Thanks to everyone who took the time to offer up personal stories detailing how they got where they are now.  Inspirational stuff.  It gives me hope that, some day, I too may make something of myself.

Also thanks to everyone who has offered up anime recommendations.  To be honest, I’m not actually a neophyte to the realm of anime.  About ten years ago, I started checking out the occasional movie or series with a mind to finding a property that would make a good post-Stargate live-action project.  Needless to say, as the show continued to get picked up, my plans for that post-Stargate project kept being pushed back – while my modest little anime collection continued to grow…and grow…and grow.  To the point where I had hire California Closets to come in and transform one of my rooms into a dedicated DVD library, mostly anime of course –

Anime library: A to M

Anime library: N-S

Anime library: T-Z . + a some foreign flicks and a smattering of TV on DVD.

Suffice it to say that, while I have watched plenty of anime, there’s plenty more I haven’t gotten around to checking out.  Still, if I was pressed for that “Desert Island Top 5” (and I’m talking strictly anime series – not movies – I’ve watched), it would look something like this –

Berserk.  Dark fantasy as good as it gets.  Now if only this series had a proper ending. Or an extra season or two.

Cowboy Bebop.  Slick, funny, and fun, it’s one of those anime series you recommend to friends who don’t watch anime (ie. – my writing partner Paul) to win them over.  The ending is a jaw-dropper.

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Heavy drama to match the equally heavy firepower. In a word: epic!

Noir.  Girls with guns has never been done better, the whole bolstered by a memorable soundtrack.

Now and Then, Here and There. The greatest anime mini series ever produced: light, dark, amusing, surprising, and, ultimately, incredibly touching.

If it was a Top 10, I would also include:

Boogiepop Phantom. Clever horror. No, that's not an oxymoron.

Gankutsuou. A scifi re-telling of The Count of Monte Cristo. The story is enthralling and the visuals are pure eye candy.

Infinite Ryvius. Lord of the Flies in Space. The shifting alliances and infighting between individuals and factions is fascinating.

Rurouni Kenshin. A former assassin attempts to turn over a new leaf during Japan's Meiji period. An engrossing 95 episode saga.

Serial Experiments Lain. SF, conspiracies, and philosophy collide in one of the most mind-blowing anime series out there.

Finally, if whoever was banishing me was in a giving mood and made it a Top 25, I would add:

Azumanga Daioh. The animation is nothing short of adorable, and very funny. Who'd a thunk an anime about kids would make this list.

Black Lagoon. On the other end of the spectrum, a great shoot 'em up. Imagine Tarantino doing anime and you'd come pretty damn close.

Death Note. Twists, turns, conspiracies, shocks - delightfully intricate in its depiction of the battle of intellect between master detective and master villain.

Escaflowne. An anime that marries the chivalric ideal to mecha combat. Gorgeous.

Excel Saga. Probably the wackiest anime I've ever seen.

Ghost in the Shell. This vote covers all of its various smart, cyber-thrilling installments.

GTO. The hilarious and heart-warming tale of a hoodlum turned teacher, I was torn between it and Rurouni Kenshin for a spot in that Top 10.

Kino's Journey. The story of a kid and a talking motorcycle journeying through a post-apocalyptic world. Surprisingly wonderful.

Last Exile. Boasts some of the most spectacular action sequences in anime with its thrilling aerial battles.

Love Hina. Sometimes, foreign comedy is well - foreign. Other times, it's downright hilarious.

Lupin III. A classic.

Ninja Scroll. I enjoyed it as much as the original movie. A series that doesn't flinch from offing its characters.

Revolutionary Girl Utena. Swords and romance clash in grand operatic fashion.

Samurai Champloo. Probably the coolest anime out there.

Trigun. A mix of steampunk western and over-the-top cartoon.

And ten honorable mentions –

Beck. Another surprise in that I didn't think a series about a guy trying to make a rock band would capture my interest. It did, in a big way, thanks in large part to the great characters.

Elfen Lied. Holy bloody-riffic!

Gantz. And I'll second that bloody-riffic and raise you a truckload of gore.

Golden Boy. Incredibly goofy, occasionally offensive, but altogether enjoyable.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. Yes, you'd figure one incarnation of this classic Japanese series would make the list. I decided to go with War in the Pocket, the most mature and thoughtful of the entries I've seen.

Hellsing. All sorts of cool in this gothic, vampire-driven extravaganza.
Hakkenden - Legend of the Dog Warriors. A gathering of heroes, a dangerous mission, noble sacrifice - love, loss, redemption.

Patlabor. I absolutely love the exploration of the amusingly human lives behind the mecha-powered police force.

Samurai 7. A steampunk version of the original that, like Hakkenden, offers some truly memorable characterization.

Twelve Kingdoms. A grand, lyrical fairy tale. Beautiful.

84 thoughts on “May 23, 2010: Let’s talk anime…

  1. very nice list and mine i saw anime collection. You should try Silent Mobius sometime.

  2. You put my brother’s collection to shame! lol. While I do recognize many of the titles in today’s post, I really only got into Ranma 1/2.

    Question: How do guys get off to animated breasts? I’ve never quite understood that.

    Go, Bruins! =D

  3. WOW to your collection! And, oh by the way, you have made something of yourself. Thank you for doing all that you do.

  4. 😯

    Uh…yeah. Hows about instead of ME giving YOU anime recommendations, YOU give ME a few. For instance, in that in-house Blockbusters of yours, got anything with an angsty albino sort in it – preferably male and long-locked?? If so, can I borrow it?? 😀

    Have a good night, sir! Hubby – a Lost fan – is a bit emotional right now, so I better go pay him a little attention. He’s not nearly as bad as I was at the end of Stormbringer, though. 😛


  5. Holy Shit! That’s a lot of DVD’s. I see that you have missed filling a couple of inches on the T – Z wall, you may want to get on that. *tongue planted firmly in cheek* Or at this point when you get something new, do you get rid of something that you don’t particularly like?

    So did anyone mention some new shows of interest that you don’t already own or have already seen?

    I guess I better watch some anime to see what I’m missing. I’ll start with the Cowboy Bebop.

    Have a good one!

    Oh, and good luck with that whole “making something of yourself” lol!

  6. Wow…..uhhh have you actually seen all of those or do they just make your walls look pretty? 🙂 I must admit the only anime i have seen was one of the Gundam series. Alas, the fact i can’t remember which version it was shows that although exciting it was not able to capture my attention quite the same way that a flying city can.

    Subversion was fantastic! can’t wait for the Incursion and yet i don’t want the incursion to happen so that the season will continue on longer. Do you by chance know if the DVD box 1.5 will be rolling out soon after Incursion II?


  7. I’m sure they all very good n all but anime hasn’t been the same since Prince Planet (aka Planet Boy Popi). And Kimba, of course.

  8. Finally got a chance to watch SGU on Friday. I haven’t been a huge fan, but this episode I think really turned the corner for me. Congratulations to you and Paul!

    But I do feel that the sci fi angle is being left behind for more political intrigue, especially now with the Alliance involved. The politics of SG-1 and even SGA focused on alien alliances and betrayals which kept the show still firmly rooted in the sci fi genre. It seems that all the conflicts in SGU are earth based.

    Will that be changing in the second season? Or am I just not getting it?

    Had some good news lately. The growth on my arm was benign. Just some weird scar tissue that quickly started growing several months after I had the original biopsy. Scared the crap out me though.

    And I got my part time night job back, part time – not as many hours, but I’ll take what I can get. Even the cat welcomed me back. For five years she always sat behind me shooting daggers in the back of my head with her big Maine Coon eyes. I could feel them, it was creepy. Last week, for the first time ever, she actually faced me and “talked” to me with a rather pleasant gutteral purr, and told me to get the hell out of her chair. Good times! 🙂

  9. WOW Joe, you have a LOT of anime (/dislocates jaw )… come to think of it, Jack O’neills semi clueless humor seems to be a bit Anime influenced… (is it?)

    since you have probably watched every non-obscure anime there is… how about “Пе́рвый отря́д/first squad” it’s a (primarily) Russian Anime. (RU script, JP Artists) pretty new, you probably haven’t seen it yet 🙂

    also, on the topic of Russian Animes check out this cool Russian Anime MV by Total

  10. Hmm. Is “Fantastic Children” part of your behemoth collection? Or “Mahou Shoujotai Arusu”. I guess if you really wanted to “be Japanese,” you can always watch “Crayon Shinchan,” “Sazae-san,” or the gazillion episodes and movies of “Doraemon.”

    I think anime is a great source of inspiration for writing for TV and film. I also always thought that some animes would make fantastic feature length films…

  11. Dude I see some Alias, Buffy, and 24 in there…solid!

    Although some of them looks they like they still have wrappers on them…you have some ‘splaining to do.

    Also…legit question. I just bought my first shirt with french cuffs…ya ya…way to be a grown-up Tim. You seem to have an awesome collection.

    Where does one get solid cufflinks such as yours? Thank you sir!

  12. Joe: some recomendations, may be hard to find:
    Kimagure Orange Road.
    Gauche the Cellist
    and Captain Harlock.
    Because old stuff is good too.

  13. So that’s how you keep your clutter controlled! Someday I’ll de-clutter to the point where I can call California Closets.

    Husband and I COULD open a book and yarn exchange. But what to name it? Pulp and Fiber? TaleSpinners? Text and Textiles? Austen’s Acrylic Wonderland?

  14. All I can say is – I hope that you have some *seriously* good “insurance” coverage on THAT room!

    BTW, are you sure it was California Closets you hired and not the store designer for BLOCKBUSTER?!

    Hope that Desert Island also comes with a really good solar panel array to *power* the DVD player as well! Otherwise, all those discs are going to be good for will be to mirror-flash passing ships and aircrafts, slicing up and serving those gormet seafood dishes, workin’ on that Hamilton-esque tan, and/or wiling away the lonely hours re-enacting certain Bond scenes…. [oh, and you may need 2 volleyballs for THAT!]

  15. I always had a suspicion you watched more anime than you let on. What with that library, I wonder whether anybody could possibly suggest ones you haven’t read yet… and I thought the university library with a room full of anime was big… You’ve probably got more than them!

    Only ones I’ve watched and enjoyed would be the one about where some girl turns into a boy’s right hand (I can’t remember the name, something to do with midori) and maybe Yakitate cos it was so random. Bread anime! Who makes anime about bread? Seriously.

    I’m not really into anime. It’s a dangerous world… one I’d rather stay out of if I want to finish my uni course/keep job. Stories are tooo alluring.

  16. You have Buffy? I would never have picked that one. So we do have one TV show in common!

    Through a marvellously executed relay by some closet Stargate friends (yes, closet. No one knows they’re fans), I received yesterday, hand delivered, a DVD of SGU for viewing while I’m still NQR in the health department. I could have hugged them. I was down to watching Star Wars: A New Hope. While a classic, I was aching to watch something new and shiny after a week of not moving much mentally or physically.

    Looking forward to getting caught up and then still completely ignoring the SGU talk on here. I’m doing it for my sanity Joe.

    As for how I ended up doing what I do; happenstance with a hint of taking opportunity when presented. I was a dancer (that’s just what I did since I was 3. It’s like a cult I tell ya), but was diagnosed with back degeneration at 14. Continued doing tours with dancing. Had no idea what I wanted to do but it never bothered me. Figured something would present itself and I’d know to follow it. Growing up I’d wanted to be either an Astronomer, Formula 1 Driver or Opera Singer. I never have been one for keeping my options narrow.

    After finishing school and while winding up the dancing days I worked as an Office Manager at an IT firm. Was being taught, when the boss wasn’t looking, by a beautiful human how software is created and studying for my Marketing degree at night. Asked if I could be promoted into a software related department as a software technician. Wish granted. Then got poached by another company to run their department in the same line of software. Got promoted to Senior Management at 21. At 26 my business partner and I bought the department we’d been running and started our own company. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 5 years. Very tiring.

    But what do I really want to do now? Move to somewhere warm and teach kids to read. Particularly our Indigenous kids. Really.

  17. @GILDER

    Girlfriend!! Have you been peeping thru my hoarding-filled home? It’s like a public library sweatshop I’m living in. No lie, I *have* a room almost that size filled with so many large containers of yarn, I can barely make it into the room!

    To add to your List:
    – READ & REAMS

  18. So instead of the pickup line ‘Come to my pad and I’ll show you my etchings’ it’s

    ‘Come to my pad and see my anime collection’. If you find a girl who foams at the bit (not literally) to see them, she’s the one hehehe

    Wow that music Video of Russian anime is awesome!! I wish it was a complete movie – I’d definitely have a gander.

    I’ve been in the mood to read lately and unfortunately the book “Prey” didn’t grab my interest. I do like futuristic stories or apocalyptic themes (“The Stand”) was a page turner!!! Anything you can recommend?? It has to be totally enthralling.. 😉

  19. Hey, Joe.


    I post my list of recommended anime yesterday and it turns out you’ve watched a good number of them already. Then I go back and search your blog archives and it turns out that you’ve watched even MORE of the anime on my list.

    Then I look at your “collection” (understatement) and it turns out I was right: You definitely ARE a bigger anime nut than I am.

    Well, in addition to the ones you may not have watched in my list from yesterday, here’s some title I neglected to mention that I’m sure you haven’t managed to watch yet (I hope):

    Angel’s Egg
    Umineko no Naku Koro ni (anime)
    Alien Nine
    Eureka 7
    Genesis of Aquarion
    Cromartie High School
    Ghost Hound
    Dead Leaves
    Blue Submarine No. 6 (I can’t believe I forgot to mention this one)
    Noiseman Sound Insect
    Tekkon Kinkreet
    Clannad (the anime)
    Bobobo Bo Bobobo
    Wonderful Days (aka: Sky Blue) (Korean [but very good]. Does this count?)
    Kaiba (by Masaaki Yuasa)
    Hell Girl
    Macross Zero
    Macross Plus
    Casshern Sins
    Barefoot Gen (part 1)
    Barefoot Gen (part 2)
    Brain Powerd

    And although it’s not particularly an “anime,” I also suggest you try out ‘Waking Life’

    And oh yeah… there’s also this:

    You couldn’t have also already seen those… right?

    Still, I implore you to check out the anime titles you haven’t yet seen in my other list from yesterday, as well the ones I’ve listed just now.

    Also, if you read manga, try to read some subs of Mirai Nikki, as well as the entire Gantz manga (which differs greatly from how the anime later adapted the story, since the anime ended before the manga was finished).

    (BTW, nice to see Gundam 0080 in your top ten list. IMO I still think Turn-A Gundam and 08th MS Team are better, though the ending still gets me.)

  20. ive been wanting to get into anime for years but even though an episode or two might catch my interest, an entire show is kinda tough when you see unrealistic depictions of humans and even more unrealistic character behavior, i think. so i get its a little goofy, and your list has alot of them. ill first try NGE and cowboy bebob, and Kino’s journey looks good too. am i the only one who thinks the Japanese are a little weird when it comes to entertainment? — in all its forms

  21. OMGoodness, Joe,

    Paint me jealous! Shelf upon shelf of animated Gold! Heaven on Earth must indeed reside in Canada. annie from Fremantle may jest, but I’m drooling, here. As I intimated before, childcare wages = no such library; have you actually watched every one? I was shy to bring up the limited number I’ve seen and loved – Last Exile being a fav, and anything Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli – now I’m completely humbled. Barring a personal invite to peruse your collection and at least a year given over to intense viewing, I’ll have to see which of your picks I can find on Netflix.

    As far as making something of yourself, I’m sure if you are very good you’ll be a real boy someday!

    Smiles, Julie

    @ PBMom – thanks for the welcome!

    @ Paloosa – congrats; glad all is well!

    @ Gilder – how about the Sheaf & Sheep, or does that sound too much like a pub?

  22. WOW. So jealous of your anime collection.
    I admit i’ve only really gotten into it about five years ago and I mostly watch online cause I’m too poor to buy DVDs. 🙁
    But I do have a few of the ones I really like and my Manga collection is slowly growing as well. I only hope to reach a collection like yours in my life time. haha

    I really should focus more on my uni studies and not watch so much anime, or stargate or doctor who. But they are all so addictive!!

  23. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is pretty great, I’ve been following that series on the Funimation website for a while now. I’d say it’s better than the first series, although it does lack some of the personal story moments from the first.

  24. Coucou Joseph!!

    ça va bien ??

    Ohhh comme on dirait en franc e “Là je suis sur le cu ” O_O

    Mamamiaaahh! Cette colléction !!! C’est juste incroyable !! Et bien il faut vraiment être fans pour avoir autant de dvds d’animation japonnaise je connais des amis qui serai au paradis ici.

    humm pour m’a part ce n’est pas mon suis plus Dora l’esploratrice ou Franklin …attendez des animaux qui parlent et qui vivent comme nous c’est carrément incroyable O_O…lol plus sérieusement j’aime bien les Asterix et futurama, la famille griffin, les Simpson, américan dad et les looney tunes… 🙂

    Grops bisou!
    Bonne journée!

  25. Holy crap, that is a lot of anime! I am totally jealous. I love anime, but I haven’t watched many series at all. I’ve loved Dragonball Z since I was about 6 years old, although I haven’t seen it on tv here for more than 5 years now.

    Have you seen a series called Fushigi Yugi before? I saw it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. It’s like a romantic fantasy but I remember there being quite a bit of action too. The ending was very cliche, but overall I really enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is something I definitely recommend.

    I shall now go back to being extremely jealous of your collection.

  26. How I got where I am now:

    When I was a kid I wanted to be the zoo vet and after a few years I had changed my mind and settled on a zookeeper.

    I was breezing through school until I got to Year 10. The private school I was going to wouldn’t let me do straight Science so I moved. That’s where I discovered why I was breezing through school – they’d been teaching me Year 7 work for years…I was soo far behind. I ended up having to repeat Year 11 to catch up (it was hard but may have been good for me because I started school when I was 4 so I was younger than everyone).

    I wrote to the zoo to ask how to become a zookeeper and the Public Relations person wrote back with some advice and one of the options was doing Science at University.

    I worked very hard and managed to pass high school with good enough marks to get into Uni and then got my Science degree.

    When I finally got an interview with the Zoo for a job as a seal keeper I found out I was overqualified. I was devastated.

    I looked around for further study while I got a bit of money working and settled on Library Studies. I got a Graduate Diploma and got a job as a Children’s Librarian in a public library.

    I’ve always been interested in IT and while working at the library I pursued further studies and got a Master’s Degree in Information Technology. This helped me get my current position in IT at the library as Web Administrator.

    So that’s how I got my current job. I really enjoy creating websites. If I ever did any more study it would probably be in Graphic Design as I would love to get better at that.

    Cheers, Chev

  27. Cool! I said Excel Saga….of course I didn’t know anything about it but cool anyway.

    Cheers, Chev

  28. I’m pretty impressed by your library…do you use FileMaker Pro or a DVD Library software to create an inventory for insurance purposes?

    Cheers, Chev

  29. So, it’s my birthday tomorrow (25th)…Joe, do you remember I asked if you could post some photos of the Stargate people I like? That would make me really happy 😉

    Cheers, Chev

  30. Tough to list a recommendation since most of the titles I liked seem to already be in your closet… Anyway, I thought Yakitate! Japan and Full Metal Panic were pretty entertaining as well. They’re humurous, Yakitate! is a parody on those ‘tournament animes’ and is about a boy wanting to be a baker so he enters an elite school for it. What follows are tournament arcs about making bread and an epic quest in search of ‘Japan bread’. The humour often comes from Japanese puns which don’t translate too well, so it helps if you know a bit Japanese.

    Full Metal Panic is about a teenager who has been a military commando for most of his life, and now needs to enter high school to protect a girl. Needless to say he doesn’t adapt too well. There’s some arcs in it, but I liked the random stories the most, where it’s mostly random humour.

  31. Joe…ya know, I’ve been thinking… (well, sleeping…and that always gives me fresh ideas! 😀 )

    Instead of buying all those DVDs, you could have reinvested that money into the Stargate franchise, and made the bloody Atlantis movie yourself!! From here on out I will no longer blame MGM, SyFy, Wright, Cooper, or those mysterious investors for the demise of the Atlantis movie, but only your DVD collection. 😉


  32. California Cabinets, eh? My own collection only stretches about as far as your A-L or so, but are not so nicely displayed. Love those shelves. I take it you have another room dedicated to books? Of course, I’ll first need a house large enough to have a spare room to dedicate to a combined book/dvd library, with adjoining theater and game room. Just modest goals..
    Speaking of goals, I’ve decided I’m going to pick up at least three of the animes you mentinoned and give them a try. You did have to go and publish all those pictures of the covers. Some are very intriguing indeed, while the descriptions of some of the series pique my interest.
    Thanks for taking the time to give us such a detailed anime update. Now, it’s been days since you’ve done a restaurant outing/food review. What’s up with that?

  33. Wow I love your collection! I have watched anime for a number of years and have a similar collection to what you have there. I’m sorry this post is slightly late I have not been on the computer for a day or so but I think that you would probably enjoy an anime called Pretear and also another one called Outlaw Star. Most of my other fav’s are already listed there so I will put a link here for you to watch those both and see what you think of them. As for the last stargate episode, great work on the way it played out, I didn’t think that Rush could have fooled those people into thinking he was Telford.
    Pretear link:

    Outlaw Star link:

    So even though its a little late let me know what ya think.
    Have a great day hopefully I’ll be back here tomorrow! >:)

  34. Cool. Maybe you’ve re-piqued my interest. I haven’t been able to watch since Sailor Moon. Which I didn’t like. And yes I still reference “Japanese cartoons”, from my childhood when I described to my friends the difference between Star Blazers, Astro Boy and Scooby Doo. C’mon G-Force & Voltron aren’t anime! That’s a term I personally reserve for art, which some of the series mentioned definitely are.
    Back in the 80s a friend told me the only reason his band made it big in Japan was because of their resemblance to anime characters (pasty skin, big eyes & hair, color coding each member) I scoffed of course, they have good songs, but he did have a point in terms of regional marketing.

    Glad you guys turned out to be better writers than those over at LOST. Just glad there were no dirigibles.
    PS I think SGU has finally reached a point that gets my interest!! Best ep so far.

    Oh, and how did I get here? No effing idea! And so I’m trying to make sure my son has a better life plan than “Just wing it”. 🙂

  35. Love the shelving! It appeals to my OCD. May we see a picture of the viewing room?

  36. Oh and PBmom, the other day, your bio was inspirational. Thanks.

    Gilder: loved your typo yesterday! 😀 .

  37. And I thought I had a lot of DVDs. Your collection puts mine to shame. I’m not a huge anime fan, but Cowboy Bebop has been recommended to me several times now. Guess I’ll have to check it out soonish.

    So, Buffy but no Angel, huh? Not a fan of vampire detective noir? Personally, I thought it really hit its stride in season 3. You might want to skip ahead to that point if you’re willing to give it another try.

  38. Speaking of Infinite Ryvius, I think you’d have to agree Joe that Crest/Banner of the Stars is a far superior series, offering a wide range of takes on the Space Opera genre.

    I’m guessing it didn’t sell too great as Banner of the Stars III thus far has remained unlicensed for near 5 years now, no clue if you can pick up somewhere with English subtitles legally, probably not.

    Another series Macross Frontier, insanely popular in Japan will probably never come out on DVD legally outside of Japan either, something to do with companys fighting over the rights issues.

    >It gives me hope that, some day, I too may make something of myself.

    You have Joe, you brought Scifi goodness to millions of people with your work on SG1/SGA/SGU.

  39. Someone told this joke on the Bendis forum yesterday, thought I’d share:

    On their way to getting married, a young couple is involved in a fatal car accident. They find themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates, waiting for St. Peter to process them into Heaven. While waiting, they begin to wonder: Could they possibly get married in Heaven? When St. Peter shows up, they ask him. St. Peter says, ‘I don’t know. This is the first time anyone has asked that. Let me go and find out,’ and he leaves.

    The couple sit and wait, and wait. Two months pass and the couple is still waiting. As they wait, they discuss that if they were allowed to get married in Heaven, what was the eternal aspect of it all. ‘What if it doesn’t work?’ they wondered. ‘Are we stuck together forever?’

    After yet another month, St. Peter finally returns, looking somewhat bedraggled. ‘Yes,’ he informs the couple, ‘you can get married in Heaven.’

    ‘Great!’ says the couple, ‘But we were just wondering, what if things don’t work out? Can we also get a divorce in Heaven?’

    St. Peter, red-faced with anger, slams his clipboard onto the ground.

    ‘What’s wrong?’ ask the frightened couple.

    ‘OH, COME ON!’ St. Peter shouts, ‘It took me three months to find a priest up here! Do you have any idea how long it’ll take me to find a lawyer?’


    Have a good day, Joe!


  40. Heh, and the funny thing is you buy a media streamer and rip all those DVDs to a couple of terrabyte harddrives and the space occupied would be a couple of square feet *g*

  41. I agree with @Tammy Dixon about it appealing to the OCD in me. You should see my closets; they are a thing of beauty, (if closets can be beautiful). My kitchen and pantry too. Although my OCD tends to be selective, some things need to be in hyper order, while others don’t. I think I have said before that I’m a little unusual/weird….. and a pervert. I’m an unusually weird pervert. *snicker*

    Hmmm…. what other rooms do you have that have an… ahem… ‘dedicated’ purpose? Can we request pictures? I’d REALLY like to see a picture(s) of your library and/or home office.

    Missin’ the food pics….

    It is freaking cold here brrrr. I didn’t get to SGU yesterday. So I’m off to cuddle up on the sofa with some blankets, cinnamon roll oatmeal, and watch me some SGU and Cowboy Bebop.

    Have a good one!

  42. Ghost in the Shell way down low and Cowboy Bebop at number 2? For me I’d put Cowboy First and Ghost a close number two. The music alone in Ghost is so very cool.

    If you ever do a live action do Ghost, or if you are quick you could take over writing duties on the script for Cowboy, since the Keanu version is still underoing revisions.

    I’m still feeling dreary after a punishing night of Lost. It’s like getting beat up, put in the hospital and going back for a fresh round of pummeling. There’s got to be a name for this post Lost malaise.

  43. Evangelion…I never quite understood the ending of that last movie. But uh..very epic.

    Champloo was a great one.

    Hellsing is one of my favorites

  44. @ Kymm & Tammy Dixon – Yup – it appeals to my OCD, too…but – being the contrary that I am – I find it a bit too…cold and clinical. Like…metric. 😀 Now…if it was up to me, I’d want the order, but with some personal touches, too. See…if it was me (and I was filthy rich!), I’d have a downsized version of the Biltmore library…but with videos on the second level, books on the first:

    See??! Order, AND charm! If I could scrunch something like that down to a 12×12 room, I’d be in heaven!! 😀

    Ship room, medievalish kitchen, old estate library…I think I need a bigger house! And a richer husband!!! 😀

    Nah, just kidding…I’m rather content with what I have. As long as I can give myself the illusion of something more elaborate, I’m happy. 🙂


  45. Stargate hardware nitpicking!

    A few friends and I have a weekly meeting to sit and watch Universe. Yesterday, I e-mailed them a few choice tidbits from your mailbag, and an extremely geeky discussion broke out. I’ll present it to you in its entirety for your reading pleasure (or perhaps horror!) Believe it or not, we all like the character elements of the show every bit as much as the cool tech!!!

    An easy analogy to the “how do stargates discover each other when they come online (or in the case of destiny come out of FTL) would be the way routers find each other across networks. Basically, when a new router is added to the network, it starts advertising its existance to neighboring routers which in turn pass its existance on to their neighbors until the entire network is aware of the new router and each router has it in its own routing table. Then, depending on the protocol being used – in todays world either OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) or EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) routing protocols, the “best” (i.e. least cost) path is chosen to the new device from each existing device via distance vector (EIGRP) or link state (OSPF using the Dijkstra Algorithm).

    The answer of “it’s clear that the onus on recalibrating the destination gate rests with Destiny once its
    particular address is dialed” seems wrong to me. It would make more sense if once Destiny came out of FTL, it would take the initial responsibility of announcing itself to the network – like a new router coming online as described above.

    The answer, as given, lends me to believe that the network would be flooded with “hmm this device I was told to find is not connected to me, neighbor – is it connected to you?” messages that would flood every device in the network (even down dead end branches of the networking tree) until the new device was found. Once found, then the process of updating everyone else (“hey everyone, this guy was hiding from us not letting us know he existed, we need to add him to our routing tables and determine our best paths to him”) would begin – double effort!It would be a very inefficient use of “stargate bandwidth” (i.e. overhead) and not to mention a very time consuming way bringing new gates online.

    If there was a different stargate network by say a different race of people making stargates (think the ancients stargates as one company and this other race as a different company), then yes, gates not on the ancients network would send all default traffic out the the stargate equivilant of ip address (i.e. default gateway to the Internet) out its “main/core” stargate….. but as of what we know, there is only one stargate “provider” in the universe and that provider should have a more efficient way of tying its network together……

    …. I’m sure there will be responses that even pick apart my understanding with even “deeper” understanding. I’d love to see the next response come from Joe Mallozzi’s network engineer and have the thread devolve into a dissertation on modern day network engineering lol

    Would destiny really be considered a router though? Isn’t it more of an end user that connects to the network. All the gates, even in the other galaxies are already networked, and it just plugs in. It’s not like traffic gets routed THROUGH destiny even when it plugs in. Like if you were on planet A and wanted to get to planet B, you always go through the existing hard network.

    OK – now you went a did it …..

    So are the gates themselves “hosts” (i.e. client endpoints), “switches” (i.e. the broadcast domain that the endpoints within a specific subnet connect to), or “routers” (i.e. the intelligence that connects subnets and allows diverse networks to talk to each other), or a mix of all 3?

    If they are “hosts” …. where are the “switches” and “routers”? Has there been an episode where they find the “Stargate Core” where all the stargates connect back to? (I’ don’t remember – if not that would be a GREAT episode where an alien race takes out the main core stargates and the entire network goes down, lol)

    However – even if they are “hosts” the onness is still on the “host” to initate communication OUT when it makes a request to the network:

    Once a host powers up or connects to a bridge, here is what happen

    * The host announce its NIC’s MAC address
    * As soon as the bridge sees the NIC’s MAC address, the bridge records the MAC address in its MAC address table along with which bridge port the NIC connects to
    * If there are multiple hosts connect to the bridge, more MAC addresses stored in the bridge MAC address table along with bridge port the hosts’ NIC connect to, hence creating longer list of bridge’s MAC address table

    When Host A sends frames to Host B, here is what happen

    * Host A sends the frame through the cable that the NIC uses to connect to the bridge
    * Bridge receives the frame
    * Bridge checks if Host B’s MAC address is listed in the bridge’s MAC address table
    * When Host B’s MAC address is listed in the bridge’s MAC address table, the bridge forwards the frame to the bridge port where the Host B connects to

    Similar events take place when Host B sends a response frame to Host A

    * Host B sends the frame through the cable that the NIC uses to connect to the bridge
    * Bridge receives the frame
    * Bridge checks if Host A’s MAC address is listed in the bridge’s MAC address table
    * When Host A’s MAC address is listed in the bridge’s MAC address table, the bridge forwards the frame to the bridge port where the Host A connects to

    …. even though this communication all happens at layer 2 (data link layer) of the OSI model ( (routers are layer 3) … it still requires the endpoint to announce itself before communication begins.

    I stand behind my assessment, regardless of the network layer the stargates are working on. 😛

    Brad again:
    Thanks Cupe …. now I’m obsessing over the wording Joe uses in his response instead of working ….

    “it’s clear that the onus on recalibrating the destination gate rests with Destiny once its
    particular address is dialed. While the address dialed may remain consistent the gates location is not.”

    I’m reading this to mean that the “dialing” (the source gate) is an offworld gate and the dialed gate (the destination gate) is Destiny.

    “Its particular address”: Its = Destiny right?

    “While the address dialed may remain consistent the gates location is not”: which gate, destiny or the offworld gate? I’m thinking Destiny because it is the one that is moving ….

    maybe Joe meant this instead?

    “it’s clear that the onus on recalibrating the source gate rests with Destiny once its (Destiny’s)
    particular address is dialed by another gate. While Destiny’s address may remain consistent, the gates location is not.”

    …. if he did mean that then I stand behind everything below.

    If he means that Destiny is the “source” and another gate is the “destination” then yes – destiny is broadcasting itself to the network upon trying to connect to another gate, not waiting to be discovered by other gates.

    …. which gate is the source and which gate is the destination is the key to having this synch up with modern network engineering or not. 😛

  46. Continued… Whoops, forgot the last bit!

    When he mentions the gates not being fixed, he’s referring to interplanetary drift, since the gates seem to need some physical location to connect as well as an “IP address.” It’s kind of a weird system.

    Each gate seems to be a combination of host/router, the DHD is a host/terminal interface, and you don’t really see the routing. I think think there is a central hub though? It’s more like regular TCP/IP system where if one gate falls into a sun, the others will fill the gaps.

    Although, is it even really a “network” ?

    McKay designed that network jump to get from Atlantis to Earth, which is a conventional network, but every other gate in the Milky Way connects directly to another gate. There is a hard distance limit, and the connections are always singular right? The data/wormhole isn’t passing through other gates.

  47. Bloody hell that’s some collection…

    out of curiosity… which side of the Dub -v- Sub fence are you on?

    Personally i find certain series [such Hellsing and GitS] have decent dubbing and some [Full Metal Alchemist comes to mind here] is bloody annoying…

    Also if SGU got cancelled tomorrow [i *really* hope it doesn’t get canned any time soon though] and you were offered a ludicrously large sum of money to do you live action anime project… which one would you choose?

  48. Well, I am impressed! In that light, I should add some more info about Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Watch a fansub online. You can buy the DVDs to seasons 1 and 2 (13 episodes each), but the official dub and subs are bad. The fansubs are much better. I’m sure you know where to look by now, heh.

    Nanoha has 3 seasons. 1 and 2 have 13 episodes each and season 3 is 26 episodes, and takes place 10 years later with the girls grown up and employed a military-esque space police organization.

    Told ya it was different.^^

    And Seto No Hanayome is almost as funny as Excel Saga. Not quite as wacky, but still good when you want humor!

  49. @ Das

    I like aspects of the Biltmore Library, as well. But to me it looks like the furniture would be uncomfortable, too straight and angular, to do any serious reading. In this space I would like to have seen some nice comfy leather sofas to sink into (even though it would make it less formal). Plus, it’s a tad overcrowded. Otherwise, I like the height, woodwork, fireplace and the filigreed railings etc. It is very grand, opulent and classic. I don’t think that’s it’s a room that you would get tired of, no?

    I actually like, and could live in, most styles, except for really stark modernism. You know the kind of place where it looks messy if you *gasp* leave a book out of place, or you can’t have an alarm clock/book beside your bed. So for me, the ideal house is to strike a balance between luxury and comfort. I find I get tired of ‘trends’ fairly quickly, so I prefer to stay somewhat classic and timeless, if that makes any sense. My Mom was something of a hoarder, so I like to have a lot of open ‘space.’ For colour, I prefer a monochromatic textured palette. I don’t like a lot of jumbled prints/colours. Plus, I have a preference for symmetry, which again relates to my ‘slight’ OCD tendency. *smile*

    I love seeing how other people live, their decorating choices etc. I find it hugely fascinating, although, I haven’t stooped to being a peeper………yet.


    P.S. I want points for no links……

    P.P.S. I credit my current catlike reflexes to my Mom, growing up, I would be able to open a closet and catch whatever would fall before it hit the ground lol

  50. Holy Hannah – what does your book collection look like??? My husband’s books… he’s got more books than Barnes and Noble and Borders … and in all the years he’s been buying books.. he’s only bought one twice. He know where every book is and heaven forbid should I move one on any of the book shelves or in his stock piles -he’s knows it.

    Speaking of books… he told me that the book he is reading, the author thanked you in the acknowledgments, I asked what book he was reading – Best Served Cold, that sounded familiar so I asked who wrote it.. Joe Abercrombie – well”no wonder”, I said – anyway he really likes the book.

  51. Holy Crap! I don’t watch anime/manga, but I am impressed with the size of your collection. Well done, sir.

  52. Das: no could do that library. Too much dusting!. I’m OCD but I have a lazy streak.

    Mr. M, are those DVD’s alphabetized? I wouldn’t bother going that far but just looking at those custom made shelves …….a feeling of pure calmness….

  53. You blew my mind. The size of your Library is BEYOND AWESOME! I’v never seen such a big DVD collection, let alone Anime 😀

    (It would be awesome if you were on and we could browse through all your anime *hint* 😀 ;).)

    I’m a total Anime newbie compared to you, but as I’m of a younger generation, maybe I can still point out stuff you would have missed otherwise. Those are all Anime I love.

    I’m just gonna start with stuff from the genres that are most prominently underrepresented in your Top 25, as they might be most likely ones you don’t know yet:

    *Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit:
    Great realistic fantasy anime from Production I.G which is afaik not as epic as Twelve Kingdoms (need yet to see that one), but one of the most beloved real fantasy series of the last years out there. Wonderful strong female protagonist. And for a change reasonable people who can change their mind in the token Dumb Government of Wrongdoing :D. Animation comes close to Ghibli movies!

    *School Rumble:
    Hilarious high school comedy that doesn’t have a problem with being unrealistic as long as it cracks you up, it shares quite some traits with Azumanga, but its a little bit less episodic and random

    Slice of life/comedy Anime of the relaxing, feel-good, harmless, happy utopia, no jeopardy kind, its basically the equivalent to relaxing music that helps one de-stress after a long long day. And its way better than it sounds! Unless it’s not for you :D.

    For once a high-school romantic comedy with some drama done well and having a great authenticity to it. – J.C. Staff

    *Nodame Cantabile:
    a romantic comedy, for once not in school, but in … University :D. Best here are the characters and the humor. And the classical music concerts. – J.C. Staff

    *Ouran High School Host Club
    a high-school harem comedy that parodies its genre and tropes wonderfully at every step. Beware of the sparkles :D. – BONES

    Now on to the stuff I think you might already know:

    OVA. Gainax. Crazy-Awesome-Hilarious. Nuff said 😀

    *Eureka Seven:
    A mecha/shonen/romance hmmaging basically everything that came before it (EVA, Gundam, Macross, …), with great characterization, philosophical undertones, awesome animation and the most excitement I’ve ever felt in a shonen series. (I’m told people usually don’t like the first few episodes, so don’t give up on it to early.) – BONES


    *The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    And this one is only available as Japanese imports as of yet:

    *Michiko e Hatchin — Manglobe:
    Just read Archaeons Review on 😀 “What would you get if you crossed Thelma & Louise with City of God? You may get complete drivel, or you may, if you’re very lucky, get something like Michiko to Hatchin.”, “Michiko to Hatchin has a certain “fresh” quality that I haven’t seen in anime in a long time (not since Cowboy Bebop in fact).”

    Also, I really loved the american animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. In fact it made me watch Anime series in the first place, previously only having seen various Ghibli movies. Its got fantasy, humour, awesome characters and great writing.

    All the best to you and SGU!

  54. Hey Joe

    Nice library! Now, is it the same room you use for viewing them? Also, do you have a separate room for the movies? I was sure I’d spot Kill Bill in there somewhere.


  55. Love the organization skills! I need you over at my house to organize our DVD collection.

    Guess what! It’s my birthday today (24th)!! What did you get me?? I sure hope it’s a weird food purchase of the day segment! =D


  56. Not much time to comment. I’ve off to a buddy’s house soon and then we’re hitting up Refuel at 7pm! You should come and join us, Joe! 😉

    However, I do want to express how AWESOME Subversion was. Paul Mullie is really pulling out all the stops this year with his writing. Divided was spectacular and now Subversion is my new number 1 episode of Season 1. The tension just kept ramping up and the verbal battles between Telford and Young were delicious. The scene with Young showing Telford the picture of the dead airman was especially powerful. Damn.

    Also loved seeing Daniel and Jack again! Do you realize that this was the first time they’ve been in the same room together since Stargate Continuum? That’s almost 2 years ago! And before that, it was during “The Shroud”, more than 3 years ago!

    I think I’ll comment on that “How did you get here” question later tonight when I get back. It’s fascinating reading over some of the others’ blog comments about that.

  57. @ Tammy Dixon – that’s too funny, whenever I’m thinking of buying anything, that’s the first question I ask myself, how much of a pain in the ass is it going to be to clean?

    I think the shelves are alphabetized. The left wall is A to M, the far wall is N to S, and the right wall is T to Z. Setting up an alphabetized system takes some time initially, but it’s simple to maintain, if you just put things back from where you got them. When you move you grab large stacks and put them in the box like that, and mark the box, so when you pull them back out, they are still in some semblance of order.

    Hockey game starting…..stupid music…..


  58. Good evening Joe,

    As i recall you talking about MGM’S money problems and the details about funding for films and series and the different situations they are in.
    I was wondering would there ever be a chance for a new series of Stargate or a follow on of Atlantis series as the films are a bit in the air at the mo?
    SGU is cool btw


  59. @ Kymm & Tammy Dixon – Hows about this one:

    Comfy sofa?? Or…

    Wingback chairs AND a man servant! 😀

    Kymm…yes, I’d have to do something about the furniture. But I love the basic style of those old libraries. And Tammy – yeah, lots of dusting. You’d hate my house – LOTS of dusting, for sure! I like organized clutter, but ‘organized’ is the key word here. If there’s gonna be stuff around, it must be arranged nicely. I’ve tried minimalizing, but I can only stand it for a short time. I hate bare walls and empty spaces – I prefer cozy, I want to feel embraced by a room (not suffocated though). I guess it’s because I grew up in an old house with small rooms – even my bedroom ceiling was only 5’10” high. While I now prefer my ceilings higher, I still tend to be draw to the small, cozy cottage-type rooms.


  60. Wow… Next time one of my family or friends complain to me about the fact I have a extremely huge collection of movies, I’ll send them to take a look at this blog update.

    Last time I counted I was up to a 100 odd DVDs and a 150 odd Blu-Rays. Yet I’m not even close to what you have.

  61. Wow, nice DVD library. That’s impressive. We have a great collection of kids DVDs. Kind of boring if you ask me.

    You have Buffy but not Angel? You have to get Angel. Talk about a character-driven show. My favorite show of all time. There are some of the best character arcs in any series (and I’m talking about your shows too). One minute you’ll be laughing your ass off, the next minute literally screaming at the screen. Or was that just me?

    Tell Carl thanks for scaring the crap out of me. Pain was awesome. So was the last episode that you and Paul wrote. Damn cliffhanger! I can’t wait until next week. Why do I like Young’s character so much? The writers sure do give him all the juicy stuff to do.

  62. And G-Force…how could I forget that one, and of course, Speed Racer. I even had a wicked mean crush on Speed Racer back when I was five, and cried when my mom told me he wasn’t a real boy. 🙁


  63. I watched anime in high school and I remember, before when everything was on VHS, we were so excited about our crappy copies – a copy that was fan-subbed, that was copied, etc… and then when I was in college it was too damn expensive which means I only got a taste of a lot of different shows. Now I’m married and the husband doesn’t really care for it and I don’t have time to watch it with a toddler underfoot…

    But I remember Escaflowne with such fondness that I just had to post and go “Yay, Escaflowne!”

    That’s all I got. 😛

  64. Joe, those photos make me suddenly feel much better about the storage required for me to house my book collection – which is made up almost entirely of multilingual dictionaries. I can’t help it; it’s a genre I just can’t drop.

    By the way, you know what would totally make my day tomorrow? If you wished me happy birthday. 🙂

  65. having told my brother (anime fan) that you’re looking for recommendations & shown him the pictures of your collection, he said; “there’s an anime he hasn’t seen? just tell him to go look for the 2 he hasn’t watched yet”

    BTW my recommendation (not much of a fan of the stuff) is cardcaptor sakura. but you might think it’s “too girlie”

  66. The irony of your comments on Berserk is so sharp i can hardly believe it. Excuse me while i go stop the bleeding.

    Truthfully, damned impressive collection! 😀

  67. @Joe: Now I remember why I started following this blog – I liked your taste in anime. Excellent list.

    Give Gintama a try. I think it will appeal to your quirky sense of humor.

    @das: Hey! Berserk has a white haired character I think you would just love: Griffith. Yep, he’s right up your alley. And there is Berserk Manga. You should check it out. Wikipedia claims there are 33 volumes of the Manga. (and I really will send the first three volumes of Bleach – sorry, I just got busy and forgot).

    You might also like Twelve Kingdoms – another interesting white haired character: Keiki. As Joe said, it’s more of a fairy tale.

    Gundam 0080 – I always cry at the end of that one. Actually, get misty-eyed just thinking about that one. But no albinos.

    And how did I get here? I like science, I like mysteries, I am a very visual person. So I’m a pathologist and I spend my time solving diagnostic mysteries on a daily basis. Fun, challenging, exhausting. It’s been a pretty good career for someone like me.

  68. das – My first crush was Mark from Battle of the Planets so I’m hearing on having the animated crush! Mum never said anything to me about him not being real. For me he was just another fictional character. Didn’t seem to matter whether he was two dimensional or not.

  69. What a nice post! Something other than dogs, food, book of the month or stargate 🙂

    Awesome collection! Getting somewhat jealous here 🙂

    Personally I prefer anime combined with martial arts. You know the old classics…

    – Dragon Ball
    – Yu Yu Hakusho
    – Naruto
    – Rurouni Kenshin
    – Tenjou Tenge
    – Avatar The Last Airbender
    – Ninja Scroll
    – Streetfighter

    Though the japanese anime are mostly prefered I don’t care to much about the origin. As long as there is a nice story I am likely to like it. Just not those anime with too much robots or carackters who wield oversize weapons…

    I’m not too much into manga though. I only read bakabondo. That one is awesom! However, I might be biased. Miyamoto Musashi was my childhood hero. I read the “go rin no sho” when I was about 12 years old 🙂 Shocking how few martial artists know about that book today…

    Anyway, how about you? Do you read manga as well or do you only watch anime?

  70. Wow, I’ve rarely seen an anime collection that large…it certainly puts mine to shame.

    And I can see we have completely different interests since I lean more towards sports and shounen types of anime… I think the only ones I’ve really loved on your list are GTO and Beck, though Trigun is pretty good.

    If haven’t tried it yet, the new version of FMA, Brotherhood is pretty good. It certainly is a lot tighter story than the original, something that, for me, propels it over the original.

    A quick question though — dub or sub?

  71. @ Das

    O.K. now you’re just mocking me with your links *chuckles*

    The first photo looks like a ‘new’ room, designed in the old tradition. Off the top of my head there are at least ten things wrong with that room (I hate tromp l’oeil). I like the Biltmore better but with different furniture. As for the sofa, it is more what I had in mind, although I’m generally not a huge fan of the nailhead trim. I can be a little fussy, although I prefer calling it having an attention to detail.….

    The second photo, wing chairs are actually not that comfortable unless you have really good posture and don’t plan on sitting for very long (think English gentleman retiring for cigars). As for the man servant, yeah I’d take one of those….. uh-huh yeah I would definitely take one of those…. Look at him laying on the fire, isn’t that so….. handy….. *deletes lecherous thought*

    Montreal lost…. *frowns* Although the cops are probably just as glad to avoid the riot and all…

    Oh, I closed my eyes for a second and fell asleep before I hit submit comment, so it’s late. Ohh wellll.


  72. How is it that nobody has mentioned the most epic anime space opera ever made, Legend of Galactic Heroes?

    Yes, it’s never been released in any form in the West, but it’s easily available in fansub format if you so wish (Central Anime has the best versions). It has everything you could ever need in a space opera. When I first got hooked on The Wire, my thought was, “Holy crap! It’s Galactic Heroes on Earth!”

    Seriously, watch it. It will take 6-7 episodes for you to realize just how incredibly huge the cast of characters is, but oh is it worth it.

  73. Somehow, I missed the full awesomeness of the May 23rd posting the first time around.

  74. WOW! I just randomly stumbled upon this post while looking for a good image to use for my own blog post about Trigun and… HOLY CRAP! Your collection is an otaku’s wet-dream!!!!!!!! And by “an” I mean “mine”. Yeah. Wow. Just wow. I need to step up my game. Hats off to you!

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