Sacre bleu!  Two more casting announcements for my new show, Transporter: The Series!

As most of you already know, actor Chris Vance (Prison Break, Mental, Dexter, and Burn Notice) will be donning the driving gloves in the role of Frank Martin, the Transporter who delivers anything, anywhere – for a price.  Andrea Osvart will play his handler, Carla, an ex-CIA agent who deals with the details so Frank can concentrate on the job.  Also joining the cast…

Who better to play the role made famous by actor Francois Berléand in the Transporter films than, well, actor Francois Berléand.  That’s right. Inspector Tarconi makes the transition from the big screen, bringing his charming, world-weary self to series television.  And joining him…

Actress Delphine Chanéac (who you genre fans may remember from the movie Splice) has been cast in the role of the mysterious Olivia. What makes Olivia so mysterious?  Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out.  Mysterious,no?

On the comic book side, my upcoming series for Dark Horse – Dark Matter – continues to come together.  I’ve been working with artist Garry Brown and editor Patrick Thorpe on the layouts or issue #1.  I am very, VERY happy.  Check out the prelim character design for the singular seventh member of the crew –

Chotto sinister, no?

Finally – by now, I had hoped to hear back on the ultimate faith of Stargate: Extinction (Novel? Comic book? Radio play? Performance art piece?) but, alas, it’s been very quiet.  I will say that when Paul and I set out to write the script for the proposed Stargate: Atlantis movie, we did so in the hopes that, ultimately, it wouldn’t be produced as a movie at all but as the first two episodes of SGA’s sixth season. Codenamed “Project Twilight”, it would have focused on the city of Atlantis, its personnel, and the journey back to home to the Pegasus Galaxy.  Ideally, that would set the stage for the thrilling 18 episodes to follow – or, at the very least, the jumping off point for future SGA movies.

The movie would have picked up not long after the events of the season 5 finale, Enemy at the Gates.  In the opening scene, two astronauts (who turn out to be a couple of familiar faces – Amelia Banks and Major Lorne) take a walk on the surface of the moon, their lunar stroll ending with a reveal of the city of Atlantis.  A shuttle carrying Sam Carter and a group of dignitaries sweeps overhead and lands.

Within the city’s atmospherically shielded confines, Carter and her guests meet up with the science team headed by – who else? – Rodney McKay.  Frustrated by the interruption to his ongoing research, McKay demonstrates a certain impatience with the whole dog-and-pony show, running through standards explanations, overviews, questions, and answers until – an alarm suddenly sounds.  The bewildered dignitaries are ushered out, leaving McKay, Carter, and Zelenka to investigate.

An examination of the city’s systems reveal the worst.  A self-destruct has been initiated – a safeguard, Rodney surmises, put in place by the Ancients in the event Atlantis was ever removed from the Pegasus Galaxy.  And, once triggered, it cannot be disabled.  Nothing short of a return to the Pegasus Galaxy will save the city from certain destruction.

Of course, getting it there is easier said than done…

Anyway, that was the basic premise: A seeming new beginning.  A threat to the city.  And a desperate bid to outrace a deadly countdown.

But who would join the journey?  How would they get back to Pegasus? And what challenges would they face along the way?

More on that in the coming days.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday gals Chevron7 and SarahL.

69 thoughts on “May 25, 2011: More Transporter: The Series Casting Announcements! Another Dark Matter Character Design! Stargate: Extinction Secrets Revealed!

  1. i *almost* couldn’t make myself read the sga movie details… 🙁

    (((stargate franchise)))

  2. Ack! You can’t just leave it there! Well, you can and be sure that I’ll be clicking madly tomorrow to learn more about the fate of Atlantis! (PS – Better get some Sheppard in there pretty damn quick!)

  3. Interesting bit on why Atlantis had to return to Pegasus, it kind of seems too simple. But I suppose with the city here on the moon it would hard to get the IOA to let them go back any other way.

    I mean when it was in Pegasus they had to basically fund an unofficial war against the Wraith, plus having to have it be only partly staffed. On Earth they could have had thousands working there like Area 51.

  4. Guys go and get your copy of the dvd of SGU, LDP is funny!!! Patrick and Peter are just great together

  5. Oh wow, the movie sounded great. Makes me very sad, but very GLAD to know you found a way to make the government let Atlantis go back where it belonged!

    Along with Susan, wonder about Akemi. 🙁

  6. Hi Joe,

    Yay! Extinction! Can’t wait to hear more!

    If only….



  7. Hi. A very nice series or movie it would have been. But I’m not sure if the ancients wouldn’t have left a chance for Atlantis to return to his homeland, Earth.

  8. “A self-destruct has been initiated – a safeguard, Rodney surmises, put in place by the Ancients in the event Atlantis was ever removed from the Pegasus Galaxy.”

    And yet somehow stayed inactive right up until this point. How convenient…

  9. Hey Joe, just out of curiosity, who owns the right of the movie script? Do you as a writer still own the idea or did they buy it and it’s theirs even if they never produce it?
    Could you use the idea (if it’s adaptable) in something else?

  10. Wow, grats Joe on casting M. Berléand for the Transporter series! So cool!

    And thanks for casting Mlle. Chanéac because, you know, she’s lovely. And mysterious.

    Chotto looks a bit like a younger, more buff Rutger Hauer.

  11. I so miss Atlantis. Life has been crazy lately and I’ve been re-watching the show. To have to image what a great movie it would have made is beyond frustrating.

    But I’m surprised there still may be news. Is MGM still deciding if Atlantis will have a future in some other form?

  12. @HBMC

    How do you know that the countdown didn’t start the moment the city entered our galaxy? It seems to be a very long countdown. Maybe over the years Rodney and the team installed their own safeguard protocols and it’s because of those that they were even notified.

    Sounds like a great plot to me. 🙂

    So does you telling us this mean this will never to published in any formate outside of this blog?

    What is it with companies lately and alienating and/or pissing off their customers and fan base? Sony, SyFy, MGM, and Boxee to name a very few. Then there is the MPAA….do you want our money or not?

  13. great news that you guys got Francois Berléand to reprise his role. He was probably one of the best parts of the movies.

    Don’t know much about Delphine Chanéac but as long as she has hair in this role it will work out great 😛

  14. Joe, this blog isnt a tv episode.. are you are leaving us hanging like this? Seriously??? 😀

  15. It’s a good news to see that François Berleand and Delphine Chanéac are coming 😀

  16. Thanks for the ongoing Transporter updates.

    I noticed a similarity with your Dark Matter crew member to someone else. Was he the inspiration?

  17. Guess the Ancients never considered LoJack. 😛

    My birthday is Saturday, any chance I could get a dedication shout out, please?

  18. “But who would join the journey? How would they get back to Pegasus? ”

    Bet Daniel Jackson would be queueing first in line to go with…

    If Gen. O’Neill would let him……*g*..

  19. Very cool of you to cast Francois Berléand. And to give away the plot to the SG-A movie. Cheers!

  20. Hi Joe:

    Sounds like we missed out on an awesome film, or beginning to season 6. Being the “glass half full” kind of person, I believe that a delay of a few years until STARGATE is back only means that special effects people will have time to learn even more awesome visual effects when there is a film or new series. Then the production will be better than ever.
    Have you ever considered pitching a reality series? Reality T.V. seems to be very popular right now.

  21. You know a shuttle (If your talking about a NASA shuttle carrying Sam+Others) doesnt have enough fuel to reach the moon, thats why it hasnt happened in reality?

  22. Coucou! 😉

    Lol “sacre bleu” plus personne n’utilise cette expression XD!

    Waou!!! Francois Berléand cet homme est une légende du cinéma! Un vrai artiste!

    ..Vous avez encore de l’espoir pour le film stargate? si ça ne marche pas vous pouvez toujours faire un romans avec le script que vous aviez écrit 😉

    Gros bisous!

  23. Thanks Joe, for clearing up who Chris Vance was.

    I never watched Prison Break, but I am a big fan of Burn Notice and think the guy should be a good fit in the role.

    I’m also thrilled that the original Inspector will be reprising his role in the series – I just love that actor!

  24. All about Stargate is so cool to read that I still cannot believe that it has stopped! Millions of fans all around the world struggling in their daily life, knowing that people who make decisions about these things, have their own agenda and that they don’t give a damn about fans and franchising. With that point of view, more and more fans are really pissed off why they decisionmakers don’t listen to their customers. So, on the internet more and more short movies appear on youtube about what they are going to do about that. Like George Tavoularis who has cancelled his Comcast / Xfinity Cable & dropping off his Cable box because there is no Stargate anymore. See for yourself at He gives as a reason that there is no more Stargate so it has been notified. Now I hope that thousends of people are willing to do that so the opinion and pressure will rise. Also an excellent translation from ‘my’ opinion about Stargate is done in a scene from Hitler. As can be found at
    It is a joke offcourse but when people editing text at home for making a world announcement that there is something going on behind the scenes, I wonder why we all don’t say goodbye to SyFy and start a new, real SciFi-channel. That seems to be an unprotected name so let’s unite and let’s organise ourself. And when I saw the youtube movie “Fact or Fake Interview with Craig Engler of SYFY about the cancellation of SGU” with Larry King, I am sure that there is something going on like a conspiracy. Even with the production of a Science Fiction program. Here in Holland we name people like Craig Engler, incompetent. See for yourself at and this could be really the truth. These guys want something and if they don’t get it, they destroy it. Craig E. Engler is now Senior Vice President and since he got in charge, SciFi was transformed from a Science Fiction station to a Fantasy MTV-station with ghosthunters, vampiers, wrestling and other common subjects which appears also on other channels. So at they end SyFy is a channel for children with a lot of fantasy-stuff, the fans have organised and started their own Science Fiction channel.
    Where can I be a member? Because I want Stargate back!

  25. Hiya Joe,

    Most interesting on the Dark Matter and Extinction storyfront. Can’t wait to hear more on this.

    Take care!

  26. Hey Joe! Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I’m loving all the Transporter updates – it’s great to learn there are some Stargate alumni working in my own city! (Well, I’m sure Brad and Rob have worked here before, seeing as how Brad was born here and Rob went to York University!) And I’ve been playing the game of “What’s that production?” as I walk down the streets of Toronto. I went past the SkyWalk and Union Station, saw a film crew, and thought I might spot some Transporter people, but it turned out it was the Steven Spielberg TV series, which I am also looking forward too.

    Anyway, enough rambling from me – I can’t wait to hear more about Transporter, Dark Matter and of course, Stargate Extinction! Also, before I go, I wanted to ask: Will you be promoting your comic in Toronto at all? I remember reading in the past few blog posts that you were at the Silver Snail (it’s shutting down on Queen Street and moving to the Annex, how unfortunate!) and wanted to mark in my calender if you were ever planning any events. Anyway, as I said before, I shall stop rambling.

    Thanks Joe!

    – Dave

  27. Stargate: Extinction sounds great…hopefully something will come of it. A book would be great since sadly I doubt there will be any money put into it by the ‘big wigs’. Stingy rich people! Give us our STARGATE!
    I don’t know if you’ve answered this before but in the final scene of Enemy at the Gate, on the balcony all the characters were there except my favourite Major Evan Lorne! What was up with that? Oh sure Ronon finally found a chick that shared his love of beating things up and she was there but Lorne, who had done so much since season 3 wasn’t!

  28. A self-destruct : I didn’t see that coming. Great plot twist!

    Yeah, Francois Berléand!

    Happy Birthday Chevron7 and SarahL!

  29. And there’s the Stargate tie in to Transporter: Delphine Chanéac starred in Splice with: David Hewlett. And killed him, if I remember correctly. =)

  30. I could see this storyline being modified to include SGU as well – Atlantis comes across Destiny with everyone still in the stasis pods (along with Eli) – much longer than the three years, and they find that there’s something within Destiny that can help Atlantis get to the Pegasus galaxy faster (or to disarm the countdown) Though with added story detail, mishaps……etc – Just to make a more interesting epic story.

    This could be a vehicle to possibly finish up the two story lines.

    Just being the eternal optimist. 🙂

  31. I agree with Lou: I think the seventh crew member looks a little like Rutger Hauer in Bladerunner! Chotto sinister indeed. But he could be an albino…

    @das: Oh, now I understand the bouncing and slurping reference now. Game of Thrones has had some, uh, interesting scenes (not exactly as I remember the book) in the last couple of episodes. And the few Spartacus episodes that I watched did not leave much to the imagination either.

  32. Hi Joe
    I can’t wait to hear more about the SGA movie !!!!!!!!
    I have been eager to hear something about it since the last Episode of SGU !!

    Could you, if you continue, tell some more details of the going ons with Todds and Sheppards and their relationship …please …please …pretty please !!!!!!!!!!

    btw: What reason did the Lanteans have to place an auto-distruct into Atlantis if it should ever leave the Pegasus-Galaxy ?

    Thanks 🙂

  33. Joe, any chance you’ll ever have a Jason Statham caméo ?
    Or are there ‘several’ transporters and Frank Martin is just one of them and not featured in the show…

  34. We have intergalactic starships… I doubt they would be flying in on one of NASA’s shuttles… at least not one that hadn’t been refitted with some asgaard tech or something.

    anyway… this answers a burning question I’ve had since the series began… why the Atlanteans gated back to Earth instead of flying their city home… “well we built this self destruct thing into it and did a bit too good a job on that….”

    Of course their tendancy to leave advanced tech laying around the universe unattended (and the trouble our SG teams get into as a result) is, I think, why folks like the Nox had such a wary attitude on sharing anything with the less advanced folk in the galaxy.

  35. Bienvenu, Monsieur Francois Berléand! Je suis très contente de vous voir dans Transporter: The Series! Are those madeleines I smell baking? Huzza, and hooray also to Delphine Chanéac. I’ve put Splice into and out of my Netflix queue so many times I’ve lost count; it’s totally my speed but then I wasn’t sure if it would be too creepy (I still having flashbacks to the chesticles in Species).

    I’ll put Splice back in my queue and check it out, I do love me some Adrian Brody.

    The comix looks very cool, love this Choto. I tend to love villains more than the good guys (Michael, Todd, Vegas Rocker Wraith) so I’m looking forward to Dark Matter. So when can I expect copies to hit my local comic book shoppe? I was at Borders last weekend and the comix pickins were slim.

  36. Hi! I can’t wait to hear more about the SGA movie !!!!!!!!
    This is so sad, would have been a great movie!!
    A book will be wonderful or at least the script.

  37. @ Sparrowhawk – Yup, that’s the one. It even put some of the comic book guys off, which is saying something.


  38. Hey, just wanted to say I hope Stargate lives again. I just posted my a blog post and borrowed your SGU pic (also linked it back to you) so wanted to ask if you’re cool with that. The post is my take on the franchise’s fate, I know it’ll be back, I even included several series Ideas at the end of the post, feel free to adapt them, but give me credit :).


  39. Eh, not crazy about the whole self-destruct thing. Don’t forget, the Ancients (or at least some of them) knew that humans would eventually make it back to Atlantis in the future thanks to time-travelling Wier, so why would they safeguard the city in that way?

    One last question about Universe? Was it envisioned that Destiny could only complete the mission with a crew? It would be the best explanation that would allow the journey of a million years to be coming to an end just as our crew got onboard. That it needed that organic component to truly get to the end of the trip…


  40. I had posted this comment on the blog responding to Syfy’s Craig Engler but I feel it is worth asking again so here it is:
    Have you guys thought about going to someone like Paramount and asking them to purchase the rights to the Stargate Franchise? I mean, they have known the value of good sci-fi and have worked hard to keep it going for over 30 years so it might be worth a try…

  41. For some reason, besides ratings I don’t think I’ve ever aimed an SGU at you Joe. So I’ll ask this.

    From a creative standpoint, how did you feel about the light level aboard Destiny, would you of prefered the lights to be a little brighter, or do you prefer the dark tone as it sets a mood?

    Secondary question, had the lights been a little brighter aboard Destiny, do you feel something may of been lost in terms of the atmosphere?

    Destiny has some pretty gorgeous sets which you would no doubt agree with.

    Anyway feeling much better today, still feeling the Flu stuff but mostly just feeling much well better lol. I remember last time I commented on twitter about having the Flu, I had like a 100 people wishing me well in the space of a few hours, in some ways I felt like I was attention whoring a bit lol

    But yeah, 24 hour flu. at least I can take comfort in the fact my throat isnt all funny now.

  42. so i was right, 2 years ago i told you atlantis was going to be on the moon and even photoshoped it for you so you could see how cool of a concept it was. sounds like a great story but as you said it was intended to be a season opener so i cant imagine it giving more closure than the finale already did sort of. what happens when it goes back to pegasus? how will earth be able to defend itself after the chair got destroyed? i know the story is better when earth is vulnerable but how did homeworld feel when they are being forced to take atlantis back to pegasus. I still think you should wait and do a comic, seriously with all those books and some comics published during the shows run you would think the most opportune time for them to move the story forward would be after the shows cancellation. those books couldve actually been relevant for the first time. it doesnt make sense.

  43. @Randomness,

    the lights werent a problem, i liked them the way they were. it sort of put a spotlight on the characters, having a bright interior destiny couldve been an unnecessary detraction. what i didnt like was how good they had it in there; nice beds, everyone had a room all to themselves, an okay mess hall, a nice balcony/view; think about it, if destiny was bright lit, you mightve not felt all that sorry for them. I wish there was a season arch where some of the characters were in a different section of destiny a little cut of from the rest; every now and then they would get supplies. that wouldve been interesting.

  44. Hey everyone!! Firstly Happy Birthday to SarahL!! Hope it was awesome for ya.

    Thanks so much Lou Zucaro, BMc (too late, I heard you singing), Debra, Airelle, Ponytail, Sparrow_hawk, Joe, Tam Dixon (I’ve missed a lot…not Tammy anymore?) – I was reading your birthday messages last night…it made me smile.

    I started hearing Happy Birthdays from some others yesterday I hadn’t heard from. There’s still one big one missing, but I knew that going in. Doesn’t hurt any less though. 🙁

    For those not on Twitter I finally answered my most asked question.

    I’ve been having fun at gym this week..the other night was my first boxing wiped and sore afterwards & last night I managed to successfully tackle bench presses. But what’s with people replacing their weights? The last person had left 20kg weights on the bar. It was an effort just to try and remove them.

    Cheers, Chev

  45. The movie sounds great Joe. I love that Lorne is an astronaut;)

    How many sub-plots were there on their journey back? Any teases?

    I miss Stargate…can’t wait for the #SGU DVD I’ve got on order at Amazon.

    Cheers, Chev

  46. I don’t know any of the Transporter cast but really looking forward to it Joe….best wishes with the scripts.

    Cheers, Chev

  47. First off, the starting premise for SGA season 6 sounds awesome and I’d love to read the continuing adventures in some sort of alternate media mode.

    Second, have you seen this?
    It’s images from the secret chamber in the Great Pyramid and I couldn’t help but notice the chevon symbol for Earth near the top right hand corner. You really can’t miss it, can you?

    Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes I guess. I just can’t believe the chances of coming across a symbol like this in the pyramid of all places….

  48. Hello Joe.

    Great news on the casting front!!! Look forward to hearing more news in the future.

    All this talk about DVDs is making me jealous since I am holding out for the eventual blu-ray release if it eventually comes.

    Quick question regard the movie: did McKay and Keller break up in your script? I ask because of how Rodney looked at James in SGU, and because he actually thought about it for a moment when Telford asked him to return to Destiny…

    Can’t wait to hear more.

    Best Wishes,


  49. Well I suppose Altantis having a self destruct which false them back to the Pegasus galaxy is better than some of the options I have seen out there for getting Atlantis back to Pegasus.

    Through I do wonder why the Ancient would install a self destruct device to go off once it got back to its home, Earth. An it would suggested during Atlantis the only reason the Ancients did not fly Atlantis back to the Milkyway themselves was because it simply would not have survive running through the Wraith blockade of the planet.

    Through it be great if a certain wraith manage to programme the self destruct as a way out for himself if he ever got imprison on Atlantis or worst Earth. Which would make more sense than the Ancients having programme such a thing.

    But at least it better than trying to convince the audience that the IOA would ever commit such a mission in the first place, and as I hear the Atlantis novels try to do.

    So would those visiting diplomats be joining us on the journey to Pegasus. An does your use of the word shuttle mean the puddle jumper or was it meant to be a new earth vessel.

    I will be looking for to you telling us some of the other secrets that lay inside the Atlantis script, unless MGM gets of there backsides an give you the rights or permission to publish the script or arranges for a comic book or something to be produce from the script.

    But such a thing may be impossible considering MGM have a contract with a publisher to produce a book base on a series 6, even if it is not cannon. An I would have thought the publishers put in safe guards in the contract to prevent other people from publishing Atlantis season 6 stories until there series is complete, that would be my guest anyway.

  50. Im a transporter. Im not seeing the new Frank..tho hard to fill JS shoe’s. I have faith. Looking forward to the series…let it not end and leave us hanging like SGU tho.

  51. Gateworld noted that in the SGA movie there was going to be a “tragic end of a relationship, the beginning of another”. Who’s the tragic end and who’s the tragic beginning? Is either Rodney or Jennifer gonna die? Or Amelia or Ronon (he’s already died once on the show)? Or is either Kannaan or Teyla gonna die? Are you guys going to hook Sheppard and Teyla together (Please say no, I like Teyla with Kannaan)? Or what?

  52. @Brandon
    “How do you know that the countdown didn’t start the moment the city entered our galaxy? It seems to be a very long countdown. ”

    Why would the Ancients set a self destruct if their city left Pegasus? Only real reason I can think of is to stop the Wraith from using Atlantis to get to Earth and cause more trouble for the Ancients there. So really, why would they give the Wraith that much time?

    I remember reading (and correct me if I’m wrong) that Atlantis would have been in the Milky Way for at least a month. Far more than enough time to drop off a few thousand/million Wraith and then go back to get more. Since going back to Pegasus apparently deactivates the self destruct, they’d be able to make multiple trips back and forth.

    True they’d have no ships, but they’d still be here and still be a threat. Much better to self destruct the city the instant it leaves Pegasus.

    Still a much better idea than anything I could think of and really, ANY Stargate is better than none at this point.

  53. Hello,

    PLEASE, why don’t you publish in book format the series scripts that did not make it to the tv? We could read about season 3 of Stargate Universe! Or follow-up to Atlantis? Star Wars do publish script-books or novels and in business terms, it’s profitable so both sides, you as publishers and we as readers would benefit.

  54. Stellar idea for returning Atlantis to where it belongs. Once they get back to Pegasus however I wonder if they would decide to return to Lantea with all of its mysteries and support systems for Atlantis. Now that the Replicators are gone. There was the unexplored mainland, the sentient whales, and the complex at the bottom of the sea.. not to mention the Ancient battle satellite network.

    Humans were only part Ancient and developing in different directions genetically.. the city recognized some as friend.. I wonder if it tolerated or might have recognized some as foe.

    They also never came across a sentient database.. as often as they dug into it.. and with the events in SGU.. surely they would discover some “failed or sucessful experiments” just imagine a partial ancient/computer person that might have more in common with earth people than ancients? The ancient that missed the Ascension train and was left behind. to observe? or sleep like Dr. Weir.

    Frankly I would have loved a prequel/sequel series that followed a time trip back to the evaucation from Atlantis and were evaculated to Ancient Earth. Maybe crossing paths with Dr. Wier as she went into suspension to save the expedition in the far future.

    Since we don’t know the exact history from those times.. and only know of legends.. how could a new team interfere with the time line? Imagine what Easter Eggs they could send up the time line for SG1, SGA and SGU to find.

    And being closer to the launch of Destiny they would be in the best position to unearth its intended purpose.. perhaps its changed since its launch.. something happend on the road to the stars?

    And ultimately.. we’ve sat through years wondering about their technology handicapped and hobbled, what about their culture.. beyond Plymouth’sville and the Oreo’s.. once they left the Alteran way.. how did they evolve.. how did the Wraith evolve..

    BBC has Merlin the TV series.. in a goofy way it almost seems like a spinoff though I do know where its origns come.

    Someday.. like LOST they would come home.. but oh what fun we’d have until then!

  55. p.s. with Terra Nova coming out.. retreating into the past far enough to get away from sequel-itis doesn’t seem so far fetched, but SG1, SGA, SGU have been priming the pump for decades.. it could be so interwoven with so much mythos and action.. both optimistic and tragic.. the payoff seems grand. SG1 visited so many cultures and wasteleands where something had gone wrong. What if to revisit those places and witness what went wrong?

    Pehaps once in a while.. to set something that went wrong, right, when we thought it went wrong.

    Was Ascension the only way to escape the coming plague.. or somehwat like that story Millenium.. did they finally get rescued by a life raft from the future.. by the crew of the Destiny perhaps? Where was the Destiny going.. what if it were headed to an outpost ultimately set up by the Ancients to save themselves? Mind bender..

    I rather liked the story where the shuttle was returned by those “unseen”.. powerful enough to move stars and planets.. but helpless to keep fragile things from destroying themselves once touched.. rather like a Buttefly.. it has to exist in continuity with itself.. or not at all.

  56. I guess since your spilling the script to us there isn’t a chance in hell this movie wll be made (direct to dvd or t.v.)?. Look forward to more


  57. Interesante idea la de esta película, aunque apoyo las opciones propuestas por John Willis en lo referente a la creación de una serie en la cual muestren la guerra entre Los Antiguos y Los Espectros (sus caracteristicas, ¿Cómo evolucionaron Los Espectros?, la evacuación hacia La Tierra y lo que pasó con esos Antiguos, etc).

    Será que no existe ninguna probabilidad en la que La Atántida pueda regresar a La Tierra después de que hayan solucionado lo de el programa de autodestrucción de la ciudad?…ojalá y que sí.

  58. I suppose the Self Destruct could’ve been activated if the Atlantis Computer detected a Wraith aboard…

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