Hey!  Look at what I found at work today!

Ashleigh brought her parents’ dog, Flori, in for the day to help with the paperwork…

Anyway, she did very good work, organizing Ashleigh’s desk, sending out some documents on my behalf, even making an awesome cappuccino with a intricate leaf design on its surface.

She proved an instant hit with everyone, especially one Carl Binder…

Note – Flori doesn’t know quite what to make of the guy.

Flori on her lunch break.

Needless to say, Flori and I got along famously and I ended up suggesting she interview for the Executive Producers’ Assistant position.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for her!

Thanks to everyone who has made the enormous effort to get the word out about Stargate: Universe’s second season.  I see you all on twitter and your hard work is much appreciated.  With two more episodes before the mid-season break, let’s finish STRONG!  Tonight’s episode, Visitation, finds some old friends (see episode #213, Faith) paying Destiny a mysterious and unexpected visit…

Pop Culture Zoo’s Joseph Dilworth Jr. weighs in with his thoughts on tonight’s episode here: http://popculturezoo.com/2010/11/destiny-gets-a-visitation-on-the-next-stargate-universe/

Show Patrol’s Curt Wagner gives us a sneak peek and preview of tonight’s episode here: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/show-patrol/2010/11/stargate-universe-goes-twilight-zone-in-visitation.html

Meanwhile, WormholeRiders recently interviewed one of Visitation’s very special guest stars: http://wormholeriders.com/blog/?p=21038

Steve Eramo has an interview with Elyse Levesque (SGU’s Chloe Armstrong) here: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2010/11/stargate-universes-elyse-levesque-growing-pains.html

And an interview with Erick Avari (SG-1’s Kasuf) here: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2010/11/stargate-sg-1s-erick-avari-full-circle-heroes-star-trek.html

AND an interview with multi-Stargate series co-creator Brad Wright here: http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2010/11/stargate-universes-brad-wright-its-a-wonderful-life.html

On the non-SGU front, check out this fun site – Tales from Beyond the Pale – that offers radio plays for the digital age (http://talesfrombeyondthepale.com/).  Among the creepy entries is an offering from one of our former Book of the Month Club guests, author Sarah Langan.  In Is This Seat Taken? a “young man meets an alluring woman on the long Island Railroad and slowly comes to realize they have a common past… but maybe not the one she is recollecting.”

Let’s conclude today’s entry with a few production pics…

And some of you thought MY handwriting was illegible.
Space bison!
Will gives Brian some flying instructions.
Apparently, these are the chairs the astronauts use.
Looks mighty comfy, no?

58 thoughts on “November 23, 2010: New episode of Stargate: Universe tonight! Visitation! 9:00 p.m. on Syfy!

  1. Well I guess I’ll just assume that recording it is bad and just watch it live and record the re-run at 8. I’m actually watching it live as we speak. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.. Man I hate commercials haha. But for the Stargate Franchise, anything. XD

  2. Uh-oh….

    The scene between Chloe and Greer made Mr. Das all verklempt. Poor dear.


  3. Hi Joe! Great episode! I caught up tonight with last weeks episode as well, which was amazing I thought. Last week’s ep was so beautifully shot, what a great location you guys found.

    This former butterbar would like to point out though, that Scott, is NOT a butterbar, he’s a 1st Lieutenant. Butterbar’s are 2nd Lieutenants. Unless Greer was taking him down a rank on purpose?

  4. Wow, that ep had a lot of thought provoking stuff. I was glad to see the crew coming more and more together as they were trying to solve the mystery. Great job to the cast and crew!!!!

  5. Joe,
    Tell everyone involved on this episode that they did a great job. That is one of the most well written and acted episodes of a television show I’ve seen in a long time.

    I guess it’s “be careful what we wish for” with Dr. Kwan’s return. Did you all laugh maniacally at our expense in the writers room after you figured out how the episode leaves off?

    “You wanted him back, here he is. Now suffer.” *maniacal laughter*

  6. Great episode…and I agree with Mr. Das, all verklempt here too….

    and so goes the end of BAG…but we did not actually see his end…..

  7. Thank you for mentioning the twitter campaign, Joe! PG16, PG17, and PG18 thank you too! 😉

    Not sure what effects it’s having, but it’s just good knowing that I’m at least doing something to help support the show. It must go on!

    Meanwhile, I’ve got news! There is an online comic called Piled Higher and Deeper that chronicles the adventures of a couple of grad students in Stanford. As you can imagine, a lot of us grad students identify with it and it’s pretty popular.

    Its creator, Jorge Cham, came to Caltech recently and he is planning to shoot a series of shorts on campus – about 12 five-minute pieces or something like that – based on the comic. To do that, he and others auditioned people for all the parts both in front of and behind the camera.

    Well, I auditioned, and now you are reading the comment of one of the Lead Writers on that project! Woooooo! Yes, this is just the first step towards my ultimate goal: getting a writing job on a Stargate series! Muahahaha!

    Though, to be sure, I should mention the fact that most of the people who auditioned ended up getting the role they wanted, so maybe there wasn’t much competition after all. Still, if these shorts (which will be shown in several film festivals around the US) end up being good, then it’ll be a cool thing to have on my resume. I’m right next to Hollywood anyway, so who knows?


    @Mika: Hey Mika, a few days back you said you did research on Cosmology or something related to it. Did you work with Professor Mark Halpern at UBC or with someone else?

  8. Good ep – a little low-key, but that’s okay, can’t have things amped up all the time. Loved Greer. The only thing that is missing is a touch of humor. Not Atlantis humor, but a light moment or two would help break things up a bit.

    Off to read! Pendergast is calling! 😀


  9. Wow.. I’m speechless. Well not completely I guess 🙂 Very good episode… I felt like it was pretty different than the rest of the series. In a good way though.. I mean it wasn’t all that action-y, but it definitely wasn’t slow either. Hmm. Man, poor Chloe. I feel bad for her. I personally like her character. I mean she’s not my favorite, but I still have grown quite fond of her. 🙁 I think that this is going to kill Scott.. 🙁 Oh and nice job putting that Kino in the shuttle with what’s his name. Appearently they were listening. And nice to know he’s not going to die. (Hopefully) The thing that kind of confuses me is, with any race that is THAT advanced, you’d think they would be friendly and not be so… Well what’s the word. The kind of aliens that would put people back with their friends and kind of family, knowing they’d just die. How horrible is that!?!? Bring back the Nox! ;D Anyway excellent job. I’m loving the show more and more every episode. As always, well done, and have a good night. 😀

  10. I am SO going to check out radio plays for the digital age. I’m going to save the interviews for the back half of the hiatus. Gotta’ save something and can’t torment myself by partaking too early.

    @cat4444 – What? Furlings?

  11. Great story tonight by Remi Aubuchon. Great directing by Will Waring and great acting by the cast. I enjoyed the mystery and overall spookiness of it.

    E X T R E M E L Y * D E T A I L E D * S P O I L E R S

    I’ M * N O T * K I D D I N G *

    So, are you saying the baby died? Wasn’t the thought that the baby was back on that planet being cared for by the ones left behind? If they are all dead now, either the baby is too or it was never there. TJ was great in this story. Of course I “boo whooed” at the end. I loved the mystery of how they got back to the Destiny and what was wrong with them. I thought it was ghost-like and creepy. Very imaginative writing. I also liked that you did not show the alien that came to the planet and “tried” to help those left behind. I guess the alien just didn’t realize they were beyond help. My kind of drama. RIP BAG! 🙂

    What do those Space bison eat? The planet looked all rock.

  12. Space bison??

    I hope they try to catch some to eat… that gruel must get preeeeeeetty old on Destiny..

    They need a real good bbq.

  13. Question:

    So the events in tonights episode directly contradict T.J.’s vision. However, her vision had a strong sign/prediction suggesting it was true (the nebula). Will this ever be resolved in the series, or is it left to the viewer to decide?

  14. Joe,
    Back to the last episode-what does the crew of the Destiny do with all the bodies that are piling up?

    Tell me we’re not talking Soylent Green here, okay? 😀

  15. You wrote:” A more appropriate analogy would be – after losing your girlfriend to a tragic accident, you decide to start dating her cousin. This cousin reminds you of your ex-girlfriend but, very quickly, you realize that she is not enough like your deceased ex for your liking, so you start pestering her to dress more like her dead cousin, talk more like her dead cousin, and generally behave a lot more like her dead cousin. When she resists, you get angry and begin harassing her incessantly, stalking her online and wishing her dead as well.”

    Even more appropriate: your gf goes away for no discernible reason (It’s not you, it’s me?), but her uncle tells you this cousin with the same last name might be nice for you based on past interests. But you discover your time with her is dark, unfunny, and lacking in the empathy and fun you had with your ex. This gets expressed in various ways–some polite, some not, but definitely recurring two years in. The uncle says this is what you have, and you can either date her or go away. But first they’re going to beg you to get your family and friends to date her so she has more friends and will continue to hang around. The reasonable side of you says, fine, keep her around, I just don’t have to date her. But the main part of your heart keeps hoping your gf will come back at least for a short holiday so you can have some closure to the relationship. Because while the gf and the cousin share a last name, it’s by marriage, not blood.

  16. Visitation…after Malice, any episode would feel like a letdown. This one had a couple of powerful character moments for Greer, but overall it felt like a filler episode to tide us over until the midseason finale. Can’t say anything else without:







    Excellent performances by J. Smith, A. Huffman, E. Levesque, and T. Runyan. The highlights of this episode were two scenes. One with Greer and Scott where he basically tells him to stay away from Chloe because she would soon be the enemy. The way he talked to him, a superior officer, was pretty blunt and amazing considering what a by the book soldier he seems to be. He follows Young without question, yet he takes a different tact with Scott, who he obviously feels, although he is his superior officer, is not as experienced and need a splash of cold water to see what is really happening. The other scene, with him and Chloe, was his best work of the series. He truly is sorry about what he will be called upon to do, and asks for her forgiveness for it. Yet as sorry or guilty as he feels, he will kill her without hesitation if/when she becomes a threat. Powerful acting between him and E. Levesque. And her scenes with the kino, talking about Scott and Eli were so sad. She knows she is going to die, and yet she is more concerned about her friends, asking Scott to take care of everyone and to forgive Greer. And T.J.’s grief when she went into the shuttle and her baby wasn’t there was saddening. These scenes were enough to overcome what was basically a clip show, except we hadn’t seen them yet. The big question I have is: If Caine was still alive when the “light” came, is there a chance that he will not die. The others were all dead when the light came, yet Caine was barely alive. Is there a chance that T.J. can save him? And how come they tore that shuttle apart and only found the kino at the end. More alien “magic?” Although it was nice to have closure, both with the people left on the planet and T.J.’s baby, I just couldn’t get as excited for this episode as the last few. Can’t believe that there is only one episode left until the spring. From the clips it looks like a great one. Just don’t leave us with too much of a cliffhanger please! Can’t wait until next week. Bring on Resurgence!!!

  17. @Jean…the reason that Homeworld didn’t send someone to Destiny was that someone has to initiate contact with the stone and sit there waiting for contact at the other end. That is why we were always seeing Telford near the box in the beginning of the series. He touched the stone, and then when someone on Destiny placed the stone on the box they switched. There is always someone on “Stone Duty” at Homeworld, but I have never seen anyone on that duty on Destiny. When James placed her stone on the box there was only one stone on there, the one that Ginn used to switch with Perry. That is my understanding of it, someone correct me if I am wrong.

  18. The blue people’s writing is the ugliest script I’ve ever seen. All the characters are mismatched, they’re different sizes, they protrude and take up space in odd ways, and most of their individual shapes are awful.

    You know what? I kind of like it.

    There seems to be this thing they do in science fiction where all the human ships look terrible and the alien ones look much better—look at Babylon 5 or Halo. Stargate has kind of done a better job with this. The Tau’ri ships are still ugly gray boxes, but most of the ships produced by other human civilizations—like the Ancients and Ori, or Martin Lloyd’s people—are much better, and even have a sort of common “human” theme. This fits with how human technology works in the real world, where everything starts out ugly, then incorporates aesthetic principles as it matures. Think Apple II vs. Macbook or DynaTac vs. Samsung. There’s no reason to believe that humans would take aesthetics into account less than other species.

    Meanwhile, the blue people are cold pragmatists who build ugly rectangular ships, write badly, and dress in utilitarian black plastic clothes. (I will admit, though, that their little fighters are prettier than anything the humans have built.) The role reversal is a nice change from other sci-fi universes.

  19. Love the pictures of Flori, the dog is so cute!

    Also interesting episode tonight, gives you some things to think about and wonder about it, in a good way.

  20. Hey Joe,

    I am…booo…why do so many have to die? I just…sometimes feel I shouldn’t get attached to anyone in the show…that they will ALL die. There…what the crap? Couldn’t they just leave the baby there as a hope?

    I guess I do get attached to the characters…and maybe…get wrapped up in it all…more than I should. boooo

    Cheryl 🙁

  21. Haven’t seen the episode yet (due to Tuesday commitments), so am “la-la-la”-ing through the comments. 🙂

    @PBMom, so good to hear that you made it through OK! How great that your anesthesiologist was an SGU fan. You have to do it *again,* on the other side? Golly, Petunia, we’ll keep sending prayers! Hope you get the same anesthesiologist next time. Will Jeff / PBDad be doing Thanksgiving dinner for you this week?

    Miss Flori is adorable. What a sweet attitude she has. Carl is obviously smitten! Carl, what kind of dog(s) do you have at home? Joe, I’m guessing Ashleigh is either puppy-sitting, lulling you into a false sense of security, or both. Bet you’ll be missing your fur kids while you’re in Tokyo. Who will pug-sit while you’re away?

  22. @GuyNoir, saw your sharp send-up on the Tokyo tour in yesterday’s blog and had to smile. Ironic parody as an art form! Waited till today to observe… “GuyNoir” is actually a character in Garrison Keillor’s “Lake Woebegone” radio show. So… would you be a fan, or were we treated to an appearance by GuyNoir himself? 😀

  23. Huh, I’m starting to feel like the number nitpick of the month, Joe. Faith is not #213 ;), we’ve seen Faith, but not #213.

  24. Oh 🙂 Beautifull little Pug ! i have the same at home 😀


    I was disappointed with the episode last night … Why? Malice was so great! :'(


    Wow ! Space Bison ! miam ! very good space steak with pepper sauce 😀

  25. @Mimi – If that was a relationship based on reality, you’d seriously need to analyse your head to stay around in a situation like that. Yep, that’s still applicable removing the analogy. And as a Sister of someone who had their girlfriend die young and suddenly recently, he’s dealing with the reality of losing his girlfriend better than you are of losing a TV show…

  26. Joe,

    ECELLENT EPISODE! Congrats to Remi (sp?) for this one! Loved that little scene between Chloe & Greer, great Greer moment.

    I liked that Remi decided to show us a different side to Greer other than the ‘tough guy’ side we’ve been seeing of him.

    8/10 for me.

    Also another terrifc performance from Huffman!

  27. @dasNdanger

    I would say there was a great deal of humor in this episode. Specially involving Eli/Brody and Volker in the beginning.
    Even Wray and Young had two fun moments.

  28. As you are an executive producer, this question is actually a good one to ask you. I think. It seems to me (i don’t know about others) that SGU is very quiet compared to the commercials which provides for obnoxiously loud commercials when I’m not ready with the remote to turn down the tv. Is there anyway to make SGU a little louder so I don’t have to adjust the volume so much for commercials? I mean its not like a few clicks of the button its like half as loud as the commercials. 🙁

    Also, why has there been no word on when sGU will return? Based on where you are production wise, when could SGU return at the earliest? Will it probably be April again? Cuz that would stink!

  29. Coucou!! Comment ça va ?

    Moi trés bien 😉

    ..Il fait un magnifique temps today, ce qui est plutôt rare en ce moment, les 1er flocon arrive demain..sa fait plaisir =)…..il neige plus cette année du coté de Vancouver?

    Merci pour ces photos! Super concept art du “Space Bison” , très original!!

    Tiens je pense à un truc, pourquoi ne pas faire une version Sf de “Sur la terre des dinosaures”…un documentaire exclusivement reservé au extraterrestre et leurs modes de vie, ça peu être fun…si j’aurai de l’argent je ferai ça je crois!

    Bisou !!! =)

  30. Count me out of the “I make the best…..” competition. Got excited and made my dish this evening, then fell asleep after Human Target (Fringe is that exciting…hehe). Well it’s not really looking quite its best…the casserole lid is sealed shut..LOL….good luck to everyone else.

    Oh and Human Target was a Stargate rollcall this evening…Kavan Smith, Chris Heyerdahl and Josh Blacker – awesome!!

    Cheers, Chev

  31. @Mimi…

    And then one day the realization finally hits: Holy crap. I have been showing up at my ex-girlfriend’s uncle’s house for two years now, eating his food and asking about someone who – let’s face it here – is probably having the time of her life in the Caribbean with a heavily-accented sex god named Armando. She might show up briefly one day, with an awesome tan. Then again, she might not. Maybe my friends are right. Maybe it’s time to change my Facebook status to “single.” Let it go. Start seeing…other television shows. Sure, I may not be ready for a serious relationship yet, but that Warehouse 13 keeps asking me out and she is kind of cute, if a little goofy. It wouldn’t kill me to meet her at Starbucks sometime.


  32. Flori is adorable, aw! Was Flori having a fish head for lunch or was that a toy?

    I’m trying to stay awake until noon, when I do hope and pray that we will get out early for Turkey Day.

    I rubbed some Mango Chutney on chicken legs and pan roasted with some shrooms; where has Mango Chutney been all my life? It is lovely for making meat super tasty.

  33. You just had to go and kill off BAG, didnt you joe? who else is gonna feel the wrath of death on this show??? lol (and i know it wasnt you who killed him, but still)

  34. @ Prep – I guess I’m just missing it, then. 😛 (Won’t be a first for D as in Distracted. 🙄 )


  35. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    Thank you for the great updates on Stargate Universe that you provide and for your personal insights as well. We have had your RSS feed embedded on our site since the first day of operations in February 2009, but I often get so busy I forget to come by and leave a comment.

    Of great interest to WormholeRiders is how to obtain one of those latte making dogs who also sends out letters? WHR also have a mascot (Adria_the_Cat), but she is not capable of making latte’s nor filing and sending correspondence!

    The danged cat does however succeed in sending typographically incorrect tweets on Twitter of an unintelligible nature from time to time (if I leave my notebook or netbook computers logged in). Worse she has demanded her own Twitter account after learning that your dogs have one for goodness sakes!

    Perhaps you can arrange to send Flori by Aschen Transport Device to San Francisco for a visit to train Adria? Any consideration would be most appreciated! We need latte’s:-P

    We really are very concerned about the Balding Asian Guy (BAG) and that he lost his hair on Destiny! Now the poor fellow must wear the BAG CAP to his eulogy a billion light years from home!

    In all seriousness, Visitation was a superb episode laying the foundation cornerstone for a theory I recently expounded on at WHR. Thank you and the entire team of creators, actors, crews and support staff for all you do in SGU.

    In closing for now, thank you for the mention of WormholeRiders in your post about the link to our news story with BAG (Mr. Bill Butt). That is most kind of you!

    Best Regards,

    Kenn Weeks

  36. per Mr. Wright’s interview from the scifiandtvtalk link you provided…

    “Certainly one of the more challenging episodes we’ve done so far this year is Malice, which was written and directed by Robert Cooper and shot partly in New Mexico. This episode was inspired by a [1956] John Ford movie called The Searchers, and we shot on-location in a wonderful environment down in New Mexico called Bisti Badlands. It’s a postage stamp on this planet that looks like an alien world. The geography is bizarre and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s the most alien looking landscape that we’ve ever shot without using CGI [computer-generated imaging] or other techniques.

    It was an awesome location, however, I think Goblin Valley in So./central Utah is more alien looking. Perhaps a consideration for a future episode, yes? 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  37. Hey Joe, are we ever going to see or hear about the ORI on SGU? Really miss those guys.

    Hate to see them soo forgotten already.

    Ask you this and never got an answer so i make it simple for you, in SGU will ever get get more back story on the Alterans / ORI split? Did the Alterans find a Ascended life form and built the ORI religion around it or was there more to it.

    Do you ever feel quilty eating all those great foods while some of us are lucky to eat Taco Bell?

  38. I didnt like this ep as much as the previous. It had some good moments but I think its primary purpose was to give the existing crew another shuttle. The writers now have a few more story options with it. I cant believe those left behind on Eden werent able to survive. Were they all so totally clueless? No effort to build or find permament shelter? Did they think the shuttle was always going to be home. Well, no great loss in the end.

  39. Congrats Joe and SGU writers/etc. – you have successfully placed SGU into the level of a viewer’s subconscious that it effected them with a real-life like dream that they remembered very clearly when waking up. That’s me.

    Until “Visitation”, there has been zero conscious awareness of any elements of SGU in my dreams. Something about “Visitation” pushed the right buttons with the subconscious (and unconscious), invoking a vivid dream. Maybe it was the bringing back of the Caine people that did it. Maybe it was something else entirely. Subliminal messages interlaced within the show? heheh

    Anyway, the dream was very weird:

    Volker and Brody were outside the Destiny, without spacesuits, standing on some type of mobile platform – just big enough for the two to stand on – that had a forcefield around them. The platform was floating forward across the length of the Destiny, toward the ship’s “nose”. Near the very front of the ship, they noticed a device protruding from the top surface, it was part of the ship but they hadn’t found it on the schematics in the computers inside the ship. They did something with it, a signal-type beam of some sort shot out. After studying the device a few minutes their forcefield gave out, exposing them to the space. One of them made a b-line for a part of the ship behind them to open a hatch and go inside, the other one didn’t make it that far.

    Before I could find out what happened to either of them I woke up.

    And that was it.



    Okay, well, SGU is gettin’ in our heads. Nice job. 😉

    Have a nice day,

    Sean D.

  40. Das – Could you please send me an email? I went to send you one the other day and realised I don’t have your address anymore! I’ve had a lot of technology changes of late and it seems to have got lost in the transition 🙁

  41. Hey Joe. I’ve been loving the work you and the gang have done so far. Keep it up!


    1. How many times has Teal’c said ‘Indeed’?
    2. On that note, how many times have you been asked “is the movie green-lit?!”
    3. At the end of ‘Visitation’, we see that Kane in fact does live to tell the tale rather than die like his fellows. Or does he?
    4. Will we see any more of these aliens in the future? Perhaps they also detected the imprint or message inside the cosmic background microwave radiation and sent their own mission to find out what happened?
    5. Will we find out why the aliens are so interested in the Destiny crew being able to complete its original mission?
    6. Do the ascended Ancients know what the message contains?
    7. Are there any plans to implement current hot topic theoretical physics into SGU in the future? String theory, anthropic principle, negative energy being able to neutralize black holes or other fun stuff that goes boom!?
    8. You have mentioned before that SGU was brought forward to the network knowing what the end game was going to be. Based on ratings of course, what is the furthest extent that you’re willing to go to tell Destiny’s story? 6 seasons? 10? 4?
    9. Will there be any scientific explanations – be it in the database or pure genius on Eli/Rush and co.s part – as to why Destiny has taken the path that it has to reach the source of the message?

    Thank you for your time. Have fun on your trip! Oh! You and your traveling buddy should do something similar to this guy:


    I recommend doing it “Weird Food Purchase of the Day” style.

  42. well, missed last night’s episode thanks to work. so skipping comments until I can hopefully catch a repeat. or view it online. Loved the doggie pictures, loved Carl plus doggie, loving the links. one more day of work then I can indulge in some sloth time catching up. Appreciate your hard work/

  43. Hey Joe, so Ep 9s ratings are out, appears to have a 0.5 in the 18-49 demo matching Sanctuarys highest rated episode at 1.5 million. Doesn’t that kinda help the shows chances for survival? It has more than proven it has legs to stand on and on a potential new timeslot or new lead in show surely it could hit 0.7 in said demo?

    – 1.169 million viewers
    – 0.7/1 HH
    – 0.5/1 A18-49

    Incase anyone was wondering.

  44. Re Visitation:

    Wow – Lot’s of food for thought. It seems that benevolent aliens didn’t quite understand the thought projections of home from the crew left behind on the planet. Their minds might have shown a scenes of seasons changing, winter wonderlands, etc., but not, the fact that warmth and food was needed in order to survive. While they were able to bring them back from the dead, it was like the last survivor said, they were all brought back as shadows of what they were because they were missing their soul… So it looks like even though the planet might have been “manufactured” according to their thoughts, these humans might have been a science experiment – it might have been the first time that these beings came across humans. Reminds me of an ant farm, or even an improperly equipped zoo. The aliens meant well, but missed the mark and they tried to make things right by bringing the crew back from the dead and getting some solace from their own kind.

    So now I’m wondering if they’ll come across these aliens some time again, perhaps with a “Hail Mary” save just when everything seems hopeless.

    PLEASE don’t let the story finish off with a lame ending like LOST…. or have someone wake up one morning talking about a strange dream they had. You wouldn’t let that happen, would you?

    I saw an absolutely fascinating picture of the edge of the universe taken of what looked like black space, with no visible stars. The picture eventually showed hundreds of thousands of galaxies – Can you imagine the stories out there?

    This is why I love the Star Gate franchise – it’s in the present – I can identify with these people and what they’re going through – and I can dream.

  45. Happy Thanksgiving and a great chow-down to all the Americans. I do hope that you didn’t have any problems getting to the plane, if you had to fly.

  46. For folks who are interested in the ratings for the latest SGU episode Visitation (1.169 million viewers, 0.7/1 HH, 0.5/1 A18-49 from the TV by numbers web site). A slight uptake in the ratings but only marginally. IMO no change in the level of viewership.

    Just one more episode before Skiffy (AKA SyFy) makes a renewal decision. If one hasn’t been make already.

  47. I just got done watching “Visitation” and…

    Why does sci-fi always revert to the Deists (I won’t call Caine Christian because technically his particular faith is never revealed) being touchy feely flighty types? I happen to be someone of devout faith with a hardcore love of science. And yet, faith is always shown as being one of those really mystical things that no one really understands.

    I would argue that it’s the belief in God that allows the logic of science to exist. A belief in a Creator God means that you can trust that there is an ordered universe in which every time you drop a ball, it falls to the Earth (when the force of gravity…as it is defined…exists).

    I love SGU. I love sci-fi in general. It just seems to follow in these storylines that we end up with either a complete denial of God or some really spacey idea where we’re supposed to drop our jaws in some sort of incomprehensible awe.

    And I’m a little nervous about SGU because I really, really, really want it to be different and unique and throw me a curve ball…

    This episode, as spectacular as it was (and really, I mean that, what a great concept, aliens reanimating bodies, the way Chloe and Greer interacted, it was hands down, amazing) – as spectacular as it was…it’s giving me the same vibe which means that faith is treated like something that “rational” people don’t adhere to.

    Science and faith aren’t really at odds. It’s just our Western mindset that makes it so.


    Again – not giving up on the show by any means and honestly, I expect this out of sci-fi in general. It was still an excellent episode – original, intense, and one I definitely enjoyed overall. I *don’t* know where you all are going, so my rant maybe premature and completely unfounded. These were just my impressions as one single fan out of probably millions that never gave it another thought 🙂

    As always, thank you for a great series and great work (and for putting up with crazy fans like myself).

  48. Lurking again. Not to whine, but still having knee pain, and sciatic nerve on same side also painful.

    Have seen about half of “Visitation” via tape tonight but can’t stay awake. Crashing as of 8 PM CT /USA.

    Happy Thanksgiving to fellow US residents.

  49. I don’t know if this has been asked at all, and if it has forgive me.

    With the discovery of Destiny’s bridge by the rest of the crew, will there be any more of those great scenes by Rush/Gloria & Franklin?

    I really enjoyed them, it was a nice way to see Franklin as not “whiny” and helped get to the meat of Rush’s character when he wasn’t putting on airs for the rest of the crew.

    By the way, how does Mary handle what happened in Malice?

  50. Thank you for the space bison pic 😀

    But now I’m in a bind, I want one as a pet, but I’m also wondering if they would make delicious steaks…

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