So I was clearing out the library today, packing up the various chemistry textbooks, V.C. Andrews novels, and back issues of Us (none mine, let’s make that clear) for a quick trip to the garage, when I happened across a box of photos.  A lot of photos.  Some dating back as recently as ten or eleven years ago when I first moved to Vancouver to work on an upstart little production called Stargate: SG-1, others going back as far as I can remember – and, occasionally, even further. Anyway, in an effort to quash internet rumors that I was built in a lab as a fully developed android and then released to spread chaos and terror on an unwary public, I give you photographic evidence that, in fact, I had a normal childhood.  Or was built in a lab as an infant android and then released to spread chaos and terror on an unwary public while nanites developed my bio-synthetic form giving me the appearance of physical development.

One of the very first pictures of me.  I loved that black and white teddy lying beside me.  He went by the name of “Sacciotto Vecchio” which, I believe, “Old Bear” (not to be confused with “Sacciotto Grasso”, “Fat Bear” who came soon after).  Eventually, he lived up to his namesake, growing so decrepit and ratty that my mother threw him out – leading me to rescue him out of the garbage.  A year later, she tried again and succeeded.

Even back then, I had the look of a dubious diner.  I’ll have to ask my mother about my eating habits but, from what I can recall, I was pretty adventurous.  One of my favorite dishes was zabaglione – essentially an egg yolk and sugar, beaten and served.  The spoon-feeding was a nice touch you don’t get in restaurants nowadays.

Ah, from an early age, my interest in the culinary arena was encouraged.

Also encouraged was my interest in music – that I apparently outgrew at the tender age of four.  Had I pursued my youthful ambition, things could have turned out very different for me.  Who knows?  I could have been a guitarist for Platinum Blonde.

Angry and unusually sensitive.  Not much has changed.

Presumably I am praying that the serial killer dressed up as creepy Santa spares me.

Sis and I and our glorious Christmas tree.  For years, whenever the holidays approached, we would assemble the silver monstrosity, happily slotting the tinsel-festooned metal rods into place and then adorning the whole with blue balls – until my sister eventually complained and we ended up getting a real tree, much to my disappointment.

Another one of Sis and me hanging out in someone’s backyard.  It’s interesting to note I perfected the comb-over at such an early age.

And yet another one of Sis and me, this time enjoying the great outdoors.  Damn, Montreal gets cold in the winter.  I frostbit my ears so badly once that now, whenever the temperature drops to around zero, my ears turn a festive rosy red.

And look at the fine, upstanding young man I eventually became.  The hair is a little shorter but, other than that, I haven’t changed all that much.

Tomorrow, Ivon and Rob come over for football – and a slow port and veal demi-glace-braised medley of short ribs, ox-tail, and veal cheek served over parsnip mash.  My Snow Monkeys are looking to make it 4-1.  Wish us luck!


Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Lisa R.

40 thoughts on “October 8, 2011: Yours Truly, Way Back When!

  1. Awwww joe you’re adorable…my fave is the snow picture…enjoy the football…just read about Al Davis. I know you’re a Raider fan so I’m sure you’ll have something to say tomorrow. But condolences to his family and friends and the Raiders.


  2. You said ‘blue balls’…Heh-heh.


    This ranks up there as one of the best blog entries, ever! LOVE the pictures, Joe! You were ADORABLE! *tousles little Joey’s hair and runs away*


  3. Thanks Joe, for sharing the pix. They are priceless – very much like the one of you and Sis with the Christmas tree. You and Sis – have not changed much at all. Wonderful stroll down memory lane.

    Keeping Lisa R, and Penny in thoughts and prayers and sending good vibrations.

    Late to the party: Ivon looks great! As do Rob and Hillary.
    Your omelet creation – that Akemi did all the work – looks simply delicious. Not sure I would have the patience for the 20 plus layers, but there are some that would make a great meal – am thinking linguica, avocado, and cheese. yum.

  4. Joe you were a cute kid but now I have to see how much you and your sister resemble each other today. Go snow monkeys

  5. Awwwww. So cute! Very handsome young man! Thanks for the “show and tell”.

  6. Odd to note that you didn’t seem to learn to smile until quite late…must have taken the nanites some time to adjust to the cold Montreal winters.

  7. Love those pictures. What a cute kid you were. Those eyes are hiding all kinds of goings on in that brain of yours. You know that christmas tree is like one my family had when I was a kid. No joke! We also had a separate color wheel that when turned on would rotate light that changed the color of the tree from red to blue to green. I loved it when it changed colors. My mother hated that tree and when she scraped up the money she got a green one. I tried to put the color wheel on it, but it didn’t change colors. I was disappointed, but I got over it. good times.

    I was rewatching Season 2 of SGU tonight and when I put in disk 4, I realized I had never seen “Pitches” with Peter and Patrick. WOW, so funny. they did a great job with that. I must say, Joe, you looked pretty good on film. do you have any acting aspirations? Might want to put that on the list of possible future projects.

  8. I made braised pork belly with black sauce over buckwheat noodles (my aunt’s recipe from Okinawa – the sauce is soy, sugar, ginger, garlic, and canned mandrin oranges) for dinner. It was yummy – thought of you!

  9. Great photos! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. That bear is adorable. And does your sister know about these photos now spreading all over the internet… I mean, your blog? 🙂

  10. I love looking at old photos of people. It’s so cool to see the familiar features that made you who you are as an adult. Alas, most of my early photos went up in flames when we stored everything we owned in a warehouse in Canada so my husband could serve in the Armed Forces in Germany for 4 years. Then some dork of a warehouse owner thought it might be fun to torch the place for the insurance money. Poof went all my memories. Sad….

    Anyway, since it’s getting to be that time again, an election photo:


  11. Dude, I want that Christmas tree. I’m serious as a heart attack. I’m an avid retro-ite and only collect truly vintage furnishings and decorations and that thing looks amazing. I have a new mission: to get one of those trees by this Christmas!

    Also, as a tip to last week’s entry, I do my own 8 hour roast pork every other week or so, but mine takes on a bit more Mexican style as I do it more like carnitas style. I will usually fry them in a pan to give them a little more of a crisped-edge pop. Plus it tends to sear in the juices nicely. Too long in the pan and they dry out so it’s kinda tricky at times. I’ll do either tacos or burritos with it depending on my condiment availability at the time or whether or not I’ve been to the store to get them beforehand.


  12. Love the photos, Joe! You’ve hardly aged! Well, may a little. My grandmother had one of those silver metallic Christmas trees and I always remember hating it. They even had a light that shone one it with a motorized colour wheel, so it would reflect one of the four colours as it turned. It just screamed Christmas, I tell ya!

    Good luck with the Snow Monkeys and say hi to the guys for us!

  13. I scrolled to fast…
    I saw your cute picture and than the monkey’s….*DiedOfLaughter*


  14. Awwwwww…the memories! 🙂 You were a cute little tike back then. That Santa Claus looked scary. I’d be afraid of him too….even as an adult. Love you with the guitar. So, Joe, you still play? Hard to believe that your were that small and young once. It all goes by so fast. Love jogging down memory lane, too. I had a wonderful childhood as well. Every now and then, I’ll look at pictures of my childhood as well, and then I get sentimental and wish I were a kid again. Now, I’m getting all sentimental. Thanks for sharing Joe. 🙂

  15. Love the comb-over picture! Your sis was a gorgeous baby, by the way. Is that your mom in the third picture?

  16. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes, and thanks, Joe, for the dedication. Sometimes, I’m okay, and sometimes, I’m not, but I’ll get there. 2011 has certainly been a roller coaster ride for my family.

    I’ve had one big ego boost this weekend. Since all I have to do is sit in bed and type, I’ve started submitting my newest story to, and let’s just say my hit count is going way high, LOL. i’m also planning my NaNoWrimo novel.

    Thanks again, and hope you have a great day!!

  17. LOVE the wee Joe pictures, how adorable! Swell of you to share with us, and sis is adorable also! Both of you have those amazing eyes that look right into you and see it all. Can you play a piano now or just banging on it?. I agree with sis on the tree, although real ones are work, they smell great. I think I like the high chair photo the best of you, but they are all cute, makes me say awwww! and pinch your cheeks..! thanks for sharing. ok and parsnip mashed, think i want to try that..

  18. Cute pictures. Your sister is adorable and you are nice lookng too. 😉 Thanks for sharing them.

  19. That photo of you playing the guitar just gave me strongest childhood flashback: The “wobbly dog” in the center of the puc used to be my favorite toy in the world. The axis of the wheels are deliberately bent, which makes the dogs tail whip back and forth when you pull the dog behind you. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

    If you’ll excuse me now, I have to call my mom and beg her to search the house for that dog.

  20. Such a serious baby! The high chair shot is my favorite.
    I rather like the silver tree; I wanted one but no, we had to have real trees.

  21. Hah! So cute. Although, egg yolk and sugar? Doesn’t sound particularly

  22. Joe – quick question. I see that you read the first Uncanny X-Force trade. How’d you like it? I LOVED it, as you well know. Just hoping you enjoyed it, too.


  23. Bonjour!

    Wow! ces photos sont superbe! vous étiez vraiment un petit garçon très mignon :)! Vous étiez un bon grand frére avec Andria, vous ne lui faisiez pas trop misères? 😉

    Passez une bonne semaine!

  24. Love the pictures!

    I know someone that still has one of those silver trees. They have the color wheel to put in front of it too. Remember those?

  25. Great photos Joe! I too had the guts to put some of my “old-timey” photos on my Facebook page. One was a photo with me and a girlfriend and her younger sister circa 1964. She saw it and contacted me! First time we texted and caught up in many a decade – fun!

    I do think your expressive eyebrows are the same as current, just bushier. 😀
    Thanks for sharing, very enjoyable.
    Oh, and I have decided to make the time for some good reads. I just ordered Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War”, David Eddings’s first 3 books of the Belgariad series and Charles Yu’s, “How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe”. Eagerly awaiting the delivery so I can dig in!


  26. What sweet pictures! I remember people putting a red/blue/gree light display that would turn the silver tree freaky rainbow colors. What is that red snow suited doll with the big eyes, that looks so familiar! Was that one of those inflatable decorations or a weeble wobble?

    We always had real trees courtesy of the DoD and we’d keep it in the bathtub to keep it fresh til Christmas. Taking fir scented showers was the best.

    Hey, that scary santa pic would make a good ep of American Horro Story; like Fright Night with Santa.

  27. Cute pics of a cute kid! Love your expression in the one of you in the high chair. Adorable!

    We had a little silver tree when I was a kid. My mom and I were in the local drug store when I spotted this silver tree that was about 24 inches tall — just my size because i was maybe three years old at the time. The pharmacist who owned the store saw me falling in love with the tree so he gave it to us. I had to throw it out just 7 or 8 years ago, because all of the “needles” were gone. I had it over 40 years! Did yours fold up for storage?

  28. Now we know how the documenting-your-meals obsession got started. Thanks for the photos!

    – KB

    P.S. Your sister has a great stare-down look in the backyard pic. Very intimidating. 🙂

  29. Whoops. I re-read your post and see that you talked about assembling your silver monstrosity. Well, the branches on ours folded up. No assembly required!

  30. Hey, Joe!

    My computer loaded the pictures on your post slowly, so I read it before the pictures popped up… ironically after reading this line,

    “And look at the fine, upstanding young man I eventually became. The hair is a little shorter but, other than that, I haven’t changed all that much”

    the snow monkey picture appeared! Coincidence???

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