Great news!  My hitherto winless Snow Monkeys are about to notch their first Stargate NFL Fantasy League win.  By this time tomorrow, they’ll have clawed, chewed, and poo flung their way into a three way tie for last place in our division, looking ahead to next week’s big match-up against the (looking-like-they’ll-be) undefeated Tim Holtby’s Milita. Led by quarterback Matt Schaub and running back Arian Foster, and anchored by RB’s Frank Gore and Jason Snelling (not to mention a wide receiving core made up of Brandon Marshall, Donald Driver, Lance Moore, Percy Harvin, and Dez Bryant) the Snow Monkeys are the fourth highest scoring team in the league – with the bad luck of having the top three highest scoring teams in their division.

Speaking of numbers, here’s something interesting.  This past Friday’s Canadian premiere of Stargate: Universe’s second season was up 16% over the season one finale.  And yet, south of the border, the premiere was down 19% from the season one finale.  Very strange given that the two are usually in sync.  So what gives?  I suspect the move to Tuesday nights may have taken many of our casual viewers by surprise.  Well, hopefully word of our new night has finally found them and we’ll see a bounce tomorrow night. Meanwhile, more evidence that A LOT of our fan base download the show.  SGU is the #1 t.v. season download on iTunes Canada and in the #4 slot on the U.S. iTunes (last time I checked).

Pictures from work…

High school has always been cliquey. For as along as I can remember, it was always the jocks, the nerds, the preps, and the Lucian Alliance.

Lisa from accounting all dressed up for the beginning of the new school year at Hogwarts.

And more casual but no less magical looking.

Creepy-looking, no? And the doll too.

Mike Dopud (a.k.a. Varro).

Jamil Walker-Smith (a.k.a. Master Sergeant Ronald Greer)

So last night, I had a weird dream (as opposed to your standard, run-of-the-mill dreams that are simply a reflection of your daily life where absolutely nothing odd occurs).  In the dream, I’m running a bath.  It’s an exceptionally deep tub as I suddenly realize that I’ve inadvertently submerged two turkeys.  As I rescue the turkeys from the drink, I’m horrified to discover my dogs are in the bath tub as well. Fortunately, I’m able to fish them out in time, one by one, saving all four.  So, dream therapists, what does it all mean?  I should mention that on the run-of-the-mill daily life side of things, all four pooches have been dealing with health issues: Jelly is recovering from her stem cell therapy and slowly regaining use of her hindquarters, Lulu has just gotten over a recent ear infection, Maximus requires surgery to deal with a nasty cyst on his upper eyelid that has bled out on three occasions already, while Bubba will also have to go under the knife to address some pigmentary keratitis that, if left untreated, could leave him blind.  I don’t actually own any turkeys but, if I did, I’m pretty sure they’d be dealing with health issues as well.

Started work on the script for Gauntlet, our season two finale.  Five pages down; only forty-five (ish) to go.  Ideally, if I continue on this torrid pace, I should have a first draft completed for the week of the 19th.  Of course, ideally, I should also be ruler of my own independent principality commanding an army of super-intelligent robot chimps but obviously things don’t always work out quite as planned.  Yes, to the army of super-intelligent robot chimps but, sadly, no to the independent principality.

58 thoughts on “October 4, 2010: Snow Monkeys Rule! SGU numbers! Pics from work! Interpret my dream! Gauntlet!

  1. Well, Joe, the dream is probably anxiety based. You want to make sure you’re taking care of the dogs, but since you might not be that familiar with all the medical stuff, your mind is translating that into something you can handle. (saving them from the bathtub)

    Funny you should say that about the super intelligent robot chimps. In our homeschool this week, my younger son is learning about writing a science fiction story, and one of the other students whose mother is part of the same beta test group that I’m a part of wrote a story about super intelligent robot chimps.

    Have a good night and looking forward to SGU tomorrow night.

  2. My pities to the doglies. It’s always terrible to have to take them in to the vet for surgery or other things (along with being terribly expensive even with doggie insurance!).

    Can’t wait to see the new episode of SGU — I’m going to try to drag some people over and have a little party!

    Good luck with the script — writing after midnight always seems to work for me, but you may need more clarity than the haze of ingenious crazy that tends to descend after midnight. On the other hand, you could argue that the inhibitions and inner editor are erased after midnight which helps mightily in the writing process. At any rate, good luck from one writer to another. I’m sure it will be great.

  3. So happy to hear that the numbers are good for the second unveiling. Personally, I don’t think that a SciFi program should be compared with other genres. The fan base is too different from the ordinary. And maybe only the shows with the highest numbers should be shown on regular channels– just speculation… I really don’t know what the answer is.

    I know that a lot of shows are being and have been cancelled after one or two episodes. Tell me how that makes sense. I hesitate starting to watch new shows because of this. I really don’t have much respect for tv execs and their off the wall decisions in cancelling the more sophisticated programs in favour of mindless reality claptrap and silly and over-acted sit-coms.

  4. Is Gauntlet the final title for the episode?

    I was thinking Gauntlet is a good placeholder title for a huge portion of TV episode plots so it should be saved for the times when you finish it up and nothing else has occurred to you yet. (The same goes for feature films and the title Serendipity.)

    Your dream. That’s easy. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving, the harbinger of a busy holiday season. The turkeys represent the details of holiday tradition. Just when those things are demanding your attention, you realize you have more important things to tend to this time around.

  5. … pooches are jumping into a bathtub full of water (representing health issues) and almost drowning. But you, their loving daddy, reaches down and saves them… Pretty straight…

    How is you sister’s Siberian? Did he recover from knee surgery?

  6. Your dream…

    A bathtub indicates a need for self-rejuvenation and liberation from daily troubles. Your dogs’ health problems are troubling you, and you feel a bit overwhelmed right now. You also probably need a good massage and spa treatment. The turkeys could symbolize several things – gratefulness, a ‘turkey’ of a purchase, or some lighthearted moment. However, since these ‘birds’ were in your tub of ‘daily troubles’, they may represent the women in your life. Perhaps you’re having trouble making a choice because you want them all. Either that, or you’re sick of vegetarian dinners. The fact that you saved them all from the water suggests to me that you see yourself as a ‘savior’, a superhero, perhaps, and you have trouble letting go.

    Now, how’d I do??


  7. Well! I just did a search on Google for Mike and discovered that he was the runner from SGA. He stood out then and I had always hoped to see him again. Thanks for bringing him back… good stuff.

  8. Canadians Rule!
    I’m hoping that when the USians catch on that the show has moved to Tuesday, that it’ll take a leap upwards. (Take that, you doubters!)

    Now onto the dream….let’s face it, that’s just flat out weird and no amount of therapy is going to fix that o.0

    That being said, it is going to be Thanksgiving in Canada soon – expecting a great deal of company to show up in a hurry?

  9. Truly creepy on that picture with the doll. The only thing creepier would have been if Carl and the doll had worn(properly sized version of) each other’s clothing.
    No idea why the ratings were down. no idea how they determine the ratings anyways. I’m just happy when the ratings work to keep my favorite shows on. Having missed last week’s premiere I’m counting on the repeat tomorrow to play catch up. And maybe miracuously improve the ratings.
    With the tokly outing rapidly approaching, how are you going to time the surgeries? And it sounds like the dogs are in line to dress up as pirates this Halloween, what with all the cutting up and patching up going on.
    Thanks for the early post. Now, get back to work on that script. We musn’t be deprived of funny videos, snarky comments on the state of the world, and delightful photos of the pooches just because you are having to settle in for a marathon writing session.

  10. Damn it, I thought you were talking about David Hewlett’s Evil Snow Monkey Movie!

    Dream analysis: The tub is your life, you try to fill it with water which symbolizes something enjoyable (soaking in a tub) but there are things that you haven’t dealt with getting in the way of your enjoyment, symbolized by the turkeys. You are not emotionally attached to these things, but you must deal with them nonetheless. These could be things like parking tickets, trip logistics. So you try to take them out of your life/tub. However you find that there are other things in your life also to be dealt with, things that you are emotionally connected with. These are symbolized by the dogs. These could be relationship related, family related, work related. You must deal with all these things, emotional and not, before you can enjoy your life.

  11. Ouch, sorry to hear about the puppies issues. Hope you are able to get them relief.

  12. The dream: perhaps you have a deep-seated overly-worried tendency toward your munchkins, the dream could be a sign that if you worry too much that they’ll pick up on it and have a negative psychosomatic effect on them as well, whereas you could alternatively cast some of that worry aside and let them see it so they, too, will have less to worry about. 🙂 Or something.

    On another note…

    How ’bout some traditional American jazz music in an episode of SGU? 😉

    Sean D.

  13. “Firsties”?

    Hello Joe.

    Sorry to hear that ratings were down in my neck of the woods. As a blog regular, I was well informed about the news and watched live on Tuesday. That said, I also watched it in demand later in the week and wonder how on demand viewings are factored into ratings?

    Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

    Best wishes,


    Ps. I am sure you are sick of hearing fans ask but do you know if there has been any news on the movies?

  14. Please…just tell me it doesn’t talk to him when he’s alone in his office….


  15. you need to also breed an army of inteligent pugs to sidekick each of your chimps robots , there poo make for a nice secondary weapon of smell ;-). you need to give Eli a pug on stargate universe onboard the destiny, have it run around and causing disaster by seating in the wrong seat or chewing on exposed wires 😉

    Btw you might need a second veterinary opinions, just so you dont get to pay for uneeded procedures 😉

  16. i’ve just now discovered the wonders of watching sg1 online. to be exact.

    oh my, but what a wonderful show… 😀

    (((stargate sg1)))

  17. Okay, fhat doll is now going to give ME nightmares! Now I know why it was facing into the corner.

    Hmmm. The dream – sounds like a combination of impending Thanksgiving dinner concerns. (Are you planning on boiling the turkeys?) Plus of course you’re concerned about your dogs. Then again, I’m the one who had that weird dream about Carl (or should that be that dream about weird Carl?) so I’m probably a poor one to analyze!

  18. The ratings for Canada is meaningless unless Bell Globe Media (parent company of the Space Channel) is funding SGU.

    As expected with adequate on-air promotions by SPACE, you get decent ratings.

    However the SGU ratings on Skiffy (AKA SyFy) Tuesdays will probably dwindle from the season premier level like most TV shows.

  19. Your dream: It suggests familiar surroundings – home, dogs, routine. You are loyal, generous, and protecting of the dogs and your friends. You are concerned with getting the dogs to safety. The turkey means you may be acting foolishly or not thinking clearly. This all means you are getting a little stressed right now because you are not dealing with issues quick enough. Take care of each dog’s health problem and your sense of normalcy will return. (Just be thankful they are not talking to you – yet).

    And the picture of creepy Carl and his doll…no wait…that’s Carl and his creepy doll, means he is finally ready to admit to everyone that he is a member of the Marie Osmond’s Doll of The Month Club. Good for you Carl!

    Mike Dopud is certainly NOT creepy looking! He is ruggedly very handsome.

  20. Boy, some vet is gonna get a nice winter vakay this year!!

    Hope the pups feel better soon!!


  21. > ideally, I should also be ruler of my own independent
    > principality commanding an army of super-intelligent robot
    > chimps

    Well…. You have us.
    – KB

  22. StellaByStargate wrote, “Please…just tell me it doesn’t talk to him when he’s alone in his office….”

    Who do you think is writing his scripts!?

  23. *peeks out from Lurkdom*. Will do my best to watch first SGU airing tomorrow. Small confession: Nielsen recently sent us an invite, but we didn’t accept, being security-conscious. *ducks into hiding*

  24. hey,

    Do you watch Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer? Do you ever eat such exotic foods? I enjoy your blog because you show such wonderful foods. In a some ways I eat vicariously through you without paying the ridiculous prices you must pay for the food. It would be fun to see you eat such foods. I suspect your tastes are more similar to Anthony Bourdain. You simply seem like the kind of guy with a pretentious palate. p.s. – tell the harajuku business chick that her outfit was lasciviously smexy. Please wear it again and again 😉

  25. So I finally read Downfall and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It had me trying to guess the outcome the entire time. The ending was unexpected but great! You need to write more short stories for our enjoyment!

  26. My my, Joe. I knew that Super Mike would be back as Varro, but seeing you confirm it warms my poor little heart. Thanks for that. He is the best!!!!

    Freud would tell you that your dream was sexual in nature. You can pretty much go nuts when you combine turkeys, dogs and water, and you have a very vivid imagination. Personally, I think a lot of your weird dreams are a result of your profession. You have to think outside the box and come up with really alien scenarios. So, your dreams are going to reflect that. Dreams have a great deal to do with what happens in your day. Some times they help you work through problems and sometimes they are just…well, weird.

    How’s that for dream counselling?


  27. Are you sure that dream wasn’t caused by seeing that creepy looking doll? Come on, there’s gotta be a story behind why Carl is in a photo with some creepy looking doll.

    “army of super-intelligent robot chimps”–Where do you come up with these things? And why hasn’t this been featured on Stargate yet? You could work them into the season finale somehow.

  28. Okay … why super intelligent robot monkeys? Why not something more devestating to the psyche like super intelligent robot tofu?

    Let’s look at it this way:

    Super intelligent robot monkey – does not fling poo, flings hybrid dung. Then eats well oiled banana. Gets together with other super intelligent robot monkeys and type out dissertation on Shakespeare to the shock of many college students.

    Super intelligent robot tofu – simply stares you down until you blink, then explains to you in no uncertain terms that it can eat you well oiled or not when you least expect it. Gets together with other super intelligent robot tofus to form a Ultra Large Super Intelligent Robot Tofu that can combat all forms of space menaces. (Or is that menaci?)

    Which of those would send more shivers down your spine than Carl holding the freaky creepy doll?

  29. Ummm… yeeesss that is a creepy doll.

    Pulling your dogs from an exceptionally deep bath tub would indicate that you’re helping them out of a difficult situation. Helping them by not only keeping their heads above water but helping them on to dry land. (Hopefully all of their health problems will be made better.) Perhaps, you’re rescuing turkeys from drowning because you recently ate vegetarian food. I don’t know, just a thought.


  30. Joe, there was some guy in Australia who was able to break off and form his own country on a technicality, the Principality of Hutt River.

    I don’t know about the land ownership laws up there, but don’t let the dream die without trying.

  31. Good day Joe, not sure about your dream, with your vivid imagination, I could not hazard a good guess, are you planning on cooking turkey for any reason.? I do wish the pups well and hope their problems are fixed soon, sending positive thoughts their way and hugs. You are a good doggy daddy. How is Brie doing and her brother(sorta).?
    You have some mighty fine looking people working with you there at Bridge, on screen and off, thanks for sharing. Has Carl named his doll? ok, ready for it to go backwards in the corner again, spooky…maybe its the eyes, is that something Carl made in ceramics class, bad idea, hah.
    Good luck with the script writing.

  32. I’m sure you’ve already told us this once, or twice, or thirty times, but … where did Carl’s doll come from? And why is he keeping it? It reminds me of a combo between Holly Hobby and Chuckie.

  33. Dreams are best analyzed by the dreamer, and I think you already made part of the connection yourself:

    You crave the stress relief and pleasure of a hot bath, but worries about the health of the pups interfere. Your ability to rescue the dogs speaks well for your feelings of still being in control of the situation.

    As for the turkeys, it depends on how you feel about turkeys. What comes to mind when you think of the word turkey: inept person? theatrical flop? delicious meal? great Bourbon? unique and attractive bird? Once you’ve analyzed those feelings, you’ll be able to figure out whether the turkeys are the ladies in your life (as das suggested), worries about the show, people at work or just a craving for poultry!

    I’d just like to add in passing that Mike wears leather quite well…

    @das: does that leather outfit remind you of anything?

  34. And the thunk threads go wild! 😀

    Can’t believe it’s already time for another new episode of SGU!! I expect to be blown away. But since it happens all the time with this show, I surely won’t be disappointed.

    Glad to hear “Intervention” did well on Space. All we can do is to hope ratings will uptick for “Aftermath” on Syfy.

  35. The turkeys could mean that you are thinking of the holidays. All of your mom’s and sis’s food, yummm! Do you think they could include recipes with those pictures this year?

    Sorry about all the critters being sick. Hope they are better soon.

    I loved the new episode of SGU! They were finally united against a foe. So I’m hoping numbers will go up tonight. I’ll do my share!

    We pre-ordered the new Kinect! I’m hoping to try some yoga or Tai-chi with it.

  36. I noticed many of the comments from an article at GateWorld said that many did not know of the move from Friday to Tuesday. SyFy did have some commercials running stating the change, but I’m sure that many of those that don’t watch shows completely live, missed them. I did notice that SyFy aired an unexpected SGU marathon all of last Tuesday. Maybe if they would do more to promote such things it would have gotten more people into the swing of things.

  37. I think we are pretty much in consensus.. The dogs are clearly health issues you are helping with… the turkeys due to the damned vegetarian food. 🙂 and the doll NEEDS to face the wall for obvious reasons.

    Sorry the pups all having issues. I keep swearing going go space out dog ages so I don’t have all sick/dying in same time. So very hard to see them sick.

    Joe, do you all get the same Tues line up we get on regular TV? The competition is so stiff in USA. What SyFy needs to do is move to the new age and count DVR and 2nd showing.

  38. As I said before Joe, I think SGU needs a decent lead in show to get higher figures. Like say Eureka which is due to come back in the near future. Haven is a good example of a show propped up by Eureka viewers. Sure okay adding a couple of hundred thosand viewers from Eureka to the total doesn’t seem entirely earned but if it can keep the show alive, why not?

  39. Minor question, did Icarus base orbit HR8832 (a K3V star 21.28 Light-years from Earth)?

  40. Ahhh, so nice to see Varro in his traveling leathers. Have I mentioned how tickled I am that Mike Dopud is on SGU? Just sayin’. Don’t want to jinx it and have him get carried away by space raptors.

    My sis the SG1 fan was drawn into SGU by my obsession with B.A.G. (yet another miracle performed by B.A.G.) and all was well until she decided that grumpy Greer is her fav character. WTF?? Turns out her SGU dream team is wildly different than mine, worse yet she didn’t remember who Eli was, yet she knew Greers name. Grrr.

    This is a good thing, BTW. She loved Teal’c and had no use for Shep, while I thought the sun rose and set on Joe Flanigan’s bedhead. We would have come to blows if it weren’t for a mutual understanding of Ronan’s awesome pecs.

    So now again we are watching the same show and she apparently nibbles on crazy shrooms while enjoying SGU.

    Pretty sure I heard on the news that 19 percent of Americans fled to Canada last year to escape the recession and political strife.

  41. Oh yes, the dream, forgot to give an interpretation. Ahem. In dreams typically when your relationship with water signifies how you feel in your real life. Being in a bathtub but emerging fine means you know you have challenges but are handling them well.

    Usually in dreams one may have babies or small children to care for and feel overwhelmed trying to deal with or save the babies. Your babies are dogs, so it stands to reason that your pups stood in for your many resposibilities. Just when you got someone else’s project done (the turkeys) suddenly you realized you were behind in your own projects (your pugs). Rescuing them successfully again means that you are juggling both your own and other peoples duties, but you are handling them well.

  42. Hi Joe, I haven’t commented in a while, I just realised.
    The first ep of the season was pretty good, looking forward to the next one as I hear it’s just warming up.

    Also Jewel Staite recently tweeted “Guys, pls watch #SGU 2nite @9 on Syfy. Even tho they STILL haven’t had me on (hint), they’re an amazing cast/crew who deserve your support!”

    I remember reading a few* words about the awesomeness of Jewel somewhere around this blog, so I would like to repeat that hint 😀

    *footnote: or perhaps a super-post’s worth of words 😛

  43. Late check in for me… spent time at dad’s house packing treasures. I will not send Limoge and Belleek and Imari or even Lennox to the thrift shop, nor cranberry glass or blown glass antiques or vintage Japanese porcelain… and on and on. I will not. My nieces are idiots for passing up wonderful memories and beautiful things.

    Go Snow Monkeys! Go Snow Monkeys!

    Can we put Creepy Doll in the bath and leave her there?

  44. Hi Joe,
    If you had read that little book by Allan Hobson I sent you, your wacky dream’s meaning would be clear – interpretation is pointless and the dream content is vivid, bizarre and non-sensical. A classic REM sleep dream!

    Aftermath last night was awesome. I find that so far Season 2 is more exciting and interesting. The episodes have a different (and better) feel to them. The Young/Riley scene was very powerful.


  45. Joe

    As one of the Stargate Fans, I would start watching SGU, if you and the others would have Joe Flanigan as Shepperd on in a recurring role. We miss Flanigan as Shepperd. That would make it more interesting and even continue the pairing of Shepperd/Todd which is what it looks like on the DVDs and on yutube for Extinction. Do not kill Shepperd, that would ruin it for his fans.

  46. Interesting 🙂 Taking into account your previous blog entry , I’d say the most probable interpretation seems that it is somehow related to your vegetarian experience of the previous night (BTW I am not a vegetarian).
    No joking, dreams can be like that, blowing up a little
    something into a big thing…
    Of course this is pure speculation because only the dreamer can interpret a dream based on their knowledge about their own life, and trying to match the feelings of the dream with similar feelings in real life.

    What made me think of it is the animals in it, especially turkeys – typical christmas dish – making the connection to your “secret vegetarian santa”. It could be that as a side-effect of the vegetarian dinner, you as a non-vegetarian had to secretely deal with the concept of vegetarianism. For example some residual inner guilt or confusion related to the fact that you are both an animal lover and eating them, or some teasing comment on the matter from any present vegetarians could have “seeded” the dream.
    So the dream could mean e.g. that you congratulate yourself on having saved some animals by your extraordinary vegetarian efforts of the previous night…or exculpate yourself for eating them by the fact that you are taking such good care of your dogs…or deal with the fact that when you eat meat animals would die for the sake of your enjoyment/comfort (“the bathtub”). It could also be mixed with anxiety that you might be feeling for your dogs at the moment. So any of this rings true? 🙂

  47. Your dream indicates loneliness.

    The turkeys represent thanksgiving and the fact they are drowning associates negative feelings toward the holiday which is usually spent with loves ones. The dogs, the loved ones you are trying to save, is the rejection of the loneliness.

    You eventually save all four, you have subconsciously saved your thanksgiving.

  48. I don’t like plotholes. So it would be great to have an explanation of the following in future episodes. Or did I maybe miss something? Thank you very much for your time!

    – How come during million years Destiny was never taken/boarded by Aliens? That puzzled me seeing how obsessed everyone including the blue aliens is with it, how vulnerable the ship was to the blue aliens’ hull-cutting device, plus the hull has plenty of access-providing holes already.
    – Is there a plausible chemical reaction by which the collected carbonate restores the air system and produces oxygen? To me it seems pretty implausible that such a little amount of carbonate could last that long.
    – They must have long run out of soap, shampoo and detergent. How do they manufacture it, otherwise all crew should have greasy hair by now. And how do they clean clothes?
    – Apparently everyone boarded with only one set of clothes. I hope it can be explained why in a season 1, everyone suddenly had a set of standardised jogging shoes, shorts, shirts?
    – After the water system had been infected with bacteria, how did they manage to clean it? Cleaning must have been pretty tough given that each pipe leading to each tap must have been infected, and I was almost expecting this to be the secret weapon against the invaders who other than the crew were not immunised yet.

    P.S. you might try to advertise the series amongst the Harry Potter audience, there are some parallels such as flawed characters.

  49. I will watch SGU when you and Sci Fi put SGA Extinction on. Most of the fans on this side of the border want Todd and Shepperd together. I think they have a future together. Please do not leave us hanging on a cliffhanger. The way to get me as one of the fans is to maybe continue it on SGU and if you are not going to make anymore SGA movies, Send Todd/Shepperd off together to start a life. Do not kill the movie, but finish The Todd/Shepperd story. Then I can watch SGU. Also I hope to get it on DVD.

  50. Ratings: Unfortunately, I’m quite busy during the week. So, even though SGU is now on Tuesday, I still watch it on Friday (or later that weekend).

    I wonder how many others timeshift SGU as well?

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