So it was SG-1’s fifth season and our second year on the franchise.  After spending six months in the extended-stay suites of Vancouver’s venerable Sutton Place Hotel (with its antiquated rooms and celeb-watering hole Gerard Lounge), we moved into a furnished apartment in the heart of the downtown area.  We would call that place home for a couple of years – until the day the concierge staff walked into our apartment and dropped off some mail while my wife was showering, bringing up all sorts of privacy issues that could only be addressed by another move.  As we settled, so did our pug Jelly who, in time, eventually took over as top dog at the local doggy daycare.  Every day, she would survey the action from her lofty perch atop the room’s highest couch, occasionally descending to inject herself in any canine dispute that happened to arise.  On the home front, she was much calmer but, eventually, Fondy and I grew concerned about leaving her alone in the apartment whenever we would go out to eat (which was every night).  And so, we made the decision to get her a friend.

We answered an ad from a breeder selling a litter of pug puppies and took the drive up to Langley.  By the time we arrived, there was only one puppy left: a black, skinny little guy who would bolt every time Fondy went near him.  Well, while he may not have liked Fondy, he loved Jelly (who we had brought along for the ride), and Jelly loved the little guy as well.  I briefly considered calling him Crusty because of his unkempt appearance but, ultimately, decided to follow tradition and named him after a film character.  And so, we called him Maximus and he became the second member of what would become a furry foursome (and counting).

And this is the little runt now…

Yeah.  Not so little anymore.

On the production front, Paul and I were busy as hell.  We would follow an inaugural season, that saw us write seven scripts, with another seven script season.  And, when we weren’t writing or producing, we were checking out Gateworld which was fast becoming THE one stop shop for everything Stargate. In fact, Gateworld was so impressive in its scope and detail that we eventually abandoned updating the show’s massive bible (which, we joked, was longer than the actual Bible) in favor of directing prospective freelancers to the site.  It blew all other Stargate-related sites, even the studio’s which paled by comparison.  Over the years, Gateworld evolved alongside the franchise, growing and improving.  In later years, I would roll my eyes and fans on other forums would accuse Darren and David – “the Gateworld guys” as we called them – of simply being a PR arm of the franchise.  The truth is, as incredible as they’ve been in the amount of support they’ve shown, there have also been incidences in which we’ve strongly disagreed with some of the decisions they’ve taken.  Nothing that couldn’t be talked through but, still, enough to remind everyone that Gateworld was and would remain a strong and independent online entity. And, hopefully, even with Stargate as we know it coming to its premature end, Gateworld will continue to thrive and do what it does best: offer a forum where Stargate fans can socialize and express their opinions/praise/critique in a positive community.


This one offered us the rare opportunity to give Dr. Fraiser some screen time and touch on one of Carter’s few onscreen non-romantic relationships.  The unfortunately monikered Hanka children were named after then MGM studio exec Hank Cohen (who would make a cameo in this season’s Wormhole Xtreme as, surprisingly enough, a studio exec).


Dion Johnstone reprises his role as Chaka in this follow-up to season four’s The First Ones.  While Peter DeLuise did the scripting honors on this one, Martin Wood assumed the directing reins.  This one is a bit of a blur but I remember being genuinely surprised by early discussions to offer the role of Burrock to Larry Drake.  His performance as the mentally challenged Benny Stulwicz on L.A. Law had been so damn brilliant and convincing, I’d actually assumed they’d hired a intellectually disabled actor to play the part!

THE TOMB (508)

The set for this episode was impressive as hell and, to this day, I regret not having helped myself to a faux stone before the whole thing was torn down.  One of the critiques directed at this episode was Jack’s old world Cold War mentality directed at the Russian team.  This kind of mystified me because it was pretty clear in the episode that Jack didn’t have a problem with them because they were Russian, he had a problem with them because they were operating under secret orders that seemed to run counter to SG-1’s mission.  The fact that they were Russian was beside the point.


Man, this one had all sorts of problems at the outline stage, so much so that it earned the nickname “Between Two Acts”.  Once the structural problems had been addressed, Ron wrote and delivered a first draft of the script.  I remember we were sitting in Rob’s office, giving copious notes, when John Lenic’s dog hopped up onto the couch and relieved himself on a copy of Ron’s script.  “That dog pissed on my script!”said Ron.  To which Brad replied something the lines of: “He wasn’t the only one.”.  Anyway, in the end, the script came together – as did the episode which we wound up shooting on the grounds of Simon Fraiser University.

2001 (510)

The sequel to season four’s 2010 sees the calculating race known as the Aschen make their first (chronological) appearance as seemingly genial, albeit suspicious, emissaries looking to forge a new intergalactic alliance.  The episode ends with one major story point unresolved.  What of Ambassador Joe Faxon?  I’m sure we would have received the answer to that question had the third part of this planned trilogy seen the light of a t.v. screen.  In part three, Brad imagined the remnants of the Aschen race, seeking revenge for the events of 2001, launching a ship-based attack on Earth.  Alas, I don’t recall why the story never came to fruition, but I have no doubt it would’ve been great.

Hey, I received an email from my second family, the gang at my fave restaurant – Refuel – announcing the appointment of the awesome Jane Cornborough (formerly of such culinary heavy hitters as Le Bernafdin, Restaurant Daniel, and Aquavit) as their new Chef de Cuisine –

Congratulations to Jane!

Also in Refuel news: it’s BC Spot Prawn season – and that means it’s time for Refuel’s annual BC Spot Prawn Boil:

“One night only, Thursday May 26th at 7pm guests will gather at communal tables at Refuel Restaurant and feast on a three-course meal of salad, the boil (spring vegetables, pork sausage & BC spot prawns) and dessert. There are 50 seats available for the boil. A credit card number and email address is required to reserve and 72 hours notice is required to cancel. Seats are $59 (tax, gratuity and beverages are not included)”.  Check out the website for more details:

Meanwhile, the gang will be opening another eatery, a sister restaurant to their super popular Campagnolo:

“Tom and Robert are at it again, introducing the third member in their restaurant family, Campagnolo ROMA, located at 2297 E. Hastings St. As it’s name indicates, ROMA will serve Italian dishes inspired by Roman cuisine. Chef Ted Anderson has been developing menus for months and will be at the kitchen helm. Campagnolo ROMA will be a walk-in only restaurant. The website will be available soon at”

And then, to top it off, they’re putting the peanut and chocolate parfait (layers of chocolate ganacheand peanut butter mouse with honey comb, ground peanuts, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce) back on the menu.  BACK on the menu?  I’ve been gone so long, I didn’t even know it was OFF the menu!

Their email took me back to this meal to end all meals:

Boy, do I miss that place.

44 thoughts on “May 3, 2011: Skinny little Maximus! Stargate: SG-1 season five memories! The Refuel update!

  1. My brain perked up when I read this…

    And, hopefully, even with Stargate as we know it coming to its premature end

    …as if to suggest that Stargate will not be ending, but just ending as we know it.

    Not holding my breath, but man, I don’t want gate adventures to ever end.



    Yup, the cuteness overload just killed me. 🙂


  3. Those were the good days, if they were given a little dose of SGU goodness then it wouldve been perfect or well ahead of its time. Were there storylines you wouldve liked to pursue but never got the chance to that you would like to talk about? What were your discussions back then and what opposing arguments did you guys have?

    That rite of passage was underwhelming, i have hard time rewatching it, it gave a whole new meaning to suckness. But Tomb and Unas and all the others were awesome. And Jack kinda hates Russians, its implied, you guys mightve not meant it in your script but RDA makes it so. And the whole russian team dying while SG-1 without so much a scratch pretty obvious what the theme was. Which reminds me, i never really liked how the bad soldier dies at the end of the episode as a punishment for something he did before, how come karma doesnt ever apply to SG-1 team?

  4. Great blog tonight Joe! Packed full of interesting stuff. Loving your recollections and puppy baby pictures and everything.

  5. Maximus was the cutest pup! I wish there were a spray that would keep them that size.

    Creepy about the concierge staff. Scary too!

    The link about TV’s and the Nielsen’s was interesting. I would agree with the article about how viewership has changed BUT I know a lot of low income families. In my mom’s town most of them make below $20,000. The younger ones usually have a computer but no internet (they go by the coffee shop for that). You can go past the crappiest house trailer, with several cars on blocks littering the yard but the trailer WILL have a satellite dish.

  6. Loved your episode recaps but LOVED the pics of Max more! The pic of Jelly with his paw around Max is too cute for words!

  7. That second picture of Max is just too cute! I’ve got nothing tonight, just exhausted from a lovely afternoon at the dentist. Good night! 🙂

  8. Ratings for Stargate Universe and Sanctuary

    Stargate Universe (SYFY, 9pm)
    – 0.993 million viewers
    – 0.7/1 HH
    – 0.3/1 A18-49

    Sanctuary (SYFY)
    – 0.838 million viewers
    – 0.6/1 HH
    – 0.2/1 A18-49

    All I can really say is lame. I really loved Lindas episode, after thinking her last one kinda sucked, this one was brilliant and very well done. She really hit it out the park.

    Both SGU, Sanctuary, and now Urban Legends did pretty good on Fridays, if you count the 1.5 million odd average, the moment they moved them, SGU died, Sanctuary did poorly, and Urban Legends took Sanctuarys sport on Fridays.

  9. Anyway, cute dog pictures Joe, and out those episodes listed The Tomb was the best in my eyes. With 2001 a close second.

    And oddly enough that again was another one done by you and Paul. I don’t remember who wrote these episodes, just randomly checked now and saw lol

  10. Baby Maximus is absolutely adorable. I can see why you took him home. I don’t think I could have turned him away.

  11. @ Deni – I went to the dermatologist today. Nothing cancerous, thank goodness, but he did cut off my ‘third nipple’ (NOT really, but I had this ‘thing’ that popped up on my shoulder about 20 years ago – a fleshy mole thing – and I hated it! Now it’s gone, woo!). Anyway, he did a full body exam, and when he got to my legs I apologized for not shaving, and he said, “Don’t worry, I don’t shave mine, either.” 🙂 The guy was GREAT! Funny as hell. Best doctor visit in a long time.

    I’ve been very busy lately. I didn’t catch Universe, Castle, or Sanctuary last night. I’m getting to this point in my life where I really could do without tv. Just too much else going on. Like…yesterday, found out I have termites in my garage door (it’s wood fiber), and probably in the garage wall. Nothing under the house, thank goodness. So, now we need a termite treatment, a new garage door, and who knows what else. I’m not too worried about money right now. Hubby is back to work, now full-time as a locksmith for his buddy who has a business, plus he still has his own locksmith business that he’s doing part time (his boss doesn’t want his customers because he has enough of his own). So I right now I’m not too panicky about funds, but I am panicky about finding the time to get everything done that needs to be done. I need like 10 more hours in each day – and a LOT more energy! Like right now…I’m catching up on some rugby, gonna eat a bowl of ice cream (because I had Chinese tonight, and I always need ice cream after eating Chinese), and then to bed before the late night news. Lots to do tomorrow again, and just not enough time to get it all done. I need two of me…or maybe three.



  12. I’m with Das on the baby doggie pics. Awwwwwww. And you Maximus is still a cutie — He’s just grown into his name.

    I’m heading up to Vancouver at the end of the month and will miss Refuel’s Spot Prawn Boil by two days – Damn. I need to remember to check the foodie calendars when I plan my Vancouver vacations.

    – KB

  13. I forgot Jelly was the older woman, How cute the pictures are, and they do grow up so fast.
    Did you find an artist for your comic book?
    I am going to miss sgu, and stargates, thanks for sharing all you do with us. The pictures are amazing.

  14. Joey, just a thought…

    You’re sharing these wonderful baby pics of your puppies, but when are we gonna see baby pictures of YOU?? Hmmmm? Come on, don’t be shy… 😉


  15. Maximus was so (SO!!!!!!!!) cute when he was little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Not that he isn’t that bad now, but really. :)] Mr. Mallozzi, are you ever going to get another puppy?

  16. Awwwwwwwww!!! Maximus! So cute as puppy! 😀 And…how cute Jelly and baby Maximus cuddling! Definitely on the high scale for cuteness factor. 🙂

    Beast of Burden – Excellent episode! Loved the Unas episodes. Loved watching Daniel interact with the Unas.

    Nice shout out to Gateworld. 🙂 I’ve been with Gateworld for 7 years (dang…it’s been that long??), and it’s thee best place to on the net for Stargate ANYTHING! Both Darren and David…and Greg (can’t forget him ;)) have really done a super job on that site. I’ve met so many Stargate fans on Gateworld Forums, and made some many online friends. Gateworld Forums has become like a community or one big family. Thank you to Darren, David, and Greg for keeping Gateworld running so well, and for so long. 🙂

  17. @Das: A third nipple, hey? 🙂 Glad to hear things have eased up for you a little! Here, things are all discombobulated. My dentist visit today was for a botched root canal I had done a few years ago in South Florida, and it’s turned into a huge deal. Something about $2,000 and cutting bone in order to get to the thing and 4 visits to have it taken care of. I’m thrilled. Really. It’s not like I went to some back alley dentist in Tijuana! Having to pay for someone else’s mistake is always fun, not only in terms of money, but who needs this? 🙂

    And yeah, I was going to sleep and decided to have tea and a snack, instead. Then, I started watching “The Outrageous Okona” (Star Trek TNG) and now I’m up. Still, Elway’s all snuggly and cute, so maybe…

  18. Adorable puppy piics. Love it. More season five background. Love it. Refuel and eatery information. Love/hate it. Hate= no way to get to Vancouver to enjoy the special meal. As for having someone walk into the apartment while in the shower, now you’ve made me paranoid. I keep various items(read knives, swords, a couple of axes, a halbard, and a some spears) laying about in different rooms. Now I’ll have to decide on something for the bathroom. Going to be tricky that as it’s hard to place a knife or sword in a bathroom and claim it’s only decorative. Perhaps just dangle a blade over the loo, and claim it’s the sword of damacles? On the plus side, it will encourage to be about their business more quickly… looking forward to more posts on matters canine, SG, Transporter, and Toronto.

  19. maximus was so small! they grow up so fast.

    i have a question that maybe you can answer when you get up to the end of season 6, the start of season 7; what plans were there for the character of jonas quinn if he had been kept on beyond season 6? or didn’t the writers plan that far ahead because you thought that every season after #5 would be the last for SG-1?

  20. “…furry foursome (and counting).”

    OK, what’s up with that? I seem to recall you wondering how Lulu and Stewie might get along once you reached Toronto… fuzzy wedding plans, maybe? Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

  21. I couldn’t have said it better than Das did about Maximus and Maximus and Jelly together. What a pleasant picture to have in my head before I go to bed.

    @Das — Glad your dermatology thing turned out okay.

    @Deni — Cringing. Ouch. Reminds me I need to schedule my cleaning.

    A couple of favorites in this group: Rite of Passage, The Tomb, and 2001.

    John Lenic’s dog urinating on the script: Priceless. I did like the episode though.

    @Joe: Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday.

  22. Very odd! I am usually logged in. Hmm.
    I wish I thought Gateworld would continue, but I have watched too many fan sites dry up when the series ended. Gateworld is so big they may not totally disappear, but I notice massive drop in posts already. When there is no news, they try to expand to what anyone ever connected to the show is doing, but how long does that help?

    Anyway, omg… poor Fondy. Talk about invasion of privacy!

  23. So
    A. Maximus was such a cute puppy
    B. I also thought that Larry Drake was mentally impaired for real until I saw him interviewed a few years later. I was really shocked.
    C. So what WAS Ambassador Faxon’s fate? I assumed he died.

    Am loving the look back.


  24. Saw the second to last episode of Universe last night and my wife asked me a funny question. She said “Can you imagine Hershey (our little black pug) in one of those space suits, only pug size?”. So the question is, could you Joe, imagine Jelly or Maximus in a pug size spacesuit from Universe?

  25. @das: I’m glad all went well at the dermatologist and that hubby is back to work (hurrah!). I’m off to the doctor today myself to get a variety of odd aches and pains checked out. Sorry to hear about the termites. Being a homeowner can be a pain at times.

    Gateworld! That’s where I first met das! I haven’t been there in years, though. Not since SGA ended and there were no longer any Wraith to defend. It was mostly a lot of fun to visit.

    @Joe: Aww. Maximus was such a little tuffy. And the picture of Jelly snuggling with him is unbelievably adorable.

  26. Very cute puppy! Very cute!

    Gateworld has been kind of dead lately, and the threads for some of the actors/characters have lost many of their old-time posters. It’s a bit sad, actually.

  27. This is funny, cause I just watched two of the above mentioned episodes this weekend (Between two fires and 2001). I always loved episodes like 2010, as they gave you a glimpse of what could have been. Thanks for talking about these and for revealing the plans for the third Aschen encounter. Very interesting 🙂

  28. Li’l Maximus!! So cute, what a doll! Are you sure he wasn’t birthed from Beanie Babies? And now he’s still adorable even though he’s filled out a bit in the middle!

    Yet another horribly rainy day with like a billion emails to answer. I slipped “May the 4th be with you” into a mailer and no one noticed (or they are Vaders minions). I plan to celebrate with a chocolate cookie.

    The dinner at Refuel sounds lovely. Maybe you can talk ’em into opening a Toronto branch; it’s time for Refuel on The Atlantic.

  29. I see I have much catching up to do … I got out of the hospital and promptly went AWOL to NM and the wilds of Southern Utah. Hovenweep, Valley of the Gods, Goblin Valley … wow.

  30. @ Sparrowhawk – The termite thing could be worse. We have a friend who is just starting in the business (he worked 5 years for someone else, went off on his own last year). He is going to use a new, low-risk termite treatment called Altriset (for subterranean termites, the kind we have in our area). I’ve been reading up on it, and feel that it will be best for our situation since we don’t seem to have a severe infestation. He’s giving us a good price, too.

    He also found a bunch of black widow spiders under our house…but I just can’t worry about them as long as they stay UNDER the house. I’m more concerned about the spiders in our shed – I’m sure there’s some black widows in there, which means I’ll never, ever clean it out, though it really does need it.

    Ah, yes…Gateworld. Remember when I was all serious and mature back then, valiantly defending the Wraith like a lawyer pulling out all the stops to save a condemned man from the gallows? Then the show ended and there was this massive void that I just HAD to fill with snarky, obnoxious and somewhat perverted remarks about Joeykins and his love life. 😛 I really turned into a giant goofus, didn’t I? 😳

    @ Deni – I dangled that nipple out there to see who would bite. Figures it would be you. 😉


  31. Ack, ack, ACK!! I meant COMMENT…I dangled that nipple COMMENT…ugh. Otherwise, it just sounds so terribly wrong.** 😛

    **See giant goofus remark in previous post.

    i think i’ll go away for a few days now… 😳

    das the ass

  32. Jelly, with Baby Maxiums, is just too cute… wish my dogs got along well enough to put their arm around one another. 🙂

  33. Joe, thank you again for your insights and your trip down memory lane. I’m quite enjoying your views of the episodes.

    Since you have talked about Gateworld – have you already read their latest article? It’s an open letter to the SyFy channel. I doubt it will help much but it is an interesting read. Do you agree with the things Darren says? I would be interested in your comperative thoughts.

  34. Re the latest SGU – Oh, those poor vegetables! They never saw it coming.

    Re SG1’s “2001” – I really would have liked to see another “2010” episode airing in 2010 that had the Aschen part 3. I mean, if you do a time-travel to the near future, you’ve just got to do a follow-up when the real world catches up to that future.

    As for SGU in general – I still think SGU is the best Stargate series to date and I’d like to see you able to complete the 5 year arc you planned out for it, even if there’s a production delay.

  35. Speaking about the Gateworld article, I couldn’t agree more. Very well written and to the point, and raises some great points that Syfy will no doubt ignore, but they’re there

    What makes me laugh in some ways, is that Syfys audience doesn’t actually want Smackdown, they’re drawing crowds that have no interest in the channel and simply switch over once Wrestling is done.

    I agree with Gateworld that it needs moving out of Friday to another day.

  36. It should be noted that Darren and David were in college, if not high school, at the time they started GW. Now Darren is continuing post-grad theological studies in Scotland (if nothing has recently changed). David has made his career with various SG-related companies, I think most recently Propworx Auctions.

  37. I remember always regretting that on Right of Passage you didn’t get Katie Stuart back. Was she filming X-men at the time since she did the Shadow Cat/Kitty Pride cameo in movie 2?

    Anyhow, this actually brings up a point since this was Cassandra’s last real appearance. Was she ever considered for universe? I’ve argued at Gateworld that this was a good idea. She would have completed college, maybe graduate school by now. She’d proven she could keep her mouth shut about the Stargate. She would have a great backstory with what being in Samantha’s shadow and trying to live up to Janet’s memory, driven to succeed in the SG program.

    I would have thought that kind of thing would be a great fit for the kind of atmosphere you wanted to generate from Universe. Also because they’re so cut off from Earth, you wouldn’t have to spell it out to new viewers what her whole backstory is and it had been a long time since we’d seen her, but the fans would already know.

    So all in all, I always felt Cassie was a perfect link between SG-1 and SGU that would have fit, but was never realized. Very sad.

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