Our friend Tara Yelland leads the blog in her sassy steampunk attire.  This pic taken, last weekend, at – where else? – a steampunk-themed wedding. Apparently, it was a beautiful ceremony.  Up until they were attacked by a giant mechanized squid.  Happily, Tara was saved by airship pirates and will, thus, be available for a future reader Q&A I have planned for her.

News of note:

You know times are bad when former t.v. stars turn to crime.  Gumby robs store! (Make sure to check out the surveillance video): http://business.financialpost.com/2011/09/08/when-gumby-robs/

From the gang at Cracked.com: The 5 Most Depraved Sex Scenes Implied by ‘Harry Potter’

And in medical news….Damn!  Study finds ‘SpongeBob’ is harmful for kids

Undercover radar cops just blend right into the background.  Don’t mind that guy.  He’s just an elf: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/crime/orl-radarcopscostumes-pg,0,3103758.photogallery?speed 

I think I’ll stick with The Peninsula: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/feature-death-industry-reaps-grim-profit-japan-dies-042244634.html

Man neglects starving dogs.  Starving dogs neglect to inform man he looks mighty delicious: Abandoned for two weeks, starving dogs eat owner

16 thoughts on “September 12, 2011: Steampunk Tara! News of Note!

  1. Let’s just say I knew something was happening to my niece’s brains when they were watching Sponge Bob.

    Tara looks great in SteamPunk. ‘

    And I’m about to pass out , so my reply is short tonight. Long & busy day. Taking Patrick to the doctor tomorrow for possible ringworm. Ick.

  2. OK…couple of grisley urls there. But the elf was fine, as long as he/it is not in my neck of the woods…LOL.

  3. LOL, you have been a busy web surfer tonight and I had to share them and now my family and friends will wonder WTH? LOL.

  4. “Abandoned, starved dogs eat owner”. Awesome! Where is Michael Vick when you need him?

  5. Regarding the dog story, they do say that payback’s a bitch. In this case, literally.

  6. “Man neglects starving dogs. Starving dogs neglect to inform man he looks mighty delicious: Abandoned for two weeks, starving dogs eat owner.”

    Karma is a harsh mistress. And sometimes I love her for it.

  7. There is justice in the universe, when the dog owner provides his animals with a much needed meal. Loved the other links. The whole Potter article was rather disturbing, and eye-opening. Thanks for sharing the links. Crazy times about here and now off to replace a flat tire. what a way to spend my last day off for the cycle.

  8. Thanks for the Gumby link — I almost snarfed my coffee. 😀 It also struck me that the clerk didn’t even know who Gumby was..ah, youth!

  9. Don’t even get me started with animal abuse stories. I started working as a vet tech in the early 80’s in Nashville, TN. Nashville has an animal emergency hospital that is open all night/weekends/holidays (at the time it was the only one in Nashville). Some of the cases that came in…I will NEVER get out of my head.

  10. I wonder if the dogs were his pets or meals-in-waiting? If the latter is the case, then the term man eating dog can definitely be seen from both ways here. Gotta say, bad way to go though.

  11. I conclude from the SpongeBob study that the show exercises the focus. Of course it’s tired after a healthy work-out. Stoopid scienciers.

  12. Hey guess what. Today in the Dallas/Fort Worth area it reached 107 freaking degrees, setting the record for the all time hottest summer. The average number of 100+ days during the summer is 14. This year, we had 70 crappy days of 100+. It was cooler in hell than here. But, they say this may be the last day. Tomorrow is suppose to be only 99. Then, as Joe would say, it will be smoooooooooooth sailing!

    Tara looks like a natural in her steampunk. She even has the googles on. Cute, cute, cute!

  13. Hi Mr M

    and indeed hi all

    Been a while. I dip in every so often but have been so busy of late haven’t had a chance to comment,

    I read your entry re: books you’d like to read for 1st time:

    I had the same conversation just 3 weeks ago, and interestingly, (and in no small measure to this blog) I also counted:

    Speed of Dark
    Camp Concentration
    Old Man’s War

    amongst the books I recommend. In fact, to the non-Sci-Fi buddies, I recommend them as a “gentle” introduction to Sci Fi. I also count FF1 and a book you were obviously too humble to include : Masked.

    A great pal of mine (who is not a Sci Fi fan) read all of the above….and is now thirsting for more!! Job well done!!

    On that note, I finally got around to reading “The Blade Itself”….while I see a certain appeal, I still think it’s a little too angle-jawed hero-of-the-hour-esque for me. I’ll admit I haven’t read the sequels. Maybe I should? But it felt a little too Raymond-E-Feisty meets Pratchett??

    In any case, glad to see we are on the same page!!

    Best from Ireland.


  14. I have to brag a bit, my husband and two of the other truckers he runs with, and a random woman, saved a man’s life today at a rest stop in California. Man had a heart attack and dropped dead in front of them. They did CPR until the ambulance arrived (and a bit after…). They got him breathing and a sort of heartbeat, enough so he wasn’t dead anymore, and should survive. Yay!

    Everyone, go learn CPR. Even the old method can save a life, but get certified.

  15. @maggiemayday, congrats and job well done, yes I agree, know cpr, it helps.
    Nice picture of Tara, like the outfit, did she win the game? Airship pirates, they are the best!
    See now you have a little spare time before you pack or go out to dinner again to find us these lovely stories to share,thanks.
    @shirt’n’tie, nice to hear from you.

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