With word from producer John G. Lenic that the deals have been closed on those Atlantis alums, we can now move forward on the script, secure in the knowledge that both extra-special guest stars will actually be on hand to say the dialogue written for specifically for them.  Great news for fans of the old series.  There was a reluctance to move ahead with an SGA crossover, particularly on my part, because the feeling was it would step on the timing of the SGA movie, Stargate: Extinction, the events of which directly proceed the Atlantis series finale, Enemy at the Gate.  But given the delay on the movie front and the ideal premise pitched out by Remi Aubuchon and Brad Wright, it was decided to go ahead with the crossover.  Not a big deal, but it will require some changes to the Stargate: Extinction timeline which, in turn, will beg a host of questions, some of which will be answered in episode #15, some of which won’t…at least not right away:

1. Where the hell is Atlantis?

Who wants to take the ferry over to Sausalito?

When last we saw our fair city, it was parked in the waters of San Francisco.  Of course logic would dictate it couldn’t sit there for very long without rousing some suspicion or, at the very least, creating some inconvenience for boaters.  Obviously it can’t remain there for long, so where would you move it?  Okay, besides your back yard?

2. If Atlantis is on Earth, does this mean Earth-based off-world ops are being conducted from the city?

It's SG-1's IDC! Drop the shield!

Shifting operations to Atlantis makes sense for a number of reasons – and could prove problematic for a host of others.  And that’s assuming that NORAD’s decision to place Cheyenne Mountain on warm stand-by has, in fact, impacted Stargate Command.  So, Cheyenne Mountain, Homeworld Command, or Atlantis?  Which is it?  Stay tuned.

3. If Atlantis has taken up permanent residence in the Milky Way, then it’s unlikely the Daedalus will be making a return trip to Pegasus anytime soon, meaning characters like Teyla, Kanaan (Yep, he made the trip.), Ronon, and Todd will be taking up permanent residence on Earth.  Or are they?  And if so, what the hell are they doing?

What is this Wal-Mart of which you speak?

Talk about fish out of water.  While it’s unlikely Kanaan will be getting a job at Dairy Queen, it’s certain that the proper authorities will ensure their guests are properly looked after and, whenever possible, permitted to adjust to their new environment.  Ronon’s learning curve may prove a little more. uh, curvier than, say, Teyla and Kanaan, but that’s what having a buddy like Sheppard is for – to keep you out of trouble, back you up in bar room brawls, and help you prepare your audition so that you can snag the lead in that upcoming warrior pic:


4. All well and good for Ronon, Teyla, and Kanaan who chose to come along for the ride, but what about Todd who is now a prisoner on Earth?  And, hey, how the heck are the authorities going to see to his unique dietary requirements?

I've got these neighbors who party 'til all hours of the night. I need you to pay them a visit.

This one’s a particularly intriguing question (aint it, Das?).  Now this was never an issue before given the Extinction timeline (incidentally, as I mentioned previously, Todd plays a key role in the movie, complicating AND facilitating matters for our heroes, and just thinking about that final scene between him and John…well, I get ahead of myself.) but if they have remained on Earth then one of two things has to have happened: a) Todd starved to death or, b) seeking to make use of Todd and his vast knowledge with regard to Pegasus, the Ancients, and alien technology, the authorities have found a way to keep him hale and hardy by feeding him (preferably cranky fans).

5. IF Atlantis has remained in the Milky Way, does this mean that all of the members of the Atlantis expedition last scene in the series finale are still working as Atlantis staff?

Sorry, I'd love to dial, but 5:00 p.m. is quittin' time!

Well, it would make sense given that these individuals were chosen for their expertise and now find themselves in the even more attractive position of being able to go home every night (provided it’s not too busy).  In fact, I can see the I.O.A. assigning to Atlantis, but I can’t believe we’ll see many defections.

6. And what about the personal lives of our crew?  IF Atlantis has been on Earth since the events of Enemy at the Gate (What is that?  Almost a year?), how have the lives of our main characters progressed?

Are Sheppard and Nancy rekindling their relationship?  Are McKay and Keller married yet?  Has Carson completely adjusted to the life he left behind?  Are Rodney and Radek still having it out on a daily basis?  Is Torren teaching his fellow pre-schoolers how to stick fight?  What’s going on with Ronon and Amelia?  Was Woolsey happily reunited with his yorkie?  Did Major Lorne come out with any personal revelations?  Again, stay tuned.

Hey, I just noticed that even though I mentioned the deals had been closed, I didn’t reveal which characters would be putting in an appearance.

That’s because SyFy will be making the grand announcement when the time comes.  Watch for it!

Which is a perfect segue into my next big guest blogger announcement.  Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that kick-ass Erika Kennair, SyFy’s Director of Development, has agreed to swing by and field your questions.  Ask away!

Let me answer the first one for her: Yes, she's married. Sorry.

156 thoughts on “July 15, 2010: Atlantis crossover? Which begs all sorts of questions! And another BIG guest blogger announcement!

  1. Yea!!, good news, on the Atlantis front, Hope Jelly has equally as much good news.
    And another bit of good news, Amazon tells me your book (MASKED) I preordered is in the mail,,Yea!! hoping I will have it b4 I go out of town, wanting something great to read.
    Thanks for the picture reminders and a new Q&A, best get the wheels of the brain turning, need chocolate first.
    Enjoy your evening!!

  2. Joe – read the blog today with a grin that wouldn’t quit. Thanks for taking us back to Atlantis, if only in our imaginations for the moment. My brain is busy with possible scenes of the Atlantis team on Earth…

    Good timing, too. It’s a dark, storm-filled night so far. TV is out, I’m between books, may as well let the mind wander.

    Soon as I put the iPhone down. 🙂

  3. Questions for Erika Kennair

    1) How did you come to be SyFy’s Director of Development?

    2) On a typical day from start to finish, what is your workload like?

    3) What do you look forward to the most in working with the Stargate staff?

  4. Answers:

    (Of course, you would know better than we.)

    1) I think the IOA would have a hard time letting Atlantis leave Earth. I’m thinking Homeworld Command would probably agree with them. We did lose our chair to control the ancients weapons platform. Atlantis does kind of give us back that assett… even if the drones are fired from Atlantis instead. Seems like parking Atlantis where it was before it left to the Pegasus galaxy would be good. We’ve been keeping ops in Antarctica secret enough.

    As a fan though, its perposterous to think the IOA would have their way and Atlantis would stay on Earth. When has anything in the startgate universe gone the way of such logic?

    Something that only a wormhole drive could fix will likely see Atlantis leaving Earth. My guess, presumably leaving on a mission, upon the conclusion of which, Atantis is scheduled to wormhole back to Earth… except they end up stuck out there again… that wormhole drive gives out upon arrival and Atlantis sets down on some obscure planet.

    2) Based on our experiences with the Midway station… I would say maybe its being done out of Atlantis. On the other hand, we figured out a way to get Milky Way gates to still work in the presnces of Pegasus gates.

    3) I think the Air Force has demonstrated a willingness to help a friend out, so I’m sure one of our battle cruisers would be sent back to Pegasus to return any residents home (assuming they wanted to leave… Earth does have its perks). Shepperd was rather clear he’d make sure they got home and I wouldn’t put it past him to ‘borrow’ military assets to make good on his promise.

    4) Todd I doubt would be let go, unless he had some new scheme to ensure the Wraith never could get to Earth. Still, his track record is spotty at best and I figure they’d use him as a guniea pig to further refine their capacity to turn wraith into humans.

    5) I would be surprised if they were. Some probably were reassigned, while others may have had their roles shifted a bit. I should think question 1 would influence this question.

    6) Why the natural progression of their lives of course. Granted they can pop in for those family bbq’s on a more frequent basis, but they’ve not had to deal with being cut off from Earth for some time now. I figure they all know they could be stranded across the universe by one simple trip through a stargate… so my guess is they aren’t really doing anything they wouldn’t have done if Atlantis was still in Pegasus and they had less frequent visits home.

  5. I’m very curious to see how you talented folks blend in a pair of characters from one of the earlier, campier series while maintaining the tone and style established for SGU.

    As for Todd: Didn’t he successfully complete the gene therapy which allows a wraith to eat “normal” food?

  6. Hi Joe,

    OMGOSH, *jumping up and down and clapping gleefully* you’ve just made my day with the SGA news and ruined it at the same time because we have to wait for sooooooo long, not ’til ep 15?! *closing eyes, breathing slowly, checking heartrate* Oh, I can hardly wait!! Love, love, LOVE the pics and captions, especially Todd and John, yummy!

    Does Jelly have to stay overnight again today or did she get to come home right away? How did things go? Saying prayers for her quick recovery.

    Big, BIG Smiles, Julie

  7. Hello Joe.

    GREAT NEWS on the Atlantis front!!! I would bet that we went a ship to get some Iradus bugs to feed on Todd.

    As I recall, Ronon made three visits to Earth. Once to stop a Replicator, once to stop the Wraith from taking control of the SGC, and once for Beckett’s funeral. Stop me if I am wrong, but Tela has only been to Earth (really: Home was a dream) once for her IOA interview.

    Seriously though, I would bet that McKay would be the one to appear on SGU. Can’t wait to see what happens next season.

    By the way, how did Jelly’s procedure go?

    Best wishes,

  8. It’s about FRELLING time!! YEA!!!! God , I can’t wait for this!! Now, more crossover with more SG-1 people…Ben Browder, Claudia Black, and such!! Chop,chop Joe, get to work!!

  9. Todd’s food source: How about Death Row inmates?

    Thanks for the good news!

    Scratch Jelly’s ears for all of us! Any rooms destroyed today?

  10. I’ve been getting my (newish) flatmate hooked on Atlantis. At first she just watched it to perve on Ronon, but she has come to love Rodney, laugh hysterically at Sheppard’s twelve-year-old boy behaviour and thinks that Teyla rules.

    She was dismayed to announce to me, though, that she thinks that in our friendship she is McKay and I am Sheppard – because she’s very high-strung and I’m very laidback.

    @Annie from Freemantle: Your dog has an awesome name, and I hope he’s doing better.

    Did Major Lorne come out with any personal revelations? *snort*

    I have no faith the film will ever get made, so it would be nice to see my team again … or even just a couple of them.

  11. BTW, sorry for the bad grammar. I need to get used to a touch screen. Darned Storm. Sorry Joe, no Iphone yet.

    Best Wishes,


  12. So it WAS Lorne! I KNEW he was the one you’ve been hinting at! It’s too late to deny it, it’s on record.

  13. I think TOdd could be kept alive by tossing him bankers who caused the financial meltdowns, followed by a dessert of oily oil execs 😉

  14. OMG!!!!!!! Thank-you Remi and Brad and TPTB….hope it all ends up working out for your script Joe…this is awesome news!! Thanks for posting it early Joe – you rock today my friend!!!!


    Cheers, Chev

  15. Excellent seque to introduce Vala to the situation… I think that she, of all the characters, would fit in.

    If the numbers go up for this cross-over, there might be more of a chance for a SGA movie. Strange things do happen sometimes.

  16. YAY! How awesome is that! A really bright spot in a crazy week.

    Hope Jelly is doing well and feeling much better.

  17. I just assumed Atlantis would be sunk or hang in the sky and be and accessed with transporters.

    If sunk, submersibles could go into the lower hatches, concealing their entry into and out of the water by passing through boats on the surface and ports elsewhere.

    Put it in Loch Ness – not for any good technical reason, just because that would be cool. Who’s going to believe anyone claiming Atlantis is in Lock Ness? Or the Bermuda Triangle?

  18. Oh gosh. Ronon made a 4th visit to Earth to rescue McKay and Jeannie Miller!!! How could I have forgotten…

  19. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you…Joe… for that lovely….pleasantly surprising…update on the SGA movie! All the above sounds awesome! I can’t wait to have all those questions answered!

    Now. We just need MGM to green-light. C’mon….MGM….we know you can make this work. C’mon…MGM…we’re counting on you now!

  20. First of all great news about the Atlantis/SGU Crossover. Hope to see some familar faces from Atlantis on SGU. My question is actually Stargate Revolution related. Here’s the question: At the beginning of SGU we see Jack as a three – Star general and since Revolution is suppose to have been set between Continuum and Air part 1 will revolution show how he got promoted to lieutenant general?

  21. Hey Joe,
    My guess is one of the guests characters will obviously be McKay, who else but the foremost expert on all things ancient. The second guest is a little more difficult to predict. Sheppard would be great but what use could he be, having the ancient gene wouldn’t help much in the body of someone else…so I’m going to let my mind wonder on that one and save the surprise. Whoever it is it will nice to see. It’s probably Keller!!!

    Two Questions

    1.) Hows Jelly doing?
    2.) As a long time fan who has watched ever SG-1 season many many times…There have been a few inconsistencies I have noticed but one that I can’t let go of even though its not to significant. Here it is…In the 5th race O’Neill uses Ancient Knowledge and builds a power source to get to the Asgard home world, but in the episode where SG-1 goes to an alternate reality to save earth (the ep. name escapes me) the two Carters get the device working and Carter tells the other Carter the Asgard made the device. So was that a mistake that got by everyone and were they wrote by different writers?


  22. Fantastic news!

    How’s Jelly? Is she home yet? I can imagine the others are going to sniff her and say, “Geez, twice in one week.” Squirrel!

  23. Great news on the Atlantis front!! I really enjoyed the captions. I can just see Teyla or Ronon going into a Wal-Mart. 🙂 Have a good night.

  24. Hey Joe
    Certainly exciting news my friend. However, how can Erika be married? She looks 17! I know you posted that picture before and I though Oh Joe, you mixed up the picture of Erika with one of someones daughter or niece. So, ok, I’ll ask..

    Question for Erika: How old are you? You don’t look very old in the picture Joe’s been showing us. Also, just what does a Director of Development do?


  25. I’m guessing the time that it will be announced will be at ComicCon which would be perfect cause I will be there 🙂

  26. Take it easy on my noggin, it’s still tender from that Alastair Reynolds mind bending and spindling of last week.

    All good questions, some a little worrying than others (Kanaan? We sure he didn’t get eaten by Todd, freeing up John and Teyla to make gorgeous babies? No? Grrrrr.)

    What pray tell would lovely Lorne be announcing? We know so little about his personal life, I’d love to know what makes Lorne tick.

    Seems like someone got bizzy with Photoshop and clunked Jason’s torso on some left over legs from Year One.

    BTW did anyone check out Jewel Staite and her FF costar who’s name escapes me on a very cool ep of Warehouse 13?

  27. Joe,

    “Answer: To be honest, I find [ascended Ancients] too esoteric, their existence more fantasy than science fiction.”

    Since at least the time of the Ancient Greeks, humans have imagined humanity evolving to a non-corporeal existence. Indeed, this was a not uncommon trope of golden age science fiction.

    Technically, I see the problem in two parts: reading the vast information that makes up a person and encoding that information on space-time. Both problems are probably a million years beyond the present technological capability of humanity.

    This might be a good topic to forward to Dr. Reynolds.


  28. Questions for Erika Kennair; what type of shows is Syfy looking to develop, and how does SGA fit into that mandate? I love serialized shows like SGU, Caprica, BSG but I’m not a fan of the reality shows and campy monster flicks.

    Is Syfy looking to develop more fun fare like Warehouse 13, Eureka and Haven? I loved that Pearry Teo pushed for better production values on Witchville. Will we see Syfy’s original movies move away from the camp and weird animal mashups?

    Thanks for bringing us great shows like SGU!

  29. I am very, very happy. Now to speculate on which characters. Logic would say McKay and Zelinka, given their knowledge of Ancient technology. But just about any combination would be wonderful.
    Lots of quesitons, but not a lot of answers there. Sorry you’ll have to do some rewriting, but I thank you for staying on top of the continuity issues ivolved by delaying the movie. If Earth abandons the Pegasus galaxy altogether, things should get interesting. The Genii running amok, the delicate work of Woolsey shattered, and an entire galaxy of humans ticked off that one of their legacies from the Ancients has been absconded with. The heck with the Wraith invading the Milky Way….

  30. Here’s a few questions for Erika.

    1. Erika, how would you describe a usual day as a Director of Development at Syfy?

    2. Would you mind sharing some highs and lows of being at Syfy?

    3. How long have you been a fan of Science Fiction and what got you into the genre?

    4. What are you some of your favourite foods?

    5. Would you mind sharing some of your favourite authors?

    6. Are you an animal lover? And what is your favourite animal?

    7. Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, which out the 3 is your favourite series and why?

    8. What direction do you see the Syfy channel heading in the future?

    9. Do you believe in the existance of Ghosts, as Syfy is big on the whole Ghost Hunters thing, what do you think of the 3 shows currently on your network?

    10. What happened with Legend of the Seeker?, if anything did happen, fans around the world have been mailing networks requesting this series be picked up by Syfy, as it averaged around 2.2 million viewers on ABC, why wasn’t this picked up? Was the asking price by ABC/Disney too high? The show is currently im limbo with no one wanting to pick up, do you think you could make a miracle happen Erika? I think you’d have to agree itd be perfect for the Syfy channel.

  31. My13-year-old daughter, Jackie, is so excited! She really, really likes Ronon.

    She also thinks that Keller has “horrible tastes when it comes to men.” Guess that means Rodney has lost the “Twilight demographic”! 😉

    Great news though!

    Jackie also has a question for Erika Kennair:

    “When can we expect to start seeing promos for the new show on Syfy?”

    Thanks for the news!

  32. Questions for Erika:

    You still oversee the Writers on the Verge program, right? Do you just deal with the Finalists or do you have any say in who is picked (do you read the submissions)?

    In the program, do you ever see college-aged finalists? People from all over the country?


  33. Just when I thought the day was total sh*t, I read the blog. This is FANTATIC news. I want everybody back, just for the record.

    How’s Ms Jelly doing? Elway’s in the ER tonight, started having seizures a couple of hours ago. He actually went 4 months without them, a record for him. So, I’m up, worried but at least, some good news today!

  34. Drive-by posting number threeeeeee…ooooodd????!!! I mean, Todd??!

    Yo, Joe – this is a VERY hectic week for me, and I barely have time to read this blog, let alone post. So what do YOU go and do?? You post stuff about Todd. Not just stuff-stuff, but stuff I like to talk about…I mean, reeeeaaally like to talk about.

    Ya know, sometimes you’ve got really shitty timing, bub. 😉 BUT since you’ve brought it up…

    Yes, how to meet Todd’s unique dietary requirements IS a particularly intriguing question, and I’m sure you will come up with something that will be satisfactory to both Wraith defenders like me AND those silly people out there who believe human beings are all innocent, all the time. Previously when Sheppard found din-din for Todd it didn’t set well with some fans. I’m not opposed to capital punishment when the shoe fits (child killers, spree and serial killers, etc), so I had no problem with it, but I don’t know if that’s the route you’d go. With what we know about human cloning and stem cell research and the like in the real world, I’m sure there could be some human ‘suppliment’ that Todd could survive on until he gets back to his old feeding grounds in the Stargate world. Still, even though I like the idea of Wraith having an alternative food source, I really do NOT want them to lose their sucky palms and instinctive need to feed – it IS what makes them…well…THEM. Supressing that desire while trying to play nice-nice with humans is what makes them so very interesting, and unpredictable. Take that away and they’re just humans with really bad skin. So, what’s the alternative? What do you do with a Wraith stuck on earth, especially if you want to keep that Wraith alive and on your side?

    My solution? Turn Todd into the first true ‘superhero’ in the Stargate franchise. Not just a superhero, but an anti-hero – our favorite kind! Think about it … mild-manneredish alien tech consultant by day, pale and somewhat crankier avenger by night. I mean, not only does he have a bit of a Jekyll & Hyde attitude thing going on when his blood sugar drops, he’s even GREEN, to boot! He’d be like The Incredible Hulk, only waaaaay hotter…like… The Incredible Hunk! That’s it! 😀 Or…or…wait for it…Toddverine! I mean, his human side always strugging with his animal side…sound familiar?? Plus, he has deadly hands AND a healing factor. It’s PERFECT! Only, instead of being a short, hairy human mutant, he’s a svelte, silver-locked super duper space bugman! It’d be like if…if…Emplate (mutant supervillain who feeds on other mutants through ‘mouths’ in the palms of his hand…sound familiar?) mated with a Brood queen, and then their offspring mated with Elric! GAH! Do I have to write this stuff for ya??!

    I can just see it now…Todd, roaming the city by night, battling evil and injustice everywhere, feeding on muggers and pushers and rapists and those drunk guys who pee right on the sidewalk in front of the kids when there’s a public toilet just 5 feet away. 🙄 He’d clean up the streets in no time! Come on, Joe, do it! He even has a sort of High Plains Drifter thing going on already – the leather duster with a six-stunner on his hip, riding off into the sunset on his trusty steed, Dart – he’s got it all! Make it happen, Joe…make it happen!



  35. Regarding point number 2, when I first read that NORAD was moving operations out of Cheyenne Mountain, I assumed it was a cover story so they could turn the whole place over to Stargate Command. 🙂

  36. omg omg oh meeee gawd!!! Am I imagining this?? SGU?SGA meld?

    Oh the possibilities…

    Ronon meets Greer

    McKay meets Eli and Rush…

    Shep meets Young..

    These are just my fantasies.. if only one comes to fruition you’ve got one happy middle aged gal 😛

  37. *cue choir of angels singing*


    Atlantis alums, indeed! ❗

    David Hewlett twittered/tweeted a while ago that he’d had an official visit back at Bridge studios. So there’s one probable down. Now…, hmm do you suppose it would be Carson showing his handsome mug next? 😀
    Am prayin’ the ratings will rocket for that crossover episode!

    Joe, could you leave us a quick comment about Jelly grrl? We just want to know how she is today. The other details we can wait for.

    still can’t stop smiling about the good news…


  38. Oh, and PS Joe…

    I am under no illusions that Todd will be in the crossover – I’m sure only main players will be involved – that’s not what I’m on about. You know by now that all you have to do is mention the name, and off on a tangent I go! 😀 😛 That said, and though I am glad that there may be Atlantis actors showing up in Universe, I am a bit saddened that the movie seems even further away now, and that whatever you had up your sleeve for Todd & Co. in Extinction may now all be changed. So, just one little request…whatever you do, DON’T KILL TODD!!!

    (Pretty please?)


  39. What fantastic news on the SGA crossover front! Woohoo!! I see that most bloggers are guessing that one of the characters will be Rodney, but I think it’d be a crack-up if it was Sheppard and Ronon!! Bwahahahahaha…

    And how did Jelly fair? I really hope this procedure gives her some relief and she starts being able to move around a bit more easily.

    Question for Erika:

    1. What does your position entail?
    2. Are you a dog or a cat person, or both?
    3. What are your views on our ‘non-acceptance’ of the demise of SGA?

    Thanx kindly Erika, and have a good one!

  40. @ JohnMHammer – Though Todd did try the gene therapy, it nearly killed him ( Infection ). At the end of that episode – and with Sheppard’s ‘blessing’ – Todd went off to seek a cure. In the series finale, Enemy at the Gate, Todd reveals that he is healed and once again a full, life-sucking Wraith – just the way we love him! 😀 Well, okay…just the way I love him, ’cause – come on – I bet there’s no one in all the universe that can give hand hickeys like him! 😳

    Okay, shutting up now… 😛


  41. Joe, I could kiss you.

    It may not be Extinction, but it’s something. Who knows, maybe this episode will be a foot in the door that gets the movie one step closer to rolling.

    In other news, I hope Jelly is doing well. 🙂

  42. Back to Eli vs Mckay – reckon Eli will annoy Mckay because Rodney thinks Eli’s a little upstart?? I can see Eli giving him some typical ‘teen’ comebacks… Oh that will be funny, especially if they have to work together.

  43. I heard that in the upcoming ‘Legacy’ books, Teyla and Kanaan will be split up. Personally I think it’s a shame, but I was just wondering if that would have any influence on the crossover.

  44. B-b-but what about Jelly? I was all set to see/hear about Jelly… I suppose it’s too soon to tell if it’s working or not eh? Did she put up a bit of a struggle, when she figured out that you wanted to get her out the door and back into the car?

    I deleted my Atlantis comment(s) – I want to think about it a bit more….but YEAH!!

    Erika – thank you for agreeing to do a Q & A for us.
    1. I have a feeling that being the Director of Development at SyFy would be a fascinating/exciting job. Someone has already asked about what you do on a day-to-day basis, so I’ll ask how does one get the job? I’m guessing, maybe a background in Marketing?
    2. How long have you been doing it for?
    3. What is your favourite part of the job?
    4. Do you get to travel a lot?
    5. Ohhh I just checked your twitter and see that you hail from New Orleans. That is one place I am definitely going to go, could you please recommend a couple of your favourite restaurants?

    @ Tammy Dixon – I can hear the haystacks calling your name *sing-song* … *grins*

    Have a Good One!!

  45. You may have to feed me to Todd, because as a cranky fan I certainly hope that McKay and Keller have seen that their relationship was going no where and have subseqently broken up in the year following their arrival on Earth..
    Anyway, I am really looking forward to this ep (unless it all about the aforementioned ship) and can’t wait to see it!
    I miss those Atlantis guys and gals and bugs SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!!!!

  46. Yay! This makes me very happy. I always enjoy crossover eps. And the idea of what happened to the Pegasus natives on Earth is very intriguing. I’ll be interested to see how that goes. Ah, Todd. There’s a simple solution, really. Death row inmates. They’re sentenced to die anyway. Might as well feed a hungry wraith while they’re at it. Or they could always give Todd a cape and a mask and have him clean up some cities of scum. So many possibilities.

  47. Good news, indeed!

    Following up yesterday’s comment, would someone please point me to the date(s) when Joe posted which SG folk would attend SDCC? And was there any info on when/where panel would take place? Would like to pass this info to Alexis Cruz.

  48. DOUBLE SQUEEEE tonight!!!

    I’ve actually got a TON of questions for Erika!

    And that guest star announcement actually made me cry! Jeeze, Joe, took long enough! I feel like an emotional idiot. (They’re tears of intense joy, in case you were wondering!) 😀 I hope Jason will be available!

    I hope we get to see everyone back for this ep! (Or at least, I hope they all get mentioned!!! I’ve been missing me some Shep/McKay banter! And Zelenka!!! And Teyla and Ronan kicking a$$!!!) *wipes tears*

    Dear SGU producers, writers, and directors: don’t let us down!

    Hey Joe, is this why you were so reluctant to comment on Extinction’s progress? I mean, if this ep is answering all our questions, the movie will hafta be significantly rewritten, right? But you obviously couldn’t tell us this. 8)

  49. I’ll be back to post my questions for Erika (the ones that haven’t already been posted) when I can actually see out my eyeballs.

    I seriously need to stoppit with the crying over fictional TV shows.

  50. Thank you for the look you’ve given us of life after EATG for the SGA characters, its sounds ways better than anything I’ve heard from the books that are about to be published. I’m liking SGU so far, especially the second half, the first half was a bit slow:) (Human, Subversion, and Incursion Pt 1+2 are my favorites). I can’t wait for the second season, and hearing that members of the SGA cast are going to be involved makes me look forward to it even more. I still want an SGA movie, and hopefully MGM’s financial situation improves so we can get one, but at least we’ve got something. 🙂 I know I’m sounding like a total suck-up LOL. 😛

  51. It’s gotta be Chuck in the crossover. Right? I miss Chuck.

    Nice little story you were weaving there. How much is this going to mess with your script for the movie? I’m thinking enough where you’ll be wringing your hands for a little while.

  52. Hate to be contrary folks. But the SGU/SGA x-over is a very bad thing. IMO it means that the SG1 & SGA movies are dead with the current written scripts. Also it’s another sign of desperation of the TPTB and their attempt to lure back the departed SG1/SGA fans.

    Sadly it’s my opinion that SGU might not be around for more than a half season more. Putting SGU in the much more competitive Tuesday night slot will probably result in lower viewer share.

    We might see by late August if the rumored Lionsgate takeover bid for MGM or by someone else will pan out. Pending new ownership, MGM will not capable of producing anything new.

    If there is a new MGM owner. Currently halted projects will be restarted and revamped to the whims of the new owner. The Stargate franchise will be no exception.

  53. Hmm, apparently one SGU episode I’ll have to watch. (I never really got into SGU myself)

  54. I’m very excited about seeing SGA characters again even if I’m not really a fan of SGU. Not sure how they’ll fit into the SGU context but it should be interesting. Would love to see all the characters mentioned, even Todd and don’t worry about his dietary requirements, you can feed him the invisible Kanaan, no one would miss him lol. Will it just be a onetime appearance or will it be recurring.

  55. Howdy! Long time no comment. Been busy breeding more SGA fans. 😉

    Thought that occured to me regarding Atlantis being on earth is how that affects the gate system. As we’ve seen before, when two gates are in close proximity (e.g. on the same planet), one automatically assumes precedence and the other gate is effectively blocked. But then again… Atlantis’ gate is a Pegasus system gate. Would it even work at all on Earth (after all, the gate bridge required Pegasus system gates within Pegasus, Milky Way system gates within Milky Way and a space station in which to physically move from a Pegasus gate to a Milky Way gate (or vice versa) in order to transition from one system to the other). Rather puts the kaibosh on your Atlantis as Homeworld Command idea if it doesn’t?

  56. Awesome news on the SGA crossover! 🙂

    Just on the last day and a half of my 10 day vacation in Vancouver. Been most awesome place with some of the best food on the planet! You should check out this new place in Gastwon called “131 Water”. It was a great little place that has only been open 2 weeks.

    Totally got to geek out when I realized I was driving by Bridge Studios.

    [B]My question Joe.[/B] Why does the MGM sign list SG1 and SGA but not SGU??? I was soooo dissappointed not to see SGU listed on the sign. Especially now that SGU is in it’s second year of production.


  57. Interesting. Can’t wait to see what happens… just when I was getting used to the fact that SGU was unlikely to get any cross-overs too. But wait. Does that mean some of the SGA crew somehow get on the ship or is it just what happens when you use the communication stones for fun? hmmmm…

    Why do breaks have to be so long? Sorry, nevermind that, have your holiday. You’ve earned it anyway.

  58. Oh and here is a picture of the beef tenderloin meal I had at “11 Water”. Yes you’ve got me liking to photograph my food now too and am loving doing so! 🙂


    Don’t know if it will be to your liking but I definately enjoyed it and is reasonably priced as well.

    Heather 🙂

  59. Correction had at “131 Water” (keyboard giving me grief!)


  60. Wow! That’s probably the best way to sum up this blog. I am so happy to get to see any characters from one of my all time favorite shows on their sister-show.
    As to the questions you posed, I don’t know whether to hate or love you for them, just when I was resigning myself to being content with what I imagined happened you come and do this…

    1. I agree with those who think the IOA would be all for leaving Atlantis on Earth. However, I don’t think it would be right. Atlantis belongs in the Pegasus, beyond the fact that that’s where it lay waiting for 10.000 years, there wraith are still a major threat to that galaxy.

    2. My vote is for Cheyenne Mountain. Sure, Atlantis could be used for offworld ops, but I’m thinking our team is fighting for Atlantis to go back where it belongs, to fight its enemy – the wraith. And, seeing SG-1 is now more influential than ever and sure to be sympathetic to the Atlantis team, I hope they have a good shot at it!

    3. This is a definite hate part: Kanaan made the trip! But, ‘ Or are they?’ gives me hope of a big fight between Teyla and Kanaan in which Teyla wants to continue the fight and Kanaan doesn’t want her to, or he says go back home at all costs and she says no, her place is in Atlantis…
    As for what they’ll be doing: I assume that like Teal’c and Vala before them, they will adjust, though this may take time. (Of course I’m hoping they won’t have to).

    4. Feeding Todd…difficult, difficult question. One of the things I like about the Wraith as an enemy is that they represent a bit of an ethical conundrum. On the one hand they’re easy to hate and call ‘evil’, but in fact, it really isn’t they’re fault that they eat humans. Much like it wasn’t really the goa’uld’s fault that they needed hosts, I thought Lord Zapacna’s arguments for the Goa’uld on Tollana were very interesting, but I digress: the Asgard were working on clones. This clones were unanimated yet alive, they might be a good bet.

    5. Who would want to leave Atlantis? Again, with O’Neill in charge I see a situation rather sympathetic to the ‘Lanteans’, and hope they’re all still there. After all, the city is still largely unexplored and there’s a lot to learn.

    6. John and Nancy? Nooooo, that’s an even worse scenario than having Kanaan there. Beyond my personal feelings I don’t see it happening. I hope McKay and Keller aren’t married yet, it would be nice to see an Atlantis wedding, just imagine the ceremony on Atlantis in the sunset *sigh*.

    Thank you for rekindling the fire for Atlantis 🙂

    Still sending up prayers for Jelly’s continued improvement.

  61. Although SGA is the only show I watched and still watch daily, I am not sure a crossover is what I am looking for especially since I am sure my favorite character Sheppard won’t be there…. Of course I don’t know for sure, but still want the whole SGA back.

  62. Woooooooo! This is Awesome news, Joe! Well, a bunch of us already knew this from Brad’s comments a few days/weeks back, but still, this blog entry made it all the more real!

    And two! We’re getting two SGA characters! I’m putting my money on McKay and Woolsey.

    This really came at an interesting time since I just watched the great The Pegaus Project yesterday. After watching SGU for so long the change of pace felt pretty nice. Don’t get me wrong, SGU is Awesome too and it has things the past series didn’t, but it works the other way too. IMHO SGU excels in the depth and darkness of the characters and the seralized drama and plot, while SG1/SGA excels at quirky humor, larger-than-life characters, and quick developments. It’s really made me realize how much SGU and SG1/SGA compliment each other.

    It’s like this. SGU is at its best when its episodes are collectively viewed. One can see the characters develop, the plot evolving, and the hints being paid off. Meanwhile, SG1/SGA are at their best with individual episodes that just blows you away, The Pegasus Project amongst them. Being a fan of all three shows is truly a blessing.

    And now, we have the quirkiness of SGA coming to the realism of SGU. It should be extremely interesting to see the character interactions. It was already fun enough seeing Dr. Brightman being hit repeatedly with absurdities (alien venom! KINO camera! We’re under attack! Now do surgery please.) in Divided; I can’t even imagine what extended interactions among the main characters of the two shows would be like.

    Of course, you guys know what you must do after this, right? A super mega crossover of SG1, SGA, and SGU. That would be…oh man, somebody get me a drool bucket.

    In other news, how is Jelly? Are the stem cells having an effect yet?

  63. My first thought when I read that some SGA cast members were going to appear on SGU was that it would be Hewlett and Picardo.

    McKay is the obvious choice, followed by Woolsey, he’s IOA and has experience being the IOA rep at far flung outposts of humanity.

    Just my two cents though

  64. @Gilder – Not sure if Joe’s passed on this info but here it is from io9…

    Stargate Universe- Friday
    Follow your Destiny. Catch the Syfy Stargate Universe panel, featuring Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush), David Blue (Eli Wallace), Ming Na (Camile Wray), and Louis Ferreira (Colonel Everett Young), moderated by Robert Cooper (series co-creator).
    Where: Ballroom 20
    When: 10:30-11:30

    This looks like it’ll be an ‘overnight’ post so if this is answered 40 times by morning just ignore.


  65. Great news on the SGA crossover front – but boy that ep seems like a long way away! So, are the points in your post addressed in the episode, or are they just a tease? 🙂 Still, it’s a nice view back into what may (or may not) be happening in the SGA timeline.

    If everything turned out to be best case scenario (not that likely, granted), is it at all possible that they would give the go-ahead for both movies at the same time? And if so, could they technically be produced simultaneously? Obviously that’s highly unlikely but a bunch of reasons, but I just wondered if it was technically possible with current resources for staff, technical support, etc. Both series were produced at the same time, but there may have been more people on staff then.

    Yes, keep us posted on the Jelly news!!

  66. Assuming the crossover episode(s) go well, will that boost the chances of Extinction coming out sooner rather than later?

  67. Joe,

    Great news on the crossover!! We are on the edge of our seats with anticipation!

    By the way: Any chance my beautiful fiance Christine (also a big SG fan) and I could talk you into a blog dedication? We’re getting married tomorrow!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  68. Interesting news about the crossover. But I’m more excited about the changes in the SGA situation. Does your mentions of Kanaan in relation to Teyla mean that they are raising their son together as a loving couple? Because there has been a lot of fan confusion on that one.

    Also, this pretty much overrides all the changes in canon in the Legacy books, doesn’t it? After all, you are the most official source of new canon.

  69. 1) Where the hell is Atlantis?

    Si Atlantis doit être sur l’eau ( ce qui semble être le cas puisque on lui a trouvé une planète-ocean après avoir quitté la première fois et qu’on l’a posé dans l’océan Pacifique) cela élimine la Lune ou Mars donc, le système Solaire au complet. J’opterais donc pour ailleurs dans la Voie Lactée.
    Sinon, ce serait sur la Lune.

    Very interesting th crossover with SGA ! Very happy to know it

  70. Hey Joe,

    I hope Jelly is doing ok.

    @Deni I hope Elway is on the mend. *sigh* It’s so hard when our puppies are sick. 🙁 Also… we may very well adopt a third pyrenees. The pyr rescue is overloaded and they have to turn fosters away. So maybe next month we’ll take one in. *gulp* I’m trying to explain fostering a dog to the girls…

    I’m spreading the word about the crossover. People don’t believe me at first. Ha ha! I send them here. 😀


  71. RE Atlantis and Cheyenne Mountain

    I would l suggest that someone scour the newpapers for any “incidents” in the San Francisco and Cheyenne Mountain area… embellish and wrap part of the story line around genuine occurances to keep the situation in the present and leave everyone (us) guessing – kind of like a Robert Ludlum novel.

    Where Atlantis actually goes needs a little more pondering…. but what about the land/planet of the Nox… hmm… If anyone could “fix” Todd, they could.

    So, would this crossover be in the second season or be a major 2 or 3 parter heading into the third season… way to go!, if so :).

  72. Kris- re ‘Legacy’ books, none of the writers have said Teyla and Kannan will be split up so I wouldn’t jump to conclusions there.

    Exciting news about SGA crossover, I may come back to watch the episodes that any SGA cast appear in. (Depending on just who makes the appearance. I will certainly be excited if it is cast members who have been with the show from the beginning, but much less enthusiastic if it is cast who joined after season three.

    Wait and see I guess.


    I step away from the blog for a day or two and all hell breaks loose!!

    First off : Great move re: SGA and SGU. Wowsers!! I’ve had to print off your blog entry to read it….sheesh….like many, my head is spinning from all the “what-ifs / but.. / hang-ons” Sheesh (again!)

    Also, an unrelated but spookily appearing on your blog today : A question re: The Stargate Magazine…I heard a rumour that it was winding down? I know this isn’t your area but do you know if this is true? Or someone hear might know??? (Love the mag…by the way)

    OK, I now have to go back and re-read the blog to savour each and every detail.

    Thanks again for that GREAT news!!!


    Before I forget…. let me just ask about the Keller /McKay thing, re: where are they now question, wasn’t it in the ep Last Man Standing where Shep was 12,000 years into the future and Atlantis was a desert, Rodney was reminiscing about the past and Keller developed some disease from the Hoffman drug and was dying while he was trying to figure out how to reverse time???? Will any of that change???? You know I am all for continuity as much as I would hate to see that as an out come, but there has to be some repercussions to Atlantis crossing over. Anyway I can’t wait. And let me just say, they brought Futurama back. Never giving up hope on anything.

    @ Deni – sorry to hear about Elway, hope he is ok.
    @Jelly – hope you’re doing ok Jelly, feel better.

  75. @Ms. Kennair – Can you please use your talents and influence to push for an Atlantis movie, and can you please push for Teyla and John becoming a couple in that movie?

    I’d rather see Teyla and John alone if they are not going to be together. :0(

    Peace & Love,


  76. From the Official Stargate Novels site In a series of six novels set after STARGATE ATLANTIS’ final season, the groundbreaking STARGATE ATLANTIS Legacy series from Fandemonium Books sees Atlantis return to the Pegasus Galaxy. etc etc

    I have to assume MGM has now apparently ok’ed TWO timelines for the continuation of Stargate Atlantis. They have some serious ‘splaining to do. Because, TV &/or movie is always going to take precedent in the fans’ minds over books, which would make the book production a waste of time & money, IMO, at a time when they say they have no money to spare. And neither do the fans.

  77. Joe said: … but what about Todd who is now a prisoner on Earth? …

    No worries, Joe! I’m sure Das has a spare room to offer.

    and Todd should do fine on a steady diet of drug dealers and child molesters

  78. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    you’ll change the timeline for the movie “Stargate Extinction”, right? So the timeline will eventually be:

    1. Stargate Atlantis “Enemy at the gate”

    2. Stargate: Revolution

    3. Stargate Universe “Seasons 1 and 2”

    4. Stargate: Extinction

  79. Love your humor Joe. You should do more 😉

    So the fans have spoken…and TPTB have listened? Good news for a crossover. It’s the waiting that’s a killer. Should at least raise the ratings, and make many a fans happy…I for one 🙂

    How’s sweet Jelly doing?

  80. Technical showbiz question: What is the difference between a crossover and guest appearences from another show?
    I ask because this ep is being referred to as a crossover, while the SGU eps with Daniel, Carter and Jack were not?

    Seems like you are getting alot of buzz from this news!

    From Blastr (formerly SCI FI Wire):
    That Stargate Universe/Stargate: Atlantis crossover is GO!
    In what’s got to be the biggest Stargate-related news of the year, Joseph Mallozzi, executive producer for both Stargate Universe and Stargate: Atlantis, announced details about an upcoming crossover between the two series, while at the same time teasing us with a big mystery.

  81. Also a question for Ms Kennair,
    Is there any way, any way at all, to fund an SGA continuation as a Movie of the Week ( you could put MegaBug Wraith in it!) or as a mini-series?
    I miss SGA soooo very much, I still troll the internet looking for news all the time!

  82. My guess for the 2 SGA stars is Jewel Staite and Robert Picardo, just based on the theory you’ll bring back actors you clearly love working with. Heh.

    I really, truly hope you don’t describe Atlantis as on/near Earth permanently. For Earth to abandon Pegasus after all the trouble they’ve caused there would be rather unforgivable. Also the SGA expedition has formed ties to the peoples of Pegasus, and no way do I believe Teyla or Ronon would happily settle down in Marin County, lovely as it is. Also for the sake of fans still playing in the fan fiction sandbox, I hope the door isn’t closed to Atlantis returning to Pegasus… Just my 2 cents!

  83. I never saw feeding Todd as an issue. I mean we’ve got capital punishment, and I’m sure some of the other countries that make up the IOA also do. I don’t really see the big deal in feeding him some lowlife criminal who was already on death row somewhere.

  84. Congrats, JimfromJersey and Christine!

    Thanks, Elminster!

    Dog owners: Hope Jelly and Elway are recovering.

    Crossover vs. guest appearance: I think we are technically talking about guest appearances, since SGA is not currently in production.

    It’s a crossover, IMHO, if two current-season series share a story line. See CSI /CSI Miami, the Law & Order franchise, L&O /Homicide: Life on the Street, NCIS /NCIS LA…and wasn’t there at least one SG1/SGA crossover?

  85. @Trish and Kabra: Thanks guys, he’s still at the hospital for the day, but the seizures have apparently stopped. This being Florida, no electricity for some unknown reason all morning. It didn’t take long without air conditioning for the Cockers to start melting, poor girls. Power came on about an hour ago, but I was glad Elway wasn’t here.

    Trish, not for for one second do I believe you’re going to foster a Pyr and not keep it 🙂 You could always give Ziggy to me and keep the foster pup, really.

  86. Awesome update about the SGA crossover with SGU. I especially liked it ’cause when we get SGA we get tidbits of SG-1. I want to see O’Neill’s reaction to Young’s not only flipping off the frat regs with TJ (putting himself above the mission), but also violating the UCMJ with regard to extramarital affairs. But…maybe that’s just me. Could be a helluva scene though.

    Also, hunt up that old “Welcome to BC, Pol” banner ’cause we’ll be swingin’ through town in early August. By now it’s safe for that long awaited set tour and sit down, yes? I’ll look for you on the north side of the Port Mann Bridge.

    Pol – seriously, thanks for the glimmer of good news and hope.

  87. Okay, only a gazillion comments… When I first heard about SGA/SG-1 character(s) appearing in SGU, I thought they’re gonna be cameos, not for a crossover episode. And when you say crossover, you mean like episode “The Pegasus Project” was, right?

    My questions for the Syfy lady –

    What exactly does Director of Development do?

    How important is the Stargate franchise for Syfy channel?

    Are you a Stargate fan? Could you, please, name some fav episodes?

    Thanks! 🙂

  88. To be fair I’m not really exciting by this new idea. So you would change some events of the SGA movie to give us the “opportunity” to see some SGA characters in sgu.

    First I don’t think SGA or sgu characters would fit together.

    2nd I wonder how you can do “crossover” between sgu created thank to SGA cancellation and SGA show cancelled 2 years ago so that doesn’t exist anymore.
    In addition this would mean some sgu characters could appear in SGA but which one?

    Third Since the cancellation we all hope for the SGA movie and now you’d redirect this one to help sgu. So you need your “old” show.
    I’m not sure if I must cry or laugh.

    IMO it would be some cameos not crossovers.

    For sure I don’t get some crumbs from SGA except if in the end we could see SGA coming back. These crumbs will not satisfy any SGA fans…..
    But I’m sure that will never happen neither as series nor movie.

    Always hoping I’m wrong but I really doubt of this.

  89. @Montrealer

    As long as any Stargate productions make money I can’t see why they would be halted or canned forever. After all any new owner of the company will have a single goal of producing a profit from whats actually there and ridding the company of things that are draining their resources.

    Naturally I may be wrong here but I can’t see it affecting production of a third SGU season if the show upticks on Syfy enough to warrant it(I personally think it will regardless)

  90. You really make me laugh! Do you really think that by using a few SGA actors for about ten minutes in the whole movie will make us want to watch this? The very fact that your thinking of doing this cross over tells the fans just how much trouble SGU is in. I’m writing MGM to let them know how I feel about this, just like I’m telling you. It’s a SGA movie or none at all! The word is spreading like wild fire!

  91. my sister was left by her boyfriend. He broke up with her over the phone. That was quite a shock for her since the week before he was singing a different song.
    Can’t seem to talk some sense into her. She doesn’t listen to anybody. Trying to let her know that jerks do exist but she’s having a hard time accepting that idea. She wants answers, we keep telling her that she will not get any from that guy. This is all she’s been debating about for the past week. Not sure what to do anymore. It’s affecting my sleep….litterally !!!!
    on another note, I’ve started another acting class…. and I’m represented now ( that was a really hard part) !!! isn’t that cool 😀

  92. I just returned from a Stargate convention in Vancouver where this very topic was brought up during a panel discussion.

    The response from the attendees was very positive. Paul MacGillion was one of the speakers and he stated that he’d definitely be interested if Beckett were included in the storylines.

    Personally, I’d love to see more of the Atlantis crew, all of them. I always thought the series ended prematurely and that there were many more stories left to tell. More stories than can be wrapped in a 90 minute film.

    Looking forward to more good news.

    And for those of you with ailing pets, here’s a little healing karma sent your way. May they recover quickly and return fully to their sound and healthy selves.

  93. Deni: Prayers that Elway will recover smoothly!!! I hope EVERYONE’S electricity stays on. It’s like a furnace out there!

    Kymm: Do you have recipe for those haystacks? I’ve heard they are easy to make…

    Eric.Stewart: Congrats and sorry about your sister’s stupid ex beau! It would be much worse if they were married. I’ve seen that story before.

    Das: thanks for the wraith background!

    Any improvement in Jelly yet?

  94. I honestly don’t feel any joy over this announcement – if anything, it stinks of desperation to me. I tried watching SGU, I gave it a chance, but I found the characters to be such an unlikeable bunch of irredeemable whiners I really couldn’t care less one way or another about their situation. Characters with flaws are great, but characters who are nothing but flaws are just shallow and boring. And don’t even get me started on the misuse of those gorram communication stones….

    I also find it annoying that this possibility is being addressed now. I mean, c’mon – McKay and Zelenka have been living and working in one giant piece of Ancient tech for five years, and they haven’t been consulted yet? So illogical. (I would say six years, but since EATG Atlantis has been literally out of sight, out of mind in the Stargate cosmos.) It would be cool to see Sheppard, but it’s been pretty obvious that Joe Flanigan is a persona non grata here and the character he portrayed was turned into a weak shadow of himself during the last two seasons. Teyla or Ronon wouldn’t have a reason to be needed, and if Keller shows up, I may just develop herniated eyeballs from the rolling that would induce.

    I would love nothing more than to see a SGA movie – hey, I’d even buy multiple copies once it came out on DVD to give to friends – but after one excuse for delay after another, the set being dismantled and it and props being sold off left and right, then compounded by the general sense of apathy and disdain the creators had for the show, I’m completely convinced it’s never going to happen. Ever. Guess I’ll just have to get my team goodness from reading, and writing, fanfic.

  95. I think I understand by now.
    Sometimes some series made crossovers to create a new show. Look at CSI vegas launching CSI miami and later CSI miami lauching CSI manhattan.
    So in that case it could be “SGA the return” on the air.

  96. Hey Joe,

    I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces from SGA make an appearance on SGU. One question, if you don’t mind clarifying: When you say “…it would step on the timing of the SGA movie, Stargate: Extinction, the events of which directly proceed the Atlantis series finale, Enemy at the Gate.” do you mean precede or proceed from?


  97. I understand the original plan was to explain what happened with Atlantis in the movie, but since that was “greenlit” over two years ago (the quotation marks around greenlit really need emphasizing) and there has been no progress to speak of why not take this opportunity and run with it? Furthermore, I know you spent a lot of time and energy working on the Altantis movie script but shouldn’t you for the betterment of SGU and the franchise be willing to toss the script and write a new Atlantis movie if or when that ever happens?


    1. TPTB no longer have to worry about actors availability. Since it has been two years and the cast has moved on, having guest spots makes it easier than signing everyone at once onto a movie.

    2. You get to please all the naysayers by telling us whats going on with Atlantis and wet our appetites for an eventual Atlantis movie outing.

  98. Randomness wrote:


    As long as any Stargate productions make money I can’t see why they would be halted or canned forever. After all any new owner of the company will have a single goal of producing a profit from whats actually there and ridding the company of things that are draining their resources…

    You mis-understood my post. I said that the SG1 & SGA movies are dead in their current form. Not that they will not go forward some point in the future. If there is a new Stargate franchise owner, all projects will be reviewed & revamped. Hopefully the new owner will not close down production and just harvest the syndication fees of the past episodes.

    It’s also my understanding that SGU was green-lited for 2 seasons. So Skiffy (AKA Syfy) was already committed to season 2 before SGU aired. Would nice to see a third season, but the audience rating seems to plateaued at the current level.

  99. Hi Joe, thanks for the great news; although I will have to wait till next year to watch :{ NZ tv is just coming to the mid-season break of S1 SGU

    I need to watch S5 SGA again, but I’m sure the city was cloaked when it landed in the ocean?? & I speculate that Atlantis travels back to the Pegasus galaxy again – where it belongs!

  100. Hey, “The Hellcats” is filming right outside the building that I’m working in! It’s a show about cheerleaders or something so I don’t really care about that, but it was still cool seeing the filming process.

    The weirdest part is seeing so many people around, most of them students – I had thought they were spectators like me, but the moment the director (or whoever it was) yelled “BACKGROUND!!”, they all started moving! It was insane seeing all these people moving around right in front of me as if everything were normal. Though, I gotta say, as time went on, I learned to tell the difference between extras and students – the extras were much prettier. LOL.

    Apparently, they’re going to film until 2am tonight! That’s craziness. But then, you guys do that too sometimes so I guess you’re all crazy. 😛

  101. @Tammy: Thank you! He’s home, resting comfortably on his gigantic dog bed under a big blanket. He had to have a bath at the vet’s office because he was covered in pee from the seizures, so he was a little chilly when he walked into this ICE COLD house! Just hoping now that this is over for this time, we all need some rest around here!

    @Negolith: Oh come on, don’t be such a sourpuss. It is what it is, just enjoy the ride 🙂

  102. Hooray! But please may it be more of a ‘The Pegasus Project’ crossover then the cameos by SG-1 in SGU. This is the next best thing to an SGA movie, which I would love to see happen but come I’m not getting my hopes up, please prove me wrong!

    In the ‘Subversion/Incursion 1+2’ story I was pleased to see Kiva and Telford challenge Earth’s arrogance that all Ancient technology is theirs to take.

    After ‘Enemy at the Gate’ I was imagining Teyla and Ronan arguing with Woolsey and the IOA for not returning Atlantis to Pegasus and cleaning up the mess with the Wraith. The arrogant presumption that they can just keep Atlantis for the sole benefit of Earth. If the Ancients wanted Atlantis back on Earth they could have flown back to Earth rather than use the stargate when they left 10,000 years ish before ‘Rising’

    Don’t get me wrong I think the ‘Unending’ was the Asgard’s baptism for Earth saying that they are ‘The Fifth Race’ and heirs of the Ancients. But we need someone to play Carter with this SGA/ SGU crossover ‘we will try our very best not to let you down’.

    It would be sad to see the SGC go.

    They would never move the Earth stargate to Homeworld Command in Washington, D.C., far too risky, what if they dial a black hole or worse!

  103. Thanks Kymm for the suggestion! I found a recipe. Looks easy but I’m the only one in the house that likes coconut-oh well:).

  104. Hi Joe,

    Thank you for answering my previous questions.

    Your captions are hilarious, particularly Teyla’s. I have been laughing about it all day to myself to tell you the truth! Walmart! That is too much. You are so funny!

    I will return to China in January for 2 months. I spend about 2 months a year there. If you ever need recommendations on places to go/stay, I would be happy to provide them. As I was a sommelier and maitre d’hotel at a fancy restaurant, I consider myself a gourmet traveler, more interested in food than anything else. Judging by your blog and your Italian background (my family is Italian too), I know that you feel the same. I love street food. If you love Japan, let me tell you that you will be amazed by China. Japan cant even compare. Trust me.

    Did you happen to look up Pierre Marcolini for your chocolate party?

    Now some Stargate questions:

    How many additional years of SGA did you all plan to produce before the decision was made to cancel the show?

    I have an interesting science paper to share with you concerning human brain development and dreams that very well could be used in some creative way by you and the writers on SGU. I work with the scientist that wrote it. How could I send it to you? It is cutting edge and certainly sci-fi worthy.

    I have to thank you and Brad Wright and Paul Mullie for lobbying MGM for the production of the Stargate movies.
    I am primarily an SG-1 fan and have been since the beginning. But I am so happy with your continued success. I am so hopeful that they will be made.

    How is Jelly? I have a Yorkie (like Woolsey) and would be devastated if he were in trouble. His name is Caesar, like Augustus or Julius. Not a Goa’uld hah!

    Thank you for your time,

  105. Another couple of questions for Erika:
    1. What is a “Director of Development” doing all day long?
    2. How did you end up getting that job anyway?
    3. What was your first job?
    4. What was/is your dream job?
    5. How did you meet Joseph Mallozzi?
    6. What is your favorite series?
    7. Who is your favorite Stargate character?
    8. If you could be any Stargate character, who would you like to be and why?
    9. If you could be a hero, what kind of super power would you like to have?
    10. As this blog is often food related, what is your favorite dish?
    11. As you are married, do you have any sisters? 😉
    12. What is your favorite tv-series/movie genre?
    13. What is the most memorable moment in your live?
    14. What is the name of the song you currently listen to most frequently?
    15. Where are your ancestors coming from?

    Thanks for answering our questions.

  106. What a disappointment. TPTB are obviously quite desperate if they’re willing to strong arm a couple of the SGA actors to appear briefly (I’m betting on about three minutes screen time) on an episode of Stargate: 90210.
    Negolith is right . . . there will never be a SGA movie. The SGA fans have resigned themselves to their betrayal. I will continue to console myself with fanfiction, most of which is written far better and with much more care (and certainly love of the characters) then 90% of the scriptwriters.

  107. One more thing… So, now SGA is being revived after you told us time and time again that it would NEVER happen???

  108. Did Major Lorne come out with any personal revelations?

    Is this a hint to the rumours of a gay character, that never really happened?

  109. Joe,

    Is Atlantis the new moon base? If Atlantis were to remain on/close to Earth, it seems like it would make more sense to locate Atlantis on the darkside of the moon rather than burn all that energy maintaining the cloak. Now that Atlantis is on earth, from a practical standpoint it doesn’t make much sense for the Brass or IOA to send Atlantis back to the Pegasas Galaxy from a research and development standpoint. The only reason to send it back would be for the sake of the franchise mythology, which would be abandoned on earth. That’s more of an SGA franchise/brand decision rather than what would be practical in reality.

    Also, can you clue us in what type of questions would be appropriate for the Director of Development or at least give us an idea of her relationship between the network and show.



  110. Joe, thanks for the opportunity to see SGA characters on SGU. Even if it might be a little appearance for two members, it’s nice to hear that SGA is still relevant. I felt SGA was becoming the forgotten child, somewhat like ST: DS9 to that universe. I still hope for the SGA movie someday soon.

    Also, thanks for doing the blog. It gives insight into the SG productions. This is my 1st time commenting.

  111. Joe!!! OMG!!! Yes!!! Now, I officially can’t wait for Season 2 of SGU. Huge thank yous to Remi and Brad for pitching a story that convinced you a SGA crossover could work. I understand your reservations because of the timeline for the SGA movie – but really, it’s been so long since the season finale that I figured you’d have to rewrite the movie opening anyway.

    And it will be so much fun to speculate the answers to some of your questions between now and when the crossover episode airs…

    For instance:
    Where would I move Atlantis? Antartica, where the adventure began. And maybe submerge it, because even Antartica is getting a little crowed these days.

    Stargate ops in Cheyenne Mountain, Homeworld Command, or Atlantis? I think Atlantis for now (because then Daniel can spend more time studying it and annoying McKay), and then when Extinction finally happens, they move ops somewhere else. Although, would that make sense if, as I speculate above, Atlantis is submerged in the Artic?? Hmm..,

    What will they feed Todd? Maybe he’ll acquire a taste for venison? The deer population is getting out of control across the U.S. Or pigs? They say humans taste like pigs…

    And finally – which characters will appear in the crossover ep? Well, definitely McKay – because if it’s not McKay, I’ll….I’ll…I can’t even imagine it not being McKay. Plus, one of David Hewlett’s tweets a while ago mentioned that he had a meeting at Bridge Studios. So, that, plus the announcement of the crossover makes me think he was one of the actors signed. Flimsy evidence, but hey, that’s the fun of speculation. And the other character? Sheppard makes the most sense. Although I could make a case for Woolsey, Beckett, Keller or Radek, too. But honestly? It doesn’t matter to me as long as one of them is McKay.


  112. This is really realluy really exciting!!! I can’t wait!

    I don’t know how many people have said this, but TODD WENT THROUGH THE GENE THAROPY! So he doesn’t feed on humans anymore!


  113. Hi.

    I just read again this entry and in opposite at some here this brings me more worries than excitement.

    I don’t have any high expectations for this crossover idea.
    As you quoted in this ep 15 some answers will be given at some questions left with any answer on EATG so if you give some answers in this crossover in my mind this would mean there will not be any movie.
    So I don’t share the hope and excitement face at this new idea.

    More just my opinion I think it will only be 2 supporting characters that will do appearance in it not one of the main cast. (Zelenka Lorne Carson or even Keller)

    As Someone already noticed here DH is shotting movie in Vancouver and JF would seem to become personna non grata here JM is shotting Conan a

    Don’t get me wrong I would like to see again Sheppard Mackay together I would like to find again SGA atmosphere but at all price and especially not some crumbs. I would be exited if SGA was brought back.

  114. Due to the economic recession, Atlantis was sold to Disney to be used as a futuristic resort.

  115. I hate to have to put this out there, but I’ve given SGU all the effort I can. And aside from Dr. Rush, and our young budding scientist/everyman Eli, and the beautiful, completely underused Camille Wray and Wife, the rest of the show is absolutely one hundred and ninety percent TERRIBLE.

    I’ll be watching the crossover eps because I LOVE Atlantis, but I need to get the following off my chest;

    The end of the series finale’ of Atlantis, was, at best, ENTIRELY PHONE IN. SyFy, you should have insisted and provided the extra cash for a two hour blow out ending and leadup to the movies. The episode’s end RUINED its own story and glossed over so many fracking plot points that, I haven’t watched that episode since and have blocked it completely out of my mind for all time as viewable.

    I don’t blame the actors. I blame the producers, the writers and SyFy.

    Now, SGU …suffers from this same problem but in its ENTIRETY!! I like Rush, I understand Eli, but Col Young is not only NOT the man for the job, the guy needs to be removed from Command ASAP. He is NOT capable of making the hard decisions that need to be made and even remotely keeping Destiny safe.

    The writers seem to think that Rush must be clinically stupid or something as well, he’s had a year, with Eli to study destinies computer codes, I think by now, he’s probably found a way to actually access navigation. He’s accessed everything else…

    So Whomever is in charge of letting these writers write, needs to go in the room and say look, you either leave or I start breaking hands.

    I’m sorry, but the writing is absolutely the most terrible schlock I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. I kept coming back to see if it would improve but it NEVER does….

    ..Stop trying to play to tween sycophant’s latest 20 minute desire for a dark and gritty show. Stop trying to replicate battlestar galactica… and just hire someone who can actually write! Stop thinking Battlestar and start thinking ‘Event Horizon’ sans the demons from the pit.

    And stop hitting the fracking RESET button every two episodes!!!!

    I know show’s are designed to bring in money via advertising, but frack all! Aren’t you givign advertising time away on this stinkburger??? If not, you should be SyFy.

    And before you think I’m just ranting and complaining because its easy, I defy anyone at syfy or SGU or SGA for that matter, to grab my email from this site and direct me to the writer’s room. Because I would like to help. And I’ll be bringing my 9 year old along as well, to point out the gaping wounds in the plot so far so they get a well deserved medical intervention.

    Annoyed, Disillusioned, Hopeful that the writers get their collective heads of knuckle out of their posteriors and the producers and SyFy as well,


  116. Cool! I have been looking forward to this for awhile!

    Lorne would be a good choice, as his demeanor would make an interesting foil for the SGU cast, and he could also be a cheaper recurring character!

    Perhaps a Jumper is sent through the gate with Lorne to replace the missing shuttle? Then destiny dials a planet, jumper leaves gate, flies back to destiny and docks using a docking compatability addon constructed on earth?

    :-p K, that was reaching kind of far, but I would like to see Lorne and the Pegasus gate dialing destiny in this.

    Thanks Mallozzi!

  117. Questions for Erika:

    1. What is the big announcement for th SGU/SGA crossover?

    2. How long have you been in your present position?

    3. Are you a SciFi fan?

    4. If so what are your favorite SciFi books and movies?

    Thanks for answering our questions and your support of Stargate.

  118. Just feed Todd pigs, or monkeys. We haven’t seen pigs or monkeys in the Pegasus galaxy – maybe they don’t exist there – but their genetic makeup is very similar to humans so maybe the Wraith can eat those.

  119. I am so glad to hear the news that stargateA has finally going ahead to make there movie, can’t wiat to hear who’s in it, when, where, etc…

  120. If they can somehow get Torri Higginson in a SGU/SGA crossover I’ll be estatic! That’s the only thing I’m interested in.

  121. Mission to mars in some damn rocket… and it would take like a month… ugh… Nowadays earth has puddlejumpers that get it done in 10 minutes 😉

    And howabout asgard replacing english as the language of science? English would then be relegated into a vulgar role, spoken by the uneducated..
    I mean they did get EVERYTHING. Including no doubt plans for everything from time dilators to teleporters and oneill battlecruisers.

    As for todd, well, im sure the war on terror end up with plenty of deniable prisoners at guantanamo..

  122. If you have Joe Flaningan on SGU I would probably watch it,

    But I want Shepperd/Todd together. Save Shepperd.

  123. I am waiting to see if in SGA/SGU cross over if you have Joe Flanigan as Shepperd.. I want to see Shepperd/Todd romance come full circle.

  124. Joe

    I would watch SGA/SGU cross over if Joe Flanigan were in it as Shepperd. I want Todd/Shepperd together.

  125. I wish for a revival of SG1 or SGA. SGU is taxing on my patience. I just can’t watch a series that has the premise: “we’re out in space where things should be really cool and instead we’re going to argue military/civilian politics for most of the time.” In case you other readers want to know who the SGA crossover is, its Woosley. Check IMDB. He’s credited with it already, and he’s the only major character credited with SGU work. The viewership seems to continue to decline. Change the formula. To put it in another scifi analogy, we want to see lightsaber duels, not diplomats balancing the imperial budget.

  126. >> Are McKay and Keller married yet?

    Umm, I hope not. The McKay/Keller thing didn’t exactly fill me with joy. Just saying.

    When the other fellas in Brainstorm joked about Rodney’s last paper being published when Flock of Seagulls was big, I was like, “Ohhhh, awkward…his date was in diapers then…” Yikes.

    I vote McShep! Always have. Always will. 😉

  127. I want to see the SGA movie where Atlantis gets back to Pegasus where it belongs and John and Rodney get together in a small offworld ceremony officiated by Halling. Happiness all around. Teyla holding Torren with a big smile, Ronon dabbing at a tear in his eye, Radek mutters, “Is about time.” The End. Yes!

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