Looking forward to hearing everyone’s comments on the latest (and one of the last remaining) episode of Stargate: Universe, Epilogue.  In retrospect, it would have been a nice way to conclude the show but, alas, at the time, we were looking at Gauntlet as the season ender, not a series ender (more on that when the finale airs).  Executive Producer Carl Binder’s crowning achievement on the franchise, Epilogue also includes a little cameo by the man himself.  Well, not a physical cameo; more of a cameo in spirit.  That snippet of the elderly Brody complaining about those damn dancing kids?  He’s actually channeling Carl Binder.  Come on!  Don’t tell me the mustache didn’t give it away!

Why does it take so damn long to drive anywhere in Toronto?  The biggest culprit is not the number of cars on the road but the ridiculous number of closures and single lane detours as a result of the presumed ongoing construction.  I say presumed because, even though I’ve been snailing past the same blocked off sections of roadway for weeks now, I have yet to see a single person actually working at the scene.  Akemi suggests they probably work nights, the better to inconvenience a wider range of people.

Oh and now it seems I’m coming down with something.  Sigh.  Since arriving in Toronto, I’ve suddenly become the protagonist in a Lemony Snicket book.

Check out this great interview with the screenwriter of the new The Fast and Furious installment, Fast Five.  It’s true what they say.  Hollywood IS a young man’s game.  Thanks to Carl for the tip:


Exciting news!  The official script color code for Transporter: The Series has been released.  It breaks down as follows:

original: white
1st revision: blue
2nd revision: pink
3rd revision: yellow
4th revision: green
5th: Goldenrod
6th: Salmon
7th: taupe
8th: cyan
Isn’t taupe a mole?  What color are they?  And wasn’t Cyan the former name of the Kingdom of Thailand?
Wait!  Breaking news!  As I was writing this entry, I received an email informing me that had a change had been made.  Apparently someone took exception to cyan and a decision was made to replace it with double-white.  Seriously.  I defy anyone to be able to distinguish between white and double-white (even triple-white for that matter!).  In the interest of clarity and working within a system agreeable to all participants, I would like to suggest the following alternatives to the proposed Transporter: The Series official script color code:
original: white
1st revision: fallow
2nd revision: feldgrau
3rd revision: malachite
4th revision: rain
5th: metallic sunburst
6th: gristle
7th: two month old fig discovered in the back of the refrigerator’s vegetable  crisper
8th: ennui grey
Great.  Now that we got that sorted out, let’s shift focus to those SG-1 season memories…
One of my many, many fond memories of that first year on the franchise were the number of dogs that could would sniff and scamper the corridors of the Production Offices, whether it was N. John Smith’s black labs, Molly and Tugboat, Rick’s Australian shepherd, Zoe, Rob’s multi-shit(?) Oscar, Amanda’s bouvier Abby, or Don’s lab, Midnight Lady.  It was a very relaxed, dog-friendly environment and, back then, I would spend much of the day in my office, typing away on my laptop, my pug, Jelly, perched on the headrest of the couch behind me, surveying the passing hall traffic and occasionally venturing out for a little stroll/adventure.  I remember one time when Michael Shanks poked his head into my office and, as delicately as possible informed me: “Uh, Jelly ate my tuna sandwich.”  Apparently, he’d set it aside to deal with some script issue and Jelly, no doubt assuming it had been abandoned, helped herself.  Another time, Jelly had managed to escape the production offices and I spent a good twenty minutes trying to corra herl.  Back then, she was quite nimble and enjoyed nothing better than a good chase.  I was at wit’s end, exhausted, when Richard Dean Anderson stepped out of Stage 5 and called to her.  She immediately jumped into his arms and he handed her over, problem solved.  And Rick cemented the title of Dog Whisperer.
…corrupts absolutely.  Actors love to play bad guys and, in this episode, Michael Shanks delivers a terrific portrayal of our Daniel gone dark side.  Destroying Moscow is pretty bad, but one of the most unsettling acts he commits never found its way into the finished version of the episode.  In an earlier version, there is mention of the fact that Teal’c inexplicably vanished years ago.  The truth about his mysterious disappearance is revealed when Jack stumbles upon his old friend, a prisoner of Daniel who has been experimenting on him, transfusing blood from the Jaffa in an effort to master control of goa’uld technology.
While the final quarter of the show’s fourth season delivers some great hits (Entity, Exodus) it also offers up a few misses, this episode being a big one in my books.  The beat of Jack rushing Daniel back to the planet aside, the episode never really delivers – surprising given what was, up to this point, a fairly strong season.  In similar fashion…
This one was another disappointment.  I believe I’ve already mentioned elsewhere how the character of Jennifer Hailey was originally conceived as a younger version of Carter (Samantha Jr.) but, in the end, came across as petulant and unlikable.  Without a doubt, our weakest script of the fourth season, but an episode notable for the very first onscreen appearance of Ivon Bartok who plays the cadet, in opening tease, who asks: “Did you say TEN dimensions?”. Brilliant.  The role of Hailey came down to two extras, Elizabeth (who eventually won the part) and an actress named Jennifer Halley.  It stuck in my head because, in my first draft of the script, the character had been named Jennifer Halley before Paul changed her last name to Hailey.  Anyway, Elizabeth was better suited to the role of the young ingenue, but Jennifer would later land the role of Lieutenant Tolinev in season 5’s The Tomb.  The seemingly distant cousins of the alien life forms (zapping bugs) that complicate matters in this episode put in an appearance in Stargate: Atlantis’s The Defiant One and Stargate: Universe’s Water.

51 thoughts on “April 26, 2011: Since arriving in Toronto I’ve suddenly become the protagonist in a Lemony Snicket book!

  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles, Joe. I have some of my own right now.

    I am listening to the entire musical selection of an ice cream truck outside my window. Eeek!! The boy next door can’t make up his mind, and the truck is parked out front.

    Okay, onto more positive thoughts. Funny, you should say that about Epilogue concluding SGU. Those were hubby’s exact words last night at the end of the ep during which both of us had continually said, “Damn, that’s good! SGU rocks! Best episode ever!”

    I agree with you about Prodigy. I think the other ep the character was in in the fifth season was better.

    **sigh of relief** The ice cream truck finally left, and of course, it’s now pouring down rain.

    Have a good evening!!

  2. “one of the most unsettling acts he commits never found its way into the finished version of the episode. In an earlier version, there is mention of the fact that Teal’c inexplicably vanished years ago. The truth about his mysterious disappearance is revealed when Jack stumbles upon his old friend, a prisoner of Daniel who has been experimenting on him, transfusing blood from the Jaffa in an effort to master control of goa’uld technology.”

    Bummer, that really Should have been in there! Of course 19 minutes of commercials in today’s tv hour long shows, does prevent such great parts from being told… at least until now. 🙂 Thanks again for all of these behind the scenes.

  3. Epilogue was such a GREAT episode. From beginning to end, the writing, acting, everything was just perfect. I like the whole alternate timeline thing (that actually happened!) and the revelation about T.J. was shocking. Man. Syfy & MGM are STUPID for not wanting to do more episodes or a movie/mini-series of this. SGU is just an amazing series thats gotten better & better with each episode. I’m going to miss it a lot. *sigh*

  4. Are you sure Brody wasn’t channelling you, Joe? 😉

    And, yeah…I know…you have had a lot of troubles lately. Same here. Found a dead cat in my neighbor’s yard today (not the one that was sick a couple weeks ago – this one has been there for a while – hard to identify because it was in an advanced stage of decomp – mostly just tail left). It’s bad when finding a dead cat is the ‘highlight’ of the week. 😛 I think it’s something in the water. In fact, most everyone I know is being bombarded with troubles of some sort. Hope things brighten up for you, and for everyone else who’s been having problems lately.

    Thanks for the info on the bugs. I never watched SG-1, so the bugs in The Defiant One really didn’t make much sense to me (of course, the fact that a couple upstarts from the Milky Way galaxy could just waltz in and take out a Wraith who had survived 10,000 years didn’t make much sense, either…but I digress… 😉 ).


  5. Much rather have The Light than Prodigy….LOVED the Jack and Daniel scenes in The Light…loathed the whole storyline of Prodigy…

    As for Absolute Power…Michael Shanks delivering as always!….in my top 10 Stargate episodes for sure!…

  6. sam + jack = confirmation on sgu?

    reveal they’re on their honeymoon in an sgu ep?

  7. @Carl Binder

    Epilogue was a great episode. It deserves the praise, you singlehandedly set up the perfect Stargate series with that one episode. Shame it’l never come to be but really, well done.

    Color me impressed.

  8. By this I mean, you could easily set up a Stargate series based on Novus by this episode alone, dunno if I’m the only one that thinks so, but it’s easily the perfect concept, as I said on the entry from the day before.

    Humans + Stargate being common knowledge + potential exploration of that Galaxy = gold.

  9. Hey Joe,

    In April 21st’s Mailbag you wrote: “… In the coming weeks, I’ll offer a little insight into the [novelization of future movie scripts] (since Carl and Brad were working on Revolution, I defer to them on providing details on the SG-1 movie)…”

    Just keeping it on your rader! Thanks, as always, for the fantastic memories of SG1 that you’re sharing with us.

    As you know, I’m firmly in the S/J got together post-Threads camp.


  10. Joe,

    SGU s2e18 again was awesome last night.

    I just don’t get it with MGM, SYFY(realityTV, wresteling, cooking) Channel, this show is obivously on the wrong channel in the states

    Over here in Scotland we have SGU on our leading entertainment satelite channel as is where Stargate’s always been. Stargate is huge over here although again with the veiwing figures you would never have guessed, Torrents, DVR, DVD recording, all modern tech that totally gives you no-idea how many people actually watch the show, untill you speak to folks online or in the street, so to speak. SGU is massive with a massive following, I don’t really care what anyone says, MGM’s DVD figures prove how big it is.

    I remember when Syfy was Sci-fi channel(in more ways than just name), it was a piddly little outfit that the best they could put out was outer-limits, it was a crap channel, now, thanks to you guys at Stargate, Syfy is a global brand that is surely at it’s current pace is going backwards too becoming a piddly little outfit again.

    I read Craig Engler from Syfy on Twitter and I quote “we at Syfy love Stargate”. Bloody funny way of showing it.

    Anyway lovin the memory lane stuff. It’s good to see and read about your early Stargate days.

    No-Luck with that car eh? Parking meters are well placed, it’s like a militry planny startegy to maximise income. Pay up or your getting it 1 way or another.

    I’m going to miss you guys I’ve been watching Stargate from day 1 when I was 22yrs old nearly my whole adult life


  11. Mondays ratings.
    See Sanctuarys.

    Stargate Universe (SYFY, 9pm)
    – 1.092 million viewers
    – 0.7/1 HH
    – 0.4/1 A18-49

    Sanctuary (SYFY)
    – 0.868 million viewers
    – 0.6/1 HH
    – 0.2/1 A18-49

    Oh dear, Syfy is having a hard time of it arent they? Virtually all their shows are failing on multiple days besides Eureka and Warehouse 13.

    But Yay for a rise in the numbers for SGU.

    *Dies a little inside for Sanctuary.. sucks for them*

  12. I like The Light…I thought Shanks put in a pretty great preformance. And I loved the scene with Sam and Jack walking on the beach when she ripped him a new one – a short, but super-funny scene.

    As for traffic – I thought the “Construction Season” was local to Alberta 😉

  13. @Das: dead cat with advance decomp = ewww!! Is your neighbour going to take care of that problem?? YUCK!!

    @Joe: I haven’t been watching the last episodes… Sad that it’s ending so i’m waiting for the season to come to Blu-Ray so I can buy both seasons and have a marathon weekend and watch all episodes 🙂

  14. More doggie stories please – the antics of dogs and cats (and other non-humans) amuse me.

    Being regularly manipulated and bullied by two cats perhaps I need to know that others suffer from this problem. However maybe the fact that my two are siblings might explain why the are currently trying to kill each other.


  15. One of the things that always bothered me was the Prodigy episode and its sequel but I’ll say more about that if/when it’s covered.

    Anyhow, specific to Hailey in particular, I always thought this was a missed opportunity. I don’t know if it would have been highly unorthodox to do this, but from the perspective of an ensemble show, if would have been nice if Hailey (or say a more likeable version) had progressed from this episode and eventually replaced Carter in the later seasons. Not that I have anything bad to say about Amanda Tapping it’s just for a story perspective Carter is too valuable to risk on missions after Season 8.

    Since I would always hope SG-1 would go on forever, I would have liked to see an interchanging cast. First Jonas replaces Daniel completely, then a few years later, Mitchell for Jack and then Hailey for Carter so that eventually you have a whole new team but they’ve come on gradually and the audience has liked them. I mean obviously for contractual reasons and such you couldn’t do that. But I think such a thing would have been more realistic. It’s not really something that is anyone’s fault though.

  16. We REALLY loved this week’s episode! I’m usually a fan of “what if” episodes in sci-fi, that show potential or alternate timelines / existences for the characters, and this two parter was one of the best I can remember from any show.

    In part, because of how you balanced the “other them” stuff with what was going on right now and the stuff with T.J., which Alaina Huffman played in brilliantly heartbreaking fashion. Ouch.

    Such a strong couple of eps, really.

    Joe, if you’re annoyed with the construction / traffic in Toronto, do yourself a favor and don’t visit us here in Chicago. Not that you wouldn’t love the food, etc., but the old saying about Chicago is that we have two seasons: Winter and Construction. And that saying is fairly accurate. Miles and miles and miles of highway with 75% of the lanes closed off and not a soul in sight working on anything.

    And this from a state that collects well over $1 million / day just from toll money.

    The script colors are ridiculous. I know that my colorblindness means that I could never have joined the Air Force, but, really?! I could never work on a TV show as a writer, either?!


  17. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the trip back in time with the memories of SG1. Brining up a lot of good times. It makes me want to dig out my DVDs.

    You’re so right about how nice a final episode Epilogue would have made. That ran through my mind last night. Ah, well. Great episode, though. The scenes with Eli, so lonely, just tore at my heart – but not nearly so much as the two scenes when he had to tell TJ first that there was only a one-in-three chance of downloading the cure, and then that it didn’t happen. And TJ’s scenes, too. Both actors did an amazing job. Also amazing was the old age makeup. The craft has come a long way since Season 1 and old Jack. Great epi all around.

  18. I guess I have to throw in the season 4 DVD that has Prodigy, and re-watch it. I remember liking that episode. One of the things that stood out was seeing Carter outside of the SGC and the respect/admiration she got from other Air Force officers. I thought it was a cool chance to see her outside of her normal surroundings which gave a bigger picture of who she was. And the arguments (especially at the end) with Hailey were great. The fact that either one of them could be right, yet we’ll never know… I don’t know, I dug it. Guess I’m weird.

  19. Say, for example, that SGU continues in comic book form. Would one million readers be enough to keep a comic book alive? We were told that 2.5 million was the number needed to get SyFy to give us a season 3, but what about other mediums? A TV cartoon format, for example. What kind of numbers would that require? Thank you.

  20. Joe – SGU is such an artistically great show and my hat goes off to you and the team for the writing. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching every single episode of Stargate ever. This last season of SGU is so well written and both me and my wife are sad to see it end. I really hope you can pull a mini-series together and get it done. Better still, wait 2 years and make a series of block buster movies like the old Star Treks.. JJ Abraham style. Stargate has sooo much more to offer.

    I know SYFY is trying to re-invent themselves, but killing the Friday spot of great SYFY shows has got to be one of the biggest mistakes. Remember the days of SGU and Atlantis back to back! Wow.. this is really premature to end SGU. It should have gone on at least one more season.

    No more shows there for me to watch there now. Best of luck.

  21. Kudos to Carl for a tremendous episode. Everyone deserves much praise for Epilogue. These last two episodes have been brilliant. I’ve watched them multiple times, crying & laughing on the edge of my seat.

    TJ’s illness – didn’t see that coming. Young going back for Varro – great character moment. Brody’s fear of being stuck on planet and anger with Eli. I had great fun trying to figure out who connected with whom for baby time. Eli & Corp Barnes – not a combo that sprouted to mind. Lovely episode. I’ll miss SGU terribly.

  22. Hi Joe, loved Prodigy. Lots of truth in the behavior of Hailey’s immature female genius. Adolescents that bright frequently aren’t people-persons, so the storyline and portrayal really rang true to me. Pleasantly, she definitely wasn’t a Mary Sue character either

  23. @ Penny – No worries – Animal Control came out and picked up the cat. The cat was inside a cat house under some bushes around my neighbor’s house. I could only see the tail, and didn’t want to disturb the remains until animal control came out. When the guy came he wouldn’t let me see it, which sort makes me mad (it’s not like I haven’t seen dead animals in advanced stages of decomposition before – hell, I’ve bleached skulls and stuff – no biggie). I really wanted to know which cat it was, and I can only guess it was the one we called ‘Front Yard’, because he hung out in the front yard. 😛 Poor kitty…I guess maybe he was hit by a car or something, ran into the little shelter, and died.

    Speaking of death, I just learned that my favorite shantyman – Johnny Collins – died a couple years ago. 🙁 The man had a magnificent voice!


    Here’s a group lip-synching to Johnny’s Fire Marengo:


    I say they are lip-synching because I have that song by Johnny on two different CDs, and it sounds exactly the same as what those guys are ‘singing’. Anyway, I just love his voice in that song, but he could also do a very soft, lilting voice if the song called for it. His rendition of The Wild Goose is just beautiful – you can hear a sample of it here: http://www.amazon.com/Shanties-Songs-Sea-Johnny-Collins/dp/B00001OHA5/ref=pd_sim_sbs_m_2

    Oh well, no one lives forever.


  24. It sounds like you are working on material for the second book already. the first of course being the compilation of these SG memories into a photo-heavy volume for we, your faithful readers.At a reasonable profit margin. The second will be about your Transporter years. I figure if the show makes it five seasons you’ll have about 17 chapters on life and living in Toronto, and chapters 18-22 on the show. I can only guess you are balancing some karmic scale with your current travails. Or accruing good karma for the future.
    As far as siffy channel, I think I’m going to just put a parental block on them. Their continued programming decisions have just shown they have no interest in viewers fitting my own demographics, so I’ll save them the bother. I will wait until SGU finishes airing, but anything else worthwhile they might produce I’ll just wait to see on dvd. Perhaps others here will decide to take the same course of action.
    Anyways, thanks for the latest installment, and wishing everyone in storm/flood ravaged areas the best.

  25. Loved ‘Epilogue’ EXCEPT for the piss poor job that the Space Channel in Canada did for synching the commercials in with the episode.

    The episode would just ‘stop’, commercials started immediately, when they ended, the episode started again and when the ‘obvious’ commercial break should have started, there would be a 10-12 second black screen followed by the episode continuing again without a commercial.

    I can’t see this being the fault of the SGU staff, unless people were just getting lazy with the show being cancelled and only 2 episodes left. I’m pretty sure the staff are alot more professional then that though.

    I’m a huge fan of alternate history though, and this episode didn’t disappoint in that respect.

  26. BTW..knowing your a fan of anime…have you seen the live action version of “Space Battleship Yamato” yet? I remember seeing parts of the english dubbed “Star Blazers” when I was a kid..the music always stuck with me.

    Dunno if the dvd has an english dub to it. Fortunately you’ve got Akemi to translate for you if you get a chance to see it. The youtube trailers seem pretty decent.

  27. Hmmph. I’m annoyed. Epilogue was a great episode – what I saw of it anyway. Seems Space had its commercial breaks in the wrong spots and continually cut off the ends of scenes and the beginnings of others, or chopped sections out of the middle. Then, when the commercials should have aired, there was simply a black screen. Guess I’ll have to watch it online tomorrow to see the whole ep.

    Spoilery stuff:
    Anyway, you’re right that this episode would have made a great conclusion to the series. Destiny reaches the other planet and the people on board decide to stay there since Destiny’s falling apart around them, not to mention the whole attracting the Berserkers every time they turn around thing. And wouldn’t it be interesting for their descendants from Novus that left in the ships to arrive and discover that Destiny had not only been to Novus, but had then traveled to the new planet, and that their “ancestors” then settled on the new planet 1800 years after first settling Novus (although I thought it was stated to have been 3000 years in Common Descent), and with the addition of “the demon” Rush who was absent from the group of “original” settlers of Novus; although he might have decided to “go down with the ship” again, I’m not sure Young would have let him.

    Sucks to be TJ right now. When she first started with the hand bit, I thought it meant she was developing arthritis. ALS was a shocker. Although I’m sure Eli & Co. will figure out the cure using the medical information that was downloaded, or, perhaps more likely at this point, their descendants on the other planet will have it. Not so sure a cure would have been in the ancient database since the ancients were aliens from another galaxy and, while some did interbreed with humans after leaving Pegasus, it’s not so certain that ALS was a disease they were familiar with. ALS may be something peculiar to humans and, therefore, the ancients would have no record of it.

    Sad about Volker. But interesting tie in having Chloe be the one with him when he “sees” his death on the Kino footage, just like she saw hers on the Kino in Time. Guess she can relate to how he must have been feeling seeing that. I kind of suspect that Volker’s parting shot at Rush at the end reveals some of the resentment he has toward him for their being stuck on Destiny in the first place and that, if they were on Earth, he undoubtedly would have received the medical care he required.

    Brody turning into a crotchety old man. Who’d have thought it? Although, being the pessimist he is, losing his buddy Volker, and being stuck on Novus, I suppose it’s the logical progression. Loved the ‘stache. Whose idea was that?

    Ah, Varro. That boy just can’t win. First losing TJ to Young, then saving her life and almost losing his own – getting rather damaged in the process. He did manage to land James, though, which should make him happy.

    Eli and Cpl. Barnes was an interesting pairing, but does he ever really get over Ginn?

    It would have been nice to see what happens on Destiny in light of the information contained on the Kino footage regarding who hooked up with whom. Speculation can now run rampant.

    Question, though: When the Destiny folks arrived on Novus, there was some comment about only having to survive until Rush turned the ship around and came and got them. But . . . how did they expect that he would he know where they were? Leaving out the whole time travel part, even if he had survived and found out what planet they had been sent to, they didn’t stay there, they gated off until they found a suitable planet. How would he have tracked that? Check every possible planet they could have gated to until he located them? Doesn’t seem practical. Also, since the Version 2.0 and 3.0 gates don’t allow for knowing which of the possible planets someone could have dialed was actually the one dialed, it’s unlikely the Version 1.0 gates do either, particularly given Eli’s comment in Lost about not knowing what direction he, Chloe, and Scott would be traveling when they were trying to return to Destiny after being stranded when the ship jumped. If they can’t even tell what direction they’re traveling, it seems quite a stretch for them to be able to know what gate was dialed last if they weren’t the ones that actually dialed it.

  28. Another great episode. This show continues to surprise me. It’s hard to believe that this series is ending… especially with the creative high that is being set now. There is tons of material for a season 3.

    With the announcement that the movie/mini series won’t be happening, does that mean they are striking the Destiny’s sets? Is there any effort being made to preserve them in storage, or are they gone for good with all hope of a movie ever seeing the light of day? I guess I am in denial thinking there might be hope down the road.

    I’m hoping we get an good conclusion to the Novus storyline, but I suspect that was going to play into a good portion of the Season 3 storylines. Was the intent to stick around this galaxy for a while, or move on? I could see where 2000 years of limited gate travel would allow for some more traditional type Stargate stories of meeting human civilizations/settlements.

    In anycase, SGU’s cancelation is a clear sign of mismanagement on the networks part. Sanctuary’s numbers dropped with the move to Monday nights. I think it speaks volumes of what the network thought of the franchise that they felt it was a strong enough show to go head to head in the peak network season, but that obviously failed. I just don’t understand why they didn’t put SGU back on Friday Nights or air it in the off season with Eureka and Warehouse 13 to maximize return on investment. I hope someone in the scheduling department get’s fired over the mismanagement that happened with SGU’s timeslots.

  29. @Das : ( Dead animals.

    @Randomness I think also in addition to moving these shows to Mondays and/or Tuesdays is the issue of having them going up against major powerhouses on the networks. It used to be that the schedule would start during the summer or finish up in early October before the networks would start airing their shows (remember they were always starting later?) And then during some of the hiatus time in the spring before the heavyweights came in to put on their powerhouses for May sweeps. My DVR couldn’t record all the shows I wanted it to on Monday or Tuesday. There were 4 shows conflicting with each other on Monday. I had to make a tough decision and try to record them on my computer instead via my satellite feed that is hooked up to it. I don’t have a DVR on the three different receivers I have.

    @Joe I’m sorry that you are now coming down sick. I hope that the universe will give you a break soon. Sending hugs your way.

    I would love a work environment that was dog friendly — oh wait, I do work in one, at least in the sense that I 100% telecommute (22 years now, wow).

    Love these stories. RDA rocks. A true alpha dog.

    My favorites of this bunch were Absolute Power and I really liked Prodigy. I love rebelliousness and really adored Hailey.

  30. I really enjoyed “Epilogue”. It was like a match made in heaven between SGU and and Lost. The flashbacks made this episode so much more powerful. I couldn’t help but laugh at the quick succession of shots of all the women screaming their lungs off and giving birth. I’m not sure it was meant for comical effect but people just kept getting pregnant!

    It’s too bad there were no dogs or any adorable dog-like creatures on “Novus”. It would have been a nice touch. I know we’ve seen planets explode before in SG-1/SGA, but it would still have been cool to see “Novus” implode/explode/ripped to shreds by the black hole. All in all, well done, sir!

  31. Epilogue was an awesome episode but ‘the greater good’ is still my favorite by a long shot.
    What I love about SGU is how much I connect to the story and relate to the characters.
    I would have done the same choices. Investigating a deserted alien ship, shooting Destiny’s weapon at a bunker doors from orbit, that is the kind of stuff I would have done. Because it’s logical, pragmatic and makes senses. And this is also why I loved that show so much. I felt involved in the story because those would have been my choices and actions. And this is an incredible sensation, sometimes I literally talk to the characters on the screen. I feel their emotions and reactions because they could be mine in that situation.

    2 Episodes to go and this is it! Lets appreciate them 200% !
    And thank you Joe and all the cast and crew for that exceptional science fiction show!

  32. Sanctuary was moved to mondays nights following sgu and got just 0.868 viewers. The most episode of sgu which preceded it got 1.092 million viewers. If syfy had kept sgu on friday nights it would have been renewed.

  33. Hi Joe:

    You are right, Toronto isn’t Vancouver. But I’m sure that there are lots of things that Toronto has that Vancouver doesn’t. Check out their theater scene and the numerous festivals. There are so many ethnic areas with great restaurants. Kensington Market is historic and interesting. Being in T.O. gives you a chance to take in the personality of a new city. I’d find that very interesting and exciting and a learning experience.

    You mentioned everyone’s dogs on Stargate, but did anyone own a cat or two? I am doing a non-scientific study regarding actors and people in the entertainment industry and weather they own a dog or a cat. I have a psychological theory about pet ownership and am checking it out.

    I noticed that David Blue was pretty much one of the only people who was not shown aged on this week’s episode. Is it because he is allergic to the material used to make people look older?

    Loved Brody’s remarks as an old man. I could even see him yelling, “You kids get off my lawn!”
    And, I’m very glad you guys didn’t kill off Varro. I’d like to have seen Varro take over as leader of the group on the new planet. He would have been much better than Young.


  34. Mailbag question: Was it planned to ever reveal who the alternate Camille Wray was dating?

    I like that you guys included that little snippet of her discussing dating another woman to show that she stayed true to herself because it made me wonder when one of the descendents had her father’s name.

    Also, how many people from Destiny started this civilization of millions? Despite the initial diverse gene pool, it seems there would eventually be some inbreeding going on (at least on a first or second cousin level) which could cause some serious genetic problems.

    Although, if they were able to cure ALS, they probably had a good handle on genetic diseases…

  35. Okay, so I watched SGU during my lunch hour and that was it for me for the rest of the afternoon. Lots of great moments – was really disappointed when Varro fell, but what a surprise that he was brought back to Destiny. I wish for him great things in the next chapter of SGU, if ever it comes around again. (am I in denial or what…?)

    If MGM can’t handle this franchise, then I wish they would sell it to someone else who can. I still think that, for whatever reason, SGU was doomed before it ever began. What a cockamaimee decision.

    The MGM lion does not roar for me anymore…./!

  36. Wah? Ivon acts? Why hasn’t he been cast more; surely he would have helped the doomed Eden Planet Players survive with his camping skills.

    The puppy friendly office sounds fun, hard to believe the elegant and stately Jelly has such a wild past. She’s like Hellen Mirren.

    Try adding a dash of ginger and cayenne to your favorite tea; it’ll sooth the throat. I am taking icky Zicam mints (taste like mint chalk) to combat the sickies at my job. So far the Zicam helped me stay cold free after a kindergarten bouncy castle party, plus various airline flights (and delays) and even my daily crowded and smelly bus ride.

  37. Hi Joe,
    Common Descent and Epilogue were some of the best viewing in SGU. Was wondering how Epilogue differed at its inception to garner the title of Radio


  38. I always thought LIGHT was about 1/2 of a great ep. Lots of angst. Daniel arguing with General Hammond to go back to the planet. Jack finding Daniel on the edge of his balcony is one of the most moving scene in the whole series. For me the ep worked up until Jack had to take Daniel back to the planet and then from there it fell apart for me.

    I didn’t like that once they got back to the planet, everyone seemed to forget that a whole SG team died and Daniel almost killed himself. There was no follow up on any of that. The focus turned to that annoying kid and the ep ends up a bit too happily ever after for me.

    Since Jelly eat Michael Shank’s lunch did you offer to replace it? ; )

    There has been some discussion about whether or not Daniel would have told SG1 the full gory details of his dream or kept it all to himself. What do you think?

  39. Hi, Joe,

    Loving the comments on the season 4 episodes. Overall I think it was the best of the SG1 years. The characters are well established, but still growing. The on-screen connection between the team is still strong, without the fissures that appear as personal stuff with the actors (MS’s unhappiness and decision to leave, RDA dialing back his involvement) began to affect the production in season 5 onward.

    While I’m not a fanatic S/J shipper, (I save that for D/V), I did believe that there was attraction between them right from the briefing room scene in CotG. But I can sympathize with the anti-shippers to some extent. I hated, hated, HATED the Starbuck/Apollo ship on BSG and there are whole episodes I can’t watch. But for the most part you kept it in the background and I think the series was better for that.

    Absolute Power is one of my favorite episodes. I love me some dark Daniel, especially when he is wearing the white trousers of doom. (Waaaaay hotter than the ivory sweater of enlightenment.)

    Maybe it’s because I started watching in with season 9 with the cranky Daniel/sassy Vala dynamic, but occasionally Daniel comes off a bit too bleeding-heart-liberal saintly in the pre-Meridian seasons.

    I do agree with you about Prodigy. I spent most of the episode wanting someone to bitch slap the heck out of Hailey. The character is so much better used in Proving Ground.

    Can’t wait for your comments on another of my faves, Double Jeopardy.

  40. What was the relationship with the Air Force like on SGU? I remember reading that the scripts were sent to them and the USMC. I bet they loved that closet scene. Did they approve of Universe? I would really like to know this if you have time to answer this question. Thanks!

  41. @PBMom

    I know what you mean, I died a little inside when I saw Sanctuarys ratings, so sad. I don’t want it to die..

    I also think that Syfys meddling with these shows hasn’t done them any good at all. In other words they’re killing off well loved shows with all these changes in times, days etc

  42. Here’s another “children’s” book

    Go The F to Sleep

    I just may have a sternly disapproving review for a book of fables we picked up at the library. I skimmed it and saw something about putting tacks in chairs. Tsk. Tsk.

  43. LOVED Epilogue, sad that it’s almost over. I agree that it would have made for a good series ender.

    Mailbag Question:
    What was the reasoning behind having Wray being the last survivor? Was it always planned to be her, or were others tossed around? Interesting choice, wondering if there was anything special about her or her circumstances that let her outlive the younger crew members.

  44. libkat: Conversely it always drove me nuts that Starbuck/Apollo never went further. Every time they were finally getting together for good something happened to split them up.

    Ah, yes with Absolute Power I have a weird ritual in that I always eat pizza while watching it. It stems from the fact that I was eating pizza three times in a row when it came on, so now if I watch it (since I have the episode now) it feels odd to not eat some pizza.

  45. Just want to say thanks a million for sharing the SG1 memories…it’s making me slightly teary, but in a good way!
    I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and made a lot of friends through Stargate, and now that I think about it, that started with the S/J ship thread on GW. It all got a bit extreme for me there towards the end though (I loved Threads! Beautiful ep.)
    Gutted it’s all coming to an end…I’m gonna be at a con in England in a couple of weeks, and it’s all feeling a bit ‘end of an era’-ish. My mam watched the show from the start, so I saw it on and off, but I really got into it in S4. Think it’s probably still my favourite season overall! Really enjoying the trip down memory lane, thank you very much for sharing.

  46. “Randomness:
    I also think that Syfys meddling with these shows hasn’t done them any good at all. In other words they’re killing off well loved shows with all these changes in times, days etc”

    I believe SyFy Channel is killing off these shows intentionally. Maybe WikiLeaks will one day expose some SyFy channel emails proving it. 🙂

  47. ooryl2

    What was the reasoning behind having Wray being the last survivor? Was it always planned to be her, or were others tossed around? Interesting choice, wondering if there was anything special about her or her circumstances that let her outlive the younger crew members.

    Wray’s writing of the constitution and longest life was a not so subtle commentary on the gay rights here in the US.

  48. You talk about the different revisions of a script but where does a “Dialogue Continuity Script” fit in?

    Back in 2007 MGM had the scripts for the Stargate episodes linked to the episode descriptions. (Yes I saved all of them.)
    SG1 and seasons 1-3 of SGA were “Dialogue Continuity Script” but SGA episodes 401-406 were “Scripts”. It seems like the “Scripts” have stage direction but the “Dialogue Continuity Script” only have dialogue (as the name implies).


  49. My biggest problem with the T.J. revelation in Epilogue is that I don’t see how the eventual reveal that she put their lives at risk due to her medical incompetence will fit into the storyline. Won’t it seem pretty anti climatic when they contact Earth and realize that T.J.s knowledge of ALS was wrong? I realize that some of the audience may not have realized that Varro was right and T.J.’s ALS would have been environmentally triggered, but I don’t see how that reveal will be anything but anti climatic. What I didn’t understand was why the script didn’t include anything to support the possibility that she actually might have had the familial version of ALS. Since about 5-10 percent of cases are actually genetic, rather than supporting the idea that she might have the familial version, by showing she had difficulty recognizing and diagnosing a disease from which her mother or father and half of his/her relatives would have died if they had the familial gene, it was made clear that she didn’t have the familial version. If they wanted to support the idea that she had FALS, it would have made more sense to show her instant recognition and fear of the symptoms of a disease she would have gone through life knowing she had a 50 percent chance of dying from.

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