Tonight’s the night!  Stargate: Universe returns for its second spectacular season!  In the season premiere, Intervention, we answer the questions left unanswered in last season’s finale, learning the fate of the injured, the near death, and the as good as dead: Colonel Young, Chloe, T.J., T.J.’s baby, Scott and Greer.  Well, if you watched the SyFy promo, you already know how the Scott/Greer thing turned out, but the rest of tonight’s episode offers plenty of surprises.  Make sure to tune in!

Two weeks into the new television season and we’re bearing witness to a developing trend: a drop-off in ratings for returning shows.  Surprising?  Not really.  Much the same story as last season.  And the season before that.  This, of course, begs the question: “Where did all the viewers go?”  The obvious answer is: “They’re still there, you idiot! They’re simply choosing to dump the soon-to-be-antiquated habit of watching live television in favor of PVR, downloads, and internet streaming!”.  Some of the figures I’ve been hearing about with regard to Stargate downloads are downright staggering.  If we were able to incorporate those numbers into our overall count, we’d safely double our (live + same day) ratings.  Alas, at present we do not possess the technology that will allow us to include them.  No, finding a way to incorporate these online viewers into the big ratings picture is something that has eluded our puny human minds.  Unlike, say –

Self-tying shoes:

Dancing robotic swans:

Parking lots that will park your car for you:

Curvey escalators:

A robot capable of teaching itself to fire a bow and arrow:

The mobile treadmill:

But I have faith.  Someday, somewhere between finding a cure for cancer and an inventing a perpetual motion machine, someone will invent a system that will ensure all viewers are counted.

Until that day comes though, make sure to watch it when it airs!  Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!


Unfinished VFX screen grab.

So I was leaving set at around 7:00 p.m. last night when I received a text from Akemi informing me that she was at Meinhardt, a local gourmet grocery store.  I thought it odd given that she was usually home by six and offered to swing by and pick her up.  She sounded rattled.  About twenty minutes later, I met up with her and asked what was up. Turns out, a couple of weeks ago, some guy started chatting her up while she was downtown.  Shy but ever polite, she exchanged a few words with him then hurried on her way. Then, last night, while she was taking the bus home, the same guy got on, took a seat beside her, and, again, tried to engage her in conversation.  She was quiet for most of the ride and quickly got up when she saw her stop approach.  She got off – and so did this guy.  As he headed off in the opposite direction, she started for home, only to have this weirdo turn around and start following her.  Rather than head home, she elected to go to a nice, public place.  At some point along the way, he turned off so she spent about an hour wandering the aisles of Meinhardt until my arrival.

I was pissed.  I told Akemi to text me the next time she finds herself on the bus with this guy and I’ll make sure to be at the bus stop to greet them both when they get off.

Okay.  Now go watch our show!

100 thoughts on “September 28, 2010: Premiere Night! Stargate: Universe Returns! Season 2! Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m.! On SyFy!

  1. Hey Joe,

    I read your paragraph about ratings. I think SGU can do very well tonight. W13 left off with high ratings so people saw the ads and likely know about the move.

    So let’s hope for the best.

    Heck, if Sharktopus can pull in 2.5 Million viewers, I am sure SGU can do well also. :p


  2. Poor Akemi, hope she’s okay. There’s some horrible and creepy people in this world. Probably best next time something like that occurs that you get a few more people to come with you Joe. Just incase.

    Anyway for anyone randomly viewing Joes blog but doesn’t view Gateworld. There’s a Dave Blue(Eli Wallace) chat tonight just before the episode airs, if you can’t watch live go over to Syfy connect and chat lol.

    Not sure if you’re doing ratings predictions Joe but I think this ep will get like 1.8 mill viewers. Dunno for a while been thinking you know 1.8 mill. I’m probably wrong. But am sure that Caprica will fall flat on its face and will get cancelled before Christmas.

    Anyway echoeing some others here, GO SGU!

  3. Sigh

    As a Canadian i’m feeling like i’m being moved to the back of the bus since we don’t get to see the premiere until Friday…and +3 nights for every episode after 🙁

    Means i’ll probably have to time delay reading your blog which I really enjoy reading for the forseeable future. I’ll have to do the same thing for Gateworld and related sites.

    I could cheat I suppose and read the stuff online, or download it somewhere. But having done that in the past with BSG, I found myself to be unsatisfied after finally seeing the show having been spoiled utterly.

    Will just have to play it by ear I guess 🙁

  4. Being female, I’ve had things like this happen through the years. Akemi did the right thing staying in public. Her only mistake was being nice to him. Some guys think NICE is a come on. Some times it’s hard to tell the crazies from the norms. Is it legal to carry pepper spray there?

  5. I’m curious to see how the ratings do on Space. We watched the premiere of Smallville up in Vancouver, and every commercial break had a spot for SGU. How do the numbers on Space compare to the numbers on Syfy in general?

  6. Ten minutes till show time and of course, dogs are wanting to go out, in, out, in, drinking water, spilling said water, husband’s running around making all kinds of noise, etc.

    Poor Akemi, she must have been so frightened. If you do happen to catch the guy, get some video, we’d all love to see it 🙂

  7. I’m watching the Show! and I am going crazy I will reply properly here after the show.

  8. SGU starts airing next week in the UK – I think. 😉

    I hope that Akemi manages to get rid of this guy – there are some strange males in this world. 🙁

  9. What’s happening to Chloe really reminds me of what happened to Sheppard.. Although wasn’t his super healing abilities like immediate? I wonder how she got infected..

  10. Joe, the thing with Akemi and the guy….that doesn’t sound good to me, at all. Okay – maybe it’s just some harmless guy who’s looking for a date, but it could also be some obsessive dude who will keep escalating his behavior. Please take precautions, k?

    Also, you didn’t say how you liked your altered picture I posted yesterday. I thought you looked quite fetching, and artsy. 🙂


  11. Tell Akemi if the guy’s just being annoying and not getting the clue to completely ignore the guy, no polite responses, no kind ‘No, thank you’s- just pretend he’s not there. I learned this from my 5 years riding the NYC subway. Creepy guys thrive on any kind of interaction, but will soon grow bored of absolutely no response.

    Alternately, if she feels truly threatened, she should pull out her cell phone and call 911 right in front of the guy, even if she’s still on the bus. People like that should not think they can terrorize people and get away with it. Also, there is always the chance the guy is truly a wacko that is looking for someone to hurt. I’m a social worker, and though people think social workers are all bleeding hearts and think everyone is good at heart- My years as a social worker has convinced me some people are truly just bad people that cannot be changed.

  12. that last scene with TJ was a sign from the builders of the planet, that the baby was with them. Very trippy?

  13. Wow what a great season premiere.. Wonderful idea about showing TJ back on the planet in “Faith” I think it was. And then at the end when you see that thing in.. Space.. Wow.. Gave me chills. Awesome job. :D!

    I really wish you guys would of left SGU on Fridays. That was kind of a nice thing to get me though the week haha. It was really nice.. But at least this way we didn’t have to wait 4 more days.. So that’s something.. And I do agree with your reasoning on moving it to Tuesday, but it still sucks lol.

    Really watch for this creepy stalker guy. It’s situations like this that end up escalating. Just call the cops next time. Regardless of where you are. This guy must be dealt with.

  14. Hello Joe.

    GREAT JOB!!! My congrats to you and the rest of team! I enjoyed the premiere, but there is one thing that bugs me: the Lucien Alliance woman working the consoles, where do I know her from? I have seen her in other shows before, but can’t place it… Lil help?

    That said, back to the premiere, I love how it didn’t pull any punches, depending on what you believe… No spoilers here. Just wanted to say Great Job.

    Best Wishes,


  15. Hi Joe! Enjoyed the episode. Especially the song at the end. What is the name and who is the artist? Thanks!

  16. Terrific premier. My favorite episode of SGU to date! I must say that TJ is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, and she was written beautifully in this one. I very much enjoyed the intrigue with the unknown aliens. Sounds very ancienty to me…

    Anyhoo, one quicky: any chance Col. Caldwell could make an appearance? He happens to be another character I really enjoy(ed).

  17. Great ep! I really liked this one. Didn’t think I would, but I did. I liked the mystery surrounding the baby, I liked the suspense, I liked the mystery surrounding Chloe’s wound, I liked seeing Greer in action :D, and I liked the defections and stuff. I even got a bit teary-eyed at the end – I think that may be a first for me with this show. But what I liked the best…the lead-ins to the commercial breaks. 🙂 MUCH smoother than the abrupt scene endings from last season, and I think that made the show seem a bit more polished.

    A very good start to the season…very well done. Kudos all around!


  18. @Bryan M White

    If you’re speaking about Ginn. That’s Julie McNiven, you might remember her from Supernatural, Desperate Housewives and more.

  19. Had the baby thing figured out as soon as I saw the log cabin 🙂 Nice episode, enjoyed it, and like Das, got a little teary. Have a great night!

  20. Won’t ruin SGU with any spoilers before the rest of the world gets a chance to see it, but great job! You’ve got the best crew out there. It is looking it’s usual fantastic self.

    When you go to the bus stop, dress in a black suit, black gloves, black trench coat, black sun glasses. You know, your classic mafia look. Take Bam Bam. He’s your bodyguard. You say nothing, just stand there looking at the guy while Bam Bam looks menacing. Then the next time take 2 bodyguards (not Carl), Bam Bam and, oh, Remi looks a little mafia-ish. You got to put the fear of God into the guy.

  21. She is from Supernatural. She is not Sora. Same red hair though 🙂

    Joe- LONG time reader first time poster.

    What was with the moment with Brody at the end? For a second I thought Franklin showed up, but no, just a weird look from Brody.

    Great ep! Thanks!

  22. @ Deni – We could just blame the ‘teary’ bit on perimenopausal hormones. :p


  23. Okay now that I have properly read your blog the first thing is your last thing.

    Why not have someone with you while you wait for her at the stop. Make it some one big and preferably black. (It works well here in America.)

    Now for fantasy land to butt in on that, I see Christopher Judge waiting alongside you while you greet Akemi at the station. Chris looks over and raises an eyebrow. Fantasy over.

    Reality hits, well here’s hoping that she no longer has to deal with her stalker. It is possible that the next encounter will not be friendly.

    On to the show, nice wrap up, and there was a crazy guy. Love it when the crazies get a gun and forget they aren’t the only ones with them. Ha, Ha, Ha…

    NO really the VFX shot is a dead give away, obviously someone is getting sucked out of a blown view port, and I kinda feel sorry for the fella.

    And since the gate building ships look like they are without the little pyramid on the stern, can we call that the Quarter Deck? Anyway, I think that was the Destiny that gets blown, and everyone migrated to the gate-factory/ship. And that is what they crash land on a desert planet. Is it possible there was a planet with vast deposits of Naquadriah within the path of the Destiny? Well I won’t know anymore until the show shows. I am looking forward to it all.

    I can’t wait for all the explodeys and when they finally get command of the ships systems only to get it blown up by those blue aliens, well…sucks to be them

  24. Aww, sorry Akemi you got followed around!!! Yikes! Joe way to be an awesome dude with the “next time she rides the bus, I’ll be waiting at the stop” …

    I’ve been trying to figure it out, what is your relationship with Akemi?

    Also, in one of my communications classes we learned that some Middle Eastern cultures, basically, if a girl he is interested in engages in conversation, that means she is also interested in him. So it could be that, or he could be a flat out creeper that needs flattened!

  25. that was a great episode! Thank you! Looking forward to the next ones!

    PS. I DVR-ed it. Sorry – i don’t know how that affects the ratings but my schedule doesn’t allow me to watch it otherwise….

  26. Excellent episode! Definitely worth the wait. Thanks to all for a job well done! Can’t wait to watch it again. Tomorrow.
    Good night all.

  27. Wait just a darn minute! What is Akemi doing riding the bus? Buy her a car, ya cheapskate!

  28. I’d like to post some thoughts Nomi and I had regarding TJ and the baby, but I’m not sure what the spoiler policy is, especially given the Canadian viewers.

    But I feel it’s safe to say that it seems likely other pregnancies are bound to happen on Destiny. Otherwise I’d be wondering why not.

    Let me know when it’s okay to post spoilers.

    As for the guy who followed Akemi, I recently read the book The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker, and he has a few chapters on stalking behavior and how to discourage it. Hoping it doesn’t come to that, but you might want to read the book.

  29. Old stargate would have been like “chloe is somehow magically healed from a bullet wound? lets figure this out!” but alas, the ship was under enemy control, crew was put off world, and other matters at hand put this aside, guess we gotta wait till later in the season!

    good episode nonetheless, im very much looking forward to the rest of the season. i am curious to find out if TJ and Cain was actually happening/real or all just a dream? Dont know how to comprehend it, and im very much looking forward to Rush discovering the bridge.

    keep up the good work!

  30. Joe, this season premier was absolutely fantastic. I only wish i had a nielsen box so that my viewership can count more. Keep up the great work!

  31. Woohoo! It’s back!
    Excellent episode! What’s up with baby Carmen though? Dream/hallucination/ascension? I hope she’s not some weird miracle alien baby, we’ve had enough of those. Anyway, great work to all involved and let’s bring on season 2!

  32. What an awesoome premier! I was so into the episode it surprised me a couple of time when the commercial came on. Great performance by A. Huffman. I don’t know if her “journey” was real or not, but based on the ending I am choosing to belive it was. The question is if what she saw in the sky meant that they were close to the planet or it was just an way to give her some hope. I thought R. Carlyle was great as well. He always seems so calm and cool about making sacrifices but if you look close enough you can see how his actions would have really caused him some regret, if he had to carry them out. I was also really surprised at who the “shooter” was at the end. That was something I completely was not expecting. I wish they had made this a two-part episode, I would have really liked to see more of the crew on that planet, how they would have survived. It reminds me of the Voyager episode where the ship was taken and the crew was left on a hostile planet. That was one of the best episodes they made, you could have had half of one of the episodes on the planet with the crew. That is the only grip I had, that the resolution seemed so quick, one 43 minute episode doesn’t seem like it was long enough to resolve what took almost 3 episodes to build last season. Now the question is similar to Divided, how do you co-exist with people that betrayed you, except in this case they also hurt and killed you friends. I hope this is not rushed, that it is a story that goes through at least the first half of the season. We had to wait so long for the story to resume, now it seems like far too long until next week…bring on Aftermath!!!

  33. Joe,

    I know you have no control over the distribution of SyFy and SGU, but just thought that you should be aware that Comcast just moved Syfy from their Standard Cable package to their Premier cable package.

    Syfy in my area disappeared about a month ago and I have been working with Comcast for about two weeks now trying to figure out what’s going on. They just sent a tech to my house today, who told me on arrival that they moved the channel to a different package that requires an extra fee of $10+/ month. I have no idea why the customer service reps couldn’t figure that out on the phone, but allas. I guess it’s true and doing a search online it appears this has been happening in phases across the country over the past couple months.

    Frankly, it make no sense to me that Comcast, who owns half of NBC – and hence Syfy – would move the channel to another package and place another restriction on the channel that limit their potential viewership in the generation of ad revenue. Anyways, with the economy the way it is, I’ll be watching online from now on, but I hope this move by Comcast doesn’t impact SGU’s rating significantly enough to endanger a season 3 pick up on the show.

    I hope the ratings are everything you guys expect them to be. Good Luck!


  34. I am so not going to read this blog, until Space premieres the episode. Nobody died, right? Right?

    Joe – Translink has a policy to let passengers off anywhere, for this kind of situation. Akemi doesn’t have to get off at a bus stop. She could go up to the driver, and ask to be let off immediately, or to call for the police.

  35. “Intervention” spoilers below —

    Well, that was, in a word, “excellent.” This was easily one of the best—if not the best—episode of SGU to date. Tension was high, performances were excellent. All of the series regulars were beyond impressive; David Blue, Alaina Huffman, and Ming-Na were the standouts among them. Not to mention the brilliant guest cast. Peter Kelamis was outstanding; Ian Butcher portrayed Dannic very well and I was admittedly disappointed that he had to die. Not only would I have liked to see the dynamic he brought to the scene after our guys took back the ship, but Ian Butcher is a truly talented actor who impressed as a Prior back in “Beachhead.” His death, no doubt, was important for the character of Ginn, however.

    My biggest complaint is that we saw only a few tantalizing moments of the much hyped appearance of Robert Knepper, but there is no doubt more to come. I also on some level wish the crew would have been stranded for a little longer, but I’m not sure that story could’ve been played out miuch longer.

    All in all, I think the cast and crew have a lot to be proud of here and that it’s not very polite to make me anticipate next week so much. Stop doing your job so well! 😀

  36. That was a good episode. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see the repercussions of having the Alliance on board will be. And I really want to know what “The Mission” is.

    Yeah that guy following Akemi around isn’t a good thing. I mean repeatedly seeing someone on your daily commute home is one thing, but being followed by them is totally different. Good luck to you both, I hope that nothing really bad happens.


  37. Oh, poor Akemi… It happened to me once too, but I wasn’t that polite. This guy started talking to me on the bus, I got off, so did he, and he started walking with me and talking to me, I told him to get lost, he didn’t, so I did the same thing, went to a big store with many many people, that didn’t stop him, so I just went to the guards and asked them for help. They helped, that was it. I didn’t have anyone to call. When I think of it, it happened to me again, when I was on the bus, but going to another city, so this guy, he was, like, 102, and I’m 23, was sitting next to me and started making unapropriate comments about me, and said “let’s meet tomorrow, to go to a hotem and make memories”, and I’m like “Very funny, no.”, but he kept insisting, although I was listening to music or reading a book, he kept talking and talking, and I had to call my mother and ask her to come pick me up from the bus station, because I didn’t want him to follow me. But how do you explain the situation, when the problem sits next to you and listens? My mother has the bad habit to really scream while talking on the phone, so it was a funny conversation:
    – Oh, hi, mom, are you coming to pick me up?
    – Well, I was thinking not…
    – Oh, please speak quiet…
    – Is there a problem?
    – Nooo, no, no, not a problem, I’m glad you’re coming.
    – But I said I wasn’t.
    – Yeah, 6:00, be here.
    – Is there a problem?!
    – Yes.
    – What’s wrong?
    – Well, I can’t.
    – You can’t tell me? Is it the person sitting next to you???
    – Yep.
    – OK, OK, I’m coming.

    She came, and I felt better, so thank God Akemi had you to call. 🙂

    Good luck, SGU. 🙂

  38. Once I stop crying, I’ll be able to tell you how I felt about it. I know the episode that resolves what happens to the baby would be difficult for me. And 15-16 years later, I get whipped back to that moment. So I need a good night sleep and I can expound on my thoughts in the morning. It was a fabulous episode. Thank you to everyone who made 45 minutes of my life so enjoyable knowing how many hours and hours you slaved over it to bring it to us. <<<<<>>>>>

  39. Wow, I really can empathize with Akemi. I’ve had a total of 3 stalkers. One had a history of violence, so the cops got him quickly. One followed me everywhere like a puppy and would never speak to me. When he ended up in front of my door of a supposedly secure apartment building, I called the police and found out he had been missing from a mental institution and apparently I looked like his daughter–kinda sad. The last was super scary and nasty but quickened my decision to move to a townhouse and get a big dog. After I got my German shepherd (who had a super big bark and great big white teeth), I never had a problem going out and about again. Unfortunately, the cops can’t do much until you actually get hurt. I guess none of your 4-legged crew could act as menacing body guards….

    Crossing my fingers that it quickly gets resolved! On a more humorous note, the same shepherd stood barking on top of a drunken fellow who stumbled into me, tried to run, and fell. The cops had been following him and said (laughing) that the barking dog probably would straighten him out more than a night in the drunk tank.

    BTW, I have to wait until Fri for the premiere. Looking forward to it.

  40. Great episode! Really enjoyed the suspense. It’s seems the show is introducing a new political/social dynamic almost every episode. But I hope things settle down a bit, so we can see who the players are.

    For whatever reason, I can’t seem to stop watching Rush’s beard. I like scruffy, but I’m beginning to think that Rush is one of those hygienically challenged scientist nerd types.

    Poor Akemi. I’m thinking if this guy shows up again, it’s probably best to involve law enforcement. He may have a record, and even if not, you’ve made your point that he needs to stop, or else.

  41. Hey Joe,

    the song about “where did all the viewers go” was played by the networks in the US last year too. They simply refuse to understand that the current Nielsen ratings system is outdated. Do they count broadcast abroad? They should! After all foreign TV networks pay to broadcast the series and SyFy and NBC Universal get money out of that. Let’s take SGU for example. As you posted season two premieres in:
    In the U.S.: Tuesday, September 28 (9 p.m. E/P) on SyFy.
    In Canada: Friday, October 1 (10 p.m. E/P) on SPACE.
    In Australia: Friday, October 1 (8:30 p.m.) on SCI FI.
    In the U.K.: Tuesday, October 5 (8 p.m.) on SKY1.

    but… what about other countries… the rest of Europe…some that don’t get these TV channels?! Those viewers simply download the show via paid or free torrent sites. You probably know that most US TV series are being shown in Europe a year later (only the UK gets them a week after the US release) and it’s been like this for …decades, sadly. So if we want to follow new series we have to download them. Otherwise we have to wait for a local TV network to purchase the series next year (hopefully), and we’ll be one season behind. Basically we have no choice. I live in eastern Europe and I have watched SG-1 from season 1 when it was shown on the German RTL2 channel for 4 years because I had a cable operator that streamed German channels. After that RTL2 didn’t buy season 5. So for me it was follow Stargate of forget about it. Like I said – no choice :). I have watched every single episode of SG-1 Season 5 until the end, all of Atlantis, all the TV movies and now SGU via the internet and I don’t feel like a criminal like the US TV networks and MPAA wants viewers like me to be. Currently, SGU S2, episode 1 is being up in our local torrent site for download for roughly 4 hours and it’s been downloaded 569 times and the torrent has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 which means it will stay popular at least another two weeks. By tonight the count of downloads will probably be around 3500. These people are all fans, they love your work, love the show, watch it regularly but that doesn’t count for the network and it simply sucks.

  42. Wow – the most accurate comment I can make without giving away any spoilers. I love that for every question answered, another one was asked, as long as all of them eventually get answered.

    I am very sorry for Akemi, does she carry pepper spray? I find I feel better when I’ve got it with me, even though I’ve never had to use it.

  43. Well a long time ago (months) I suggested you guys move to a weekday night instead of a Friday. I might have suggested this as SSJPabs my other name can’t recall actually, heh. Anyhow you said it was the network’s decision and I’m glad they followed my advice. 😀

    So anyhow I saw the marathon — I don’t have cable TV anymore or an internet connection good enough to stream video so I can’t watch SGU much so I only watched 2 episodes of 1.2–and caught up a bit. It was a lot better than I’d expected. Good job. Though if I hadn’t read the summaries on the Stargate Wiki I would have had no idea what the heck was up with Tamara’s storyline and the Obelisk planet.

    Hope the ratings help you out.

    Question though, probably unanswerable considering that the ratings guys can’t even count them properly yet: Downloads. How much would they really tell you even if they could be counted? How many are people who already watched the show and want to have a digital copy?

    A more answerable question: At this point since it’s happened so many times on the franchise, does the writing staff just shrug and keep going with barely a missed beat when they hear one of the main actresses is pregnant? Or is there an “oh crap!” moment and then some planning meeting of some sort?

    Please don’t take this as some sort of criticism of female actresses getting pregnant! I’m just curious! I hope all those kids are doing great and their mothers keep showing up on Stargate because I like all their characters!

  44. jo. tell how soon the second part of the universe we see in Russia? and on what channel it will be.


    For me “Intervention” was a very good episode to begin this new season, with the resolution of the last episode for a part, and the introduction of the probable plots of the second season with the healing of Chloe, the dream/transportation of TJ and the baby, the new characters of the Lucian Alliance, and this great ending with the nebula. So poetic and disturbing.
    My only little regret is that we have seen a very little of the storm planet, but I think the dynamic between the scenes of Destiny/ planet and TJ was well done with the limited time.
    Very excited in waiting for “Aftermath”.

  46. Intervention was my favorite episode of the series to date. From the pacing to the storyline all was great. Some questions:

    1. Was it the original intent for Kiva to always die, or did contractual obligations of Rhona Mitra taking on a new show (The Gates) prevent her from coming back?

    2. Was Intervention filmed at the end of Season 1 before the break, or was it filmed during the beginning of the Season 2 shooting schedule?

  47. “Intervention” was one of the most beautiful episode ever. And that’s because of TJ and how you resolved the baby situation. Got angst, got emotions, but there’s still hope.

    I’m honest here. I started crying when I first heard the baby’s voice, and stopped… Well. By now, I guess. The end with the blue nebula thing was brilliant.

    Interesting what Rush did, and the off-world stuff, yes, but the TJ part made this episode for me.

    So glad that SGU is back!!

  48. Good thinking, Akemi! If he shows up again, she should call the police immediately. They probably couldn’t arrest him, but it would let him know a) she isn’t remotely interested, and b) she’s no pushover.

  49. Joe, loved, loved, loved the episode, gimme some more please!
    – and it is called criminal harassment-stalking in Canada and it is against the law, I know, you knew that, oh my gosh, are tasers legal there. I am glad you were there for Akemi to call. That would be so scary. I would be freaking out a bit also. I hope she is felling better and not afraid to leave the house. This world has some crazies in it. If we all lived close we would help you out with this creep. Be safe Akemi.
    and today I am spending my day waiting on the dishwasher repairman, and we wait, and wait,..

  50. *applauds fervently*

    Wow, Joe.


    So often a season finale builds up such anticipation that the next season’s premiere is often anti-clamactic. Definitely NOT the case here. Last night’s episode had the same dynamic, the same “holy crap!”, edge of my seat tension thoughout that I’d felt during Incursion! I loved the TJ parts too…that calm respite as a counterpoint to the chaos and violence that was taking place on Destiny. A fascinating and unique way of handling the baby’s fate as well. I’m hoping we’ll get further glimpses of that realm…wherever–or whatever–it is (and speculating what it may, in fact, be is very thought-provoking!).

    Anyway…loved it. Bravo.

    Can’t wait for more!!


  51. Warning: non-PG language:

    Akemi did the right thing going to the store, but I would like to suggest she take a womens self-defense course. Not so much for the moves, but to pick up the “Look At Me Cross-Eyed and I Will Tear Off Your Head and Shit Down Your Neck” attitude. Or a facsimile thereof. It works. I used to be shy, and easily intimidated. I once was followed into a lonely area and the guy asked me what would I do if I were attacked. There had been attacks in that area and I thought I was okay with the shortcut, being late afternoon and all. I looked him square in the eye and said, “I would fucking kill him if I had to use my teeth.” He beat feet so fast I thought he was going lose his shoes. I didn’t report the incident, I suppose I should have. Since then, I have used that attitude a time or two, remarkably effective.

    The cell phone is good, but the attitude is important also.

    LOL,off on a tangent: bus story from the Dark Ages: I was 18 and living in San Francisco. Lynn the ballerina and I had been out shopping downtown. We lived in Project Artaud, deep in the Mission district. That’s an old factory, so the area is industrial and deserted at night. We got on the bus, no one but us, the driver, and several large men sitting on the back row. They loudly began discussing what they were going to do to them white bitches when we got off the bus. We knew that riding past our stop wasn’t going to put us in a better neighborhood or public place. Lynn said, “Play along with me.” The next thing I know, she has her arm around me and is kissing me. I mean, really, really kissing me. So yeah, okay. The guys started making “yuck” and “oh well” noises and did not follow us off the bus. I was surprised, I told Lynn I’d have thought they’d want to teach us a lesson or something. “This is The City,” she said, “they leave the lesbians alone.”

    Huh. But I rather doubt you’d want Akemi to be a lesbian.

    Not that I’m gay, I’m about as hetero as it gets, except for kissing girls on a city bus. Heteroflexible one might say.


  52. Hey Joe,
    Good Episode! I just had a few questions and comments but I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll be vague.
    1.) Eli needs to “man up” a little more. The scene in the lab…enough said.
    2.) Why did we not meet Simeon until this season and not last season? Scheduling conflict for Knepper?
    3.) Did Brody see something at the end on his monitor that will play a part in next weeks episode?
    4.) How many L A members came through the gate? And what does that bring the total destiny crew count to?
    5.) Finally, this is not a complaint but rather what I was hoping to see at the end…instead of Rush going to bed it would have been awesome to see him open the door to the bridge as a lead in for next week!

    Anyway great job on the season premiere…go ahead and by some cookies for the entire crew they deserve them.

  53. Sorry one last thought…any similarities between the blue nebula in this episode to the nebula that Sam and Prometheus was stuck in, in SG-1, I forget the episode title, it turned out to be a living life form?

  54. Akemi should carry a small can of wasp spray and shoot for the face/eyes… the other stuff is outlawed in Canada but wasp spray isn’t….. surely you must have seen the emails re this issue flying around.

  55. Just watched it and loved it… I’m wrapped up in it and can’t wait for the next episode… will be watching it on Friday as well.

  56. Hey Joe,

    a few things:

    1. have you watched/heard of the anime Ouran High School Host Club? (if not, it is good)

    2. were you serious about me doing a Q&A? if so, I’d love to! (since I realized I never actually responded to that)

    3. any idea why Space Channel didn’t also move SGU to tuesday? (sure I work on the show, and know some things already, but that also doesn’t preclude me from being an impatient fan)

    4. SGU got mentioned rather positively on Penny Arcade today. Thoughts? (

  57. I almost missed out because I was recording a show for my wife on the first showing and when I switched over for the repeat last night wrasslin’ was still on…several minutes into what should have been SGU. Glad I kept the TV on.

    Looking forward to the new season!

  58. Hey dude,

    Just wanted to say, that I was kinda disappointed with the first season of SGU, but I just finished watching the first episode of the second season and I must say well done sir!

    I liked it alot more than the first season and I believe that if you keep making the episodes like this ( where a lot happens rather than endless on-earth episodes) then many more original Stargate fans will accept SGU.

    Keep it coming!

  59. First and most important, I second RobfromCanada. He knows what he’s talking about. Have been in similar circumstances with good results from early police involvement.

    Second, enjoyed the ep but will have to see it again. Participated in the Syfy chat w/David Blue, was distracted.

    Third, new chocolatier in Austin, TX, USA:

    Speaking of Austin, Joe, I’m about to suggest last-minute additions to the Wizard World Austin Comic Con. Shall I include you, with Bridge address or with the private contact info?

  60. ok, 2 questions.

    a) Who sand and what was the name of the song at the end of intervention
    b) why no iTunes downloads yet?

    It was one of the best season premieres I have ever seen. It’s going to be an interesting season. Can’t wait!

  61. Speaking of the SyFy promos, is there any way for the studio to get a handle, or at least have some input, on what SyFy puts out? For some time (especially for the SG series’) I’ve gone out of my way to not watch the next week promo at the end of the episode and also the promos they have during the commercials.

  62. RE: the creep on the bus.

    Sometimes I forget that Joseph is of italian descent.

    …..Go Joe Go!

  63. I thought T.J.’s story was handled beautifully. I also hope that eventually we do get a child on board Destiny, as it seems if there’s all that “book club” going on, and no birth control, that somebody’s going to get knocked up.

  64. I thouroughly enoyed the premiere, although I’m still not a fan of those musical montages. It just seemed jarring and out of place to me, but other than that the episode was brilliant.

    Could you tell us the name of the actress who visited the log cabin? IMDb doesn’t list her :/

  65. AHHHH! I live in Canada, on the shores of Lake St. Clair…. Than means directly across from me are houses I can see that are in the USA and probably watching SGU 2.0 and I have to wait until FRIDAY!!! AHHHHH!!!! I can’t wait.

    And Joe, defend Akemi’s honor. If you need backup, let me know! If I’m too far away to make it, bring Sgt. Greer and his flamethrower.

    Can’t wait till Friday!

    Cheers to U and Crew!

  66. Does it still count if I watch SGU when it repeats at 11pm?

    I have a night class until 9:30pm, so I am completely unable to be a live viewer.

  67. Yesterday I was real excited to watch the premiere…until I remembered that Comcast, in it’s infinite wisdom, had taken Syfy away a few months ago.

    See every once in a while Comcast will dole out a few extra channels, then they’ll take them away when you least expect it. I can’t afford to upgrade to digital premium I gets no Syfy. I had Syfy up until end of July, such a bummer to lose it yet again.

    Comcast is buying NBC Uni, yet it won’t air USA, TBS or Syfy on basic cable. I’ll have to watch on Hulu, so I’m avoiding all spoilers still until then, can’t wait!

  68. Question: What is done with the deceased on Destiny? Have they become organized enough for memorials and space burial, or have they just designated a section as a morgue?

  69. PS I feel terrible for Akemi, in order to stop a roué in his tracks you gotta be mean, and Akemi does not seem the type to go all medieval on annoying stalkers.

    My entire family is comprised of bum magnets; we all have big shiny gypsy eyes that make us look very approachable and friendly. It’s great when you get bumped up to first class on a plane, not so good when being chased by losers on the street.

    Sunglasses help a lot; they make you look mean without having to be mean. A big can of mace helps too.

  70. @2.) Why did we not meet Simeon until this season and not last season? Scheduling conflict for Knepper?

    A good way to explain his absence aboard Destiny would to simply just say he was in the background, he wasn’t important at the time.
    Remember that it was basically Kiva, Varro and Dannic and the grunt soldiers trying to gain control of Destiny up until the final episode. Now the Lucian Alliance were settled in and some of the background characters are coming into the light.

    Let’s face it. Kiva didn’t seem like the kind of woman who would listen to someone like Simeon, if anything he’d be liable to get killed if she was in a bad enough mood.

    @1. have you watched/heard of the anime Ouran High School Host Club? (if not, it is good)

    I know that wasn’t aimed at me, but I picked up Ouran on Blu Ray ages back. Not sure if it’d be something Joe would like, more geared towards a female audience than male.

  71. SGU premiere reported at 1.175 million viewers.

    Oh dear. I know I was optimistic about the numbers over the weeks coming up to the finale but somehow expected that.

    Looks like Tuesday was a horrible timeslot for SGU. Third Season looks bad now?

    Something radical needs to happen. Like a new timeslot.

  72. After reading that article on how the nielsens work and what you said about internet downloads I just wonder how many people are actually watching SGU and other genre shows who don’t have nielsen boxes. After all it does seem somewhat odd that nielsen in a sense crafts its sample of the population which will inevitably affect the results. If anything I agree that something could be done utilizing cable boxes as a measuring tool. While this wouldn’t account for those without cable boxes, a more direct form of data could possibly be collected. I know that in my home we have a cable box one TV and not one on the other. This forces us to decide which TV to watch what on. Like if one of us wants to watch something on a channel below channel 83 they use the TV without the box if it conflicts with the something the other wants to watch. So I recognize that only using cable boxes would only collect half of the TV data in our home, but half is better than nothing since we aren’t a nielsen home.

    Though it still doesn’t fully address the people who watch shows on Hulu and other internet sources. I met a person who watches SGU on Hulu, and has also watched all of the Stargate franchise. He doesn’t have access to cable, but does have internet. His viewership doesn’t count at all in this equation.

    I think that the most damning fact concerning the nielsens is the successful returns of Family Guy and Futurama. Both were canceled and then brought back. Which showed that a loyal audience existed for those shows after all, but weren’t nielsen homes. This seems to underscore the poor sampling methods used, or challenges of using statistical means to understand who is watching what. And poor poor Firefly, didn’t even get a full season. (Not going to go on a tirade regarding fox) The fans (browncoats) are still loyal after all these years. Then there’s the case regarding Star Trek, whose value was only determined after a change in how ratings data was analyzed, the introduction of profiling demographics. This highlights the need for a shift in how the data is collected and not just how it is analyzed.

    I’d venture that sci-fi fans are among the most loyal viewers of their shows, but are perhaps the least counted.

    Sorry for the lengthiness… just wanted to thoroughly put in my 2 cents. Also, just my subjective experiences and opinions of course.


  73. That is so f*cked up, especially with all the crap going on in the news lately regarding women. Next time, you give me a call and I will back you up backing her up (let’s be honest, you’re not the biggest guy!). Good for Akemi for using her head and staying safe.

    Hey bad news, Andy Whitfield, titular character of Spartacus, has had his cancer return. Unfortunately they are recommending immediate and rigorious treatment which has pulled him out of filming Season 2 of Spartacus. Starz hasn’t commented on how they will proceed with the show once the 6 prequel episodes are completed. But more importantly, hopefully Andy makes a full recovery. If you haven’t seen Spartacus, check it out, probably my favorite show, even better than Stargate (sorry!).

    And finally the good news, I just sent out you and Carl’s B-day presents, you should see them tomorow. Enjoy.

  74. Ah sh*t…….

    Well…. Im not one for jumping the gun but what the heck…. Numbers are looking dismal for SGU. ITs been a good run. THis new season looks kick ass…. im looking forward to it, but it looks like it might be the last. SGU has been a great show. Ive had the pleasure of following it from the moment it was greenlit. I got to meet some of the cast, and follow all the stages of production through this blog, and ive stood by SGU during the good times and the bad. And unfortunately, this year might be the last of an incredible journey. I know renewal is possible, it just looks like a huge ass stretch now. Thanks to Brad, Rob, Paul, Carl, Linda, Remi, Lauren, Peter, Martin, Andy, Will, and last but CERTAINLY not least, you… for a great kick ass quality series that (looks likes) it will be taken before its time. Hope to see a movie or something come out of this. 🙂

    Realistically Joe, even with these dismal numbers, is renewal possible.

    Right now im feelin pretty down, do you think you might be able to address it tonight in the blog?

    On a more positive note.. Ive heard there have been some talks with MGM about the movies and a plan B, could you maybe elaborate on that? Have you been in contact with MGM about Extinction?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  75. The numbers don’t look very good. Based on these sort of ratings, can the show survive to a third season?

  76. Ok Joe… I know I over-react a lot… and I did read what you wrote above….. But if syfy’s not making money, its not like MGM can force syfy to renew the show. Additionally, SGU is expensive to produce.. and I would really hate to see a huge budget cut for season 3, and SGU needs much higher numbers NOT to get a budget cut IMO. :S I know I don’t know much about the business… but im in a panic mode right now lol. My life for the past 2 years is about to go away in less then a year at this rate.

  77. hi Joe,

    haven’t seen the episode yet! waiting for tomorrow night. Wanted to watch it this Wednesday for my birthday but I’m working today ! :mrgreen:

    My mother just came back from Mexico 1 day earlier. nobody was supposed to be home today, so I figured, why stay at home if I can go to work !
    … I need to compensate for my shooping spree of last night. Feeling a bit guilty about it !

    Haven’t heard from my sister yet. I hope she brought me something back from Mexico !

    Poor Akemi! that must have been a stressful adventure! It’s a good thing she thought about going to a public space.
    Now with those big muscles you have, next time he tries to mess with her, you’ll be able to give him a lesson he won’t forget…. or maybe you won’t even have to… just flexing out your biceps might be enough to scare him away! :mrgreen:

  78. Speaking with my sister. She told me that I’m not supposed to ask if she brought me a gift or not !
    She’s complaining that she gained 7 pds. She wasn’t very big to start with, I’m sure it won’t even show !
    … I could have been there with them if it wasn’t from the fact that I started a new job a few weeks ago.

  79. I don’t understand why the numbers are not up:

    Stargate Universe (9pm)
    – 1.175 million viewers
    – 0.8/1 HH
    – 0.5/1 A18-49

    Warehouse 13 had 2.4 last Tuesday. this week rating of SGU is the 2nd worst to episode 19 of season 1.

    It was great to me guess we have to wait for the DVR #s.

  80. Quite shocked about the low ratings!

    Have you guys thought of putting in a story where the planet is good except for the gravity levels and explore the difficulties with that? It’s an issue that plagues inter-planetary travel (especially long-term survival Martian Humans wouldn’t be able to visit earth without special equipment for example). I’m surprised it hasn’t been visited at least once in the last 16 seasons!

  81. Oh and Joe im really sorry about Akemi and that dude. That is just creepy sh**. Please give that dude a nice square kick in the balls if for me if you ever meet him face to face. He deserves it. 🙁

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  82. Seems to me not too many people were home last night. SGA audience + new SGU audience = ?

  83. @Dweeb

    I heard this elsewhere, namely Gateworld. But I think it describes it best, well summed up anyway. There just doesn’t seem to be an audience for serious Science fiction shows on the Syfy channel anymore.

    Light casual Syfy shows like Eureka/W13 seem to excel, the viewerbase loves these. Ghost Hunters too.

    But when you cross over to Science Fiction that edges on the deadly serious, less casual like Caprica and SGU, the audience just seems to like run away.

    Isn’t it odd that serious Scifi shows are doing bad on the Syfy channel?

    Syfy has a fractured viewbase. Those who want Light Scifi, nothing serious with a little bit of fun shows. And then you have the more serious crowd that loves the heavy, more involved shows.

  84. posted this at syfy

    So I read some of Joe’s blog, and I somewhat agreed. While I stll believe SG:U is to “girly” or Soap drama-esque, I think there is still hope for the storyline. Joe mentioned that some of the number’s he has gotten shows that there are still people watching the show, just not live on syfy. If anyone has heard of the show pioneer one, they released a pilot for a tv show over bit-torrent, giving it away for free to users and asked for donations.(they made ~40,000$usd) I dont see why Syfy, couldnt allow people to download the show, at the same time it airs, so people can watch when they please. Also you could hard-code commercials and advertisments into the movie file so that you could still recieve your advertising money. And obviously utilizing the bit-torrent network the cost of uploading the movie file would be on the users not syfy, it would literally cost them nothing. Ofcourse this will never happen though….

    ps: Honestly I dont even watch syfy anymore, my cable provider doesnt have it in HD, and I’ve recently just figured i’m going to drop my cable anyways, since everything is online or hulu.

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