When we gathered to discuss stories for Stargate: Universe’s second season, we went in with the goal of giving each of our main players at least one spotlight episode and some sort of arc or issue.  And so, over the course of those first few days, we put all our characters’ names up on the board and, underneath each one, jotted down an idea or two – either a personal issue, a character trait, a relationship or an external threat that could serve as the springboard to a story idea. In the case of the Greer character, we had jotted down “Superman complex”.  Here was a soldier’s soldier, a guy willing to lay down his life for the cause – cool, composed, dedicated, and courageous.  The kind of guy you want to have your back – or, preferably, your front depending on what you happen to be facing.  And yet, the kind of guy who leaves you wondering: “Yeah, he’s beyond brave.  But isn’t beyond brave just one step short of crazy?”.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Of course, there is one way to find out, and that’s by placing our Greer in a situation in which his safety net stripped away.  What if it wasn’t business as usual?  What if something happened that caused him to question himself?  What if, instead of responding instinctively and rushing headlong into the breech, he actually stopped to think about it?  To question himself and his mortality?

So that was the germ of a notion that eventually became the heart of this week’s episode “The Hunt” although the idea for the story came much earlier and had nothing to do with Greer.  After watching Alaina’s brilliant delivery of T.J.’s “This is war and that’s what we do” speech in “Divided”, I knew I wanted to see that side of Lieutenant Johansen.  Not the sympathetic caregiver but the soldier, the trained professional who could pull it together and survive at all costs, possessed of a strength so great she would carry others along if she had to.  I wanted to place T.J. in a situation where she was cut off, isolated, facing a threat head-on and relying on her smarts and stalwartness.

Eventually, those idea came together to form the core of this episode.  Story A was going to deal with Greer and that Superman Complex.  Story B was going to deal with T.J. and her inner-strength.  But those who are familiar with my work know I love juggling storylines, so it should come as no surprise that an A and B story weren’t enough.  And so, this episode contains multiple sub-stories, from the discovery of a hitherto locked-down section of Destiny that will have implications for our crew later on down the line, to Eli’s relationship with Rush and how very much like a father-son relationship it truly is (It’s no accident that Paul coined one of the bridge dialogue’s “Rush’s Darth Vader speech”), to a potential burgeoning ship-board romance (any Parker shipper out there?).

And finally, speaking of potential burgeoning ship-board romances, there is one couple I’ve been actively campaigning for over the course of the show’s second season.  And, by campaigning, I mean pushing the ship in my episodes while badgering the other writers to, at the very least, hinting at it in theirs (or, at the very least, not doing anything to undermine it).  I’ve always liked the Varro character and, from the moment we introduced him in late season one, I’ve worked at fashioning a character who possessed an inner strength and nobility, a certain pragmatism that set him apart from his fellow Alliance soldiers.  From the get-go (“Incursion”), he appeals to T.J., tells her that, in essence, they’re all on board and in this together – a thought he echoes in “The Hunt” when he is brought in to assist in tracking down the missing Lt. Johansen.  Like I said, I like these two together.  Some may (and have disagree), but I think he’s a far better match for T.J. than Young ever was (or ever could be).  So it would be interesting to put both men in a situation where they must work together to save someone they care about deeply…

Anyway, a lot of things going on in this episode and, back when I was trying to nail down the core of the story, it was Exec. Producer Brad Wright who came up with the idea that brought it all together.  I’d been wracking my brain, trying to come up with the off-world threat that set things in motion and Brad suggested “the beast”.  And, with that, the final piece of the puzzle locked into place and the rest of the story came together.

Speaking of coming together, the progression of the beast from concept to finished product was a fascinating process to watch.  Kudos to James Robbins for developing the initial concept, then giving it life in ensuing design and sculpts, before passing it on to Mark Savela and our brilliant VFX team who gave it life.

As you can see, the initial concept for the creature was far more reptilian.  There was concern, however, that the ossified plating would prove challenging for the animators, so we opted for a more feline look, first testing out a compromise, then going full feline – which I thought was going too far.  I wasn’t a fan of the fur and liked the sleekness of the hairless hide because it showed off the creature’s musculature.  The ensuing sculpts only served to solidify my opinion…

James Robbins at work.

A few more tweaks to the ears and eyes…

And we’re in business!

Well, actually a long way from actually in business.  Needless to say, the actors had to use their imaginations when it came time to shoot the scenes because the creature wouldn’t be making an appearance until much later in the post-production process.

On the day, Jamil and Brian ran through their characters’ initial encounter with the beast…

More behind-the-scene pics of the episode tomorrow – time permitted.

Little update on the super-secret comic book project.  As some of you may (or may not) know, Paul and I are finishing up the opening four issue arc of an SF-based comic book series set to launch in early 2012.  It was originally a t.v. pilot that I always thought would make a terrific comic book and when the opportunity arose to take it in that direction, we jumped on the chance.  We’re teaming with a major publisher and the plan is to establish the series in print and then try to set it up at a network.  Anyway, after checking out a slew of very talented artists, we’ve short-listed a couple of promising candidates who would, in our opinion, be the best stylistic fit for the project.  Hopefully we’ll be able to close the deal in the coming weeks.

Speaking of comic books – I need some trade paperback recommendations.  To give you a sense of what I’m looking for, these are the ongoing series I am currently picking up (in TPB format): Scalped, The Walking Dead, Chew, Sweet Tooth, and Secret Six.  I am about to add Uncanny X-Force based on blog regular Das’s recommendation.  So what else should I absolutely, positively, be reading?

56 thoughts on “April 10, 2011: Pre-Hunt Entry! Recommend me a comic book series!

  1. This isn’t comics, but an appeal for help – can anyone out there give me a hint on running these VideoPress/MVI video clips? What do I need? Thanks in advance!

  2. By Parker I’m hoping you mean Park and Greer, and I say bring it on. I was definitely skeptic about the idea when it was introduced last year, but after the Kino episode where Greer offers to beat up Rush for her, it grew on me. There’s something endearing about the idea of the jock and nerd complimenting each other. I don’t know to what extent the relationship can be developed in the back half of this season, but I’m hoping what is revealed helps flesh out the character development of the two and not just act as pointless filler.

    BTW, good luck on the big move. As somebody who has moved cross country three times in the past five years, I know quite well the opportunities and frustrations that can arise.

  3. Oh, GREAT. Watch now, you’ll hate Uncanny X-Force and then blame me for it. 😛

    I guess you’ll be getting it in trade – good move if so. I am so confused with Marvel’s numbering system right now. They have all these .1 issues (like, Such-and-Such Book #6.1). The .1 issues are basically one-shots, and supposed to be a perfect jumping on point for new readers, however, they also fall in the middle of a new arc. So, you get issue #6, which is the beginning of a new arc, then the next book is #6.1, which has nothing to do with #6, then #7 comes out and it’s a continuation of #6, with #6.1 just hanging out there. Based on The UX-F book, the only way I see this working is if BOTH #6 and #6.1 are starting points for the new arc (which seems to be the case in this particular series), then the two stories come together in #7 (which I haven’t read yet, so I don’t know). It’s just odd, and adds more confusion to buying books, as if we didn’t have enough of that with cross-overs and tie-ins.

    Anyway, I hope you like Uncanny X-Force. I think you’ll like the first arc, at least. UGH! FORGOT. The very beginning of the story occurs in a Wolverine book…forget which one now, I think it was a one-shot that had lead-ins to all the Wolverine-based books (Wolverine, Daken, X-23, X-Force). Dammit. That was sort of important to understanding the whole story. I hope it’s included in the trade.


  4. I recommend:

    Excalibur – Sword is Drawn.
    Excalibur Classic Volume 2: Two-Edged Sword TPB
    Excalibur Classic Volume 3: Cross-Time Caper Book 1 TPB: Cross-time Caper v. 3

    Especially the latter one for it’s comedic (but still serious) sci-fi.. it’s parallel universes done really well.

  5. @ Joe – That creature looks like the cat that was in my backyard last weekend. 😛 Looking forward to the ep, unless, of course, you do something really mean to Greer.

    @ crazymom1 – The new Sherlock is EXCELLENT! I’ve only seen the first three eps, but loved them to pieces. I was so pleasantly surprised by just how good it is.

    @ Ponytail – I was hanging in there, then I put on a bra. 😉


  6. For comic book (trade recommendations), if you haven’t already read it then you really should pick up Transmetropolitan, a series about outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem trying to report the truth in a futuristic city where genetic engineering, corruption and violence rule the day.

    You can also try Sandman Mystery Theatre, centering around “mystery man” Wesley Dodds and his crime-fighting persona The Sandman, set during the 1940s as he battles serial killers, rapists, and super-villains.

    For lighter fare, there really isn’t much in the way of a continuing series that doesn’t have 50 plus years of history behind it. You can try Madame Xanadu (a series that ran for 29 issues) which focuses on a sorceress of sorts that tries to protect humanity with her gift of foresight. Some really great artwork here.

    Other recommendations that you can read without having to follow the full series:
    Batwoman: Elegy
    Green Lantern: Secret Origin
    Superman: Secret Origin
    Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes
    Batman: Prey
    JLA: Year One

    Most of these are standalone stories, though a couple have ties to other stories, but you don’t really have to read them in order to enjoy these.

  7. Given that the issue of the SGU movie is still appears to be undecided, there remains the possibility that the series will end without a conclusion. This irks me since so many of the shows that I gravitate to tend to have story arcs and a propensity for being cancelled just as they are getting going.

    As I understand it, SGU was meant to have a five year story arc, so I am presuming that you had an idea as to where the overall story was going and one or more possible endings. You have mentioned your “super-secret comic book project”, so I am wondering whether, if the SGU movie falls through, you might consider going in the opposite direction to this project and finish the SGU story as a comic book.

  8. Ahhh… “the creature” in The Hunt… I’m looking forward to seeing how the hunt unfolds. I look at those sketches and sculptures and I can’t help but think:

    Simba, the six-legged creature.

    😀 heheh

    Okay, anyway, looking forward to the episode!

    Sean D.

  9. @Squishy – I have Flash, and I did use your link and download it again just in case it wasn’t up-to-date, but still no luck with VideoPress. It doesn’t say it can’t play, no message whatsoever, no opportunity to select what program I want to use: I click the arrow, it just sits there, no response. Nothing on a double-click either. And if I click it too many times, the arrow just turns blue. Any other suggestions gratefully received, and if not, thanks anyway for trying!

  10. Speaking of character focus, kinda sad that we’l never see an episode that casts aside the main cast and brings the side characters into the forefront of the story.

    Like *The Other Guys* in SG1 Season 6 when Coombs and Felger try and rescue SG1. I loved that episode..

    Don’t get me wrong, I just would of loved to of seen an episode that put Volker, Brody, Park, maybe James into the forefront, I guess the only problem there being you’re kinda limited as they’re on a ship, and if they go offworld you’d need a reason just SGU has a good secondary list of characters that I would of loved to of seen more of.

    Not anyones fault there though, as the show is only 2 seasons long. I have faith you, and everyone else would of done more with those characters Joe lol

  11. Really liked all the back-the-scenes stuff for The Hunt. Makes me look forward that much more to tomorrow now.
    Joe, I do have one bone to pick with you though. I didn’t think writers were supposed to do ship stuff. 😉 (You know, save that for the fanfics and all, LOL) I do have to admit I am a fan of the other pairing, but it didn’t matter to me one way or the other. (My fanfic writing took care of that for me.) I did have one concern in that I didn’t want the Young character denigrated for the TJ character. Let me explain. I am a forty something year old woman who likes to have dynamic characters on my shows that are of a similar age; not just pretty 20-30 something year olds. You guys didn’t do that, and I very much appreciate it. My hubby is commenting every week about how much better Universe is getting. We will be sad the night of the final episode.

    Have a good evening!!!!

  12. Batwoman: Elegy
    Morning Glories volume 1
    pretty much anything written by Nick Spencer

  13. Re Varro and TJ…. I am so with you!! Looking forward to a good show that was cancelled MUCH too early.

    Any institution is only as good as the people running it… a pox on the people of SyFy.

  14. I am really stunned at how talented James Robbins is in sculpting an other-worldly creature. Having taken fine arts, I know how hard it can be to come up with an idea in the first place, and then draw and sculpt it. Mr. Robbins and others of his ilk have to do this for a series and an episode that really waits for no one… speed is the word… I’m just amazed at the talent on this show that has to come screeching to a halt.

    … a pox… I won’t repeat myself again… but what a real piss-off… excuse the anger…

  15. Thanks for the behind the scenes video, Joe. I’m always fascinated by the mechanics and tech stuff that those on behind (and in front of) the camera. I’m loving this second half of Season 2, but as much as I like each episode they still make me sad because it means there’s one fewer to watch until the end.

  16. Here’s a question about relationship arcs.

    In the pilot, we’re introduced to Scott and James in a very direct way. I know fans had different opinions about it, but I liked how it covered sex in a way unlike any SG show before.

    Except for a brief moment with Park and the Young-Telford-Emily pseudo 3 way, we’ve never seen the show come close to that kind of explicitness again. Was there a reason for that? When faced with day-to-day death like our heroes our..I would think they’d be doing it just for stress relief…but that’s just me,lol.

    Speaking of James, has she become celibate since boarding Destiny? or is there some relationship that might be shown before the show ends? She is obviously the object of attention of more then a few of Destiny’s male crewmembers. Just wondering.

  17. When will Rush get a break just saw the latest SGU. Why cant he and Mandy be together?? 🙁 Please give me some hope that he’ll win her back!?!?

  18. Was there ever a plan to make the Young/T.J. storyline manifest, or more manifest this season? Their scenes together this season have been so devoid of chemistry or even references to their past, a watcher would never know they’d been (presumably) hot and heavy at some past point.
    Going back to “Seizure” what was the thinking in making McKay complicit in taking over an entire planet’s stability and self-preservation? Didn’t we/he get over the arrogant, I-know-best back with Doranda/Arcturus? (Which I assume is what Young was referring to when he said no planets would blow up. Hee!)

  19. As I count down the episodes to the END of a great show and a great franchise I wonder why there isn’t being more done to save this show. When the network killed the show “Jericho” the fans sent thousands of letters and tons of “nuts” to the network and the fans got a pseudo ending. Why has the fight come down to just one person banging his head against the wall. Of course the numbers are down because fans that cared gave up on the show because they know there isn’t going to be an end. I myself was going to boycott the show and the channel but every Monday I find myself tuning in even though its a let down because at the end of the episode I know that there is only a few more episodes left. Come one people fight the good fight its worth it isn’t it?

  20. Its not a continuing series but the newer Blue Beetle with Jaime Reyes is pretty cool. As for ongoing I recommend current staples like “Green Lantern” starting with Rebirth and working your way up through the regular series so you can check out “Sinestro Corps Wars” and eventually get into “Blackest Night”. Also be sure to read “Green Lantern Corps” Guy Gardener is a bit more interesting than Hal Jordon and Corps plus it focuses more on the space opera aspect of green lantern. Oh and pick up the new Booster Gold series too.

  21. I’ve been thinking of getting in to reading graphic novels any recommendations for me? Anyone?

  22. That is one creature I wouldn’t want to run with, even if I had a .50 cal rifle with scope and a kilometer between us. And I do love it when lots of threads run through the episode. Sometimes you push the limits on how much you put into an episode, but that is preferable to the ep dragging. 24 hours and we’ll see how it turns out.
    Got to mention I had a weird dream involving you. and some of the folks who post here regularly. The bad news was, you were working for some reality show, involving a house. You’d given a pass to one of the readers here(not me), and for some reason at least 8 of us showed up. And while we all worked very hard to stay out of the way of the shooting, you got angry enough to not only boot us out, but banned whoever it was you had given the pass too. The good news is three of us( Das and PBMom of all people) ended up walking your pack. Or being walked by them, as your canines seemed determined to tangle us all up in the leashes. The dream ended with some maniacal laughter from someone, possibly you. One does wonder sometimes what the subconcious mind is trying to tell us.
    Thanks for the very nice backfill on The Hunt. Enjoy the coming week and hope the weather is warming up there as much as it is down here.

  23. Answering yesterday’s post:
    Reading- Water for Elephants because the movie is coming out soon.
    Eating – lots of Korean food like bibimbab
    Watching – SGU of course 🙂 and Outsourced (I recommend the episode, ” A Holi Battle”)

    I miss your weird food purchase of the day videos!

  24. Totally agreeing with Joan001 in regards to the art of the very talented James Robbins. Also an artist, I can appreciate the quality of his work. I tried to google him but didn’t get much, for which I am shocked. In the future, I hope he gets the attention he deserves.

  25. You have just made me so excited to watch “The Hunt”, I can hardly wait for it.

    TJ is my favourite female character (closely followed by Amanda Perry) and I love her strong and professional side as much as her “caregiver”-side – if not more. She has shown in previous episodes, that despite her young age she can keep a cool head in a crises, she is tough and she has leadership qualities. I never saw her relationship with Young as more than a fling – maybe relief of sexual tension or so – at least from his side. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes. There just didn’t seem to be so many emotions in there. Varro and TJ on the other side – that could work and I loved the idea from the very beginning. I hope so for both of them.

    Park: are you hinting at Park/Greer or maybe Park/Volker? Park and Greer are to different. That saying “opposites attrackt” seems to be true for some people, but it never seems to lead into a long-term relationship. Just some kind of “straw-fire” – burn hot and fast and die fast. For long-term you ultimatly need a common basis, some kind of foundation to build on. Park and Volker are both scientists, but I have not seen anything to indicate, that they like each other more than just colleagues. Let’s see. Oh – and I hope Greer does not get some kind of relapse – after all, he has just had major surgery done.

    The beast is just great. Very interesting to give it 6 appendages like an insect. Does it use all 6 as legs or are the 2 front ones more for catching/holding prey? But the deer-like creatures from the preview have 4 legs – that does not quite add up, because it would mean, from an evolutionary kind of perspective, that they are hardly related. Like terran vertebrate (4 appendages) are very far removed from insects (6 app.) and both of them very far away from spiders (8 app.). But then again: 2 of the appendages may have regressed in the deer-like creatures, because they had no use for them – like terran snakes loosing all 4 of their legs. No matter what – it looks very impressive and I look forward to the episode.

  26. Sorry, forgot to ask: “It’s no accident that Paul coined one of the bridge dialogue’s “Rush’s Darth Vader speech””

    Which one is it?

    …and so looking forward to see the Rush/Eli-relationship develop more. Father/son sounds perfect for them, I have been waiting for something like this and so loved the scene, when they played chess and Rush wanted to distract Eli at the beginning of “Hope”

  27. Kitty definitely has an Avatar vibe with the extra appendage..

    Gosh the last comic I ever read was uh… Beano??

    Yeah, that long ago.

  28. @BMc First delete all the instances of Flash. Then reinstall it fresh.


  29. Hi. If you read french, I recommend you Mutafukaz (http://www.mutafukaz.com/en/story.html). The story is crazy as hell and the graphics are absolutely wonderfull.
    I also liked Mike Mignola’s “The Drowning” a lot (http://www.darkhorse.com/Books/14-702/Abe-Sapien-Volume-1-The-Drowning-TPB).
    And last but not least Alex Ross’s classics “kingdom Come” (http://www.dccomics.com/dcu/graphic_novels/?gn=5472) and “Justice” (http://www.dccomics.com/dcu/graphic_novels/?gn=11906). I’m pretty sure you already read these ones. 🙂

  30. Hi Joe,
    I love the “walking dead” and was suggested by my comic friend, to try a podcast called “We’re alive a zombie podcast of survival” off of iTunes. Yes I know it’s not a comic book, this is just like the old radio shows like “war of the world’s” but it will not disappoint. Everyone I’ve passed on this site has become hooked with your DVD player issues, you might find a good old fashions zombie radio show filling the void.


  31. Hi there,

    I totally agree with you Varro but is a far better match for T.J. than Young ever was .

    Have a nice week

  32. Hi there Joe! 🙂

    I hope u & all of urs r feeling very well. The last days i was very busy and out of time for the nice things in life, that includes also reading ur blog of course. Jep, 2day is a good day, linking 2 ur blog and reading news about SGU, thank u 4 sharing them. I share ur opinion of Varro & TJ, they would b strong 2gether in every way, the further storyline is highly expandable. Also Master Seargent Greer´s part is extremly expandable. U said that braveness is possibly only one step closer to crazyness. I think in case of Greer is that a “good crazyness”, he would never harm a person 4 nothing, and he´s absolutely reliably, surely he´s getting his inner strenght from the believing in god. After Episode 7 of the 2nd season i have speculated that he plays in this history a vital role. Hope u can do all ur best to save SGU, pls don´t let this gorgeous story die. Last but not least i have 2 say that i´d never seen such big sandwiches (ur sure that those edible lockjaws are called sandwiches?), always something new to experience.
    Best regards 2 u & urs, stay healthy and cheerful! 😉

  33. I agree with you Joe, no fur looks more awesome.
    It’s a shame that https://josephmallozzi.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/img_6503.jpg didn’t work out as that is awesome.

    I assume that the final beast is a female as I assume a male would have some of the head ridges of the first image (but not necessarily the handle ting at the top/back).

    Even though it’s an alien creature I’m assuming that most males like showing off (hey, watch the (discovery channel),
    so the last image seems like it’s a female to me.

  34. are the rumors i heard true i have heard from a lot of people that the talks have started about renewing Stargate Universe SyFy announced that if the ratings go up for the final 10 episodes that they will talk about renewing the show

  35. I ship Varro and TJ, very much. Just thought they had a great spark right off the bat, and not because he threatened to kill Rush (but in a nice way, as in “hurry up. or I’ll have to gut ya.”)

    Excellent news on the comix, looking forward to seeing who ends up doing the artwork. I really hope Jo Chen is in the mix, her covers are cool.

  36. greer is there to mock SG-1 and SGA. jk hes cool but not a big fan of TJ or any doctor for that matter, maybe this episode will change my mind.

  37. @Rush/Eli-relationship develop more. Father/son sounds perfect for them

    Father/Son? No, please no.
    Young and Scott should be the only Father/Son relationship in the show in my opinion.

    Notice that Young knows that Scott kinda sees him as the father figure he never had.

  38. “The Hunt” sounds great!

    I’ve liked Varro from the start and all of the qualities you wanted for the character have really shown through beautifully in Mike Dopud’s performance.

    Graphic novels/comic books: I got nothin’. das got me hooked on the Secret Six, which I have been enjoying more than I expected. I’m just much of a comic reader. Though I might read them more if there was a “lending library” set-up like they have for manga in Kyoto:

    But I like your writing, so I’ll probably give yours a try when it comes out.

  39. If SGU is pulling the lowest ratings of the entire Stargate franchise, and more importantly the lowest 18-49 demo (0.3 ….can I say ouch!) then why would the TPTB pursue a movie? I understand that YOU would like a SGU movie, but unfortunately the viewers don’t want that! And yes the ratings should have every indication of whether SGU gets green-lighted for a movie, because at the end of the day money is what makes the world go round. I feel like having this conversation with you is pointless and circular but this is the cold hard facts. Maybe I should contact all the executive producers of every show canceled this season, and ask them if they would like a movie to finish of there shows- because at the end of the day the ratings or how many viewers didn’t matter.

  40. I love the behind-the-scenes glimpses of SGU that you post here.

    And I hate that the series is drawing to a close. What’s wrong with the picture when such an outstandingly good show doesn’t sell?

    But what I really want to know is: What is the most effective thing we, as fans, can do to make sure there will be a movie or some other way to get the rest of the SGU story?

  41. Also Joe, incase you havent seen it yet here’s the trailer for the new Last Exile anime series out this year

  42. @BMc do what @Elminster posted. If that still doesn’t get the FLASH player working. Restart your browser. Sometimes there is too many FLASH files hogging the RAM memory even after you close them if you open too many flash files or too many FLASH ads on some web pages.

  43. @Kevin

    DVD sales (for the most part) determine the profitability of a DVD movie, not ratings, that’s why they’re not relevant.

  44. Try reading Fables. Long, continuing arcs keeps a keen reader interested, and since you’ve mentioned you like juggling many plot lines at once, then it will certainly appeal to you on that scale too. I was recommended to the series by a good friend but dismissed it for a long time since since the main characters are straight out of fables and fairy tales and assumed that I was too mature. Eventually I reminded myself that I read books and comics about zombies and people flying around on spaceships, so picked it up and was hooked by the end of the first volume.

  45. I must admit I enjoyed this episode a lot, lot more than the one last week. 🙂 I love awkwardness and there was plenty in it. LOL

    As for the TJ/Varro/Young triangle: if TJ wants a relatively simple, bubbly relationship then it is Varro. If she is ready to go with the more complicated but I believe deeper one that it is Young. Personally, I feel that Young and Varro have a lot in common except that Varro is a soft version of Young.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  46. Bonjour Joseph,
    I don’t speak well english and as you are from Montréal i hope that you understand.
    Je voudrai d’abord vous remercier pour votre excellent travail vous, brad wright Robert C Cooper ainsi que toute l’equipe vous nous avez fait rever depuis 1997 et j’espere de tout coeur que l’aventure continuera.
    Ce que je voudrai vous demander c’est :serais-possible d’esperer encore une saison 3 pour Stargate universe parce que paradoxalement à un casting riche très celebre par rapport à celui de SG1 en 1997 où yavait que RDA?
    Je trouve que c’est bete et dommage qu’une chaine puisse comdaner une ci belle franchise à l’exctinction.
    Pour finir je dirai que votre travail se raffine et se fait comme un bon vin ou un bon camembert qui se fait et se raffine.
    Bon courage pour la suite.
    Encore une fois merci

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