Linda McGibney (humoring me).

We finally finished breaking episode 20 today.  Formerly titled Gauntled, then untitled, now retitled Gauntlet, it’s a fitting end to SGU’s spectacular second season.  I’ve been tasked with outlining the story and – depending on Paul’s schedule – scripting it as well.  I’ll get right on that as soon as I finish work on The Hunt that goes to camera next week.  This morning, I was making the changes that transformed the script from a bright blue to a vibrant pink draft complete with dialogue tweaks, scene omissions, and night scenes.  Next week’s location shoot is looking like more and more fun.  Speaking of location, tomorrow I head out on the final tech surveyt (timed to coincide with lunch, thanks for that), then head back to the office for our production meeting.  Hopefully, I’ll be home by this time next Tuesday.

Another reminder that you have until this weekend to post your questions and comments about the superhero-themed anthology, Masked, September’s book of the month club selection.  I’m gathering questions for editor Lou Anders, and writers Matthew Sturges, James Maxey, Paul Cornell, Gail Simone, Daryl Gregory, Mark Chadbourn, Marjorie M. Liu, and yours truly.  So ask ’em if you got ’em!

And now, I turn this blog over to Stargate: Universe writer/Supervising Producer Linda McGibney who joined the show this season.  In addition to her writing and producing duties, Linda is also the Stargate Militia Commander, a title she presently holds thanks to her combat training and the fact that most of the weapons (including the trebuchet) belong to her anyway.

Thanks to Linda for taking the time.  On to her Q&A…

Chevron 7 writes: “Questions for Linda: 1.  Lots of people complain that Stargate is a boy’s club. Do you feel that the gender of the screenwriter is important?”

LM: I actually do.  I think there should be a balance.  Some of my best experiences on staff were when there was a good balance of men/women with an ethnic mix.  Doing TV for the U.S., I believe you have to reflect the reality of the people who live there.  So, men, women, people of different backgrounds are what is the U.S.  Cliché’ or not, it is a melting pot as is Canada.  And a person’s background and life experiences contribute to what a show becomes over time.  Most writers I know write from what they’ve experienced, so having different voices with different perspectives always makes a show richer.

“2.  Was there any initiation prank performed on you when you started?”

LM: Not really.  People were very friendly and courteous.

“3.  Who at Bridge is the best cook? Who gives the best hugs?”

LM: I guess the cook question was submitted by Joe or someone who knows Joe because as we all understand Joe is the foodie.  He loves to bring things in.  It’s wonderful.  After that I’d say Rob was a hell of an ice cream maker.  As for hugs, for me I guess it’s Remi because I don’t remember any of the other writers ever hugging me.

“4.  What would you say is your biggest strength as a writer?”

LM: That’s always a tricky question because what I might feel is my strength may not play for other people.  I’ve been known as a character writer for many years so I guess that’s what stands out.  I like to tap into the emotional arch of a character, love to write their weaknesses along with their strength.  I also enjoy when over the course of a series I can develop and explore the relationship between two characters.

“5.  Are you a cat or dog person or something else?”

LM: Dog definitely.  I have a scrappy chihuahua, George, who came to Vancouver with me and he’s my doggie boy.  He’s like a tiny junkyard dog.  Lots of attitude.  He’s learning to be polite here in Canada.  For whatever reason, I rarely hear Canadian dogs bark.

“6.  How do you cope with having your work critiqued? Do you like to see your episodes once they’re done?”

LM: Honestly, it depends.  I don’t know a writer who likes notes as first glance.  You want the show runner to tell you, “It’s brilliant, don’t change a word.”  Once you’ve digested your disappointment, you realize notes usually make a script better.  I have had on rare occasions a script go from first draft straight to pre-production, but in most cases you do the notes and the script improves.  Look, the goal for everyone in TV is to do the best show possible, and if that means rewrite, you got to do it.

“7.  Is there one character’s journey on Destiny that you relate to the most?”

LM: For some reason I have to admit I feel a certain affinity for Tamara’s character.  It could just be that I find Alaina Huffman to be a wonderful actress, but when I watch her journey unfold, I am drawn to it.  It may also be because I am a former member of the U.S. military and I can relate in some ways to the position she is in, but for the most part it’s because I just think she’s extremely talented.

“8.  What’s one SGU surprise in Season 2 that you can tell us?”

LM: Joe?  I don’t know… if I say anything there’s a possibility my Chihuahua won’t be coming home with me.

“9.  Which writers could you beat in a wrestling match?”

LM: Okay, that question makes me laugh.

“10.What makes you laugh?”

LM: Besides the above question?  So much.  Right now I love 30 Rock.  Used to watch Extras and Curb Your Enthusiasm religiously.  I’ve always enjoyed Monty Python movies.  I love that almost weekly they show Strange Brew here (a guilty pleasure).  I was a huge fan of SCTV fan back in the day.  On a daily basis, my husband makes me laugh, and then there Joe – and actually I think Carl is hysterical.  He has a great, twisted sense of humor.

noelm writes: “Questions for Linda: What is your favorite part of script writing?”

LM: Finishing?  No, really it’s filming something you think was pretty good on the page and seeing actors make it better.  You never really get over that, no matter how many episodes you do.

“What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 8? What did your parents want you to be?”

LM: I think at 8, I wanted to be Barbra Streisand, but I can’t carry a tune so that was not going to happen.  My parents wanted me to be me.  I was fortunate that from a very young age they told me that I could be anything I wanted to be if I put my mind to it.  Turns out they were right.

“What was your major in college? What do you want to be now?”

LM: I went to San Diego State and ended up with two degrees: English and Film & Television, both with an emphasis in writing.  At this point, what I most aspire to be is happy, and professionally on a show that I’m really proud of.

“What is Joe’s most annoying habit? What is Joe’s most endearing habit?”

LM: Joe, stop asking me questions.  No, seriously most endearing is that he has a great smirk.  He walks in and smirks at you, it’s quite alarming and cute.  Annoying?  Friendo for some reason comes to mind.

Lisa R. writes: “Questions for Linda McGibney: How did you get into the business?”

LM: My first quasi-entertainment job was as a military broadcaster in the U.S. Army.  I was stationed in the Azores and was on TV nightly.  It was alarming to be out somewhere, like at the doctor’s office or something, and someone would point to me and say, “you’re that chick on TV.”  Later, in LA, my first big job was working for Carol Burnett.  In fact, Carol was the first person to ever buy or produce anything I wrote.  Pretty amazing experience.

“How long have you been a sci-fi fan?”

LM: I’ve always qualified myself as a character-driven sci-fi fan.  For example, Aliens is my favorite sci-fi film.  I think it doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to sci-fi writing.  I remember seeing that film in the theatre and thinking this is great storytelling.  I also enjoy genre/fantasy.  Excaliber had a huge impact on me when I was young.  I still watch it occasionally for inspiration.

“What tv shows do you like to watch?”

LM: Right now my favorite show is Mad Men, but of all time I’d have to say the show I enjoyed the most was Twin Peaks.  I was a fanatical fan, even having a Twin Peaks themed party for the second season premiere at my apartment where I made my friends act out a scene from the show.  If that series was on the air now, I’d be blogging it to the nth level.

Sparky writes: “Question for Linda McGibney – How often when you’re in the middle of a script at a critical point (e.g. you don’t want to be disturbed by anybody for any reason) will Mr Mallozzi pop around with some grub (particularly of the chocolate variety), making you completely forget what you’d wrote?”

LM: Not often.  Mostly what I do at work is rewrite what I worked on at home.  I like writing with the TV on, and that’s not possible here in the office.  More often he comes by to smirk which makes me giggle.  I guess I could nickname him McSmirky.

Ytimynona writes: “Questions for Linda McGibney: What has been the most fun part of working on Stargate?”

LM: Many things. I am in awe of a lot of it.  I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the art direction.  I’ve been on every type of show you can imagine, and these sets blow your mind.  I enjoyed seeing what they came up with for an episode I wrote.  Also, the crew is very sweet, very welcoming, and I enjoyed being on set while shooting.

“Do you do any social networking with fans (Twitter/Facebook/blog)?”

LM: I have a personal Facebook, but without fan status.  I skulked around Twitter anonymously about the show I did previous to Stargate to take the temperature on its reception, but that’s about it.

Ponytail writes: “A question (or two, okay 4!) for Joe’s Friendo Linda McGibney: 1. What do you want Joe to call you? Did you like any of the names us blog readers came up with (or do you even read Joe’s blog??)?”

LM: I’ve told Joe to call me Linda.  For some reason he still has reservations about it, although I figure it was good enough for my mother.  I asked Joe to share the names he collected but he failed to give me any but the word “Temp” which seemed a bit odd for a nickname.  I read the blog sporadically, but I couldn’t find the supposed list of nicknames.  I get “sarge” a lot because I was one, but Joe rejected that as well.

“2. Are you the first woman writer in the Franchise’s history, and how do the guys treat you?”

LM: I am not the first female writer on staff.  There have been others.  It’s funny how many people have assumed I am the first.  Weird actually.  If anything, the guys don’t have a reaction to the fact that I’m a woman.  I believe they treat me how they would any writer coming onboard which is great.

“3. Can you describe a typical day at work for you?”

LM: Well, come to work and drink coffee which is essential.  We do a lot of meetings here, viewing different cuts of episodes and giving script notes, etc.  In a normal day, there’s a least two to three meetings.  We eat lunch together, then I’m either in my office working or at more meetings.  For fun, I like to play movie trivia games with the production office staff.  It is a very friendly place to work.

“4. Second to SGU, what would be a dream job for you?”

LM: That’s a difficult question.  I’ve always believed in the rule “be careful what you wish for.”  Once I worked with an actor that I truly respected.  I was very excited to work with him and he turned out to be a complete a-hole.  It’s hard for me to even watch him anymore on screen because I was so disappointed.  So at this point, I can’t even think what would be a dream job because I’m a bit gun-shy to the concept.

“Thank you for taking our questions …….. , what should I call you? I’m sooooo confused!”

LM: Linda is just fine.  Many of my friends say “Leen-da” because my mother is originally from Spain.  I’m not sure why Joe has such difficulty saying my name.  Perhaps he doesn’t like the letter “L”.

E writes: “Ooh, I’ve been wanting to ask Linda something. First of all, a number of fans have been waiting for a long time to have female writer to join the SG team.  What’s it like being the only woman in the writing team?”

LM: Actually quite normal.  I’ve been on a number of staffs where I was the only woman.  I think it does happen more often on genre shows.  In fact, the three series I was staffed on that were considered sci-fi/genre, on all three I was the only woman, so go figure.  I love that more women are joining the sci-fi writing ranks – it’s good for the genre.

“Which character do you enjoy writing the most?”

LM: That’s a tough one because there are too many to choose from.  I did an episode that focused on Greer and Wray, and recently did one that centered on Rush and Eli.  I’ve written scenes for T.J. that eventually got cut, but I enjoyed her voice.

“How much did you know about Stargate before joining?”

LM: I knew about the film and SG-1, but knew very little about Atlantis.  When Universe came up, I understood it was a new incarnation of the franchise, but because only half the first season had aired at that point, I knew when interviewed I’d have to do some homework so watched the first ten episodes over and over just to get the feel of the show.

“Would you ever like to direct an episode or even have a little cameo? Thank you.”

LM: I have done a speaking role cameo on another show and I HATED it.  I really did not like seeing myself on screen.  As far as directing, I would be intrigued by the opportunity, but for now I like concentrating on writing.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Hi Ms. Linda McGibney! Are you new to the Vancouver area?”

LM: I am.  This is my first time in Canada as well.  The closest I ever came to Vancouver was living in Tacoma, Washington when I was a three.

“How big an adjustment is it working on SGU?”

LM: Big in the personal area.  I am here without my husband who is working in California.  On the professional front, not really different at all.  In most cases the life of a TV writer is an incredibly transient existence, so being the new kid on the block isn’t that unusual.

Airelle writes: “To Linda, How did you begin your career, first big break?”

LM: As I said, my first big break was with Carol Burnett.  My first in drama was when I wrote an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street entitled “Kaddish.” That really jumpstarted my professional career in dramatic television.

“Is Joe as nice as he seems?”

LM: What you see is what you get with Joe.  I think it’s a great thing he communicates with the fans via this blog and share his experiences with all of you.  And so you know, Joe really cares – that’s why he spends so much time on the blog.

“Has Joe taken you out for the welcome dinner yet?(the one with noodle-man, Remi, you missed)”

LM: As a matter of fact, Joe today asked if we could go out to dinner.  So, I guess we will be doing it soon.

“What has been a favorite show to write/produce for so far?”

LM: By far I would have to say it was Persons Unknown (I worked with Remi Aubuchon on that series).  From the time I started working on it until the night the last episode aired recently, I had spent three years of my life involved with the show.  It was by far the most challenging experience I have had professionally, and I know I will remember it for the rest of my life.

“Thank you for taking time to do this Q&A with us,come and blog if you have time, its fun here. thanks Joe for asking Linda.”

LM: Thank you all for asking the questions.  It’s been fun, and very encouraging to know that the fan base is interested in little old me.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do the Q & A, Linda. It was fascinating to hear about what you do.

  2. Heya Joe a quick question for you

    I was having a random search on wiki on the original StarGate film and it says there that Dean Deavlin is in negoiatinos with MGM Shareholders to create a second and possibly a third stargate film , not related at all to the series at all and they wanted to rehire kurt russel and James spader …….. Im aware that it states this was in 2006 but thats not massively a long time agoo

    I for one would be very dissapointed if this actuallly happened ….. the original film was not that great and is not worthy of a sequal , however stargate sg1 is very deserving of a thearitical movie and i would be much happier if MGM gave the money too you guys

    And plus there is ONLY one guy that can play O’ Neill and that is the legendary RDA !!!

    The link is :

  3. Here is are questions for the mailbag.

    1. We learnt of Greer’s past in season 1 and how it influenced his decision to join the military, however will we have the opportunity to touch on his current life back on earth [ i.e relationship with mom, other relatives, e.t.c] through the communication stones?

    2. How many episodes will Amanda Perry be in for the second season?


  4. Regarding Masked... I read it on my iPhone, which makes it virtually impossible to flip back and forth later to to come up with coherent thoughts and questions. So I’ll comment on the meta level, which is that I think this is the first time I’ve read an anthology where the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. That is, I got into the flow of all these worlds of superpowers and heroes, and I found they all added to a wonderful mosaic of ways super-heroes could manifest in a universe not so different from ours. It’s hard to describe, but I just enjoyed looking at it from all the angles the writers presented. And I’m not a comics reader so it’s saying a lot that I got so into it.

    Downfall was very enjoyable, Joe. I can’t believe how many superhero names you came up with. You must be good at it from all the Stargate alien naming. 🙂

    Questions for Lou Anders:
    — What sort of ground rules did you give the contributors as far as the settings of the stories, etc?
    — Did you have to ask for any changes because stories were too similar or didn’t fit your vision for some reason?
    — What considerations did you use to decide the order of the works?

  5. That was an excellent Q&A, and so was Ms. Spence’s from yesterday! Thank you both for taking the time to entertain our questions, and thank you Joe once more for being the bridge between the people at Bridge and us!

    But wait…you mean to tell me that the “Boys Club of Bridge Studios” aren’t filled with misogynistic assholes who are only able to whistle at women when they are near them? But…but…that’s what I’ve been taught by fandom! That you guys couldn’t figure out how a women worked even if she were put together right in front of you! That you guys are all nerds who are intimidated by women and are using Stargate as a platform to launch your nerd fantasies! That you guys laugh in the face of female writers who wish to participate in your male-ocracy! That Brad nearly had a heart attack when a writer named Alex that he was thinking of hiring turned out to be female! I…I can’t believe this! WHY HAVE YOU LET ME DOWN FANDOM?! WHYYYYYYYYYY

    Anyways, I’ve made it to Pasadena safe and sound and a few shades darker! I start my orientations at CalTech tomorrow and will be very busy for the next few days, so I thought I’d drop in for a touching-base of a sort with you guys. Hope all is well!

    In the meantime, I’ve started a wordpress blog to chronicle my adventures here. I don’t know how often I’ll update it – no way can I manage Joe’s track record – but I’ll try to maintain it as the days go by.

    That’s all for now! Talk to you guys later!

  6. Hi Joe!

    Please thank Linda for her fab Q&A – her answers were incredibly insightful and genuine, NTM chock full of juicy tidbits! BTW, perhaps you could stand in front of a mirror and practice, L-in-da…Linn-da…Lin-da…Linda! You know, like on Sesame Street – just concentrate on each syllable and elide them together until you can successfully say her name. I know you can do it! 😉

    Smiles, Julie

  7. I’m sorry I missed sending in a question to Linda McGibney.. I really enjoyed Persons Unknown. It kept me involved from the very first episode to the last. Will there be another season?

    After reading her Q&A, a question came to mind that perhaps Joe, you could answer. In all of your script writing experiences, has there ever been a scene that you had really enjoyed writing but eventually it had to be cut for time or other reason? If so, what was it?



  8. Thank you! to Linda McGibney for anwering all our questions! She seems like a real nice person. Linda wrote of Joe, “I guess I could nickname him McSmirky.” Do it!! 😈

    Joe thanks for the massive amount of Q&A’s lately. You have really been piling them on and each one is unique to the guest. They are a lot of fun to read.

  9. Thanks Linda for answering the Q and A questions. It was great of you to take some time out to do that. I can’t wait to see the second season.


  10. Thanks for the Q&A Linda it was awesome to get to know you better.

    Hey Joe what did you do on your 29th birthday? I’m turning 29 tomorrow and it’s just usually another day but feel I should start my last year in my 20’s doing something silly! Any suggestions?? How about all the readers over 29, what did you do for your 29th b-day?

  11. Thanks Linda for answering questions. I wish I had had time to think of some.

    So funny that Joe tried out my husband’s “temp” nickname on you (one that was bestowed on him). My husband is going to have a really good laugh in the morning. In fact, I’m sure it will make his day.

    @PG15 — Glad you made it safe and sound.

  12. Hi Joe!
    Now that Atlantis is on Earth at the moment did General Oneill
    send people to explore Atlantis and check out the remaining unexplored areas that the Atlantis team didnt get to yet before Atlantis came to Earth.

    Also will we see any bits of Atlantis on tv when McKay and Woolsey go to Destiny and does Atlantis have its own set of Ancient Communication Stones in case Atlantis leaves Earth and gets cut off from Earth again like in Season 1 of SGA.

  13. Well, I really tried to read your story, but I just ran out of time. Sadly, I only made it half way through. Having never read any superhero stories before, it was, well…different.

    It took me awhile to get a sense of the world you created. But I was seduced into it by Marshall. What a great character! And his backstory is hilarious.

    From what I’ve read so far, your writing is seamless in carrying the story and character development, which makes it difficult to understand the trauma you had in writing it.

    So here are my questions:

    1) Any particular writers or story influences that helped you with the choices you made as you struggled through it?

    2) Do you feel satisfied in what you accomplished with this story?

    3) What did you learn that might make this process a little less painful for you in writing your next short story adventure?

    I’m looking forward to finishing Downfall, and I think it’s a great intro for a newbie as I enter into all the other worlds of Masked.

    And thank you and Jennifer Spence for the Q & A. I didn’t have time for that either, which was frustrating since Lisa Parks is my favorite character so far. So please don’t knock her off.

  14. @ Penny – Happy 29th Birthday!

    YES, last year was my 29th birthday too! I went out to eat. The year before last was also my 29th birthday and I think I went out for dinner too. And the year before that was also my 29th birthday, as was the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…etc, etc, etc…(just keep going – I’ll tell you when to stop).

    I drank too much cool-aid and now I’m wired! I’ll never get to sleep.

  15. That was quick! 😀 Interesting that Linda used to be a member of the US military. You said at first she hesitated doing the Q&A, but I hope she’s glad she did.

  16. Hey Joe, Hope everything is well, family, pugs, laptop, fridge etc, Just wanted to say thanks. Well why? Cause you got me off my ass from just writing stories and leaving them on the side to gather dust, to cleaning them up and sending them off to university. Now im going too, Studying a degree in English Partnered with literature and creative writing i hope to continue just that and write.

    So, thats that. On a SG related topic, unsure weather its been posted before but what is your reception to the Fandominum books series? A Report from gateworld suggests that they plan to continue SGA from where it left off from enemy at the gate. Have MGM, or Extinction been adapted for this or have you guys no say in their novellas considering them non cannon???

    Homecoming Book 1
    The first of a six book series set after the end of Stargate Atlantis’ final season, “Homecoming” sees Atlantis return to the Pegasus Galaxy. But the situation in Pegasus has changed. The Wraith are on the verge of unification under the new and powerful Queen Death. She stages a daring raid with one goal: the capture of the only man able to give their ships hyperdrive and lead them to Earth — Dr. Rodney McKay.

    “Stargate Atlantis: Legacy” is an exciting new book series from Fandemonium Books coming in 2010. As the fantastically successful “New Jedi Order Series” did for Star Wars, “Legacy” takes Stargate Atlantis fans on to uncharted new ground, exploring what happens next after the end of Season Five. With no reset to zero, the jeopardy for our favorite characters has never been greater as they face entirely new challenges and dangers, as well as old foes revitalized.

    Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon and the rest must face Wraith, Genii, and their most dangerous foes yet in a galaxy-spanning adventure to uncover the true legacy of the Ancients — a battle from which all may not return.

  17. Please thank Linda for the Q&A. Funny that she started out in military TV. I knew a gal years ago named Veronica who also started out in journalism in Azores, and she came home with a nice Portguese-speaking man for a husband, can’t remember his name, but he was an excellent cook. Well, I can’t wait for season 2. Time to start talking it up to my friends!

  18. Thanks to Linda G. for another interesting Q & A. I used to watch AFRTS shows on the Southern Command Network. For years I longed to see American commercials; all we had were military PSA’s about OPSEC. Now of course I loathe commercials and miss getting my news from uniformed soldiers.

    Maybe the SGU military folks start their own AFRTS broadcast; once they get Destiny back, of course.

  19. Did you guys know about — a Twitter charity first. It goes to rebuild a school in Haiti for kids with cerebral palsy, severe autism, etc. (the only one of its kind). Miriam House. David Blue, Jewel Staite and Lou Diamond Phillips are all participating (so far). They are doing very, very well. David top bid exceed Ryan Seacrest at the moment, but Jewel snuck ahead of David in the late hours last night. David and Jewel are both offering phone calls as part of their winner’s package. Along with a few other goodies. They might up the package as the next week develops to up their bids. Way to represent the Stargate Franchise!

  20. Thanks Linda for the great Q & A! Sorry about being away from your hubby.

    JulieAloha: Great post!

    I’m reading “Thug” now. Loving it!

    Das: Another kitten is hanging around. I’ve almost got him tame enough to catch. Wish me luck. He is a little ginger tom and looks to be a “teenager”. After I get him fixed up, he may be my first outside cat here. I can’t take him to the humane society and I won’t take him to the shelter. “grrrr” I wish people would get their pets spayed!

  21. *bangs head on desk*
    Ugggh! Maybe one of these days I will get enough sense knocked into my brain to stay out of these conversations!

    Although, Joe, I was was exhilarated to see myself at the top of the mailbag! 😀

    I guess, being one of the old fogeys of the group, that I view certain incidents differently than those of a younger generation. I thought the question was asked in a rude tone. I got the impression from a reply to my comments that someone (sorry, don’t remember who it was off top of my head) wanted me to prove I was at the panel! Because of that person’s YouTube viewing, they disagreed with my viewpoint. And we all know that YouTube only contains the gospel truth in its videos.

    Linda, enjoyed your Q&A immensely. We are all counting on you to keep “the boys” in line! 😉 One of the things I like most about SGU is that it has the largest number of strong female characters in the franchise.

    Joe, thanks to Linda, we now know your secret supervillain identity — McSmirky! So that’s your superpower. You distract with a smirk and a “Friendo” to hide your evil deeds.

    On the subject of DragonCon, you got a few mentions during panels also — your attempts at achieving supervillian status. But, someone said (I think it was Jewel Staite) that you were too much of a sweetheart to be a supervillain. I’m sure you can double-check my facts on YouTube.

    Joe, since you are made of chocolate, I think a Stargate Cook Book would be a great project for you! 😀

  22. @avabird – I don’t know how old you are, but I will say I have had some of those same feelings myself about the younger generation. (I’m in my mid-forties.) If I had been at the panel, I probably would have thought the same thing. IMO, I believe that standards of behavior have really gone downhill in the last twenty years. Anyway, I say all that just to say, thank you for posting your perspective about the panel. I really appreciated it.

  23. @avabird said “I guess, being one of the old fogeys of the group, that I view certain incidents differently than those of a younger generation. I thought the question was asked in a rude tone. I got the impression from a reply to my comments that someone (sorry, don’t remember who it was off top of my head) wanted me to prove I was at the panel! Because of that person’s YouTube viewing, they disagreed with my viewpoint. And we all know that YouTube only contains the gospel truth in its videos.”

    Youtube videos aside, since you said that I was only going off of the Youtube videos, OTHER PEOPLE THAT WERE AT THE CONVENTION AND ATTENDED ALL OF THE PANELS, AND ALSO THE DIRECTOR OF THE EVENT, did not think that any questions were asked in a rude way. The director of the event looks to be in her forties too if that makes anyone happy.

    Since Mallozzi said that he was not talking about the question that many of us thought he was talking about (the one where the SGU/SGA fan asks the panel about SGA’s cancellation), I’m still wondering which part of any panel was the part where Martin had to save Alaina.

    I get that you thinking that a question was asked in a “rudely-toned” way was YOUR PERSPECTIVE and that is why I asked you:

    “Can you let us know which panel(s) this was and/or provide a link to the footage of it so we can all form our own opinions? I’d really like to know.”

    I did not ask you to post pictures of items such as your ticket stubs or receipts to prove that you were there. You said that you were there, so I asked for some details. I asked you to say which panel(s) was the one where any questions were asked and were perceived as”rudely-toned” per your perspective. I also asked for video links, but since you seem to have something against video uploaded thru Youtube, we can leave that out.

    If you will not or cannot answer, then okay, but please do not mock my questions.

    For all of your talk of manners going down the tubes in the last 20 years, I do not think you were very polite in your last post. If you think I am being rude by saying any of this, then I apologize in advance but I don’t think that my questions to you should be mocked and then casually brushed aside like I didn’t ask them when you respond to something that I wrote.


  24. Correction: I should have typed “For all of THE talk of manners going down the tubes in the last 20 years, I do not think you were very polite in your last post” because Lisa R was the one that said that and not you, but you both referenced how you think being of an older generation makes the 2 of you more prone to think of things as rude or “rudely-toned.”

  25. Hi Linda, that was fast!

    I didn’t realize you had a military background, that’s really cool. I think it would definitely be an asset for that scary writers room, although maybe you don’t find it all that scary and I’m just assuming but…. I think just knowing that you know hand to hand combat would help, even if it’s never used!! *smile*

    I’m with you on the Friendo nickname, sounds too much like a Lord of the Rings character. What’s he tryin’ to say anyway? Eh? McSmirky is good, I also like Smirky McSmickster.

    Why didn’t I know that you had worked with Remi previously? Well, actually, I think I did know that and it just didn’t sink in. It’s good though coming to a new country with someone you know, although in most cases we Canadians don’t bite… well… too hard anyway.

    I enjoyed you Q & A. Look forward to watching your episodes in Season 2!!

    Have a good one!!

  26. Ooops – two mistakes… (well, besides the numerous punctuation mistakes, they don’t count).

    1. that’s Smirky McSmirkster. (not Smirky McSmickster).
    2. I enjoyed YOUR Q & A. (not you Q & A).



  27. By the way, it’s official. Joaquin Phoenix faked his whole meltdown for 2 yrs, while Casey Affleck filmed it.

    Who called it?

    Oh, while I’m here, who remembers that the Genii soldier who pulled out the knife to cut Rodney in The Storm is none other than Cory Monteith, who plays Flynn on Glee? Just rewatched and couldn’t believe it was him. 🙂

  28. Thanks Paddy for the SGA book information. I’ll look into ordering those. I wonder if they come in epub format?

    I’m on Stephen Baxter’s “Vacuum Lad”. I’m really enjoying this story and chuckling every few minutes. Mr. Baxter has a nice easy going style. No questions for any of the “Masked” authors, so far. Just chilling out and enjoying.

    Kymm: so that the crumbs will mix in with the extra cream and make a kind of sludge… Now that is just weird (I mean that in a fun way) 😀 . Sounds like you make a pudding. Anything with chocolate and cream can’t be all bad.
    My hubby loves the icing and I love the cake. We make perfect dessert partners.

  29. For Paul Cornell,

    What’s the deal with UK comic book writers? The gang from the other side of the pond rule comics. Why do think this is? Is there something there an experience that is uniquely English or Scottish that translates particularly well to comic books?

  30. Using this space to thank you for speaking out on CBS Sunday Morning. Your words mirrored my thoughts and feelings precisely about not hating taxes. This could provide the imepetus for more people to say what they think about taxes. I have always felt very patriotic during tax time. You talked a great deal of sense. THANK YOU

  31. I stopped laughing at Ben Stein some time ago… when he took such a hard turn to the left my intelligent self was no longer able to follow him.

    Thank you for your rebuttle on Sunday Morning. I too was going to write a response to his pathetic whine of last week , but instead struggled to stop myself from making a baloney sandwich and sending it to him in the mail.

    Maybe he is being punished… he’s obviously in a time out from the empathy for the thousands of Americans out of work right now.

    I would take the time to whine too – that I have no real retirement plan, am a single divorce’ who’s income dropped 85% when I got divorced, had to take a 25% paycut on top of that when my employer decided to hire a convicted felon and I got the hell out on the advice of an attorney (did I mention it was the insurance industry and AIG was a major player?)

    But this is what I’d like Ben to know.. I work diligently to pay my bills and mortgage on time, have a top credit rating, have <$700 in credit card debt, drive a 10-yr old used car and live on < $34K year. I haven't gone to the movies in 2 years – stopped going out with friends because it all cost money.. nights out- birthdays- wedding presents- shower gifts. Don't get me wrong – they all say it doesn't matter and it's my company they want- but I got tired of feeling like a schmuck and after running up credit card debt to try to maintain these social events I just plain gave up.

    I'm not talking $100 gifts.. I'm talking $25 gifts… I no longer subscribe to the Sunday newspaper, don't get a single subscription .. and put gas in my car using rolls of quarters.

    Maybe Ben can come up with the algorythm that would show him that with a dwindling middleclass he soon won't have to worry about being in the highest tax bracket. Since the middle class can no longer afford to invest, spend or innovate, maybe he and his ventures will soon begin to feel the loss.

    damn… there it is.. I guess I'm whining like him now aren't I?

  32. Hi Linda,
    Great to see you on CBS Sunday Morning today – thank you for speaking out about Ben Stein’s whining! Keep up the good work!

  33. Just saw your opinion commentary about Ben Stein on Sunday morning on CBS. You should run for president . I’m so amazed that you had the nerve to step out on your own and say the truth that almost all Americans who would be affected by this tax law dont want told or talked about . That was the most forthright honest commentary I believe I have ever heard . Been sayin it for years. The haves who do the lesser amount of work get richer off the backs of the lower and middle class who do the lions share of the work and get less and less as the years grind on. I have great respect for you and candor. Thank you


  34. Thank you so much for speaking out on Sunday Morning. I had almost lost all hope that anyone amongst the well-off would value rational thinking and concern for others over personal greed and their own sense of entitlement. Hearing your comments this morning reminded me of just how badly we have lost our way in this country, of what we could be again, and of the great void in leadership that we now suffer from.

    If anyone doesn’t agree that we have lost our way, I offer this. We are now a country where we fawn over a Sarah Palin as though she is someone who should be taken seriously. Really? Could you possibly imagine a more unbelievable insult to all the bright, educated, thoughtful and caring women in this country? Here you are today, reminding us of what could be and who we could and should be listening to.

    You, by comparison, are the real deal. Today, you spoke about our flagging social conscience. Today, you suggested that we once again do the right thing, just because it is the right thing to do. Today, you suggested that doing the right thing is rewarding in itself, if only our society returned to viewing it as a worthy goal. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your comments today.

  35. Linda… if you would ever have the chance for a face-to-face with Ben I would love to know:

    When did he last lay off employees?
    What portion of his employees healthcare does he help to pay?
    Does he give them regular cost of living increases?
    Has he foregone any personal profits or income in order to try to maintain a reasonable workforce instead of downsizing and having one worker now do the work of three people – in order to keep status quo profit margins?

    …and being a dog lover myself, ask him if any of the rescued dogs he so proudly mentioned in his rant…came from families that could no longer afford them because they lost their jobs. The SPCA is filled with loyal pets from familes that had to choose between feeding their families or getting rid of their beloved loyal pet- the one loyal thing they had … it certainly isn’t their employer these days.

    ok.. I promise I’m done now. I just have to shake off this loathing for a multi-millionairre who had the rediculous gonads to go on national tv and whine about his taxes.

  36. OMG no, you suck and are so wrong. do you understand what taxes are about. They are about pooling our money to build roads, bridges, schools, etc. Not about taking 60, 70, 80 or 90% of our income to send to a government out of control and drunk with power.

    Here is a thought, to prove your convictions as a good marxist, and since you think the last decade was a time of “bogus” economic growth, then you should give back 100% of your money you earned during that time. Otherwise you are just a hypocrite.

  37. After listening to McGibney’s recent video clip about tax increases, I wonder how she possibly made it as far as she has. It was absolutely ludicrous. Does she not realize that 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes?? Why should the wealthier citizens continue to support those who don’t contribute 1 cent. These are the same people who breed that mentality to their offspring-“The Government will take care of me”. This has got to end or our country as we know it will surely become The United States of Entitlement. WAKE UP Linda McGibney!

  38. I echo Watts Kearny…I knew Linda in high school as well (we worked on the school newspaper together)–REALLY REALLY HOT–beautiful eyes!!!

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