Whew!  What a day!  I had three appointments, three scheduled conference calls (all of which I missed – the first because my phone kept on dropping the call, the second because I was busy, and the third because I misread the email and called in six hours late), notes to deliver, lots of errands to run, and that script to write.  I had planned to pick up my SG-1 season 5 musings and tackle the controversial (temporary) death of Daniel Jackson, but I’m afraid it will have to wait for another day.  I’m going to try to finish up my script tonight so that I can ruin everyone’s weekend by giving them something to read for Monday.

And so, I leave you with a quickie mailbag and, best of all, videos of my dogs eating peanut butter (except Maximus who, surprisingly, doesn’t like the stuff):


Edwina Karch writes: “Will you please put the interviews with the actors on an extra DVD for SGU, and are there any more of the kino episodes I havn’t seen one in a long time.”

Answer: Sorry.  I have no control over what ends up on the dvd’s.  That’s a studio call.  But, for what it’s worth, the interviews would be owned by Canada’s Space Channel since they produced them for broadcaster.

majorsal writes: “what fate Sam&Jack?”

Answer: I’m sorry to say there will be no canon confirmation of the relationship between Sam & Jack.  But, in my mind, they’ve been an official couple since Threads.

Fancy Trav writes: “Obviously Stargate Universe is over after 2 seasons. Is that a definate that it is over forever? Has a good run and support so may be able to get it back on? Another network “may” pick it up? Or am I hoping too much and its over for good??”

Answer: Again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it is over for SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe.

irish pete writes: “Could Brad give an outline of how he wants to end the series to an author for 1 book or maybe a handful?”

Answer: That would be up to Brad – and MGM.

archersangel writes: “count me in the camp of wondering what RDA didn’t like about prometheus? are you saving that for your season 6 reminisce?”

Answer: Yep.  You’ll have to wait until I finish reminiscing my way through SG-1’s fifth season.

JeffW writes: “Still curious if Peter DeLuise was referencing someone’s proclivity for large explosions when he was yelling “Bigger!” for more of a fireball (perhaps a running gag?), or was it just an ad-lib?”

Answer: I believe it was a reference to his own proclivity for bigger BOOMS!

Don Matthews writes: “Are we gonna find out that the drones are an outgrowth of Destiny’s decendants?”

Answer: Alas, we will not.  Of course, that’s not say we wouldn’t have.

Maria writes: ” Mr. Mallozzi, are you ever going to get another puppy?”

Answer: Maybe when I get a bigger a house.  Or move back to the one I already own.

I leave you with another pic of maternal Jelly and puppy Maximus…

30 thoughts on “May 5, 2011: Doggies Eating Peanut Butter!

  1. great videos, and the extra Jelly/Maximus pic is more than sufficient to hold us over till you catch your breath, knock out that script, and get back to season five. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. majorsal writes: “what fate Sam&Jack?”

    Answer: I’m sorry to say there will be no canon confirmation of the relationship between Sam & Jack. But, in my mind, they’ve been an official couple since Threads.

    Fancy Trav writes: “Obviously Stargate Universe is over after 2 seasons. Is that a definate that it is over forever? Has a good run and support so may be able to get it back on? Another network “may” pick it up? Or am I hoping too much and its over for good??”

    Answer: Again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it is over for SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe.

    so whatever mgm has planned for stargate, it won’t include any of the mythology and history of everything you guys have created? that’s it?

    what about publishing the two movies that aren’t going to be made (sg1 and atlantis)?

    btw, would you pass along to brad and rob… thanks for breaking the hearts of the shippers. i don’t know if the confirmation was going to be in the 3rd sg1 movie or not, but it would have been very, very, VERY nice to have included it in sgu’s last ep, b/c this confirmation that they had, indeed, gotten together is something the fans have been hoping for since the end of season 8. how hard could it have been to include it, even if it were just a comment made about them being married or something?

    all we wanted to know was that they ended up together, after the long, looong build up. what’s so bad about that… 🙁

  3. @Or move back to the one I already own.

    Does this mean you might get a job on Echoes if a network picks the show up Joe? Or should I say, is there a job there for you after Transporter?

    Speaking of drones, the shot at the end of the ship decending into the atmosphere was downright frightning, it’s one of those *We’re screwed* moments if we stick around lol

    Although I’m way over the series being over, I feel sad that this was the only ship in space series on the air, with so much potential, and it ended up well cancelled.

    It’s like watching a really good anime series, only to find there’s no more after it(Well I guess you’re the only one that will know how that feels like Joe as I don’t think anyone else watches anime here) lol

  4. Since Stargate Universe will be over next Monday, is their any chance you would could post on your blog here what the overall plan for the Destiny, Characters, The Signal, everything?

    Or are we going to have to just live with not knowing what was meant to happen after “Gauntlet”?

  5. Awwwww Jelly & baby Max – priceless!
    and the vids too!
    You need some “downtime/me time.”

  6. Peanut butter puppiEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! 😀

    Okay…I read this entry thinking ‘how can I outdo Joe?’

    So, here goes…

    My morning started at 3:38 am when I woke up to pee. I went back to bed…well, to the ‘ship room’ where I had been ‘watching’ Die Hard behind closed lids. I like to fall asleep to tv but Mr. Das doesn’t, so I often sleep in our tv room, especially if my brain is in overdrive. I watch tv to distract me, and once distracted I usually fall asleep. Usually. So, I go back to bed, and right when I’m falling asleep I hear my neighbor’s trash can rattle. Since she had a dead ‘possum in it a couple months back (probably got trapped in the can and died), all I could think was that another possum or a cat or raccoon was in the can. Woke me right up with worry. Then I opened a window, heard it was windy, figured the can had been rattled by the wind, so went back to bed.

    Just when I was falling asleep, my cat Marbles threw up. Cleaned that up, fed the cats (since both were begging and both have been in poor health lately). It was now 4:30 am. I went back to Die Hard and bed, and JUST when I was starting to fall asleep, I had to pee…again. Went back to bed, and JUST when I was starting to fall asleep, Marbles started crying really loud. She does this every morning and the vet suggested maybe she’s going senile. Greeeeat. Anyway, it seems she does this in the morning for either attention, or because she wants to go outside (although always an indoor cat, in her old age she likes to go outside to lay in the grass and in the sun). Well, it was still dark and I wasn’t about to let her outside, so I shut her out of the room.

    I went back to bed, and JUST when I was starting to fall asleep, I had to pee…AGAIN! (Very unusual for me.) Afterwards I went back to bed, and JUST when I was starting to fall asleep, Marbles started digging her claws at the door until it opened. I tried to snuggle with her, tried to calm her, but she just meee-OOOOWed constantly. Well, I had no choice but to tune her out, and JUST when I started to fall asleep, I had to pee…again…wtf???! I didn’t recall drinking a gallon of water before bed. This was getting really weird. Anyway, went back to bed, and JUST when I was starting to fall asleep, Marbles started up with her incessant mewing again.

    I had it – it was now 6 am and I hadn’t caught a wink of sleep in over 2 hours. I went into the bedroom and told Mr. Das to move the hell over. I get in bed, start to fall asleep, and Marbles just keeps up the mewing! Mr. Das gets up and finally puts her outside (it was now starting to get light outside). He comes back to bed, I start to fall asleep…AND I GOTTA PEE, AGAIN! ARRRRRGGGHHH!! Went to the bathroom, and no sooner did I get back to bed and start to fall asleep…and bam! Bladder was screaming for me to get to the bathroom. FINALLY, sometime after 7 am, I fell asleep for about 45 minutes.

    So, needless to say, I had a horrible night’s sleep.

    After I got up in the morning, I had to hurry and straighten the house, make the beds, get dressed…and get ready for the landscaper guy who was going to remove a large part of my compost pile that had migrated into my yard. Dad forwarded the business calls over to me, so I had to take care of customers. Landscaper guy came and I decided to help him because there was a LOT to move. Of course, disturbing the compost pile stirred up worms, centipedes, A FRIGGIN’ BIGASS SPIDERS! I was proud of myself – I didn’t freak out once. I’m getting pretty good with this spider stuff. 🙂 Anyway, after the landscaper guy was done, I had to…oh! EAT BREAKFAST! It was now 1 pm and I hadn’t eaten, or taken my blood pressure meds. 😛 So I warmed up some leftover Chinese take-out curry chicken, eggroll, and fried rice. Yum! Then I rushed to work.

    I was only there about 2 hours when I had to help one of the men move a truck that hadn’t been started in a while. It was dead, and nothing we did could get it started. The other men were coming back to the office, so I told him we’d wait, and then push the van off the grass and into the parking area. He said I was nuts…the van was too heavy, and I said I’ve pushed vans all the time when I needed them moved and had no keys. He said I was still nuts. Anyway, the guys came, and I made ’em ALL push the truck with me, a piece of cake! It moved no problem (men are such weenies sometimes!). After that I finished up the office work, ran home and ate more leftovers, rushed out to evening services, and now I’m sitting here at 11:30, pecking away at the keyboard. A very full day.

    Off to bed – wish me luck with this sleeping thing…

    Nites, Joey!

    Smooch and smoosh the puppies for me! 🙂


  7. 1) Whose idea was it to have that Pittsburgh gag in “Blockade”? (loved the pay off with James, a silent Greer, and Scott chuckling in the background)

    2) Did you do any commentary/featurettes for the Season Two dvd?

    3) Is the NID part of Home World like the IOA and SGC?

    Post “Gauntlet”-Season 3 Questions

    1) Was Destiny going to come into range of the Ursini homeworld/colony that was taken over by the Command Ships and Drones?

    2) Were we ever going to get an official name for those Blue aliens like we did with the Ursini?

  8. Joe,

    I have one question that has been bugging me about the drone situation… If Destiny can’t recharge in a star in this galaxy, wouldn’t the simple solution have been to jump to the next galaxy… especially after recharging in big blue?

    Some of this I credit to writing to service the story, but the predicament seems to counter what was established as within Destiny’s capabilities. Destiny can apparently cross the distance between galaxies within about a months time (Sabotage), but takes 10 days to travel between planets to deliver the disconnected citizens of Novus to their home world… which should have been within gate range. Afterall… the relative distance across a galaxy would be nothing compared to the distance between galaxies (meaning Destiny could jump to the next galaxy at anypoint and it wouldn’t matter if she were on one side or the other.)

  9. Hello Joe,
    A question for you.
    How do you feel about the broadcast of the latest episode of the Stargate franchise ?
    I am not looking for full sentences and thoughts here, just feelings and emotions.
    Angry, disappointed, sad, proud, unconcerned, melancholic… ?

    Many thanks for the response, and a big thank you again to you and the team to have set the bar very high for science fiction shows. Retrospectively SGU season 2 is full of cult moments that will be used later: Orbital strikes, cryopods, 2 ancients ships meeting in space, time travel crazy loops.
    It was a pleasure to surrender to the stories you and Carl and others words, you know being involved and feeling what the characters feel. Fantastic work sir and hat down !

  10. PBPuppies! Except the PB in PBMom doesn’t stand for peanut butter.

    @Joe: Any word on the V1 assh…I mean V1 Jets company? Your lawyer secure your refund yet?

  11. Hey everyone, I am just so touched by this article, I wanted to share this with you. This Navy SEAL went to my high school, Patchogue-Medford HS (obviously nowhere near my graduating year). He is getting a warship named after him. Three of my classmates died in the WTC; many more of my friends and family seemed to also know people who perished. So this week has been rather emotional for me.

    Here is the link if you’d like to read about this young man’s extraordinary courage:


  12. Salut!! ça va bien?

    Moi oui, sauf que ma vue baisse de jour en jour, je crois que je vais devoir aller chez l’oculiste=/

    Ahahah les video, très drôle, le beurre de cacahuète mais est t’il bon pour les chiens? en plus c’est super calorique, c’est comme le nutella.

    Ahaha Jelly et Maximus Jr sont soooo cute ♥

    Bon week end,
    Gros bisou!!!

  13. Does Maximus like the nutella stuff? thanks for the videos. Has Akemi heard from her family in Japan?
    Its Friday, so hope you have a better day and get all your things accomplished for the weekend.
    My first try at growing corn is Fl is going well, already knee high, fingers crossed that we will be having a few ears. The tomato plants are blooming like crazy with several little ones and the potatoes(1st time try) have a lot of green great looking tops. I love to have fresh stuff out of the garden, and I have to admit it surprises me what will grow in mostly sandy soil. Do you grow your own herbs to cook with?

  14. @majorsal

    Do you think you could stop speaking for “the fans” when in fact you are talking about a small minority who were obsessed with a very minor plot arc of a 17 season franchise? Joe has told you how he believes it was resolved. Be satisfied.

    Most of us “fans” are grateful for the vast and varied universe we have been gifted with and with the wonderful fandom we have created around it and while there are doubtlessly a few bits and pieces of various story lines that any one of us would have liked to seen more fully explored, any rational grown up would have to accept we got far, far more than just about any other sci fi universe ever. There’s always fanfic to make up any shortfall.

    I’ve been a Stargate fan since the original theatrical release and I don’t feel like the franchise owes me a single damn thing. There’s been stuff I adored, stuff I abhorred and stuff scattered along every inch of the way in between but boy it’s been a hell of a ride. I say goodbye with sadness but look forward to whatever the future may hold for this intriguing world, whenever that may come.

  15. Hi Joe,

    Am I correct if I think that now the SG-1 franchise for TV is off it would easier for Brad and others producers to buy the copyrights for Stargate theater release and do one or two big screen films?

  16. I have been a huge fan of the SG Franchise since the start and like so many others, hate to see an end to it. Not being as savy about show production and franchise ownership as many of the readers here are I have one question that might seem like a “faint hope clause” but here goes:

    Could you explain what it would take for the franchise to be picked up by another production company or network? Are there rights that the current franchise owners just wouldn’t sell that make this impossible?

    I ask only because I refuse to believe that someday there won’t be a renewed interest in true science fiction productions and maybe a new company that wants to take advantage of this truely niche market. Writers and actors involved in shows like SGU deserve a huge pat on the back for making amazingly engrossing stories that captivate and renew our collective imaginations. Thanks for all you have accomplished so far. Wish we could immerse ourselves in more shows like SGU or maybe reimmerse ourselves in a renewed SGU effort (Faint Hope Clause – never surrender your hope or passion).

  17. Hey Joe

    So have you heard about the movement to try and get SGU to be revived?


    I would like to know what you think about this,

    Do you think the Fans could have a possibility of getting it bought back to life or is it all for nothing?



  18. Where do you hope you’ll be when you hear the zombie apocalypse is upon us? Where do you not want to be?

  19. Re Proving Ground etc (from yesterday’s post) – I’m perplexed that your big beef with it is that it doesn’t follow our characters. As a viewer, that wasn’t my problem at all. I thought it sucked because 1) the characters it did follow were incompetent, irritating and/or forgettable 2) the story required our usual characters to have taken leave of their senses and 3) the whole premise of that story was laughable.

    I’m sorry, but the idea of that “proving ground” – hiring new SG personnel by putting green *cadets* through a bunch of silly exercises – that’s the best the SGC could come up with? They’re running the most secret operation in the history of ever, in the service of protecting the entire planet. Why on earth would they not recruit those who are *already* the best, and who can *already* be loyal, work under pressure, keep secrets, etc – who have already proven themselves? Especially given the wretched foursome we follow here. What happens to the washouts? “Sorry, you didn’t make the cut. Don’t go spillin’ the beans now, and have a nice life!” The whole premise…Oy.

    Sure, you (and any viewer) are entitled to be disinterested if the usual guys aren’t around (especially if you care about seeing characters first and a good story is secondary). But I disagree that that alone makes a bad episode of any series, and offer Dr Who’s season 3 “Blink” as evidence. It’s one of the best they ever did, and Our Heroes are barely in it. But the main person we follow is awesome, when we do see Dr Who & Martha they’re not being idiotic, and the story itself is fantastic.

    Curious to know if you’re ever enjoyed similar eps of other series, on further thought.

  20. Jelly and Max! Maximus still has that sweet face. Any word on Transporter casting?

    I had a nice combo of gouda with pear (and mini Calif. Siccilian pizza) so my weekend is off to a great start. Wasn’t there a pecan pie recipe on your blog? I think I’m remembered pecan ice cream, not pie. I found Sweet n Spicy pecans at the Giant but there are no where as good as Trader Joe’s.

    The letter “n” on my laptop wasn’t working, then it turns out my Dell warranty expired and they wanted 300 bucks to renew it. I finally coaxed a strip of paper under the “n” and unearthed the tiniest fluff of a dust bunny, barely visible it was so tiny, yet somehow it had me kerfluffed for two days. Now I can say Nix, Newt and Neapolitan.

    Has anyone seen Thor? It just doesn’t grab me; I loved the original but he just didn’t stick with me like Batman, SuperM and Conan.

  21. An alternate ending. That’s what the shippers/non-shippers needed. Wouldn’t that have been great? Then I wouldn’t have had to come up with my own. But let’s not dwell.

    That’s what you could do, sir! Give us a good show that goes in two different directions…or something…like that.

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