Sure, this year has had it’s fair share of twists and turns, exhilarating highs and crushing lows, but nothing has even come close to the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced today.  It was, in a word, “brutal” – tough, at times distressing, and yet, ultimately, incredibly cathartic.  I’m thoroughly exhausted and, while a part of me is relieved it’s over, another part of me is bummed because, well, it’s over.  Settled.  And now, we move forward to the next phase: the regular season.

I’m referring, of course, to my fantasy football league (R.I.P. Stargate) draft that was held this afternoon.

Last year, my Snow Monkeys got off to a slow start that they never really recovered from.  And, when Frank Gore went down on Monday Night Football, any hope of a post-season berth went down with him.  Some poor coaching and managerial decisions cost us early in that inaugural season, but I’m determined to get us off to a strong start.

Unlike last year, there is only one division.  So, no middling performers from inferior divisions sneaking into the playoffs this go-round.  10 teams.  16 roster positions.  1 champion!

It was an interesting draft, full of surprises.  The biggest of all kicked off the proceedings.  My Snow Monkey were sitting on the number two pick and, while I waited patiently for Reagan’s Raiders to snap up Adrian Peterson, I agonized over my selection: Chris Johnson fresh off his hold-out or Arian Foster nursing a hamstring injury?  And then, instead of taking Peterson, the Raiders selected dog-killer Michael Vick (who I predict will have nowhere near the year he had last year).  Unbelievable.  I wasted no time in grabbing Adrian Peterson and then proceeded to stack my roster with some truly awesome talent: 3 QB’s, 3 RB’s, 7 WR’s, a TE, a Kicker, and a Defense.

My team:

QB #1: Peyton Manning – A pretty sure bet and, despite talk of an injury, I doubt he’ll break his ironman streak of consecutive games started.  He’ll throwing the ball in week #1.

QB #2: Tony Romo – Rob will no doubt be pleased to hear it.  His season was cut short by injury last year, but he’s back and the Cowboys are one of two teams I expect big things from this season.

QB #3: Ryan Fitzpatrick – He lit it up late last season and I think the Bills are great dark horse pick.  If he gets the hot hand, I won’t hesitate to call him off the bench.

RB #1: Adrian Peterson – The #1-ranked fantasy player.  ‘Nuff said.

RB #2: Jahvid Best – Like I said, I expect big things from two teams this season.  The Cowboys are one, the Lions are another.  And leading Detroit out of the backfield is the underappreciated best.

RB #3:  Knowshon Moreno – Well-ranked and while he’ll certainly be the Broncos’ go-to-runner, I’m going to have to count on him breaking some big runs because Willis McGahee is Denver’s goal line specialist.  Trade bait?

WR #1: Roddy White – I was downright envious of whoever it was that had White last season.  Well, no need for envy this year because I snapped him up with my second pick.

WR #2: Hakeem Nicks – To be honest, I selected him on the strength of his ranking.  Eli Manning is hot and cold but, if he’s hot, then Nicks should be the recipient of many throws.

WR #3: Dez Bryant – He did well for me last season and now that he’s got a year under his rookie belt, I like him even more.  And the fact that I have Romo throwing to him offers me a very tempting double word score.

WR #4: Lance Moore – He was one of New Orleans’ more consistent receivers last year and, by all accounts, he had a great camp.

WR #5: Steve Smith – A great player who has to bounce back from a disappointing season.  Of course, you can chalk that disappointment up to a weak QB.  This season, with Cam Newton at the helm, things may be somewhat better.  And if Newton throws the long ball, Smith will be the guy to run under it.

WR #6: Mike Thomas – Speaking of the long ball, the Jags have a high-powered offense (to off-set their anemic defense) and their top receiver last year was Mike Thomas.  Here’s hoping the good times continue rolling for him.

WR #7: Mohamed Massaquoi – Admittedly, a bit of a reach, but once he’s fully bounced back from his foot injury – and provided Colt McCoy gels at QB – this pick could pay off nicely.

TE: Brandon Pettigrew – A solid performer for me last year.  Here’s hoping he’s 100% for the season opener.

Kicker: Mason Crosby – I was surprised to see the kicker for Green Bay’s high-powered offense still available mid-draft, so I grabbed him.

Defense: The New Orleans Saints – I expect to see them in the NFC Championship.

Other players I kind of had my heart set on that slipped through my fingers: Percy Harvin, Matthew Stafford, and Mark Ingram.  Plus a couple more that are on the waiver wire.

The soon-to-be-also-rans I’ll be playing against this year: The Autodrafts, whoa philly, Reagan’s Raiders, The Running Dead (Ivon Bartok’s team), Pigskin PIrates, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Van Isle Vultures, Mighty Molsons, and, my week #1 opponent, Surrey Monkey Poachers.


31 thoughts on “September 4, 2011: What a day!

  1. Oh gosh…totally grueling today!
    Time to rest up to the football season of all seasons.
    Umm, what happened at the cookout and the evaluations of the camel and roo? By the way, your snow monkeys look fearsome!

  2. Fantasy football. The mind boggles. Best of luck, Joe.

    Hey, you didn’t tell us which of the sliders Alex liked!

    @Susan: Sliders are small hamburgers. The name comes from the oniony little square hamburgers served at White Castle restaurants (the precursor to McDonald’s and Burger King) here in the Midwest. Sliders were famous for being both greasy and additive.

    Here’s a little history on Wikipedia:

    And if you are craving a White Castle fix: .

  3. Sounds like a good team! And like you I am looking for something good from the Lions this year–we really need a good season from them this year.

  4. That first paragraph had me a bit concerned until I read further and understood all was well with the world. I hope you are correct about the Cowboys this year. Our ‘Boys could do with a good season.

  5. Not a bad draft at all Joe! My number two QB is is also my sleeper pick, Kevin Kolb. He’s either going to be the sleeper pick of the year or just a simple bye week replacement. Either way, I drafted him late enough that it didn’t matter, it was a no brainer for me to get him.

    I whole heartedly agree with your assessment of the dog killer(that’s also what we call him in our league, full of dog owners as well). There’s no way he’s going to put up the kind of numbers that everybody thinks he will. He had a lot of easy games last year and when they finally played some decent opponents with better defenses, he was a turnover machine. I can not for the life of me understand why he was ranked so high on so many lists.

    Haha, Mike Dopud is on SG1 right now aprehending Ben Browder at the pay phone kiosk at the high school reunion. Not only is it strange to see a pay phone kiosk, but there’s a flyer on it for Damian Kindler! Couldn’t see the rest of the flyer to see what it’s about, it just caught my eye. Fun stuff!

    Just remember, with as stressful as this day was, every Saturday night and Sunday afternoon will be just as stressful as you quibble over who to start and then watch tickers looking for your players names and stats hoping they produced all while having no idea how the guy you’re playing’s guys have done. …..Tell me again why I play fantasy football?

    The worst part is, I’m in two leagues. I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess. 🙂


  6. “QB #2: Tony Romo – … he’s back and the Cowboys are one of two teams I expect big things from this season.”

    😆 😆 😆 That’s funny! Well, they do have a good coach.

  7. Having my heart hardened over the years with the Vikings many seasons ending in disappointment, I make the following observations: 1)while a skilled athlete, Peterson is a Viking and will end up not fulfilling your fantasy. 2) he is behind a substandard offensive line. 3) having lived in a place where there are monkey, they are evil. Have a thrilling season.
    It is like a SG marathon on a local station: Road Not Taken, Bad Guys, and Arc of Truth.

  8. Hey guys! Missed you all. Been catching up on posts between yesterday & today. Still at hospital. Here’s the short version. Monday of last week sicker than a dog with what I thought was return of spider bite infection. Admitted. Surgery consult on Tuesday night. Incision & drainage of abscess tried at bedside but I was in agony that 6 mg of morphine did not help while he debrided the abscess that ruptured. Took me to surgery Thursday afternoon (transferred me postop to a surgical floor where I’m getting along with the staff MUCH better). Massive, massive infection (grew 4 different bacteria). No way to arrange any kind of post op on Friday with long weekend ahead; the wound was not going to be checked until Saturday morning. Unpacking/repacking excruciating. Saturday unpacking even more excruciating (with less pain med given before it). Today resident ordered higher dose of pain med before packing the wound. The wound is about 2 inches long, 2 inches wide (maybe bigger) and at least 1 inch deep. Second wounds, two holes, near my ulnar nerve & radial artery. First one was near median nerve. He did not repack the smaller ones and I’ve been in much less pain today. Today is Labor Day. I expect the resident will come in unpack the one wound and repack the wound and hopefully leave the two smaller ones alone. Tuesday is when surgeon gets back and will take a look himself and make a decision. All I know is that if it hurts this bad that I need morphine to pack a wound there is no way I’m going to be going that myself. And they BETTER give me decent by-mouth pain medication to help me at home. This has been more painful than my 29-hour active labor (when contractions were 5 minutes apart) without an epidural.

    I’ve pestered my infectious disease doctor to death trying to figure out the sequence of events. They are not real convinced the original boo-boo in July was a spider bite. In trying to explain the 4 different bacteria in there, I’ve got a lot of theories. His advice: Stop focusing on the past and what might have or have not happened. I had an opening in the skin from something; it got infected with multiple bacteria. Now we need to focus on taking care of the wounds, preventing future infection and future surgery. I am going to be a very compliant indivudual. I took a picture (the one wound has packing in it). When I get home, I’ll upload them. It’s really nauseating that I can see halfway into my arm.

    Now that I’m caught up, I’ll be able to be caught up. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

  9. @ Ponytail – I’m pretty sure a Snakebar is something you find in like…San Francisco. 😉

    @Sparrowhawk – A loooooong time ago I was out with my family and I had some wine. I wasn’t much of a drinker, and on top of it I hadn’t had much to eat, so the stuff went right to my head. I started getting all silly-like..giggling uncontrollably and stuff. So the family decided they better get me something to eat, quick. We were driving around, and we passed a White Castle. They asked me if I wanted to get a burger, and I said, “Suuuure! Let’s eat at White Cloud!”

    Only problem is White Cloud is a toilet paper brand. 😛


  10. I remember when I used to know all the players, and that was way before Fantasy Football took off. Now I’m attempting to concentrate on JV Football for my son. Having to learn all their names is hard!

  11. @ PBMom – Dear Lord you’ve got some problems! So sorry you are in such pain and misery. Infections can be very stubborn to cure. I will pray for a quick, complete recovery. I hope you get released from the hospital soon and back to your regular life.

    @ Das – How do you know…? 😉

  12. @PB Mom–how horrible! Hope you get some good news soon, and have lots of good pain medication.

  13. @PBmom: ouch! Here’s hoping and praying the big boo-boo stops hurting and starts healing. Your I.D. doc is right: look ahead not back.

    @das: Funny story! And after you eat at White Castle you better be well stocked with White Cloud.

    I didn’t understand a word of this blog either – my brain saw “fantasy football league” and stopped processing after that. Except for registering the snow monkey pictures. 😉

    I think I have a raccoon in my attic again in spite of the metal animal-proofing wire cages installed around all of my roof vents. 🙁 Have to get the critter catchers out here to evict him/her.

  14. @ PBMom – Damn. That’s just horrible! Sounds like a MRSA-type infection. My dad had that 11 years ago after open heart surgery – all around his heart. In his case the wound was nearly the size of a tea cup saucer, and you could see right into his chest cavity and his heart. Took a while, but they got it (they used the VAC system). Talking with Michael Moorcock on his forum about his own battle with infections (his due to diabetes, ill-fitting shoes, and too much dancing 😉 ), he says that just about the only good thing to come out of these wars America’s fighting is better infectious disease/wound care treatment. It’s come a looooong way in the past ten years. Mike lives in Texas now and has much praise for his wound care team, but I forget which hospital he uses. Still, a lot of hospitals are adopting these new war-tried treatments, and they seem to be working quite well.

    Take care of yourself and sending speedy healing vibes your way!



  15. I’m with das, I don’t understand this entry at all.
    The Jets are a football team, right? Are they playing somewhere?

    @ PBMom, please keep your spirits up and know part of the battle is a “take no prisoners” upbeat attitude. You will heal and be better.

    Off to a family BBQ where I will surely hear more about fantasy or reality football… ah-me, BORING. At least I can play with the little kids who, like me, care about other stuff, like cats and food.

    Well, enjoy the day all,

  16. While I am surprised and excited you took Tony and Dez and wish you the best of luck with the Snow Monkeys, I am worried that you will somehow blame me when the weak, loaded with rookie O-line breaks down. Dez will have a good season but this team is weaker than it has been in recent years and that’s pretty weak. The running game is all on Felix Jones. If he gets hurt, it’s over. Rex Ryan better coach defence as well as he eats. As far as my team goes I always try to stay positive but you know you’re in trouble when you’re hoping at least two rookies step up and emerge as superstars. The first game against the Jets will say it all. Romo could get sacked five times.

  17. @sylvia
    Those snow monkeys don’t look fearsome, they look awesome! Look at that little punk one on the second pic and tell me you wouldn’t want to own one!

  18. Damnit! It seems everyone but me has been able to nab Mason Crosby this year!
    Good luck in your league, Joe.

  19. So awesome to see Mr. Cooper slumming it with us here in this little corner of the web! 😉

    I have to agree. I had more than a few decisions on picks this year based on health and overall ability of the offensive line of the player’s team. Makes me feel good in a way because that’s what I played all my years in football(except my last year, I switched to inside linebacker). It really does matter how good the o-line is, without a good one, no running back gets through. I don’t care if it’s AP or Fred Taylor.

    This is the problem with FF, we could talk about it for days before the season starts. Then during the games, it’s all if’s and hopefully’s. It’s frustrating, fun, and stressful all at the same time.


  20. @TeesterX
    Yes, the one with the spiked punk do is cute. You are right, because these are members of Joe’s team, they are awesome and a team to be feared as they will persevere with their indomitable spirit to win and do him proud.
    Not sure I want to own one…with my allergies, I never know what I will react to.

    Heya Joe, what do you feed these guys?


  21. @Ponytail – Uuuuuuuuuh…Joe told me?? *shifty eyes*

    @Sparrowhawk – I’m more of a Scots kinda gal. 😉

    @2cats – If I’m gonna have a fantasy about anything, it sure as hell isn’t gonna be about football! (Unless, of course, there’s an All-Albino League, or something… 😉 )

    Today Mr. Das and I spent the day with a friend’s 9 year old son, Jaylin. His family had evacuated with my brother’s family to the same hotel we stayed in, and ever since he’s been asking to come visit our kitties again. So we gave mom a break and brought him to our place, where I showed him all my museum-y type stuff, and art…he really liked my Wolverine sketch. He draws, too, so I tried to encourage him to keep it up. I gave him a couple fossilized shark teeth, and he thought that was cool. I also showed him the black swallowtail butterfly caterpillars in my parsley plants, and a hatched cocoon, and he thought that was all way cool, too. Nine-year olds are great! Then we went to the zoo, and saw the baby snow leopard (playing wif him mommy!), and baby lemurs (playing wif der mommies), and it was all so wonderful!

    Now I’m pooped. Really enjoyed his company, though – he’s a sweet kid and not nearly as whiny as Mr. Das. 😀


  22. In lieu of having any new SG to watch, I’ve begun reading the SG1 novels. I am reminded of a question that bothered me while SG1 was active. Teal’c always addressed Sam and Gen Hammond as, “Major Carter” and “General Hammond.” He only called Col. O’Neill just “O’Neill.” He called Daniel “Daniel Jackson” every time. What was the reasoning for the (what I consider to be) inconsistentcy in the way he addressed people? All of SG1 were a tight family. Why didn’t he call Sam “Samantha Carter?” or just “Carter?” He called Cameron “Col. Mitchell.” Why not Jack “Col. O’Neill?” Teal’c always seemed to me to be someone very precise in everything that he did, so why didn’t he address everyone in a similar fashion? Thank you.

  23. @PBmom, hope you kick this things butt, sending positive thoughts your way.
    @gilder, take care of yourself.
    ~~~~and GO SNOW MONKEYS!!~~~~

  24. @PBMom:

    Sorry to hear about the infection(s); you’re in our prayers!

    I’m not a fan of pain-killers in general (which is probably a good thing). When I had 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns over the left half of my chest (about 15% of my skin was burned), they used Demerol in the Emergency Room and then prescribed Codine during the next 6 weeks of recovery. Neither really worked. The Demerol knocked me out (making me forget even having the shot) and the Codine had results that were so variable (including insomnia) that I found it easier to just put up with the pain. I’m hoping your pain meds work better than mine did.

    Get home soon!

  25. Peterson and White! Great combination, how did anyone let you get both of them! Though even that might not help you get over Manning not playing and an average TE.

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