In my opinion, people fall into four personality types…

Jelly types are natural born leaders.  They tend to be bossy, stubborn, and set in their ways.

Bubba types are impulsive and enjoy having a good time, but they also tend to be anxious and given to excessive worry.
Maximus types are hedonists, enjoying the finer things in life without concern for consequences.  They’re generally calm, laid back, occasionally lazy.

Lulu types are goal-oriented and always up for a challenge.  They’re clever and determined, possessed of a strong sense of pride.

Jelly types have excellent communication skills.  They’re great delegators.  Creatures of habit, they are not fond overly of surprises.

Bubba types love to explore, but their curious nature is tempered by an extremely cautious outlook, especially when it comes to open garages.

Maximus types are also very personable and easy-going, capable of maintaining a serene composure in even the most distressing of situations.

Lulu types command respect.  They are straight shooters who prefer the direct approach.  If someone has displeased them, they’ll hear about it.

Jelly types can be a little vain and possessed of a sense of entitlement.  Easily offended, they also can be very temperamental.

Bubba types like keeping fit. They enjoy long walks, lawn sprints, and negotiating furniture at breakneck speeds.

Their carefree personalities make Maximus types very popular. They tend to draw attention to them with minimal effort.

Lulu types have a propensity for getting into trouble, so it's not uncommon for them to be caught in compromising positions.

So, which personality type are you?

An early concept drawing from James Robbins for the episode I’m currently writing…

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog-regular Gilder.  Speedy recovery!


dasNdanger writes: “Joe – have you ever read DC’s Secret Six by Gail Simone? I just read the first trade of the current volume, and all I gotta say is that Gail scares me. A LOT. :shock:

Answer: I’m a huge fan of Gail’s and was thrilled to learn she’d contributing to the Masked anthology as well.  As I already mentioned elsewhere, I absolutely loved her story, “Thug”.  I also loved (and continue to love) her work on Secret Six.

Sean D. writes: “Is it Camile Wray or Camille Wray?”

Answer: The name should be spelled “Camille” with two L’s but because that didn’t clear, we had to spell it with one “L” – which Carl and I find ridiculous which is why we spell it with two L’s.  Hope that answers your question.  Sort of.

dixoholster writes: “Joe, i cant believe you are encouraging this absurd behavior. the whole save balding asian guy thing went outta control. the fact that he has all these fans behind him is not a testament to the creative decisions taken, its fueled rather by silliness.”

Answer: Aw, man.  You’re not going to want to be here tomorrow for the announcement of our next guest Q&A.

Deni writes: “When does the new season of SGU begin?”

Answer: September 28th on SyFy.

SuperGater writes: “1. Why was Atlantis canceled? Was it because of the ratings? The cost of the show? Or were you guys just tired of it and wanted to try something new?”

Answer: To this day, I still don’t know exactly why the show was cancelled but I do know it certainly wasn’t a case of us being tired and wanting to try something new.  As I already stated in past entries, Paul and I as co-show runners, as well as our writing staff made up of Carl, Martin, and Alan, were very much looking forward to a possible sixth season.  We were having fun and  had stories ready to go.  We were ultimately ALL very disappointed to hear we wouldn’t get the chance to come back for that sixth year.

2. Who canceled Atlantis? I haven’t been able to find any information on who did.

Answer: The who’s and why’s were never made clear to me either.  Like I said, I thought we could have done another year.

3. Do you find it frustrating that you guys (I mean the shows producers) are being singled out by alot of angry Atlantis fans who blame you for the shows cancelation?

Answer: From a personal standpoint, not really.  A show’s creative will always be the ones to catch the fan flack, deserved or not.  We’re the people on the front lines – especially those of us who, say, maintain an online presence – and so we make for easy targets.  I don’t mind playing the role of villain (okay, I have to admit I kind of enjoy it), so from my end it’s all good.  On the other hand, I find it very sad to see vitriol directed at actors who certainly had nothing to do with Atlantis’s cancellation.  I’m also incredibly disappointed to see fans wishing ill on a show that: a) played no part in the SGA cancellation and b) employs most of the same people who brought SG-1 and Atlantis to life and, again, played no part in the SGA cancellation.

4. If SGU is canceled, what are the chances of SGA coming back?

Answer: Quite honestly, the chances are 0% and this has nothing to do with a desire, or lack thereof, on our part.

5. Why couldn’t you guys have done what you did with SG1 and SGA, run two series simultaneously, Atlantis season six at the same time as Universe’s first season, and passed the torch that way?

Answer: Because nobody asked us to.  If someone had floated the idea, would we have been up for it?  Sure!  We’d done it before.

6. Do you regret anything about the way you handled the news of the Atlantis cancelation?

Answer: Although I can see why some may have seen the merits in marrying both announcements in the same press release (SGA’s cancellation and SGU’s green light), rather than temper fan disappointment it had the opposite effect, creating the erroneous assumption that SGA was cancelled to make room for SGU.  I can tell you this wasn’t the case.  Internally, we already knew that SGU was getting the pick-up but the news had yet to break officially.  At the time, we were still awaiting news on Atlantis’s fate.

7. Do you think any one on your side, either people involved in the production, the studio, or the network, knowing what they know now, regret canceling Atlantis for SGU?

Answer: Again, those of us involved in the Atlantis production had nothing to do with the decision to cancel the show.  A sixth season would have benefited everyone, and I do mean everyone, from Paul, myself, and the entire writing staff through to the cast and entire crew.  Regarding your question – it really depends on what you’re asking.  If you’re wondering whether any of the aforementioned regret not doing a sixth season – I can’t say because I can’t get inside their heads.  I know that many of us would have liked another year but there’s little point in wondering what could have been.  On the other hand, if you’re wondering whether any of the aforementioned might regret not doing a sixth season of Atlantis if it was a choice between that sixth season OR doing SGU, then I’m pretty confident that – given everything we know now – everyone would have certainly opted for SGU.  It’s meant at least two years of work for the crew (as opposed to one), at least two more years for the studio (again, as opposed to one), and, from a network standpoint, the ratings average for SGU’s first season were better than the average of SGA’s last season.

8. How confident are you that Universe well get a third season? What kind of ratings do you think the show will have to pull in to get picked up? Do you think the move to Tuesday nights will help. If yes, why?

I won’t even hazard a guess but I will say that I’m quietly confident.  I think the move to Tuesday nights will help us and here’s why.  We get an enormous boost from those +7 numbers (ratings of households that record and watch the show up to seven days after its initial airing).  I believe there are several reasons for this including the fact that, as SF fans, our audience is more technologically savvy and tends to either record or download the show (and some recent figures I’ve heard on the latter seem to bear this out) more than average.  Also, there’s the fact that Friday night is the most DVR’d night on television – probably because most people aren’t home watching t.v. that night.  More people are home watching television on Tuesday nights meaning our audience would be more likely to watch it sooner (live or same day) rather than later (+7).  Even if our audience numbers remain steady, those numbers will be more front-loaded.  The +7 numbers may diminish, but those live +SD numbers will rise – and its those numbers that the network and advertisers are particularly keen on.

9. From reading your blog posts, I feel as though your interest in making the Atlantis movie has waned. Is this because you’re losing hope or is it because of the sour taste left in your mouth by the fact that the anti-SGU is mostly made up of Atlantis fans?

Answer: I have not lost hope.

10. Also from reading your blog, I get the feeling that even if Universe does get picked up, you might not be around for that third season. I may be misreading you but are you prepared to say if you’ll be back if the show comes back?

Answer: Don’t know.  I take it season by season.

“What do you think is working against Universe becoming a break out hit and what can you do to change that?”

Answer: I’m very proud of Universe and think it’s a great series.  Our cast is terrific and the show keeps getting better and better.  That’s working for us.  Working against us, as strange as it may sound, is the fact that it’s a Stargate series.  Some fans of the old show want more of the same, aren’t getting it and are disappointed, while viewers unfamiliar with SGU assume its the same old show and thus dismiss it.  We just need to find a way to get viewers to tune in, give us a chance, and check us out.  If we can do that, I’m confident we can win over a lot of them.

61 thoughts on “August 18, 2010: Find your personality type! Another little something from the Art Department! An interesting mailbag!

  1. Hi Joe,

    I am most definitely a Maximus…with a little Lulu thrown in!


    Hey, Joe Flanigan is doing a best Dog contest on Twitter, but you can only submit one pic; which pup would you enter?

    Smiles, Julie

  2. I was a Bubba type (my husband used to call me that, until I smacked him 😛 ), but then I got to the ‘keeping fit’ part, and decided I’m a cat.

    What I like about Gail is that she defines her characters really well, and writes in such a way that the reader (me!) feels an immediate connection to the characters. I was surprised at how easily I got to know each one, and came to care about them on different levels.

    So, Joe – can you guess which of the Secret Six so far is my favorite?? Can ya, huh, huh???


  3. Regarding SGA/SGU being produced that the same time, I’m pretty sure (and if pressed will search for the interview) that Brad said that he’s done 2 shows at once twice now and was not really interested in doing that again.

  4. I am such a Lulu! I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but nonetheless, I am a Lulu. Somehow that blurb is going to haunt me. I feel it in my bones.

  5. Thanks for the dedication, Joe. Looks like I’m early tonight.

    All went well and speedily. Away from house 1030 AM to 4 PM. Anesthesia after-effects wore off by 7:30 or so; been tweeting since well before then. Pain not so bad…yet.

    Pleasant surprise on “Psych” tonight. SG veteran guest Brent Stait playing antagonist. Sadly, role did not call for him to do comedy.

    As for my dog personality…I must be on the cusp, just like with my astrological signs. (Sagittarius /Capricorn)

    Good comprehensive Q&A between Joe and Supergater.


  6. SGu deserves all our support and off course me and my friends are looking forward for atlantis movies.Hoping the stargate producers could launch the movies,if they do so ill be the fisrt one to see them!
    SGU as of my point of view is far from ending,i dont know why the other fans doesnt like it,i have every episode as of know, and the writting and script of each one is so special and so smart and so amazing,wow what creativity,it encourages me to write the screenplays and transcripts for my Creations!

  7. Joe,

    What if someone is a merged personality of all of your dogs?


    Thank you for answer the Wray question –

    Sean D. writes: “Is it Camile Wray or Camille Wray?”

    Answer: The name should be spelled “Camille” with two L’s but because that didn’t clear, we had to spell it with one “L” – which Carl and I find ridiculous which is why we spell it with two L’s. Hope that answers your question. Sort of.

    It definitely helps but it is kind of frustrating that basically both spellings are used.

    I’m glad to know that the actual way her name should be spelled is Camille.

    And yet, the idea that it didn’t clear and having to use the Camile “fake spelling” is absolutely ridiculous, indeed.

    Because Camille didn’t clear but Camile did, if we see her name displayed in the show will we see Camile?

    Sean D.

  8. Ohhhhhhh I LOVE this kinda stuff, also astrological personality typing etc.……

    Although I don’t believe that everyone fits neatly into just one category/personality type. I believe one is more dominant in one personality type with minor traits of the others. In my case I am definitely a Lulu (although Jelly was a fairly close second) with the following traits:
    -Maximus’s love of the finer things in life
    -Jelly’s communication (verbal not written obviously)/stubbornness/set in my ways and her vanity/being temperamental
    -Bubba’s curious nature along with his anxiety/worry

    Although having been told that I have the gift of the gab, I can also be very shy (believe it or not), but in person I am….. different….. than what you may expect from reading me online. I can guarantee that if you were to see me in public NO ONE would ever expect/connect that that person would be me (personality and/or looks wise)….

    Who are you most like Joe? You didn’t say today, probably didn’t want to skew opinion, but you could say in tomorrow’s post?

    Have a Good One!!

  9. Are you guys ever going to address the “weakness in wraith technology” mentioned in “Aurora” (Season 2 episode 9) in any of the future movies of Stargate Atlantis?

  10. I might be a Maximus, but a little bit shyer. 🙂
    Thank you for your answers to the SGU questions today, these issues come up over and over and over on multiple fan sites and blogs.
    It’s nice to hear your take on things and I appreciate the time you took to respond.
    I am glad you still hold a small bit of hope for a SGA movie, as the anticpation of its’ production is the primary reason I remain active in the Stargate fandom at all.
    At this point my primary interest in SGU is BAG, so I am breathlessly awaiting tomorrow’s guest blogger announcement. 😛

  11. @Gilder: Glad the surgery is over and you are on the mend. Hope you won’t have too much pain once the anesthesia they put in your knee before they sealed you up goes away.

    I don’t know Joe. I sort of have characteristics of all your dogs. Maybe I need a therapist for multiple dog-personality disorder.

  12. I’m a Bubbalu. But mostly Bubba, especially when it comes to garages. I’m curiously cautious now because I’m older and can’t bolt as fast as I use to.

    Interesting comments about SGA and SGU. I’m very much looking forward to the new season of SGU because I have a better feel for the show, and I’m starting to accept it for what it is, not what I wanted it to be. I’m still not into the characters as much as I’d like, but more open than I was last year.

    And I’m curious to know how McKay will fair. Since the tone of SGA was more light hearted, and SGU is much darker, is it tough to find a balance in writing McKay for SGU?

    @Gilder I wrote “the other one” with a smiley face on my right knee. I thought the doc would get a chuckle out of it, but not even a peep. Not the kind of reaction you want when you’re being wheeled in for surgery! He probably had seen too many knees with smiley faces and arrows over the years. I was off pain pills within four days and had to get back to work in three weeks. My only suggestion is physical therapy. Get lots of it, and be patient. I still have discomfort and some pain after seven months, and have been told it could take up to a year to completely heal. Good luck!

  13. Hi Joe,

    Was up late as I couldn’t sleep (working on a program cover design for somone and wanted it finished before sleeping).

    Just curious, if you have ever read Roger Zelazney’s “The Amber Series”? If so what did you think of it?

    And if not, then I might suggest reading it however I just started the series myself and am only on the second chapter of of the first book “Nine Princes In Amber” and haven’t got a good idea of what I think of it yet.


  14. Speaking of SGU Joe! I am currently jonzing for a new episode! Can’t wait till S2 start up in the fall.

    Perhaps you could convince/sway some around the set (cast & or crew) to do a neat little five minute thingy like a kinosode or something. Anything just to wet my appetite and tide me over till S2 starts up in the fall.

    Could make it something fun and really interesting. Something that might draw the “skeptics” in! As I’m tired of fans dumping on SGU as I absolutely love the show and “Faith” was my favorite episode so far. And Alaina was absolutely brilliant in that episode!

    Heather 🙂

  15. Hey, Joe.

    (Crap. LOL, I can’t believe I missed out on this one. I might have to start posting my questions every day now just to make sure.)

    First off, much thanks for the link. Good read and good find (though sadly, there seems to be bits of paranoid delusion in the comments section).

    I got a couple more questions.

    1.) Even though he’s busy with Sanctuary, could you guys have Martin Wood (and sadly, now Coop) come back and freelance for SGU once in a while, like you had Martin Gero do for Earth and Lost last season (in fact, it would be cool to see him back once in a while too)? BTW, I think Lost was one of the best-recieved eps for fans last season, next to Space and Time.

    In my head, I have it set up as Gero and Coop writing at least two eps each per season (again, like Gero did last season) and Wood directing at least one ep per season. Schedule-freindly stints. Something that won’t interfere with with Wood’s Sanctuary schedule, Gero’s current project (just noticed he’s not doing Sanctuary. He’s on “Bored to Death” – might have to check that out) and whatever Coop is going to be doing.

    What do you think? Could you talk it over with the rest of the guys?

    2.) Do you have any thoughts on why Lost (the TV show) won the Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series and Battlestar Galactica didn’t? If I can recall, Lost was the first sci-fi series to actually win that. The only thing besides effects that BSG got nominated for was music and I don’t think Bear McCreary even won that (which was ****ing criminal).

    Now I’ll admit, I sort of like BSG a little bit more than Lost (though I’m huge a fan of both), but I also think BSG genuinely stands up with Lost in terms of quality. Do you have any thoughts on why Lost won and BSG didn’t?

    3.) Doesn’t Sony own a large stake in MGM? How on Earth did they let MGM get to this point? And what aren’t they doing anything to help MGM in their current situation?

    And once again, much thanks for your answers. I highly appreciate them.

  16. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    I have a few questions for you:

    1. My favorite character in the entire STARGATE franchise is Samantha Carter. Is there a chance to see Brigadier General Samantha Carter in the future?

    2. Is there a chance to have the Goa’uld coming back, maybe on STARGATE UNIVERSE? I would love to see them again.

    3. Can you please give us a very little clue about the movies’ general plot?

    Thanks for your answers.


  17. Sean D said:
    And yet, the idea that it didn’t clear and having to use the Camile “fake spelling” is absolutely ridiculous, indeed.

    But, Sean, would you rather a real-world Camille Wray sue the show for libel? (That IS the legal jusification for clearance, right, Joe?)

  18. Awwwww!! Love your baby doggies! They always put a big smile my face! I’m definitely a Maximus. But…sometimes I can be a Bubba. 😀

  19. @ Gilder – Glad all went well!

    @ Joe – You HAVE to see ‘Transformer Owl’!!!


    We got 4 inches of rain yesterday! WOOO! I hope it saves my dogwoods, though one is looking really bad…not sure it’ll make it. But I am so thankful for what we got – it just felt SOOO good!!! Of course, it’s right back to the heat and humidity this week, but most of the numbers are forecasted to be in the 80s. I will be so happy when this summer is over.

    Have a good day, sir. Try to behave yourself. 🙂


  20. Hey Joe,

    Long time since I wrote on here. I’ll admit I haven’t been as much of a regular reader since Universe started. I was a huge Atlantis fan. Like others I was disappointed in the cancellation. I started to look forward to Universe, after all it was Stargate and I absolutely was thrilled and impressed with the cast. I am one of the fans who gave it a try, I watched 4 episodes and I just couldn’t latch on. I stopped watching. Was 4 episodes to little? Maybe… I think I am probably like a lot of people, in that they really didn’t like the show so simply stopped watching and didn’t go on a writing rampage about the new show. We just quietly slide away.
    I stuck in a Atlantis DVD yesterday. I haven’t watched one in over a year. I watched Duet and it brought back all the happy memories back. It was a really fun, exciting, touching and interesting show. Brings back a lot of happy memories for the family. (my teen girls gave Universe 1 viewing).
    Anyway, I still read your blog for the personal stories, humor, your dogs and any SG1 or Atlantis news that comes up. Hope Universe is around for as long as you want it to be 🙂


  21. Good day Joe! Thanks for the dog part of blog, Lulu, man she would surely be in deep do do for that trick, lol, Jelly is ready to try it next, maybe, learning tricks from the youngster. Maybe I am a combo of Bubba Max, a good thing. How do you punish dogs, even if you can when they look at you with those eyes.. I am not sure I could do it. good luck on you thoughts of things to come and what course to take, I prefer the course associated with dessert,num yumm..
    -and the image from James,,spooky, what talent lies there. great drawing.
    @gilder, wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery.

  22. Clarification: I meant of the people who didn’t like the show
    I think most quietly slip away. Not that most people didn’t like the show. 🙂

  23. Love the dog types!!!!!

    I’m a Bubba with a lot of Lulu thrown in. However, when I had a kid, I had to incorporate in a little Jelly. I’m not sure if that sentence would make sense to anyone else…..

    Gilder: surprised and glad you felt like joining in.

    SIL did her end of the deal and now we are waiting for state to register all the deeds. The end is near on the property division of MIL’s probate. Yeah!!! I’m so proud of my hubby and his brother for the way the split their mother’s estate. They set their sister up with a solid foundation. With her bipolar disorder and physical handicaps, she wasn’t doing so well. After two bankruptcies, three divorces and five back surgeries, she was almost living on the street. Now she has a house/car that are paid for and has been accepted for permanent disability. I just pray she stays mentally stable enough to keep out of trouble. This could come back to bite all us in the ***.

    Das: the rain went all around us!

    JulieAloha: I saw J. F.’s twitter. Fun seeing his phots but he seems to be awfully mean to D. H. Or is that the way that these guys talk to each other? I never understood that whole male insulting “thing” some of them do.

    PBMOM: it is so good to read happy school reports about Peter! Keep it up!!!!!

  24. Nice video trailer with McKay and Woolsley (sp) for season 2 of SGU.

    Stargate Universe Season 2.0 Trailer

    Like most I was shocked at the pulling of the plug of SGA and the suddenness of the go-ahead of SGU. So I acted up over the loss of my favorite show but through all the communications of Joe Rob and Brad I can honestly say that I believe them that they if given the resources and the time would have done programs. But we live the real world were James Bond production has been cancelled and other big name projects have been put on hold so they wanted to MGM could have chosen to shut down all stargate related shows brad fought and was able to get the green light of SGU and I believe if show grows in its second season, we will have at least two stargate related movies in the near furture 2012-13. Keep the faith those who enjoy SGU give it a try those like me who kinda was thrilled with it. I bought both Blu-Ray and I have to tell you when you watch it really is enjoyable. I really like “Life” “faith” “Light” “Pain” “Subversion” (Only When You Run). Very good first season overall.

  25. Good lord, it’s a little disturbing to think that if a new show is canceled that then it will magically bring back a canceled show. Neither of the shows will come back, ever.

    It’s kind of a gruesome thought; like losing a foot, then cutting off the other foot, to see if it makes the first foot grow back.

    All it does is leave you footless.

  26. Hi Joe

    I’d say I’m Bubba/Lulu mix… k’ to say that out loud is kind a wierd!!

    I’m sure I don’t need to say this but I will anyways…. The people who follow you on this blog and comment regularly are the ture fans you should worry about. I love that you enjoy playing the villian but it should never have happened. At the end of the day some people are just dicks!! I work for a large talecomunications company and know how front line people take all the flack for something not within our control.

    Well there it is…. Keep up the good work!

  27. You must laugh at Lulu antics every day. She sure is cute when she’s getting into trouble. How on earth did she get on the table? I just love all of the dogs’ expressive faces.

  28. @Some fans of the old show want more of the same, aren’t getting it and are disappointed,

    I think disappointment is an understatement Joe, some of the SGU haters are a passionate(In their hate) and vocal bunch, which in return could potentially drive some newcomers to the series uming and arring wondering wherever or not to watch away. I think what it comes down to is, some people just don’t like change. On the positive side at least SGU doesn’t have trainwreck ratings like Caprica.

  29. So I was home sick yesterday and sat and watched the two SG-1 movies. I thought seasons 9 & 10 were the strongest over-all, and was quite happy to see a resolution to the major Ori storyline in The Ark of Truth.

    Continuum was a really nice surprise, as I had no idea what it was about going in. While there are threads to the rest of the series, I thought it worked well as a kind of Twilight Zone-type movie.

    After I finished I got a bit bummed out. Atlantis ends so abruptly (couldn’t they have at least done a 90 minute finale?) and knowing that there is a movie just waiting to be filmed kills me! The recent Entertainment Weekly story on MGM’s woes didn’t fill me with a lot of hope either.

    I’m sure there are other Atlantis/SG-1 stories to be told in movie form…I hope MGM gets the financing/sale they need or can Fox foot a bigger chunk of the bill to get these projects off the ground?

    Meanwhile…I’m quite grateful that I have SG: Universe season 2 to look forward to.

  30. Quick question for the next mailbag if that’s OK:
    Has there been any changes in the camerawork from the first to the second season of SGU? I am of course mostly thinking about its shakiness. The difference from SG-1 and SGA is quite striking.

  31. Man, when you post on the job and do not check what you wrote it can be embarrassing when you finally read it.
    Obviously what I am saying is that the producers (Rob, Paul, Joe and Brad) would have done the two shows together for a couple of years (SGA probably going two more years) if there was firm commitment from the studio (MGM). Instead of losing Stargate for the foreseeable future, they (Brad and Rob) was able to continue Stargate with SGU and like I said above “I believe if show grows in its second season, we will have at least two stargate related movies in the near future 2012-13 (for SGA and SG1). Keep the faith those who enjoy SGU give it a try to those like me who was not thrilled with it. I bought both Blu-Rays and I have to tell you when you watch it at one time it really is enjoyable. Very good first season overall.

  32. hey joseph mallozzi could you inform me of something?
    remember the aurora,and remember it held the weakness of the wraiths on its database.Does destiny posses this information too?
    and if destiny was launched from earth thousands of years ago,does the destiny has travelled trough the pegasus galaxy?
    i will apreciate a lot if you answer me this questions.

  33. Gilder –

    Hey there, wow I’m glad I saw your comment, I generally stick with just reading Joe’s main entries. 🙂 Anyway, regarding the Camille original spelling and the Camile “spelling that cleared”, it makes sense for legal purposes. So, I’m guessing that if we do see Camille’s name displayed/spelled in the show that it’ll be as the “Camile” fake-spelling. Just a guess. I’m curious though how it’d show up in an episode either way.

    Sean D.

  34. And a +1 to:

    Quick question for the next mailbag if that’s OK:
    Has there been any changes in the camerawork from the first to the second season of SGU? I am of course mostly thinking about its shakiness. The difference from SG-1 and SGA is quite striking.

    I’d like to know about that too. 🙂 (If there’s any change in cinematography/etc. from season 1 to season 2 in SGU.

  35. Okay one more comment … well, question…

    Joe –

    Heyerdahl’s website lists “Stargate: Extinction”, saying it’ll be made in 2011 and is in pre-production. Is that accurate information?

    Here’s the link:

    Here’s the quote of the text:


    Year made

    Stargate Extinction

    Todd the Wraith

    Andy Mikita

    Availability & etc.
    DVD: –


    Sean D.

  36. @Sean D

    Notice Heyerdahl’s website lists this
    “Sources: IMDB and TV.COM, and hours of Googling.”

    I wouldn’t pay any attention to the Stargate Extinction listing. Infact does he even run the site?

    Any decent actor or actress wouldn’t need to speand hours using google and film websites to name their roles. It’d be up there in your head.

    I seriously think it’s a fansite. I could be wrong.

  37. @ Sean D. – If Joe doesn’t mind, I think I can answer your question. The information on the Heyerdahl site (a fan-owned site) is gleaned from IMDb, and Joe has already been asked about it. I believe his answer is as it always has been: No news on Extinction, and the information on IMDb is just pure speculation, not founded in fact.


  38. Why do I feel like I missed a day again. Not sure what type I am, kinda found a little in each I could identify with.

    So, TONIGHT! Orange Avenue on TNA REACTION @ 11pm EST on SpikeTV –

  39. Joe,

    If given a chance, would you do anything differently with Amanda Tapping’s time on Atlantis during season 4? The Carter on Atlantis wasn’t the same as the Carter on SG1, at least she didn’t come off that way. I understand that her role was more or less filled by McKay on Atlantis and that she was now in command, but it seemed when ever there was a scientific problem, she rolled over to Rodney’s expertise. I’d like to think that Carter was the smarter of the two and had a hard time watching her let Rodney save the day.

    In anycase, she seemed a bit undeveloped on Atlantis as if the writers didn’t know what to do with her. This often seems to be the case when bringing over a character from another show – as happened with Worf on DS9. Like Carter, Worf more or less stood around in the background for his first season on DS9 until the writers figured out what to do with him. What do you think would have happened with Carter in a season 5 of Atlantis had Sanctuary not moved forward? Was there a direction planned for her character? Was adding Amanda to the cast something that the writers wanted, or was it a network decision to try and boost ratings? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Carter was on Atlantis. It’s just seemed that her potential wasn’t maximized and that Weir or Woolsey could have stood in with the same dialogue. I’m glad to see you are finding ways to work her into SGU! 🙂



  40. Ah! That’s not even Heyerdahl’s site! LOL!

    Okay. 🙂

    Anyway, Joe – thank you for answering the question either way in your 8/19 post. I had a hunch it wasn’t accurate information – considering all of the times people have asked you about the SGA movie 😉 – so when I saw that site (thinking it was actually Heyerdahl’s site) I went, “huh?!” 🙂

    I wonder how Heyerdahl feels about some fan running a website on him that has deceptive information about his “resume”. Oh well.

  41. Joe you and gang need to listen to fans. We want Atlantis back and more Atlantis movies. Most of us want a Shepperd/Todd romance. And bring back the Geni.

  42. I wish you would do another Atlantis movie with Joe Flanigan as Shepperd. Shepperd/Todd are cute together and I wish even though I have not seen Extinction here in the US , It will be shown here in 2011, I wish you had not left it hanging about Shepperd/Todd. I wish you had finally gotten them together. It is clear they love each other.

  43. If not get Shepperd and Todd together, get Shepperd together with someone like Teyla, but preferrably Todd. Could you have Shepperd played by Joe Flanigan, Teyla and maybe Todd crossover to SGU and continue the love story there?

  44. Joe

    I want Extinction since it is in lieu of season 6 to answer unanswered questions, like did John cheat on Todd and I want them back together, especially if there is not going to be another movie.

  45. AS one of the fans. I want more Stargate Atlantis movies with Joe Flanigan as Shepperd. I would like to see more pairing of Shepperd and Todd. And yes a combining of SGA and SGU with Joe Flanigan as Shepperd.

  46. Joe

    Thank you for the trailer of SGU. However not interested. I am interested in movies for SGA with Joe Flanigan as Shepperd. I am one of the fans that want Shepperd and Todd together.

  47. Joe
    I hope since Extinction is going to be the only Stargate Atlantis movie in lieu of season 6 you and gang will pair the main hero with Todd, Shepperd/Todd since they have a connection even though I do not know what it is, although it has to do when they were in prison. If there is not going to be anymore movies have Shepperd going off with someone, preferrably Todd.

  48. Joe
    I wish you had worked Joe Flanigan as Shepperd into SGU. I would watch SGU if you had. Also If you are not going to do the movie Extinction, from what I have read and seen on yutube you are pairing Shepperd/Todd. I wish you had started in Atlantis season 5 pairing them and continued it in SGU. They are cute together.

  49. If you and gang are pairing Shepperd/Todd in Extinction. Were you slowly pairing them in the show. When I looked on yutube at some of scenes involving them it looked like you were? I hope you do pair them and if you do more Atlantis movies Joe Flanigan will be in them with Todd the Wraith. I hope you do not kill Shepperd, it would not be a movie without him. He is what makes it.

  50. I am one of the fans that want Joe Flanigan back. Put him as recurring on SGU, I would watch then especially watch him as Shepperd.

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