You know who enjoys sunshine?  The dogs!  And so, when the weekend rolled around, I was all ready to hop in the car and head downtown for the afternoon when I started getting “the look”.  You know what I’m talking about.  The “What?  You’re just going to leave us?  Okay, okay.  Go.  Have fun.  We’ll just stay here.  All alone.” staredowns.  Like –




So, instead of going out for the afternoon, I ended up staying in to spend quality time with the dogs.  To be perfectly honest, the dogs weren’t all that enthusiastic about spending quality time with me.  Ultimately, all they really required was someone to open the back door for them – and, of course, document their wacky antics –

Stewie chows down while Lulu works on her tan.
Stewie and Lulu battle it out.

Note at the end of the video – Brie’s subtle way of letting Lulu know she doesn’t appreciate her making the moves on Stewie…

Akemi treats Lulu and Bubba to a little walkie.

Brie and Stewie scrap…

Jelly and her ginormous tongue.
Bubba considers Stewie's stick-chewing.
You've got something on your nose. I said you've got something...
Ah, forget it.
Jelly looking uber-relaxed.
A thoughtful Lulu

Once they’d enough, we headed inside for dinner…

Speaking of dinner – off for Italian with the lovely Alaina Huffman (SGU’s Lieutenant Tamara Johansen) tonight.  Photos and videos of Alaina eating pappardelle to follow…

34 thoughts on “June 20, 2011: Dog Day Afternoon!

  1. Pleased to report that Sebastian and his sister Lucinda, former shy dogs, were adopted from ADL of Texas over the weekend.

    On the flip side, the trainer I worked with is no longer with ADL, so group training sessions are on hiatus.

  2. Tell Alaina the crazy person from WWPhilly says hi! 🙂

    Love the vids…they sound like little piggies! 😀

    Enjoy your din-din!


  3. Hi Mr M!

    Please say a big HELLO to Alaina. She is so polite and courteous on Twitter. We miss her already as TJ!
    Best from rainy Tipperary.


  4. I know I’ve said it before, but Brie is gorgeous! The pics and videos were adorable, what a nice bunch of dogs. Gumbo (my daughter’s dog) arrives tomorrow to live with us, and this time he’s full of bad habits that will need to be addressed (counter surfing and helping himself to the contents of the garbage can, to name only two). He wasn’t doing all this when he left for England! He’ll be carefully watched here, because my daughter and her soon to be ex-husband had a few instances where I’m surpirsed the dog didn’t wind up really sick (eating a whole cake, and yes, it had chocolate in it), then found a bottle of some sort of fish oil capsules and ate the entire bottle. He’s kind of a pain in the ass, hates going on walks and such, but we’ll adjust! Re-training will be a pain, but we’ll get there.

    Enjoy your dinner, and tell Alaina we miss SGU and her pretty face!

  5. That seems like a lot of food for a little dog. It’s brilliant the way you do portion control for them – leave as much food as they want on the counter and, if they’re too full or fat to be able to jump that high, the meal is over. Or am I reading too much into a few seconds of video?

  6. Adorable to the tenth power.

    Last night was book club at someone else’s house, someone who has a golden. I had a passionate love affair with Sawyer who adored the 3-1/2 hours I petted him almost nonstop. Maddie knew as soon as I came in that I was with another dog that night . Gotta get those two goldens together. I told Sawyer’s mom to bring him up next month when it’s my turn to host and we’ll let the dogs jump in the pool together.

  7. Cute dog pictures Joe, I think you’d agree that they are fascinating animals to watch, much like cats.

    My Cat is pretty active and loves playing with a small ball on the grass, of course this is entirely at her leasure, meaning placing a ball infront of her, expecting her to touch it is by no means a sure thing lol

    Just watching her dash around knocking a ball, picking it up and roll around is so cute.

    Dogs like Cats seem to share a common love of the outside, and having playtime.

  8. Hai Joe

    On the subject of zombies, have you read “Feed” by Mira Grant. Recommend it highly, but i would pick it up on the weekend, I started reading it on Monday night… not a great idea it was 4 in the morning before i could put it down. The sequel “Deadline” is already out. and the third book blackout is ready for next year. If you Google Mira Grant you’ll find her page and a synopsis. Again, it think its awesome.

  9. Entirely too precious. After all those pics and videos, I can’t think of anything else that could have improved upon the post. job well done.

  10. Thanks for the dog fest photos and video, looks like they had a great doggy day. That is a nice yard for them, any places for rent there? Hope you had a great dinner with Alaina, loved her character TJ, such a pretty lady. What is she up to now? bet the kids are keeping her busy. Have a great evening!

  11. I have an oddball question. Do all french bulldogs sound like the Predator or is it unique to Brie and Stewie? If the answer is yes, do they mount their stuffed animal heads on a trophy wall somewhere?

  12. Thanks for the fun dogumentary, Joe. I always get a kick out of your pooch pics. Haven’t commented much recently as my father has been quite ill and in the hospital and sadly passed away this morning. It’s a great loss to the family and I miss him terribly already. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

  13. You are welcome, Joe. When a few of us found out on Twitter that Alaina would be in Toronto, we encouraged her to get in touch with you and offer to take you out for a meal. We are just so thoughtful. 🙂

    As a sports fan, how do you feel about ESPN’s comment that Toronto is the worst pro sports city in North America?


  14. Them dogs are soooo cute. Stewie is a real pretty boy. No wonder Brie gets jealous when Lulu plays with him. I bet he doesn’t even know the girls are fighting over him. Get your babies a yard. Surely you can find something in or near the big city with a great yard.

    How was your dinner?

  15. I guess Stewie jumps for his supper. Do you make Akemi jump for hers also? do you jump for joy over your Bento breakfasts so beautifully prepared? You should, you lucky boy.

    Do Brie and Stewie cuddle up when they sleep? They seem to get along very well. I am sure all the dogs are enjoying the beautiful weather and the nice yard to play in.

    Some weekend you and Akemi ought to drive down to Niagara Falls. I think it is just beautiful there. I also loved shopping at the outlet malls. You could make it a day trip, or stay the night and do some of the sights. I especially enjoyed eating at the top of the tower and going behind the waterfalls. I really ejnjoy waterfalls and this is one of the best for the sheer power of it.

  16. The “Save Stargate Universe’ page was recently unhacked…and Mark Zuckerberg was shocked to know the the show was cancelled and admitted to being a fan and even liked the page. The fans are more determined than ever. What are your thoughts on this?

  17. gforce: so sorry for your loss…

    Mr. M.: Great pictures but it’s starting to look like a doggy daycare. A really good doggy daycare.

  18. @Shane Crawford

    Nice to hear he got his page back, however people really need to do save Stargate campaigns instead of save SGU, SGU as a show is finished, there is no hope now be it movies, mini series, or another season. Sadly that ship sailed long ago. Personally I think what could of saved it was someone looking for funding for a movie before Season 2 even aired, i.e getting the ball rolling.

    Anyway, someone should ask that SGunite guy to do a Save Stargate campaign, he seems like a nice guy, granted judging by his twitter he likes to talk a lot, but he seems to do well enough.

  19. @gforce I am so sorry about your father. Having lost both my parents, I understand. I used to think as we aged it surely would be easier to lose parents… since really, isn’t it natural? But I think the older we get, the harder because we know more and realize what we have lost.

    @Joe… LOL isn’t it funny all dogs understand “keep away” games? I love the popping up for food. Sadly I have basenjis. They would be ON the counter not just looking.

  20. @gforce

    Sorry to hear about your loss, I would of mentioned this earlier but don’t always read everyones posts so I guess I missed yours.

    I’m not really much of a religious person but I would say he has likely gone to a better place and is likely looking down from heaven at you and your family happy because he knows he has so many people that love him.

    Okay that sounded kinda awkward but I hope things get better for you.

  21. @gforce my sincere condolences.

    @Joe your fabulous love of your dogs and fine culinary tastes are a treat. Do/will passions such as these ever make it into your writings possibly?


  22. Thank you everyone for your kind words. It means a lot to me that so many people have been so thoughtful. His passing was not unexpected as he had been ill for a few months, but just in the past week he took a major turn for the worse. And Debra, I understand what you mean – I lost my mom when I was 18 (30 years ago), and this time was every bit as hard if not harder.

    @Randomness, I agree – I think he is much happier where he is now.

  23. Oh, just to add that once again it’s clear that SG fans are among the most awesome people anywhere!! 🙂

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