Today, after waking up, working out, walking the dogs, picking up/dropping off my shirts at the dry cleaners, doing some banking, having an oyster po’boy for lunch, buying something at Futureshop, dropping off Akemi’s shoes to be fixed, getting groceries, picking up canned pumpkin for the dogs (it keeps them regular), walking the dogs again, and swinging by the liquor store for some Malibu Rum, Grand Marnier, Captain Morgan, and some Guinness for the next round of truffle-making, all the while pursuing a fruitless attempt to track down a cold can of Chinotto, I had absolutely no time leftover to do much but work on this blog entry and prepare to head out for dinner with Scott Nemes, our new HBO/Cinemax point man.

Many of you have asked me to continue offering some insight into the Atlantis movie (Stargate: Extinction) Paul and I scripted way back when.  Well, attempts to find out if the studio has plans for the script have come up empty.  And so, rather than reveal too much, I will offer a little more in the way of the set-up to the story.  As I already mentioned in a previous entry, the events of the movie take place soon after (maybe about a week or so) after Atlantis has returned to the Milky Way.  It has been parked on the dark side of the moon, away from prying eyes, and operations continue as busily as they had back in Pegasus.  Things are running smoothly enough until McKay is suddenly made aware that the city’s self-destruct has been initiated, the result of being out of range of the Pegasus galaxy for too long…

Of course, it’s time to get the band back together and we check in with our various team members as they are called up and beamed away for the return journey: Teyla and her family, Keller, Beckett, Lorne, Zelenka and, of course, Sheppard and Ronon who are plucked away while receiving treatment at a local hospital following a barroom brawl (we went back and incorporated the scar actor Jason Momoa received following an incident near his L.A. home).  Once everyone has assembled, McKay gives them the 411.  Given the time constraints they face, they have to get back to Pegasus as quickly as possible – meaning they’ll have to use the wormhole drive again.  Zelenka calculates that two jumps should do it.

And they’re off.  Sort of.  The first jump ends up burning out the drive, rendering it useless and leaving them stranded with the countdown click ticking down. However, a scan of the surrounding plants turns up a habitable world within range.  They go there seeking help and, instead, end up involved in a wild time-travel themed adventure in which Todd, the wraith, turns out to be, simultaneously, their hugest threat and biggest ally.

And that’s all I’m going to say on the subject for now.  Although it seems increasingly unlikely this movie will ever get made, I don’t want to discount the possibility it may come to fruition through some alternate venue be it a comic book, novel, or radio play.  Fingers crossed!

81 thoughts on “July 16, 2011: More on that Atlantis script!

  1. “Although it seems increasingly likely this movie will ever get made” Got my hopes up for a second, but my context clues suggest you meant to use the word unlikely…

    Still, sounds like a good story. 🙂

  2. One of the only problems with the idea of a self destruct device on Atlantis would be to explain why, and when they constructed such a system, as Atlantis would of no doubt been on Earth even after the Ancients finished construction, as in they would have to test the citys systems, get the people aboard who want to go, things like that. To me it seems like if this device was in existance at this point, it would seem rather foolish if it couldn’t be deactivated.

    Not to mention it was never covered if the Ancients stopped off in other galaxies before landing on the planet as seen in the pilot episode.

    Honestly I’m not big on this deus ex machina plot device..

    Anyway I doubt the movie will get made, the very fact MGM cleared out the props at the Bridge says it all. However I would rather see you, Brad, RCC, Carl, Paul etc do a new Stargate series instead of doing that movie. But again I guess that won’t happen either.

    Always a reboot I suppose.

  3. Re: Atlantis script

    Really?! I’m sold!

    Re: canned pumpkin

    Just how do you pick up these little tidbits? If I eat pumpkin pie, will it work for me, too?

  4. Evening Joe!

    Wow, I’m the first one to reply to your blog tonight, instead of one of the last!
    Just want to say the script sounded great, I like the premises of the story, and the idea of Shep & Ronon getting involved in a bar fight is priceless.

    BTW, this is probably of no interest to you what so ever but I’m watching a black and white TOTP’s as I write this. Its from the 60’s with Tom Jones/The Stones and The Bee Gees to name a few – that is definitely when music was music!

    Thanks for the update and try not to work too hard – Joanie.

  5. I think the comic book avenue would be a great way to continue the Stargate franchise, especially Stargate Universe. There is such a great story that can continue to be told with Universe and comic books could be the next best way to do it, in my opinion. (A Universe movie, in contrast, would try to cram too much or seem too short.) I am really hoping for a Universe comic.

    But going back to the blog post, I’d buy Atlantis in comic form too.

  6. they should find a decent writer and just novelize it. Seems like such a waste considering the huge stargate following.

  7. “a pervious entry” and “Although it seems increasingly likely this movie will ever get made” deliberate mistakes to excite us fanboys?? Love this blog!

  8. Joe, I’m thinking you mean it’s unlikely the movie will ever get made (you said likely) although I’m still hoping it comes to fruition in some form or fashion. Thanks for the little bit of insight.

    Moving preparations continue. We leave for the West Coast in eight days.

    Have a good night!!!!!

  9. Gee Joe, you do realize that your opening paragraph was one, single run-on sentence?

    By the way, just reading it was tiring, never mind actually doing all of it.
    I must be further along into dotage than I thought.

    Stargate: Extinction sounds way cool. A radio play? Really?


  10. Thanks a lot for this. 🙂

    ” Although it seems increasingly likely this movie will ever get made, I don’t want to discount the possibility it may come to fruition through some alternate venue be it a comic book, novel, or radio play. Fingers crossed!”

    So no one has anymore news about Fox possibly picking up Universe or some part of the Stargate franchise (in regards to the report about Fox in the U.K. having that contest that was previously posted about)?

  11. oh ye gods. I wish you hadn’t given us more a a teaser. I love the time travel/AU stories that you folks did in the SG franchise. It would have been very very cool to have seen this latest one. And I could imagine some interesting scenarios for Todd in all this. Still, despite the teeth knashing(I go to the dentist at the end of the month; I am sure she will understand my explanation for my ground down teeth). I do hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thanks for takign the time to share.

  12. @Randomness

    For the same amount of time Joe could speand doing a decent book, he could spend on a TV show as producer :::::::::::

    LOL I meant WRITER as in what he is already doing. It was a joke following up on previous person’s joke.

  13. IM just gonna say it…

    This fucking sucks.

    I already know the movie won’t get made but that fact that the studio has no further plans for either Revolution or Extinction….. sad.

    Stargate always gets screwed

    Extinction – Screwed
    Revolution – Screwed
    SGU season 3 (pretty much promised by network/studio) – Screwed
    SGU wrap up movie – Screwed
    SG combo movie – Screwed
    ANY Stargate Continuation – Currently Screwed

    On that morbid note… FREAKING PUMPED FOR TRANSPORTER SERIES. Looks awesome. 🙂

  14. sounds interesting but i can’t imagine it in my head. Was Todd with them for the ride? why? by time-travel thing you mean some weird alien planet voodoo? The problem is it brings them back to where they started, what will come of atlantis once its back in pegasas? In a weird twist, does it get handed over to the new wraith led by Todd? As for the self-destruct, i have mixed feelings, doesnt feel right ancients would do this, they were never big on guarding their tech anyway (at least for atlantis). Maybe instead of self-destruct, the lucian alliance raided it just like they did with destiny? They wasted their time, they shouldve attacked atlantis instead! If not then you could have some russian rebels or some shady group take over like in Salt and use it to attack earth. didnt daniel do that in his dreams?
    how about this, Todd could be kidnapped by some milky way cult who want to revive goaulds and put a rare symbiot in Todd so he can be their new god, as if being a wraith wasnt bad enough. Or, those evil asgards show up (preferably not). there is just so many ways for the storyline to continue into other seasons and not have the story end.

  15. joe said: And that’s all I’m going to say on the subject for now. Although it seems increasingly unlikely this movie will ever get made, I don’t want to discount the possibility it may come to fruition through some alternate venue be it a comic book, novel, or radio play. Fingers crossed!

    anything on sg1’s ‘revolution’?

  16. Hey, if I send you some of the Atlantis story ideas I have taken from when I desperately wanted to join the writing staff only for Syfy to drop the ax on the show and MGM to continue to hack away at it’s (still can’t believe I’m saying this) corpse, can I take a shot at turning Extinction into a novel? That’s if you like my stuff.

    Anyways, it sounds great and fun. There were so few SGA time travel/AU stories during Atlantis’ run and SG-1’s “Ripple Effect” remains one of my personal favorite episodes. I’d love to see something like that happen for Atlantis. Maybe a return of Torri Higginson as an AU human Weir and not Repli-Weir. Anyway, so much sounds good, so many possibilities. Love it all and love you, Joe, for sharing what you can with us fans who keep the Anything SG flame still burning out here.

  17. @Sg1efc : You should be aware that “FOX in the UK” isn’t really “Woot! FOX Channel!!”
    Instead it’s another of those “Let’s buy the cheap shows, and slap them on automated rotation for the rest of their none-existence”

    Quite handy if you feel like watching a random old episode of Family Guy, but otherwise mostly unwatched. The new Family Guy episodes are usually on BBC Three.

  18. Awww, I want to see that movie SOOOOOOO BAD! Thanks for whatever info you feel you can give to us. I too hope someday to see or read the entire story.

  19. Coucou Joseph!!!
    ça va bien? moi super!! Hier j’ai été au restaurant hier, j’ai bu du kir imperial et mangé du magret de canard avec des patates sautées hummmmm 😀

    Ohhhh merci pour cet aperçu, j’espere vraiment qu’il y aura un film un jour!!! ….Est ce que John & Teyla vont finir ensemble? 🙂

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisous!

  20. Firefly got resurrected without any props/decors…just copied them from the episodes. Who knows :o)

    Have a good sunday Joe!

  21. Just a quick question: Any news from Joel Goldsmith regarding the SGU soundtrack?

  22. Oh I love the idea of John and Ronan being involved in a bar room brawl. I think it would be hilarious if it came out that this wasn’t their first one.

    You didn’t mention Woolsley. He is still in charge of Atlantis?

  23. I just finish the show for the first time and I love it. Hope we can see that in audio book or a game at least.

  24. Sorry Joe, realised like after a minute of posting that reply I sounded kinda stupid. Mostly with the examples I made. Unfortunatly I didn’t want to clutter the blog post with corrections lol

    Unsure why I posted those examples as examples anyhow, I guess I was tired at the time.

    However I do find the whole Self destruct thing a little Deus ex machina, because well it’s a random twist that has come out of nowhere with little to no build up to push an event forward. In the series it was never mentioned that the Ancients even wanted to keep Atlantis in Pegasus. It seems a little too.. convient to say the least.

  25. @Major D. Davis

    Let’s be honest, if only MGM were Universal Studios. Even after the complete and utter failure of Caprica on Syfy, they were willing to put the money down on a pilot of another spinoff. If only MGM had that faith huh?

    I think everyone feels the same way as you.

  26. Mr. M., I love the way you describe the SGA movie! I read Stargate Atlantis Homecoming It wasn’t a bad story but it didn’t have the zing effect you’ve been describing. (the moon relocation was great!)
    The authors of Homecoming made Sheppard a love sick puppy (over Teyla) and I just couldn’t continue reading the series. It seemed like a 180 degree turn for Sheppard’s character. That story line doesn’t make sense to me. For those fans that are team Teyla, they would probably love Homecoming. I’ll try not to describe anymore spoilers from the book, just in case others might want to read it.

    Thank you, for taking time out of your busy schedule to post!

  27. Netflix is the ONE company with the money to produce more Stargate, the distribution channel to play it, and the built-in ability to precisely measure its success. We must awaken the sleeping giant! With 6.5 MILLION total Netflix ratings averaging 4 out of 5 stars, would it really be so hard to convince them that continuing the Stargate franchise is a fabulous idea?

    Failing that, I’d love to see comic books/radio play combos that can be enjoyed independently or together, similar to the comic book/record sets Power Records produced with new Star Trek and Space: 1999 stories long, long ago.

  28. For me this show was really entertaining. I grew up watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation” all my life, then this show grabs my attention and becomes my favorite show. I currently own all 5 seasons and have watched the series though at least 5 or 6 times, and several episodes I’ve listened to the commentaries and learned some fun and interesting facts given by Martin Gero, Martin Wood, et cetera. I’ve seen the show so many times to know a large amount of McKay’s lines in particular. Consider me a huge nerd, and believe me when I say that when something happens to a nerds’ favorite show, you’d be lucky not to see a raging rampage outside of your studio. Picture the “Save Carson Beckett” protest crowd, but actual pissed off, concerned, devoted fans or in my case, devoted nerd fans.

    I understand that all good things must come to an end. I get that. It’s a fact of life. What I don’t get is why the network cancels good series like these, especially with such a devoted fan base. I mean don’t get me wrong, it might not made it as far as SG-1 did (great job with that by the way!), but at the very least it would’ve been nice to give another season or so to wrap up the series a bit better.

    Nothing personal, but when it comes to series finales the ones for SG-1, SGA, and SGU were okay, but they weren’t satisfying. They didn’t seem to completely tie up loose endings storyline-wise. “The Ark Of Truth” made the perfect ending for SG-1 as well as give it the ending it needed to tie up the Ori arc. For SGA and SGU, the threads are still uncut.

    For Atlantis: What happens to the people in Pegasus still at the mercy of the Wraith, now that Atlantis has returned to Earth? Any relationship changes/marriages/new characters for the series? Will the Wraith ever be “cured” or “free” from having to feed on humans? Will the Genii try to conquer the galaxy if they do? Will a new enemy emerge (like season 5 episodes 10 & 11 “First Contact/ The Lost Tribe” or season 5 episode 4 “The Daedalus Variations”) and become a more powerful threat than the Goa’uld, Ori, Wraith, and Replicators combined? Or like “dioxholster” said before me, should the Lucian Alliance go after Atlantis instead?

    For Universe: Will Eli ever figure out how to get the Destiny past the drones into the next galaxy? Will the Destiny ever find what it was supposed to find? Will the crew ever get home? Will Destiny ever get help from home? Will the Lucian Alliance make it to Earth? Will the “aliens” (what the hell are those blue guys supposed to be called anyway?!) ever find them and actually kill them, or will it cause some kind of accident to get them home? Will a time-traveler go back in time and use a formula-perfect wormhole-in-a-star approach to dial home (see the series finale “Endgame” of Star Trek: Voyager”, it’s how I got the idea/question)?

    Sadly to say it would kill me to not even know the single answer to one of these questions. I could read a book but it wouldn’t be the same thing. It wouldn’t be as real.

    If at all possible, please, do what you can to at least get a movie for Atlantis and Universe. If those two movies can give me better closure for the series like “The Ark Of Truth” did with SG-1, then I will be satisfied, and I’m sure my fellow “nerds” would agree.

    Until then, thanks again for the update Joe. Keep it up, and thanks again for being part of one of the best series ever to hit television!

  29. Just send this message to the Doctor Who staff….why is it here…well, skip to the bottom ?

    Step 1: In this scenario, the researcher must imagine he is a TV producer.
    Step 2: Said producer is going to make a TV show about a bar. Cheers is taken, so I’m calling it Burp.
    Step 3: The producer gets to work, he hires people, scripts get written and – here comes the crunch – sets are build.

    And that is where gets complicated. Because the sets are matter, thus made out particles and thus subject to the rules of quantum psychics. And – as I understand it – that means that there are infinite versions of the set. So does that meant that ?

    * The multi verse is home to a whole bundle of “Burpiverses” ? (Universes where either the bar or the TV show exists.)
    * And if there is such a band, would there be one…..’Bang On Burpiverse ?’ Where history matches the TV show shown in our universe down to the smallest detail.

    And what does that mean for the boundary between fact and fiction ? If the answer to these questions is ‘No’, then the experiment is done. But if the answer is yes, then is not. Because then more questions are raised. Such as…

    * What happens if we widen the net ? To every TV show ever made, what does that spell for the multi-verse ?
    * The seriousness of this question can be proven an example. To begin with, two words: Reality Bomb.
    * In Doctor Who, the Reality Bomb is a device of Dalek origin that is capable of dissolving all matter in the multi-verse. Luckily, it was stopped by Donna Noble. The snag is….if this experiment holds up for all TV shows….there is not one Whoniverse, but multiple.
    * And if quantum psychics is corrected and “everything that can happen, does happen’…should not – eventually – there be a universe where the Daleks succeed ?
    * Perhaps even several ?
    * Which would beg the question…..why is the multi-verse still here ?

    I couldn’t help thinking….’why the multiverse still here ?….Destiny…maybe, just maybe Telford was wrong. Maybe the mission wasn’t about saving the UNIverse, but something a lot bigger….

  30. Wow, could have been a great movie!!! I hate the SYFY Channel!!
    I wish i can see in the future a book about the Stargate Extincion script!

  31. Joe,

    I’ve been following your journey as you put Transporter together. Thank you for sharing the details. It has been fascinating so far. Is it typical for showrunners to also write? If you had to choose between writing and producing, which would you choose?

  32. Just taking a moment out of my busy day to congratulate Japan for winning the women’s football (soccer) World Cup. Well-deserved! 😀

    And Joe, thanks for the Atlantis movie teasers. To echo Sparrowhawk – “Todd!!!!!!!!” 😀


  33. @Jayenkai

    “@Sg1efc : You should be aware that “FOX in the UK” isn’t really “Woot! FOX Channel!!”
    Instead it’s another of those “Let’s buy the cheap shows, and slap them on automated rotation for the rest of their none-existence”

    Well that’s depressing, but Thanks anyway for that info, LoL. 🙂

  34. I know I’m coming in late here, but thank you a lot for that description of the movie script. Given my love of time-travel stories, I’m now regretting even more that we’re not getting to see it. (But it’s a good regret.)

  35. Eufemia, it just rolls off the tongue. Wasn’t there a Nelson Eddy movie with Jeanette McDonald called “My Darling Eufemia”? Just lovely.

  36. How much do these films cost to produce? and is it in the collective fans finicial possibility? just like Farscape…just a thought…

  37. Ya no a lot of good shows hae beeen cancelled.
    For example:the event,stargate sg1,v,stargate universe and stargate atlantis. These were the best shows. Correction:these ARE the best shows.
    How is is these shows were cancelled yet eureka ghost whispers ghost hunters doctor who and the other dumb movies and shows are still on. WHY???????????????
    Let’s not give up for the stargate extinction movie!!!

  38. If the movie won’t be done, why not write a book, or maybe some more, for us to follow the story?
    It would be a blast, I’m sure!

  39. Of course, Sarah, we ALL want the movie!! (I especially want to see what will happen with Todd), but I’ve read it is unlikely, so books by the authors of the franchise is better than nothing!

  40. **Tam Dixon

    Mr. M., I love the way you describe the SGA movie! I read Stargate Atlantis Homecoming It wasn’t a bad story but it didn’t have the zing effect you’ve been describing. (the moon relocation was great!)
    The authors of Homecoming made Sheppard a love sick puppy (over Teyla) and I just couldn’t continue reading the series. It seemed like a 180 degree turn for Sheppard’s character. That story line doesn’t make sense to me. For those fans that are team Teyla, they would probably love Homecoming. I’ll try not to describe anymore spoilers from the book, just in case others might want to read it.

    Thank you, for taking time out of your busy schedule to post!**

    About Homecoming, Tam, I couldn’t agree with you more. It just seemed that the authors didn’t really understand the series and I know that one of them practically boycotted Atlantis’ Fourth Season because Sheppard wasn’t Teyla’s Baby-Daddy. It kind of made me sick what they did to the series. I’m on a personal mission to fix that in the Atlantis Post Series Ender I’m writing; my backstory for it (aside from the series itself) is every scrap of info Joe or Brad Wright or Paul are letting out about Extinction. Hopefully it’ll work and get published. Keep fingers crossed (mine are)!

  41. Homecoming was a decent start to what will be a 7 book series. I’d hardly say that my personal experiences yield scientific results, but most of the few people that I’ve come across that really seem to dislike the book, and especially for the reasons you’ve stated, are Elizabeth fans. I’m not saying that’s you of course… I read the book, and I didn’t read about anyone acting lovesick. I am happy that they are finally breaking up teyla and kaanaan. That never made sense to me: instant baby and boyfriend in one episode??? At least there was some build up to sheppard and teyla within the show over the seasons.

    My main issue with this book was the overall story moving along too slowly. And I’m not talking about couples. Seeing that this is the first of seven, I’m willing to cut it some slack there. I like the books, but I’d prefer a good movie. Here’s to hoping for extinction.


  42. Dead end was good but I feel like the authors don’t follow the scenario of the series meaning rhe characters and the way they r but I hate reading wish it was a movie instead

  43. From ms.m: “[…]I am happy that they are finally breaking up teyla and kaanaan. That never made sense to me: instant baby and boyfriend in one episode??? At least there was some build up to sheppard and teyla within the show over the seasons.[…]”

    Me: But it wasn’t instant baby and boyfriend in one episode. According to Rachel Luttrell in interviews she gave for Stargate magazine, she’d been pushing for Teyla to have a romance that wasn’t Sheppard for a while. That’s why there was a mention of a boyfriend that was a part of her culture in the “Sunday” episode. As for the baby thing, well, she was pregnant in real life and told the writers the first day. She said they actually got to find out before her own family did. That caused them to have to rethink the season because original Rodney was going to be the one expecting a baby via Katie Brown for the fourth season. I can see how it took them awhile to be able to swing the story arcs towards her and start to work in her real pregnancy. And they also did the quintessential television production thing of waiting till Rachel’s pregnancy was really way too big to be hidden anymore before they admitted ‘Yep, she’s preggers.’

  44. Oh. How did I know you might say that Samantha. 🙂

    I’ve read the stargate magazine off and on while it was in production, and I never caught that interview. It’s too bad that that magazine isn’t still around. It was nice. My understanding is that the writer for the episode (M. Gero) intended for her to be referencing Sheppard. There is no mention of any kind of current boyfriend for Teyla in Sunday. She and doctor Hewston were talking about her possibly confronting ‘a guy’ she likes. The conversation is very vague on who she is talking about. Teyla speaks of the ways of her people when she says that that’s pretty much why she won’t confront ‘him’. I took it as the character saying she wasn’t brought up to do such a thing.

    We never hear anymore on the subject until you fast forward several episodes into the next season. And BOOM – all of a sudden it’s instant baby and boyfriend. She goes from being far too reserved to so much as approach ‘a guy’ she likes to all of a sudden being pregnant and in a relationship??? The revelation of some kind of actual relationship and it’s resulting pregnancy did all come at once within one episode. All I’m saying is that there was really no build up to that.

    There was at least something there with Sheppard and Teyla. I’ll quote Rachel from an interview she did for the official companion book that season. She’s talking about the scene where Teyla tells Sheppard she’s pregnant:

    “That’s what I mean about my pregnancy bringing about all kinds of deepening emotions for the characters, in terms of how they feel about each other. Joe (Flanigan) and I talked about that scene and how we wanted to play it. Joe decided that for him, there was a certain amount of jealously, because obviously there’s something between the characters, and he wanted to play that. We both wanted to play the fact that they are quite close.”

    My point before was just that you and someone else appeared to be saying that the Homecoming writers just came up with the Sheppard/Teyla thing themselves and that this is a slap in the face to the writers and creators of the show. I disagree. From what I can tell, they’re mostly building on what was already there. I think they took some liberties with the Athosians and their culture, but there wasn’t a lot in the series to go off of, so I think they just filled in blanks. It may not have been the way you or I would have done it, but hey…

    Do I think they wrote all of the characters 100% in character 100% of the time? No. Do I think they did good or well enough most of the time? Yes.

    Not everybody is going to love Homecoming. But hey, you can’t please everyone all the time. The writers, and the creators even, of the tv franchise have been accused of writing beloved classic stargate characters ‘out of character’ by some fans. So I suspect that the Homecoming writers are bound to get some of the same.

  45. There was also something involved in the first series between Elisabeth Weir and John Sheppard.
    Her being his boss is the reason why the relationship couldn’t be exploited.
    Same for Teyla and John, they were working together in the same team, so thw writers didn’t want to go there. That’s the reason why they had to find quickly a boyfriend, but I didn’t like that no-name Kanaan character.

    It’s only in the fanfiction world that people who are fans of the tv show and likes to write fic, can take the freedom to involve whoever characters they love to match together I guess….

  46. It seems to me that the writers weren’t always in agreement about what they wanted to do with couples on the show.

    Just thinking about it (to me) it seemed like with Elizabeth it went from her having a boyfriend (Simon) in season one to her not having a boyfriend in season two and kind of being into Sheppard, to them being work friends in season three, to her dating someone in Sunday, but only for an episode because she can’t date people that work for her, and then she’s gone.

    Then there’s Ronon and Keller kind of having something, then all of a sudden she’s with Rodney who was ‘just’ with Katie and about to propose. Infamous ‘love triangle’ comes next, and then Ronon starts dating Amelia while ‘McKeller’ is born.

    Sheppard: Sometimes he’s a bit of a playboy and sometimes not…

    Then there’s the quintessential ‘maybe/maybe not’ John/Teyla thing. They started out as ‘the intended couple’ for the series, so there was something there at the start. By the end of season one, they became work buddies. He seemed to be into her during season two, but by the beginning of season three it was back to good buddies again. Then she was into him (or ‘a guy’) but wouldn’t confront him about it by the end of season three, then they both seem to be interested beginning of season four, then instant baby/no name boyfriend come all at once in one episode and John mopes off about it. Then it’s platonic, but season five starts off with John having romantically themed dreams about Teyla, then she has the baby while he fights off her stalker, and they move into some kind of distant friends that work together thing. The series ends with them standing next to each other looking sad. My head is spinning, lol.

    Anybody watching this show for the couples likely got their heart broken. Sorry writers. I mean no disrespect. I love the show.

    Fanfic probably is going to be the best place for people who want to fix whatever they think was wrong with the show or the books.


  47. For ms.m, it was magazine issue #14. Although the article does talk about the Sheppard/Teyla will they/won’t they thing. She also says “A lot of people think that Teyla and Sheppard are meant to be together, and who knows. The scene that I shot before I left for the hiatus begins with me walking down this hallway talking to this girl about me wanting to tell some man how I feel. The writers weren’t specific, so who knows who it is? It could be one of our main guys, or it could be someone completely different.”

    My point is that if you were Team Teyla/Sheppard, that “man” was Sheppard. And if you’re Team I’m-so-tired-of-them-hooking-up-the-alien-chick-with-the-human-lead-dude, then the “man” wasn’t Sheppard. I just thought that Homecoming took things and made it overwhelmingly Team Teyla/Sheppard when part of the fun of the characters interactions was the back and forth and especially with the new dynamic of Teyla keeping secrets from the team (i.e., Kanaan and her relationship with him). The article goes into detail about how Teyla was really only starting to let her team mates and the others of the Atlantis Expedition into her personal life. I really liked that Kanaan was a mystery to everyone else except for Weir (she mentioned it in Ghost in the Machine) and Ronon (who said he already knew there had been something brewing between Teyla and Kanaan when he stayed with her people during the Return episodes). It made me want to know what other mysteries she had. There would be so much character growth dynamic. And I thought it would be cool to see how Kanaan and Sheppard would be around each other. You know Sheppard’s whole ‘You got the girl I kinda wanted thing’ and who knows what Kanaan’s issues with Sheppard might have been. There was so much there. I just didn’t want Teyla to get roped into the quintessential alien hot chick hooks up with the “Captain” character (frankly it would be too diminshing a Captain Kirk sort of a thing) and I think Teyla deserves better than to be alien arm candy, which I think would all Teyla would end up being for Sheppard eventually.

    All in all I like the Homecoming series as a sort of Stargate version of STAR TREK Myriad Universes. A 7-book series based off of a ‘What if…’ line of thinking.

  48. Oops, I forgot to add that, in regards to the “Anybody watching this show for the couples likely got their heart broken. Sorry writers. I mean no disrespect. I love the show.” thing, I totally agree. And I like that the show was realistic like that. Sometimes the relationships you’d expect or had your hearts set on weren’t the ones that were going on behind the scenes. It’s cool like that. What isn’t cool is same ole’ same ole’ cliche scifi love story stuff. And I agree with you: BOOKS PLEASE! Can’t you see the title in your local Barnes and Noble or on Amazon: STARGATE ATLANTIS: EXTINCTION (it’d be awesome!)

  49. I can’t see it no offense if thhey make a mivie more people woyld buy it than a book so more money it doesn’t make sense 2 me

  50. Okay you obviously have some deep feelings about the whole John/Teyla situation.

    I respect that you have your feelings about this storyline, but please, can we refrain from the Twilight references of ‘team this’ and ‘team that’ please?

    If you insist, then I guess we could have fun with it. Teyla’s a tiny part wraith and they’re vampire-like, so that probably makes her Edward. Sheppard is Bella,lol. So I guess that leaves Elizabeth (or whoever) as Taylor Lautner’s character.

    I guess it’s cool so long as we don’t start dreaming up scenarios where Teyla turns sparkly in the sunlight, or where John is the constantly confused constant damsel in distress, or where Weir stands outside in the rain for long periods of time looking sad with her t-shirt off… That’s where I draw a line, lol. 🙂

    But back to what you were saying, the quotes you provided just reiterated what I said above about Teyla being interested in ‘a guy’. Those parts of the Ronon/Liz scenes were added in probably to make it seem like instant baby/boyfriend were less out of the blue.

    But even those aren’t great examples if you really look at them, well at least not to me. Ronon? Wasn’t he the one who told Sheppard in Sunday that he always thought Sheppard and Teyla would be together? He guesses that the dad is kannan only after it’s obvious that it isn’t John after John freaked out about it.

    And replicator Elizabeth only suspected kannaan after she incorrectly assumed that John was the father, so I’m not sure that that’s really an example you want to use. I mean, how in love could Teyla have been when kaannan wasn’t even the first guess of the people that knew about him and about how Teyla ‘spoke’ of him??? And please don’t get mad at me; I’m just going off of the show.

    At this point it’s just whatever. The show’s been gone for over 2 years. The Legacy books are out and coming out. If you like them, great. If you don’t, okay. If Extinction (book or movie) comes out then it does. Different people will think what they want to think about that.

    All I know is that I watched sga for 5 seasons. There is a lot that I enjoyed and some things I did not. I am grateful for the things I enjoyed, and I try not to focus too much on the things I did not.

    Enjoy writing your fanfic.


  51. And what do you guys think about a love story between Michael and Teyla?

    I know he is the enemy and had a strange attraction to Teyla, and she was the only one really emphatic and compassionnate with him when he was human….

    I always thought her child could have him as father, and it would be hella great thrilling story!
    Of course I think it would never happen in the spirit of the tv show, unlikely if she would have a thing with Sheppard or another member of the Atlantis team.

    But fanfiction did make great stories about them as a pair, and a book relating a tortuous and fascinating relationship between the two of them would be great!
    Oh wellll…one can dream!

  52. I liked Michael as a bad guy, but an actual romance seems out of the question. She turned him down numerous times on the show, and he even kidnapped her and wanted to use her child for experiments. That doesn’t sound like love or romance to me.

    Having Michael be the father is too much like a kidnapped hostage being forced to bear her kidnapper/attacker’s child. It’s a storyline, but that doesn’t sound like stargate to me. But in the world of Fanfic, I guess anyone can write what they like.

    I think the Sheppard/Teyla romance is way more plausible than her ever wanting a psycho kidnapper.

  53. Ms.m., I can see your point and of course, I didn’t really expected reactions toward my way of thinking 😉 but as I said, one can dream.
    Before I became obsessed with the Todd character, I really felt for Michael.
    as human he was real cute, and I think Teyla really wanted to be friend with him, if no other sentimental feeling. I guess she saw all this experiment unfair for him, like she told many time to Becket and the others.
    Though, I remember I have read a fiction where Michael, transformed mi-wraith mi-human (before he kidnapped her I guess) made her believe (with his strong telephatic powers) he was Kanaan and made love to her. So, Torren was his son, and she just knew about it when he kidnapped her).
    I’m sorry I can’t remember the author and the title of this fanfic.
    Maybe it’s why I kinda dream of something like that about these two characters.
    But of course, like you….I don’t think it would end very well.

    There was something going in fact between Sheppard and Teyla, but both are too professional* to really give in and commit, cause they are work partners.

  54. Did Star Trek not face the death of it’s franchise once? They survived, we will too – it might take time, but Stargate will continue to amaze people and they will want to see more.

  55. To Diane:

    I think Michael’s attraction to Teyla was mostly due to a wraith male’s dedication to the dominant Queen. Michael’s wraith side, despite the effects of the retrovirus, were always present, granted they were in the background of his human on the outside self, but they were still there. I think the wraith in him picked up on the wraith in Teyla and naturally sought her out and attached it’s affections and dedication to her specifically for it.

    To ms.m:

    I’m not sure it was Michael that was using Kanaan to make love to Teyla. She only found out she was pregnant after her people were taking and that she wasn’t that far along yet, which means that Michael didn’t have Kanaan before then. I think, as much as maybe you don’t want to believe it, Kanaan is Teyla’s baby daddy. Not Michael. But good point on Michael’s love for her, because I do really think he took the Queen devotion thing and turned it into a really psycho-demented romance thing.

  56. Samantha:

    You seem to have misread my last post.

    Please know that I neither never thought, nor said that I thought that Michael was Torren’s father.

    Diane (to my knowledge) was asking about the possibility, and I gave her my thoughts on that.

    And in speaking of possibilities, I do agree that it is possible that some of Michael’s attraction to, and obsession with, Teyla could result from him sensing her wraith DNA and having his part wraith need for a queen kick in. I also think that there is a human aspect to this too. I think that as his underdeveloped human side emerged, he did not know how to properly channel those feelings of desire and then respond to her rejection in a normal way for humans. He had never been trained to know, plus there was the wraith side of himself pushing through with its own agenda.

    Anyway, I’m kinda tired of the subject.

    I do have one question for you though because I’m curious: Why do you keep using the term “baby daddy”? It’s not a Twilight reference, so where is it coming from?

    Enjoy writing your fanfic.


  57. I tend to think it’s rather sensing her wraith DNA that made Michael acting like that toward Teyla Emmagan.
    Rather than seeing her as a potential queen, I think he was in fact guided by his human need to love and be loved.
    Being an hybrid cause of the foolish action of atlantis team led him to become insane, and he got like an “obsessed boyfriend” toward Teyla….and I’m sure he would have prefer being the father of her child…he sure was jealous of Kanaan.

  58. To Diane:

    Oh for sure he was jealous of Kanaan. I think that’s why he targeted Kanaan in order to get to Teyla, because Kanaan had already gotten to Teyla.

  59. To ms.m:

    “Babby Daddy” is a slang term for a child’s father. It’s used usually in really urban environments and that’s actually where I live: urban. I hope my fanfic pans out too. Thanks. And I think you’re right about Michael channeling his humans emotions going awry. Actually all this talks help me come up with story ideas or flesh ones I already have out in a sort of playing both sides/Devil’s Advocate sort of a way. So thanks even more Diane and ms.m.

    P.s.-The Twilight stuff, hilarious. It reminded me of all those spoof of Twilight videos my niece finds on YouTube. Great.

  60. From ms.m: “I mean, how in love could Teyla have been when kaannan wasn’t even the first guess of the people that knew about him and about how Teyla ‘spoke’ of him??? And please don’t get mad at me; I’m just going off of the show.

    At this point it’s just whatever. The show’s been gone for over 2 years. The Legacy books are out and coming out. If you like them, great. If you don’t, okay. If Extinction (book or movie) comes out then it does. Different people will think what they want to think about that.

    All I know is that I watched sga for 5 seasons. There is a lot that I enjoyed and some things I did not. I am grateful for the things I enjoyed, and I try not to focus too much on the things I did not.”

    To ms.m:

    What I was trying to get at in the article, is that everyone knew John was in love with Teyla but that, because the writers kept Teyla’s personal life really private, that of course everyone would think oh she loves John back and not necessarily think she’s just being either kind or too close to the situation to notice. In the article even Rachel remarks that the writers tried to shy away from personal Teyla stuff and only in season 3 did they start to try and bring things out more.

    And about the “At this point…” on stuff, I think that’s why I like Atlantis so much. It was realistic about people’s relationship and interactions and left the door open for fans to have discussions like this. It’s been nice to just talk aobut things. And besides, what other show lends itself to a Twilight spoof like the one you came up with so well. Just picturing it, I laughed so hard and actually had tears coming out of my eyes and couldn’t catch my breath (Especially after the Weir thing–still cracking up–and Sheppard as a moping Bella–I’m already starting to hold off the giggles again). Anyways it’s been fun.

  61. I’m with you about John being in love with Teyla, but if she wasn’t into him, then she had an odd way of showing it (to me). John was always the one she seemed to lean on whenever she needed comfort and emotional support. And before you say that’s just because of friendship, she was friends with other people too. We never saw her always running into Ronon’s, Halling’s, McKay’s, Ford’s or Beckett’s arms when things got to be too much.

    To me, a person is only repeatedly that vulnerable around someone that they care about in a special way. I think that’s why in season two’s TLGB, when Liz was taken over by that alien personality, the alien told Teyla that, going off of Liz’s knowledge and memories, it wasn’t surprised that she was the one that was able to get to John. I took it as her saying that Teyla was John’s weakness because he was vulnerable around her because he cared for her in that special way. John was taken over by an alien too, but I think the point was that his feelings for her were that strong. Personally, I think that, other way around, John could have gotten to Teyla. That’s just my opinion, and we all have one.

    On the other stuff, there’s no need to comment. I’ve already said my piece. Like I said, the series has been gone for two years and no (sga) movies are coming.

    About “baby daddy,” ok. Interesting.

    Enjoy writing your fanfic.


  62. mallozi joseph hello I have to say two things, 1 stargate atlantis is not a waste of time compared to a kid series Knight Rider, heroes, flashpoint, and other good series. 2 fans we have not been standing still we fight and win this war against MGM. 3 tell those who run Equalisers MGM if they lose the trust of thousands of fans to confirm and MGM. If you will not do the following seasons stargate atlantis sell a film company that if you want to do as Worner Bros., Universal Pictures film fox and others that forrarian with that series.

  63. This sounds absolutely amazing and its actually got me close to tears to realise that this movie will likely never get made. I wish there was something we fans could do to make it happen…

    Maybe someday! I’ll continue to hold out hope that it’ll happen someday, Joe! Don’t kill my hope! Make it happen! Someday…maybe you guys can make a resurgence, like Doctor Who did! :p

    1. I agree with you, Elisabeth.

      All we have now is the great fanfics…but it is not enough…a resurgence would be great!

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