Now that I’m back home and have access to my kitchen, I can finally start cooking again.  Pictured above is my latest culinary foray.  I want to call it an Omelet Mille-Feuille but the actual name of the dish slips my mind.  It’s a variation on an old Alain Ducasse recipe which sees five different omelets stacked to form a colorful multi-layer edible extravaganza.  I say it’s a variation of the Ducasse recipe because the actual recipe calls for five layers while this version contains twenty.  It’s not that I was feeling particularly bold on the day.  I was simply making due with what I had to work with – specifically, a tiny telfon-cloated frying pan that would only permit me to make mini omelets.

My lovely assistant prepares to slice and dice.

After chopping up the various ingredients for the various omelets, my assistant whisked ten eggs, two in each bowl, and then added the ingredients: 1. Parmesan, thyme and chives, 2. Roasted pepper, sliced cucumbers, and parsley, 3. Diced black olives, 4. Diced tomatoes and avocado, 5. Caramelized onions and chervil.

She then proceeded to cook the omelets in that tiny teflon-coated frying pan with a touch of butter and olive oil, alternating and stacking to create the multi-layer marvel –

A closer look at those twenty layers.

Once stacked, we set another dish atop it, sealed it in cling wrap, then set a heavy can on top and chilled it in the refrigerator.  One hour later –


It was surprisingly good.  I say “surprisingly” because I never imagined eating eggs as a satisfying dinner (I admit to hedging my bets with some leftover spicy Korean pork).  Even Akemi was surprised, informing me it was so good it didn’t even need Ketchup!  How’s that for a glowing review?

Look at what arrived in the mail today from Linda, Bob Picardo’s wife (note the vampire pug sticker).  Every Halloween, she and Bob deck out their house in super spooky fashion, transforming their lovely home into a haunted estate that would make many horror film set decorators ghoul green with envy.  I was keen to find out what she’d sent but knew I had to wait for Akemi to get back from the hairdresser before I could start unwrapping.  Or face her ninja wrath.

The swag: halloween post-its, mini pumpkin candles, mini bat candles, and a tie for the discerning zombie.  Perfect timing as Akemi has been on a candle tear lately and absolutely loved the assortment, immediately lighting up two pumpkins and a bat for our special candlelit dinner.

I emailed Linda to thank her and asked her to send me pics of their haunted house come Halloween.  You WILL be amazed.

On the anime front, just finished this –

Darker Than Black

Excellent – although Akemi was so spooked by certain episodes she was afraid to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  A great series – smart, thrilling, with some wonderfully detailed personalities and a story that isn’t afraid to take chances and actually off a character or two.  Or three.  Highly recommended. Anyone seen it?  If so, I’m ready to move on to my next series and I’d appreciate some recommendations

50 thoughts on “October 6, 2011: The 20 Layer Omelet Mille-Feuille! Halloween swag from the Picardos! Recommend me an anime series!

  1. I know you like the Japanese anime… but, how about these:

    Archer – Rated TVMA for good reason. Funny as hell.

    Daria – MTV’s best animated series. Evar. Funny, touching, and well done.

  2. Visited Toronto again, it felt empty without you.

    Took a 1.5 hour bus ride from Kitchener to Toronto, then 2 subway rides at which point it was a 10 min walk up Leslie St. All of this for an appointment with my ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) doctor. I’ve been suffering from pain in my ear, vertigo and my ear feels full (like you get when your flying) that hasn’t gone away in probably a year. I’m not the type to complain and usually just assume things will go away on their own. The full ear feeling and increasing vertigo mixed with my sister’s nagging prompted me to go. I came close to canceling because it’s a bit of a trek and because I’m plain lazy. Needless to say I’m now freaking out, I have to have a MRI I never did ask what he thought was going on but a tumor of some kind is likely!!

    Was very glad to get home an hug my doggies!! I’m going to be a wreck until this whole thing is over, send me good positive thoughts!

    That is an epic omelette that looks so yummy!

  3. I loved Darker Than Black, I would easily place it in my top 10. I was less than impressed with the second season, but the first was pretty amazing.

    Personally I dont think you can go wrong with Bleach, but you have probably have seen some of it.

    some (that you have not listed previously) I found pretty decent Moribito or Ga-Rei Zero.

    I’m currently working my way through Noir now that is it available on Instant Streaming on Netflix. 🙂

  4. That omelet looks amazing!

    Darker Than Black is on my short list, but I haven’t watched it yet. I’m currently in a retro anime phase watching Revolutionary Girl Utena. Not sure if I can recommend it yet. The characters have a sort of CLAMP studios look, which I like. I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes and am enjoying it so far. I’ll keep you posted.

    Have you seen Soul Eater? A little lighter than your usual fare, but worth a look. I really enjoyed it. Prefer the subbed to the dubbed, but the dubbed isn’t too awful.

  5. Animes…mmm on the top of my mind…
    Death Note 1st, if you didn’t see it yet. Pretty well written ( Stalker san ????)
    Elfen lied (gory)
    Blue Gender is one of my personal favorite (if you liked GITS this is for you!) the soundtrack haunted my nights. The panic music is quite scary. The credit song is sooo beautifull.Gun fight… Bugs massacre scene… credit….

    Ergo Proxy
    BTW there is a new movie called Gantz ! Check it out

  6. Samurai Champloo ! oh man all is AWESOME in there if you don’t know

    Favorite anime intro ever, in particular when you know the characters.
    Young is unstable and unpredictable, total devil
    Glasses guy is the opposite and disciplined to the extreme.
    The girl is elegant but no one is attracted to her (if i remember)

  7. That omelet brought a tear to my eye; it’s a thing of beauty.

    On an unrelated note, where do we send questions for Joe to answer in mailbag posts? Is there an email address or do we just leave them in the comments? I’m a man with questions.

  8. That omelet sounds fantastic! I might have to give that a try, with some variation. No cukes – a bit watery and sometimes the taste can be off. No olives (ALAS!) since Mr. Das doesn’t much care for olives, though I did (just today!) trick him into eating a piece of rosemary and kalamata olive bread, and he loved it! Of course, he thought the olives were raisins… 🙄

    So, my variation…

    I’d go with some sort of meat – not too much, though. Ham, sausage, or pork roll. Sausage sounds good…

    One would be sausage, with maybe a bit of fresh ground black pepper. Second would be sauteed green peppers and onions. Third, just a little sage, and garlic. Fourth would be hot pepper jack cheese. Fifth…hmmmm…how about shredded potatoes (lightly cooked hash browns), and rosemary.

    AND I’m thinking mine would have a hellava lot more calories than yours, Joe! 😛

    Another variation would include feta (preferably sheep milk only), kalamata olives, green onions, tomatoes, spinach, and the like, but I’m too tired to figure it out right now.

    Can’t help you with the anime. I really should try to get into anime, since the few I’ve watched over the years I have loved (Speed Racer, Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Samurai 7), but I just can’t seem to find the time. Plus, I get overwhelmed by the choices. I guess I’m waiting for the perfect anime to fall into my lap. OR, for God to somehow add about 15 hours to each day so I can get everything I want and need to get done, done. 😛

    Have a good night, sir!


  9. Wow, you posted before I went to bed 🙂 I don’t know, but I suspect you feel 10 yrs younger– the lessened stress is so obvious. Makes me happy.
    I thought about your blog today– I think you should subtitle it:
    Vicarious dining adventures.

  10. Chiming in late to say “yes please” to a Q&A with Remi. I’m enjoying Falling Skies very much — always had a soft spot for Noah Wylie, and so glad Colin has a regular gig finally!

  11. Those omelettes look like they are plated for a restaurant. Beautiful, and great job! Bet they tasted scrumptious. Wouldn’t that be cool if you had a blog contest and whoever won would get a home-cooked dinner made by you two? Joe, it is so good to see (or hear) you both happy again. 😀

    Really enjoyed everyone’s comments yesterday Re: dishwashers. And the humor. Man, if we ever need to know anything, we can just ask the blog family!

    @ PBMom, Tam Dixon, Das and the “silent partners” — Thanks for the well wishes! I still need them. The dental pain continues… 🙁

    Will admit that subsidized dentistry is far better than none at all, but today that meant more pain. Had to skip the pain meds so I could drive. Then sat in a packed waiting room for 2.5 hours, TV blaring. (Noise = more pain.) Then spent 1.75 hours:

    giving history to new person
    waiting for them to present case to supervisor
    having both “peek” & deem it “dry socket”
    irrigating OWIE! spot where dear, departed tooth used to live
    drying & packing w/ medicine w/ whew!, Cloves anyone?
    covering w/ foam gel, that promptly slid out, as they warned
    consulting on meds
    oh, and a “peek” by last week’s supervising surgeon

    To be fair, these were kind-hearted, knowledgeable people who did care, but the net result was:

    Topical pain relief for 2 hours, until it slipped out. And NO new script for pain meds. Tylenol, mademoiselle? (I can’t take ibuprofen or nsaids.) THAT’S IT. 😥

    Their protocol is 2 mini-scripts only, for what? Just 5 days of pain relief, when I could be looking at 10 days of pain. (Hoping not!) Have spent sleepless nights, been in tears, wrapped hot packs around my face w/ a towel — a la the cartoons, missed work, etc. They knew all that, and the only answer was still Tylenol.

    I know, they’re trying to avoid drug-seeking behavior, however, I’m the kid who hates taking pills. It has to be really bad before I’ll take them. And it’s been horrific.

    BUT, there are far worse problems in the world. Poor Paloosa had surgery to evict the Chuckie hiding in her arm and the tooth abscess to deal with. P? How are ya doing? Don’t let your tooth go too long!

    Thanks, Joe, for letting us borrow space from time to time. Hugs to you all, and especially Max and Jelly grrl.

  12. I’m a new subscriber and rather happy to know that you enjoy watching anime. If you haven’t already seen it, check out Death Note ( ), as it has some of the same dark narrative that Darker than Black has but is also an excellent thriller/mystery series with a twist! Some of the other comments above highlight amazing anime series, including Samurai Champloo and Samurai 7 (an anime telling of Kurasawa’s Seven Samurai). There are others that I didn’t see mentioned but ought to qualify among the best and most-must-see anime series include Cowboy Bebop, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, and Akira – to name a few.

  13. Best Robert Picardo Halloween Costume:

    –the white wraith-like long haired wig he wore in the final episode of “Persons Unknown”

  14. I have lots of anime that you should check out but I don’t think they have all being english dubbed or released where you are. But just for future reference;
    Eden of the East
    Skip Beat
    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
    Tegami Bachi
    Sora no Woto
    Arakawa under the Bridge
    Deadman Wonderland

  15. for the love of Beckett: I’ve heard you can keep using the clove oil as long as you have pain. Hell, I’d try it! Feel better soon!

  16. You make me want an omlette, right now!

    @for the love of Beckett – hang in there. I absolutely hate dentists (not personally, but still…) Been in your shoes and it ain’t fun.

  17. Please watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Samurai Champloo and Monster. While the latter is damn scary so maybe not cool with Akemi. Still, they are pure masterpieces. And note that you should watch Brotherhood not the first Fullmetal Alchemist Anime, because it doens’t follow the Mangastory, which is better by a thousand lightyears 😀

    Have fun watching them!

  18. Oh maybe I should add:
    Fullmetal Alchemist is a fantasy science-fiction, so perfect for you ;). Maybe looking a little childish at first, but you will notice after the first episode, that it’s quite the opposite. It’s very rich of ideas and has very good and deep characters not to mention the story.
    Also, Samurai Champloo is a very easy going series in a rather serious setting. Not so much for the brain, so easy to watch at an exhausting time. It’s rather funny.
    And Monster is one creepy thriller. Great for those of us who like to stick to the series and want to FINALLY get all the mysteries solved. Creepy, bloody and dark.
    There are more but those are the best anime.

  19. That omelet looks amazing! I will have to try it.

    Nice getting your “assistant” to do all the work too. Very “super-villain” of you. Have a great weekend everyone!

  20. Love those omelettes! Akemi is such a talented cook. Love her little creations. 🙂

    I some like Anime. It’s hard for me to watch them sometimes. Anime DVDs tend to be expensive. Every now and then I’ll catch them on Adult Swim. I like Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, and Ghost in the Shell.


  21. As you like anime maybe you should take a look this web: It is a anime database with all data of them.

    I recommend you: Chobits, Appleseed, Moonlight Mile, (if you like cars) Initial D, (as iom666) Elfen Lied, Full Metal Panic!, Full Metal Alchemist, Gantz, Gokusen (there are live action version too), Kurau Phantom Memory, Tenjou Tenge, Sunabouzu, Great Teacher Onizuka (anime or live action), Trigun, Zone of Enders.

    See that website with all data of them, register on it and you will not be dissapointed (don’t forget to click on yellow four square “+” that are before of every chapter, they hide download links). Of course, it is a 100% legal/lawful site.

    Hope you like it. Cheers Alvaro

    BTW, some days without mention Maximus, ¿how is he doing? Big hug for you all.

  22. for the love of Beckett: Ouchy! I hope they can find something that helps soon!!!!!

    Mr. M.: Do you really think posting a knife wielding picture of Akemi is such a good idea with her apply for a new visa? 😉 Just saying…
    I laughed out loud at the ketchup remark. That omelet looks yummy.

  23. Bonjour :)!
    Comment allez vous? waou vous préparez déjà Halloween, mais c’est le 31 je crois? Quel dommage que ça ne se fête pas en France …

    Merci pour toutes ces photos plus appetissante les une que les autres! Dans quelques jour je part dans ma famille et j’espere manger des choses aussi bonnes 😉

    Bon week end!!

  24. Oh goody food pictures and delicious looking, A pretty woman with a sharp knife, yes ma’am. Nice to hear Akemi knows about the good with ketchup stuff. Can’t wait to see Picardo’s house of spooky. I love halloween, maybe its all the candy and one time of the year popcorn balls are sold… Sorry can’t help with the anime. Am reading John Scalzi’s latest Fuzzy Nation, well let you know how it goes. Have a great day!

  25. I think I was the one that recommended Darker than Black to you, in an email over a year ago. Now you need to watch season 2! I think Akemi will like it more, some softer characters.

  26. Know what today is??! Clean the Fridge Friday!! Woo!

    So, for breakfast I polished off the broccoli, cauliflower, red (bell) pepper and red onion salad I made earlier in the week, and leftover mac and cheese drizzled with hot wing sauce! Mmmmm! Top that one, Joey! (Betcha just had boring old oatmeal and fruit again, didncha, Mr. Regular? ) 😉

    Now…to have some coffee and something chocolate-y… 🙂


  27. I attended one day of the Paris Manga Convention last weekend..I went to meet Michael Shanks – always a pleasure and amusing company …he was sadly overdressed for the steaming temps there (80 F + – most unusual for Europe in October)…sadly, I have no knowledge of Manga or Anime but took many photos of some fantastic costuming….they seem a very nice bunch of fans and were giving out a lot of Free Hugs….:)

    All in all, a good time, topped off with meeting my all-time favourite SG-1 actor again…:) 🙂

  28. Wondering how Max is doing? I’ll bet he’s happy to be home.
    Sorry, but can’t help with the anime, don’t follow any.
    Worries for my old man kitty Scooter. Recently had severe weight loss, then discovered his Methimazole for hyperthyroidism was too light. Vet doubled dose and he’s now readjusting. While readjusting, he won’t eat. Chicken or turkey baby food doesn’t even entice him – unheard of! Poor little guy is a shadow of his former self.
    Any suggestions from my fellow cat lovers?


  29. Wouah! This omelet mille-feuille looks amazing. But not really easy to eat! It’s like the mille-feuille, the pastry, I can never eat it neatly.

  30. i’d recommend you to watch: Gintama and Sket dance, absolutly hilarious, there’s also Full Metal Alchemist and Deadman wonderland new anime, awesome, Ao no exorcist.

  31. i’d recommend you to watch: Gintama and Sket dance, absolutly hilarious, there’s also Full Metal Alchemist and Deadman wonderland new anime, awesome, also Ao no exorcist.

  32. Joe,

    Wow, okay I know I’m a week behind on this article…

    …but, damn. Okay, so a few questions come out of that.

    First, it looks like there are 2 general topics of concern: that of having a showrunner versus a “showrunner-free” model; then that of crew changes and “upheaval on the set”.

    RE: Showrunner vs Showrunner-free:

    How is (or isn’t) there an association between the Transporter series being an internationally made program and the apparent decision to run the show as a “collective effort” (in other words, without someone in charge)?

    Apparently, North America has the rule of, “one show, one showrunner,” so does Europe have a rule of, “one show, one collective effort”?

    You were part of one of the world’s most successful and longest-running sci-fi television programs. I’m sure you know, very well, what it means to “protect the integrity” of a franchise. Zimmermann added, “showrunners may come and go but the brand stays.” That’s pretty obvious and, yet, it is at least somewhat irrelevant to the subject of having someone in charge versus a collective effort. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter – you can have one person in charge or a collective effort – there is still potential for experiencing change in either the showrunners *or* the brand.

    Bauer says that “how a show gets made is less important than what, in the end, it delivers.” Is it? Really? I’d figure the “how” is *equally* important to the “what” or the end result.

    RE: “Upheaval on set” and crew changes:

    Are the changes in other crew members on the Transporter series a direct result of your & Mullie’s leaving and Shill (director) & Wookey’s (producer) joining the production, and how will that impact the end result?

    According to THR, you and Mullie have “stepped into the background” for creative support; is that still accurate or are you no longer involved or working with the Transporter series?

    Here’s that THR article:

    Will the viewers notice the change in production from the first half to the second half of the first season of the Transporter series?

    Avid viewers are already aware of the changes in production, though I can imagine that there will be at least some noticeable difference – even if just in general tone of the stories told, if not revealed by the cast themselves – in the direction the show takes in later episodes.

    If the ship doesn’t have a captain, I can’t imagine how it can sail without crashing into an iceberg.

    But, then again, maybe that’s just me.

    THR poses a good question, “Will the ‘Transporter’ TV series deliver?”


  33. Here’s the list of those Transporter movie components if you want to copy/paste them in response:

    * Opening an episode (or the pilot) with Frank Martin sitting in his car, his watch beeping, starting the car, classical music starts, and he sets out to transport.
    * Good and bad guys both going after Frank.
    * Frank going pseudo-Jackie Chan with found objects (oil fights, bicycle pedals, etc.) and at creative locations (i.e., in a bus).
    * 3-stage fights: 1. Frank vs a group; 2. Frank vs the big guy (or another group); and finally, 3. Frank vs the boss.
    * Frank getting all parkour, or perhaps l’Art du Déplacement, on the baddies.
    * A BMW car cameo.
    * Totally cliché, yet still completely cool, one-liners and poses.
    * The occasional jumping the shark for pure entertainment purposes.
    * Flying cars.
    * Action sequences involving cars, trucks, trains, boats, and planes.
    * Body-blowback concussion-inducing explosions.
    * Evil trigger-happy women from Europe.
    * International damsels in distress.
    * A girl for Frank that would be a perfect match if not for some inevitable conflict keeping the two apart.
    * Good food and drink.
    * Inspector Tarconi.
    * Fishing.
    * Other transporters never being quite as good as Frank or, worse, getting killed off from jobs he handed off to them.
    * Each new job becomes deadlier than the last.
    * Frank’s 3 rules: 1. The deal is the deal; 2. No names; 3. Never open the package.
    * Frank having to break his rules.
    * Ending an episode (or the pilot) with Frank getting into his car, getting a phone call. Person on the phone, “I’m looking for a transporter.” Frank’s response, “I’m listening.”

  34. That is some beautiful omelet you got there! If you ever write that cook book, put that picture on the cover. Akemi’s knife is bigger than she is! That ketchup comment was about as high a review as you can get. I know exactly what she means.

    @ Penny – hang in there girl. Don’t panic yet. It could be something simple. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us informed.

    @ for the love of Beckett – sorry you and Paloosa are having such a bad time with your teeth. I can relate a little bit. These past two years I have maxed out my dental insurance getting my teeth worked on (and still having to pay $2,000 out of my pocket). Last year I had an infected back tooth that made the side of my face swell, hurt like the devil, and locked my jaw. Anything I ate had to be wafer thin. That tooth got pulled and good riddance to it! But still nothing like you two are going through. Hope you both get to feeling better and get well.

  35. 2cats: I hope Scooter snaps out of it soon! What works for my cats is Periactin. It’s cheap and you only give a small amount. Periactin is an antihistamine that has several side effects. It can help pain in children but it also increases appetite in people, dogs and cats. My son, my dad and my cat were all on Periactin for a while. Ask your vet about it and see what he/she thinks.

  36. If you are looking for a great anime with a similar style as Darker Than Black, I can’t recommend anything except [b]Death Note[/b]

    If you are a fan of Mecha at all then I would go with [b]Code Geass[/b] over that. I can only describe Geass as a 50 episode long chess game.

  37. Well, I just finished watching an anime called Fruits Basket, and I loved it so much I’m making my mom watch it with me now. I thought it was hilarious, but it’s probably not quite your genre. I believe the target audience is teenage girls. I also watched one called Eden of the East, kind of a Jason Bourne thing, which was interesting and had kind of cool characters, but at only 11 episodes, it left a bit too much unanswered.

  38. I finished watching Steins;Gate last night, and can recommend that. It’s like an anime version of Primer, except with less science, more SCIENCE!!, more conspiracy, and a bit more love story.

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