The World Cup is off to a brilliant start.  Well, our World Cup office pool is anyway.  Having seen such bold predictions as the South Africa/Mexico tie and England/USA tie come to fruition, I now lead the standings with 6 points.  I’m looking to extend my lead tomorrow, banking on wins from Italy and Cameroon, and a hard-fought tie from Denmark and The Netherlands.

I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far although I have a hard time accepting soccer’s characterization as “the beautiful game”.  I guess it’s beautiful in much the same way that women declare austere-looking actresses beautiful, or a film student would find French existential cinema beautiful.  Beautiful to a select few, but mostly dull for the rest of us.  That France/Uruguay nil-nil draw?  Gorgeous!

I hear that English fans thrilled to the sight of their team scoring the first goal of their young 2010 World Cup journey.  Well, they did – unless they happen to be watching the game on ITV HD.  If they were doing the latter then, instead of seeing Steven Gerrard’s goal, they saw a funny Hundai commercial followed by the ITV logo followed by the post-goal on-field celebration.  I’m sure the station was suitably mortified given that this sort of thing never happens…Oh, what’s that?  It’s happened before?,247852

In other World Cup news, they’re considering a ban on those horns that drone throughout the matches.  Sad.  I find their incessant bee swarm-like droning strangely comforting.  Apparently, the French team does not.  They blame the vuvuzelas for their poor performance versus Uruguay.  The vuvuzelas and that guy in the blue and white shirt who kept yelling at them whenever they got close to the opposing team’s net.,247947

Reluctant to sit down and watch the games with your friends for fear of looking like a uninformed doofus?  Well, relax.  The gang at have you covered:

As does the gang at The Onion with this handy interactive introduction:,17558/


xxxevilgrinxxx writes: “During Subversion, I had the feeling that Young, and possibly Greer, were on the planet that was attacked while Telford was undercover but couldn’t be certain based on the dialogue whether it was a discussion of the events on the Icarus base solely. Were Young and Greer stationed there when it was attacked and is that where a good deal of the anger toward Telford is coming from?”

Answer: We’ve yet to detail the circumstances surrounding the attack although it has been hinted that Young was familiar with the personnel killed while Greer’s pre-Air incarceration suggests recent dealings with Telford.  Looking to flesh out these circumstances in future episodes.

RFV_Devil writes: “On another note, why the page difference between SG1/SGU (51) and Atlantis scripts (56-57)? Does it have to do with how fast Rodney talks?”

Answer: Bingo!

Michael writes: “What was the name of the male marine that tried to fight back in the med bay but was shot dead by Varro?”

Answer: Armando Elsinor Von Spelker the Third.  He shall be missed. 🙁

BrianC writes: “Would i need an agent to get a job as a gofer or grip or something similar, i just want to get my foot in the door and learn how the biz works, much as i love australia. Our TV kinda sucks.”

Answer: You wouldn’t need an agent, but you would need to join the union.

steph writes: “Seeing as we now have to wait far too many months for the show to continue, do you have any suggestions of good science fiction past or present to fill the time with?”

Answer: Check out one of my favorite SF books, an underappreciated gem called The Dark Beyond the Stars by Frank M. Robinson

brian mcgee writes: “A fairly fundamental question, did you ever establish what would happen if a person tried to go through an open gate the wrong way?”

Answer: You’re right.  We’ve never established what would happen, but my guess would be going through the gate on an incoming wormhole wold result in your being spat out at the velocity in which you entered.

MrsB writes: “Was there a spark of interest in TJ from Varro?”

Answer: You noticed it too?  So it wasn’t just me!

mishmee writes: “Wow, that was such an exciting episode. But why did you kill off all the characters? And why are all the actors pretending to be working on season 2.”

Answer: The great thing about science fiction is that even if a character is dead, he/she can still put in appearances in a variety of clever ways – meaning that just because someone is filming season 2 doesn’t necessarily mean their character is still kicking around.  Ahem.

Mark writes: ”

1.Can we expect a score like in Air Part 3 (running to the Gate) and Incursion Part 2 (the last minutes)?

2.Are we going to see the Destiny making a maneuver like in Darkness?

3.Are we going to see Mrs.Armstrong and Amanda Perry again? because they are both nice characters and it would be interesting to see them again

4.Does the Destiny have only one repairbot?

a)How does this robot works? can it produce material? (to build a ftl-modul or a shuttle perhaps)

b)Can this little robot repair big sections like the dome? or does they need bigger things like a repairship?

5.Are we going to see a Seedership? Or only a view on a hologramm perhaps?

a).If the Crew of the Destiny finds one of the Seederships could they use it to build a Supergate?”

Answers: 1. When appropriate, yes.  Joel Goldsmith continues to impress.

2. Possibly.

3. Again – possibly.

4. For now there is only one.

a) It can’t produce raw materials but it can repair damaged sections (as we’ve already seen).

b) Repair the dome, you say?  Hmmmmmm.

5. Wouldn’t that be cool?

a) Not sure I understand the question.

sam millar writes: “so what do you thing of the Chicago Blackhawks wining the “Sir” Stanley cup…”

Answer: Very happy for those long-suffering Blackhawks fans.

Major D. Davis writes: ”

1. I remember in Justice Young made Eli copy the footage of Rush framing Young on Youngs Thumb Drive. Will we see anything involving this thumb drive in season 2.

2. Will there be any Stone/Earth episodes in season 2?

3. About how many people from the Lucian Alliance made it to destiny?

4. Any guess on when we’ll see an MGM trailer for season 2. Is there a chance we’ll see it before comic con?

5. I know I’ve asked this a lot but now that you might have spun more stories I thought I might as well ask it again. Will there be any SG-1 or SGA characters in season 2 of SGU?”

Answers: 1. Possibly.  It’s leverage Young can use against Rush if the opportunity presents itself.

2. Yes, the stones will figure into a couple of stories – in some very interesting ways.

3. Looked like about thirty.

4. Sorry, no idea.

5. Very possibly, yes.

Greg writes: “Sounds like someone talking about their last job. Are you done with Stargate then ? Why comic books of all things ?”

Answer: I love comic books (have for most of my life) and have always wanted to write my own – so when the opportunity to do my own series presented itself, I took it.  As for my future with Stargate – it’s been an awesome twelve years, but I’m taking things season by season.

Dweeb writes: “Do I understand correctly that sites like [edit] don’t make you grumpy then?

Answer: Not quite.  Their efforts generate more of a “meh” response.   Now don’t get me wrong.  It’s ridiculous to assume you’ll bat a thousand with everything you produce.  There are certain elements of a show fans will like and other elements they won’t like and I think it’s imperative to know what is and isn’t working for them with an eye to tweaking and fine tuning as a show develops.  Of course, I’m referring to fans as opposed to individuals who clearly don’t like the show and simply criticize as some form of cathartic release.  In the case of the latter, it’s like asking a vegetarian to judge a Memphis barbecue.  Sure, they may have an opinion but – really – who cares?

Becky writes: “Hey, don’t know if you have checked this out lately, but IMDB has a whole big schpiel on Stargate: Extinction – including a case, writers and a potential release date. Is this all wishful thinking on their part?”

Answer: Afraid so.

PG15 writes: “Did you guys discuss the scenerio where, instead of having Chloe getting shot and Eli helping her, you have the opposite?”

Answer: We’ll be doing something…similar in season two.

E writes: “Where did you get the techno-babble for the finale?”

Answer: If by technobabble you mean the pulsar scenario, that was a group effort involving the entire writing staff, science tech advisor Mika McKinnon, and Creative Consultant John Scalzi.

Shannon writes: “I did ask Brian during the autograph section if there was any chance we could get a second Q&A on your blog Joe! He said he’d definitely be interested… any chance you could ask him again? It’d be so much fun to hear his thoughts now that the first season is closed and you all are into the second season. Please?”

Answer: Yes, I’ve already advised both Brian Smith and David Blue that I wanted them back for another Q&A session.

Dodoalda writes: “Could you please, Joe, confirm or deny that Riley has been shot with other injured soldiers and TJ in that room?”

Answer: Confirmed.

77 thoughts on “June 13, 2010: World Cup Round-Up! Mailbag!

  1. Hello Joseph,

    I searched for a couple particular Q&As but did not find any results. A few questions in response.

    1. Is there a chance of getting a Q&A with Robert Carlyle?
    2. Is there a chance of getting a Q&A with Lou Diamond Phillips?
    3. Is there a chance of getting a Q&A with Robert Knepper?

    Thank you.


  2. As usual I am day late and a dollar short, I have no idea what day it is. I can’t remember when I read the blog last… I was just thinking if Julia had answered our questions and going back a day I see that she has. Please tell her thank you and the first picture you posted is a really pretty photo.

    Thanks again, Joe for putting that together.

  3. Yeah.. Ive been enjoying the world cup too. I usually dont watch sports so thats saying a lot. Guess its because of my South African dad. 🙂 He made me watch and now i actually enjoy it!!

    NOOOO RILEY GOT SHOT. Dang it Joe.. NOOO. This sucks. Well at least becker made it.

    Also any news on BAG. Will you listen to the fans and bring back BAG?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  4. hey joe

    mail bag question

    1. Will we ever see the 304′s asgard beam weapons in sgu?

    2. How was it that the daedalus in no mans land was able to beam shepperd his team and micheal off the wraith transport and on the daedalus while taking fire with the shields up,and in search and rescue they had to lower the shields to beam them aboard?

  5. Thanks for the update on the office World Cup pool. Since soccer is without doubt Canada’s and the US’s favorite sport, I’m glad there was no mention in your entry of intra-office tension, nor pics of Remi A. looking very, very smug about Argentina, or of Carl and Ivon trying to get their hands around each others’ throats.

    I’m largely ignorant about soccer, having successfully repressed most of my memories of playing it in gym class during middle school and high school. The biggest blip on my soccer radar screen is the knowledge that David Beckham – Posh Spice’s husband, GQ model, and forward for some team in Los Angeles in his spare time – is back on the English team for Cup games, but is currently on the injured list. Bad news for England (after all, DB does have a movie named after him; I guess he’s simply that talented), but good news to many women who’d just as soon he not risk contact between his face and the turf.

    Given the above, I’m dead chuffed that you linked to both Cracked and The Onion for further, 100% reliable info on soccer. My stomach hurts from having read the Cracked article while eating a late dinner (serious tactical error, that combined activity), so I still have The Onion’s offering to look forward to. (Cracked article: spit-take hilarious. Thanks for both links.)

    Thanks also to you and Julia Benson for another enjoyable SGU Q&A.

  6. @ Kymm

    Re. your remark to Julia B. about her preference for Ben & Jerry’s over Joe’s homemade ice cream: Maybe she only heard about the graham-cracker textural problems, or maybe she was just yanking his chain a little. – Girl, you know it’s true. *g* – Still laughing over your suggestion to her and Joe for a future SGU scene.

  7. Just curious about that tainted zpm from Camulous wonder if the sgc got it working safely and or if it can be used for anything.

  8. Oh Im a bit confused has the sgc moved from colorado to the pentagons homeworld security or is the sgc still in colorado.Im thinking they moved the sgc to the pentagon?

  9. Saw incursion ” Joe, Nice work on the script! . That is indead , like I heard a few weeks ago, an “ambitious” ending. 3 people left to save the ship, Greer, Scott, Eli…

  10. busy schedule this coming week 😀 , this is probably my last post for a few days.

  11. World Cup uninformed doofus here. I would have clicked on that article but, I don’t care.

  12. I was one of those unlucky ITV HD watchers. Definitely very surreal.

    Even more so because they did not acknowledge what happened untill halftime, which was 40 minutes later. The only indication that something had happened was the score had changed

    Not as bad as when in 2008 during the European Championship the feed of the German game went black from one moment to the next. Hearing the screams if horror echo all over town (I live in Germany) and then the sqeals if delight when it came back 8 minutes later almost made it worth it though.

  13. Riley may have been shot, but there’s the (lovely :3) chance that he’s still alive, right?


  14. I think what Mark meant in his question about finding a seeder ship, then using it to build a supergate, was doing what the Ori did. Building a supergate to travel from one galaxy to another.

    Thereby, Destiny could possibly return to the Milky Way by having the seeder ship build a giant supergate. Thus everyone returns home safe and sound, with the ship itself.

    Interesting idea there, I didnt really think about that scenario, but I highly doubt its possible.

    Anyhoo, Joe, I loved Julia Bensons Q&A the other day. She’s a great actress and look forward to seeing more of her in season 2.

    Go USA in soccer! (hopefully they at least make it out of group play)

    take it easy.

  15. Hi, Joe!
    I can’t wait for your comic book series! I will be sure to get the word out and also upgrade my pullbox at the shop. Any possibility of you & Paul writing a story arc for one of the Stargate comics? If MGM doesn’t let Extinction come to fruition after a few years time would it be possible to do a comic book adaptation of it? Or even published as one of the Fandemonium novels? I know that it’s got to be hard to have written such a great story with beloved characters only to have to currently keep it from seeing the (green) light of day, with all the while us fans constantly asking you for hints about the story this whole time… you have my utmost respect! Is there a particular Stargate character that you have found to be the most fun to write for, or that reminds you the most like yourself? Thanks again, Joe. Take care!

  16. So…what to watch….oh yes…all my favorite tv shows have had their finales so it’s one long wait till September now…sigh….I might just take you up on some of your summer reading ideas.

    I used to read books cover to cover in no time when I was younger but lately its taken alot of effort to just open a cover. I think i’m spoiled by the instant gratification of clicking a mouse and scrolling to information ‘instantly’.

    I kinda suspected Riley got hit from watching Incursion twice. With so many gunshot victims, and the sole medic being one of them, i’ll be curious to see how the writers bring even ‘some’ of the victims back.

    Couple of questions that hopefully make it to the mailbag:

    (1) I thought it was established that Naquadria was some kind of isotope of Naquadah in the sense it didn’t occur naturally. (ie. the bomb on Kelowna created more Naquadria). Are these ‘Icarus’ planets somehow naturally occuring ‘now’? Or were they the product of Anubis getting the info from Quinn and then testing it out? And only ‘now’ are people discovering his old testing grounds? (always wondered about that).

    (2) When Kiva said ‘next time we bring our own food/water’, was that a retrospect statement? or an allusion to them having a third icarus planet?

    (3) Where did Kiva lose the 100 people she mentioned? It kinda looked like she was one of the last to leave the any good commander should be. It didn’t really look like their was any spirited defense… a la Icarus Base.

    (4) Ever watch “life after people” on the history channel? (I think modern humans could benefit alot from ‘Ancient’ building methods considering the expected lifespan of our largest structures without regular maintenance.)


  17. My annoyingly busy life has been getting in the way of watching SGU lately – but I was able to tune in on Friday and loved the multi-layered cliff hangers for the season finale. The series is moving more towards what I had been hoping for, and I can’t wait for the new season to start in October.

    I’ve been trying to catch up on the blog, and I’m firmly in the camp of those wishing for an Atlantis character to show up on SGU. McKay or Sheppard, or both would even entice me to buy the season DVD.

    But I’m worried about the series going beyond Season 2. I tried to renew my subscription to Stargate Magazine (yes, I’m that much of a fan!), but the distributor claims that the magazine is ceasing publication this summer. I’m really miffed because I’m soon to be cut off from the only remaining source for my Atlantis fix, not to mention all the fabulous goodies about SG1 and SGU.

    I asked why, and the said that it was the publisher’s decision. They were surprised because sales had been good. Have you heard anything about this?

  18. Hey Joe,

    I left you a question last time but you didn’t respond. Anyways I just wanted to let you know I thought the season finished on a much stronger note. I’ll be honest I was not that enamoured with the first half of the season, but in retrospect I appreciate what you tried to do in fleshing out the characters first and then ramping up the action after. Whether you really needed to do them one after the other, who knows, but it all worked out in the end and I’m glad I stuck with the show. It has grown on me.

    Anyhoo, my question is about when Eli, Chloe and Scott returned to Destiny: did you ever answer on-screen how they got back? i.e. why Destiny’s address popped up on the screen again? If not are there plans to address that in season two?

    In any case, have a good summer and looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

  19. There better be a lot of pus in S2, seeing as there’s all these gunshot wounds, and stuff. Pus…festering wounds…amputations…just like the good ol’ days when men ventured out in ships of wood and sail to explore the world. Only…this is a space ship, and they’re exploring the universe…but I’m still pretty sure there’s pus out there, too.

    Speaking of pus…(caution: not for the squeamish. Seriously.)



  20. Varro and Kiva are certainly kicking butt as Lucian leaders, and I loved that chemistry between Varro and TJ, very interesting development!

    But the burning question that I have about the Lucian Alliance is how in the world did you guys come up with the name Koz for the little Lucian dude?

    Was it because Koz favors colorful sweaters and Jello pudding in his off hours, and he keeps point out how kids say the darndest things?

    Or was it that the Lucian Alliance puts one in mind of the smooth stylings of jazz saxophonist Dave Koz and his hit “You Make Me Smile?”

  21. Rest in Peace, Armando.

    So what do they do with the dead bodies of the KIA’s before this episode?

  22. Eric.Stewart: Saw incursion ” Joe, Nice work on the script! . That is indead [sic], like I heard a few weeks ago, an “ambitious” ending. 3 people left to save the ship, Greer, Scott, Eli…

    Don’t forget Brody. Chloe’s also loose, but given her condition, I doubt she’ll be much help.

    Pretty much a given that the Alliance folk are going to notice in very short order that Rush is missing, and I assume will issue some sort of shipwide ultimatum for him to turn himself over to them or they’ll start shooting people.

    Questions for you Joe: Is there some sort of atmospheric generator on the ship? Given all the holes that are getting punched in Destiny lately, not to mention the already existing ones, and the air lost to space through those holes and ill-timed opening of doors, if there isn’t, the atmosphere is going to get very thin very fast. I know that there are scrubbers to clean out the CO2, but it seems there needs to be something to actually generate the air before it attenuates to a level too thin for anyone to survive.

    Also, are the shields on Destiny that different from the ones on Atlantis? We know that Ancient tech can pass through the Atlantis shields, and that the splinter group of Asgard can also pass through Atlantis’ shields because their tech is so similar. (The spacesuits on Destiny bear more than a passing resemblance to those Asgard suits, which suggests a similar origin or trading of tech between the Alterans and the Asgard.)

    I thought from Divided, when Eli was trying to stop Rush from ramping up the shield strength before Young and Scott were able to enter the ship through the hole cut by the blue aliens, it appeared that Rush had done just that before they entered, but they had no difficulty in passing through the shield.

    However, in Incursion II, they don’t appear to be able to pass through the shield with its strength increased – although they don’t appear to have tried. Why? Are they simply unaware that they can pass through or are they really prevented from doing so?

    Additionally, how is the shield shaped around Destiny? If the shield was brought in so tight to the ship that it hugs the lines of the ship – as it seems to be from the look of it over the hole – does that not mean that both Greer and Scott are now outside the shield and, if so, how can they be running along the hull? Wouldn’t their magnetic boots not adhere to the ship because of the intervening shield between them and the hull? If they are outside the shield, do they not then have the same problem of being unable to pass through it once Eli opens the airlock? Or does the shield deform to “drop” down in the area of the hole to essentially plug it while remaining higher off the hull in areas that are not damaged (i.e., the area Greer and Scott are running along) thereby keeping both of them within the shield?

    Alternatively, is it deforming around Greer and Scott since they were “attached” to the hull before it was brought up to strength to seal the hole and is essentially morphing itself to follow them as they run to the airlock?

  23. @ Jeff & Mark – in order to power a supergate they’d also have to connect it to a singularity, right?

    @ Das – and scurvy – I haven’t seen any citrus fruit, have you?

    @ Joe – I’m hoping at some point you will be able to write in some way for Destiny to be supplied certain necessary and traditional earth foods – can we really have an SG series without blue jello?

    Smiles, Julie

  24. OMG, Riley was shot? How’d I miss that? I see that there are several others that are Riley fans. Don’t kill him off. That wouldn’t be nice.

    As I said before, you sure do like shootin’ people (not you, just your scriptwriting genius at work).

    Have you figured out how many scripts you will be writing for Season Two? Please give us a little humor soon. And don’t kill Brody either.

  25. Couple questions:

    1.) Is the SGC still in operation on Earth, or has the Stargate been moved to Homeworld Command in the Pentagon?

    2.) I saw James being captured during the changeover, but she didn’t seem to be in the room with Young and the other military personell… was she placed with the civilians or did she somehow get away…

    3.) Did you record any commentaries for the 1.5 DVD/Blu Ray set?

    4.) When ratings are counted, is it only the first showing that counts, or do both showings get accounted for?

  26. Hey joe

    Some questions for the mailbag

    1. Will your scrip Resurgence end on a cliffhanger?

    2. Will we see any daedalus class ships in season 2?

  27. Ah, still havent seen the episode, but it appears the odds are tipping toward my prediction, that Eli will pull a Hail Mary, given only him, Scott, Brody and Greer are still in action. So Scott and Greer are doing an end run along the hull eh? Time for Mathboy to solve the next puzzle in the game. Gah this weeks delay to view episodes on hulu or is really bogus. I watch just as many commercials watching it online….hmmm maybe its on On Demand on comcast…

  28. World cup, French team.

    Se plaindre est un sport national en France ! C’est génétique, il faut que l’on “gueule”.
    Les performances minables des footballeurs français est un drame national et même politique, les ministres et les parlementaires se tapent dessus pour trouver une réponse à notre nullité.
    Si on passe les éliminatoires, je vous envoie du champagne.


  29. Coucou Joseph!

    Ahhh le foot 🙂 Pffff ne me parlez pas de l’équipe de France, ils sont trop nul en plus ils se trouvent de mauvaises excuse (vuvuzelas) ça ne m’étonnerai pas qu’ilsl soient éliminé dès le 1er tour. La seul chose qui me motive pour regarder leurs match est le joueur “Yoann Gourcuff” même les hommes le trouvent charmant ♥.

    Gros bisou!
    Bonne journée!

  30. In Life, Rush saw a planet in the database that according to him could bring the crew home, and was one year away. Obviously he all made it up to keep the morale up. Will there in season 2 be any repercussions on this, when the crew finds out the planet doesn’t exist at all?

  31. Joe: Thanks for setting up the Q&A with Julia Benson
    Julia: Thank you for making yourself available – very classy indeed!

    Re Chloe: She has been “marked” by the aliens in some way – I would not be surprised if after she had a little nap, she would wake up to realize that she is actually healing faster than normal and would be available to “save the ship” in some way.

    Re Music: Let’s not forget the music that clinches the tone – OUTSTANDING!

    Re SGC & SGA: Yes, I would like to the characters incorporated in some way, like Walter at the gateroom (I heard the sets are down…* 🙁 * – not nice to hear). Daniel could be the contact with Vala could be working in deep cover somehow. As I said, I would not be surprised at all for Vala to show up in a stolen ship in her leathers…

    What’s surprising to me is how Rush was kidnapped and whisked away to space, eventually reappearing on the Destiny. How is it that characters from SGC cannot do that – I must have missed something…

    Joe: I’ve been thinking about the attraction I have for the past shows…One of the charms of SG1 and SGA is the team effort, respect, humour and whatever else… I just saw a movie with Tori which I enjoyed – but would have enjoyed even more if the rest of the team was with her. I realized that I just like that “formula”… that team, together… as well as the SG1 team. The show changed when Cam Mitchell and Vala entered the equation but that was a good thing, in my opinion. There were some astounding stories in the last 2 years. I think that show could have continued also, in that formula. It would have been great if there was a telecast of one show in the winter season and another in the summer – even if it was, let’s say, a 10 part show, like “Taken”. How about that?

    SGU – I am looking forward to the fall – a l-o-o-ng time away from now, but nevertheless…

    Joe: Thanks for your efforts, I continue to enjoy your blog (and would like to see a Q&A with Flanigan… 😉 )

  32. I’ve just been checking how I’m doing in my World Cup Tips…I’ve picked 3 out of 8 so far (Argentina, Ghana and Germany – oops). Yeah….not such a a great start…thought I had Korea Republic but I had tipped a draw…nuts!! Still I’m higher than the site average which is 2.9…on our site 6 would put you in the top 100 out of the 18,000 odd people tipping….not bad. One person has tipped all 8 so far.

    However worse news is that I have now lost my lead in AFL tipping on one of my comps….I’ve been in the lead for the past 8 rounds. Plus it was my own team that let me down. Aargh!!

    I hate those horns ….they should probably burn them at the gate, although that’s probably not good for the environment.

    In honour of the World Cup let me share my nephew and my favourite soccer goalie bloopers vid (7 min but ha-larious). The bald guy must be the worst goalie ever ‘cos there’s about 5 of his blunders there.

    Cheers, Chev

  33. Hey I just had two quick questions.

    1. Rush makes a note that the ship had to drop out of hyperspace because the gate dialed in. Well if that’s the case then why couldn’t Eli have dialed in again after the ship ‘left’ them behind rather then dialing when the ship broke?

    2. Some of the Alliance people really have the belief that the Destiny was not meant for the Tauri but all humanity. But then why do they go to such great lengths to steal it? It destroys their case since they would just use it to advance their cause and not share with anyone else.

    But didn’t the guy TJ worked on say “It wasn’t meant for you?” The ship was not meant for anyone save the Ancients but they just never went on it.

  34. Some questions for Joe (spoilers for Incursion Pt 1)

    1. I’ve been thinking about Incursion Pt 1. How many people knew Colonel Young left the ship at a critical time to discuss the Lucian Alliance attack with General O’Neill? Will this weakness be used against him in future episodes? I really loved O’Neill’s question to him – are you up to it? I honestly don’t think he is.

    2. Has the Destiny gate got an Iris or some protection? Why didn’t the ship suffer some damage from the blast through the wormhole when the planet exploded or would the blast sever the connection before any transference?

    3. I think the Lucian Alliance know way more about Destiny than we do. Was Rush able to snoop around their computer system and find out exactly what they know?

    4. Are the stones addictive?

    5. Have there been any World Cup hairstyles that have caught your eye? Check out the best & worst of World Cup hair. I like a faux hawk. The worst for me was that Greek guy with the long hair flying all over the place. Ugh!!

    Cheers, Chev

  35. Hello Joe,

    Just got caught up on SGU. That is one heck of a cliffhanger! I am still waiting for my heart to slow down! Eli’s run down the hall had me in suspense wondering if he was going to make it in time. David Blue really nailed that sense of panic and desperation. Scott and Greer’s slow motion space run? I kept wanting to yell “Run faster!” Colonel Young’s look up into the camera drew everything together into one moment…except we have to wait to find out what happens. Damn.

    I am so glad I gave SGU a chance. I was very upset with the cancellation of SGA and didn’t want to like SGU. However, I knew from past experience that I just needed to be open and I would probably like it. I was the same way when SG1 was cancelled. I didn’t watch SGA at first – thinking that most spin-offs were crap and not worth watching, so I didn’t see my first episode of SGA until the second season. I can’t remember what episode it was, but it was enough to catch my interest. I was completely hooked after that.

    So…I still miss SGA and would love to have it back, but since that is not possible, I am throwing myself into SGU and enjoying the ride.

  36. Hi Joe.

    I have a question about SGU’s second season. Will we see the blue aliens again and will we learn more about them? Where they are from? Who are they? Name?

    Also if you want to win your world cup office pool you need to bet on Slovenia, we are simply the best and will beat USA for you Canadians 😀

  37. Hello Joe.

    I’ve been away for a while. Just watched Subversion on IO on Demand. I was wondering, why bother making the deal: Control of the ship for permission to send Scott and Greer to work on the exterior of the ship?

    Couldn’t Young have justified venting the air in the gate room, killing the enemy, and allowing Scott and Greer to complete their work? The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few hostages. After all, he disobeyed a direct order from General O’Neill and put his people in greater danger. Will that decision have consequences in Season 2?

    Also, I saw that season 1.5 comes out in July. Any extended episodes we can look forward to?

    What interesting side bets do you have w/ Ashleigh on the World Cup?

    Best wishes,


  38. Now that i’ve had my obligatory twice-viewing of the season finale.. I’ve decided to give SGU two F’s: Frakking Fantastic!

    I have small crew of sci-fi geeks that have spent the last decade, at least, tuned in to Stargate. We’re all of the mind that we really really like SGU. Although we see it more as the successor to Battlestar in SyFy’s overall lineup, than we see it as the successor to Stargate. Not that we mind.

    We were talking about humor on SGU though, and I wanted to offer this up to your blog fans… humor is alive and well on SGU. What’s missing from SGU, that we had in other incarnations, is the border-line campiness of that humor. (This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on individual tastes.) I think it was mentioned in one of your posts that ‘the humor’ of Atlantis is something you miss when writing for SGU, which I take as confirmation that SGU definitely has its own style of humor, distinct from the other shows. I suspect, however, that as SGU matures, we’ll see it following in it’s predecessor’s footsteps and poking a bit of fun at itself.

  39. Spoilers in






    Did Varro have to shoot Armando in the guts? Harsh, way harsh. I am praying that Armando will survive since he’s one of the good guys, but if it was a toss up between Varro and Armando I’d have to go with Varro, he’s The Sexy, even though he’s coming off a little murdery at the moment.

  40. @ JulieAloha – Ya know, at this point I just wish the female characters just stopped looking like they actually have time to primp in front of the mirror. I think the only one who looks like he’s really stranded on a runaway space ship is Rush…and he came aboard that way!

    @ Joe – In reference to the above…

    My brother was a commercial fisherman. Now – I know that the life of a commercial fisherman aboard ship is totally different from what the Destiny folks are experiencing (since they have both room to move and showers, amongst other ‘luxuries’), but human nature is human nature…that doesn’t much change when people are away from home. He said that the guys you’d least expect to take care of their personal hygiene actually kept themselves pretty clean for the week or two they were out at sea, while the guys you’d think would take care of themselves turned into virtual pigs – and reeked to high heaven by the time they got back into port (not ‘b.o.’ stink, but ‘poo’ stink).

    I’d like to see some of that on Destiny. Granted – I must admit that Eli looks like he’s pretty ripe just about now, and you expect the military guys to keep on their hygienic toes – but I think it’s about time some of those civilians start looking like villagers from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


  41. Life without Armando will just not be the same. Those poor Von Spelkers, they’ve been through a lot. 🙂

  42. Hey Joe,

    Why has there not been any plans to provide a back story for Volker or Brody?

  43. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get the appeal of Soccer/Football (S/F). They complain that hockey has low scoring games, but S/F is even worse and that drone of the horns gets on my nerves FAST!!

    TJ – As much as I want Spoilers, I don’t, if that makes ANY sense…. So when some…er….. I will call them a newbie to be polite, after the international airing a couple of weeks ago, come onto this site and made mention that TJ was going to be hit in the stomach (w no spoiler alert), I wasn’t surprised by her injury. It was, in fact, expected. My prediction is that she will, unfortunately, lose the baby. I think TJ and Varro would make a good couple.

    I just ran across this interview with Lou Diamond Phillips. Very cool!! I can’t wait for the Peter/Patrick/Ivon mockumentary. Lou was asked to judge on Iron Chef. OMG!! Judging would be a dream come true for me!!

    @ Otros Ojos – well, I know that people have been asking for a pet to be introduced into the series, so I thought that it could be a twofer. An amusing introduction, if you will, of the pet character. Plus, a teensy weensy bit of payback at the same time. I mean how bad could it be to be mauled by space bunnies? Although wasn’t there killer bunnies in one of the Monty Python movies? hmmm I think the Destiny crew, have it so hard already, that they need a little of the cute and cuddly variety. However, I also know that it’s a pipe dream, as I can’t see them introducing a pet. IMHO.

    @ Das – that pus video was TRULY disgusting. Words just cannot express…. I know you gave us fair warning, but still how can one prepare oneself for that……*shudder* I hope he want to the hospital, I think he needed a couple of stitches. Plus, a tetanus shot, they were sooo not sterile, minor surgery by Exacto knife….

    Joe – I see that you are currently reading a Stephan King shorts novel. I would be interested in whether you liked it or not.

    Have a good One!

  44. I agree with you Joe, about the horns anyway during the matches, they don’t really give much of an atmosphere, I mean how can people cheer with a constant bee like noise in the background? Horrible choice making them in my opinion. Unless they are going for a bee hive experience per match.

    By the way Joe I think by question 5a, the person is asking you if they find a Seedership, can they use to build a supergate ala in a way the Ori used to traverse the distance from their Galaxy to the Milky Way.
    Basically someone asking if they can essentially build a gate to the Milky Way or something.

  45. Joe,
    I’m catching up from the last few days. Been a bit under the weather. I just wanted to say: NICE!

    “Answer: sgu is a different type of show from the previous incarnations and its unfortunate it didnt grab you but have you checked out the back half because id say there is a definite progression in the series as we move along with the first part of the season dedicated to establish our characters and the shows basic premise while the next two thirds offer much more in the way of action aliens and even humor which is something we are continuing into season two.”

  46. @ dasNdanger re: the female characters

    Yes, well this is a sci fi television show. Sci Fi and hot women go together like PB&J, cutting off the reason some of the young males tune in for extra realism isn’t going to happen.
    As for the basic hygene element, as I recall they have already established that there are some ancient version of showers functioning on the ship. That plus the fact that male actors and TPTB probably don’t want those characters scuzzy looking either.

    With the exernal TPTB reasons aside, there are plenty of women on the ship. Not to put too fine a point on it but they are in a stranded desert island type scenario. I doubt too many guys would run around with a funky ass in that situation.

  47. Joe,

    Let me set the scene for you.
    Time: Last Friday night 10:59pm, SGU Incursion Part II….. Interior of “Destiny”
    With all of our hero’s in mortal danger, the camera slowly pans up and over a bloody Col. Young who refuses to kneel as the rest of the military personal around him submit to the armed invaders from the Lucian Alliance….
    Fade to Black…
    Roll Credits…..
    Cut to Interior of the Cassidy Household, where Shawn and Rachel look at each other and in Unison scream “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”.
    after 45 seconds or so, Rachel takes a breath and then remarks” God, how awesome!I can’t wait for next week!”
    Shawn replies “You mean October, that was the end of the season!”

    Congratulations Joe to you and the cast and crew of SGU season 1. Keep up the amazing work and we’re looking forward to season 2!!!

  48. Thank you for answering my question! Nice, I was hoping something like that could happen; a cool bit of parallelism.

    NOOOOOO RILEY!! He must live, Joe. He must. Ok, he may not be as almighty as the Holy BAG, but then no one is. Still, RILEY MUST LIVE TO DEADPAN SNARK ANOTHER DAY!!

    So me and Henry looked into the pulsar thing, and we found that it was probably a Soft Gamma Repeater with a White Dwarf in orbit of it, with the former being a pulsar with a dust disk surrounding it. SGRs (lol) emit Gamma/X-Rays at pretty random intervals, so it will need a white dwarf with a regular orbit to produce periodic bursts. Sweet sweet science. I love it!

    However, with the White Dwarf experiencing friction from its trips through the accretion disk, it will eventually spiral into the neutron star. I’m not sure how long it’ll take it to do that, but considering that it’s already completing one orbit in less than an hour, I think the collision is gonna happen soon. It’s just further bad luck that Destiny came out of FTL during this short by turbulent period of time for the SGR+White Dwarf – it’s far more likely that it would emerge either before the White Dwarf even touched the disk, or after the merger. I think.

    In other news, while on the highway today I thought of a good way to rid ourselves of slow drivers – make all cars Speed-compliant: any car that goes below 50 kph blows up. That should light a fire under their butts. Har har har.


    Will we see the characters adding personal touches to their bedrooms? Like, decorating it with non-essential stuff (i.e. a way cool rock) that they bring back from a planet they visit?

  49. Just watch a lackluster performance from the Italian team to get a drew against Paraguay. Hopefully the Italian team will get better as the World continues. They are usually not spectacular in the their game.

    Tomorrow my un-pick underdog DPRK team will reveal their metal in their group of Death premiere match. It’s daunting to have Brazil, Portugal & Cote d’Ivoire in your group. The British bookmakers got 2001 to 1 odds for the DPRK to win the whole thing. LOL

  50. Oops

    Omitted important word “first” from my last post about the Italian World Cup team. Repeating my previous post’s first paragraph edited.

    Just watch a lackluster performance from the Italian team to get a drew against Paraguay. Hopefully the Italian team will get better as the World continues. They are usually not spectacular in the their first game.

  51. Why do I insist on doing dips the day I get my allergy shots? stupid, stupid, stupid ouuuuwwwwww.

    So I realized the other day – I saw that Julia likes Perrier, well being mineral water it really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s a good source of calcium. If I remember correctly, it had 75mg per serving. Who’da thunk? It had more than the graham crackers I had that claimed it was a good source.

  52. Mm, Soft Gamma Repeater, aaaaggggh (Homer Simpson drooling ensues). Now do you serve that with the ice cream on top or on the side. What am I saying, a Soft Gamma Repeater comes with creme fraiche, how could I forget.

    Soft Gamma Repeater; love the sound of that phrase. I’m going to try to work into conversation at work tomorrow. 🙂

  53. @ Kymm

    Cute and cuddly bunnies. . . hmm, yes, it’s a very nice thought, but I suspect you’re quite right about the unlikelihood of pets in SGU’s future. Or near future, at least – not that I have a clue whatsoever. Still, it’s fun to read people’s thoughts about such things. Especially given the way you framed the concept earlier. *w* And now I’m thinking of Gonzo in Muppets in Space. . . how odd. Also wondering how the Destiny would look with those Playboy mudflaps. (Please just ignore my semi-coherent rambling.)

    Yes indeed, the infamous Killer Rabbit of Monty Python and the Holy Grail – bizarre and gory, but hysterical (sort of like really, really funny movies about vampires, or what have you). I mean, it’s this cute lil’ white bunny and all, and they have to use deadly force on it. (“The Holy Hand Grenade” – “FIVE!!” “No, four!” – lol)

  54. I really would like a straight answer. Is there going to be an Atlantis movie? None of this finances bull we’ve been hearing, just a straight up yes or no.

  55. For those interested Here are the ratings:

    Coverage HH rating: 1.1
    Total U.S. HH rating (as reported usually by Travis Y): 1.0
    Total Viewers: 1.469 million
    Coverage A18-49 rating: 0.6
    Total U.S. A18-49 rating: 0.5

  56. All things considered 1.469 million viewers isn’t that bad, considering the average for Season 1.5, sure okay swap that 1 for a 2, and it’d be the rating it deserves, but question on my mind is, where did 300,000 people go when it came to Episode 19? Did they fall asleep before it aired? DVR figures for that episode would be interesting.

  57. Squee on the Q&As 🙂 I’ll keep my eye on your blog for when you start taking questions for them again.

  58. Hey Joe,

    The ratings came in, and they are not that impressive. 1.47 Million viewers and a 1.1 HH rating. Is there a concern? Atlantis used to easily hit 2 Million viewers during their key eps the last few seasons. You and Paul, imo did such a great job on SGA it brought viewers back and maintained them. I think SGU has been good, but it is still missing something, dunno.

  59. So, having seen the ratings for this last ep and for the entire season, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish they had let you continue SGA for one more season and brought in SGU either as a companion series or after SGA had a proper send off.
    I do think things would have turned out differently (read better).

  60. Not that you will see this, but…

    @ Kymm – Just between you and me…I thought it was pretty cool! 😀 For some reason, most pimples, boils, cysts, etc., don’t bother me…but don’t let me be within 100 miles of someone puking. I can’t handle puke. Or SNOT. 😛 Snot is almost worse than puke. Snot and puke together?? Ugh. That’s even worse than spiders.

    @ Dave_H – Just between you and me…I kinda like my guys ‘scuzzy-looking’. Prissied-up, frou-frou men are a big turn off…I prefer the type of guy who’s not afraid to get his hands a little dirty….

    Hmmm…that might explain my attraction to Todd. 😀


  61. I want to know some things, actually many.

    feanor writes: ”Just logistically. Why haven’t we seen more practical use of the stargate. You send people and other kind of stuff through it but why not puddle jumper-like things by other civilizations or even passenger speedtrains. Things that a perfectly sensible alienrace could use in everyday life?”

    feanor writes: ”Is the Atlantis cityship still where it landed or has it been moved because it can obviously get in the way. Or has it been sent to the scrapyard because without ZPM’s it is useless?”

    feanor writes: ”What’s that door behind the gate in Destiny? I don’t remember it ever being opened or might I be just unobservant? Or is it even a door?”

    feanor writes: ”Are the explosions in SGU going to be more lifelike compared to SG-1 and SGA when an instance a big ship is blown up and there are practically no debry or twisted metal left?”

    feanor writes: ”Is Destiny going to come across planets or union of planets where there is going to be planetary form civilizations? (As opposed to the Blue smurfs who we have only seen in ships but not their planet(s)and planets with nobody particulary intresting on them)”

    feanor writes: ”Why haven’t we seen more europeans in the Stargate francise or european spaceships for instance with some cool italian or french design? Instead of f-302’s some new kind of fighterthingy based after the Eurofighter Typhoon, which is the best manouvering fighter out there now and on youtube .”

    feanor writes: ”Is there a possibility in the future to see all earth’s deep space carriers(Daedalus, Odyssey, Apollo, Sun Tzu, and the George Hammond.)or most of them in a single battle or doing something other important or cool.(Like fighting a huge space armada from a paraleluniverse like one where Napoleon didn’t lose his army in Russia and Napoleonic Europe started eventually to explore space and build spaceships. You could actually make a movie out of it. I’d watch it.)”

    feanor writes: ”Have you read Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita or anything else from him?”

    feanor writes: ”Listen. What do you think? The song’s name is Destiny.”

    feanor writes: ”Are your expectations high for the future of the Stargate francise?”

    feanor writes: ”Do you watch Top Gear and what do you think of it?”

    feanor writes: ”What would be the thing you wished for right now?”

    feanor writes: ”Do many questions from the same person irritate you in any way? (I don’t just mean myself. Or do I.)?”

    Kõike head! Ära saasta kirjuta.


  62. “Well, they did – unless they happen to be watching the game on ITV HD. If they were doing the latter then, instead of seeing Steven Gerrard’s goal, they saw a funny Hundai commercial followed by the ITV logo followed by the post-goal on-field celebration. ”

    OMG, is that true? LOL! They had to be really pissed off. I would.

  63. I fkn love stargate and cant get enough i loved sg1, atlantis and sgu is great also i really cabt get enough, but waiting answerless on so many subjects sux,

    whats going on with the movies? (r and ex)

    whens there going to be a trailer release?

    and will u ever bring back the Asgard (im dieing to know this)
    and will we see them in season 2 if so?

    (i really love eli, young and rush great choices.. espically love how eli got into the program thought that was great)

  64. Hello , i would just like to ask if the new Stargate movie will be launched at 2011/2012 or will it just be canceled?

  65. I think they’ve done something stupid no offense and read the stargate atlantis season 5 and I think that would cause the public of spectators by the curiosity that arouse a battle against a DeSUS baal most feared enemies of which would enter 2 sg1 sg1 provisional and atlantis the 2 base engine check and 6 Asgar this season would be amazing.

    the battle of Atlantean-wraiths-goauld jenys-vs.
    a mirror that leads to another universe where you can go to college, college.
    Now compare numbers and tell me that they would lose to resume stargate. note that many viewers will not know that’s the reason for not resuming stargate now would be a tremendous success with more force effects ….. more

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