Two days to my Tokyo departure and I already have the nagging notion I’ve forgotten something.  I’m sure I’ll realize what it is once I get to Japan.

Hey, thanks for the input on Resurgence, the first part of the big mid-season two-parter.  I had a somewhat easier time writing this one than Awakening (#214).  Anyway, some random thoughts on the episode –

I particularly enjoyed this one because it allowed for opportunities for humor.  When Volker says “Are you kidding?  That’s exactly how you judge a neighborhood.”, he’s actually channeling yours truly.  I’m really enjoying writing for some of the supporting players (specifically, the geek squad of Brody, Park, and Volker) and they really shined in this episode.  More terrific little moments for them to come in the back half (see #216, The Hunt).

Paul complained it was too subtle, but did anyone else catch the the 2001 reference in Eli’s “big black monolith orbiting a planet” line?

We’ve established a burgeoning friendship between Wray and Eli (Faith, Pathogen), so I figured Wray would be the best person to approach Eli about his recent loss.  It was an issue that needed to be addressed, one that would, no doubt, deeply affect someone like Eli.  I thought it was particularly interesting to imagine the scenario he refers to, his whole world being distilled down to less than a hundred people in a confined space, and how any change in said scenario would be greatly magnified.  In retrospect, even though he avoids talking about his true feelings, Eli demonstrates incredible emotional strength in the face of tragedy.

Scott is his own worst enemy, something we came to learn in Cloverdale, and as much as he may want to do the right thing, his own subconscious may betray him – as is this case here where he outwardly insists he’ll support Chloe only to have her point out that he’s already started pulling away from her.  When the time comes to make the hard decision, will he be able to step up and be honest with both her and himself?

Loved exploiting the interplay between these two very different characters, the uptight Brody and the calm and collected Greer.  Love the look on Brody’s face when Greer throws him the ominous “Too quiet” line.

Also, love the obvious chemistry between Varro and T.J.  As much as I love Young as a character, I think he’s bad for her.  But, of course, Everett disagrees – which will make for some interesting dramatic developments later this season.

“Either that or pie’s done.  Nope.  Simulation.”  Seriously, love the plethora of dings, bleeps, beeps, and whistles that pepper SF shows.

This onscreen battle sequence was incredibly tricky to pull off, but the boys in playback did an amazing job creating a simulation that helped tell the story.  Some (aka my writing partner Paul) didn’t think it could be done!

Awesome space battle courtesy Mark Savela and his uber-talented VFX team.

I was toying with various ultimately unsatisfactory scenarios for how Destiny manages to shake the drones, but it was only after exchanging emails with our Creative Consultant, John Scalzi, that the solution presented itself.  I wrote John: “I was sitting at my desk agonizing over my latest Stargate outline when it suddenly hit me.  Hey, why don’t I share the love and have John agonize over it as well. [I explain the premise].  Thoughts?  And, no we can’t have space dolphins magically appear and surround Destiny.  I already pitched that out and, for some reason, Brad wasn’t enthused.  I think maybe Battlestar already did it.”  To which John replied: “First, this show’s bias against space dolphins SICKENS me and always has.  […]   But I did think of something along that might work for your purposes; Destiny, as you know, has the singular ability to dive into a star. Why not have it attacked and then take refuge inside the local star?”  I imagined the cool visual of those pursuing drones flaming out and was immediately sold.

Rush’s Darth Vader speech to Eli.  Things come to a bit of an emotional head for Eli here and he receives a boost from, of all people, Rush.  What’s Rush’s game?  Clearly, he needs Eli to be on his game and he sees a lot of exploitable potential in the boy – yet the advice he offers Eli is as much an insight into his character as Eli’s.  When he says “I’m sure you were so blinded by rage you imagined getting revenge on the man who killed her, besting the bully on his terms.  But even if you had, it wouldn’t have changed a damn thing.  You’d wake up every morning and she’d still be dead.”, he’s not only dousing Eli with cold reality, but offering a glimpse into his own vulnerabilities.  It wouldn’t have changed a damn thing and he should know because he did best the bully and it didn’t change a damn thing.  I love writing Rush when he’s indirect, unfathomable in his motivations.  Is he motivated by empathy here or is his motivation self-serving?  Check out a parallel bridge scene in episode #214, The Hunt, and get back to me.

Chloe’s lightning quick and painful looking take-down of the Corporal Baras courtesy of James “Bam Bam” Bamford.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to PBMom’s Patrick!


Deni writes: “Please, please, please let us know as soon as you can when she’s out of surgery.”

Answer: She goes in at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning which will around 1:00 a.m. in Tokyo.  It’ll be a sleepless night and I’m sure I’ll be awake bright and early for the update. As soon as I hear, I’ll definitely post the mini update.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “Hey! Reading Maus at a time like this? What are you thinking?! Find yourself some lighter reading!”

Answer: Finished up last night and am switching gears to lighter zombie fare: the latest volume of The Walking Dead.

Chy Clayton writes: “Instead I would like to thank you for electronically visiting my house every day and sharing a bit of yourself.”

Answer: My pleasure.  For my future visits, you might want to consider leaving out some milk and cookies.  Oh, and keeping that back door unlocked.

Lewis writes: “1) Have you heard through the grapevine if a Season 2.0 dvd is going to be released like 1.0 was released during last year’s mid season hiatus?”

Answer: Hey, Lewis.  Sorry, I haven’t heard anything about the timing of the season 2.0 release.

“2) The other night I was eating chili and came across a Tostitos Scoops chip that was a spot on replica of the Destiny. Unfortunately I was hungry, so after taking a moment to marvel at the likeness I ended up eating the chip. My question is, if I ever come across another Destiny-like chip should I…”

Answer: Create a shrine and charge fans 50 cents a head to visit.

EllieV writes: “Have you not considered delaying your trip to take care of Jelly?”

Answer: Yes, I considered it, but my flight and hotel are non-refundable.  Still, if I was traveling alone I’d be more likely to consider it, but I’ll be going with Ivon who would be flying solo if I bailed.  In the end, the fact that my dog-sitter Christine will be taking care of her made the decision somewhat easier.  It’s unlikely I would have gone ahead with the early surgery if I would have had to board Jelly at the vet clinic for two weeks.

Zac writes: “Is destiny capable of entering the atmosphere of life supporting planets and landing?”

Answer: Probably – although we’ve yet to see it do so.

Sean D. writes: “What’s the most number of pages that you’ve ever written?”

Answer: One of several 120 page feature scripts.

Shawna writes: “I notice from your ‘currently reading’ list that you seem to read a lot of stand-alone novels. How much do you read books that are part of a series of some kind?”

Answer: I try to mix things up.  I have read several excellent series (Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy, David Anthony Durham’s Acacia trilogy, George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series) but do tend to prefer my stand-alones.

Chev writes: “Who is looking after the dogs while you’re away or are they going to a kennel?”

Answer: My regular dog-sitter, Christine, will be staying at the house with the dogs.  Akemi, who will be in Vancouver while I’m in Tokyo, will only be a short bus ride away.

maggiemayday writes: “How did your kitchen chairs lose their backs? You’re not a lean-backer are you?”

Answer: Apparently so.

Roger Hagensen writes: “Besides, three vets suggested surgery right?, and one even suggested it ASAP.”

Answer: Actually, two suggested surgery ASAP.

“If you are still in doubt, what would you have written for a similar scenario on the Destiny?”

Answer: Well, from a dramatic standpoint, I’d have had the character opt for surgery.  Funny you should mention this because Carl was faced with a similar creative decision in Hope, episode #214.

DP writes: “Anyone else got a vanilla ice cream recipe for Joe?”

Answer: Yeah, I got one.

KEK writes: “The 2.0 in-house trailer was brilliant. Should we expect one for 2.5?”

Anwer: Probably not.  Sorry.

Etagrats writes: “It’s seems that destiny had originally 3 Shuttles based on the picture bellow! Although the crew only found two of them, So will we ever know what happen to the missing one if no, have you some theory about that ?”

Answer: My guess is it was probably damaged, disabled, and lost during an attack.

Mercy writes: “Are we ever going to meet aliens that are actually human or decendants of humans from Earth?”

Answer: Oooh, there would have to be a damn good reason for why we’d encounter humans this far out.  Yep.  A damn good SF reason…

Brian M. White writes: “How’s Jelly today?”

Answer: The same.  She’s in obvious pain, having trouble getting around, but is extremely happy to a) eat and b) sit on my lap and snooze away.  Thanks for asking.


71 thoughts on “December 4, 2010: Tokyo Prep! Resurgence! Mailbag!

  1. Bah I asked on the wrong day lol

    Any idea if a 4th Stargate series will be made Joe? You and BW are smart guys, surely you could come up with something exciting and refreshing to help get people back watching Stargate live again on Syfy?

    It’s kinda clear that the audience for the Syfy channel has shifted to a more casual Scifi loving, reality show loving, family croud, something in the vein of SG1/SGA would likely appeal to these people.

    You shouldn’t take SGUs lower ratings to heart, as I said before, not the show, more the audience of the channel not liking the more serious stuff. SGU is great and whatever happens it was a great effort by everyone.

  2. Hey, Joe!

    Only 50 cents a head??

    We’re talking Tostitos… a name brand quality chip here!

    Does 55 cents sound too high?

  3. Hello Joe.

    I thought Eli’s line was a reference to 2010: the Year We Make Contact… 😉

    Did you know: in the original 2001 novel, the monolith orbited Saturn, not Jupiter?

    I read the book many years ago for school, then read all three sequels. I liked 2010 best, and 3001 was a close second.

    Glad to hear today was a better day for Jelly. Please continue to pass on my best wishes!


  4. Joe said:

    Paul complained it was too subtle, but did anyone else catch the the 2001 reference in Eli’s “big black monolith orbiting a planet” line?


  5. Chev writes: “Who is looking after the dogs while you’re away or are they going to a kennel?”

    Answer: My regular dog-sitter, Christine, will be staying at the house with the dogs. Akemi, who will be in Vancouver while I’m in Tokyo, will only be a short bus ride away.

    Yay!!! I’m out of the dog house and have cracked the mailbag…thank-you Joe.

    I hope Christine or Akemi have their camera handy. It would be nice to have a dog photo while you’re away. I wonder if they behave differently for Christine?

    Will you and Akemi go on the next Japan trip together? I’m sure she’d love to play tour guide.

    Mata ashita …..I think that’s right

    Cheers, Chev

  6. I just saw a trailer for A Game of Thrones, the show they’re making, and it makes me want to read the book. I don’t do a lot of epic fantasy, but it sounds like I’ll have to check that one out.

    I am way behind in watching Universe, so sorry about this coming late, but I just watched Pathogen and I wanted to say I thought it was great. The stuff on the ship was interesting because it’s good to see Chloe finally being useful and interesting in some way (and Rush’s manipulativeness is hilarious), and because Greer is just continually awesome and badass. But the stuff with Eli and his mom was just fantastic. Now there’s a good way to really address the personal issues involved with this situation. Much better than the whole booze-and-sex thing that home visits seemed to be all about early in season 1. This was just sweet and heart-wrenching and wonderful.

  7. Joe said: cool visual of those pursuing drones flaming out

    I got the impression from that visual that DESTINY crew did not see or sense those flameouts, and that all of the pursuing drones were destroyed.

    *reads GW transcript* Oh, guess I misinterpreted the visual. I was therefore confused by Volker’s first line after the energy harvest.

    G’nite, more estate-house decluttering tomorrow.

  8. Last but not least:

    19 card-mailing days until Gilder’s 54th birthday! (That’s about 7.7 in dog years.)

  9. Joe –

    How is the big black monolith reference vague?! I got it. Even though I hated both the book and the movie. Yup. Those are hours I will never get back. On the plus side, I was able to get a reference in a show that I do enjoy 🙂

    TJ/Varro/Young triangle – I’m with you, I don’t think there can be the happy ending with Young and TJ (but I love the angst and the drama because I love both those characters). Not sure I buy the chemistry with Varro though…hmmm…

    I have my fingers crossed for Jelly 🙁

  10. Idea for a 4th Stargate series- STARGATE COMMAND (the ANIMATED ADVENTURES)

    [And no, I am not talking about Stargate Infinity… that only exists in an alternate reality… a really, really bad alternate reality]

    Since it’s animation it would be cheaper production costs w/o need for props, sets, wardrobes, locations, insurance, etc.. Plus it could be like the old Star Trek cartoon where the original actors are brought back to lay the audio tracks for their characters (which can even be done over the phone if needed, so you don’t have the expense of bringing the actors in studio). Also since we’re talking animation here, it would be possible to use various characters from various Stargate shows at the same time, just think of the possibilities. You wouldn’t even have to be restricted to timelines in that it could be about various events/missions that happened at (or to the employees of) the SGC over the years which would allow stories on Atlantis, the Icarus Base, Destiny, Prometheus, the Alpha site, and various other worlds as they interact w/ the SGC (plus it would allow the ability to bring back fan-favorite characters who had previously died for an episode or two). You wouldn’t even need a regular cast… each episode could be a hodgepodge of various Stargate characters, which would keep the stories and settings fluid. Maybe have someone like Walter (Gary Jones) narrate each episode like he is going through the SGC files and recalls what really happened instead of what was reported on the file.

    It’s just a thought. A way of creating a cost-friendly Stargate show, but also still have those amazing characters and stories that we all love. If God forbids the network pulls the plug on SGU before season 5, it would at least allow for a way to keep telling the Destiny story-line, plus other great Stargate stories with an amazing cast of characters.

  11. Joe said, “Answer: Yeah, I got one.”

    Awesome, I’ll split the prize with you.

  12. “Paul complained it was too subtle, but did anyone else catch the the 2001 reference in Eli’s “big black monolith orbiting a planet” line?”

    Mr. Das did – immediately. First he chuckled, and when I asked what that was about he said it was from 2001. He’s really good at remembering stuff like that.

    “When Volker says “Are you kidding? That’s exactly how you judge a neighborhood.”, he’s actually channeling yours truly.”

    That line made me lol…it was just too perfect! Like I said in an earlier post, the humor popped in this episode for me. Also loved the ‘pie’s done’ comment…mainly because when I hear a bell or something go off, I usually say, ‘pie’s done!’. Hey, have you been eavesdropping??! 😉 Sometimes the humor in the show is a bit too…I dunno…cynical, or sarcastic, or something, but in this one it really hit the mark.

    I would really love to discuss this some more – but it’s past midnight, and I’m supposed to be up by 6 am or so, and gone all day tomorrow…so I really should call it a night. A few things first, though…just little things in case I don’t get back to this discussion. There was much about this episode I liked, much that you have mentioned above. I’ve actually come to like Chloe, and Rush is just…just… fantastic. I hope if the show does continue – and if they are not killed off – that we’ll see more of Greer, and more of the Scott we saw a couple episodes back where it seemed he finally started to grow a pair.

    That said, I really want to tell you about an encounter I had today. I saw a guy in a store – I think he used to work at my local butcher’s shop – and he said, “So, how about that Stargate?” I looked at him all bewildered like because I haven’t seen him in a while (thus my bad memory about where I knew him from), and I thought he was talking about Atlantis. So, I said, “Stargate?” And he said, “Yeah, that was some finale, eh?” And I said, “OH! Universe! Yes, it was! The last ten episodes have been great!” And he said (and I have to chuckle about this), he said, “The show’s come a long way from all that steamy stuff in the beginning. I remember how you said you were going to complain about it to the producers. When they toned it down, I kept saying to myself, ‘Wow, I guess they listened to her.'”

    Yeah, I’m chuckling. NOT because I think you listened to me (HA!), but because I sometimes go on about things very passionately to complete strangers, thinking that they will forget the conversation the moment I walk away…just like I do. Obviously, they do not. 😛

    @ Sparrowhawk – Not sure I’ll make it through Still Life With Crows without fainting. God, it’s intense!! Well, intense for me. I don’t like horror movies, and this book – even more than the others – is pretty damn close to a horror movie. I actually had to page ahead to see if some people were still standing at the end…didn’t quite like what I found. 😛 I REALLY need to get to the end now – 20 chapters to go, and no chance of finishing before tomorrow night. It is gonna KILL me! There is some really cool Indian stuff in it, though…that sort of made up for the part where I was choking on my own heart. 😛 😛

    Joe – a great thing about these Pendergast stories is that he drives around in a ’59 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce…kinda helps tie all my obessions together in a nice little package with a great big bow. 😀

    Nites, Joey – give Jelly a big kiss for me…and little pecks all around for the others. Take care and rest well!


  13. @ JeffW – The funny thing is when I tell people how great Mexican Coke is they look at me funny until I clarify, ‘Mexican Coke…a-Cola!!!’ 😛

    Yeah, people will argue that corn syrup Coke tastes just like sugar Coke, but it doesn’t. I don’t know how to describe it other than to say that the corn syrup Coke has this ‘sticky’ sweet aftertaste that sort of sours in your mouth after a bit, while sugar Coke is crisp and clean, without that underlying sourness.

    AND now I really have to get to bed!! (Just trying to come down after reading that blasted book!)

    @ Sparrowhawk – Hee…found this on youtube:

    Yes, I AM obsessing again. Poor Todd…poor Zenith… poor Elric… they all have to scoot over a bit and make room for a new pallid heinie on my seesaw of…um… ‘diversions’. Considerable ones, I may add. 😉



  14. Paul complained it was too subtle, but did anyone else catch the the 2001 reference in Eli’s “big black monolith orbiting a planet” line?

    Yep…..classic!! 🙂

    I particularly enjoyed this one because it allowed for opportunities for humor. When Volker says “Are you kidding? That’s exactly how you judge a neighborhood.”, he’s actually channeling yours truly.

    Not only some humor, but I thought it led to assessing their situation and figuring out a strategic plan of action.

  15. Patrick now reaches superstar status — a blog dedicated to him. I’ll explain the significance of such honor when he wakes up in the morning. You are too sweet.

    Of course you forgot something for Tokyo. Me! Just drop me off at the local Disney establishment. I would make a lousy dinner companion with such a foodie such as yourself.

    Any self-respecting science-fiction fan would get the monolith reference (translation–I hadn’t googled it yet).

    I thought there was some channeling of you going on there in that Vollker scene. Sometimes I see bits of you in a lot of the lines. I’m in the process of writing my review and there are going to be many “favorite lines” in that section.

    I’ve been a fan of Varro and then a fan of pairing Varro/TJ since the beginning. Hope we see him back in season 3. I was glad to see Telford didn’t wind up being eaten. Never so glad to have been so wrong.

    But I just woke up the boy, so I’m going to sign off. Geez, he is a light sleeper. If you head off before I get to post again, have a wonderful flight. Don’t forget the embassy numbers (I’m serious).

  16. How long has Paul been writing this show? And he still hasn’t figured out that nerds retain tons of useless movie facts! I was lmao at Elli’s line about the monolith. Keep them coming.

  17. @ das,
    I can’t believe all these people who can’t tell different cokes apart.

    There is so much difference in taste just between the various containers used. Small bottle to Can to bigger bottle to large bottle. Let alone the difference from state to state – even here in Australia.

    More terrific little moments for them to come in the back half (see #216, The Hunt).

    I’d love to check out #216 – unfortunately some of us have to wait 6 months to do that! 🙁
    But I’m sure the wait will be worth it!

  18. Joe! You forgot to give us the number where you can be reached. (In case we need to call and check on your welfare.)

  19. Joseph, thank you for the answer to my question. In the episode Resurgence we get to see more action involving destiny’s weapon systems. I noticed the cogs used to turn the anti-fighter turrets and then I started noticing the doors and even the repair robot. Is destiny the ancients version of steam-punk? It would explain why destiny has survived the ages… you know how things built at the turn of the previous century are sturdier than most things built now.

  20. “Paul complained it was too subtle, but did anyone else catch the the 2001 reference in Eli’s “big black monolith orbiting a planet” line?”

    To SUBTLE!? What rock has he been living under, the last thirty years?

    Um. Yes. We got it. Heh.

  21. Speaking of “calm, collected Greer,” I really wanna see Greer and Rush locked in a closet together for half an ep or so. Hee hee. (Yes, I’m mean, I admit it.)

  22. “I’m sure you were so blinded by rage you imagined getting revenge on the man who killed her, besting the bully on his terms. But even if you had, it wouldn’t have changed a damn thing. You’d wake up every morning and she’d still be dead.”

    I really loved this scene. Okay, I’m a hopeless Rush fangirl, what can I say? (Note this is not inconsistent with being a hopeless Eli fangirl, too.)

  23. Airelle said:

    Chevron7, now you will have those guys wanting you to do their photo layouts for GQ, nice job.

    Haha…wouldn’t that be awesome…thanks for that image. Ivon’s my muse and he’s pretty cool with letting me photoshop him and practice different Photoshop techniques…here’s a trip down memory lane for y’all

    I gave him his first Emmy

    I made him a black jack dealer – OK so he was supposed to be a high roller but I couldn’t get a good pic from the other side of the table….LOL…sorry Ivon

    I set him up in a fantasy hockey game – with his fave hockey player of all time, Wendel Clark.

    I zombified him twice!! Zombie 1 – scary!! Zombie 2 – sexy!!

    plus I’ve done some posters – SGU Vancouver

    Bullet filmography poster

    In addition, thanks as always go to Joe for snapping so many wonderful photos and always being accommodating with me using them in my little projects. Looking forward to all of the Tokyo pics. I might need to clear some space on my portable hard drive.

    The pièce de résistance wasn’t actually a photoshop job at all. It was a super secret project where I compiled BTS photos of Ivon’s work on Stargate as well as fun times he’s had with the guys and made them into a book. Ivon’s got a copy and I’ve been taking my copy to cons to get it signed. It’s been a massive hit. Here’s a photo of Michael Shanks when I showed him the book and Michael, Ben and Torri have signed it so far:

    Ben’s auto – I freaking love Ben Browder!!!
    Michael’s auto
    I haven’t got a pic of Torri’s but she said – “Amazing job! Great Collection. A pleasure. Peace and Love signs

    I’m off to the Gate to the Sanctuary convention next weekend so I’ll be taking the book along there.

    I’ve uploaded some screendumps to show people as I’ve had a few people ask about it.

    Screendump 1
    Screendump 2
    Screendump 3
    Screendump 4
    Screendump 5

    Cheers, Chev

  24. Young is going to have some romantic stuff with TJ (or try to)? Oh. My. God. Just when I was finally starting to think Young could actually hack it as a Destiny commander. Looks like Destiny was right: Young is not fit for command.

    Also, I know it was mentioned here that has wife has left him. But has it been mentioned in the show? If it hasn’t then that makes Young look even worse to the audience.

  25. Have a great trip Joe! Thanks for a wonderful season! It’s a pretty damn cool place to work!

  26. “Paul complained it was too subtle, but did anyone else catch the the 2001 reference in Eli’s “big black monolith orbiting a planet” line?”

    I’m French, so sometimes I fail to understand some lines. Here, I’ve heard “big black moon…” and thought of a Death Star reference. But I just read the Gateworld’s transcript and yes, I finally catch this funny Space Odyssey reference.

    Ah, and thanks for these amazing pics.

  27. Yes, I indeed got the 2001 reference – I loved those little moments in this episode and they were a nice break from all the action. Which was also great! The episode really did have it all, from character development to those great VFX scenes.

    The story was great, but I have to say it’s the actors who have to turn those words to magic and once again everyone knocked it out of the park. With practically every episode so far this season, I keep wondering how it can better and it never fails to do so.

  28. Hoping for the best for Jelly.

    “Resurgence” was all kinds of awesome, yes, but I’d like to know how did Telford find Destiny? Was the seeder ship able to pinpoint its location?

  29. So she’ll be going in midnight my time on the Wed/Thurs change.. I’ll be awake and sending over good vibes to her, for both strength and healing xxx to Jelly.

    By the way, no sci fi show is complete without a Space Odyssey reference like..”Good morning Dave”..

  30. Is there a reason why Rush was missing during the 1st few minutes of the attack

  31. First, tell Paul there’s really no way to be subtle when you mention a big, black monolith. Of course we caught that, and although I know some people have complained about Eli’s pop culture references, I like them because I think they’re very much a part of how he’d be if he were a real person.

    On the other hand, I think Eli would likely be a little more open to talking about his feelings re: his recent loss. There are basically two types of SuperGeeks…the stoic ones and the ones who love to share. Rush is the first type, Eli is the latter. And since he’s proven to be a bit of a drama queen at times, I think he’d be more likely to want to talk about Ginn than to not. And I think, oddly enough, Chloe would be who he’d want to talk to about it, because he has a connection with her and he knows that she knows it.

    People like Eli have a tendency to mix up comfort, hope and ego, and that mixture sometimes leads them to confide in the least likely candidate in certain situations.

    Your writing for the supporting cast has been great…we laughed out loud at Volker’s line about the neighborhood…because we were thinking the same thing!

    Yes, your comments about Scott are great. When everything you do, when everything that defines who you are, is based on “no man left behind” (and especially when you believe that you believe it), it’s very hard to be totally honest with anybody else or yourself in dire situations. Very well written stuff there!

    Oh, and speaking of Varro (you, not me), it was nice to see Mike Dopud on ‘Human Target’ this week, too.

    The space battle was fun. There aren’t enough space battles in sci-fi, which seems like a strange thing to say, but it’s true. Never enough. Especially good ones. Props to all involved on that.

    The great thing about the enemy in this case being drones is that it sort of eliminates the obvious question of “Why wouldn’t they just use the ‘star trick’ every time they get into a pickle?” because they were drones…that trick wouldn’t likely work against piloted enemy craft.

    Rush’s speech to Eli was in fact great. Based on your comments, I’m now questioning my original reaction to it, but to me, the duality of his references was clear, but it actually felt completely unmotivated by ulterior motives (one of a very few times I’ve felt that way about anything Rush has done), so as I watched it, I loved it for that reason.

  32. Heh, just saw the comments about “Mexican Coke” which made me chuckle. The grocery store we usually go to recently started selling Mexican Pepsi. Normally I hate Pepsi, but the “carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, natural flavors, caffeine” simplicty of the Mexican Pepsi is much more tolerable than the usual stuff. And actually pretty great.

    I wish they’d sell Mexican Coke because I’d buy that in a heartbeat instead.

    Recently I stopped drinking diet soda for a number of reasons, and so I’ve had a few conversations about “Mexican Pepsi” with people lately.

    Funny that basically the same conversation would crop up here of all places.

  33. “Either that or pie’s done” is probably one of my favourite lines from ever. While it’s a humourous line to begin with, it was David’s delivery of it that made it shine. And it helps point out one of the catches of situational humour … sometimes the overall context of how something is delivered makes it stand out a lot more than just a simple “ha ha” moment. Like Volker’s line “New friends. Yay.” Or the classic line from THE THING … “You gotta be f***in’ kidding.”

    One of the things I really enjoyed about the mid-season finale, and have noted in the past few episodes, is the more subtle approach to humour. SG-1 and SGA both usually had broad approaches to funny … sometimes leading to plain laugh out loud moments. I’m totally digging SGU’s diferent approach … and the fact that it feels like more of a character payoff, especially with the recurring secondary characters like Volker and Brody.

  34. I think it was fine the way you did it. It’s not like anyone was thinking you could have meant any number of the black monoliths present in film.

    You used to be able to see it on Google Sky.

  35. Hey Joe

    Classic lines like the monolith were so blatant we didn’t think to mention them. I have an idea, how about putting 10 lines in an episode ranging from sorta obscure to very obscure to extremely obscure and see which we get. Maybe make it a contest!


  36. Lots of fantastic humor in this episode. Subtle and so wonderfully SGU 🙂

    I caught the 2001 hat tip, and I also caught the “Pi” one. Sure, it could have been pie, but my head automatically went to the original Star Trek, when Spock ordered the computer to compute pi to the last digit in order to prevent a baddie from seizing control of the computer. (Oh look, I left my geek hanging out, gah!)

    Just doing another re-watch and then review this episode but it was great fun. I dread the looong wait until 2.5!

  37. With one thing and another, I got 3 episodes behind on SGU, so I didn’t dare read anything here until I got caught up. I hate spoilers! So now I’m off to catch up on a months’ worth of blogs. But first, I’d like to share a serious bit:

    One of my coworkers committed suicide about 10 days ago, and in the course of mandatory grief counseling and the funeral, I keep hearing people imploring others to reach out if they’re depressed. While I agree with that 100%, there’s something else that needs to be said to the people left behind: Don’t beat yourself up. There’s only so much you can do, and you can’t make someone reach out. It’s ultimately their decision. Also, don’t forget that the final act shouldn’t define their life. It’s hard to get past it at first, but ultimately you should remember them.

  38. Joe

    Soon you will be off on your epic trek to Tokyo. I have fallen in love with a guy from Tokyo and I would be grateful if you would look out for him. I know that Tokyo is a BIG city but this guy is so cute and handsome that you just couldn’t miss him.

    Smuggle him into your luggage and drop him off at Edinburgh airport en-route to Vancouver – geography was never a subject that I excelled at.




    Best wishes to Jelly and I really hope that the vets can help her live the rest of her years pain-free and able to move with more ease.

  39. Sooo, catching up…I may [cough] have been on pain meds during “Resurgence,” so I’m sad to say I did miss some of those references. But no worries–I’ll be watching it again! When Destiny came out of FTL into that debris field, GeekBoy shouted, “Does no one see that this is a REALLY bad idea?!? Run, run!” I had to rewind several times during the show because I couldn’t hear the dialogue over him trying to make Young & Co see reason. TV is an interactive activity at our house.

    Speaking of GeekBoy, he has stated more than a few times that he’d like to live in Japan at some point. I might even get him to stop shooting zombies long enough to read your blog during your trip. Of course, if you should encounter any zombies while you’re there, he would DEFINITELY be interested in reading about that.

    Good luck to you and Jelly. For what it’s worth, I think you’re making the right decision. Jelly will be with someone you trust and she is comfortable with.

  40. @xxxevilgrinxxx funny you should say that! My first impression was the same, Pi not pie. I wonder what he was really thinking for that line.


  41. Sorry to hear about Jelly. I hope her surgery is a success.

    After chatting with a friend about last night’s ep, a thought occured to me.

    When the Caine and his gang returned they were given checkups and put under guard but Telford was welcomed back without a second thought and given full run of the ship. What is up with that? I know they were in a desperate situation but surely he posed a bigger threat then the other guys would have?

  42. Joe –

    Just so you know, you can take for granted that any fans still hooked on the whole “Stargate” universe (no pun intended), are going to be EXACTLY the sort of people who will both catch and appreciate stuff like”Too Quiet” and “Big Black Monolith” ( I wasn’t old enough to be stoned enough to appreciate that movie when I saw it in the theater.)

    It’s like the Jack/Daniel scene when he’s still in Ori makeup and strapped to that chair. The ONLY reason the scene worked, given that the whole thing was one big callback, was because anyone watching it had enough SG1 back-story to get it.

    So keep doing what you do.

    PS: The “it wouldn’t change anything” scene with Rush/Eli was pretty damn good, both from writing and acting standpoints. David’s “Don’t go there” reaction especially.

    PPS: Eli desperately needs a new squeeze. Even if you have to bring back Ginn and hang a lantern on it the size of a small star.

  43. Hey Joe,

    RE: my question about most pages you’ve written…

    Thanks for answering. 🙂

    RE: vanilla ice cream recipe mentioned in recent Q&A…

    That reminds me, my family has a secret recipe for fudge. I’d share it with ya but, well, it’s secret. 😉

    RE: This specific Q&A:

    “Mercy writes: “Are we ever going to meet aliens that are actually human or decendants of humans from Earth?”

    Answer: Oooh, there would have to be a damn good reason for why we’d encounter humans this far out. Yep. A damn good SF reason…”

    I would love to see some humans or human descendants of either Earth or of the Ancients (or even the opposing Ori faction) show up across the universe where the Destiny people are in SGU. 🙂

    It’d be cool, too, if those humans (or descendants, or ascendants, or etc.-human-types) were reeeeally “alien-like” in their culture, personality, etc. Just ’cause they’re of human DNA doesn’t mean they have to be “human-like” in societal or any other ways.

    It’d be interesting to see a really “alienized”-human from afar be exposed to the humans of Earth aboard Destiny, and to see how they influence each other in their differences. Discover similarities. Adjust to behaviors that are totally alien to each other.

    RE: Jelly…

    Sorry to hear that she’s in such pain and having difficulty getting around. Though, glad to hear that she’s happy to eat, sit, and snooze. 🙂

    Have a nice day,

    Sean D.

  44. You’re doing what’s best for Jelly, and that’s all you can do. She’ll be in highly professional hands from surgery to post op and then home. She’s a tough old gal, I’m sure she’ll be all right. And with pups, you can do no wrong. They’ll love you no matter what.

    But I do worry about you every time you travel to Japan, or hell, even in Vancouver. Remember, it’s drop, cover and hold. The Japanese take their earthquakes seriously, and they’re the most highly trained population in the world when it comes to safety. Just do what they do, which includes lots of drinking and partying.

    SGU was kick ass this season, and all the hard work has really paid off. And although it’ll be tough, I hope you can relax and enjoy your trip.

    Thinking happy thoughts for Jelly. And can’t wait to read about all of your adventures with Ivon.

  45. Jelly cheerleading team going full blast at my house. I can even get my Reiki-master friends in on it.

  46. Just thought I’d tell you that Volker’s “judging the neighbourhood” line was my favourite from Resurgence. It made me wonder if he’d been bullied when he was younger. Patrick is getting a bit more airtime these days and it’s a wonderful thing. Thanks to the writers!!

    I didn’t get the 2001 reference, probably because I saw it when I was a kid and haven’t read the book. I was gonna ask you about that line….like I still don’t know about the butter bar thing. But its OK to be obscure. Sometimes I need to look up a good Gilmore Girls reference too, so you’re in awesome company. 😀

    Also re: Volker…I noticed that he and Park are on a first name basis now. Did they have a D&M after the kidnapping? I think they would be a cute couple….any plans?

    I also noticed the incredible playback during the battle scenes. My buds Justin & Seth rocked it!!!

    I loved the VFX in the battle scenes…AWESOME job Mark and Chris and and the crew. I swear you don’t realise it’s not real sometimes. But you know what VFX scene was also my fave – the one where Eli is walking out to the observation deck while they drop out of FTL. Combining the vision with his movement must have been incredibly difficult

    I thought the episode ran short. I swore when the credits suddenly appeared. How long did it run?

    Young is a have his cake and eat it too kinda guy. I think he’s wrong for TJ as well.

    Chloe’s take down was choreographed and delivered perfectly. BamBam, Elyse and the stunt performer ROCKED that scene. Can you please get some new photos of James ‘cos that one isn’t the best quality. Is that from a phone?

    Cheers, Chev

  47. Good health vibes going to Jelly! You might feel better if one of your good friends drops in on her post surgery. A suggestion though, drop by a platter of food for the vet staff. They will take excellent care of Jelly but food is always a nice gesture.

    Yes, we did catch Eli’s line in Resurgence! You had some great lines in there. I watched the eppie again with hubby and he was laughing out loud. My favorite quip was about the neighborhood.

    Have a fun and safe trip!

  48. Three things,

    Totally got the monolith reference, but then again, I’m old … enough.

    I liked resurgence, but it didn’t leave me all “OMG!” It was more of a “huh.”

    thanks for not killing David, aka LDP! When is his skin going to start getting brown and scaly?

  49. Hey Joe

    How did you mean this line?

    “Either that, or pie is done” or like this “Either that, or Pi is done”

    If the former you’d think that there would be a ‘the’ in front of pie, as in “Either that, or the pie is done”, wouldn’t you?

    Let us know, its been bothering me.


  50. Paul complained it was too subtle, but did anyone else catch the the 2001 reference in Eli’s “big black monolith orbiting a planet” line?

    Yep, very subtle, kinda like a sledgehammer to a person’s skull is subtle. 🙂

    But I did at one point become obsessed with 2001 and read all four books, so I guess might be more likely to notice a reference then many people would.

  51. Been lurking, but figured I’d wish you well on your trip,as you head out tomorrow. thinking good thoughts at jelly, looking forward to seeing how the elite 8 compare(perhaps catagories would have made judging easier?). Due to work had to use itunes to watch Resurgence. One of the strongest episodes of the show so far, loved interplay and moments we got to see the “minor” characters step forward. Got the 2001 reference. Tell Paul we need more of those, to give us geeks that extra little thrill.
    In between all the other real life things working with my neighbor to coax a local stray in. We are at the hand feeding and petting range, and she’ll come into the fenced yard. Which she can jump. With luck we’ll reach the point we can put a collar or harness on her, and get her to the vet. This dog has a sweet disposition, and has been running circles(literally) around animal control. Luckily, the officers want the best for her and are happy to have people waiting to help her out. The only hitch is my own K’Tesh, who tangled with the stray early one morning when the stray ot too close to me. Can we spell territorial?
    I digress. Thanks for all the mailbags, despite the many things weighing on your mind. Just try to have fun, and we’re counting on Ivon to make sure you do. And eagerly awaiting pictures and texts on how the trip goes.

  52. Paul complained it was too subtle, but did anyone else catch the the 2001 reference in Eli’s “big black monolith orbiting a planet” line?

    You are kidding? That’s the audience you were after? Those who wouldn’t get it?

    Now if you’d have Eli lament at one point that he’d like to have seen Bozeman, Montana before he died, that might have qualified as being too subtle.

  53. @scary Yes, exactly! Telford popped in at a critical moment, but no one even raised their eyebrows about trusting him?

    Also, at my house we were in agreement after “Malice” that security on the Destiny SUCKS! Sure, Simeon getting the drop on his guard I can see. But once they discovered Gin/Amanda and knew he was on the loose, no alarm was raised, no ship-wide radio call? Greer needs to get those guys (and girls) ON THEIR TOES, because they are slacking.

  54. Anyway I find it interesting that there are only 20,000 – 25,000 Nielson box households in the whole of America. Isn’t it somewhat sad that these households can make or break a show?

    Best of luck with Jelly and I hope you enjoy your Japan trip Joe!

  55. Das: I’ve been thinking about you today. My son is doing a paper on Albinism for school, so I’m been proofreading. : D .
    We like that “Mexican Coke”, too. My brother brought us Mountain Dew made with sugar. He says you can buy it anywhere. I wonder if “real sugar cola” is going to make a comeback?

  56. Hope all goes well with Jelly. Nice pic of her holding the slipper. 🙂

    Have a safe flight to Tokyo!

  57. Okay, so I have missed a few days (obviously) because of school 🙁 so I’m kind of lost, who’s Jelly and what’s going on? 🙁

    By the way, I caught Eli’s line and even re-watched it a few times, but I couldn’t make out that word. “monolith” I guess its’ a little clearer now, but yes, I did catch it, despite not knowing what it meant 😛

    Oh and I died laughing to Volker’s line about “That’s exactly how you judge a neighborhood.” I’m SOO glad you guys are adding a humerus element (at least somewhat) because that was something I loved from Jack in SG-1 and then later from Vala.. Who was arguably funnier just because that was kind of the basis of her character (at least that’s what I thought.) And then loved Rodney even more from SGA. Man I miss Rodney, his character was absolutely hilarious!

  58. Shadow Step:

    Now if you’d have Eli lament at one point that he’d like to have seen Bozeman, Montana before he died, that might have qualified as being too subtle.

    Was that “The Hunt for Red October”? I’m drawing a blank otherwise.

    Joe, have a great trip. I haven’t been to Tokyo in about 10 years, so I’m looking forward to living through you vicariously!

  59. Since the ring transport system is Ancient, will we see it or a variation of it onboard the Destiny?

  60. Can’t wait up for your post tonight. I must go to bed and get my beauty sleep. (If you saw me you’d agree and probably say “Get thee to bed immediately!”) Have a safe trip. Don’t drink too much. Looking forward to your reports. Jelly will be in great hands, so try to enjoy. You can begin her ultimate spoiling when you get back.

  61. I will be praying for Jelly this week!

    I hope your initial travel karma math is correct ( – X – =+) and that your Tokyo trip is excellent. I didn’t realize the trip was this soon! When exactly did it stop being October?!?

  62. G’day Joe

    Resurgence was great.

    Got the neighbourhood line, as you had a few troubles over the last couple of years.
    Did not get the …big, black, thingy… thing. Have not seen 2001. But did figure it came from some sort of SF.

    Best wishes and love to Jelly. Hope it all goes well.

  63. Thanks for the scoop on shaping Resurgence, I loved the zingy back and forth of the Science Squad, especially how they annoy and vex Rush. Such a relief to see Rush “playing well with others.”
    TJ and Eli are great to watch, so’s Varro. It’s tough seeing Varro and Chloe cooped up, but I’m guessing when they come out to play it will be epic, especially Chloe.

    The little drone buggers are creepy, like a swarm of killer bees. They’re like the evil twins of the space critters in Batteries Not Included.

    I saw “I Am Love” and loved it; beautiful Italian design, costumes and cuisine filmed in rich gorgeous colors, like a modern Garden of the Fitzi-Continis.

  64. @JeffW

    Well, in ‘Hunt For Red October’, Borodin does say “I would like to have seen Montana”, but he never mentions Bozeman specifically. At least not in the movie.

    One of my favorites. Amazing that John McTiernan directed ‘Predator’, ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Red October’ in a row. Nice run.

  65. Is Destiny running out of completely useless guards yet ? Seems to be a plethora of these guys, musta been hired from a temp agency or something.

  66. I’ve been behind most of the season & then was away but I FINALLY caught up!
    I’ve been loving finally having aliens again, getting Telford back, & I had been waiting for Varro to make his interest in T.J. a little more obvious. I did a total LOL semi-sonic burst at the “big black monolith” & also started laughing when Eli was all excited, while in a tense moment, at the “new” monitors that no one knew were there & everyone else just shrugging it off. (I can SO relate.) Love Eli. 🙂 Always love the sci-fi reference throw ins! Seriously. What sci-fi geek doesn’t occasionally throw out references every now & again? Even if our co-workers give us weird looks &/or are clueless when we speak about being like the Borg Collective. 🙂
    I completely felt Rush was almost talking more of himself when with Eli, but didn’t really feel like he had ulterior motives. Yes he (and everyone else) needs Eli at 100%, but I’d like to think he really does see the potential in Eli. Plus I don’t think he appreciates the abilities of the other scientists nor tolerates them as well as Eli.

    I’m LOVING my SGU right now & am hoping that Chloe has just saved the day. (Also loved how quickly & efficiently she took that guard out!) 😉

  67. hi mr Joseph a man from norway actually:P
    and im quite a bit of a fan of all the stargate series.
    i love all the ideas revolving stargate in general quite simply.
    anyways…one thing i miss in just about all series is more high tech stuff from the anchient and fighting with them u know.cause the whole anchient thing is the most interesting thing about the whole series(Y)love the sgu and love the fact of new stargate movies coming out and im dearly looking forward to them.and let me just say that all though stargate universe is doing just fine and is magnificent without the old characters, its just not the same without oneill and samantha and daniell…so on.just a thought(Y)

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