (can’t remember what it was) in my car that at least made the bleeding stop and I offered to help him home, but he felt like he was okay and would be fine getting home. I respected his space, but I will have to say that I secretly circled around until I no longer saw him on the walking paths. I brought this up in a speech I gave to our congregation because I was the special needs minister of our church. I think people think that every person in your situation or Matt’s is the next Ted Bundy hell bent on killing them, and we react with fear instead of compassion and kindness.

      I’m sorry today sucked and a root canal tomorrow does not sound any more pleasant. I wish you luck with that. You’re in my thoughts.

  13. Thanks for the baby Lulu video, so cute, and look at her now, still cute,,awwww.
    Loved the behind the scenes video, thanks, miss the show. Do you think that your new comic willbe available like at Barnes and Nobles or BAM, or amazon, order online.? We so don’t have a comic book store that I am aware of, but will keep looking. @maggiemayday, hope your days are better soon. {{hugs}}

  14. @dasndanger
    I gnawed my fingers down to the knuckles!! 🙂

    Happy Anniversary! Have you decided if you’re keeping him?! 😉

    Ouch! It gives you quite a shock when you fall, doesn’t it, beyond the physical injuries. I’m sorry all those people walked past, but thankfully there was someone who stopped to help. And if any reader of this blog was there, they’d have rushed to help! Double ouch for the root canal…I think you deserve a treat. A bunch of flowers, that book you’ve been wanting, a nice meal out (when your mouth is better!), or just a few hours of ‘me’ time – go on, treat yourself!

  15. I think Vegas was one of my top 5 SGA episodes. It left the audience a bit of hope that the Sheppard character could survive. It was also nice to hear the commentary on how the show was shot. My only problem was with the A-10’s. The sound the gun makes is not that of a machine (chain) gun, tat-tat-tat. It is more like a long Brrrrrrr sound. Check youtube (awesome). What was making that wired noise in Air?
    Like the Lulu tape too. I had to chuckle because I was thinking rabbit too.

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