Back at it again today, this time in Stouffville for a visit to Geneva and a very unique home plus a healthy dose of action compliments of Fight Choreographer Cyril Raffaelli (pictured above, calling YOU out).

The day was a scorcher!

Flower child Tim Bider makes love not war.
Stephanie's salute to Switzerland.
All revved up and ready to go.
Brendan swings by set for the free coffee, then heads back to the production offices for the free lunch.
David Julienne, aka The Driver, aka 009.
Tara and Robert on an upscale picnic. And then, presumably (check out the hat below), The Kentucky Derby.

Need a lift?
What's in YOUR trunk.
Sweet ride!
The Maestro: Director Bruce McDonald

It was a hot, long day and, as a thank you to my terrific cast and crew, I arranged for a little treat…

Ice cream for everyone!

Tomorrow, I’m Hamilton-bound for a little cliff-side action and some vineyard intrigue.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send their thoughts, links, and well-wishes for Maximus.  They are greatly appreciated.  My poor little (big) guy is more lethargic, obviously slower, but his appetite remains strong which I take as a good sign.  He also seems to be in relatively good spirits, still demonstrating his typical tail-wagging affection for the neighborhood kids who stop to pet him.

We have an appointment this Thursday to see a specialist at the University of Guelph.  I’ll be going armed with a bunch of the helpful info several of you have provided, along with a slew of questions.

31 thoughts on “August 2, 2011: The Transporter – Episode #2 – 12 Hours – Day #4! Thanks from me and Maximus!

  1. “We have an appointment this Thursday to see a specialist at the University of Guelph. I’ll be going armed with a bunch of the helpful info several of you have provided, along with a slew of questions.”

    Cool, Best wishes! 🙂

  2. These Maximus pictures are breaking my heart. 🙁

    I really hope he’ll be okay. If I’m a tad quiet the next few days, it’s because of worry. You and your getting me to love those furry little goofballs of yours…


  3. Maximus is a sweeeeet baby!
    You are a wonderful doggie daddy. You take care of your lil ones.
    And, you also show consideration for many others – including your cast and crew. That made me smile. Now to wait for the news of Thursday. I want to smile some more.

  4. Hey Joe…

    I’m so sorry about Maximus… seems the dogs have been having some problems this past year. 🙁 Hope Maximus gets better soon… and hope there is no more doggy sickness anytime soon. 🙁

    Cool location shoot…. can’t wait to see it premier next year… it feels like SGU all over again (Though hopefully the show will last for more than 2 years) 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D.

    P.S. Annnnnndddd… yep.. Tara is still gorgeous. 😛

  5. That picture of maximus on the very top title of your weblog, how long ago was that taken?

  6. Joe, I’m so sorry to read about the gorgeous Maximus. Poor little guy, and poor you. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you both. Best of luck.

  7. Just got back from vacation. I hope things look up for Maximus.

    Awwwwww…you let neighborhood children pet your dogs. That’s darling.

  8. Have asked my friends to also pray for Maximus’ recovery. All of us are rooting for Maximus and his family! Maximus is still recovering from surgery also, so his lethargy is probably due to that! Big hugs!!!

  9. Stouffville eh? You chose a great spot for filming, that little area is amazing to visit. If you can, check out Musselman Lake just north of Stouffville.

    All the best for Maximus, keep up the high spirits!

  10. All the best to Maximus. Just read yesterday’s blog, that’s awful, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the specialist will have some good news.

    Now as a Swiss transplant in Canada, I feel the need to point out that the Geneva border does not have any of those little striped huts. And the ‘Grenzwache’ car should be a ‘gardes-frontière’ car like in this pic: Geneva is French speaking. lol Okay, done nitpicking, I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

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  12. Big squishy ~~hugs~~ for Maximus, and fingers crossed for Thursday and good news.
    –a fine looking driver in that -need a lift -pix,,thanks..
    -yippee for ice cream, such a nice guy you are..

  13. I loved the pictures! It’s supposed to be 104F in this area (Memphis/MS). The heat drains you after a few minutes outside 🙁 .

    Sending hugs to Max! I’m working at the humane society today. I wish all the dogs there get as lucky as Max (a great home).

  14. Just catching up from a long weekend. So sorry to hear about Max. I’ll definitely keep you in my thoughts.

    We went through something similar with my dog Melissa 8 years ago, dutifully taking her to University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital for chemo treatments every Monday for 8 months. She was a family member, so you do what you have to do, you know?

  15. Hope all goes well at the appointment for Maxie aka “The Seal Cub,” he of the sweet face. As they say in Korea, “Fighting!”

    Today it’s finally a bit cooler with a chance of Batman; they are filming near my home, sadly couldn’t see much more than the usual tents, trailers and barricades. We have several more weeks of Bane battling Batman to look forward to tho.

  16. Only just read yesterday’s blog, I hope everything goes well for Maximus. Keeping my fingers crossed for him

  17. Awww… If Maxi baby is still eating, and glad to be out in the neighborhood and getting pets and love from kids, he still wants to participate in life. Good sign. 🙂 Said more prayers for healing, wisdom, insight, and peace today. Give Max a gentle-gentle kiss on the forehead for me, sweet doggie boy.

  18. Coucou Joseph!! Comment allez vous? Moi ça va bien, je profite de mes vacances 🙂 c’est toujours un plaisir de venir sur votre blog!

    Merci pour ces nombreuses photos, mais je me pose une question, ne serait t’il pas plus économique de tourner directement en Suisse?

    Ohh je suis tellement triste pour votre Maximus, j’espere vraiment qu’il ira mieux! Je lui envoi pleins de gros bisous!!!

    A bientôt!

  19. Just wondering, if Netflix is an option to continue SGU or the SGA and SG1 movies, since they’re getting involved with original content

  20. Hey Joe

    Stouffville, eh! I coulda made it there in 20 minutes. Let me know if you’re going to be in the Ajax-Pickering-Oshawa area. I’d love to buy you a coffee!


  21. Good luck tomorrow. I’ve heard good things about the program at Guelph University, having had friends who have taken their dogs there for a variety of different ailments.
    So sending good thoughts your way and hoping for some positive news tomorrow.
    Take care Joe.

  22. Sending good thoughts from the West Coast for you and your special little guy. It’s such a shock when a vet gives you news such as you’ve had. Makes you hug your pets all that much harder. Good luck.

  23. Joe, Just read about Maximus. I am so sorry to hear about his diagnosis. Sending positive thoughts your way.

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