The other day, Akemi shifted her creative focus to eggs.  I almost didn’t have the heart to eat my breakfast…

Dinner is my job on weekends and so, on Saturday, I took requests and made Akemi’s favorite: Braised Short Ribs.

Sear them on all sides, make a mirepoix (onions, celery, carrots and herbs), then add port and reduce.  Actually, the recipe calls for a half cup of port and two cups of red wine but I go full port, reducing a full bottle by half, then topping the whole with beef stock and popping it in the oven at 325 for four hours.

By the time it’s done, it’ll practically melt in your mouth.  I accompanied our meal with a selection of cheese:

Chateau de Bourgogne, Riopelle, and Pierre Robert. A celebration of triple-cremes!

Inspired by Throwdown with Bobby Flay, we decided to have a sandwich-off on Sunday.  I spent most of the day planning my sandwich and, when the time came, Akemi decided she would just eat mine…

Pan-fried oyster mushrooms, Berkshire pork bacon, caramelized onions, St. Andre triple creme cheese, avocado, and polish mayo on ciabatta.

Today, we welcomed one of the stars of our new show – Transporter: The Series – to Toronto…

I spent the day tweaking scripts, talking casting, and eating sushi so bland that I suspect it was ordered from “White Guy Sushi”.  Oh, also picked up and modeled my new glasses for the girls in the office.  I thought they made me look more intellectual so I made it a point to wear them in meetings today, taking them off and thoughtfully chewing on the end piece whenever someone said anything remotely interesting.

Hey, it’s a veritable Stargate reunion in Toronto.  First Rob Cooper, then Carl Binder and Martin Gero, and now two actors are headed thsi way.  Alaina Huffman (SGU’s Tamara Johansen) will be here shooting a secret project (AlainaHuffman) while Michael Shanks (Michael Shanks Online – The Official Michael Shanks Website) comes to town to shoot a pilot (Saving Hope).  Congrats to both!  Looking forward to drinks, dinner, and having someone to pair off with all four dogs.

29 thoughts on “June 13, 2011: Akemi’s latest culinary creations! Food! Checking out one of the new cars! And, the new, improved, more cerebral me!

  1. Love the glasses and the food. You’re right, the glasses do make you look intellectual.

    I guess everyone’s waiting for an interview update. 🙂 Well, hubby thought he did well. He had to interview for three hours. The HR person told him the managers would make their decision within a week. I had several people ask if he had asked, “Why does it have to take a week? There’s people that want to know now.” LOL Anyway, as soon as I know something, I will let you guys know.

  2. AWWWWWW!!!! Baby chickie!!!!! *heart*

    Akemi is amazing. 🙂

    And Joe, you actually look quite nice in glasses…in fact, in that bottom pic you look about 5 years younger, at least. Sorta sexy, too…but I mean that in a totally non-creepy kinda way (in other words, not in a Wraith-sexy kinda way). 😉


  3. Coucou 🙂 c’est moi !!….et oui plus tôt que d’habitude, il est plus de 3 heure du matin lol!

    Hummmmm tout cela à l’air délicieux…ahhhh fromage!!! j’adore ça!!!!!

    Vous êtes superbe sur ces photos, ça fait plaisir de vous voir!

    Il y’a déjà 40 fans sur la page fb que j’ai créer pour vous :)!

    Bonne nuit!
    gros bisous:

  4. Ohhhh yessss! In that 2nd picture you look very sexyyy. In the words of Julia Roberts’ hooker friend in Pretty Woman, “Work it baby!, work it!”. Great look on you. But can you see??

    Joe why are there bars on your office windows? Something you’d care to confess? And I’ve never seen soo much blurring out in those office photos before. What are you hiding?

    Master Chef Akemi needs a restaurant to show off her creations in. You need a restaurant just for the love of fine dining. You should open one (or buy one) in your spare time of course.

  5. It’s amazing the same people you bump into for different projects.

    In general it must be professional suicide to burn bridges in this industry – just cant escape from anyone for long!

  6. love the glasses. I bet you see better with them. or you can pretend to see better with them. I think you should get a stroller for Jelly. Don’t you think she would enjoy being rolled around to see all the sights? do the dogs like to cuddle up on the same pillow bed or do they want their own space? You know with all the people coming to see you in TO, maybe it will be ok after all.

  7. I’ll third the /glasses verdict. very intellectual looking. Akemi showed good sense in not bothering with the sandwhich throw down. All the work she puts into your breakfasts, she’s entitle to a break. And I hope you don’t mind if I steal that recipe and try it out, though I won’t be able to use it at work. Silly bosses, not liking us driving with alcohol in our systems…
    I’m attaching a link to a recent news event locally. The last of the victims just got out of the hospital today. I suppse it’s just as well this happened during training, and not during the camp itself..


    It sounds like you’re having a bit more fun in Toronto. Hope you can resolve the living arrangements before summer sets in. And thanks as always for sharing.

  8. I thought they made me look more intellectual so I made it a point to wear them in meetings today, taking them off and thoughtfully chewing on the end piece whenever someone said anything remotely interesting.

    LOL. Very nice glasses. I do think the rectangular ones tend to look better than round ones (which is why I wish Daniel Jackson had gotten his new glasses several seasons sooner than he did; such a waste of a handsome face, hiding it behind unattractive glasses).

  9. @Joe on Braised Short Ribs:

    When you put it in the oven, do you cover it?

    I think I need to try this recipe soon 😉

  10. Love the new glasses!

    Agree with jojo, a doggie stroller!

    Those are cute eggs. You really need to keep Akemi.

  11. I don’t think I could ever eat such adorable eggs. My cat, however, was just now eying the screen with an evil glint in her eye.

    Love the brainy specs. 🙂

    – KB

  12. What a darling baby chick! Akemi is an artist. Maybe you and she could open a restaurant with your ReFuel family someday.

    So enjoyed all the dog kidz pictures at Woofstock yesterday, complete with Brie & Stewie. Was just talking with a friend about soft-serve ice cream made for dogs, “Frosty Paws.” Then saw Jelly & Bubba on video lapping up the vanilla cone. That did my heart good just to watch them. 🙂

    And more with the dinner cooking. O-o h, yum! Thought of you when Valentina waxed poetic about gourmet meals in Transporter 3. And now you get to write for François Berléand / Inspector Tarconi, who cooks! Love his character and dry, droll sense of humor. Perfect delivery.

    Your glasses do look good on you. Are your eyes relieved and happy? Mine were when I broke down and got prescription “computer glasses” last fall. I can see! Fewer eye strain headaches. Have logged so many working hours in front of the computer in the past three years it was a necessity. It’s been 10 years since the last eye exam. Ironically, I still don’t need the 2nd pair for reading, because my near-sighted reading vision improved in that time. Huh! Go figure…

  13. Regard glasses – Oh, Yes!…work it babe!
    The ribs sounds scrumptous and the sandwich looks fabulously yummy – now I’m hungry.
    Please do share stories of tag ups and feedings with the alumni as you can.

  14. Pretty car. And it must be very fast. Did Audi make this version special for the series? See, this is me not knowing that much about cars in general. We must have details soon.

    Short ribs. Yum. I will have to try this recipe.

  15. First, Akemi, you have radical creative skills in the kitchen. Those are adorable, almost a shame to eat them.

    Joe — LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the glasses. Good choice!

    Alaina had said something on Twitter about heading to Toronto; had hoped maybe she got a part in the show, but we’ll see. I guess after so many years of Stargate, you are bound to continually run into people you know from the show, no matter where you are. I love to play, “spot the Stargate stars”, or “spot the Vancouver actors” like in recent episodes of AMC’s “The Killing” for example.

    I assume that Audi is a beautiful car? You know, I’m ghetto. I drive a Honda.

  16. So….?
    1. People of Novus? Novans? Novii?
    2. How many colonies did they set up through the galaxy?
    3. Did they spread to the next galaxy?
    4. Were they always at peace or did they have cold war periods with Futura?


  17. Cool car, Joe…Does it spray oil to create an instant slick on the road to ward off pursuers? Andy machine gun fire out of the head lights? How about an above average MP3 player? When you guys are done with it, can I have it? After all, it really would just be a T.V. prop, right?



  18. I ama day behind, but had to comment because there must be more than one Woofstock! A friend sent me photos of one in Australia! I’m very sorry to say theirs was better. It was a tie dyed rainbow of dogs and people with rasta-wigs and freak flags galore. It may have been a kennel Club event because a lot of gorgeous dogs were also lined up in a ring in one shot with clownlike hippies in the background. Quite a hoot.

    But the eggs are too cute to eat. And the glasses do make you look even more intelligent.

  19. @ForTheLoveOfBeckett I will NEVER buy Frosty Paws again. I bought some many, many years ago for my first golden Sam. As he is licking it, I notice something shiny. It is a giant safety pin. Won’t ever buy it again.

  20. PBMom if you eliminate every product that has come up with a problem, you’d have to grow your own food. That said, I don’t feed frosty paws simply because it is crappola. 🙂

  21. Hi Joe
    First posting here.. I was wondering if they started shooting the serie in France ? I live on the French Riviera and the Promenade des Anglais (and other places) were forbidden to traffic today, even to pedestrians, due to the filming of the Transporter. They mentioned film but I guess it’s the serie?. Car stunt mainly from what I understood and the creation of a big mess in the city by closing of the main access avenue to the city 😉 I don’t go that way so I don’t mind! More filming in the next days in other parts of the city…

    On another note, thanks for your work on SGs and the blog; all very entertaining along the years.

  22. :@FrenchGirl

    If you see The Transporter filming, take pics for us. People make the mistake of acknowledging requests from production crew to stop taking pics whilst a show or movie is filming in a public place, but legally speaking, they can’t stop you.

    Just putting that out there, if anyone wants to take spoiler pics beyond those that Joe might show us lol

  23. @The other day, Akemi shifted her creative focus to eggs. I almost didn’t have the heart to eat my breakfast

    Wow interesting pictures of the eggs Joe, Akemi is very talented, I think most people would just make eggs without going through all the effort, but clearly she cares about you.

    Oh and I hope everything is going well on the Transporter, that Car looks huge. Will the rules that Frank has in regards to his car in The Transporter movies apply for the series too?

  24. Hey Joe!

    I don’t suppose you received an email back from Joel Goldsmith about the OST for Universe?

  25. Cutest breakfast ever! I haven’t had a boiled egg in ages meself. I loved all the father daughter stuff with the lovely Beau Bridges. Just saw Beau in “The Landlord”, a 1970’s Hal Ashby film, very funny classic 70’s film.

    The ribs are a thing of beauty, totally mouthwatering. Saw a very cute movie tonite free on Hulu, “A Feast At Midnight,” about some kids at a British boarding school who form a baking society; very sweet movie from ’95 that used to be a staple on cable back in the day.

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