I’m simultaneously exhausted and wound up, ready for bed yet hankering to finish work on the half dozen tasks I’ve been hopping between all day.

Because of a minor hand injury I sustained yesterday, I was unable to hit the weights this morning so I skipped my work-out and focused on writing that series bible.  Unlike scripting, creating one of these documents is a grueling process.  It took me the entire morning just to write the introductory series overview. I got halfway through the character breakdowns before running out of steam somewhere between Dieter and Olivia.  I’m happy with what I have.  I’ll tweak it tomorrow, finish up the characters, and bounce it Rob’s/Paul’s way.

After taking a break to prepare some lamb ribs for lunch, I shifted focus to R&R and booked that Vegas trip.  Flying in late Monday, leaving early Friday, with three terrific dinners in between (and probably four once I nail down that final late Monday night reservation).

Tuesday night, I’ll be dining at Joel Robuchon. Robuchon, who had the title “Chef of the Century” bestowed upon him in 1987 and boats a total of 26 Michelin stars, has about a dozen restaurants worldwide.  Two years ago, I ate at his Tokyo flagship , Chateau Joel Robuchon, where I enjoyed an excellent meal in impossibly grand surroundings.  Marty G. highly recommends his Vegas restaurant so I’m looking forward to sampling the sixteen course degustation menu.  Menu items vary, but some of the dishes that caught my eye on the winter line-up include a crispy truffle tart with onion confit and the bone marrow and vegetable ragout with corn and spices.

Wednesday night, I’ll get my first taste of molecular gastronomy in North America when I visit to E by Jose Andres.  I’ve done Tokyo’s Molecular Tapas Bar three years running and I’m eager to see what the brilliant Jose Andres (who introduced the small plates concept to North America) has in store for his lucky diners.  And I do mean lucky.  Apparently the restaurant is new and a bit of a secret. It’s very intimate, able to accommodate a grand total of eight diners at two seatings a night, but the food, I hear, is exceptional.  Kind of reminds me of another inventive and equally intimate Tokyo restaurant, Aronia de Takazawa, that was only accessible through a non-descript door in an equally non-descript alley.  No secret doors in this case, only a secret email and a bit of luck that helped me secure my reservation.

Thursday night, I’m off to Twist by Pierre Gagnaire for “classic French cuisine with a modern twist”.  I didn’t have the opportunity to check out Pierre Gagnaire Tokyo in the ANA Intercontinental the last time I was in Japan, but the restaurant had certainly piqued my interest for its Grand Dessert (multiple inspired desserts), an apparent mainstay at all Gagnaire’s establishments. Menu highlights include the oven roasted Muscovy Duck with cumin, cinnamon, silver thyme, and bitter chocolate; and the black Perigod truffle with sweet onion and smoky bacon.

I’m hoping to get a table at Guy Savoy for our first night.  The restaurant wasn’t open today, so I was unable to make a reservation, but I’ll try my luck tomorrow and hope for the best.  If all goes as planned and I do manage to get a table, I’ll no doubt go with the ten course Menu Prestige that offers, among other things, a chocolate fondant with crunchy praline and chicory cream to end the meal.

Done and done.  My evenings are booked but my days are free.  So what the hell else is there to do in Vegas beside eat?

Speaking of eating, my dogs continue their Spartan regimen in a bid to get down to the 22 lb weight limit for in-cabin air travel.  Their progress so far…


Jelly. Minor weight fluctuations but well under the limit at 17 lbs. I'm surprised. A dainty eater she aint.
Maximus. Dropped a whopping 0.2 lbs. Must be all that mud he eats. Easily exhausted.

Bubba. Has benefited most from the new exercise routine and reduced diet. Down to a trim 24.6 lbs!
Lulu (right). Dropped 0.6 of a lb. Slow but sure progress.

Now, I turn my attention to doing my pass on Paul’s script.  Actually, I already did my first pass earlier today – a laborious hour and a half spent lower-casing his random capitalizations.  GLOVES?  BRA?  LAUNCHED?  Why are some of the character names intermittently capitalized?  And why capitalize only the first part of LANDING gear? I think my writing partner may need some Vegas time  as well.

46 thoughts on “February 21, 2011: Script and bible work! My Vegas line-up! My dieting dogs! And WHY are WE capitalizing RANDOM words?!

  1. Does your “minor hand injury” have anything to do with the issue of Hong Kong Penthouse you mentioned yesterday? Just checking.

  2. I love THE puppIES! You know WHAT, Joe? I THINK you pick on PAUL too MUCH, and he’s never AROUND to defend himSELF. It just doesn’t seem FAIR.


    On a more serious note, I hear 65 dead in New Zealand – hopefully that number won’t climb, but I fear it will. 🙁 Again, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone there.


  3. @Lou Zucaro – Oh. My. GAWD!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 😆 😆 😆 You win the blog today!



  4. Just to let you know SYFY actually started advertsing SGU this week.
    I am surprised they are even running ads for it.
    I have to say that SPACE has been running a much better ad for the show so far.
    Also it is a good idea to get that VEGAS vacation in while you can. You are going to be happy you did once you get back to work!
    Have a nice time while there!

  5. Hey Joe,

    Vegas is too fun. Hope you get into a show or two. My daughter works for circ de soleil and says all of the shows are great. She works on the Criss Angel show. I’m going to see it in a couple of weeks or I would tell you what it’s like.

    The one place you have to stop by is the Coco Cola Store. They have over 100 flavors of their soda you can taste…but my favorite part is the store. They have a huge wall of just Skittles…okay…so I know I am easily entertained…but it is one of my favorite stops. Plus they have these cute tiny little coke bottles (about 1.5 inches tall) to buy…okay…so I am easily sold on useless stuff too.

    It will be loads of fun. Your plans sound yummy…but you need to add some fun in there too.

    Love the pictures of the pups…as always…they are adorable.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  6. Such a sweet, sweet pic of Jelly, and all the kids. Are they starting to gnaw on things to supplement meager rations?

    And when do we get to hear about what it is your doing?

    Have a great time in Vegas!

    My heart goes out to those folks who are suffering in New Zealand from the quake. Sadly, I think this is an aftershock to the 7+ they had last year. If anyone would like to help, you can visit http://www.redcross.org.nz/cms_display.php. Be patient if you can’t get through. The Red Cross links are being overwhelmed.

  7. As I understand it, the only words that really need to be all caps are a character’s name the first time they’re mentioned. Is this right? I’ve seen scripts that seem to have random nouns or sounds capitalized, and it always strikes me as weird and a little pretentious.

  8. It’d be kinda funny if we were all wrong and you and Paul wern’t working on The Transporter but infact are working on something completely different. But then again I know we’re probably right.

    Even so my reaction would be more Lol, than :O.

    Anyway, random caps would be odd to read, I’m guessing Paul was either tired, or just fatigued(tired) mentally from all the hard work?

  9. Hey Joe, sad to hear that you are leaving Vancouver. Please let me recommend a number of other restaurants that you should try before you go (in order of importance). I did a search on your blog and didn’t see any mention of any of these…

    1) H.K. BBQ master: You must have the roast pork here and the char siu. Best in Vancouver…and trust me I know. Unfortunately, it is in Richmond (underneath the real Canadian Superstore near parker place).

    2) Phnom Penh – Cambodian Vietnamese in Chinatown. Just order the Chicken Wings.

    3) Dai Tung for dim sum. You should try their tripe, tendon and DUCK FEET (long line ups so beware).

    4) Cao Van – 8191 Saba Road. I met the lady who owns this place at the night market (vietnamese bubble tea stand). She bakes her own bread for her subs: gotta admire the devotion.

  10. How much do the dog carriers weigh? I was wondering how far they still have to go.

    Anne Teldy


    If you can’t get thru to the RED CROSS, try the SALVATION ARMY at:


    The Online Donations LINK will take you to YOUR Country, but you can specify where your donation is going.

    Anyway, Positive Thoughts to any KIWIs able to read this right now!

  12. guy savoy and joel robuchon has the craziest bread carts ever! they’re actually carts. i’m flying out at 10pm. first stop, blue hill at stone barns for a farmer’s feast 🙂

  13. Forgot to ask, have you had any time to watch any anime lately Joe and if so, what have you watched?

    I recently watched Black Lagoon Robertas Blood Trail, weirdly enough although it’s a 6 episode OVA series, they are simply carrying on from Episode 24 of Season 2 with the numbering, so Episode 1 of Robertas Blood Trail is officially Episode 25 in the series if that makes any sense.

    Without spoiling they’re 35 minute episodes. I’ve only seen the first few episodes on Blu Ray, not out yet in the US or anywhere outside Japan on disc anyway.

    I really love the action in these shows, and in some ways the way they’re not afraid to hold anything back as it’s a straight to DVD/Blu Ray series.

    Ironically enough this is the first major arc that has just been finished in the Black Lagoon series, they’re on a new storyline the manga books meaning they should be doing more Black Lagoon after Season 3.

  14. *Correction. It’s a 5 episode OAV, I always seem to confuse OVA with OAV and vice versa when it comes to anime. No idea why.

  15. when I went to las Vegas I really enjoyed going to Hoover Dam, West rim of the Grand Canyon and Red Rock canyon. If you aren’t renting a car, there are all sorts of tours there. One can take you to the Grand Canyon by plane, then fly over the canyon by helicopter. I was to do this, but it was windy the day we were to go, and nope, I don’t fly in small planes in high winds. So I drove there and really enjoyed the drive. They have the overhang where you can go out over the canyon with a clear plexiglass floor. wow……. I also enjoyed going to the casinos and just walking around to see things. I think the M&M store is fun. I also go into stores, look at stuff and think: are there enough crazy people to buy this and pay these prices? I guess so.

  16. Salut Joseph! Comment ça va ?

    Je suis bien contente d’être sur votre blog 🙂

    Yah super Las Vegas, ça doit être une ville magnifique! …lol je vois que vous avez tout prévu..c’est un vrai voyage gustatif, mais j’avourai que c’est un peu dommage de devoir aller aussi loin pour gouter de la bonne cuisine française, autant aller à la source 😉 …Lol le jour où vous venez en françe il vous faudra au moins un mois pour faire tout les bons restaurants lol

    Bon on fait un deal… je viens à Toronto en 2012 et vous venez à Paris en 2013 =D ??

    Vos chiens font un régime pour pouvoir prendre l’avion, lol c’est asser rigolo ^^..

    Aller gros bisous=)
    A plus tard.

  17. MISSED THE MAILBAG, just ended up watching SGU’s Lost, Sabotage and Pain, a brilliant 3 parter really, the back ground story that Destiny is leaving the current galaxy, through season two i belive the ship and characters are in a new galaxy, would this of continued… could we of expected another void venture?

    Also, if the series would of continued into a season three, has you had any ideas where the Destiny was arriving in a new galaxy and dropped out of FTL in the middle of an advanced solar system –

    [edit. Sorry, paddy. I can’t approve pitches or story ideas.]

  18. @ Debs, and Randomess, love your passion for the show you two meant to be together… i mean i can see it…

    Scene-INT, Evening –

    Debra and Randomness sit at the Dinner Table, silently they eat of their plats

    Debra:hmm, you know what i thought about stargate today… ect

    Randomness: *disagree* well, no, i understand your point dear but i just dont agree

    Debra: Oh well… she takes another bite from her meal
    then proceeds to pull out a Zat’ni’katel BLUE energy shoots out the Zat and Randomness falls flat on the table… the Zat folds down making a mechanical sound

    Debra places it on the table and continues eating



    Original Syfy Programming
    Imagine Greater

  19. Looks like you have everything all planned out for your Vegas trip. You plan out your evenings like we plan out things to go do with our kids. 🙂 How soon are you going?

    Have a great day!!!!

  20. All Hail Lou Zucaro! 🙂

    Prayers to New Zealand!

    The pups look great. I’m having problems getting my big cat to drop his weight. He is at 26lbs and holding. Taking him for a walk is out. He is too tired for the lazer pointer. I’m cutting back his food but ….his exercise options are limited 😉 .

  21. So Joe:

    I’m thinking this Jose Andres 8 seater is going to be pricey. Maybe in the $1000 range like that place you visited in Japan?
    I know you are forever on the lookout for the perfect meal, but personally, I can think of a lot of things to do with that kind of money besides eat. But, I guess when you have everything you really need in life, what else is there to do with money but enjoy it.


  22. Hey Jeff, I wanted to take a moment to thank you, you and the hard working crews both past and present for bringing us some of the best SCI-FI to hit the small screen. I like many hope for a future for the SG franchise. Rather then ask what so many so, (on our beloved franchises) future, I will instead say than you, and should this wonderful ride end, thank you for taking us through the gate for so many years, and may your next projects be as entertaining.

  23. @Das: That image IS totally mesmerizing. It will hold a place in my living room after the remodel. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Daytime Vegas is weird. Shopping, a handful of museums, lots of touristy gimmicky sights, and the pool. They want you to stay indoors and gamble.
    Perhaps a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. You should see it if you’ve never had the chance. Simply fu– fricking amazing.

  25. Hey Joseph,

    I saw that you have Pug! (Carlin in French), I have one pug, I called Maximus because of yours lol. Your Maximus is really cool too! I like it very much! How old does it have ?


    I propose to you a book if you’re interested, it made me think about SGU. It is a book by Bernard Werber – “Le papillon des étoiles” (in english : Butterfly of the Star) –

    I recommend it! Very intriguing, and it’s exactly the kind of book that gives good ideas for writing.

    A history of ship with a specific destination, with a crew which also has a specific purpose (I said no more).
    Very, very, very interesting reading.

    (Again, sorry for my deplorable English.)

  26. @ Lou Zucaroj ROFLMAO, thanks for that imagine. Thank goodness he didn’t reveal which hand, which helps… wait, could be paper cut on one hand or stress the other. Dear spirits, thanks a lot! Did not need to go there!

    @ Paddy, lol. Probably if someone forced us to dine together we’d discover we have lots in common and would find a way to be civil, just as we will here. 🙂

    @ cherluvya Me too… useless stuff and especially appealing if in small bottles. But living near Atlanta’s coke place, that one wouldn’t appeal.

    LOL on the Random caps. BeAtS thE heLl ouT Of ThiS sTylE thE tEEnS usE to AnNoY aDUlts.

    Wow sounds like one fantastic trip. Yes, take Paul with you!

  27. What is there to do during the day in vegas! You can hit spearmont rhinos for some love ladies! Have lunch at the Burger Bar @ Mandlay Hotel. Get some room service(Fine Hookers). Do some rails. Gambler. Buy a new suit. play golf.

  28. I want to speak to the people in charge of the spam email I’ve been getting. What happened to the ads for herbal Viagra and “personal enlargement”? Those were at least funny. Now I’m getting spam for hip replacement recall lawsuits and motorized wheelchairs. Who decided I was old?? I’m not even old enough for AARP yet, damn it!

  29. @ paloosa and @ ganymede, Thanks for the info on NZ Red Cross, I was wondering what we could do to help.

    It’s good that you’re keeping the house; Vancouver was voted worlds most livable city by the Economist. My town is the top US town, but we come in at 17th or something. I do see that Jelly and Lulu have Steeler themed chew toys; are the gals cheating on you behind your back?


    I’d say go to see the Star Trek experience, but it’s still closed down. But maybe you can talk them into opening the Stargate Experience? I say spend the days at the movies catching up on the Oscar picks, and at the pool soaking up the rays.

  30. Need a good chauffer around Vegas? I’ll be more than happy to call out sick 😉 I’m an excellent driver. I run all the yellow lights, swerve in and out of traffic like all the other locals and drive at least 7 miles over the speed limit. Best of all I don’t smell and I’m free….or would be willing to barter 😆

    Seriously, I would be very glad to assist you with transportation should you need or want it 🙂

  31. Wow, I’m amazed at how quickly the pugs are losing the extra pounds… they’re looking very spiffy these days. Are you feeding them a different diet or is it all exercise?

    My one regret after leaving Vancouver, is that I never went on a trip to Hawaii.

    I did go on a weekend junket to Las Vegas, though. Some of the hotels are no longer standing… I remember it was hot as hell on a long weekend in April – but it was a dry heat (whatever that means… nevermind… ) …hot as hell – was not used to that coming from the great white north.

  32. yeah sorry about that, got rambling, but you know what i mean… yeah? of course 😀

  33. @Paddy

    LOL that is exactly what SyFy is doing these days. Not caring about the acutal sci-fi, just wanting to do drama with the occasional zat blast.

    I just find it sad that it takes two people arguing to themselves on a web blog of all things to demonstrate this problem.

    At least, the way corporations and countries are going with their infighting and their war, something tells me that I’m going to be spending my next life on the Starship Enterprise (Please let it be the E or the JJPrise).

  34. Oh-h-h-h! Jelly looks so sweet. Is she sitting on your lap? What on her head? Maximus looks like a kitty, stetched across the rug. And the big grin on his face: priceless. He must be dreaming of foie gras.

    Keeping New Zealanders in my thoughts. Google has pages for people searching for the missing, and reporting from the survivors.

  35. I agree that RANDOM capitalisation can be VERY annoying. I have a client that DOES it to HIGHLIGHT the AREAS he wants me to FOCUS on but all it does is make me FEEL like he’s YELLING at me for no particular REASON.

    I was in Vegas when I was 13 (touring as a dancer) and I can say there is absolutely frack all to do when you’re 13 and it’s daylight in Vegas and in the middle of Winter and you don’t know where your Mum has got to for 4 days. I came home with that many soft toys from Circus Circus because that was the extent of places I could go.

    With all of those tasty bookings you’re lucky it’s not a passenger + pooch total weight limit! Although I think your metabolism should be bottled.

    Have fun in Vegas Baby! For some reason you always need to add ‘Baby’ when it comes to anything to do with Vegas.

  36. Vegas is going to be fun! That restaurant that only seats 8 sounds extremely expensive. Will the owners be standing outside the front door as you leave, smiling and waving as you walk away?

    Your kids are adorable!!! You really shouldn’t eat lamb in front of them when they are trying to diet. The smell alone has to be a killer.

  37. @ crazymom1
    OMG, lol, see, I accused my husband of causing those hip ones as he has been checking the internet regarding hip surgery. LOL, not going to tell him it’s all of us. Oh wait, did you maybe look at hip replacement? LOL I also get billions of the DirectBuy, inheritance, help me out with this 2 zillion dollars… but no so much the penis and breast ones. HOWEVER, I now get codeine and drug ones, lol.

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