The title of this blog entry should leave no doubt as to how I’m feeling right about now.

Jelly - all relaxed and flight-ready.

So we got to the airport late last night, dogs in tow.  Check-in and security were a breeze.  The airport personnel were very kind; all smiles and great with the pooches.  After some initial scratching and whining, both Jelly and Maximus seemed to settle down and I figured we were in the clear.  The lead up to this trip had exacted a toll on me.  I was fatigued and really looking forward to sleeping through the flight.

Yep, that would’ve been nice.

Easy-going Maximus, nestled in the carrier at my feet, was so quiet and still for the duration of the trip that I found myself checking him every so often, just to make sure he was, in fact, still alive.  Jelly, on the other hand, was another matter entirely.   Whenever I would start to doze off, she would start crying – so I would have to reach back (Akemi was seated behind me), into her carrier, and give her a pat to reassure her.  Every time she fell asleep, I’d withdraw my hand and try to get some shut eye – only to have her start up again.  And so it went.  For four and a half hours.

By the time we got into Toronto, I was exhausted.  After wandering around the Toronto airport looking for the baggage claim (the signs suddenly disappear at some point), we collected our luggage and headed out.  But only after paying $2 for this –

Seriously? You're charging me for a baggage cart?

We caught a limo into town and, eventually, pulled up in front of our apartment building (with the very tiny address).  I went inside and informed the security guard that I was moving in.  He didn’t know anything about it.  I explained that I was instructed to pick up my keys at the front desk.  He didn’t know anything about it.  I also added that I’d been instructed to leave a check with the concierge.  He didn’t know anything about it.  I wandered back outside, bewildered, and was scrolling through my emails to get the realtor’s number when, suddenly, the security guard waved me back in.  “Mr. Mazzolli?”.  Close enough.  “Yes,”I said, eager to just get upstairs and into bed.  “This is for you.”  He handed me an envelope.  Inside, was the apartment key. Right then!

We headed upstairs and into our apartment (until April 4th).  There, we found a nice surprise awaiting us, compliments of our realtor.  A little something(s) for the dogs –

Dog swag!

We unpacked and, while Akemi crawled into bed, I lay down on the floor atop the island of doggy beds and fell asleep with Jelly and Maximus.  Granted, the bed WOULD have been more comfortable, but the dogs clearly needed some reassurance, especially Jelly who hasn’t stopped crying since we got in, wandering around the apartment and, inevitably, always parking herself in front of the door.  I’m sure she’s thinking “Okay, ready to go now!”

After waking up, I showered and took the dogs for a walk.  We checked out the closest green spaces – the first, a tiny brown and withered parcel littered with mountainous horse dumps, the second a bleak, muddy “park” where four homeless men loudly hurled insults at each other across a lone picnic table.

Needless, to say, this aint gonna work out.  There is no way I can live in this area with my foursome.

I gave Fondy a call and she was kind enough to swing by to pick up Jelly and Maximus.  They’ll be with her until I find a suitable doggy daycare, and a house with a proper back yard.

55 thoughts on “March 20, 2011: Damn, I miss Vancouver!

  1. Hi Mr. Mazzolli, glad you got in safely, at least! I’m so glad the dogs are with Fondy, at least maybe there Jelly will feel more at home for the time being. Judging from the “park” picture and your description of the general surroundings, yeah, I’d be outta there ASAP. Are you going to wait until you have a new place to live before you go back to Vancouver for the other two dogs? That said, I’m sure you’ll find something you like in no time and things will start to fall into place before you know it. Put the doggies in bed with you and try to get some real sleep, it’ll be ok, you’ll see. 🙂

  2. Oh, Joe, I completely understand your frustration, and congratulate you for your Herculean patience and fortitude with the kids, the security guard, Air Canada, etc. Thank goodness Akemi was there to help too. All this and your sore throat?! Poor Joe.

    As for Jelly, she’s probably bewildered about this entire great adventure. No doubt picking up on your stressed out vibes, so don’t be cross with her. Sweet Maximus was a very good boy.

    A shout out for Fondy – thanks for helping!

    I hope you soon find a nice home with a yard as desired. Maybe the new job will cut you some slack until you’re settled?

    Great to know “the Binder” will be joining you, Paul and Rob.

    Some new beginnings can be very rough and trying on the soul. In my experience, if so many things go wrong, it just wasn’t meant to be. Keep your house in Vancouver despite what your accountant says.

    Sending hopeful and good vibes your way Joe!

    Basil & Scooter cats send their high-paws to Jelly and Max

  3. This is what you get for that Teamsters and Tramps game you used to play back in Vancouver. It’s called Karma. 😀

    (In all seriousness, I hope you find a nice house for you and your babies. Change like this is always hard, especially when a place just doesn’t feel like home. Wishing you the best, Joe.)


  4. Holy cow. Trip from hell and then end in hell. Bless Fondy!

    I forgot to ask a few days ago. You said Stewie is Lulu’s future boyfriend. You were joking right? Not really planning on breeding them?

    Well if you are only locked in til April 4th, hopefully you’ll soon find the perfect new home. I’d tell you to “lean into” the new city, but any time someone advises me to do that I want to lean in with a baseball bat and give them a few good hits… so I won’t. I just suspect that you will find the best food the city has to offer and all will eventually be okay.

  5. What Deni & 2cats said. Also, I’m sending you peaceful vibes for good rest.

  6. Glad you made it okay. How sweet on the dog swag. Maximus has a huge smile on his face. Maybe because it is winter, your surroundings look more bleaker. When the leaves and green grass come back it will be nicer. But at least you don’t have to live there long. Nice of Fondy to help you out! Next trip, if one dog is crying, can you trade seats with your flying buddy?

    Hey, you are an hour ahead of me now! Yeah!! Earlier blogs! I hope you like Toronto.

  7. Good to hear that you and the clan made it to TO okay. I completely get what you mean about the Toronto airport signage. It’s a very confusing layout and the signs are terrible. It’s hard to believe it’s a relatively new design.

    And yes, that “park” is not really somewhere I’d want to spend more than 1 minute in. I would half expect a broken piece of “Police Line – do not cross” tape to be fluttering from that tree.

  8. How nice of the realtor,stuff for the pups. sorry it wasn’t a less traumatic event. Glad Akemi(thanks) was able to help you and fingers crossed that you will find a nice place by the end of the week if not sooner, Thanks to Fondy for taking the pups, they are in good hands, and they will know it.
    I remember we helped our son move to chicago a few years ago, and his cat was less than thrilled to be in a cage for the drive and even more thrilled with his new apt.(not) so I understand a little. wishing you much luck and less stress…

  9. Moving’s never fun, but once you get settled in, you’ll feel a lot better. It’s the “getting settled in” part that’s going to be tough, but at least you have Fondy and so many of your friends in town (Paul, Carl, Rob) to help you feel more at home.

    I think you said in a previous post that it took you a year to feel settled in Vancouver? Give T.O. a chance, it won’t be that bad. Granted, it’s not as pretty as Vancouver, but they do have their fair share of good restaurants (which is a priority, right?)

    In any case, Welcome to Ontario! Glad to have you here.

  10. Aw, the doggie swag is the best! Man that is one bleak looking park, landscaped in mud and twigs. Glad to hear they’ll be bunking with Stewie and Brie for a bit.

  11. Welcome to Toronto!

    I can’t tell where that park is but it looks pretty awful. There are nice neighbourhoods in Toronto … TRULY. I hope you find one soon. If I could afford to live in the city, I’d pick Corktown or Leslieville or Riverdale or Little Italy.

    Good luck!

  12. Hey Joe! Just think, if you kept doing Atlantis for 10 Seasons and then started Universe, you’d still in Vancouver for another 5 years. Even though Atlantis was CHEESE, there was still a BIG fan base to keep it going! Good luck in T.O. Make sure you get a House with AC and a generator to keep it going. T.O is going to be HOT this summer.

  13. “Every time she fell asleep, I’d withdraw my hand and try to get some shut eye – only to have her start up again. And so it went. For four and a half hours.”

    Bummer. 🙁

    Next time put the pooches in stasis tubes. And maybe yourself also. 🙂

  14. Oh-o-o-o Bo-o-o-y, I feel your pain.

    I felt just the same when I left Montreal in the Great Exodus of the 80s, leaving friends, family and a home in the cedars that we built and I loved. I don’t think I will ever forget. But what I learned was that home is truly where you hang your hat. When you get a more permanent place to live and your belongings arrive, just to have them spread around a little around the place will make it seem like home. Maybe buy a cheap sheet that you sleep on or keep in bed with you a few days and leave it with the dogs to laze around on at Fondy’s. It might help.

    Sorry, I can’t help you with Toronto. You’re going to have to speak to someone who knows and loves TO and all the good places to eat – consider the new eating places your “sheet”.

    I hope you keep us informed as to how things are progressing because I’ll be thinking of you, Akemi and the pups and wondering. Hang in there.

  15. Just thought of something… could each of the travelling doggie handlers have 2 seats and put the dogs beside them on the seat? That way, you could rest your hand in the carrier for comfort as well as fall asleep…

  16. 😯 Oh Dear Lord…

    God bless Fondy and Christine for guarding the babies! And God bless Akemi-san for taking care of Joe.

    Ditto to Deni, 2cats, Thornyrose & Ponytail said. Das, you about made me choke yesterday. 🙂

    Joe, realizing that it’s *ZERO* consolation right now, one day I’m sure we’ll all read this story again in a detailed, hysterical script. THEN we will be able to laugh. Until then, you have all our sympathy in the world.

    Sending loads of virtual hugs to our beloved “Mr. Mazzolli,”


  17. Wish I had something nice to say or some useful insight to share but that’s not the case. Still can’t understand how I managed to let 2 months pass before I heard about the cancellation.
    The mid season Inner Space special seemed to be a grand success with more people then the first time. I should know, since I was there the first time!!! All e-interviews seemed to be positive!!!!
    If it wasn’t from the “final episodes” statement I read while going to some SGU related website, I would still probably be in the dark!!!!
    That reminds me of a little personal experience of mine that I don’t quite feel like sharing at this point. Everything seems to be fine but for some obscure reason, there always seems to be a certain someone ready to pull the rug under your feet … when you least expect it. Things were too good to be true. You do everything right and suddenly NO MORE. The funny thing is that when you do something wrong and things blow in your face, you can at least tell yourself, I should I’ve known better…. But when something happens when you know you’ve done everything right, the pill is harder to swallow. I should have known better and was unfortunately caught off guards. Me…. Ms. plan A, B, C always on the back on my mind no matter what, I managed to let myself be caught off guards. HUM!!!!
    Spoke with a woman a few weeks ago…. Poor woman was on the verge of desperation following a certain situation that she had a lot of trouble solving. Every time she would encounter the “situation”, she would always use the same strategy, like the mouse and the electric shock experiment. There was nothing wrong with what she was doing, but it was simply not working for her. I asked her if she was aware that she was using the same strategy over and over again.
    “Why” I asked her “why are you constantly using the same strategy when you know it does work?” .And every time she would see it wasn’t working, she would feel even worse. “When something doesn’t work, you need to try something else; it doesn’t work because you’re using the wrong strategy!! Yes, it might work for someone else but it’s not working for you. You need to use a different approach!!!!”

    I exchanged a few other ideas with her and left shortly after. I Saw a few days later…. she told me that was one of the best advices she got so far!!! Hum! I thought…..
    Of course it was decent advice. Which brings me back to my situation that I don’t really want to discuss? See bad things shouldn’t happen to good people but sadly it does!!!!

    On another note, I sat down with my agent a few weeks ago after an audition that I didn’t get to do. I drove 8 hrs to go to an audition that I was not even able to do, and it was not even my fault. But sometimes in life, you don’t need to do something bad to have the rug pulled out from under your feet.
    Following the unfortunate drive FOR NOTHING incident, I sat down with my Toronto agent. (I was in the neighbourhood)….he talked to me about what I was doing, for self promotion. He’s a very nice guy and he gave me great advice, and I really felt he was trying to help. Everything he told me was top advice. Problem was that I had tried all these strategies and none of them had really worked well for me. See in life there are the standard cases solved by standard strategies and the exception cases. I, unfortunately, tend to fall in the exception category…. told him I felt that in my particular situation, I might need to think outside the box to get better results and that I felt I needed to try something different. This is where my backup plans come to place. I didn’t say much more to him before leaving. You see, I believe that the best way to make things happen is by only saying what is necessary!!!!! If it doesn’t work, you don’t lose anything, if it works, you get all the credit!!!

  18. Three cheers to Fondy, and to the realtor, for making a difficult time just a bit easier. Might want to trademark that Mazzoli name. It will be useful when you want to hide your real identity. And you still have to repeat this next week? I do hope you build in some time for sleep before the flight… here’s hoping you can find a suitable permanant residence, and soon.

  19. Change is always so hard. You’ve had quite an ordeal getting out of Vancouver. That was great of Fondy to take the dogs. They know her and will feel more comfortable there until you can feel better about your own accommodations. Keeping good vibes for you. It will work out. Your new show will be a huge hit, run 10 years, and everything will work out just fine. Big hugs to you.

  20. Sorry to hear that it hasn’t been a smooth transition. But it’s great that Fondy has the pups. I’m sure that’s a huge stress reliever knowing their in good hands.

    And best of luck to you for this busy week on the show, and you’re hunt for a permanent home for the kids.

  21. Joe – the more I read about your whole experience with moving and moving your dogs the more you scare me about the idea of when it’s time for me to move (and move my 2 cats)!!! Aaaack! In any case, I hope things smooth out a.s.a.p. for you and your furry family.

    @Penny: Thank you for the happy birthday. 🙂 It was a very fine one, indeed. Had a nice time out and about, including a great restaurant, and now as the b-day is wrapping up I’m about to pop in a dvd and enjoy some classic Stargate SG-1. And then this week it’s back to the final revision work on the dissertation (getting a Dr. degree in music).

    – Sean D.

  22. I know it feels awful right now, but the fact that you have two dogs there in good shape, really that is a great thing! I think the dogs did better on the journey than you expected, and it should give you hope for the next time getting the next two. I am glad airport personnel were nice to them. Sometimes it doesn’t always work that way.

    When I moved to my new house, my dog was happy with it at first. When I went out to get some stuff, she hopped into the back seat and wouldn’t get out. I guess she had enough of it. When I picked her up to get her out, she jumped out of my arms and jumped back into the car. Since it was cold outside, I just left her in there for a little while. I finally had to get her out with food. As long as you are there, they will be fine (eventually).

    I would suggest just looking for unfurnished places as this will greatly increase availability. Going to a furniture store and just pick out the necessities and what is in stock…that should be easy.

    I have been watching house hunting shows filmed in Toronto (For Rent, Property Virgins on HGTV) and they show some nice homes in very nice areas, some furnished, some not. I am sure you will find something, now that you are there to see them personally. Good luck!

  23. Hi Joe,
    Ahhh, the immediate consequence of moving – freaking out! I know where you’re coming from – I’ve just relocated to go back to med school, I left my fur children (two cats) in the safe custody of my parents. Unfortunately they were in Christchurch (New Zealand) and my little boy has gone missing after the Feb 22 earthquake. At least you are able to keep your furries with you, and know they are safe, sound and loved. Give them an extra snuggle on my behalf. (Sorry if I’ve been a bit depressing, I think the new city will grow on you eventually!).

  24. It can be traumatic with pets…having had cats all of my life just taking them to the vets and listening to them cry is painful enough!

    Kriss 🙂

  25. Oh, the Dog Swag. I too would have curled up with the dogs – a bit of normality in an otherwise alien place.

    Right, now is the time to drive allll around Toronto. This is the only way to find an area where you would like to reside. Then, once you have found out an area that looks nice, knock on a random door and ask the resident what he/she thinks.

    There is no point in moving in to a place that has a road where the cars race down it all day, or one where the wind howls 24/7. Only local knowledge would know this, not a brochure.

    Hey, an idea has just struck (ouch). Is there not a pug club in Toronto? Phone up and ask whoever answers the phone where they live. (After introducing yourself first or things could get awkward real fast). 🙂

    There must be a furry-Sherman-tank friendly place somewhere, and I bet they would know. It’s also a good way of making new friends fast.

  26. I’m glad you, Akemi, Jelly and Max made it to Toronto safely. How nice of Fondy to take care of the kids until things get sorted out. Loved the dog swag. I hope things get better very quickly.

  27. Glad you got there safely. I can’t begin to imagine all of that aggravation. Hope you can find something else very soon.

    Have a good day (with much less stress)!!!!

  28. Joe,

    I completely understand your attitude about this major shakeup in your life. Just a few months ago you were happy as can be with SGU, your adopted hometown, and on and on… then BOOM, new city, new job, new stress, and this nagging feeling (I’m guessing here of course) that “this isn’t the way its supposed to be!” … I know, 13 months ago I was living in my own home in New Hampshire, with my wife and daughter, loving the seasons, my friends, and my routines (boring as they were) … then medical problems, which led to financial problems, my wife and I found ourselves in the same town with HER mother, in FLORIDA. My daughter moved in with her older sister in the same town. Talk about culture shock, talk about stress, its been a very tough road for me, but not for my wife. I miss my kids horribly, I miss the weather, my brother, I miss everything…

    Not to dump my problems on you Joe, but I mention this because, as I am sure you know, the attitude we approach these sudden changes we don’t like or want, makes a huge difference in our perception of reality. My attitude sucked for a year because I couldn’t believe I let this all happen and I wasn’t able to change it… then, about 2 weeks ago it reached a climax and I was either going to head back home with the shirt on my back (crazy) or let it go and look for the positives (as few as there are) … once I made the decision to embrace the reality I immediately felt better. While I still do not like Florida, and I still miss my kids in a major way, I no longer have this dark cloud over my head all the time.

    What I’m saying is this; you won’t be in Toronto forever, you can visit Vancouver whenever you like (something some of us cannot afford), and you are fortunate enough to have “options” (I do not) … so embrace what is, and enjoy the change because someday you’ll be living in Vancouver again with a whole new appreciation for your adopted home and this new reality will be a great story to tell people.

    And soon your fanbase will be “transported” to a new TV Show that will have us all “driving” to your website to discuss all the new stories you’ll be able to tell. That’s got to be something to look forward to. Right?

  29. A few days ago you mentioned that someone from the office showed you a fan-made video on youtube, that you found rather amazing. That fan has made several very good stargate-related videos and maybe this one can cheer you up a little. It is my favourite and therefore naturally all SGU:

    I hope this link works – I have never done that before.

    @Jaap – in case you read this blog: I hope you don’t mind me forwarding this link. I am eternally grateful to you, as for the longest time it was only through your posts on youtube, that I could even watch SGU

    Mr. Malozzi, I hope you will soon start to like Toronto as it will make life much easier for you if you live in a place you actually like. Hopefully once you get started on your new job things will start to look better.

  30. No at all surprised that the trip wasn’t easy for you nothing up to this point had been! I’m just sad that is wasn’t easier you really deserved a break.

    It’s so awesome that your Realtor provided some swag for the doggies after their long tip they deserved it to.

    Yeah that’s not such a “green” space at the moment. Have you looked in to the Mt. Pleasent area?? Not sure but don’t think it would be too far from the studio and I think it would be more to your liking. They have more actual green space and it’s more like where you were living in Vancover (well from what I can gather from your pictures). Other then that I have no clue if they offer furnished housing seems you would think Toronto would have more of that to offer.

    Hope your feeling better and things start to go your way!


  31. Coucou!

    Eh bien, quelle aventure!! je vous croit quand vous dites que Vancouver vous manque, ça ne doit pas être facile de quitter cette ville, ça faisait combient de temps que vous y viviez? 8 ans?

    C’est gentil l’attention pour vos chiens:) suis contente que leurs voyages se soit bien passé…et désolé pour le votre..

    Reposez vous bien!
    Gros bisous!

  32. Glad you made it in one piece more or less! That was very decent of your realtor, and I don’t blame you for missing Vancouver. Just looking at those pics was enough to have me running for the nearest park here!

  33. Glad youse got there mostly intact (sans sanity) I’m sure you’ll find you left that in the right pocket of your coat. On the positive side, I think this job will be worth all the hassle.

    Ditto hang in there

  34. Well, on the bright side, things can only get better.

    We did sell my father’s house. Can you believe for $52K? That’s barely above what the lot should bring, but when we found the cracked foundation letting water in, plus the separated brick porch, bad driveway, and 40 year old furnace, and assorted shabbiness, well, we were lucky to get what we could. Now to pay the fees, commissions and taxes, then split it four ways.
    I just might buy a candy bar with my inheritance. Suggestions?

  35. Joan001, awesome idea about buying out whole rows of seats; business or first at least, and maybe they’d mind less if you put the pugs on your lap during flight, or next to you on seat? Or maybe have the carriers side by side so they get comfy together. Poor Jelly, I hope Bubba and Lulu will have it easier on their excursion.

  36. I can hardly bear to read your blog right now, because it makes me feel stressed out and anxious. If that’s just from reading it, I can’t imagine living it! Thank goodness the dogs can go to Fondy until things get sorted out. With familiar faces (Fondy, Stewie and Brie), they’ll be alright.

  37. The doggie swag was indeed awesome! that’s a great realtor. At least you all made it this far. I also would have sllpet with the doggies and their beds 🙂 Good luck on finding a day care for them and getting settled.
    Have a great week!

  38. Hi Joe,

    I just have to say, there is nothing sexier than a man who loves his dogs, and isn’t afraid to show the world how much he loves his dogs.

    And no, I’m not hitting on you. 🙂 I just think it’s very cool. And for that alone I would watch any show you’re involved in, read any book (or comic book you write).

    I wish you good luck with this new venture. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Hopefully once you get the whole puppy tribe there, find a great place to live, get settled into the job, life will be much less stressful.

    Vickie Taylor

  39. Hello Joe.

    Give Jelly a big hug for us. Sounds like she needs it. I hope things improve with the apartment situation soon.

    Best Wishes,


    Ps. Any news in that big announcement on that “super-secret project” that you, Rob, and now Carl are involved in? Anything involving a black Audi? Who started that rumor anyway??? 😉

  40. @ crazymom1 – Yeah, you and me are in the same boat here. I’ve been terribly anxious over all Joe’s going through, with the end of SGU, the job change, the move, and all that has come along with it, so that I’m having a very hard time reading the blog, too. This is worse than a suspense movie! I just want to skip to the end where we see Our Hero sitting back in an easy chair in front of a crackling fire – dogs curled at his feet – sipping a Moscow Mule from a copper mug while casually penning his next script. I just wish there was a way to fast-forward Joe’s life. 🙂


  41. Sorry to hear Joe.. luckily Fondy stepped in to help with the pugkids.. Thanks Fondy!!

    Hope things pick up for you Joe.

  42. Please accept my apologies for the Midwest – it’s in that blah phase between Winter and Spring. Give it a couple of weeks to green up. And your dogs are pretty much reacting like mine would: “okay, this has been interesting, but can we go home now?”

    Try to think of the condo as a temporary front-line base from which you can scout the new territory for a house.

    @das: Yeah, a fast-forward button would be great! I wish I was close enough to help, but Chicago is just a little too far.

  43. I used to work just north of there; That park gets a lot greener come spring but neighbourhood is what it is. Gentrification takes a little longer. 😉

  44. Finally finished Ghosts of Manhattan. Ugh. What a stupid, nonsensical ending. Totally ruined the whole book for me, which is a shame, because it was going along pretty well for a while there.

  45. What can I say?

    You’ve had a really shitty day, and I don’t suppose things will get better overnight, but they will.

    When I get into a situation where I just want to crawl into a hole and weep quietly, I tell myslelf a couple of things:- 1. No body has died, and 2. I still have a roof over my head!

    As long as you, you’res and the dogs are okay – then life might be crap, but the basics are covered. Worse case senario, Joe, if it doesnt work out, you can always call it a day.

    Guys with your talent can always find a job. Now as I’m a bit of a smartass and don’t really know you, so here is my advice –

    Get yourself a nice bottle of wine and have a glass. While you’re drinking it give your girl and the dogs a big hug. Then book a nice place for dinner as a treat. And finally, Toronto might be the pits, but at least its not Japan…

  46. Nothing like exhaustion to skew your perspective on things. Granted the park wasn’t …. well … great but hopefully once you get some solid sleep and a routine things will start to fall in place.
    Hang in there Joe.

  47. i dont see what the problem is, thats one great looking park. i see a trash can that should be useful. and a funny squirrel. what more can you ask for?

  48. Joe, I think you’re overwhelmed right now. You’ve spent a lot of time in Vancouver and have forgotten that parks tend to look a little brownish in the winter everywhere but in Vancouver, Victoria… and maybe southwest Ontario. It’s not going to be long now that everything will start to colour-up and start blooming.

    Get some sleep and don’t forget your vitamins…

  49. glad you and the dogs made it. too bad about the “parks” in the area. like Sparrow_hawk said; the parks will probably green up come spring.
    things will get better; you’ll find a house (or apartment), good restraints, dog-sitters & whatever else you need.

    unfortunately, there’s still two more dogs to bring over.

  50. Joe, hope Jelly settles in soon. When I moved across Canada (east to west), my elderly shepherd had a hard time with the new place even though she had 6 fenced acres, lots of trees, a pond, etc. My furniture and stuff arrived a week late, but soon as it was set up, she felt more at home and settled in. Once you have your own space with things Jelly recognized as “hers”, all will be much better. Good luck!

  51. Hi Joe,

    A possible Mailbag Question:

    Since Toronto is somewhat close to New York City, will NYC become the new Vegas for your Foodie-Excursions? Or is Vegas simply better?

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