“I’m enjoying the time off,”said Carl, sitting on my left, behind his desk, which used to be Robert Cooper’s desk, and Jonathan Glassner’s desk before his.  “But I’m starting to feel like I want to get back to work.”

“Me too,”said Paul, sitting on my right on what may or may not have been the couch where John Lenic’s dog once peed on Ron Wilkerson’s outline for Between Two Fires.  ‘I’m tired of being at home.”

I said nothing, conspicuous in my silence, and wondered whether they were crazy.  Or, maybe, if I was the one who was crazy because, two months into my extended hiatus, I wasn’t missing work in the least.  Sure, I missed the people, but I didn’t miss waking up early, having to be somewhere, or sitting in a room all day breaking stories.  And I certainly didn’t miss being parked in front of a laptop, agonizing over dialogue.  After 11-some years of writing and producing Stargate, I think I’d be perfectly happy NOT writing anything for a long, LOOONG time.  Of course Brad points out that I write every day here on this blog (although Ashleigh and Ivon are of a different opinion given that they view my mailbag-dedicated entries as cheating.  Come on.  Those clever and insightful answers don’t write themselves!).  Still, there’s a big difference between writing whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want, and scripting a produceable Tease and Five Acts.

I’d love to see how long I COULD go just staying at home, doing my two-a-day work-outs, reading, cooking, and spending quality time with the dogs – but, alas, it doesn’t look like I’ll get to find out as another opportunity beckons.  I’m not enamored of the idea of uprooting myself, saying goodbye to everyone I know on this coast, and moving to the other side of the country but, in all fairness, this is exactly how I felt eleven years ago when we were offered a staff position on Stargate.  Back then, I was making a comfortable living freelancing from home and leaving Montreal was at the bottom of the list of Things I Wanted To Do, right between “learn to play the accordion” and “move to Toronto”, but the opportunity that presented itself was simply too good to pass up.  And, in retrospect, I’ve gotta say it turned out okay.

This opportunity is equally interesting.  It’s a great project, based on an established franchise, and, if all goes well, Paul and I will be on board for its first season.  But first, there’s that second conference call, scheduled for tomorrow morning, followed by a week in Toronto getting to know everyone and their take on the series, then making sure we’re all on the same page, creatively and professionally compatible.  It’s not unlike a blind date, I suppose, with our agent as matchmaker.  I’ll make sure to dress nicely and hold the door open for everyone.

So, what about you guys?  How long do you think you could go living a life of leisure?

While Marjorie M. Liu, the author of January’s Book of the Month Club pick, The Iron Hunt, considers your questions, I’d just like to remind everyone that February’s Book of the Month Club discussion fast approaches.  The week of February 14th, we’ll be discussing Lady of Mazes and author Karl Schroeder will be dropping by to field your queries and check out pictures of my dogs.

And, while we’re talking Book of the Month Club, allow me to give you the heads up on March’s selection:

Ghosts of Manhattan, by George Mann


1926. New York. The Roaring Twenties. Jazz. Flappers. Prohibition. Coal-powered cars. A cold war with a British Empire that still covers half of the globe. Yet things have developed differently to established history. America is in the midst of a cold war with a British Empire that has only just buried Queen Victoria, her life artificially preserved to the age of 107. Coal-powered cars roar along roads thick with pedestrians, biplanes take off from standing with primitive rocket boosters and monsters lurk behind closed doors and around every corner. This is a time in need of heroes. It is a time for The Ghost. A series of targeted murders are occurring all over the city, the victims found with ancient Roman coins placed on their eyelids after death. The trail appears to lead to a group of Italian-American gangsters and their boss, who the mobsters have dubbed ‘The Roman’. However, as The Ghost soon discovers, there is more to The Roman than at first appears, and more bizarre happenings that he soon links to the man, including moss-golems posing as mobsters and a plot to bring an ancient pagan god into the physical world in a cavern beneath the city. As The Ghost draws nearer to The Roman and the center of his dangerous web, he must battle with foes both physical and supernatural and call on help from the most unexpected of quarters if he is to stop The Roman and halt the imminent destruction of the city.”

“Atmospheric and pleasingly enigmatic, the novel pulls us into world of pure pulp.”

“I lost sleep wanting to read this book… it was just huge amounts of fun.” —SF Signal

Sounds intriguing and I love the cover!

Discussion the week of March 14th with author George Mann.

Went in for my full physical today.  I’m relieved to report that I’ve been cleared to resume my wanton ways.  All normal.  Blood sugar levels fantastic.  I celebrated with double desserts tonight!

79 thoughts on “January 26, 2011: Another Opportunity Beckons! March’s Book of the Month Club Pick! Doc gives me the all clear!

  1. Hey Joe

    godd to hear your in good health,

    so if you move on to this new project where will this leave SGU?
    and have you got any more news on that front yet?

  2. I know previous BSG shows shot in Vancouver, and I’m too lazy to look up if Blood & Chrome is shooting on the east coast of Canada, but is that what you’re getting offered to write for?

  3. Yo! Was watching SGA season 2′s “Inferno”, and had a question about the Ancient base the Taranians are inhabiting. It’s mentioned that the base was probably built during the height of war between the Lanteans and the Wraith. The walls are riddled with technologies that don’t really look Lantean in particular.

    I was wondering if these devices and additions to the typical Lantean theme are meant to be taken as Taranian technology brought in when they discovered the place, or is it simply the Lanteans showing their concern for function over form, considering they were in the middle of being defeated.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  4. Hi Joe,

    Well…it sounds intriguing. Would this be a franchise that’s reckognizable in the US or is it strictly a Canadian show? And, if you and Paul decide to go for it, does that preclude you working on SGU if Brad pulls something brilliant out of his…head? Or is this a subtle way of letting us know that the timer is counting down and all the wires are yellow….

    Regardless, best of luck on all fronts, Joe!


  5. Honestly, whichever path you choose to take, I look forward to seeing your work. This opportunity you keep talking about seems very interesting and I’ll be sure to check it out! 🙂

  6. I haven’t work in 2 years.
    1st year was totally my choice, second was absolutely not.
    And today I am in scramble mode… 2 jobs interviews just this week (next Thursday morning so my comment will be brief). As you once said, you are as good as your last job.
    So… do I need to cheat the dates of my resume ? Can you find a job without cheating ? (still wondering)… Anyway, I have a lot of bills to pay.

    On a side note, something fantastic happened just this week! 2 (TWO!) different companies contacted me spontaneously without me applying for any of their jobs (actually headhunters). This is just freaking new and a very nice sign. Some CNN reports were saying Q4 2010 was going up and no doubt on the end of the recession. Hopefully, I will be able to pay my march rent on time!
    Take care and happy vacation Joe, but be careful on not staying inactive too long.

  7. Well, that’s that. I think it’s safe to say SGU wont be getting a rivival any time before hell gets unfrozen.

    I wonder what show Joe’s referring to. I take it the doc approval was a requirement to get this 2nd gig?

  8. Okay, I’m sold on the book for March. Maybe it’s the cover. You think he might be an albino? – then we could get das to read it, too!

    How long could I stand not working? I’m getting to the point where I think I could stand it indefinitely. I would love to resume studying Japanese, maybe pick up German again, take some refresher drawing and painting classes, etc. But I might consider doing a little part-time real work if I got bored after a decade or two. Or maybe sign up to do some dog-walking for my friend who runs a service in the area.

  9. Glad to hear you’re healthy (especially considering the way you can eat)! I’m still digesting this whole “no more Stargate” thing, but that said, I wish you only the very best in your new adventures. 🙂 Hmmm, is there a time limit to ask you Stargate-related questions? I have a feeling you’ll be answering those for years to come!

    @Luu: I agree, a great shot from one of my favorite episodes!

  10. Okay – I think I might be sold on this Ghost book. I will have to track it down.

    Of course, I’m still indulging in a bit of Pendergast – reading the last two books I have VERY slowly because I know once they’re done, I’ve got a loooong wait for the new one. Ugh. Not sure I can live that long without my dear Aloysius!

    Okay – prepare to be amazed – I’m thinking of switching my obsession from long-locked albinos to hawt Croatian cellists:




  11. This is sorta like your diary. A diary that talks back.

    “But first, there’s that second conference call, scheduled for tomorrow morning, followed by a week in Toronto getting to know everyone and their take on the series, then making sure we’re all on the same page, creatively and professionally compatible.”

    Okay Joe, this is what you gotta do if you want the job: Be sure and take along pictures of your past chocolate parties and mention you have one every year for your friends AND co-workers. Be sure and tell them about traveling to Tokyo and how you sometimes take co-workers. Take pictures along of your dogs, or take one of them with you if possible. The dogs are sure to win them over. Make sure they know you are a great cook and LOVE bringing new dishes to work for your co-workers. Do all this and your in!

    “So, what about you guys? How long do you think you could go living a life of leisure?”

    I am so sick of working I could stop tomorrow and never look back.

  12. a project based on an established franchise? Can I guess? Its that Bones spin-off isn’t it? Doesn’t sound like something you would like though. Blood & Chrome? I doubt it. Something based on a comic book? Star Wars TV show? Well, you hyped it so it better be good 🙂

    wait is SGU gonna even have a season 3? A movie sure would be better than nothing but then investing in characters for two seasons only to have a 2 hour wrap-up would be kinda disappointing.

    If its something as cool as Star Wars TV show then it would make logical sense to leave SGU at this point as sad as that sounds for SG fans.

  13. I’ve really enjoyed stargate Joe and I’ll watch it till the end. While I can’t say at this point that i’ll love whatever you do as much as stargate i can say i will definitely check it out for at least the first season.

    Go get em Joe! Seize the opportunity!

  14. Hi Joe:
    I was waiting for you to announce next months book.
    I actually am not much of a book reader. but, you have inspired me to try it out.
    I am going to buy the book you mentioned. It does look really interesting. I am looking forward to reading it and discussing it here.
    I am really glad I found your blog, and I hope you will continue this for a long time. I am really enjoying interacting here.
    BTW I hope that you may be getting a job writing for Battlestar!

    Thank You!

  15. Also, congratulations on a good health report!!

    (I was going to add something smart-ass-like, but decided against it). 🙂

  16. Most all I do is work at home, but both woodworking and writer’s assistant require me to venture out at times. But when the work is lighter and the money tighter, I sometimes miss the stability of a going-to-a-place-on-a-regular-basis job.

    But I haven’t had one of those in two years, so I might be romanticizing it in my head a bit.

  17. From yesterday’s post, two of my favorite FX shots are from The Prodigal: McKay’s Jumper coming out of the underwater hanger, and John & Teyla’s fight with Michael outside the city.

  18. Well, you wrote your Tease for the day.

    I’m sure we’re all trying to figure out what established franchise is going to shoot a first season of TV in Toronto.

    My top 3 guesses:
    The Star Wars live action TV show (prolly wouldn’t shoot in Toronto)
    The new Charlie’s Angels series (hopefully wouldn’t shoot in Toronto)
    A new Small Wonder series (hopefully wouldn’t shoot. period)

  19. If whatever deal Brad is working on proves to be a no-go, will we get a definitive answer either way on the franchise’s future, or should we just consider no new to be bad news?

  20. @max

    Why’s that? Assuming Stargate Universe gets a third season and Joe isn’t involved they could easily get Remi Aubuchon, or someone like Linda McGibney to get involved and write more episodes.
    I doubt they’d say no if they wern’t busy. Heck the show could use more episodes done by BW, he’s only written two for Season 2.

  21. Oooooh, that one is on my reading list. I just finished reading “The Affinity Bridge” and “The Osiris Ritual” by George Mann — the first two novels in the “Newbury & Hobbes Investigations” Series(?). Both were great fun to read and I’m guessing take place in the same ‘world’ as “Ghosts of Manhattan”, but about twenty years earlier in Victorian London.

    I’ve always hated book reports 😉 so I’ll conclude with this from the book flap — “The result is a steampunk mystery adventure featuring immortality and other supernatural abilities, priceless artifacts, and untold peril.” And since its Victorian England large amounts of opiates…….

  22. @ PoorOldEdgarDerby – wrote
    “I sometimes miss the stability of a going-to-a-place-on-a-regular-basis job. But I haven’t had one of those in two years, so I might be romanticizing it in my head a bit.”

    Are you crazy?! Yes, you are romanticizing it way too much, like the movie Fatal Attraction. You’re fine, just keep working from home.

  23. If the show you’re getting offered is Blood & Chrome, I hope you take it! That would be awesome! 🙂

    Sounds like its very unlikely there will be a third season of SGU. Here’s hoping that A) Syfy will show the rest of season 2 and B) the show will at least get movie(s) or a mini-series.

    I’m missing Universe & Caprica a lot. Here’s hoping that Blood & Chrome is awesome. And that there’s more Stargate in our future!

  24. Hey Joe,

    Don’t you just love when life gets in the way with our plans. I haven’t worked for a year. Forced…kicking and screaming about it…of course. But…I am happy it has changed my life course. I no longer get up at 5:30am to work in a stressed environment until 9:00pm. No life…that is what the entertainment world consists of. I also loved those I worked with…but I am glad for my new path.

    I will begin writing again…researching in February. I have every hope that my health will continue to improve to allow me to follow this wonderful new path. Well…maybe an old path I am walking once again. I did check…all of my past books are still doing well on eBay…makes me laugh. *sigh* It actually is nice to go a different direction.

    This year off…well…for sure NOT what I would have hoped it would be. Living at home again with my mother was…well…something I hope NEVER to repeat. I am now living alone…really…ALONE…for the first time in my life. I am excited for my path in front of me. While what I do is writing…art…and a few other things mixed in…it will prove to be a challenge.

    You are so lucky that Paul is along for the ride. I am so happy for you. I like the idea that you are staying together as a writing team. I have a co-author on the novel I am working on…I personally love the team aspect. She has waited this LONG year for my health to return. Even though my other endeavors are solo.

    Free time…I’ve caught up on many TV shows I’ve worked on and never had time to see…seen many movies I worked on and never saw. I’ve spent weeks and weeks with family trying to make up for the hell I have put them through this year. So…bottom line of my “Year Off”…I found out who my real friends are…and that having a cousin die last year of what I have…has basically turned my family in a tail-spin. Can’t stop the spinning…but I told them they should at least enjoy the ride. This moment is all any of us a guaranteed.

    I have found that dying and actually going through the light has made changes to the depth of my very soul. Unfortunately…I have become even more unfiltered..as now..probably saying much more than I should.

    But I guess I just wanted you to know how much your being “HERE” has meant to me. More like something I could depend on. Thank you…and I hope you have become at least half as attached to us as we are to you.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl *TeddyBearHugs*

  25. In your post on the 24th you said, “There’s also the fact that if things move as quickly as I think they will, it will make both Paul and I unavailable for any other projects-poised-for-production.” What does this mean for the future of the franchise? Does it mean that you won’t be able to be a part of it if it does continue, or does this mean that you will have a lesser role, or what?


  26. Oh come-on, Joe. Why so tired? It’s not like you actually ever wrote anything the past eleven years. You just spent your day transcribing and editing mission reports from the real Stargate program. I’m assuming your next job will be another exercise in plausible deniability and disinformation for The Man.

    In any case, good luck with your meeting. I can’t wait to see what other secret program will be hidden behind the guise of a TV show.

  27. Hi Joe,

    Celebrate your good health by eating double desserts? Interesting. Well, a special treat like that is probably more enjoyable than a poorly prepared 100% vegan meal. Though, there is some very delicious vegan food (if well prepared).

    You asked, “So, what about you guys? How long do you think you could go living a life of leisure?”

    That depends on how you define “leisure”. :p

    Okay, so, some fresh questions for ya:

    Did ya check out that NASA announcement on the most recent Hubble discovery?

    If not yet, here’s a summary – The oldest known object in the universe appears to be (erm, to have been) a small galaxy of blue stars, about 1% the size of the Milky Way, with a date of 480 million years after the big bang. It also had an extraordinarily fast star birth (and growth) rate. Scientists are saying that, “The rapid rate at which the star birth is changing tells us if we go a little further back in time we’re going to see even more dramatic changes, closer to when the first galaxies were just starting to form.”

    Here’s a link with all the details of this new discovery:

    There’s also mention of the new Webb telescope (the James Webb Space Telescope), basically an upgrade from the Hubble, and it’s scheduled launch date is in just a few years. We’ve discovered some amazing things about our universe from the Hubble. It’ll be awesome to see what is discovered via the Webb.

    Okay, next question:

    Your and Paul’s new project, an already-established franchise, and you’re on board for its first season. …hmmm…

    Are you and Paul on board for, oh, a certain Smallville spin-off?


    That would be a very fitting path to take. Or something like that. And it’d offer the a nice fresh take on storytelling, the style, etc. – either a Superman, Metropolis, JLA, or similar type of superhero show – considering the different styles of writing you guys have had from that of the Smallville writers.

    And one more question:

    How long do you think think you could go living a life of leisure?



    Sean D.

  28. P.S.- okay, if you’re actually on board for a Smallville spin-off, then I am sure you cannot yet announce it. lol Though, a good tease-reveal of some kind would be cool.

    You can replace that Smaville-spin-off question with this:

    Are you and Paul on board for writing for a show that will be produced in the Vancouver area?


    -Sean D.

  29. I haven’t worked in over a year now. Quit my job of five years at a call center because it just got too stressful and people that were once my friends weren’t really my friends anymore. The fact that we all got re-assigned to a different department that we hated didn’t help. I’ve been living with my parents for the last few months (no rent) back in my old home town and I’m really missing the city and hanging out with friends (I don’t really know anyone here anymore except my parents, aunts, uncles, etc.). Not a whole lot of job opportunities on the horizon but hopefully I’ll get something soon. I could use the money and it would be nice to actually feel productive again.

    I’ve been thinking about possibly writing a script or novel, but I can’t latch on to any good ideas that I feel I wouldn’t lose interest in halfway through the process. We’ll see.

  30. First of: my question about the song from the episode “Divided” has been answered by several other commentators. Yes, it is “You won’t know” by Brand New and it plays right at the beginning of the episode. Thank you so much for that. That link to find tunes is very useful too, I have found another song I have been looking for as well with it.

    “So, what about you guys? How long do you think you could go living a life of leisure?” As I am not in the wonderful position to work at a job which I actually love or even just like, I would stop working right away if I could afford it. There are about 100,000 things that I do besides work, that are so much more pleasurable/interesting/gratifying/stimulating, that I would not miss work for a second, if I never had to work again.

    About moving with the dogs: my first dog was from the States and I needed to find someone to take him along. To make a long story short: we offered to pay a total stranger 100$ to take him on the plane and that worked fine. The lady who took him in the end didn’t even want the money. Maybe you could try that? To find a person we put ads in the local papers.

    “This opportunity is equally interesting. It’s a great project, based on an established franchise, and, if all goes well, Paul and I will be on board for its first season.” I wish I could say that I will watch whatever it will be, but I fear I am more honest than polite. I do not watch any TV at all. I don’t even have one (and don’t want one either). The only thing I watch on the internet – except the very occassional movie – is SGU. SGU is more important to me, than I know how to express and I am devastated that it got cancelled and even more so, that it does not seem this will change. But before SGU existed I have gone more than a decade without any TV and I will most likely do so again. But out of gratitude for what you have done on SGU, I wish you the very best in the future, and that your next project will be gratifying to you. Actually, I wish this for all the people who were involved with SGU. Hope all of them will find good, interesting and well-payed work as soon as possible.

  31. A non-fiction writing project before you dash off –

    ‘Tease and Five Acts’, ed. by Joe, with Paul, Brad, Carl, Rob et al

    Come on, magic it up! Where do I place my order and pay in advance for a few copies?

    Lured to Toronto, huh? An established franchise by with no TV series yet. So, exists in movie? Book? Graphic novel? Genre?


  32. @Das:

    “Okay – prepare to be amazed – I’m thinking of switching my obsession from long-locked albinos to hawt Croatian cellists”

    Yeah, I believe that. 🙂

  33. Tried to do some research on that you might be heading for. Hard to fins something new that are Sci-fi, except BSG:B&C or maybe Terra Nova, but TN will not be shot in Canada i guess.
    Then we have Flashpoint, Rookie blue and Nikita that are filmed in Toronto, but that are not new shows. So it is not easy to guess.

    Hope we can know soon, or, even better, newer know, because SGU gets some good news and you can stay with that!

  34. Hi Joe,

    Thank-you for answering many of my earlier questions, and I wish you well on all your future endeavors! Please answer these in your next mailbag:

    I realize some of the following questions may be more involved or taboo (i.e. like talking at a party about money, religion and politics unless it’s in the spirit of CBC’s “This hour has 22 minutes” gang 🙂

    *When I think of a “Dream Team” for a sci fi show, it would be the noble aspirations of Star Trek with the music, writing and pacing of Stargate Atlantis. As an example, the trilogy “First Strike, Adrift, Lifeline” is an exciting, fast paced story where one crisis builds on another, with the usual McKay/Sheppard wit thrown in. However, and I realize this is a fictional story, we’re talking about the genocide of a whole race in Season 4 Atlantis, that began with nuking of Asuras. I like when things get blowed up real good as much as the next guy, but did the implications get talked about in the writing room as “First Strike” was produced? (i.e. not all Asurans are our enemy, and we’re still nuking a sentient race). Perhaps that’s why I liked season 5’s Lost Tribe so much, due to the fast paced story and the addition of Daniel’s empathy.

    **I realize that I’m speaking out of ignorance and maybe a little stereotypical, but I have the impression that success as a tv writer is similar to acting in show biz (only a fraction find creative and financial success and independence). My question is, when do you “make it” as a writer? (i.e. Are you set financially for life after working/producing Atlantis, and can the royalties from your past work provide a good living)? I imagine the best place to be is ,for example, where Peter Jackson/James Cameron are, in that their past success lets them write/produce their own work. As a side note, I find it interesting that some creative artists I’ve read about are never satisfied, even after producing music/art beyond my imagination, while some artists with a minor role or a single critical success in the past can refer back to that role with such joy and gratitude. Life is sure interesting …

    *** I am not part of the military, but my take on the Stargate franchise is that it shows an ideal of the American military: good guys who protect the weak and uphold the rights and wellbeing of others. However, much of the effort of Col O’Neill and General Hammond was premised on an upright administration (i.e. an honorable president that backs General Hammond, the failure of Kinsey or the Trust to take over Stargate). Again, I realize this is a creative work, but I suspect that a Stargate Universe version of the Trust would be like the Lucian Alliance, something that was less serious in SG-1, but a viable threat, even the dominant force, in the government of the new series. Any thoughts on this?

    Thank-you in advance!


  35. “a project based on an established franchise?” Bones spin-off? New Charlies Angels?

  36. Let’s see… I’m way past the point of liking no work. Finished grad school in Dec of 09 and my last professional position as an intern was in the summer of 09. I’ve done nothing but look for work since… though I’m getting really close to something, something good. I’m guessing/hoping that answering in depth e-mail interview questions and granting permissions for a background check is a good thing. It’s hard to say.

    Hopefully your new project turns out to be good. I wonder what it is…

    I bet it’s weird going to the production offices now. Honestly it sounds from your writing like you’re really getting sentimental (references to Johnthon Glassner’s desk, dogs peeing on scripts from season 5 of sg1). I would be. Have the sets been struck yet?


  37. Hello =)

    ça va bien ?

    Désolé de ne pas être passé ses derniers temps mais je n’étais pas chez moi..j’ai du aller chez la grand mére de mon cheri car elle a été hospitalisé =S mais ça va mieux..

    …Au magasinde l’hopital je me suis achetée une superbe peluche de husky..so cute, je l’ai appelée Jojo..et oui, comme quoi, même loin je pense toujours à vous =) ♥

    Pleins de gros bisous.*

  38. Life of leisure?? Well, for us, I think we like being productive better. Unless we were independently wealthy. 🙂 Hope things go well with your meetings in Toronto, and I, along with everyone else, look forward to when you have a substantive update on SGU.

    Have a great day!!

  39. Can you give us a little bit of hope for the Stargate franchise ? Something to make us believe that we will have a proper ending of 15 years of faithful watching.

  40. Joe, good luck in whatever you decide to do in your life. May God be with you in whatever road you choose.

  41. hi joe, first entry

    i really like SGU and its sad for me to read that you go on^^
    i dotn care about your feelings i just want to get my SGU drug 😛

    BTW: nice Blog read it like everyday but books are a bit boring to me i only get a stiff neck from reading books

  42. Another opportunity beckons? Looking forward to finding out what.

    I don’t know how long I could live a life of leisure, but I imagine it could be a while. It would be nice to have the option, though, to know that my ability to eat and support a family wouldn’t be dependent on my needing to do something.

  43. “It’s a great project, based on an established franchise…” how intriguing.

    So long as we’re all guessing, I’m gonna say it’s “Degrassi Thirty Something.” The kids are raising families, toiling at lousy jobs and wondering where their stone washed days went as they break up and make up.

    Hope all goes well with this new project; Toronto has that great film fest, the Maple Leafs and is a heartbeat away fro Montreal. You can do Montreal on long weekends and rediscover all your old haunts.

    Oh wait, I have another guess: “Red Naturalizer Diaries” – spicy romance and mystery in an upscale retirement home.

  44. Hi Joe,

    This really sounds like the end of the chances for Stargate Universe season 3 or are we still holding out hope for the end of this month to hear something about it getting picked up again?

    Can you do two shows at the same time if you do hear something for SGU after the end of January? Or is that not feasible?

    Bummed out or our favorite show, but glad your getting another door opened for you.

    Wish we could hear from Brad too.


  45. Hello Joe,

    HUMMM! it sounds that SGU is going far far away everyday and may disappeared of your radar screen…

  46. I think the longest I’ve managed to go with leisure was over the course of a summer and even then, by the last couple of weeks I was going nuts.

    So, established franchise – that’s a heck of a tease! When will you find out for sure enough to tell us?

  47. Okay Joe, here’s some food for thought on the subject of “leisure”…

    Some text from Jamey Aebersold’s Red Book:

    It’s not magic. If it is, then magic equals hard work and perseverance. When asked, “What is the greatest obstacle to enlightenment?” the Buddha replied, “Laziness.”

  48. So, das, how are you finding all of these intriguing videos? Do you go to YouTube and search “hawt guys” ? I’m at work (I’m just visiting during my lunch break, honest!) so I can’t check out this link at the moment.

    And I remain unconvinced re: your purported giving up of long-locked albinos (or even short-haired pallid Special Agents).

  49. Well, speaking as one who has been a Lady of Leisure with the occasional odd foray into working for money for about 16 years, living a life of leisure is a lot of work. Especially when kids and pets are involved.

    cherluvya —

    You did not choose the path you have had to walk this past year. But you have faced it with courage, and you are an inspiration.

  50. I can’t promise I’ll be there when/if Stargate truely ends (Which is looking more and more like it every day)

    But if this promising new project with an already established franchise has anything to do with Science Fiction (a new Star Trek show perhaps *crossing fingers*) Then count me in to follow you to your next project.

  51. Joe, glad you got excellent news from the doc. And had a chance to meet up with everyone when Carl was in town.

    You’re always careful to say that if this new project goes through, neither you or Paul will be available if something Stargate-related frees up, like you’ll still be working together. But mention “saying good-bye to everyone you know on this coast…” Bet it feels like leaving family behind. Then you discuss *you* relocating, never Paul.

    Is Paul going to stay put and telecommute because his daughters live in Vancouver?

    Boy, this sounds like a tough move. On the “up” side, you’ll be closer to Mom and Sis.

    Will you be working with Robert Cooper?

    Don’t Stewie and Brie live in Toronto, too? The doggie-lets would have someone to visit. 🙂

  52. A note for the whole #SGU cast & crew:
    I believe there is a time window for you to find a new job.
    As long as SGU last 10 episodes are broadcasting, you are somehow still promoted.
    So you must MUST find something before the last episode 2×20 is broadcasted.
    Past that you become ‘has been’. Sorry to be brutal, but in the same time it’s good to know you have a grace period until 2×20. Good luck to you all and thank you for the great fun, and maybe see you in S3 somewhere in a different year/channel/country.

  53. Hey Joe!

    If you have a moment I was wondering why the people of earth have never thought to explore the Ida galaxy that was home to the Asgard?

  54. Hi Joe,

    The fans know a lot of stuff is out of your hands in bringing back SGU however its important to remind you and your posse that you guys have done a great job and there are still a lot of people who are rooting for the SGU show to come back. It seems like it has taken time for people to find out about the show being cancelled but as you probablly know word is spreading.

    Okay so these social network sites don’t show millions (like some suits would want) but it does show thousands. That in the combination of what’s on websites, fan made shows and podcasts, fans are trying to show you guys you still have a fan base with us and we are trying to do our best to tell others about its demise and wake them up so they can say their piece too before (or if) all of this is pushed off the table for good.

    If you haven’t yet please take a moment to at least look at the Facebook pages and the fan numbers on them (some of their posts too please). Since you already have a Twitter account I am pretty sure you already know the numbers there. If you do take a look please do a search on facebook for Stargate Universe, SGU and SGUnite.

    I could be mistaken but these pages (the grass roots ones) of facebook are averaging about a hundred new people a day signing up for the page and to become part of the solution to get it back. I hope your multilingual because there seems to be even more foreign languages on the post than I remember.
    The grass root pages tallies are at this time: on one- 884, another- 1,400 and yet another- 11,700.
    The official sites are at 64,300 the Australian official one is 36,640.
    And yes there are a lot of comments about the show on the Syfy page of facebook every day, some angry, some sad, some asking and pleading to get the show back. But they are all testament to how people want this show back on the air.

    We know you all have to make a living and take a chance when you see it but we want to remind you…. You guys got a LOT of fans and we feel like you’ve made this show worth cherishing and saving.

  55. I couldn’t last more than a couple weeks off work. I HAVE to do something productive or I will go nuts. Near the end of my 2 week vacation after christmas, I found myself working on stuff that could have easily waited until I was back. Even when I am at work and it gets slow I get a little stir crazy. I don’t have ADHD or anything, I just find that doing nothing is so godamn boring.

  56. @scott_land

    Maybe if SGU gets a third season. They could reserve episodes 17-20 for Paul and Joe?

  57. Great news about your lab results (shocking really 😀 )

    Good luck with your time off.

    I got re-volunteered to do a Karate demo tonight. Please everyone, wish me luck that I don’t embarrass my karate instructor or damage my hubby. 🙄
    I feel awful tonight. Achy and sore, so I hope the demo goes fast. Aleve is not helping much. Must have a bug.

    The book looks good but Sony doesn’t carry it yet. Is it new? I downloaded 47 Echo. http://www.amazon.com/47-Echo-ebook/dp/B004GB1T5E/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1296168472&sr=1-1 Has anyone read that one yet?

  58. I would go stir crazy if I wasn’t working on some project, eventually. My brain has to have something to do. This fall I made a big decision to work only one job. I chose the one working from home. It pays more than the other did, and I don’t miss sitting in gridlocked, rush-hour traffic one bit. On snow days, I’m very grateful for my “commute” to my desk. 😀

    Now if I could spend a month at a sunny beach, with soft white sand, body surfing, all the fresh fruit & sushi I could eat, all the books I could read, an iPod, and the proprietor’s dogs to play Frisbee with and take for walks, I would be in vacation heaven. Just thinking about it makes me feel relaxed. 😀

    The March BOTM looks like a good one to take along.

  59. @das: Apocalyptica (we actually have a couple of their CDs, but I’ve never actually seen them) and Hall of the Mountain King. Very nice.

  60. @Sean D, I think I’m with you on the possible series in Toronto…
    Maybe if Joe could say “look who I bumped into in my new home town – it’s Alaina Huffman…. I wonder what series she could be in…”

  61. Thanks Deni! I lived and so did hubby. Although, I did slip and really elbow him….a little bit. He doesn’t seem bruised or mad, so it’s a win-win 😀 .

  62. @ Sparrowhawk – Firstly, it’s sort of funny that we both were so easily ‘sold’ on that Ghost book! It’s like we’re sharing a brain, or something! 😉

    Secondly, it’s easy for me to enjoy bands like Apocalyptica that blend classical with rock. I love classical music – mostly the Classical and Baroque eras, and anything earlier – but I also like some later 19th century music, to present. I do not care for the atonal stuff, however – in this a differ greatly from Diogenes. 😉

    @ Joe – To answer your question – I would LOVE to live a life of leisure. However, my idea of leisure wouldn’t just be about reading or dabbling in the arts, but would also include housekeeping, gardening, doing volunteer work and so on and so forth. To me leisure = doing what I WANT to do, even if it requires a bit of elbow grease.

    And about that good health report…did you ever get tested for worms? Just because things look good on the surface it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a little squiggly fella squirming around inside your gut. 😉


  63. @Das:

    “BAH!! Croatian cellists? THAT was SOOO last night! I’ve moved on to hawt Finnish cellists! Woo!”

    Yeah, I never saw that one coming! They do seem to have a certain Je ne sais quoi that you favor. 🙂

    The poor dog next door has been barking non-stop since early this morning. My neighbor is a total idiot that leaves her two dogs outside rain or shine. They’re either freezing to death or getting soaked in the rain, or both. She bought a couple of used kennels and threw them out there, but I looked over the fence and they’re filled with water. It’s not like she’s gone for 8 hours and comes back, either. They’ve gone 48 hours alone (yes, I fed them and didn’t tell her), so maybe it’s time to contact somebody. Breaks my heart to see them so neglected.

  64. @You guys got a LOT of fans and we feel like you’ve made this show worth cherishing and saving

    I usually don’t read overly long posts but Scott land really hit the nail with that comment.
    Stargate Universe, like say Legend of the Seeker is one of those special, once a century kinda shows that’l you’l never see anything like again.

    Until the Destiny sets are smashed into a million zillion pieces. I’m one of those who thinks it’s worth saving too.

  65. Glad to hear you have a clean bill of health. It is now safe to return to WFPOTD (rather than delegating that bit to Ashleigh, who admittedly did a fine job in the latest video).

    > “So, what about you guys? How long do you think you could
    > go living a life of leisure?”

    I’ve recently returned to the 9-5 world after a 15-month involuntary vacation. The first few months were actually good — Traveled a bit (the trips were mostly planned and paid for prior to unemployment), walked everywhere, read a zillion books, and spent time with my family, in addition to the obligatory and mostly enthusiastic job-hunting.

    Someone around month 6 of my life of leisure, though, things went downhill. Started sleeping in, lounging around the apartment all day, and generally being completely unproductive, except again for the obligatory and futile job-hunting.

    So I guess 6 months is my limit. Fortunately, my karate instructor decided to snap me out of it by assigning me to teach 11 hours of kids’ classes a week. Not a huge time commitment, but it got me out of the apartment and active again and *useful* again. Smart guy, my teacher.

    That said, a little time off is good. I did get a bit spoiled certainly on the sleeping-in/no-alarm-clock side of things. 🙂

    – KB

  66. Oh, so you meant still in Canada? It’s still cold up there. Brrrr. Is Canada getting dumped on like the upper U.S.?

    Established franchise? Nowadays, that could be a number of things. BSG is making another. Could be a Canadian-based show that isn’t shown in the U.S. Since there are so many shows shot in Canada, I have no clue. But I can’t wait until you tell us.

  67. Glad to hear you’ve got a potential new project going. I’ll look forward to hearing more about it. Me, I’d love to not have to work, because that would free my time up entirely for writing. But if you mean non-writing free time, I don’t think I’d do well for long. I hate the feeling of not getting anything whatsoever accomplished.

    Since last year I managed to really crank up my reading, I suppose I should really get in on your book of the month thing, and this looks like a good book to start with. I love the trade paperback size, but I wish they didn’t cost so much. Oh well, that’s what coupons are for. (Speaking of steampunk, though, have you read Leviathan? It’s YA, and I don’t know if you ever read YA, but very good.)

  68. Is this established franchise an American or Canadian franchise? I honestly can’t think of TV shows routinely filmed in Toronto. (I can’t help trying to guess, though!)

    So, what about you guys? How long do you think you could go living a life of leisure?

    There’s a reason I’m a grad student. My days don’t start until 1pm at the earliest.lol

  69. Das wrote:
    Secondly, it’s easy for me to enjoy bands like Apocalyptica that blend classical with rock. I love classical music –

    Do you like Trans-Siberian Orchestra then? They were jaw-dropping when they were in town this year. They’re more well known for their Christmas music, but have summer tours of regular classical work/rock-opera. Those guitars always get me. 🙂

  70. Well after I fractured my ankle on November 25th of last year. I lasted 2 weeks sitting at home before I got so board I had to go back to work. So I would say my limit is 2 weeks lol.

    Good luck with this possible project Joe. I know you will rock at it.

  71. Joseph Mallozzi,
    This comment really has nothing to do with what you are currently talking about, but I couldn’t let this go. I just spent the better part of an hour trying to find out what happened to SGA, when i learned the truth I was devistated. You see for the past 4 days i have watched every episode nonstop and loved every minute of it. Congradulations on such a moving peice of art, history, drama and suspence. However I am dissapointed there is no sixth season as I am sure so are you, but what about this movie, will it ever air or is it as so many have said dead in the water, I surley hope not! It really is to bad you could not produce it on its own or who knows write a book with the story but I think someone wouldn’t like that very much. You are a good writer I can see that and in closing i would just like to say thank you very much for intertaining my mind it is somewhat of a challenge for anyone yet your work always kept me guessing.
    Thank you again, Leah

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