Yesterday was our last day (and night) in the wilds of North Vancouver where we finished shooting our location exteriors for The Hunt.  While it’s nice to get away from our standing sets every once in a while,  it’s even nicer to get back to those standing sets after spending a few cold and rainy evenings in the great outdoors.  If you were there, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  If you weren’t, check out the pics…

This time I came prepared, penguin umbrella in tow.

As did Rob.

The gang from props: Rob, Evil Kenny, and Chris.

Camera Operator, Grizz Salzi, shows of his stylin’ head gear.

While fellow camera operator, Ryan Purcell, shows off his WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt.

VFX Set Supervisor Kelly Whitfield sasses it up.

VFX Coordinator James “Bones” Rorick’s “what can you do?” shrug. He goes to that one a lot when working with Kelly.

Chaddington screws up Director Andy Mikita’s breakfast order.

Next time, no onions in the breakfast burrito!

But thanks for the coffee.

Fogging it up!

Boom Operator Dave Griffiths and his giant home made Q-tip!

Readying the first shot of the day.

Assistant Prop Master Chris di Armani subtly suggests I steer clear of writing anymore exterior/night scenes.

Capturing the walk and talk.

To ensure the troops were happy, I coordinated with producer John G. Lenic to bring in the Bean Buggy!

Grayston Holt, aka Corporal Reynolds.

That is one tough S.O.B.

At lunch, Producer John G. Lenic informed me that there would be a surprise arriving for me at around 6:30 p.m. What could it be? Chocolate? Louis Ferreira? A puppy? Ooh, I was hoping for puppy!

Sure, shooting a t.v. show on location is exciting - but this quiche-eating squirrel was the highlight of the day. Lookit 'im go!

Night falls early in September. Early and spooky.

Mystery photo #1. What's going on here? Discuss.

Stunt Coordinator James "Bam Bam" Bamford was reminded of his years on X-Files.

Steve from Costumes and Stand-In Sherri await the first shot of the night.

Mystery photo #2. What was in the two empty styrofoam containers? Discuss.

Yeah, we had to go with the economy size.

My surprise arrives! No, not a puppy. Seven dozen cookies from Cookes By George, coordinated by Producer John G. Lenic, compliments of the production office.

Jamil did such a good job in this scene that I made sure he got a cookie.

Finally, this is a video of me trying to find the bathroom.  Ah, show business!

Back to Stage 4 on Monday!

42 thoughts on “September 25, 2010: The Hunt Day #4 (Location Day #3) or At least it’s not raining!

  1. Mystery #2: Due to a tragic mix-up on the part of the caterer, what was supposed to be Jordan Almonds were in fact alien eggs. Encouraged into hatching by the unusually damp air, the aliens emerged from their shells and chewed off the arm of a nearby crew member before escaping into the woods.

  2. Hi Joe, that looks like fun, sort of. I hear the squishing of your footsteps in the video and then, not so much. Be careful with the wanting a puppy comments, it could turn out like Paul McGillion with the turtles 🙂 Stay warm!

  3. Lots and lots and lots of great pictures, thanks for sharing. Thats an army of people and equipment to dry out.

    I am calling my broker tomorrow and getting me some North Face stock, some good stuff.
    Now who didn’t like their quiche and threw it down for the critter?
    Nice umbrella there Joe, did anyone tell you where exactly to put it, since this shoot was for you. They are your friends so I am sure they were delicate.
    And thats a great action shot with Andy Mikita, he should get a part in a fight scene.
    Photo #1, straightening out a line jumper for the coffee truck or the rest room, well wait, no line for that for you guys, lots of trees and its nighttime,right?
    #2. not truffles,not a big enough container, how about chocolate covered peanuts(my fav) and maybe some kind of white chocolate.
    Now that partial arm there another topic of discussion, not at the snack table please…
    At least it looks like the rain stopped, but there is still a chill, noting the wardrobe of people. Now don’t you all catch a cold.
    Wow seven dozen George cookies, was that even enough, oh maybe I was thinking of me. Well you could still have a surprise waiting from Ashleigh and Lawren, maybe it will be a puppy.
    Hope you all got to warm up and dry out in short order and the scenes probably are going to be smashing. I think you missed the line for the bathroom when you were heading for the light…

  4. Thank you, Joe. Thank you. I am a bit relieved now. 🙂


    (PS: What I said has nothing to do with finding a bathroom.)

  5. hard to believe you folks were working, based on the pictures. you were having way too much fun. But I imagine it was a tad bit more than that. thanks for sharing and looking forward to more doggie pics, food reviews, and an occasional mailbag.

  6. Joe,

    Dude, what the hell happened to Corporal Reynolds?!


    And your video looks like the “Blair Joe Project”. 😉

    -Sean D.

  7. Mystery pic 1: Varro is upset with Greer for forgeting the coffee for their first annual camping trip.

  8. Ah BamBam – gorgeous photo Joe…I soooo loved The X-Files…has he been giving Andy lessons? Love his fight face.

    Nothing screams macho like a penguin umbrella…although you had me excited that you’d ditched Montreal for Pittsburgh.

    Mystery Photo #1 – Mike Dopud and Jamil Walker-Smith debating Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Mike’s a little monster for sure.

    Mystery Photo #2 – Ummm….brains? Popcorn? Super Secret Truffles?….that reminds me I must upload that photo..

    Cheers, Chev

    P.S. BamBam said it wasn’t cold…in fact John G Lenic looks quite toasty you feel the cold easily?

  9. SPOILER!!! Now we know that Cpl. Reynolds survives Incursion! Man, that just ruined everything! Now I don’t know if I can force myself to watch
    ***SGU Season 2 on SyFy Tuesday, Sept. 28th***

    ***SGU Season 2 on SyFy Tuesday, Sept. 28th***

    ***SGU Season 2 on SyFy Tuesday, Sept. 28th***

    Mystery Photo #1- apparently someone was quite upset about Jamil getting a cookie… could be Mikita, he’s been kinda punchy lately, or maybe it was a crony for the squirrel who was looking for some dessert to wash down that oversized quiche.

    Mystery Photo #2- it’s not the empty cups that are bothersome, but rather the ones that aren’t empty… now we know where the squirrel was later in the day after eating the quiche & stealing Jamil’s cookie.. and apparently Mikita tried to stop the squirrel with his right hook, but paid the ultimate price. Either that or someone didn’t think the ice cream toppings were worth a leg!

    Wait a second, is that Chris di Armani’s right arm? Aw, Joe, you should feel really bad about writing those exterior/night scenes. At least give the man a cookie… he can eat left handed, right?

  10. >X-Files

    Amazing pictures Joe, and have to say quite a few do look kinda X-File like, especially this one you posted

    Can’t quote the episode offhand but basically Mulder and Scully were in the forest investigating why people were going missing, and lo and behold Mulder spots a light that at a different angle looks indentical near abouts to your pic. He walks towards but never sees whats there, but the Sherriff emerges and warns him away.

    Basically it’s the cool UFO effect.

  11. Thanks for all the pictures Joe. My mom was peeking over my shoulder when I was reading the blog tonight. She says Max is cute. 😀

  12. Bam Bam worked on the X-Files!!! Sweeet!!!

    Also the scene that Randomness is referring to with that picture is from the Pilot episode of the X-Files (pretty sure at least) and it does look eerily similar. Beware of alien abductors.

    Also… all of the pics were really good. I really liked the ones Andy Mikita, as well as the squirrel pic.

    My guess on the contents of the empty containers: bits of white chocolate and milk chocolate.


  13. You can’t even see where you’re going.


    Don’t let the squirrel steal any of that chocolate.

  14. The 15th picture – Walk & Talk;

    SG-U version of The West Wing?

    It has always been surreal and fun to watch Stargate, especially Earth episodes, and recognize the local shots.

    I’m guessing it’s out in Lynn Valley? And, how do you guys work around the rain? Obviously, it can rain quite hard here, like recently. Just stop the shooting and wait it out? I imagine, that would be quite costly to do that.

    Recently, I re-watched Continuum, and a visitor at my house yelled, “it’s Stargate!”, when I was watching the movie. It happened in the scene, just after the trio jumped into the alternate timeline, on the cargo ship. That was too funny, but it also shows how big of a fan base for Stargate that exists.

  15. *sniff* you missed my birthday two years in a row… I’m thinking I’m invisible now..

  16. Whatever happened to Rya’c or Rak’nor? Did they die during the ori war?

  17. Ah, the Canadian forests – just what Stargate has been missing for a while *g*

  18. Mystery Photo 1: Varro and Greer having a “discussion”.

    Mystery Photo 2: Almond bark in the one on the left and the vast emptiness of the universe in the one on the right with small traces of “dark matter” left behind to tantalize the scientific types that will follow to study the phenomenon of the “empty cup” and whether it was half full or half empty before the singularity formed and swallowed everything in sight.

    Squirrel Photo: Come on, you don’t really expect us to believe that squirrel isn’t a prop, do you? Everyone knows that real squirrels don’t eat quiche.

  19. Joe,
    Do you have any recommendations for science fiction with a significant undersea setting?

    So far, there’s
    Jules Verne
    Peter Watts
    Avatar 2 (maybe)
    The Abyss

  20. BTW…at the Stargate auction in Seattle. If you don’t know. The set tour of SGU combined with a pin from the SG1 episode 200 went for $8,000 dollars HOLY HANNAH!!!!!

  21. Joe,

    I’m starting up my own company and as ‘perk’ I’m looking for a chair but not just any chair. I’m looking for the chair that Jack has in his Pentagon office on SGU.

    Everyone I’ve asked have directed me to your blog…so here I am.



  22. Cody is correct, also the same kind of light was used in Season 7 episode 22 of the X-Files when Mulder returns to the woods, along with Skinner(Mitch Pileggi). OMG that’d be so cool if a Caldwell scene was filmed in this episode. Sadly his character is billions of light years away 😛

  23. Joe’s ears should be burning. I attended local sci-fi media fans Meetup (as in yesterday, was asked if SGA movie was still planned. Mentioned this blog and promised to pass word if project leaves Development Hell.

  24. Lewis, thanks for posting the UFO article, good to know that we haven’t had a global nuclear war thanks to peacenik aliens. I love it, tho I’m certain the aliens are Vulcan; they seem to be the crunchy granola type who’d save us from ourselves.

    Rain, cold, bleh. Not for me, I’d rather watch it on TV in my comfy Snuggie. Two more days to go! Well, 2 and 3 hour, eep!

  25. Hi Joe, quick question –

    It was cool seeing the wormhole (between stargates) in “Water” in season 1 of SGU. Will we see any wormholes in season 2?

    The more the merrier! 😀

    Thanks 🙂

    Sean D.

  26. Bam-bam looks great post surgery!

    Cool pictures! Cookies, yummmmmy!

    Squirrels: large rats with furry tails, not good….

  27. HI Joe,

    Just checking in to wish you well for the launch on Tues. You already know where my Stargate loyalities lie, but I admire your dedication to work, and I hope for you and all of the the SGU fans out there, that the 2nd series will go down well with their fans.

    Going on holiday to LV on Tuesday – hub will try to win a car at the “puggies” – Scots word for slots! – and I’ll eat, sunbathe, shop and listen to bands, not necessarily in that order!

    Hope you and yours are okay
    P.s. did you know I write the dreaded FF now? I know to you guys its not real writing. But its a good way to learn my craft, and get feedback, so that hopefully, one day, I will progress to doing something original ie non FF. And no, I’m not going to give my pen name…I would be too embarrassed!


  28. G’day Joe

    Well that proves it – you are a shipper – PENGUIN BROLLY.

    AHHHH I love playing/working and walking in the rain. Heavy or light rain = soooo much fun.

    The Hunt looks so cool. You write some amazing spooky eppis. Greer and Varro going for it whooohoooo.

    The squirrel is cute. We do not have them here, cool to see a nice close-up of one, especially a real one.

    Cookies = mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  29. Mystery photo #2: Missing food: Gummy worms, and chocolate malt balls.

    @Joe: Trying to find the bathroom? I guess you don’t camping a whole lot. The whole forest IS the bathroom.

    Mystery photo #1: Greer meets his bad-ass match.

  30. You must have been in the same location long enough for the squirrel to know what side it nuts are buttered. As for mystery photo 2, considering the hungry squirrels and the chewed “arm” I would think something with nuts like almonds or walnuts where in the cups.
    Leaving your weaponed behind? not a good sign.

  31. Mystery Photo #1 Scott Bakula crashes the set in a drunken stupor upset about the cancellation of Star Trek Enterprise demanding more hamburgers and pigeons causing the hole in the ozone layer. Greer noticeably confused and perplexed stands with mouth agape and pleads “just don’t bite me.”

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