120 thoughts on “September 22, 2010: Stargate Universe Premieres Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter and all I can say is I am super excited for Season 2.
    I love the blog, and you and your team do great work.
    Keep it coming!

  2. Mr. Mallozzi, I doff my hat to you and the brilliant creators of the trailer. Season 2 cannot air fast enough. Well done and thank you.

  3. I doubt it’s Destiny that blows up. There is a scene where there is a second ship, looking very similar if not the same.

  4. First time commenter too.
    Just to say that this trailer is awesome, can’t wait for season 2.
    Love Stargate, love this blog and love all the team.

  5. Chloe turns into a blueberry? Willy Wonka, anyone? Just had to get that out of the way. She’ll bring some class to the whole turning into a blueberry angle. Stay classy, Blueberry Chloe.

    Awesome, BTW. Loving the cockroach alien. He looks great. Aliens, aliens, aliens – bring it on. I’m giddy. My day will involve skipping and spinning and giggling and confused looks from my 3 year old. Giddy, I tell you.

  6. The trailer was absolutely, positively awesome!!!! Can’t wait until next Tuesday!!!!!!!!

  7. First Comment here!
    Thank you so much for listening to the fans Joseph Mallozzi! You are one of the few creative minds who actually LISTENS to what the fans want in the industry. I hope you have many other great adventures to tell, you are one of the only sci-fi franchise that’s still on air.

  8. One word: Awesome! Now we have to wait ’til next week! 🙁 Looks like it’ll be worth the wait though.

  9. Great trailer… Excellent work!! I was holding off on watching any Season 2 trailers/spoilers, but I broke down…

    May I just take a moment to to do the I Told You So Dance…….

    *comes back*

    I said something wasn’t right with Chloe, and I was correct!! Can I call em or what!


  10. Le Destiny ! Il a explosé ! Pourquoi ?

    Les aliens sont très beaux, et le Testiny (twin-Destiny ^^) est magnifique.

    Félicitation aux créateurs du trailer et vivement la saison 2 !

    En plus, en France, la diffusion de la saison 1 va bientôt commencer (on est très en retard).

  11. Great trailer! As usual, too many images going by too quickly so I have to watch it 5 or 6 times – but that’s the nature of a trailer. It certainly got my attention. Have I mentioned how much I love Rush? “That. Is. The Mission.” YES!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the opening episode on Tuesday!

  12. Another 1st time commenter! Wow, that looks amazing, can’t wait!! Love the show -Stargate keeps getting better & better…

  13. Nice!

    I am a bit concerned, however, that Greer isn’t featured in any of the close-ups. Very unsettling. I’ma gonna really hate you guys if you’ve gone and killed him off.


  14. Long time reader, long time fan. Huge fan of SG1. Huge fan of SGA. And now massive fan of Universe. Congratulations on a super show and I can’t wait for season 2.

    Barry, from Ireland, out.

  15. Is the shot of alien opening its eyes really CGI? Man, where are you getting the money to do this? Insanely impressive.

    Cool vis effects aside, Young doesn’t look so good. Neither does Chloe. I hope there’s plenty of emotions and character moments ahead.

    If this trailer is any indicator (though the 1.0 and 1.5 trailers lived up to it) then this could be the best season Stargate has had. Ever.

  16. Solid!!
    Production question:
    Last year Principal Photography was completed at the end of Oct, is it the same this year or is going into late Dec? It seems as if October will be gone before episode 20 is in front of the camera.

  17. first time commenter holy wow looks amazing yet again i think the whole team on stargate have out done themselves cant wait for the new season liking the aliens and the destiny blowing up looks awesome but it wont be the destiny alternate reality or summat keep up the great work guys

    also on a side note do you think there is a chance of the furlings showing up in universe seeing as you never brought them in sg1 or atlantis it needs to happen its the only aliens we havent met that all the fans want to meet sort it guys

  18. That trailer is full of awesomeness!! I may have to start camping out by my TV already in anticipation.

    The VFX really do look astounding.

  19. Can I just say….OMG!

    I was just along for the ride last season, but now I am irretrievably hooked. Bring on Season 2!

  20. *peeks out from Lurkdom* I’m reading the newspaper, Twitter, Joe’s and other blogs, TIME & various magazines, crochet patterns, closed captions (so I don’t miss a plot point when the AC kicks in), miscellaneous Web pages, Facebook. Not reading books per se these days, except for a min-candy romance novel.

    Will try to get off iPhone and onto PC to see trailer later.

  21. 😯

    Amazing work. Take a bow, folks.

    LOTS to look forward to this season. 😀

  22. WOW! looks to be as good if not the best of all the gates we have all come to love.

  23. Pretty good Season 2.0 trailer, obviously with 2.5 filming it’d be difficult to show the entire season. For what its worth I just hope the series gets the ratings to reflect the overall quality of the show when it returns.

  24. awesome. seeing destinty blow up makes my mind boggle. lol. i loved the trailer. definitely looking forward to season 2!!!

  25. Joe, I can’t wait until Tuesday. Well, I can, and I will, but I don’t want to! Thanks for this awesome trailer!

  26. Tantalizing trailer…Destiny blowing up? It must be either everyone on Destiny watching the seed ship blow up or people on the seed ship watching Destiny blow up.

    It’s so not fair that we in Canada have to wait to see it. I hope it will be somewhere on the net where I can catch it. I watch every episode 2 or 3 times so I’ll see it when it’s shown in Canada too…. can’t wait!

  27. Great Trailer. Love it. Can’t wait till Season 2 airs! But Destiny exploding? Why, why *cry*

  28. Oh my-my- MY! What a superfabulousawesomestupendousincredible trailer. [breathes]
    I cannot wait to see this season 2. GO SGU! Go Team SGU at The Bridge! YES-S-S! Thank you SyFy, MGM too, (what the heck). The Sfx looks really good from here. My HDTV better not act up or I’ll be throwing shoes at it.

    Gotta go screen grab it, so I can save it for-evah!

    Thanks Joe! 😆


  29. That looked great. I can’t wait to see everything that going to happen. It looks really good. Keep up the great work.


  30. Just from randomly browsing, I noticed quite a few websites are very happy with the trailer and reporting so on their news sections. Not talking about specifically Stargate geared ones, but TV related ones too.
    Has to be good for publicity, everyone loves what they see. Best SGU trailer ever?

  31. Wow, interesting to say the least !
    First time posting here so I’ll probably write a novel…
    I was really pissed off by SG1 and SGA cancellations so it took me some time before I got interested into SGU, but it seems I got hooked again.
    New aliens, finally !
    Will be interesting to see who will finally take control, now that there is finally a ship to control. And maybe we’ll get some more history of the Ancients before they launched it.
    Wonder how the ship will be “unexploded” though… we already had the time bubble trick in SG1, must be something else… alternate reality ? nightmare or just evil twin “duplicity” ? 🙂

    Let’s hope we won’t have to wait 10 years to see it in France… SGA (S1 & 2 only…) finally got to NRJ12, and so did Sanctuary, but it took time! And the french dub for SGA, well… no comment. 🙁
    I still hope for an SGA feature film but the recent auctions announced didn’t really confort me (sad, I had an idea for a script!).

    Oh and btw, could you just dump Flash for videos ? If the Ancients used such closed and proprietary formats McKay would still be trying to figure out how to interface his laptop with Atlantis, or would have drawn already! Not everyone has Flash, mind you. Web standards are there for a reason, please use them. see for ex. http://www.html5video.org/ & http://videojs.com/
    (and if you believed all the lies people tell you about DRM, forget it, DRM is http://www.defectivebydesign.org/ )

  32. Love that alien eyeball! Really looking forward to Tuesday–it felt like SGU just got started and then was gone..

    Right now I am alternately reading Stewart Copeland’s little autobiography, “Strange Things Happen” (lots of fun) and a book about England’s Medieval queens, “Queens Consort” by Lisa Hilton (good but very detailed, will take forever). Looking forward to Jack McDevitt’s new Alex Benedict novel, “Echo”, coming out in November.

    You still rooting for UGA?… 🙂

  33. G’day Joe

    Totally awesome. I have been avoiding trailers/spoilers, I put my fingers in my ears and go lalalala (ala Jack O.Neill) hubby thinks I am insane but I had to watch this one, you have revved it up soooo much and for good reason. It is bloody awesome.


  34. Mmmm…SG-U trailer. My favorite.

    Seeing the video, I suddenly have a need for toilet paper.

    Oh yeah – First comment here, been a blog reader for the past four years.

    Does that mean I get cookies?

  35. @ Tammy Dixon – She’s turning into John Sheppard! 😀 😉

    Joey – is this entry supposed to be the 21st, or the 22nd? I’m hear waiting for a new update, but maybe the trailer is all I’m getting.


  36. Ive been reading this blog since around March 2009. And I just have to say that I love all the info you have here!

    The Gateseeding ship looks like the main part of Destiny without that huge bulk at the back, and with out those curved edges, But with that Curved FTL drive straped onto it. Also at 2:04 it looks like scott is in some real trouble.. The kind where your next to some glass that is about to break, venting you into space…

  37. Wow…..

    Just *wow*….

    Cannot wait!

    It took me awhile to get fully invested in SGU – but the Season 1 Finale had me with the final shot of Young’s eyes. Now I’ll be counting the days.

    Hubby and I have been rewatching Atlantis the last few weeks, and it got me thinking….I remember thinking (at the time) that it took both shows until the 2nd season to really “gel”. Still loved the first seasons of both, but it was the 2nd seasons that really grabbed me for good. There is just so much information to pump out in the first year, so much foundation to lay down in the first. Looks like the same thing will happen for me with SGU.

    Awesome job everyone!! The trailer looks absolutely worthy of the big screen – we are some lucky fans 🙂

  38. JOE!!!!!!

    The trailer is AWESOME!

    A few years ago seeing the Destiny, Odyssey, or Atlantis blow up would have actually made me cry before the season started but now i know you guys have some twist which will restore it to its original state.

    So the ‘blueberry’ alien which has gotten a little to ripe is stowed away aboard a seeder ship? I see a potential new ally in the crew’s future, that is if he escapes the gunfire.

    And i know others have already said it but thank you for finally giving us a bridge, it is a ship after all and therefore need a proper control room.

    Anxiously awaiting next tuesday!

    Thanks always,


  39. Wow! Awesome trailer! 🙂 Second season is gonna…ROCK! Can’t wait! 🙂

  40. Oh almost forgot!

    It has struck me over the years just how detailed and incredibly photorealistic the cg for stargate has been. Just about any other tv show regardless of genre is lagging behind in this area. In fact, its almost hard to find feature length movies with the level of detail displayed by the vfx crew. SGU is clearly no exception with what is most likely the best quality cg yet!

    just had to throw that out there

  41. Oohhhhh! My precioooooooouuuuuuuuuussssssssssssss!

    Pretty, and shiny, and fantabulous!

    Is it the 1st yet?

  42. @ZeroPointBatteries

    Eureka has high quality CG too. Remember the crazy Titan rover in Momstrosity? One example there.
    That being said for what it is, Syfy channel programs well the better ones like Stargate and other equally well made productions have better CG than the high budget 10 million plus viewer shows at times.

  43. Oh yes, I see more awards in the making for the visual effects team of SGU. This time a win for the Primetime Emmy.

    TJ and Varro — I am LOVING this.

    And wow, the guest stars you all have lined up for Season 2. Wait, can I now change my mind again about the “hating” the episode 10/10 split? Is this how a cat feels about catnip?

    I liked the balance between a sum-up of what has happened in season 1, and then what is to come in season 2. A great job on the trailer.

    I’m sorry our Canadian friends won’t be able to see it until Friday, Oct 1. It is going to be hard not to talk about the episode to keep it spoiler-free for them.

  44. Hey Joe,

    Amazing…I am a loss for words.

    I know this trailer covers many coming episodes…I am trying to keep myself from watching it over and over…because it spans time of what is coming.

    Hey…now I am wanting to see all those now…not just what we get on the 28th. hmmmm

    NOT too good to be true. You are the best.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  45. Hey Joe! Just checking i-HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP THAT TRAILER IS AWESOME!!!!


    Ok, a few things:

    First shot by itself just blew me away. Such a shock seeing the Seeder ship. I was like WOAH.

    Having a good quarter or so of the trailer be Season 1 footage was a little…well, unfortunate, but it was cut in an exciting way so that’s pretty good. The footage and music helped up the tension, and led perfectly into the Season 2 footage.

    And WOW what footage it was!! The Bridge! Incredible-looking aliens (the CGI was astounding!)! Weird alien plant thing! Rush vs. Young! Space battle! Destiny exploding!! HOT DAMN THAT IS AWESOME!!! 😀

    Not liking the TJ/Varro thing though. YOUNG/TJ 4EVA!!! 😉

    Thank you Joe and Co. for the incredible trailer!! I’ve decided not to get a TV here at CalTech (the cable service here is a rip-off, frankly), so it looks like I’ll have to rely on Hulu or something, which in turn means all that delicious CGI will probably be for naught in my case, but I’m sure everything else will make up for it.


  46. @PBMom:

    I should mention, that I live in Richmond, BC. So, yeah I know what it’s like to wait… wait. I ought to set up camp next to Bridges Studio and protest, the Great Wait.

  47. Coucou!

    ça va bien Joseph? Moi oui =)!

    Contente de trouver ce trailer à mon reveille.

    J’ai beaucoup aimé les differents extraterrestre mais je n’aime pas trop tout ce qui tourne autour des relations humaines (bisou, pleur,bagarre).

    En tout cas merci pour ce trailer, il fera le bonheur de plus d’un!

    Gros bisou!

  48. #86 or #87 comment.
    Still waiting for 1st season of SGU and dreaming about 2nd. Thanks for continuing the story.
    Cheers from Poland. Chris.

  49. Joey…

    You have two entries for the 21st, you senile ol’ fart, you. 😀


  50. Looks like a real kick, can’t wait for Tuesday.

    Someone please help me out – what does Robert/Rush say at the end just before “That is the mission?” I’ve listened several times and can’t quite make it out. Thanks in advance.

  51. I don’t like it!!!

    I’m kidding!!!! Just wanted to throw you for a loop there since everyone else was so ecstatic about the trailer. It was really, really great. You guys put a lot of hard work into it, and it truly paid off! Thanks for doing all that hard work, it doesn’t go by unnoticed. Thanks for backing me up, Joe,.. the other day on the blog I said that this 2nd season of SGU will probably end up being one of the best Stargate seasons and the trailer sure looks like it.

    Interesting… the one blog Joe doesn’t type any words and there is almost a record number of responses & 1st time commenters. Hmm….

  52. G’day Joe


    Not that i am complaining. Just had to put that out there.

    DID I mention how awesome that trailer is?

  53. Season 2 looks awesome! I cant wait to learn more about the Destiny!!!!!!!!

  54. I think the trailer was just OK. I liked the new footage a lot, and I didn’t mind seeing the old footage. But the way the second part of trailer was cut together didn’t really make me “wow”. Far from the effects the epic 1st season trailer had on me. It all felt kinda messy and the music didn’t quite fit what I was seeing, nor did it make me feel better about what I saw. Left me with an impression of a fan-trailer. But hey, I really like SGU (and any “real sci-fi”, meaning, those in space) and I bet the eps will be great too. And I’m not from US so my opinion might not and probably will not match that of the US viewers, so feel free to ignore it.


    Hey Joe,

    Awesome Kick-Arse Super Secret Trailer!

    It had a slow start….to be honest I think the recap could have been edited a bit…but that may be because I got up at 2:30AM to watch it and had to suffer through over an hour of waiting for it to load (I’d gone over my quota for the month so I was at dialup speed).

    Anyhoo once we got into the good stuff it packed a punch in more ways than one.

    My favourite bit was the shuttle crash….it looked so real. Wicked explosion too.

    ALIENS!!! Awesome…I wonder if any will be allies…I’m thinking Mr Leela will be ally…am I close? Yeah yeah…super secret.

    I really felt the punch Scott delivered to Rush…nicely done…I have a feeling its over Chloe….and was that a wedding I saw? Interesting…..

    Cool to see Brody in this trailer….but no Park….hmmmmm

    The Eli kiss….I just went awwwwww when I saw that……happy for him.

    So Joe, how many episodes were included in that trailer?

    Looking forward to Season 2 on Oct 1 on SciFi…bring it on as always.

    Cheers, Chev

  56. Yeah, what Das said: Where’s Greer?? And WOW!!! Can’t wait for Tuesday!

  57. The one Stargate thing that has never ceased to impress me is the quality of set designs & artwork. Always stellar!!

    Looks like SGU might have a bit more than McKay to keep my interest s2. OK.

  58. I noticed that most of the commentators have praized the trailer. Probably comparing it with inferior sci-fi series. I haven’t seen many older/lesser quality sci-fi series so I can compare it to the only thing I actually have seen. And that would be Avatar, which set very high standards for the entire industry. Compared to the trailer of Avatar, this one wasn’t great. It was good but not great. But I realise that you can’t spend that much money on production because sgu is a series and well MGM dosen’t have spare money anyway. I know that I may have very high standards for ”great” but I still love the series and intend definetly to watch it.

  59. I thought the season 2 trailer should have been just that…only season 2. And that way the teaser clips of season 2 could have been a tad longer and more enticing, imo. Loved the “Alien”-ish like alien running along the walls and the crashing ship(s). Looks like a winner season 🙂

  60. Wow fantastic trailer!

    However, cheater. It was supposed to be posted the 21st and then you ONLY posted it yesterday leaving a Joe Mallozzi deficit in our daily reading. 🙁

    Btw, Tomorrow, Daughter’s 19th… Happy birthday Leora.

  61. hey mr.joseph mallozi,I have a question………….you know….I live in Honduras and theres no place to watch SGU,but there is CWTV..why didnt that channel or the internet announced that they will be broadcassting SGU at saturdays midnights?

  62. WeatherServo9

    It sounds like Rush is saying: It’s never been about getting us home except(?) getting us where we’re going. That is the mission.

    The wording of it seems rather strange, but Robert doesn’t seem to be speaking too clearly there. Maybe he’s pulling an Armstrong and omitting some words (the “and” from ‘That’s one small step for man “and” one giant leap for mankind.’)

    Joe? Any clarification?

  63. @Ian Z.

    Good point. Surprising there aren’t essentially tons of different craft/Stargate models on the market. Fans are willing and eager to buy such things.

    Take Legend of the Seeker. Senior costume designer sold off a ton of old costumes for well over $1000. Every francise has crazy fans, why not exploit? Lol

  64. @antonio chavez

    Easily answered question there, contact your local networks by email or snail mail and request they pick up SGU for broadcast. If enough people request it, they’l license it for your country.

    Basically there has to be some kind of demand for something, or at least they have to think there is, for it to even be screened in your country, or any country.

    This is why Stargate is auto picked up in places like UK, and various european countries as there is a fanbase there.

  65. Ian Z. I agree, LEGO would be great as merchandise for the franchise. I’m even surprised it isn’t done already !

  66. Awesome trailer… For the most part.. I wish half of it wasn’t filled with old clips because it’s the new stuff I want to see… But never the less well done.. Although I’m positive that Pg15 could do a whole lot better xD.

  67. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! *falls off chair* This looks soooooooooooooooooooo cool! Can’t wait!!!

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