I can’t sleep well the night before I fly or, apparently, the night before I have to get up early for a big meeting – which is the all the more problematic when your that early wake-up call works out to a 4:30 a.m. rise and shine west coast time.

But I’m not on the west coast.  I’m in Toronto where I am enjoying (?) the ear-numbing chill of the type of winter I left behind long ago.  Following an uneventful flight (mostly spent reading Jeffrey Steingarten’s immensely entertaining It Must Have Been Something I Ate), we touched down in Toronto early and caught a cab back to the hotel where the gang awaited us.  After checking in and dropping off our stuff, we headed downstairs where we joined Rob, Sue, Alex, and Klaus in the lounge for drinks and talk of cars, ice driving, Tokyo, Paris, and, of course, brain ravioli.  Paul, my writing partner, belittled my choice of cocktail (the moscow mule), then proceeded to order himself a “Manhattan with a twist”, one of those drinks only ordered by characters in old Dashiell Hammett novels.

After drinks, Rob, Sue, Paul, and I headed to one of my Top Toronto picks: Nota Bene.  The highlights of the night…

Rabbit, Pork, and Pistachio Terrine with grainy mustard, cornichons, and toast.
Taglierini Pasta with shaved black truffle. Buttery rich, earthy, and phenomenally aromatic. Paul instantly regretted his decision to go with the scallops instead.
Rob's beautiful B.C. Black Cod with butternut squash puree and savoy cabbage.
Dessert #1: Broiche doughnuts and lemon curd with blueberry sorbet. My tastes tend toward the sweeter, but everyone else really enjoyed these.
Dessert #2: Sticky Toffee Pudding with pecan praline and spotted dick ice cream. No. For real. And excellent.
Dessert #3: Peanut butter brittle ice cream. Both ice creams were great. I regret not having gone with a fourth entry - pistachio ice cream.
Rob gives me the "I told ya so/I can't believe you ate that/Do you really want to end your third act with that?" look.

This morning, we were picked up and shuttled to the temporary production offices located in the far outskirts of the city.  It was, I suspected, a place popular with mobsters looking to clean up loose ends and make bodies “disappear”.

Turns out we weren’t the only production in the neighborhood…

We settled in and spent the morning discussing broad strokes: our main character, his backstory, his various relationships, how his past influenced his present, how events in the pilot will influence his future, and network demands.  Then, after lunch, we started beating out the pilot, managing an impressive Tease and three acts before running out of steam (due in no small part due being gifted a whack of chocolate bars including some dark chocolate-covered marzipan).  As much as I’ve enjoyed my time off, I’ve got to admit – it was fun to be back in a room, spinning stories.


Spinning with Rob. Just like old times!
Alex, who has done a huge amount of work to get the project this far, fights off jet-lag to pace and pitch.
While Klaus, the numbers man, discussed budgets and schedules in the next room.


Rob prepares to juggle ideas by the white board.

For dinner tonight, we headed to George where we enjoyed another excellent meal…


A perfectly situated table allowed us to check out all the Hell's Kitchen action.
There's Rob with that look again.
The bread platter. Fresh, fragrant and delicious - especially the focaccia.
L'Amuse Bouche: a tasty little duck terrine.
Whey fed pork belly with ricotta cavatelli, matsutake mushroom.
Rack of venison with potato perogies and mint yoghurt topped with pan-seared Quebec Muscovy foie gras. Perfection.
To finish: Chocolate mousse with coffee meringue and banana tempura. The pomegranate seeds studding my mousse were a nuisance but otherwise a great dessert.
The magnanimous Klaus picked up the tab for tonight's outing.

It was a short, albeit unbearably cold walk back to the hotel where we retired back to our respective rooms to await the coming snowstorm.  I hear it’s going to be a BIG one.  To avoid having to brave the potentially treacherous conditions, they’ve wisely decided to relocate tomorrow’s spin session from the remote stoolie-silencing fields of Don Mills to the quaint and cosy environs of the hotel conference room.

Pros: Love the show and all those involved I’ve met to date: Fred, Sure, Alex, and Klaus.  Would, of course, jump at the chance to work with Rob again.  So far, the Toronto restaurants are two for two.

Cons: Toronto aint growing on me.  It’s cold and, without a doubt, the ugliest city I’ve ever visited.  And I’ve been to Jersey.  Also, it remains to be seen whether we’ll be able to make a series deal.

Still, so far so good.  Looking forward to tomorrow’s brainstorming.  And the brain ravioli at Black Hoof.

63 thoughts on “February 1, 2011: Toronto Day #1 and #2!

  1. well, the cold is a major negative, but then it’s a major positive to have coworkers you like. Not to mention starting off on the ground floor this time of the production. And you certainly hit Toronto running, so to speak. Love the food reports, and really really want to see the pics for tomorrow’s dining. Hope everything turns out well for you, and thanks for showing us Rob and the others. But note, without a couple of pictures of Paul, we’re going to begin to think you hired an actor for those rare shots of him in Vancouver, and that you’re really flying solo here in the east.

  2. Its great to see Rob again.

    Is this new project centered around Toronto? Is there some reason it cant be made elsewhere, say Bridge Studios?

  3. Hi Joe,

    I live near Toronto, and indeed, the storm is awful.. looking forward to spring, once summer comes.. I’ll be looking forward to winter.

    Take care,

  4. Okay okay Joe, so, you’re writing mystery scripts, and going to Toronto… so a google on stuff filmed in Toronto… and…

    Are you and/or Paul writing (or going to be writing) for anything related to any of the following:

    Degrassi: The Next Generation
    Kids in the Hall
    Mutant X
    Nero Wolfe
    Night Heat
    Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
    Queer As Folk
    Breakout Kings
    Dual Suspects
    The Listener
    Rookie Blue
    Prison Break
    Blue Bloods
    Gilmore Girls
    The West Wing
    Warehouse 13

    Not “Queer as Folk”? lol

    Nikita would be cool.

    Though the coolest one of those listed:

    Warehouse 13. 😀


    Sean D.

  5. Hi Joe, glad to hear your day went well. My daughter feels the same way about Toronto, said it was cold and ugly as sin. Working with Rob has to be a huge plus, though! When do you get to see Brie and Stewie? Stay warm!

  6. Toronto may be cold, but they know how to run an airport. Just last week I flew to Shanghai via Toronto. There was an blizzard at the airport – but we landed on time. At least, I assume we landed as I felt the landing gear touch down but the visibility was still only about one a meter. The flight to Shanghai wasn’t delayed either, even though the plane was covered in ice and snow. They just threw some anti-freeze on the plane and called it a day. Most other airports I have been to would have shut down in those conditions. Also, the nearby Niagara area produces some excellent ice wine!

  7. @Hell’s Kitchen

    Lol. If Gordan Ramsey were there, you could just pick up the popcorn, sit back and watch the show haha

    @And the brain ravioli at Black Hoof.

    And gross as Brain Ravioli sounds, please post pics of it. Curious more than anything Joe.

  8. Good on the meals being 2 for 2. I hope the guys at refuel are not reading this. Glad to see Rob’s smiling face again, yes, and food pictures, yummy. thanks for sharing. The storm is one for the record books I think, so glad you got there before it hit. Stay warm with the moscow mule and good luck on the brain stuff,.

  9. I love, love, love Robert Cooper. Stick with him and your new show will be great. Plus, the two Iron Chefs are together again, Chef Joe and Chef Rob. Future cook-offs go under the “Pros” column.

  10. If this project goes forward and you do move to Toronto, do you suppose there’s any chance we could convince you to come talk to the students of the Television and Film Arts department at Buffalo State College, about a 2 hour drive south? (Naturally reimbursing you gas/toll money, at the very least.)

    How about if we treated you to your choice of Buffalo restaurants?

  11. I think I just figured it out, and if it is what I think it is, I’m thrilled! And no, Das didn’t tell me. 🙂

  12. Where’s Paul? Does he really exist? Don’t recall ever seeing his smiley face!

  13. Another thing I’ve never had: sticky toffee pudding. I can now say that I’ve had macarons. Kate went to Las Vegas and came back with macarons from Payard and chocolate from Vosges. She also says she has pics from dinner at Joel Robuchon’s restaurant, but I’m still waiting to see them.

  14. Joe-

    That sounded like an awesome day you had. I’m curious to find out when you can spill the beans on the new show.
    Is it after you sign a contract or what that you can at least say the name of the show?

    My darn coworker commented the other day that she saw an add on TV the other night about a show coming soon that was from the producers of SGU.
    She knows I’ve been following your blog and how I feel about SGU. You know something, this coworker has a mind like a steel trap and she never forgets a thing. But when I beg and pleaded for her to remember what it was and what channel she saw it on she o’ so conveniently forgot and smiled. Its like she’s teasing/torturing me with this carrot.
    I guess I shouldn’t have ate all those chocolate bars in front of her the other day going “mmmm this is good, you should try some of this”. *chomp, slurp, munch* “Oops! I forgot didn’t you saw you were on a diet”. *chump, chump, slurp*
    “What was that noise? Was that YOUR stomach growling?”

    Now I’ll never find out if she truly saw that promo or not.

    Karma Joe, flipping Karma……

  15. OT: Can’t recall if I’ve introduced Sebastian, the dog I’m helping socialize at Animal Defense League of Texas. There are a few photos over at Twitpic; also a few of another ADL resident, Bam-Bam, who reminds me of a certain stunt coordinator.


  16. Aww, why you gotta hate on my hometown? Toronto’s not so bad.

    Also I guess it depends where on Don Mills you ended up, but I can assure you unless you were at Don Mills and Steeles, you weren’t at the outskirts of the city.

  17. Brain ravioli ?? Yuch!!!
    Sounds so wierd, I just gotta hear how it tastes, but better you than me.
    also is it a appestiser or is it a main course ?
    how much does it cost ?

    good luck with the new job..
    Amd let us know if you hear any runblings about stargate while you are gone…

    Thanks again.

  18. Hey Joe, remember you said you liked the Last Exile anime series right?

    They’re making a new Last Exile series called Last Exile ~Ginyoku no Fam~ will apparently have new characters, new story, and mechanical designs.

    Amazing news huh? Last Exile blew me away when I watched ages ago, incredible series in both story and animation.

    News here


  19. It would be odd to see the West Wing after all this time…but I would like to see how President Santos gets along once Josh quits to be mayor of Chicago…

  20. I have a request: please Joe, could you document your brainstorming session ? I mean just a little cell phone video (5-10mn). I would kill to have a look on the whole development of a show from scratch.
    How do you develop the ideas, characters, storylines … from nothingness to the finite retail DVD.
    Keep those videos for way way later for the DVD release.
    I would like to witness the magic of creation, from nothing to something.
    This is also why I cherish things like Doctor Who confidentials, when Steven Moffat discusses the script, have it read by the cast … anything and everything to the finite product, that is so precious to document the original ‘spark’.
    Thank you ! 😉

  21. @Sean D.
    You forgot two really fantastic shows: Flashpoint and Covert Affairs! Come on! 😛

  22. I’ve been to Jersey — lived in Jersey for 4 years of my life — have relatives in no Jersey — and that is a pretty strong statement. I always thought Toronto would win out in that City Deathmatch.

    Be careful with the snow. It’s going down into the TEENS in Houston tonight with an wind chill factor in the SINGLE DIGITS. Yes I’m shouting because I’m freezing. Friday there is a 50% chance of our once-a-season snow.

    Nice to see Rob again. Looking foward to hearing the news once you can say yeah or nay.

  23. For some reason I’ve always felt Rob and you would have a similar sense of humor. I might be way off. But I like the writing of both of you anyway so it’s great to see you guys together again.
    Good Luck!

  24. Hello! ça va bien?

    Et bien on peut dire que vous n’avais pas perdu de temps, vous avez raison profiter 🙂

    Merci pour ces photos!

    gros bisou 🙂

  25. Looks like you guys had a great time at Nota Bene. If I recall your top 10 listing, that was one of the restaurants I thought I might like. All of the food looked great especially the dessert pictures! Glad you were able to get some productive work in.

    Have a good day! (especially with the snow 🙂 )

  26. T.O. is certainly not the prettiest city on the planet, especially when compared to Vancouver. But, it has other things to make up for it (the restaurants, as you’ve discovered).

    The weather, though…. Today’s snowstorm isn’t really representative of a typical T.O. winter day. Compared to most cities in Canada (Montreal included), it tends to be mild with very little to no snow (although probably not as mild as Vancouver). Today’s snow accumulation will probably melt within the next couple of days. Most people in the GTA don’t even own a snowblower. So, don’t let the weather be a deciding factor for you.

  27. Hey, Joe. Be nice: das lives in Jersey.

    I’ve been to Toronto for a meeting a couple of years ago. The buildings downtown are kind of boring, but the lakefront is nice.

    But Joe, it’s going to be really hard for any city to measure up to Vancouver.

    Try to keep an open mind; the opportunity to work on a great project with people you love to work with is a huge plus regardless of the locale. And things like restaurants, traffic, ease of travel to places you would rather be in your free time, cost of housing, etc. are what you need to focus on.

    So is the storm that is currently dumping 2 feet of snow on me here in the Chicago suburbs hitting you in Toronto as well? I here it’s on track for the East Coast now, so batten down the hatches!

  28. Hey…fellow Jerseyan here! 😉 Not ALL Jersey cities are ugly. Okay? Which city have you visited? Newark? Camden? Jersey City? Well…then of course you’re gonna we have ugly cities. But… most of New Jersey has very beautiful. We have beautiful farms. We have beautiful gardens and beautiful horse ranches. 🙂 Come here in the spring and summer time and you’ll see how beautiful New Jersey can be. Come to South Jersey…it’s very pretty in the spring with all the flowers, plants and trees. 🙂 Come here in the fall, you’ll see some of the most beautiful fall foilage. Please…don’t judge New Jersey just because you visited one bad city.

  29. Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!

    Look Joey, I’m just gonna ignore that little jab at Jersey since I know there is much beauty in this state. For instance, this little spot: http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=cape+may&wrapid=tlif129665142253410&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1003&bih=543

    Anyway…I’m gonna forget all of that. What’s much more important is that – in my surfing this morning – I stumbled upon this site called sgusucks…or something like that. It was probably mentioned here before, but I was ignoring all the sgu negativity. Anyway…what caught my attention was that they have like…an entire forum, or something…devoted to YOU. Wow. Now that’s pretty impressive. But more than that – they even compare you to ….drumroll….TOM CRUISE! Of course, they weren’t talking about your handsome looks or fine physique. It’s really not worth repeating what they said and I only read about 6 comments before taking my leave of that much-embittered site, but it did annoy me a bit that people are fixating on you, as if you are the sole reason Stargate lives, or dies.

    Here’s the thing. 1. Joe – you are not Stargate. 2. You are a human being. 3. People need to get a life.

    I suppose I didn’t realize the sheer hatred festering out there. Sure, I don’t know YOU. I know the guy who writes this blog. What have I gleaned so far from this blog?

    1. You like to be pampered. So does Aloysius Pendergast, so I’ll overlook that. 😉

    2. You like fine dining. Hell, I like good food and good restaurants, so I’m right there with you on that…except for the cod sperm and offal. *shudder*

    3. You love chocolate. No arguments there.

    4. You like to share your love of chocolate with those around you. Me? I won’t even let my husband near my stash. You’re far more generous than I am.

    5. You love books and you like to share your love of books with others. Because of that, I’m reading books without pictures in them again. Okay, maybe I don’t read the books you recommend (our tastes may be slightly different), but when you (along with Sparrow) encouraged me to read Elric it inspired me to get back into books again. Since the winter of ’09 I’ve probably read more books than I had in all the 18 years prior. Without you, I would never have discovered Moorcock and Elric, and through Elric, Zenith, and through those pasty literary characters, Pendergast. I thank you. 🙂

    6. You love animals. You are a good doggy daddy – much better than most. It speaks of the person you are on the inside. For a supervillain, you seem to have a rather compassionate side.

    7. You are not mechanically or technologically inclined. You don’t like gardening. I’m guessing you don’t like getting your hands dirty, either. You are afraid of heights and skittish of snakes, you hate mint and tabouli, you don’t like corn products, you like anime, you like alone time, you have your broody moments, you wear cufflinks, you have a closet full of black suits (SPARROW, I TOLD YOU…he IS Pendergast!!), you have a wicked sweet tooth, and you have a creepy thing for Asian ninja schoolgirls, or some such thing.

    8. You wrote some of the best Stargate episodes. However, because you are also the most visible member on the writing (and producing) team, you also get the most flack. Which brings me to…

    9. You made yourself an easy target. Wow. That takes a special something. You threw yourself in the line of fire, protecting the rest of the team. A bit of a melodramatic description? Perhaps. But from my experience here along the fringes of the entertainment world, most creators are just way too sensitive to take the critical bombardment. They come in all positive, expecting praise, and within a month they’re skedaddling off the internet, tail firmly tucked between their legs. You didn’t do that. Either you’re very thick-skinned and secure with yourself, or you are one hellava masochistic mother@#$%er.

    10. You’ve been very accomodating to your blog readers, allowing us to often turn your blog into OUR blog as we go off on tangents about our lives and such. Not sure if we’re all gonna appear in one of your novels or shows someday, but we still appreciate that you put up with us. You’ve also been very willing to let us voice our passionate opinions about the show even when we are a bit harsh. I’ve always appreciated that, especially when you gave ear to my Wraithy rants back in the day. 😉

    11. I don’t work with you. Maybe you’re a real bastard, I dunno. But I do know that Rob seems to like you, and you can’t keep that hottie Alan away from your parties and dinners even after he left Stargate, and Ivon didn’t end up bitch-slappin’ you in Tokyo…so at least the guys like you. The ladies? Well…gigolos are fun to toy with, but we really do like someone a bit more stable. Kudos to Jelly for being such a loyal companion. 😉

    12. You’ve got a good sense of humor. Maybe that’s what saves you…you don’t take the negativity to heart. You also listen to the fans, and you do interact with them. Coming here we know at least you listen, we’re not talking to a brick wall, and even if you don’t agree at least we know we’ve been heard.

    Bottom line? You were just one little cog in the Stargate wheel. You were not the franchise, but you were the part of the franchise who stepped up to the plate, and faced the bitchers. Sometimes you struck out, sometimes you walked, and sometimes – sometimes you hit it straight out of the park. But people need to remember that you did it for the whole team, and not for Joe ‘Stargate’ Mallozzi. Joe Mallozzi is more than Stargate – he’s books and puppies and food and comics and creepy Asian fetishes…in other words, he’s a real human being who isn’t defined by solely by his job. I know this won’t make a bit of difference to the haters out there, but I just had to say it.

    Now…send me a box of freakin’ chocolate!



  30. Hey Joe

    Christ, Joe, you’re downtown. Hardly the outskirts of the city. I could be there in, oh, 25 minutes or so.

    @Australia – If your in the NE, Duck!!!


  31. hey joe

    i have a funny feeling that the new show could be “who am I”

    i could be wrong

  32. Joe,
    Big Stargate fan and first time commenter, because you had to go and knock Jersey… 😉 That’s my home state you’re talking about there! And while yes, perhaps Newark or Trenton might not be the most picturesque of places, I can tell you from experience that there are some of the most quiet woods, serene lakes, and wide open farmland that you’d find in any other state in the union. Don’t believe me, come for a visit and I’ll show you around the better parts of the state!

    As a reader I appreciate your dedication to creating consistent content for your blog and exposing me to things I would never have had the opportunity to do (or in most cases eat) myself. Best of luck with whatever projects you have in the future and I look forward to continuing to follow what you work on in your career!


  33. Joe, remember when I told you Egypt was safe and all? Not any more. So sad whats happening and massacring his people through police and thugs as well as using criminals who escaped prisons. Since it seems he might be around for another 9 months, its probably best to keep my mouth shut but its really sad now.

  34. @das: You are so right about everything you said. Did Joe pay you to write all that. 🙂 You should at least get a good box of chocolate. 😉

    Anyway, just wanted to raise my hand and say, “I second everything you said!!”

  35. Hey — I live in Jersey! And, it’s a state – not a city. And, where in Jersey did you visit, because there are actually many towns in Jersey that rival the greenest, plushest towns you can name elsewhere in the States. You just have to get beyond the airport and the Turnpike.

    Never thought I’d be defending Jersey since I’m originally from Chicago and at one time didn’t even consider NJ a real place. So I was shocked to discover, when I moved here many years ago, that the state is called the Garden State for a good reason. On the whole, I think NJ has more trees per mile than any other place I’ve visited.

    Okay, so I got that off my chest. 🙂

    Enjoying your posts about your new, possible, job prospects. It’s exciting to explore new opportunites. Even if they don’t pan out, it gets the the brain working and the creativity flowing and that, I’ve found, always leads to more opportunites.

    Good luck with comes from this.

  36. If and when you move to Toronto you’ll soon learn to hate the heat, love the cold and think 75 degrees is suffocatingly hot.

    Plus you’ll get to load on on gorgeous Italian wool sweaters, how cool is that? If winter is bleak then spring will be a riot, and it’s only like 3 months. It’s not like you’re in Pittsburgh where winter last 6 months.

    I think the sunflowers mural and the Smart Car are supposed to inspire trust in visitors to the studio lot. But it is quite desolate looking.

    I love Covert Affairs, and isn’t GEP Productions involved with Psych and Painkiller Jane? Hmmm.

    I can think of one show that I’d love this to be, but I won’t say because it’s my absolute favorite 90’s movie and it seems jinxish to talk about it. I also notice there is no hint of this new show in any of the pictures, even when zooming in. Double hmmmm. All very intriguing and man does that food look fantastic, both dinners look tasty.

    What are the green thingies with the rack of lamb; quartered brussel sprouts?

  37. Ooooh, we’re playing 20 questions with Joe’s new project.

    Does this new project involve (fictional) bank heistery?

  38. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmarzipan.

    Klaus scares me. Like he has a secret lair and minions up his sleeve.

  39. How does it work, fiscally, if there isn’t a series deal in place already? Are you guys having to pay for the brainstorming session in Toronto out of pocket?

    Kind of exciting though, given it involves so many of Stargate’s wonderful writing talent…

  40. @dioxholster

    Shame about what’s happening in Egypt. Always did like the place, the people were really nice, asides from those trying to sell you stuff in the markets, which you generally avoid anyway.

    Some amazing places to visit there. Hope they get the issues resolved there, as I would love to go back sometime in the future.

  41. Gilder: Sebastian is a cutie! Good luck with him.

    Das: great comments.

    I am a warm weather type of girl, so Toronto wouldn’t be for me. Our weather is pretty weird in the Memphis area. Last week it was 70F and I’m washing the cars. Then not three days later, it was snowing!

    I’m reading 47 Echo by Shawn Kupfer . It’s a war novel but it grabbed me right from the first chapter.

    Mr. M.: thanks for sharing your work adventure with us!

  42. I think Kitchener fared slightly better then Toronto but it’s still snowing now… so yippie!!

    Since your a foodie and cook more often I’m going to ask you before I google it…. how do you make coffee meringue?? The idea intrests me and I would love to try to make it but can’t think of when you would add the coffee.

  43. Oh, yum! Those dinner pics look scrumptious, especially the black truffle pasta, the rack of venison, the bread platter, toffee pudding, and any of the ice creams. Ma bouche would be well amused if I taste those. 🙂

    Your co-workers look very agreeable. That’s one of the make-it-or-break-it factors. If you love your work and co-workers, and are compensated satisfactorily, you can put up with a heck of a lot. And one third of the country is in the middle of a huge storm. You can’t judge a city on one of its worst days.

    Speaking of that storm, how is everybody?

    We’ve had a coating of inch-thick ice on power lines, trees, cars, streets, etc. Wicked slick. Then granular snow pellets on top. High winds last night. Flickering power. Could hear things breaking and tearing outdoors outside. Tree limbs down, and splintered into tiny bits. But the power held, thank goodness!

    Das, that was a Mallozzi Manifesto! Ditto to most everything you said. And yeah, Joe does have a photo-op smile that scares me worse than the Bo Peep doll at the Bridge studios. BUT one of these days somebody will catch him smiling at the puppies, a friend, or a loved one, and we’ll get a glimpse of the real Joe.

    In the meantime, we’ll settle for a nice pic of Paul Mullie with the group.

    Otherwise, how do we know Paul actually got on the plane with you, hmm? 😀 Oh! Der… You’re being in T.O. is proof that he’s there. You might not have gone without him. He’s kinda like your brother.

    Crossing my fingers that the rest of the deal works out. Can’t wait to see you guys working with Rob again. 🙂

  44. Here, here @DAS – great comments! and yeah some people really need to get a life….

    Since it’s a pilot you’ve been hashing out, it’s a brand new show….wonder what genre? Interesting and yeah where is Paul?

  45. Just to reiterate for those stubborn people who refuse to listen: There has been no one aboard Destiny since it left Earth?

  46. Joe, a close up picture of Paul Mullie please…so I can gaze into his beautiful eyes.

  47. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    I was just wondering when you got into eating gourmet food. Looking at some of the things that have been eaten lately, I imagine that eating at these types of places must be an acquired taste. Also, if you’d care to explain what was really in the ‘spotted dick’ ice cream, it would put the dark side of my imagination to rest.

    Thank you very much,


  48. Huh. You better make that TWO boxes of chocolates. Truffles would be nice…or butter creams.


  49. Hi,

    I couldn’t agree more with you about the Toronto aspect… I do go there for business often (actually I’ll be there Feb 16 and 17th… And I find it boring. At least some restaurant are pretty good as I usually hang around King St. and Younge.

    However if you have the chance, drop by the Keg Mansion. Pretty nice.

    In the winter it is more than boring if you don’t have a car. In the summer, beside the Laugh Festival on Younge, there’s not a lot. For a guy like me (or you for that matter) that comes from Montreal, there’s so much more to see or do in MTL…

    Best of luck on your coming projects…


  50. @ OHinNJ – I know that Joey was in Wildwood, NJ as a kid, where – according to an old blog post – his dad took him to see Jaws one rainy day. I saw Jaws in Wildwood, too…who knows, we may have been in the same theater! Of course, I doubt it, but it’s always nice imagining that Joe was the little boy sitting a few seats over from me, ballin’ his eyes out. 😀


  51. @Randomness,
    its a massacre now, all I can do is watch. On one side pro-mubarak thugs sanctioned by gov are firing and killing peaceful protesters who possess no weapons at all. Its officially a civil war. Egyptians wont give up I think, many are prepared to die, 30 years and never had they been so close to freedom so they will make their last stand today. I know the whole issue is too complicated for most people to wrap their minds around it, but basically Egypt is run by a dictator who tortures his own people and has his sadistic police crack down on any teenager who voices their opinion on the internet. Every election has been fixed and the government doesn’t even care enough to cover it up. They usually give the desperate like 20 pounds to beat up protesters or force people to vote for him this way and have hired thugs all around the country. Western nations like him for stabilizing the middle east and the general consensus is the egyptian citizen should just bite the dust to give the world a peace of mind.

  52. Oh good Lord…

    Yeah. I totally meant ‘bawlin’. 🙄

    The other would have a totally different meaning, I fear. 😛 😛 😛


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