Although we started an hour later this morning, I had to add an hour to my travel time so it was a wash: no extra sleep for me.  5:20 a.m. wake-up, walk the dogs, wash up, then out the door at 6:30 a.m.  By the time I rolled into The Devil’s Punch Bowl at Stoney Creek, Director Bruce McDonald was already talking car stunts with our Car Stunt Coordinator Michel Julienne.  There was some initial concern the recent rainfall could complicate the game plan but, fortunately, it dried up fairly quickly and, eventually, even the sun came out.  And then left later that afternoon, making way for overcast skies and a fine mist for the vineyard scene.

Patrick, Bruce, and Michel discuss the car stunts.
The Lamborghini, in position.
A picnic by the cliff side.

Both of our shooting locations were situated a short walk from the Punch Bowl Market, purveyors of fine foods (pies in particular).  And so, after lunch, I sat down to some blueberry pie.  A la mode of course…

Derek = one piece.
Onno - 1 1/2 pieces.
Robert = 1 1/2 pieces.
Tara = 3 pieces. Probably more because she was still eating when I left to get back to work. Look! She's got something in her eye.
Tara destroys dessert!
Stephan stocks up.
We return to work after lunch. Well, Simon does anyway, wondering where the hell is everyone else?
Cruising the vineyard.
Uber-adorable Erin shows off HER NEW LAMBOGHINI, a reward for her 2+ months of hard work on the production.

Finally completed by rewrite of Payback.  Not the last time I’ll be revisiting the script, I’m sure.  Still, quite relieved it’s finally out of the way.  Now, I can take a break – and work on my rewrite of Sharks.

17 thoughts on “August 3, 2011: Transporter – Episode #2 – 12 Hours – Day 5!

  1. Um, two months and she gest a frickin’ GALLARDO SUPERLEGGERA?!

    Joe, can I please come work for you?

    Also, supercars aside, would you do a favor for me and list off the 10-20 best restaurants you’ve been to in Toronto so far? I’m working on something and it would help, thanks!

  2. Speaking of restaurants, Joe, I may visit ReFuel next week. May I drop your name? Thanks.

  3. Well, at the rate you’re feeding folks they should soon be putting you in their wills. Looks yummy. It’s cool watching the show come together, but it becomes frustrating realizing we don’t get to see the finished results for another 5 months. Hope the weekend and the rewrites go well.

  4. Will be keeping paws crossed for Maximus’ vet appt tomorrow and sending good thoughts your way.

  5. How can someone that thin demolish three pieces of pie? That’s really not fair.

  6. Coucou Joseph!! Comment allez vous aujourd’hui?

    Merci pour ces photos! Si vous voulez un vrai décor de vigne je vous invite à venir chez mes parent lol, le Médoc c’est le meilleur endroit du monde je crois :)!

    Alors comment va la santé de Maximus?

    Aujourd’hui 4 Aout, c’est mon anniversaire!! J’ai 21 ans!!! Dire que j’ai commencé à venir sur votre blog à l’age de 16 ans…mon dieu que ça passe vite!!

    ça me ferait trop plaisir d’avoir une petite dédicace sur votre blog <3

    Gros bisous,
    Bonne journée!

  7. Joe, I just realized something. Now that you are a high and mighty producer, you get to act like a producer and throw chairs around…demand only green M&M’s…you know, the fun stuff. Are you taking advantage of those special perks yet?


  8. Sorry to hear about Maximus… Hoping for good prognosis for him.

    Looks like you’re enjoying Toronto a bit more than you were. Good food will do that.

  9. I don’t belive that Tara ate three pieces of pie. Nope, ….don’t believe it.

    Good luck with Max!!!!

  10. quoting Lou Zucaro
    Um, two months and she gest a frickin’ GALLARDO SUPERLEGGERA?!

    Joe, can I please come work for you?

    i’d be cheaper. i’d work for some of the food he posts pictures of. not the animal innards & stuff like that, but most of the baked goods/sweets.

  11. Is that THE Bruce McDonald? Of “Dance Me Outside” & “Hard Core Logo”? If so, it’s impressive you’ve got him on board.

    Kawartha Ice Cream – the best you’ll find in the GTA.

    Also, Jewel Staite is in town – I bet she’d have some good restaurant suggestions for you.

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