“Why is the floor wet?”asked Akemi.  I walked over to investigate, assuming one of the dogs may have peed on the floor.  They hadn’t.  It was worse.  Much worse!

Apparently, the outlet hose of the air conditioner had slipped in from the window, pooling water onto the hardwood floor (Yes, that’s right.  Even though it’s unbearably cold outside, it’s unbearably hot in my apartment so I have to keep the air conditioning on at all times).

When I left Akemi this morning, she was on her hands and knees, trying to dry the floor with her hairdryer.

And the hits just keep on comin’!

Big dinner tonight with the networks (all four or five of them), so enjoy an early entry!

Behidn the scenes pics and vids from The Hunt…





52 thoughts on “April 11, 2011: Behind-the-scenes on The Hunt!

  1. OK. I can’t reign in my inner geek anymore. LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!! Can’t wait 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. See, Joey – you’re having sympathy leaks for me! It’s like we’re twins! I had a leaky sink, now you have a leaky AC. You had a sick dog, now I have a sick cat. Just wait until you start getting menopausal! Woo!

    About that leaky AC. Can’t you turn your heat down? That’s just sorta weird, unless the entire building is controlled by a boiler room, or something, without individual thermostats. Or…OR…geez. Do NOT read the Pendergast book, Brimstone…eep.

    BTW, how’s the microwave in your place working?? Ya know…just curious…

    Poor Akemi. You make her do all the dirty work. I think you need to treat her to something special, like a spa treatment, with massage and everything.

    Thanks for the behind the scenes pics! Looks like everyone was having a blast! Will be sad to see this crew go.

    Enjoy your dinner, sir!


  3. So sorry about the apartment but I’m glad it’s not your house!

    I made the chicken dish and it was a big hit. Quick, delicious and easy-my kind of dish.

    i agree with Das, Akemi deserves a treat.

  4. Great pictures, It’s like you granted the requests of everyone asking for more Varro in one episode Joe lol

    By the way, if anyone is in the Toronto area, they were, and I’m not sure if they still are filming the Silent Hill Revelations Movie in Cherry Beach. The Amusement park scenes are being done, lots of pics and videos have been posted online. Looks really good, seems like they’re really taking full advantage of what Toronto has to offer.

  5. Joe, get the fans out to dry the hardwood…

    Thanks for the look behind the scenes. I am so going to miss this peak into SGU. 🙁

  6. Hey there,
    Just a question about the seizue set,

    Was it actually at a power plant like the one it was filmed in or was the whole lot a scratch built set?
    many thanks


  7. I don’t know if anyone made that comment to you, but those Lucian alliance costumes resemble soooo much the Harkonnens outfits in David Lynch’s Dune. Flash dark leather, very close to the body.

    5 episodes to the end of the (TV) Stargate franchise folks !!!
    Enjoy it like the last good bottles of wine left in your cellar. Very soon there will be no more left.
    Don’t be too sad, just enjoy it at 200% and burn the fun in your memory.

  8. Love the behind the scenes pics! Good luck on the meeting/dinner, too. I’m sure it will go well.

  9. I know I should say something like, “Just roll with the punches” but dag, come on now. Did you break a mirror, walk under a ladder, eat a black cat? Go get yourself a rabbit’s foot and a box of four leaf clovers (and no that is not for a recipe).

    At least the new job is great.

    And thanks for the SGU pics/vids.


  10. Absolutely LOVE the behind the scene pictures. Thanks for sharing. You are the best!!

  11. Thank you for the photos and videos Joe, they are awesome.

    Just returned from a visit with my dentist, so am eagerly awaiting “The Hunt” tonight, as my reward. I would like to eat dinner now, but the side of my face is still too numb, so I sit here, having already fed the cats, with my stomach a-growl. Sigh…

    Sorry about your AC, but I agree with Das that something is wrong if you need the AC with it so cold outside. Akemi is so sweet. I doubt I’d dry the floor with a hair dryer – ingenious actually.

    Today it reached all the way to 82’F in my town! Shocker!

    @ Das Poor sick kitty. What’s wrong? After 30+ years with cats, I’ve seen a lot, perhaps I can help?


  12. @ 2cats – She has/had and intestinal blockage. It was pretty bad, and what she was passing looked like…raw chicken livers. Back to the vet today, more x-rays and stuff, and they say she’s clear, but she’s still not eating, it’s been 5 days and she hasn’t touched her food. She is drinking water, though. I think there’s something else wrong, and they just aren’t catching it. I’m just exhausted by it all because we’ve spent $500 that we don’t have and I’m still not sure she’s going to be okay. She’s old but no idea how old because she was a ‘stray’ – just showed up and lived in our yard for almost a year before we took her in. She was fixed and obviously a house cat since once she got into the house she has refused to go outside. Probably some old lady’s cat that was tossed out after her owner died, or something. Nice kitty, a real love, and since Cowboy died she’s taken his place in Mr. Das’ heart. I tell ya, after these last two are gone, no more indoor cats for a while, we are going to need some time to recuperate. Plus, financially we really can’t afford this stuff right now. Okay, gonna shut up now because just talking about it gives me anxiety.


  13. @das… suggest NO cats if the alternative is outside ones. Unless a farm, where I comprehend the need… outdoor cats live on the average about 7 yrs compared to double that for inside. 🙁 Hope your kitty gets better. Not sure how she can survive 5 days no food… did they not give you stuff to force feed her some?

    Great behind the scene pics. Now if our cable stays on I can actually watch it. Grrrr.

  14. Guess I was somewhat right Joe, looks like Syfy have moved SGU to 6pm now on Monday, out of the prime time slot. Better than nothing I suppose..

    On the bright side, at least people will be able to watch SGU less tired like, as it won’t be on late :3

  15. Joe,

    Tonight’s episode was great. In fact, all of the second half of Season 2 has been great. It really makes me sad that there are only a few episodes left. It feels like the show has finally gotten into a good rhythm with characters and stories. And it is cancelled! I will never understand how such a quality TV show could be cancelled. In many ways, it has become the most sophisticated and refined product of the Stargate franchise.


  16. SPOILERS!!

    Joe, excellent episode! I was about to fall asleep when it started, and now I’m WIDE awake! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I really liked several things you did with this one, and I think you know what I liked most. Thank you for that scene in the cave – it was a great moment. The ending with Parker was a bit sad, but then again I’ve never been one for romance. Oh, and that Rush is such a stinker!! 😆 And Mr. Das and I both loved the whiner sock guy in sick bay. (That guy reminded me of my dad. 😛 ) But my head keeps going back to that moment in the cave…that made up for at least one gratuitous slaying of a Wraith in Atlantis. 😉 (But not Steve – never Steve – I’ll never forgive you guys for that one.)


  17. @ Debra – The outdoor cats are ferals – spayed and neutered, but still ferals. In our community we have a catch (spay/neuter/shots) and release program, and somehow I inherited my neighbor’s feral colony. I realize their life span is shorter, but the alternative is living in a cage, or having them euthanized once captured. Of course, one of the outdoor kitties is one of our indoor kitties, but she started pooping in the kitchen, and I wasn’t having that, so we set up her living area in the garage, and she started pooping in the loft above the garage door instead of in her clean pan. Again, the alternative was to put her in a cage, or have her euthanized. I’m giving her a last chance by letting her live in the yard.

    I don’t like letting cats roam – people poison them, cars hit them, they get locked in garages of summer homes and die. They also kill birds and bunnies, and poop in the flower beds. I prefer keeping my kitties indoors, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.


  18. The Hunt Spoilers
    Loved your episode Joe! Very The Predator-ish.

    The beast was super cool. The face off scene in the cave with it and Greer reminded me of my last dog meeting a baby bird that could not fly yet. My dog got right up in the bird’s face and stared at it about 2 minutes. I thought my dog found a new BFF until suddenly…chomp! My dog ran off with the baby bird screaming in it’s mouth. Not a happy ending. I could see that happening with the beast and Greer. But I liked the way they parted much better!

    Loved the infirmary scene! The humor reminded me of Atlantis’s wonderful humor. But why can’t we have a simple love story? Why did you break up “the kiss”, and what is wrong with bringing flowers, or going for a walk, or getting a bite to eat together. Why do you break up a simple romance? Twice in one espisode is a little frustrating.

    Really enjoyed your story. It kept my full attention. It was jammed full of personal stories. Loved the beast. And I didn’t think Greer was crazy brave. Just very dedicated.

  19. The Hunt…Great episode for the offworld adventure, good episode for the Destiny stuff, which is usually reversed for me.






    Great performances by J. Smith, M. Dopud, A. Huffman, and J. Benson. Loved all the scenes offworld. From the great back-and-forth about shooting the alien deer(loved Park’s vegi comment) to the initial attack to the ambush to the surprise ending confrontation it was scarry good. Can’t believe the body count your racked up. Interesting that you are now down to Varro being the only L.A. left, unless you count ghost Ginn. I think it is an interesting pairing of T.J. and Varro, especially with Young on the outside looking in. I thought it was great that you hid the true look of the creature in the initial attacks. And I can’t believe that you made the creature sentient in the end, especially the way it looked at the fire and determined that T.J. & Reynolds were also intelligent. Also, you killed Bambi!
    This was a great episode for Greer. He was like Daredevil, the man without fear. Now that he thinks he died and there was no afterlife, he is questioning everything and feeling fear for the first time that we as viewers see. Thought it was a great discussion between Greer and James, you forget that she is his superior officer, it seems like there aren’t a lot of scenes with the two of them together.

    As for the stuff on Destiny, it was great, but it belonged in another episode. You could have had a whole episode to a day in the life and dealt with all the main and supporting characters and some of the chaos they deal with. It just didn’t seem to fit with the theme of this episode. I think you could have had the T.J. flashbacks you mentioned before in place of the Destiny action. Then you could have used this material in a future episode.
    That being said, there was some truly funny stuff here. Poor Brody being frozen. Poor Volker losing the girl. Chloe taking over for Park in the infirmary, Poor Park being attacked. But the funniest moment was when Chloe is trying to tell Eli she has other people to help and then she sees Brody in the statis pod…her expression is priceless and had me cracking up.
    The only thing I had a problem with was Rush playing around with Eli and Brody. After the last episode, where Eli saved Rush’s life by banishing Perry and Ginn, you’d think he would be a little bit grateful. Instead we see him looking petty, like he regressed to season 1 Rush. And you can also infer that he was much more interested in the stasis pods than in Brody’s safety. The one problem I have with the second half of the season is the inconsistancy you are using with writing Rush. First he is kind and comforting to Chloe, then he is all but accused of causing Destiny’s accident so that he can get all the spare parts he needs to complete his mission. Then he is nice, then he is bad. I would like some consistancy. I think the way you brought him from a selfish bastard to a somewhat more team player was great. I would prefer him to stay that way.

    Thanks as well for all those wonderful behind the scenes pics. I have to stop from falling on the floor laughing every time you put up one of Louis, they are by far the funniest. The best one was of course Alaina and Julia. Only four left to go before the end, so depressing….Bring on Common Descent!!!

  20. Is that Akemi cursing again? Joe it’s all your fault. Look what you’ve done! Turned beautiful sweet Akemi into a cursing machine. No more swearing around Akemi. She is too impressionable. (I’m surprised your dogs don’t bark obscenities.)

  21. Joe – I especially loved the latest episode of SGU. The alien predators were great; the Lucian Alliance team was great. Louis Ferreira was great in that final scene with Alaina Huffman. I felt his pain. How can this show go away? I’m still in denial.

  22. I lived in an apartment that got enough heat from the downstairs in the winter. In the summer, moving air with fans wasn’t enough. It required beaucoup A/C, which broke one summer and we were cooked alive.

    My dad’s dog smelled the carpet yesterday, apparently where my dad spilled some pepper. His sneeze forced his nose back into the carpet. The cycle repeated over a dozen times before we convinced him to run. I didn’t want to touch him to move him because he looked pissed.

  23. Loved it!

    Quick question though, wouldn’t Volker and Chloe already know about Park and Greer?

  24. Hey Joe, I just have a quick question here, that doesn’t really have anything to do with The Hunt, just SGU in general. In SG-1 you guys had Jack and Carter have a thing for each other, but they never did anything about it because of their professional relationship. I always applauded you guys for that, as it would have been a bit clichéd if they would have hooked up. My question is why did you guys decide to have this whole affair thing between TJ and Young? I am not saying I don’t like it, I was just wondering what made you guys decide to have this with them.

    Also, I really like this episode.


  25. Hey Joe,
    You wanted a feedback on that episode so here it is:
    Peter Kelamis was so hot in that episode. It’s so rare to feel the sexual tension like that and … oh …wait … I was talking about that hot chick in leather off course 🙂
    I am sure you guys had fun designing that character just for the episode. Yeah she was incredibly hot for a tracker. Yup yup definitely.
    Rest of the episode: Rush is a more total asshole than ever.
    Is Young jealous of Varo? Do we have a love triangle here? I hope not ’cause its kind of cliché, and I don’t want SGU characters to go cliché.

    I had such a good laugh about Peter Kelamis getting frozen. Thank you so much! I guess this is one of the scenes that is written with the actor in mind. Because this is the kind of crazy thing Peter Kelamis would do for real. That was just absolutely epic. This is the kind of scene I am going to show to my wife, though she is not really following SGU, I pulled her to the screen many times to see jokes done and told by Peter Kelamis and Patrick Gilmore.

    If the SGU movie gets a go, please Joe/Brad (or whoever has decision power) don’t forget to make room for those guys. They can bring so much to the show and call to a broader audience than just the hardcore Stargate fans.
    Thx again for the laughs!

    Laptop Chat 2 with Patrick Gilmore and Peter Kelamis.

  26. Hi there Joe!

    It´s like x-mas time, behind-the-scene pics of SGU. Thanks 4 sharing them with us, the shots r really nice. Hope u can fix the prob with the wet floor into the future, to dry it with a hairdryer is not the usual way, isn´t it? Poor Akemi!
    But it also shows that the gang has manners (or not? 😉 ).
    Hope they´re fine too!
    Yap, five eps 2 go and that´s very sad, but i have the hope that you´ll find a way to save this gorgeous show. If u can´t who could?
    Best wishes from here to u&urs, enjoy what u like!

    Whining Wolf

  27. Hi Joe!

    Too bad that the comments you do not agree, will not be published. I still wanted to write something for the episode, but apparently you can not hear it when someone says “save this show”. This confirms me now in the belief that no further episodes of more to come after the second season to an end, no matter what I write or any other fan of this great series. This is only one, namely sad.

    Disappointed greetings

  28. Das: so sorry about the cat. Yes, the vet might have missed something but…sometimes cats need a chemical jumpstart to get them starting to eat again. Valium has a weird side effect on cats, it makes them ravenous (go figure), or maybe ask the vet for Periactin tablets(cheap). Periactin is an antihistamine that has an appetite increase a side effect. It’s not as dramatic as Valium but it’s tons cheaper.
    Anyway, it won’t hurt to run this idea by your vet. I feel so bad for Mr. Das. I’ve been there and it sucks 🙁 .

  29. Wow!! Agree with Das. It was a thoroughly excellent episode! Had me sitting up the whole time to watch everything. And I appreciate all the behind-the-scenes pictures. It was a nice treat after the day I had. Thanks to the cast and crew for all of the enjoyable episodes that have been in this back half. I will enjoy each one that’s left.

    Well, I’m off to Krispy Kreme this morning. We have a homeschool field trip, and we are going to learn how donuts are made. Yeah!!!

    Hope everyone had a great day!!!!!!!

  30. Joe – about Whiner Sock Guy – was he based on anyone in particular? Like, maybe Carl, or something?



  31. @ das… hugs for you and the kitty and Mr. Das. So difficult.

    A friend of mine just got a new kitty. Her friends were driving along when the car in front of them pulled over, and the guy tossed out a Siamese cat! A perfectly lovely and loving cat, just left by the side of the road. So glad they saw and rescued the poor thing. Why do people do that? I HATE people like that. B%$^%$ds.

  32. DP Said, “My dad’s dog smelled the carpet yesterday, apparently where my dad spilled some pepper. His sneeze forced his nose back into the carpet. The cycle repeated over a dozen times before we convinced him to run. I didn’t want to touch him to move him because he looked pissed.”

    DP – thanks for the laugh first thing this morning… Who says that animals can’t express emotion on their faces?…

  33. Enjoyed the Hunt, though I don’t think it lived up to the hype. It took me awhile to figure out why I didn’t think it did so. I finally decided it was Greer’s crisis of confidence. I buy into the idea he would have such a crisis, but when he heisitated to shoot the deerlike creature, it just didn’t seem to fit. His life wasn’t at risk by shooting the thing, after all. But that was the only “bobble” I could really note. Rush’s silence about Brody and Eli’s oopsie with the stasis pod. One question. Do the pods play a part in a future episode, or was there plans to utilize their use in a season 3, or were they just thrown in as a one off? Such things make good seeds for future stories, and I’m curious how much calculation goes into planting those little hooks.
    The creepy haunted house is looking better all the time. Your streak of luck should signify serious good luck on the work front, to balance out the luck you seem to be having personally. Hope you will share what networks, and what the outcome of the big dinner is. Hope it went well.

    @Das, sympathies on the cat, and best wishes on the outcome.

  34. Well, Joe, I have to say, even though I was in bed all night with food poisoning, I have to say that I really enjoyed The Hunt…great episode and lots of fun. Really cool to see the interaction between some of the characters (being vague on purpose here), and, wow, did we feel bad for Volker at the end there. Yeesh.

  35. @ @iom666 – Thanks for that video – what a hoot! 😆 Am I the only one who thinks Peter could be the next Inspector Clouseau? All I can see in him is Peter Sellers now.


  36. maggiemayday: Siamese are so easy to place too! Some people are just lazy. A realtor friend of mine finds animals in empty houses. She’s brought in rabbits, cats, dogs and even birds. It’s a pretty sad story for the “pets” she doesn’t find in time. 🙁 NOW I need chocolate.

  37. Hey Joe,

    (lol posted on the wrong day)

    just watched the Hunt and BRAVO! love it. I thought it was a very good ep. but then again i have loved all of SGU. have been a fan of all the SG Franchise. but i must say a very good show.

    so my only question is this

    the step sideways that you mentioned when answering my question earlier in your mailbag. has it now stepped back on track and headig forwards yet? or sitll no more developments again i know you cant give much away but a nice short little answer would do,

    these little tidbits give me hope and something to hold on to that the show wont die!

    thanks Joe

  38. Hey, I have my fan venting in cold air all winter long too! Because my apt is insanely hot! Until summer, then it becomes a balmy rice paddy. Only great thing about apartments frankly is leaving them.

    I did have a fantabulous apartment before this one, a huge corner unit (no neigbhors on two sides!) with hardwood floors, a huge kitchen and so many fab closets, even a big walk in with built in shelves…sigh. My clothes really miss that place.

  39. Joe!

    Another great episode. I loved how you tried to get everyone some significants screen time and gave some of the meatier pieces to the supporting cast (Volker, Park, Broady, James, Varro and the guy on the bed in the sickbay.) I’m especially impressed you packed all of that into one episode. SGU’s stories are usually so grand that 42 mins almost seems limiting, when a longer format could be waranted. Good job at keeping every moment interesting. Also loved that the crew went hunting. Especially after Greer was robbed of his opportunity for steak in Malice. Also, a nice surprise that Reynold(?) wasn’t killed. I thought for sure that a new actor, or at least a guy that doesn’t get much screen time was monster meat for sure. It provided a sence of jepardy you just wouldn’t get with two regulars in that situation. Hopefully we get to see those TJ scenes on a dvd.

    A couple questions for the mail bag:

    1. What happened to Wray? I didn’t see her at all in the episode and it seems like it would have been easy to work her into the script. Does Ming Na only have a contract that allows her to appear in a limited number of episodes like Picardo and Amanda on SGA, or did her scenes get cut.

    2. Was this episode at all inspired by The Host? It’s a Korean monster movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Lots of differences, but some similarities. When TJ saw the pit of bones and said we’re being saved for later, instantly thought of that movie. In the Host, there is also a hunt for the monster and lost family member who was taken.

  40. As there isnt going to be a season 3 of SGU (very very big sad face) will TJ’s backstory be shown on the deleted scenes on season 2 boxset (thats if its been filmed) or can you shown/tell us ??

  41. Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. That sums up my feelings on the episode without any spoilers.


    As so many of the others stated, I really loved that a lot of the secondary characters got awesome scenes. It was fantastic to see (almost) everyone, I do miss Wray, too, though, she had one excellent episode, we haven’t seen much of her this season. Back to yesterday’s amazing episode: I knew I would love it the moment I read that you were shipping for Varro and TJ, I have been hoping that that relationship solidifies since we saw the first hint of it; now you’ve made it real!
    Someone else mentioned that they thought Rush was petty in this episode, it didn’t come across that way to me. He actually came across as more of a exasperated teacher and I’ve been impressed with his development. Which did you have in mind?
    Volker and Park and Greer… I wasn’t sure which couple I was gunning for, though I did feel terrible for Volker at the end. Speaking of Greer, I loved the scenes he had with both James and Varro. James’ conviction that what Greer experienced isn’t death a nice insight into her and it was interesting to see the two them interact. Varro finally getting a chance to use his talents was very gratifying, the way he took charge, sent Young to the ship and told Greer to get his head the game were awesome. His and Greer’s conversation about TJ was super as well, it is always great to see that human side of Greer and the simple, brotherly care he shows for her does that so well.

    Thank you for an amaaaazing episode!

  42. How wonderful to see behind the scenes, and the cast and crew do look as though they are having fun. thanks for sharing. And speak to Louis as well, maybe he could be happier…. 😉
    How is Lulu’s tummy? maybe she picked up a bug on the plane. Hope she is better.

  43. Are all the Lucian alliance characters on Destiny except for Brett all dead?

    Was this due to budget reasons?

  44. Please excuse my previous comment Joe, I didn’t watch the broadcast live, I just saw several posters on Gateworld said something about the show being on at 6pm, can’t really find any reference elsewhere so I guess they were speaking garbage.

    My Apoligies, last time I believe something off a forum in that regard.

    Anyway some mailbag questions

    1. Did you prefer writing for SG1/SGA over SGU?

    (Reason for asking)
    (Okay well no need to copy past this part as it basically explains why I asked the first question)
    Your episodes to me seem like you were trying to give the audience as many elements of the previous two shows as possible, pretty much all your episodes are ALMOST in the same vein as the past two, which I think is a good thing.

    2. Were you trying to give off a fatherly vibe with Rush when he messes with Eli/Brody after telling them not to touch the Stasis room stuff.

    (Reason for asking)

    The way Rush acted is much in a way a parent would in some ways with their children, kinda like him teaching them what they did was wrong, although indirectly.

    3. As the series was ending, why did you not kill off a main cast member?

    (Reason for asking)

    You could of done so much more with the drama, as in the creature killing TJ and whats his name by the time they finally reach her location, to give more dramatic effect, having a smart beast doesnt really do anything, just reminds us of the Unas(Sp?) from SG1.

    4. When you wrote this episode, did you put Young on the planet because you know he has a thing for TJ or was it more him looking after his own?

    5. Were Varro and Greer originally planned to be friends in Season 3? Or at the very most two comrades in arms?

    6. Why do you believe Greer was so hostile towards Varro on the planet, and what do you think Varro was thinking when Greer was treating him that badly?

    7. How do you think Volker was feeling at the end of the episode when he saw Park and Greer, and why do you think he went to see her with what he had in his hand at the end?

    8. Do you believe Volker is more looking for a shoulder to lean on, a female friend of sorts, instead of a romance with someone?

    9. What do you think Young was thinking when the Lucian Alliance joined them on the planet to hunt the beast?

    10. Is Mike Dopuds performance good enough in this episode for you to cast him as Frank in your new Transporter series, or at the very least, give him a decent role?

    And lastly

    11. Why did Matt Scott although injured, not join Varro and Greer hunting the beast?

    12. Was there any scenarios out there that involved Young ignoring Varros comments and staying on the planet because of TJ?

    As you can see I liked this episode Joe, after 3 episodes that I thought were god awful, this episode makes a very welcome change, Well done. You and Paul are differently the best writers in Season 2.5 of the show.

  45. Hey Joseph,
    I’m a big big fan of all the stargate …
    I would like to thank you for all the joy you’ve brought with stargate – stargate atlantis & now stargate universe …
    the last episode stargate sg1, it was the saddest day for the big fan I am.
    But now, with stargate universe, you give me smiles.
    The world of Stargate makes me happy & therefore for all the joy you bring me you and all the actors of my favorite series … Thank you

    Helen Gallez from Belgium.

  46. I don’t know where to begin. In the beginning I hated SGU as with many stargate fans, too much drama. The second season everything started to fall into a good rhythm and it was starting to filled the void that was left by the end of SG-1 and the extremely early end of Atlantis. I was hoping for SGA Extinction but read somewhere that the cancellation of SGU puts the final nail in the coffin for that movie. I would rather see SGA start back up, and have even emailed Syfy. We the fans are out there waiting for more quality Stargate programming, be it movies or shows.

    In all fairness I probably didn’t give SGU the chance it should have gotten because I was very annoyed at the end of Atlantis, but there was just too much drama from memory. I will find out if my original assumption is correct as I am rewatching all stargate related shows and movies, eventually making my way through SGU again. Hopefully by the end of it all there will be good news of more shows or movies, whether it be SGU or Atlantis.

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