Production on episode #220, Gauntlet, the BIG season finale continued today.  How BIG a finale?  Well, let me put it this way – the booming bass of the thunderous happenings on Stage 5 were reverberating all the way up to the writers’ room ALL AFTERNOON.  On a somewhat related note…

What hath wrought such destruction?

Beats the hell out of me, but I can’t wait to find out!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their thoughts on last night’s episode, #217, The Greater Good.  Carl (“You like me!  You reaaaally like me!”) Binder was thrilled to hear so many enjoyed his latest epic.

Fans in Canada have to wait until Friday night to check out The Greater Good, but they also get an extra treat when the entire cast puts in an appearance on Innerspace immediately following the show.  So, those of you in Canada, make sure to check out Stargate: Universe this Friday night at 9:00 p.m., then stick around for the SGU fun.

Also, thanks to those who have started weighing in with their thoughts on November’s Book of the Month Club selection, Christopher Moore’s Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story.  Keep those questions and comments coming!

Thanks to blog regular Arctic Goddess for this interesting link to The Meaning of Dog Barks.  Listen to six different barks and guess interpret their meanings.  I went 5-1.

My Snow Monkeys are on the cusp of serious playoff contention and need YOUR help.  This weekend, I’m starting Schaub over Matt Ryan, and going with monster RB’s Foster and Gore.  My wide receivers are a big question.  Which three should I start between: the underachieving Brandon Marshall (playing at home with a new QB), the overachieving Percy Harvin (playing in Chicago with a bum ankle and migraines), Steve Breaston (playing a weak ‘hawks D at home on grass but coming off a weak effort last weekend), or Dez Bryant (who scored two TD’s vs. the Giants last time they met, but is playing their tough D in NY this time out).


Lewis writes: “Which Stargate scientist do you think is smarter? Carter, McKay, or Rush?”

Answer: We’re talking about three exceptionally intelligent individuals but, if I had to rank them (and there are several variables to consider when doing so, ie. intelligence derived from book learning, intelligence derived from experience, application of knowledge to varied scenarios, etc.) I would rank them:

#1: Samantha Carter

#2: Rodney McKay

#3: Nicholas Rush

Kyle writes: “When Rush and Young went to the other ship, was Young’s bump into the doorway scripted?”

Answer: It wasn’t scripted.  However, on the day, writer/Exec. Producer Carl Binder was on set and noticed that the dwarfed size of the alien ship interior wasn’t really playing, so he asked Louis to include that little bump to convey the sense of tighter quarters.

Kassian writes: “Please, please can you tell me something regarding her story arc, because I love Julies charakter Ginn and it´s just heartbreaking what happened to her.”

Answer: What happened to her?  If you think you know, think again because this is science fiction, after all.  Anything can happen.  And will.

Nathan writes: “Those guards should’ve been completely focused. Any thoughts as to why there was no guard with him???”

Answer: Now that you mention it, that IS strange.  After all, we did establish the fact that all Lucian Alliance prisoners are only been permitted out of their quarters with an armed escort.  What happened to Simeon’s guard?  Hope he’s okay.  Well, guess we’ll find out next week. 🙂  I mean 🙁

Michelle writes: “Bloodsucking Fiends had me at the first sentence […] My only quibble was I felt the ending was a bit abrupt. I mean, I know what’s going to happen next, but there seem to be threads hanging, like the scientist and the poor Emperor, what will happen to Ben Sapir and whether Tom will be happy with his “new life”.”

Answer: I knew it was the first installment of a trilogy so I wasn’t that bothered by some of the hanging threads although, now that you mention it, the ending did feel a little abrupt.  Also, I probably missed it, but how did Jody figure out that Ben’s killing was altruistic in nature?  I mean, I know she was able to glimpse the foreboding dark aura of death in her victims, but how did she know that Ben’s victims possessed the same aura?

John M. Hammer writes: “I think that it has become painfully obvious that Rush needs to be replaced as head of the science team.”

Answer: You’re not the only one…as we’ll learn later this season.

Nate writes: “1.) Concerning the mission, since the Ancients have ascended, is it safe to assume they already know what the structure or message is?”

Answer: I suppose it’s safe to make that assumption.

“2.) The mission sounds like proofing of god or the creation of the universe being done by some form of life, how far off am I?”

Answer: No comment.  Answers forthcoming as the pieces of puzzle come together.

“3.) In a blog you posted awhile back you referred to having the ending of the show planned out…assuming the plan is to finish the Destiny’s mission…isn’t that a little to convenient, considering the Destiny has been going for millions of years then all of a sudden a group of humans show up and with in a few years Destiny completes its mission?”

Answer: All I can say is – nope.  Offering anymore in the way of a response would give too much away.

Devris writes: “How in the hell Simeon is not kick out of the destiny? What kind of justification are the HomeWorld security have to keep that lunatic onboard?”

Answer: Well, let’s just say Simeon can look forward to a stern talking to next episode.

E writes: “How did you come up with the idea of Destiny’s mission? You as in the writers.”

Answer: Actually, Brad and Robert had the idea for the ultimate mission.  We discussed it internally, ran it by our Creative Consultant John Scalzi, then decided on a game plan on how to introduce, develop, and, ultimately, pay it off.  Great things to come!

“Are the TJ flashbacks gone for good from “The Hunt”?”

Answer: Alas, yes.  In completing my Producer’s Cut 1 of The Hunt, I had to strip away the T.J. flashbacks.  Still, they’re self-contained and could be integrated into a future story provided we get that third season pick up.  Not using them here will push me to come up with another T.J.-centered episode next year.

Tim Gaffney writes: “The strange thing is that someone asked him a question about why you, Mr. M, hate him.”

Answer: Really?  Last I checked, the only things I hate are tabouleh and biting the side of my cheek.

JYS writes: “which restaurant in Vancouver has the best peking duck?”

Answer: Good question.  I like Fortune Garden on West Broadway and Imperial Chinese Seafood on Burrard.

Mr. Fartleberry writes: “Are you going to Toronto as part of the SGU delegation at the Geminis?”

Answer: As much I love and respect award shows with an admiration usually reserved for tabouleh, I’ve decided to pass.

DJ writes: “All production related issues aside. If you had the chance to do an episode featuring only one character out of the entire franchise, which would you chose, and why?”

Answer: Oooh, tough question.  If I could only choose one to feature, I’d probably go with Vala Mal Doran.

Cuper MacLeod writes: “Would buying the DVD sets have any bearing on a decision for a 3rd season pickup?”

Answer: Purchasing the DVD’s and episode downloads from iTunes may not factor into the network’s decision making process, but they certainly go a long to fueling the studio’s desire to ensure the show gets another season.

babancat writes: “And finally, will we see a return to ‘Weird Food Purchase of the Day’ … perhaps on your upcoming travels?”

Answer: Since I’m headed to Tokyo, you can count on it.

Greg writes: “What benefit does he gain from not telling anyone about the bridge?”

Answer: He could have many reasons for not telling anyone – 1) He fears Young could dictate the pace of the research, potentially prohibiting it outright like he did with the chair, 2) He doesn’t trust the others enough not to screw things up and prefers getting the lay of the land before allowing them access, 3) He wants first shot at Destiny’s secrets in the event he can make use of them to further a personal agenda.  To name a few.

69 thoughts on “November 10, 2010: What hath wrought such destruction? Take the Dog Bark Challenge! Mailbag!

  1. Mr joseph can you post pictures of the ancient recharging plate stated and partically shown in season 1?

  2. Great to see the show picking up the pace in terms of Destiny’s mission.

    Keep it up.

  3. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I’d love it if you took a couple of minutes to answer my questions when you get a chance.

    1 – Do you truly believe that angry SGA/SG1 fans are to blame for the low ratings for SGU? Or have impacted the ratings so significantly to go from over 2 million viewers live at the premiere of season 1 to 0.96 million viewers in the second season?

    2. Was it low ratings that caused the cancellation of SGA?

    3. If you believe that those angry fans had such pull to negatively affect SGU, then wouldn’t Atlantis still be on the air?

    4. What mostly does the network consider when deciding to renew or cancel a show?

    5. Cost wise, is SGU more expensive to produce than shows like Sanctuary?

    I truly hope that you’re able to clarify some of these questions. We’ve been debating all of these hot topics on the ratings thread for months now and it’ll be very helpful to have a few answers or at least hints. Thank you so very much. Hope you have a good day/night.

  4. Michelle said: “… but there seem to be threads hanging, like the scientist and the poor Emperor, what will happen to Ben Sapir…”

    I was okay with the Emperor – I got the feeling that the whole vampire thing was just one chapter of a long history of his defending his realm. But I hadn’t thought too much about Steve, the med student and his research – that is a pretty big loose end. Why introduce that thread if you’re not going anywhere with it? But I’m with you on Ben Sapir – I really want to know what’s going to happen to him. I found him surprisingly likable.

    Joe said: “Also, I probably missed it, but how did Jody figure out that Ben’s killing was altruistic in nature? I mean, I know she was able to glimpse the foreboding dark aura of death in her victims, but how did she know that Ben’s victims possessed the same aura?”

    Jody some private time with Detective Rivera, who knew that all of the deceased had been terminally ill and had referred to Ben as the “Euthanasia Killer”. I was thinking that she had picked it up from Rivera’s thoughts.

  5. I have to pull this off my chest.
    I am a little bit upset at the Scifi channel as I believe putting #SGU on a Tuesday night was an attempt to sabotage the show ratings on purpose. I understand the need to make money back from investments. That is totally fair capitalism.
    What is not fair is when actors/writers/producers/crew put all their heart, commitment – Everything – for the success of the show… the public is there (I estimate that #SGU is appealing to the same public than #BSG)… but the Scifi channel decides to sabotage its investment by scheduling the show on a deathrow time slot. How stupid could it be for someone to sabotage his/her own investment on purpose by putting it in the worst possible position to return money ? And its terribly insulting to the cast that is putting 200% into the show to make it good.

    I am usually a good loser. I would understand if #SGU was at the end of its life cycle after 5-6 seasons, just like Stargate Atlantis and BSG but its not. I would understand if the show was lacking chemistry and becoming chaotic and shitty like we have seen happening elsewhere (see Heroes’ chaos at the end), but its not shitty at all, the quality is there.
    Maybe I am missing the point the show should be appealing a broader audience than my demographic (35y years old geek male), that is possible. Still… I believe #SGU can appeal the same audience than BSG did (a friday night) and I am having a hard time accepting a schedule sabotage situation.

    Anyway, we are not in a canceled situation yet. It’s not there yet. It can still be turned around.
    Reason can still prevail at Scifi HQ.

    But I had to say all of the above.
    Big thanks to Joseph Mallozzi to have made SGU happening (Ostie que c’est un bon show !!)


  6. 1) In “The Greater Good”, when Rush mentioned those philosophical debates about the structure were those Ancients that contributed to the discussion later those who became the Ori?

    2) Would it jump the gun to equate the originators of the structure to be those aliens that built the solar system or were they an entirely new race like Ancienter Ancients?

    3) Who came up with the backseat driving scene with Dr. Perry, Volker, Eli, and Brody in the bridge? It was a rare hilarious scene.

    4) After seeing that abandoned and battler worn Ursini ship, is it safe to assume they and the Blueberry aliens aren’t the best of friends?

    5) Not to weaken that scene when Young berates Rush for killing Riley, shouldn’t he have mentioned Telford and Franklin, too?

    6) Was Simeon’s assigned guard, Airman Dunning?

  7. C’était vraiment un excellent épisode “The greater good”.
    Il faudra qu’il y en ait d’autres !!!!!
    Bravo à toute l’équipe de Stargate et spécialement à Carl Binder.
    I hope you understand my french joseph. ^^

  8. Now I know why I like you so much. One, you think that Sam rocks. Of course she does. She beats the guys hands down in the smartness category. Two, you happen to like Vala. Thanks for all the mailbag answers.

  9. Hi Joe,

    Good blog entry.

    “Purchasing the DVD’s and episode downloads from iTunes may not factor into the network’s decision making process, but they certainly go a long to fueling the studio’s desire to ensure the show gets another season.”

    If, god forbid, the network doesn’t renew the show, might the producers try to get the show another season via another network?


    Sean D.

  10. I’ve been looking at fan reaction to the latest episode, and I’ve discovered something:

    SGU Haters before this Episode: “OMG! SGU sucks so much! There’s no point to all this and no plot! Why did they cancel Atlantis for this shit!”

    SGU Haters after this episode: “OMG! SGU sucks so much! I hate the point to all this and I don’t like their new plot! Why did they cancel Atlantis for this shit!”

    I don’t usually ascribe to Internet Memes (except when used ironically), but no where else does the ‘Haters gonna hate’ line work.

    I thought the episode was great. I’m not sold on Destiny’s ‘mission’, and I’ve felt that Season 2 has been rather plodding and saving up all its big revelations for the last few seconds of each episode (a bit like what Lost did for so long), but I’m willing to give this new plot thread time and see where it goes.

    And I’m guessing that next week is Robert Knepper’s last episode? Such a shame… 🙁


  11. So Syfy is putting more wrestling on…and it’s going on Friday night. I don’t get it…and I detest wrestling….Is this why they switched SGU to Tuesdays? It just sucks!

  12. Hello Mr. M!

    Really enjoyed “The Greater Good”. Great acting all round. Robert Knepper is really good at being a shifty character.

    I don’t really remember most of what Rush said in regards to Destiny’s mission other than “Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation”. My research into the subject (that is, wikipedia) yielded a few useful pieces of information and I certainly hope a few of those are incorporated into whatever reveals are forthcoming.

    I have a few questions.

    1) If I understood it correctly, Destiny’s mission is to collect information contained in the CMBR, that is scattered around the universe? But how does one take a radiation sample or whatever?

    2) We have been introduced to a very advanced race of Aliens, the ones who built the Obelisk, and the ones who appeared to T.J. in her dream. Now, I’m not much of a smart man, but could it be that those same aliens are responsible for whatever’s in the CMBR? I mean, if they can build an entire solar system, complete with trees and such, it’s not that much of a leap.

    3) Will we ever get a Destiny-centric episode? It would be cool to see what happened to it during all those millions of years before Young & crew came onboard.

    4) Speaking of which, Destiny travels faster than light, but even then it would have taken the Ancients billions of years to get to where they wanted to go. Can you tell me what their plan was again? I seem to be missing this chunk of the mythology. Or has it not been revealed yet?

    Thank you for your time, and for the weekly entertainment.

  13. G’day Joe

    YEAH – Samantha Carter Rules. Girls are way smarter.
    Vala is such a great and funny character.

  14. @iom666

    I don’t believe the Syfy channel was to make the show fail. I think if anything everyone, including me and everyone else who posts on Joes blog thought Friday wasn’t doing the show justice and Tuesday could attract more viewers. It simply hasn’t happened.

    Before episode 1 aired, I remember posting on, well I’m not sure which entry it was that Joe made but I thought the show would get 1.8 million viewers lol

    Reality sucks but come on now, the channel can’t just pull the show off the Tuesday timeslot and put somewhere else during its first 10 episode run, it’d confuse casual viewers and everyone alike.

    One thing I do think has been badly done by the network is the lead in show. When a show is struggling to get live viewers you don’t just put a show almost 2 decades old to air infront of it. You put one of your big hit shows to see if it will keep viewers around for the following SGU episode.

    I would love to see the network air something like the new episodes of Eureka infront of SGU in the future if they don’t want to put back in the Friday timeslot. If you look at something like Persons Unknown, it dropped to 1.3 million viewers then I’m not entirely sure what program it was but it picked up 3.1 million viewers before dropping to a more respectful 2.8 till the Series finale. The show just needs to get more newcomers too.

  15. @and prefers getting the lay of the land before allowing them access

    Love that answer. It seemed obvious to me that Rush just wanted the time to get to grips with the ships systems and understand Destiny in general.

    With all the science team on the bridge chatting away, or being around in general would likely distract him lol

    He did come accross as an ass for putting A Perry in that situation, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her when everyone starts walking in and she’s like lost for words.

  16. Ah, Joe? You still (I told you a few days ago in comments) have your episode numbers wrong, if I’m not mistaken? “The Greater Good” should be #207, if you haven’t revamped the numbering system along the way ;).

  17. Hey guys, just posting to let you know that I made another trailer, much better than the previous one I posted here a couple months back. If anyone’s intrested, here’s the link, however there are a couple shots from season 2 so if you don’t want to be mildly spoiled, feel free to skip this post 😉

    What do you guys think?

  18. It is a pity that in assessing whether the series will continue or not only the current American audiences seem to be taken into account. There are also a large number of fans everywhere else in the world that the series really like and have to watch it with a delay of 12 months until the syncronisation in the foreign language is done (or you have to order the english version from Amazon). It would be nice if it were taken into account when deciding on an extension of that too, to exist here also still a market that settles back the money for a season – this product is selled world-wide, so look at the fans all over the world!

    Here with me in Germany for example is Season 2 ran even not at all (we have only Season 1 of SGU seen), but already looking on the ratings for Season 2 of America and praying that it will continue (who actually had the stupid idea to put the series on a really bad time for airing ?)

    Greetings from Germany
    (Of course all of the SG-1 and SG-A seasons and movies on DVD and already waiting for Amazon to deliver the first SGU season in german on DVD)

  19. Morning Joe, I really liked the episode Tuesday, great writing, the actors were all great, moves along very fast. Looking forward to season three, and hard to think about a finale for this season already, like I said it all moves very quickly. Keep up all the good work. — And get to packing, the trip is just around the corner. I hope your new(tokyo) hotel works out for you all. I know how we all love change. (yeah right!!) Well I am off to lunch so have a great day~ 😀

  20. Joe

    1) First off, tell Carl on mybehalf that he has been forgiven! Joking, of course. Anyway on to my question, are you guys happy with the Live + 7 numbers more so than the same day?

    2) Great news on the movies! Any more developments on that end? Are the new management interested in keeping Stargate alive?

    3) Speaking of the movies, can you share anymore tibits with us?

  21. “Oooh, tough question. If I could only choose one to feature, I’d probably go with Vala Mal Doran.”

    OH ! My God you are dam right. WE rewatched continuum yesterday . How great character to inspire great story and, more impartant, how great actress Claudia Black was in this character. For instance her play when she control Ba’al with the sword was fantastic.

  22. I’ve been a bit confused about how you refer to episode numbers. By my count, “The Greater Good” should be #207, not #217, but you’ve referred to it several times as such. And then the finale, which would be #230 by that count, you refer to as #220. So I guess my question is, are you using some internal production numbers that rearrange the episodes randomly, have you been making typos with episode numbers, or is it something else entirely?

  23. Re: Simeon’s guard. That was my only nitpick about the episode but I presumed it would be answered next week and cheers for confirming that.

  24. “If, god forbid, the network doesn’t renew the show, might the producers try to get the show another season via another network?”

    I second that.

    Also, in the worst case scenario, having the ending of the show planned out, would it be possible to publish it on your blog?

  25. Coucou ! ça va bien? moi oui très bien, c’est le 11 Novembre today donc jour de repos!! J’ai refait mon sommeil de toute la semaine lol!

    Dommage qu’il pleuve depuis une semaine ='(…vivement la neige et les fêtes de fin d’année:)

    Merci pour cette photo et ces q&a!

    Je vous souhaite de passé un bon week end!

    Gros bisou!!!!

  26. “The Greater Good” is my favourite episode of the second season thus far. The previous two left me feeling kind of “er..”; this week’s left me clamoring.

    Also, put me in the camp of people that love the Ginn character.

  27. Aaaawesome looking concept art. So, now we know whose ships will find…

    Thanks for answering my questions in the mailbag. Sad to hear/read about TJ flashbacks, tho. 🙁 But really loving Destiny’s mission. I can’t really comprehend what it all means, but physics students are thrilled over this, so it must be really really awesome.

  28. Loved the mailbag today! You answered some of the SGU episode questions I had but didn’t have time to ask. I can’t wait until next week, darn you! I hate waiting…….

    The ending of “Blood Sucking Fiends” didn’t bother me because, I knew it was a series. However, did anyone read Dean Kootnz’s last “Frankenstein” book? It had no ending!!!!! Extremely frustrating….

  29. I really like SGU but I have 2 complaints:

    1. Pls empower women a little more. For the last few episodes, women have been whiny victims

    2. Robert Knepper as a bad guy. So cliche. At least Rush as a bad guy is more grey. And I hope Gin/Amanda does not get raped because…well, see comment 1.

  30. I have noticed that some of the nay-sayers for SGU have been trying a new argument — The “I really tried to give it a chance, but I just didn’t like it” spin. Or the argument that it’s just not “Stargate-y” enough.

    Well, to those I say, Check out The Greater Good.. I agree that the show is finally finding its legs and how it fits into the Stargate world.

    My favorite scene was definitely when Eli, Volker and Brody came onto the bridge. Brings up how do you get a bunch of geeks really POed? And Volker had some quite funny lines during the ep.

    I read a lot of comparisons to BSG. Well, I hated BSG, but I really like Universe. I understand people who don’t like the dark, gritty look, but that wasn’t what I didn’t like about BSG, so that doesn’t really bother me. But I do think someone finding the light switches at times would add some lightheartedness. I do agree, even in dire circumstances, people find ways to lighten the mood.

    One of the things I like that others don’t seem to is the fact that the two people in charge hate each other’s guts. But they also realize they have to find a way to exist together and that’s what a lot of this episode was about to me: Rush and Young finding a bit of common ground.

    I also am amused by those who say that the writers/creators of Stargate don’t listen to the fans. I definitely see elements being added or used less in the show that I have seen discussed here on Joe’s blog.

    Think Carl had a Grand Slam with this ep!

    Joe, how are the dogs and the fam?


    WHAT???! You hate tabouleh??!

    Joey…you and I can no longer be friends. 🙁

    I am the MASTER of tabouleh! THE. MASTER.

    Of course, I stray a bit from the traditional dish. That’s why I’m the master. 🙂

    My tabouleh does NOT contain mint. It does, however, have a bit of lemon juice. Do I recall correctly, Joe, you don’t like citrus? Oh, RIIIIGHT. I can’t ask that question because I missed the freakin’ mailbag! A little warning next time, bub!


    Anyhoo…my basic tabouleh consists of:

    Bulgur (I like it well-soaked and tender)
    green onions
    Olive oil
    Lemon juice
    S&P to taste
    Dash of cumin

    And the pièce de résistance…OLIVES!! Either green, or kalamata, whatever I have on hand…sometimes BOTH!

    Now, doesn’t that just sound yummy??! (Oh, riiiiight, I missed the freakin’ mailbag! 😡 )

    I do not make the salad with cucumbers or tomatoes in it, but serve them on the side, to be added in individual servings if so desired. Both cukes and tomatoes alter the taste of the salad too much, especially if it’s left to sit. I like to make the salad a day – or at least a few hours – in advance. The way I make it, the longer it sits, the better it is!

    RE: SGU – I hate to say it, Joe…but the show has really grown on me this season. 🙂 Remember all that stuff I nagged about, stuff I wanted? The tension between characters? The conflict? The sacrifices? The questionable decisions? The bad guy coming through? The good guy going south? The consequences of one’s actions? And everything else? Well, the show has truly delivered!

    I may not talk about it much, but that’s because the only thing it lacks is someone for me to really gush over. Remember, I DID say I was shallow. 😉 If I’m not obsessed, I usually don’t go overboard in my analysis and praise/criticisms. (A good example of this is NCIS – I adore the show, but rarely talk about it.) Greer is still #1 with me, but he’s used so sparingly that if he was the only reason I’m watching, I would have given up a long time ago. 😛

    No, the show has really come through with so many of the things I like, especially now that most of the ‘relationship drama’ has died down. The show doesn’t feel like Brothers & Sisters anymore – it feels like SCIENCE FICTION! Thanks. It makes me happy. Of course, it will make me happier if the show gets another season, but I’m not holding my breath. I did, however, want you to know that I do now look forward to watching each week, something that I had a little trouble with the first season when I was in a more ‘take it or leave it’ frame of mind.

    Keep up the good work, and here’s to hoping we’ll get a third season!


  32. The Power of the Ori compels a third season. ;P

    Seriously though… it would be a shame for SyFy not to give you guys sufficient advance warning to wrap up the show properly.

    With SG-1, there were two years of building up the Ori storyline, and while Ark of Truth was fun to watch, and did resolve that story, I didn’t feel that the short time the movie had was enough to do wrap it up proper.

    Atlantis, I think, would have benefited from having a bit of time to set up the series for a transition to the movie format. (Though I admit that how we ultimately left Atlantis was kind of an interesting way to leave the show.)

    Even if it were an order for a handful of episodes to at least attempt a proper conclusion, i’d be happier.

    I know its not you guys that make those calls. Eventually SGU will get the axe, but I’m hopeful it will be on your guys’ terms… as in, when the show has run its intended course.

    It seems that more and more television is moving into a more serialized format. I like it, as it makes the shows I watch a bit more engaging. However I don’t feel the networks are doing a good job with their bets. Any new show is a risk. Will it find an audience? Yet when you’re making that bet on a serialized show, I feel the stakes are a bit higher. You wouldn’t put out a book that was half-complete, yet I feel like that’s what they’re doing with some of these shows.

    All I know is, that if SyFy dicks us around on SGU like they did with Caprica, that’ll be it for me and SyFy. I’m investing a lot of my time into their programming. I understand the pressures they’re under but they do risk alienating their viewers by starting these tales and not even attempting to finish them. Its one thing if you’re doing a series that you end up cancelling and the writers just happend to set up a cliff-hanger at the end before they got the news… (like Atlantis). Its something else when you go into it fully knowing that its a series that has each episode playing into each other, in one great arc (like Caprica and SGU).

    What’s your take on this apparent shift in the way shows are getting made, moving into a more serialized format where viewers kind of do need to tune in week after week to follow along? How do you think the networks need to shift their paradigms to mitigate their risks with new shows of this format, so as to give them a proper chance, but not alienate whatever audience those shows manage to capture before they get cancelled?

  33. The Dag Bark thing was pretty cool. I missed two – stranger, and don’t leave me alone. I shouldn’t have missed the stranger one, but when we had our dog ‘stranger’ and ‘I GOTTA PEE!’ sounded an awful lot alike. 😛 The ‘don’t leave me alone’ bark sounded more playful – I was expecting something with a bit more whimper.


  34. Since it seems a common thread, I agree that SGU is not shitty.

    Thanks to all Veterans who have served & are serving your country.

  35. PS Rob Knepper has done a good job over the course of his long career when someone thinks his being a bad guy is a cliche. As for me, I have always enjoyed watching the way he moves.

  36. I just wanted to congratulate you on what has been a stunningly good second season. This last episode in particular was one of the best Stargate episodes (in any iteration) I’ve seen in years. I will be amazingly, absurdly upset if Ginn dies, (I don’t really know if I can see Eli get kicked -that- much)… but again, thats really an accomplishment on your part, for making us care. All the gripes I, personally, had with the first season are gone, and your crafting a plot that would never have been possible under the old system. Sadly, I think the absurdities of Sci-fi moving you to Tuesdays, combined with a young demographic that tapes everything, will ensure the show won’t last past season 3 (I suspect it will get a 3, but only barely) . This saddens me, as it seems to be a show that deserves 5 seasons tremendously.

    Good luck and good job,


  37. Hey, Joe!

    If the Atlantis movie ever gets made, you’ve got to try and convince Jamil Walker Smith to play a Wraith in it! He would make such a great Wraith, it would be so fun to see what he could do with it.

    He could be Todd’s long lost son!

  38. Re: The Greater Good

    Hi Joe. I really enjoyed “The Greater Good”. It seems like the premise behind destiny’s mission has some things in common with Star Trek 5, where Spock’s brother takes the enterprise to the center of the galaxy to find a divine being.

    Is the similarity to destiny’s mission entirely coincidental?

  39. @ Lewis – Mmmmmm…Jamil with long, white hair… mmmmmmm…

    Make it so, Joe, make it so!



  40. I know you never claimed to be a Biblical scholar, but you are an expert on writers.

    Numbers 12:3

    “Now Moses was very humble – more humble than any other person on earth.”

    Is that evidence for or against Numbers being written by Moses?

  41. Hi Joe,

    You said that it would be a shame to cancel SGU early because you have the storyline all mapped out. Does that mean that you have the entire plot sequence mapped out, e.g. if all goes well, SGU will be x seasons long, with the finale coming in y years. Or do you just have the end of the overarching plot line designed, and you can drop it in at the end of whatever season you want, and draw the seasons out as long as you want with subplots in the middle?

    Connor P

  42. Sean D. wrote

    …If, god forbid, the network doesn’t renew the show, might the producers try to get the show another season via another network?…

    Afraid not. IIRC part of contract with Skiffy (AKA SyFy) effectively give them a veto to new production of a show they aired on a new network. If SGU gets axed then there will be no more new episodes, however movies might be possible.


    The reason why the rest of the world don’t matter to Skiffy (AKA SyFy) in renewing a show is that they get no monetary compensation from the rest of the world with exceptions like Battlestar Galactica (inhouse Skiffy production). Skiffy and the studio (MGM) are not one entity.

  43. I am so with you on the rankings of the smartest of the smart. Carter is number one!

    And Vala Mal Doran – as I said before, she is probably the only one who could show up on Destiny and be a solid fit. I miss seeing her. I loved SG1 and also loved what the show evolved to with Vala and Cameron Mitchell. Miss them, miss them, miss them……..!

  44. And some more about the episode “The greater good”.
    I started to really enjoy the episode when Young is looking through the ship window to see Destiny. The SGU piano tone started to play and at that moment I knew the episode would be exceptional. That piano tone is essential to the identity of the show.
    Also, what appealed to me is how Rush and Young explore the ship, how they arrive.
    Everything they do is logical, I would have done the same thing exactly, one with a weapon checking around for aliens, the other checking out consoles. Rush intention, though ill advised, are also logical, sometimes too logical and heartcolded. Young and the others reaction to the discovery of the bridge would also be my reaction. Clearly I do identify and relate to the characters of the show.
    I literally can project myself through the screen and I personally live the storyline.
    Although I don’t know if this is accessible to kids and elders. That could be the mistake of the show, to target too much a demographic (25-40 years old) while previous Stargates appeal was broader.
    If a Season 3 happens, you should definitely be careful to enlarge the demographic target.
    I hope it wouldn’t compromise the seriousness of the show, but being ‘profitable’ is a reality that needs to be reached so we could see more seasons.
    I may be wrong about Scifi intentions with the schedule, but you should always check what you are up against on other networks (at least try to guess).

    So fingers crossed very very hard, and I will help the @SGUAwareness for #givesguseason3 on Twitter.

    P.S: what is interesting is that MGM seems committed to Stargate, so SGU could maybe find another home if Scifi doesn’t want it anymore.

  45. The Greater Good was refreshing. I’m sold on the “there’s a structure out there that pwns all” but I’m sort of put off that the Ancients most likely know about it. That does really mean that they are all powerful and it sucks that Daniel Jackson knew about it…what? Three times to date? So, essentially, you have the Ancients, that know all, and I think that just makes Destiny’s mission near pointless.
    I’m excited for where this show is heading, though.
    Will we see the Lucien Alliance attack on Earth from the homeworld? I want to see General O’Neill and Teal’c and Sam and Daniel kicking ass…just…one…more…time….

  46. Joe! I just watched The Greater Good (I know, I know…almost a week later…)!!!! Please pass along my deepest compliments to Mr. Binder for that AWESOME ep!! The acting throughout was brilliant (I’m seriously loving LF these days–how amazing his he!?). Left me breathless. Seriously. Bravo!

  47. Hello Joe…

    Quick question..

    Were you refering to the movies at the end of your November first entry? Speaking of the movies, has there been any further progress or rublings?

    Still peeing myself from the epicness of the greater good.. THIS SHOW NEEDS A SEASON 3!!!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major Davis

  48. Now I’m missing words out Lol. I meant *I don’t believe the Syfy channel was TRYING to make the show fail* Gah going crazy =/

    Just wanted to point something out as people here obviously are doing a renewal campaign. Letter writing does get the attention of studios/networks. It did for Legend of the Seeker, unfortunatly some fans verged on annoying the Syfy channel into trying to get the show. But as long as everyone stays respectful just bombard Syfy with requests for a new season. Passionate fanbases are always worth their weight in gold.

  49. I have the champion of all barking dogs, the biggest mouthed, most vocal canine around (just ask my neighbors) – the beagle, and I missed all the bark meanings. Wonder what that means about me?

  50. @Montrealer – Would that be American re-production? Does the veto go across country lines? Maybe they could sell it to Space. Or how ’bout a third each from Canada, England and Australia?


  51. @Joe – What’s Canada’s ratings for SGU? I have a feeling that the number of viewers from Canada, England and Australia would out-perform the USA’s.


  52. Hey Joe,
    I had a question, a couple weeks back, 2 I believe, there was an episode in which LT. Scott had 2 marks on either cheeks that looked really similar to the Wraith’s second nostrils. What the heck was that??

  53. @Elminster

    IRC the veto is for any TV broadcasts.

    And Skiffy (AKA SyFy) will not allow any one else to produce new broadcasts of SGU. It’s a trend that networks adopted recently to not to lose face if someone else can do better on a faltering show. You will notice that there are very few cancel shows that got move to a different network lately.

  54. So then….when the ancients named the ship destiny they weren’t talking about their own destiny of completing the mission…but some how knew the crew from earth would be there to see it through, so it’s earths destiny to complete the mission. I know I’m gonna have to wait to find out but that’s what I got from your response to my question! How close am I?

  55. First off, hi Joe! How’s life been for you? Oh and thanks for answering my questions 🙂

    So a couple thought. First, I absolutely LOVE Vala. I’m in the process of re-watching SG-1 and I think I’m getting close to the episode where Vala has that psych eval, I LOVE THAT EPISODE. I’ve went back just to watch that one episode several times and died laughing every time. Kills me. The part where he’s asking her what she thinks of when she looks at random blobs and she’s saying things like respect, courage, and honesty, that part gets me every time. I think she is definitely in my top 5 favorite characters from the Stargate franchise.. But how do you choose between SG-1 and Col. Sheppards teams… Lets not forget General Hammond, Elizabeth Weir, and Richard Woolsey.. Loved them all. But Vala just was a character outside the normal characters. She really made the show amazing.

    Anyway second thought 🙂 I forgot to mention on my comment from yesterday I was shocked to see Rush save the Col. I was amazed that he actually kept his word.. I mean wow. I was with the Col when he laughed after Rush said I give you my word… That episode was absolutely amazing. I mean from the very beginning to the end.

    Thirdly. I would be so disappointed if SGU got canceled right now. Don’t get my wrong, it was OKAY before.. I never thought it was bad, just not near as good as SGA. Anyway, last night was just incredible. I really feel like that should turn the show around, but unfortunately, an episode being good in the second season is not going to help because people would’ve already gave up by then.. Just plain depressing. If the show gets canceled that’ll be absolutely terrible cause of how good it’s getting. And plus we’re just starting to build on Destiny’s mission.

    I know I’ve been kind of repetitive about SGU getting canceled, but it should only underline how strongly I feel about this. It’s to good of a show to cancel. Lol. Anyway have a good night all.

  56. Also, it would be very fitting that stargate started by getting rid of false gods only to find the proof of a god or creator! I haven’t sold myself on the idea of that being the direction of the show. Way to go Carl you got me curious!!!

  57. Tuesday’s episode was great! Keep up the good work.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for season 3.:)

  58. Oh yeah, forgot to say who I thought is smarter..

    I would say Mckay and Carter are pretty equal. Mckay solved so many problems and knows so much about Atlantis.. But then there’s Carter who got SG-1 out of SOOO many situations because of how brilliant she was..

    That reminds me in Atlantis’s episode.. I think it was “The Lost Man” where Shepard gets sent forward in time to Atlantis.. 64,000 years I believe. And Mckay is telling (showing) what happened. Where Sam died still gets to me. I feel absolutely crushed watching that because of how great a character Sam is… 🙁 Good thing it was changed.

    Anyway I guess it would go
    1. Carter
    2. Mckay
    I still think those two are really equally though..

    And 3. Rush (I think Rush is smart, but not THAT smart, and besides I don’t like his character very much)

    Now that I think of it I don’t REALLLY like any of the characters from SGU, except Gin. >.> I can’t believe your killing her off 🙁

    Anyway once again have a good night. 😀

  59. Oh, Joe…whenever you get around to your next mailbag… 🙄 …I had asked a week ago, or so, if you had read any of the Preston/Child’s Agent Pendergast series. As you know, I just read Relic and LOVED it, even though Pendergast was only a secondary character. I just really liked the story – it was a breeze to read, it was scary, it wasn’t pretentious, it was fun, and it was all subtlely science-fictiony…something I really like. Have you ever read the series? If so, what did you think?


  60. Oh, for crying out loud…missed the mailbag again! 🙄

    I’m really quite bad at this ‘ask Joey a question’ thing. 😛


  61. Good Job with ‘The Greater Good’, just proves even more how little you can trust Rush – why I wouldn’t trust him with a code and a Sajuuk. The concept for the Graveyard that you have is very interesting, kudos to the artist – if only I could have done Work Experience for SGU, ha ha lol seeing that I live in AU. I had a look at the graveyard with my trained eye, is that one of the brown alien ships that we saw in Episode 207 – interesting, good to see progression of story complexity.

    The concept for the BA ship was in The Greater Good was also extremely good. Looks like they’ve annualized an early ancient ship and loosely based the interior and the chassis off one that was possibly captured. Looks similar to a few of the Homeworld 2 designs, and a Narn vessel, well okay, the red does give me that picture, odd ain’t it.

    Jeez, the crew of the Destiny should of spaced that tosser Simeon, if he puts one finger on Amanda Perry/Gin, Rush is going to go ape shit, of which I’m sure he does. I’d love to sneak up on him in the process in an Alien suit and freak the bejezuz out of him.

    SGU (B5 and BSG) has actually inspired me to create a fan fic similar to it called ‘Homeworld 3 Universe’, when a Hiigaran flotilla is hurtled to another galaxy (Sombrero, and that was before I discovered what galaxy the Destiny was in during season 1 part 1) and must find a way back to M51.

    I’m very impressed with SGU and how it is going, so keep up the good work, don’t give up (don’t listen to those strange American Critiques) and can’t wait for Episode 210 ‘Resurgence’. If you need any help with concepts in the future with SGU (next 5 or so years after I’ve completed Uni), then count me in, I’d be happy to help.

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