Yep, sparks will be flying tonight as Stargate: Universe heads into its mid-season break in explosive fashion with Resurgence, an episode that sees the Destiny crew investigate a mysterious energy signature…

Anyway, it turns out Volker was misreading the screen and the energy signature was actually their own shuttle, so they all have a laugh and put on a talent shows that sees Eli and Brody team up for a high-steppin’ medley of Gilbert and Sullivan favorites.  You’re gonna love it!

Just kidding.  You will love it.  But no talent show or Gilbert and Sullivan medley, although we will see Eli struggling to deal with a recent loss, Scott struggle to prevent a loss of his own, and this –

In addition to a few surprises.  The events of tonight’s episode will have significant and shocking repercussions that will reverberate through the rest of season 2 and beyond.

If you want to know a little more, check out this non-spoilery preview by Curt Wagner: Destiny boldly goes in spectacular ‘Stargate Universe’ mid-season …

Or this preview by Joseph Dilworth Jr.: Hope Finds A “Resurgence” On The Next Stargate Universe *SPOILERS*


Photos courtesy and copyright MGM Television

Speaking of Stargate: Universe, scifi in general and, oh, the universe, check out this interesting article over at that makes mention of the show and some timely cosmic developments:

Brought Jelly in to see the neurologist today.  She has an appointment to get an MRI tomorrow.

Have finally narrowed down my list for the “I Make the Best Whatever…” contest.  The elite eight will be announced as part of tomorrow’s blog entry.


91 thoughts on “November 30, 2010: Resurgence airs tonight! The BIG mid-season finale! 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!

  1. I

    Joe’s go the snow machine on…I want bubbles!

  2. Can’t wait to see this tonight. I’m Loving Universe more than I ever thought I would.
    I was wondering if there is an Official order to the Address to Destiny from Earth. I know there is an address published in the Wiki but we only know the 1st 7th and 9th symbols in order. I was wondering if you guys have the full address in the proper order written somewhere for a future episode or something.

  3. Please don’t be offended by this, but good ol’ mutts have a lot less health problems than dogs bred purely for appearance. dogs are awesome, dogs are true companions and friends, and all dogs have medical issues, but I’ve never had a single mutt in my life ever have a hip problem, or any neurological issues, or anything you detail in the blog here. Clearly you love your pets, and they’re getting the best treatment they can, thanks to you. I applaud this.

    Clearly your pets are very dear to you, which, in my mind, would make their maladies that much more painful to you, emotionally. It may be a little less heartbreak for you in the future if you pick up a plain old mutt from the pound, rather than going for a dog bred to have a particular shape or weight or size or .. whatever. I’m not saying that your preference for pugs is misplaced or anything, almost all pure breeds have plentiful breed-specific, age-related issues; I’m not slighting any breed here, or favoring one over another.

    However, there are lots of healthy mutts sitting the pound, lonely for companionship. Dogs who will (if they can escape the culling) live very long lives and provide real companionship for well over a decade to anyone who will treat them well.

    I guess I’m asking you to try a mutt on for size, if you ever adopt another canine into your family. In my experience, they’re great dogs and far too many die because people demand pure bred dogs that are bred purely as a source of income and who will have severe medical issues early-on due to their bloodline.

    When is the show picking up again on SyFy? Anyone know? These mid season breaks are killing me. Just show one episode every 3 weeks, continuously, instead.

  4. You are so darn lucky mister!! Rudoph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is on CBS tonight. The one with Burl Ives made in 1964 (I think). My most favorite Christmas show EVEEER. Luckily for you it is on the hour before SGU, so I won’t have to choose between the two, as I will have to watch Rudoph for the 136th time!

  5. TJ and Varro! YES! Though it will probably tick off Col. Young in a big way.

    No, I will not read any reviews, non-spoilery or not. But I will watch the episode when I get back from class. I had considered skipping it and just watching it when the next half of the season starts since cliff-hangers drive me nuts, but now you’ve got me intrigued. Dammit.

  6. Varros back! It’s like everyone but you forgot about him Joe as he’s been super quiet the past half dozen eps.

    Destiny by the bottom pic looks like it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Anyway, Snow is annoying. D: Almost fell over twice walking on the stuff recently. Or should I say the Ice? Meh

  7. Resurgence is on at 9pm here on syfy in Fl, that first article said 8p, not sure if that was a misprint, or that is the time wherever that is at. What ever it is, I am ready to see it, the previews look fantastic! Thanks for the pictures and previews Joe.
    — and dangit, its sno*, on the blog, hah. hope we don’t see it, although a cold spell is coming tomorrow for a few days. Covering my broccoli and tomatoes for sure.
    Hope there is good news for Jelly baby. thinking about her, positive thoughts!!
    Bring on the episode,popcorn and tv trays in their full upright position.

  8. Only 45 minutes until it airs here and I cannot wait.

    So you have both dentist tomorrow and MRI for Jelly or did you wind up having to cancel the dentist appointment?

    Love the picture of TJ and Varro….Be still my heart.

  9. These Syfy trailers make the show look incredibly dull in my opinion, even the action trailer is very underwhelming.

  10. jeremiah: I agree, pound pets are great but …I wouldn’t say being a mutt makes them immune to problems (I wish it did).
    Also, most people don’t know this but you can get purebred animals from the pound. I volunteer at our local humane society and just last week an Akita came in. We’ve had pugs, chows, labs, dachshunds, Chihuahua, Irish setters and those are just the ones I have personally seen. I would like to see more mandatory spay/neuter laws. There is just too much overcrowding at shelters!

    Good luck with Jelly!!!!

    Great lines in tonight’s show! What is with MingNa? She looks way too young! 😀

  11. Hello Joe.

    Wow!!! That last act left me asking “what the…?”. 😉

    Best Wishes,


  12. First: Good luck to Jelly! Lots of hugs and good thoughts to her, you and the rest of the pack!

    Second: I’m not done watching tonight’s SGU and I had to pipe up. Lots of great lines, awesome pacing, drame and visual effects. Thank you and I’m so wishing this wasn’t the mid-season finale. Don’t think I can wait to see the rest. And like I said, I’m not even done watching!

  13. Hello Joe.

    Did I just hear an unbleeped word when Eli found his error?

    Best Wishes,


  14. Hey,

    I just noticed the new mobile layout here. When did I get assigned the green one eyed guy who looks like Mike in Monster’s Inc.? Cool… 😉

    Best wishes,


  15. Mr. Mallozzi,

    Thank you so much for making a great TV show. I have enjoyed the first half of this season more than any new scifi since the end of SG-1. I had my problems with the first season, but watching the show through to this point has really paid off. I think if I were to rewatch season one I would have a new appriciation for the character building y’all did. All the SGU haters really have nothing to complain about now.

    I can’t wait to see what is in store for the second half of this season and beyond. Bravo sir. Continue to make your magic.


  16. Firstly, that was NO hour. What a fantastic episode! Flew by in no time, and had me on the edge of my seat. Some funny lines – me likie. 🙂

    Secondly, you guys are SO mean leaving us hanging like that! 😡

    Thanks, Joey – kudos all around for the best ten episodes of this show so far. Hope to see more!


  17. Well, if I used cuss words online, I would be using lots of them right now. 🙂 But since I don’t, I’ll just say:


    Can’t wait to see the conclusion.

  18. Resurgence had a pretty good cliffhanger ending, when comparing to Season 1s, this Season has a more I’ll see you in x amount of months mwahahaha ending. Where as Season 1 had a. Well Okay see you soon ending, to which you would reply goodbye, been fun and see you later kinda thing.

    Another way to compare is. Season 1 had a midseason cliffhanger that was like saying goodbye to a friend for a half dozen months. Season 2 had a midseason cliffhanger that’s like saying goodbye to someone you really care about, like family.

    Well that’s my take on it.
    Great way to end the midseason!
    If Syfy doesn’t renew the show, they’re idiots.

  19. @Tammy Dixon: I agree with you totally. Elway’s a mutt and lookit what I’m dealing with! Not only the epilepsy, but the hips are a mess as well. I’ve had purebreds that never had a problem, too.

    Joe, we have to wait until April? Really? Why do they do this? I hated tonight’s ending knowing it’ll be so long before the show’s back on.

    Have a good night!

  20. I really wanted to see what Chloe did at the end there.,,,I taped it and watched it live, want to watch it again to see what I missed. Nice episode, left me wanting to see more. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.
    Do the sparks that fly ever hurt anyone?

  21. Yay, snow!

    Thank you for the boost in Christmas spirit, Joe 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow with Jelly’s MRI…how worrying.

  22. Joe –

    I just finished watching Camelot… I mean Resurgence! Another great episode, although I feel I have seen this cliff hanger before. :/ I love that LDP is back and it’s fun to see the seed ship again. Hopefully both will be sticking around well in to the second half of Season 2.

    My favorite episodes in Season 2 thus far are Aftermath, Cloverdale and Malice. What do they have in common? The Gate! Joe! We need more Gate! I understand that shooting on location is expensive, but I’m starting to feel like this show should be called Destiny and should drop the Stargate tag. Only four episodes this season have featured travel through The Gate.

    Will there be more Gate oriented stories during the next half of the season? If not in Season 2, then in Season 3? I’d love to see 70-80% of the stories feature the gate in some form or another, rather than 40% like in the first part of season 2.

    I love the show and it’s great, but it needs more Gate! That’s my biggest critism. Other than that, keep up the good work!


  23. Echo what others have said about mutts. My last 2 dogs, a saint bernard/irish setter mix and a border collier/golden retriever mix both had arthritis and hip issues. My current, crazy, pure breed beagle seems fine now, but she is young. She is very high strung and never sits down. Keeps harassing the neighbors by barking at rocks and holes. When I want her to sit and stay I have to stuff peanut butter into a bone. Otherwise she just walks around the house looking for trouble. She is a joy! Loaded with personality!

    Also echo the interesting one liners in tonights episode. The pie one was funny and Rush said something toward the end that got me distracted thinking about it. I’ll have to watch again and write down what he said. I’m sure I’ll need to give Joe a hard time about it. 🙂

    Also echo why in the world does SyFy take big breaks? Call me old fashioned, but I remember when networks aired all 20 espisodes with maybe just a week here and a week there off (for an unrelated “special presentation of…”). Then when the new ones were done, they would show all the reruns again. By the time that finished it was time for the new season. Don’t know if anyone does that still because I really don’t watch any other drama shows. But why doesn’t SyFy do that??

  24. Ok…..

    Quick thoughts.. I liked Resurgence.. I really did… it was a great episode.. I just thought the beginning wasn’t good.. and the music for the Wray/Eli Scott/Chloe scenes were blaring and awful…. Really need to work on character moments here lol. 😛

    Other then that great episode.


  25. Varro and TJ sittin’ in a tree-er, observation deck, tee hee! I like Tuesdays; so much better than Mondays thanks to SGU.

    Aw, poor Jelly, give her lots of hugs, and sing to her too, since music can have curative effects. Jelly seems like a John Lennon fan, with a little Stones on the side. Who am I kidding, Jelly looks like an Aerosmith gal.

  26. I loved the episode, I grinned when I seen the seed ship come out of FTL and heard LDP’s voice

  27. Hey Joe,

    ♥ஜ☆GREAT♥ஜ☆ writing…I loved this episode. Not that I don’t love them all..but whoooaoaa…OMG good. *sigh*
    So many many great lines…amazing effects. You guys create MAGIC. Stargate MAGIC!!! *waves to Carl*

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  28. Resurgence…an amazing finale. Loved a certain “return” and the special effects were truly amazing. Can’t say much more without:







    Great return by LDP(and great timing by Telford!) Nice to have him back, hopefully he will be in at least half of the remaining 10 episodes. It was interesting how he was able to somewhat “communicate” with the aliens, although it seems like he took quite a risk by essentually “plugging” himself in the pods. One wonders if he has been altered or changed by the aliens, by accident or intentionally. I am not convinced that the aliens suspected a doublecross and took them directly to the command ship. That was probably their plan all along. Now we have to wonder if it was because they couldn’t wait to have it destroyed or if they are intentionally putting Destiny in a position to be destroyed. I thought about mid-episode that the aliens wanted to capture Destiny(much better than their seed ship), but it seems like they just want to use it and the crew for their own means.
    As for Eli, D. Blue was very strong in this episode. Eli is letting his grief over Ginn’s death, as well as all the other deaths he has witnessed, to cause his work to suffer and potentially cause a critical mistake. My only complaint is that we saw none of this in the previous episode. We go from Eli wanting to go Rambo on Simeon to talking to one of the returning crew from Faith like nothing has happened. It just seems like we should have seen at least one sign in the previous episode that this problem was becomming more advanced. Loved Rush’s scene on the bridge where he tries to convince Eli to fulfill his potential. Couldn’t tell if there was a shred of real concern or just the fact that he needs Eli to complete Destiny’s mission.
    As for Chloe, I don’t see how Young cannot take final action now, either by killing her or stranding her. She attacked her guard, broke confinement, and did who knows what with the ship. The only thing that could save her is if her actions quickly save the ship. My money is on her transmitting the ships position to the blue aliens and them attacking the drones and saving the ship, in order to get her on board.
    As for T.J., interesting that she chooses Varro to talk to about her problems. And now that she is allowing him to help her, it seems that he will play a more prominent role in the second half of the season. A quick question: how many L.A. are left on board, with the deaths of Ginn and Simeon. Can’t be too many.
    All in all, an excellent finale, except now we have to wait who knows how many frakin months to see what happens to our intrepid crew. This is a big mistake by Syfy…if the ratings are so-so now, think of what will happen in several months. People who are casual viewers may not come back, and the ratings will tumble. I just hope we get that renewal notice soon, I can’t stand thinking that there is a possibility that there could be only 10 episodes left in the Stargate Universe. Congrats to the cast and crew on a great first half of the season. Bring on the second half!!!

  29. Aghhh! What a frustrating ending! Anyone know when the show is coming back on officially? The only date I could find online for the next episode was the 3rd week of December on SkyOne, nothing about a US airdate. I don’t even know if that information is valid or not. I hope Universe doesn’t diverge like Caprica did. Caprica is still airing in other countries but SyFy won’t air the remaining episodes till 2011.

  30. Question from my mom: how many homemade cookies would it take to convince the SyFy execs to renew SGU?

    Really, that was great. 7 minutes ago I got my socks blown off.
    Rats, double crossed.
    Rats, is it just me or does Destiny’s weapon system suck because it was never a warship?
    Cool, I hope we get to see more of this history of theirs if possible at all.
    Just one question, one problem in the episode: why are the Marines the ones who always, historically in SG (besides Col. Reynold’s team), get pwned?

  32. Wow, what a great episode! Every week we say the same thing: This show just keeps getting better and better. Truly a fantastic (if not entirely frustrating) way to end before the break. Great job all around!

    Best wishes for Jelly. Never fun when the little, furry ones aren’t feeling well.

    By the way, I was going to add my family’s lasagna recipe to the “I Make the Best Whatever…” contest but we haven’t had time to make it to take pictures. Next time…

  33. Hope Jelly doesn’t get scared of the MRI. One can feel a little claustrophobic in there. I almost went to sleep when I had mine done – it was just very noisy.

    Hiatus! I do NOT like breaks in stories. It makes me jump up and down with frustration. I haven’t seen the episode yet and wish someone would buy me the dvds or something so that I can watch instead of read transcripts.

    Good news – I got a job. The one I wanted. Yay!

    Watched Phantom of the Opera last night. First time. o.O Oddness… but great music!

  34. The Seedship going to the rescue of the Destiny, with the voice of Telford. Just epic!
    A brilliant episode, action, characters, drama and even humor.

  35. I’m just messing with you. It was great. Loved the humor.
    I’m not going to try to post anything spoilery until after Friday when Canada at least gets to see it. Emmy-time on the visual effects. Loved the surprise I was not expecting to see. Loved the pop culture references and the humor and the action and the drama, and the personal moments, and the—oh hell–fine–just everything about it.

    To any of our Jewish friends out there reading, I know it doesn’t start until sundown on Dec 1, but Happy Chanukah.

    Season 3 is coming. I can feel it. But they’ll make us suffer for the announcement until after the holidays and make us all worried that since we didn’t hear about it before the holidays that must not look good. And once I get that good news, I can regroup and look positively on an April start date for the rest of season 2.

    Goodnight all. Again, good luck with Jelly’s MRI tomorrow. Will send you both positive thoughts.

  36. Sending healing thoughts out to your dear, sweet Jelly. Hope she gets some answers and can find some relief. Poor baby…

    We had a dog with terrible hip dysplasia.. It was so pitiful to watch her struggle to walk and get around. She was a stubborn thing though, and never gave up. Gloucosomine/Chondroitin for dogs helped her a bit..

    This was several years ago, and she has long since passed on to doggie heaven..

    At any rate, hope you get some answers tomorrow.


  37. Probably my favourite of all of your written SGU episodes yet, Joe. Good emotional centre to back the action and stuff – the Eli stuff made the episode for me, especially the mention of Riley’s importance in his life and how that was the first blow to his psyche before Ginn came around and then died.

    Good to see Telford back, good to get an official name for the Ursini (Seriously, the kids at Gateworld were going to call them Booger Aliens, so, you know, you saved us from their horrible naming skills), and a nice new enemy. Solid cliffhanger, to boot.

  38. “Resurgence” was just another confirmation that SGU is the best fraking show on air. Now, another hiatus, boo.

  39. I’ve said a prayer for Jelly and all the doggies. Please do keep us updated!

  40. thank you, thank you, thank you for this great episode .. Humor, action, battle, dark, beautiful special effects ..
    This second season is undoubtedly the best sgu and even dare say the franchise. I very much hope for a renewal, and I hope you will consider our comments and continue this momentum.

  41. My only complaint is the ridiculous and arbitrary break in the middle of every season. Someone needs to club a bunch of people at SciFi with a seriously huge cluebat.

    The “finale” was awesome, except for the fact that the conclusion ought to be on next week! If the season is 20 episodes, air 20 episodes as fast as you can make them. Doling it out piecemeal is a major drag.

  42. Happy Jelly thoughts today.

    @Das, from yesterday’s comment … Thank you, DearHeart, it is what I do.

  43. My favorite episodes in Season 2 thus far are Aftermath, Cloverdale and Malice. What do they have in common? The Gate! Joe! We need more Gate! I understand that shooting on location is expensive, but I’m starting to feel like this show should be called Destiny and should drop the Stargate tag. Only four episodes this season have featured travel through The Gate.

    Will there be more Gate oriented stories during the next half of the season? If not in Season 2, then in Season 3? I’d love to see 70-80% of the stories feature the gate in some form or another, rather than 40% like in the first part of season 2.


    It needs the gate no more than Deep Space Nine needed to have characters beam down to “strange, new worlds” each week. If the gate is the hook that brought you to the show you are bound to be disappointed because the setup for this series does not require a gateway being used each episode. Frankly I like it that way. The writers aren’t forced to come up with some new off-world adventures each week just to live up to the name of the show’s title. Instead they could present more varied storylines and situations. Just like Deep Space Nine did.

  44. Joey, you’ve got major competition in those culinary adventures of yours. I mean, you thought Stefan was a serious foodie, carting his own salt around, and all, but wait until you get a load of this guy. Okay…he’s not real, but still…methinks Agent Pendergast is gonna give you a run for your money. 😉

    Here are a few clipped hightlights from a passage in the latest book I’m reading, Still Life With Crows. Pendergast is in a midwestern small town diner, and after passing on the pork and beans, fried chicken, and meatloaf, things go down like this: (mild spoilers)

    “You must have access to high-quality Angus beef in these parts…Would you happen to have a sirloin cut?…You say you’re willing to prepare steak in any fashion?”

    “That’s right. We take care of our customers.”

    “I wonder if you would be so kind as to bring me out a well-trimmed top sirloin of about six ounces for my inspection.”

    Maisie didn’t bat an eye at the request. If the man wanted to see the steak before she cooked it, the man would see the steak before she cooked it. Ludwig watched her go into the back and return with a nice filet…She angled the plate under the man’s nose.

    “There you are. And you won’t find its equal until you get to Denver, I promise you that.”

    The man looked at the steak, then picked up his knife and fork and trimmed off the fat along one side. Then he handed the plate back to her. “I’d be grateful if you would run it through a meat grinder, set on medium.”

    Ludwig paused. Run a filet mignon through a meat grinder? How was Maisie going to react now? He practically held his breath.

    Maisie was staring at the FBI agent. The diner had gone very still. “And how would you like your, er, hamburger cooked?”


    “You mean very rare?”

    “I mean raw, if you please. Please bring it back to me with an uncooked egg, in the shell, along with some finely chopped garlic and parsley.”

    Maisie swallowed visibly. “Sesame or plain bun?”

    “No bun, thank you.”

    … … …

    Ludwig – and the entire diner – watched as Pendergast sprinkled the garlic over the raw meat, added salt and pepper, cracked the raw egg on top, and carefully folded the ingredients together. Then he molded it with his fork into a pleasing mound, sprinkled parsley on the top, and sat back to contemplate his work.

    Suddenly, Ludwig understood. “Steak tatare?”

    “Yes it is.”

    “I saw somebody make that on the Food Network. How is it?

    Pendergast delicately lifted a portion to his mouth, chewed with half-closed eyes. “All that is lacking is a ’97 Léoville Poyferré.”


    I have to admit that while reading that bit, ALL I could think of was you, Joe…wondering if you would go to such extremes to get the meal you wanted. For some reason I imagine you would have just settled for the meatloaf, only to gripe about it later. 😉

    I remember back in the 70s when steak tartare was all the rage here, mom and dad LOVED it. I used to eat raw hamburger all the time, too, and uncooked cookie dough with raw eggs in it. Ah, how things have changed. Now – out of sheer terror of the trots – I burn everything to death. 😛


  45. BTW does anyone have a fave SGU fanvids on Youtube? All the characters have take huge leaps this season, I’m betting there is some good stuff out there.

  46. Give my congratulations to the CGI folks they did a brilliant job on this episode,.
    Love the sequence of the seeder vessel flying out of FTL an flying to the destiny rescue.

    Through I am not to sure where that sun came from.
    Telford needs to replace Young as commander ASAP.
    Wish we sure the Ursini in the episode face to face through.

    Love Chloe, I wonder what she have done to the ship.
    Thought the story was a bit thin in the episode through.

    I want the next episode, any idea when they are airing the 2nd part of the season Joe.

  47. Ok, Joe, what about this with Chloe: she won’t be permanently changed into a fully transformed alien, but instead the bio-engineering they’ve done will be ended by them once it’s done what they needed of her – to be a probe/transmitter/transducer – and then she’s no longer required…and either naturally, or by being saved at critical juncture, she’s freed, and back…but so much will have changed with relationships, for her transformational journey (& back) will have revealed and caused so much among the others, especially their humanity, or otherwise. Here we get more into an aspect of insight to other species, which is part of what she’ll be able to bring…greys and no absolutes – and so more of the relative place of Man, and these humans, as I’ve been exploring in a few Comments, going off on my arcs which, it would be interesting if they cross with the writers’ !

    Would be great to get your views.

    best, PJR

  48. Omg god loved it. Amazin episode. Great writing…. im failng my uni course cause i have had a hard time attending class becuase of travel dificulties. Ne words of encouragement ppl… joe… ?? Hope all the pups well.

  49. Joe – after my last post, I got to thinking about my own conduct in restaurants.

    Back when I was a kid I was painfully shy, and would never talk to the waitperson about my order – mom ordered everything for me until I was about 17. Not kidding. I literally hid behind the menu, or behind mom’s shoulder…I was extremely withdrawn and any sort of social situation made it worse. And I would only eat one thing when dining out – hamburger, or chopped sirloin. When I was 17 I went to France on a school trip – no family, just kids from school, none of whom were my friends. I had no one to lean on, so it forced me to speak up for myself. I slowly came out of my shell after that, and now you can’t shut me the hell up! 😀 😛

    So, after posting that bit above, I got to wondering how I behave in restaurants now. Since I got so talky, am I just as picky as Pendergast, making all sorts of odd requests? Well, not quite (I hope!)…but I do like things a certain way. I’ve brought my own tea to restaurants, as well as maple syrup (I won’t use that corn syrupy commercial stuff), and hot sauce. I have asked if food can be prepared a special way, especially if I’m trying to diet, or if I just don’t care for what the menu has to offer. Since we eat breakfast out more than any other meal, lately my thing has been grits – but I just don’t want plain, soupy grits in a bowl. I want firm grits, with fresh garlic and grated cheddar cheese, crumbled crispy bacon, and hot sauce. Mmm-mmm-MMM! It’s not on the menu, but at least I’m getting what I want, and not settling for something else.

    So, serious question, Joe – have you ever created your own dish while dining out? If so, what sort of off-the-menu requests do you make?

    Thankies. 🙂


  50. So? What? Tell us about Jelly! Please don’t wait till tonight! Hoping all is well.

  51. That was excellent. Many thanks to you and the cast for a job well done last night.

  52. I really liked this episode, great writing and acting! One thing that stood out on the negative side was the music, if only because the SGU soundtrack is usually so awesome. Did anyone hear whether Joel Goldsmith will ever be releasing an SGU CD?

  53. this episode was really good. classic space action, and a great cliffhanger.

  54. Joe, this was awesome! When Telford bolts out of FTL and totally cowboys it, I was amazed. then the thought hit me, eat that you haters who gave up on the show and totally started bashing the show for leaving telford…he was a plot device!!!! loved it loved it loved it…

  55. Loved resurgance, it was a (insert expletive) brilliant episode. The part with the seeder ship jumping in with ldp’s voice literally had me leaning forward in my seat with a big smile on my face. SGU is epic. More please!!

  56. How odd…it’s snowing in Mallozzi-land…

    E – !!!!!111111!!!!![one]!!!!

    ohboyohboyohboy…!!! ::skippity-hop!::

  57. Great ep, Joe! Ratings are in:

    HH Rtg: 0.7
    A18-49 Rtg: 0.5
    Total Viewers: 1.094 million

  58. I was recently gifted a copy of ayn rand’s atlas shrugged, it’s been on my to read list for a while. Anyways I got it and it’s friggin gigantic!! I hope to have it finished by the time you get back from your annual trip to tokyo….next year.

    also not sure if you heard but AMC is pretty much the worst channel ever now. They cancelled Rubicon, one of their highest rated shows ever. Now The Walking Dead has just let go of it’s entire writing staff. AMC might not have had anything to do with the last one, but they still cancelled Rubicon!!

  59. Not entirely surprised by Resurgences ratings. It’s not the episode, your episode was good Joe, just the network has failed to add a decent lead in show to get more new viewers. Guess in someways it’s good the show is keeping the audience it has, now if only Syfy would add some new viewers from alternate sources.

    I admit I was kinda erm surprised people were upset the show didn’t uptick, heaven forbid we all want it to uptick but in its current timeslot and with its lack of a decent lead in show, anyone that knows anything about ratings, yourself included Joe I would imagine would know that it’s unlikely to get half a million extra people in it’s current situation.

    SGU is a decent show being let down by the network it’s currently being broadcasted on. If it gets cancelled then if anything the excuse they make about its ratings will seem quite small because of their actions.

  60. By the way Joe, my second comment about the midseason finale break was just my way of adding a colorful way of saying the finale and the wait between 2.0 -> 2.5 will be cruel lol

    I admit I’m guessing that sounded really odd right? D:

  61. SGU is now starting to establish a pattern of delightfully surprising twists, while not losing topuch with reality (as lost had to to maintain the twists). Really good to see the SGU all working together. Quite excited to see a seed ship – what I wouldn’t give to see one in operation, actually placing a stargate….!

    I don’t think people should too harsh on Syfy, if it weren’t for them the Stargate Franchise would probably have finished after SG-1’s Fifth season.

    Come one we need that season 3 commitment!

  62. Somehow, snow falling on the Destiny crew in those short video clips doesn’t quite add to the drama. Is there a way you can turn that off Joe?

    @PBmom – thanks for being patient and waiting to discuss the episode until we poor deprived Canadians can see it. I hope you are feeling better, by the way.

    For anyone who is interested, I wrote a short article about very enthusiastic sci-fi fans for Wormhole Riders. You can read it here:

    Patricia Bertrand

  63. Well.. I watched parts again.. it was just me being critical.. I say an 8.5/10 lol.. dont worry Joe.. you are an amazing writer.. I still think awakening was slightly better… but only slightly.. these were 2 great eps. Keep up your awesome writing and producing.. loving season 2! 🙂

  64. Great episode.

    Chloe in her Terminator-like state gives me the chills.

    One complain, though: Ursini? Really? Sounds like an Italian shoemaker. Where did come from?

  65. @Randomness
    That’s true, in my opinion. What was the show SyFy had on before SGU in the past? Right now it’s reruns of STNG, which is sort of okay but doesn’t really bring a huge audience to itself.

  66. Hello Joe.

    Just wanted to drop by to see how Jelly was doing today? Hopefully doing better. She seemed to be on the mend lately and I was hoping her troubles were behind her. Sorry to hear that she is having trouble again. Give Jelly a big hug for he and let her know I gave her a shout out on my site. (if you check it out, I know… I have a boring life… 🙂 hehehe…)

    Anyway, I also wanted to say congratulations on a GREAT mid-season finally for SGU!!! I loved the story and the return of a great character, portrayed by a GREAT actor, and all around nice guy… I loved the cliffhanger at the end too… Can’t wait to see what happens. Any news on the Season 2.0 Blu-ray so I can re-live the season so far?

    Best wishes,


    PS how do I get rid of the “just another wordpress site” in my header and replace it with something personal? I’ve got a great name and need something that pops to go with it. After all, what’s a name without a great hook? 😉

  67. Thanks for all the VFX eye candy in Resurgence, it was totally awesome.

    Now if you guys could get a show going that has an SG-1 feel (fun, story driven dialogue – as opposed to the unnecessary personal crap drama in SGU that I for one don’t care about) and pair it with SGU visual effects….THAT would be super cool.

    Maybe you all can make a pitch for a show like that to NBC or FOX or something after the hopefully 5 seasons of SGU are done. Here, i’ll make a few calls… 😉

  68. Woah, that was an even better mid-season cliffhanger than the finale from the first season! I loved the bridge scenes (though it would have been awesome to see Chloe on the bridge, doing her magic), Chloe’s scenes at the end and T.J. visiting Varro (finally!), though the highlight were Destiny (and the seed ship) doing their crazy sun flight! 😀

    Speaking of the seed ship: Are we ever going to meet aliens that are actually human or decendants of humans from Earth? I’m just curious because over at stargateland@livejournal the Team Universe created a world called Navhic in the SGU-Universe with human decendants and they really thought about how the humans landed there.

  69. @Mercy

    If Team Universe ever want a writer like Joe to take a look at their work, they must splash public domain over the whole thing and get each team member to sing a public domain release. Other wise none of the SG writer can dare to look in case they use something (deliberately or accidentally) and then get in trouble for plagiarism or copyright violation – hence the SG team will not even read unsolicited scripts so that they can be sure they can’t be accused of stealing others work.

  70. Ok.. We are left with this episode which was awesome in and of itself, not to mention the rest of the episodes, yet I hear rumor on that they are canceling SGU???? What gives?

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