As most of you know, I’ve been doing a fair amount of cooking of late, all thanks to Gordon Ramsay, the good people at America’s Test Kitchen, and the fact that I’ve lost both of my go-to culinary wingpeople.  A couple of recent at home meals…

Chili-Chocolate Shrimp. I was kind of leery about the dark chocolate and seafood combo and, while it wasn't as bad as I thought - and was, admittedly, interesting - it's not something I'd ever order at a restaurant, much less make again.
Chicken Saltimboca. I replaced the veal with chicken and it turned out quite nicely. The secret is in pounding those chicken breasts flat and getting a good crisp on the prosciutto. A little less lemon juice next time.
Steak Diane. Well, my version anyway. I believe I was supposed to strain out the carrots, but I opted for the more rustic version. The recipe called for peppercorns and I was out, so I substituted bird's eye chilis for a little more heat.

No cooking for me tonight.  I’m off to enjoy some pig head.  Tune in tomorrow for a blow-by-blow account. Something to look forward to.

Or avoid.

Hey, check out the Art Department Package for SGU’s 10th episode, Justice…

Art Department Package - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice.
Gate Address - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice. In case you want to swing by and gift Rush a lift.
Neural Interface Room - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice. Throw in an air hockey table and a couple of bean bag chairs and it's actually quite homey.
Chair Illustration - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice. Granted, it's a little uncomfortable, but the neural interface allows you to download iTunes directly to your brain.
Int. Tribunal Room - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Also your liquor! You can't handle that either! And really spicy food!
Crashed Ship - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice.

Crashed Ship - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice.

Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice.

Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice.
Ext. Planet Site Plan - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice. Crash ship HERE.

Ext. Planet Site Plan - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice.

Ext. Planet Site Plan - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice.

Int. Crashed Ship Plan - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Justice.

Dr. Rush needs your help!

38 thoughts on “March 25, 2010: Culinary Creations! Justice Art Department Package! Dr. Rush needs your help!

  1. Hi Joe, “enjoy” the pig head, oi! Voted for Rush, but he seriously needs more votes! Amanda Tapping’s on there as well 🙂 Your cooking looks delish, by the way!

  2. Sorry, to hear about your mom. Hope she’s better soon.

    I guess I’m not the only one who has had a sucky week. It’s been so bad, I’d rather be taking a geometry exam. Math is not my strong point. The worst thing was my boss threw me and my co-worker under the bus and pins me down just so that certain toes wouldn’t be stepped on.

    But as I was catching up I saw a few Shep pix,: ),thanks Joe.

  3. Blogtalkradio just said that the Stargate Atlantis movie is going to be filmed. I know it’s got a script and all, but they’re saying it’s going into production. Can you confirm?

  4. The pictures of SGA remind me I could watch and enjoy it again. thank you. Nice shots, thanks mgm and Joe. The pictures of the food, aw you are looking good there Joseph. Hope the food was as good as it looked. Always fun to see animal pictures as well.
    @das, talking about puppy feet, have you ever smelled those paperwhites that you force to grow indoors, wellll,they smell like wet horse,,(talking about puppy feet reminded me) took me a few days to figure out the smell and then when everyone starting talking about horses on the blog, it hit me, thanks. (not my favorite smell on the back porch)(lol)
    -and the links yesterday, when ever do you find time to get all these fun articles to share with us, thank you again.
    Hope your mom is feeling better, and the ulcer is better. take care momma Mallozzi.

  5. I did my bit for Rush, hope he gets there in spite of the poll results so far. We can turn it around!

    Your chicken saltimboca and steak diane look delicious! Now I can’t wait to finish travelling around and start cooking again. Did Fondy get to weigh in on how each meal turned out??

    Speaking of food, I just thought I’d ask (because I’m nothing if not persistent/annoying when I want to be) any restaurant recommendations for Montreal?



  6. @ Airelle – I’ve never grown paperwhites – but if they’re anything like the rest of the Narcissus genus, I probably like their smell. 🙂 Of course, I love the smell of horses, too…wet or dry. And stables…love the smell of a stable, with the hay and the horsey smell and the saddle soap and leather and all the rest of the tack…it’s delightful! 😀

    I’m pretty good at pelting annoying neighborhood boys with horse turds picked up with me bare hands….though I haven’t had an opportunity to do that in over 30 years. Still…I have the skill…so…BEWARE!! 😈


  7. Already voted for Rush…and Neal Caffrey (seriously, you NEED to see White Collar!) 😀

    I’m starting to think that SGU has the best Art Department ever! And thanks, as usual, Joe, for the pictures! 🙂

  8. looking forward to the report on the pigs head. Sorry you’re having to go solo on that. I would have thought Ivon would have been more adventurous…

  9. I came across the TV tournament by way of Jane Espenson on Twitter, I think. Honestly, Sam Adama never stood a chance against Dexter, that was just a mean pairing.

    But last I saw Helen Magnus was in the lead…better step it up, people.

  10. Putting Rush up against Fringe’s Walter Bishop in that poll makes it really difficult. Walter is also a great character, just as complicated as Rush, and he’s had more time to grow and develop since Fringe is in its second season.

  11. Voted for Rush, drooled at the food pix. The chocolate dish should still be interesting. Anyone who is willing to cook – hey, I am willing to be a taster.

    Awesome pix and photos…and the good news is April is almost hear for second part of SGU.

    Hope din din was ok…looking forward to your book report on that.

  12. Ooh, just thought of a question!

    In “Air”, the image of the Destiny’s flight path revealed that the Destiny had visited the Pegasus Galaxy. Did the Pegasus Galaxy have the Destiny stargates before the Ancients went to Pegasus? At that point, did they replace them all with the ones that are there now?

    On that matter, how did the transition go between the current model and the Milky Way model? Does it stand to reason that the Destiny type and the Milky Way type were developed at roughly the same time, with the differences in appearance being due to different functions as opposed to it being because of a large gap of time between the two? Hope I’m making sense lol.

  13. In the above comment, when I say “current” model, I meant the oldest SGU model. I guess I thought “current” because it’s what’s “currently” airing lol.

  14. If I had to pick one dish it would be the Chicken Saltimboca. A little sundried tomato with it would make it even better 😀

  15. @sylvia – I thought my family was the only ones who called it din din 🙂

    Joe, great food pics and art package as usual. Hope mamallozzi feels better soon. So how much of those packages are hand drawn vs computer generated because whoever draws them needs to give me lessons 🙂 Also (here I go again, now that the mailbag has been reinstated) will we find out how the destiny gate system coordinates function? You guys seem to put quite a bit of effort into creating the addresses so I assume there is a system.

  16. Thanks for pointing out the poll. Stiff competition for Dr. Rush, however, in the end, I happen to love Fringe and Walter Bishop’s strong character. He’s a beautifully written character that you can’t help but to love, despite all the bad things he’s done in the past. If it had been anyone else, Rush would have had my vote.

    We love Fringe in our house, maybe it has to do with the fact that Anna Torv is an Aussie or maybe because my hubby likes to tease me on my similarities to Olivia I don’t know. It’s kind of comical actually, like her character, I -apparently- cause lights to go off whether from exploding or just plain turning off briefly while I’m under them. Then, there’s the plot line that people have this ability because they were experimented on as babies in Jacksonville, Fl in 1979. My husband fell off his chair laughing so hard because it just so happens that’s when and where I was born. He told me that he hoped they’d say Florida, but when they said Jacksonville ’79, it was just too much for him to handle. I think it’d be a pretty cool party trick. lol. Hmm…now if only I could get them to turn back on! And yes, he’s already told the joke that when normal people get an idea, a light bulb turns on above their head, with me…it actually turned off with no one near the light switch. Oh well 🙂

  17. Voted twice for Rush but it won’t let me vote anymore, oh well… the Kinos didn’t get enough nominations to make the top 10 audience choice series for a Streamy Award. Really would have been useful to have it advertised on the blog like this blog poll. Next year?

    Cheers, Chev

  18. Narelle from Aus said:

    What’s your address Joe? I need to know where to send my psychologist’s bill after that Van Damme clip. My face is now permanently stuck like o_O

    Can we get a discount for a bulk group session Narelle? Perhaps that’s why I woke up at 3:30AM this morning.

    I soooo have to show my friends who are JCVD fans and dragged me along to a few of his movies. Though Joe, don’t tell Ivon I kinda liked “Sudden Death” :).

    Cheers, Chev

  19. The dinners look great.
    Enjoy the porcus caput (or is it caput porcus?)!
    I hope your mom is better and back home soon.
    I’ve really been enjoying the art in your posts.
    Make Jelly stop walking on the Doritos.

    Sorry, but I had to vote for Walter Bishop over Rush. I love them both dearly, but I have a long history with Walter.

    I’ve finally got my mom set up with a 24-hour at-home caregiver as she recovers from her rotator cuff surgery (much to my sister-in-law’s relief).

    And now for spring break! I’ll be traveling up your way next week, Joe, but sadly will be heading over to Victoria and Sooke from Seattle with no time for Vancouver. By car ferry no less. Prayers for sunny weather will be greatly appreciated, everyone.

  20. No one appreciates experimenting in the kitchen more than I do, but chocolate and shrimp? That’s just wrong!

  21. @ Sparrowhawk – You must drop me a line soon! And yeah…I know…I’ve been absent from the Inn. 😛 I finished The Revenge of the Rose, but didn’t like it as much as the microscopic focus on Elric in The Fortress of the Pearl. I think I’m going to read that one again – it’s just about my favorite so far. What can I say – I just love to see that man suffer. 😳

    @ ytimynona – I love White Collar too!!! My favorite line in season 1?? “Carrier pigeons.” 😆 But you gotta say it like a loopy drugged-up Neal. 🙂

    I ‘know’ (in that obscure internet kinda way) one of the writers – Joe Henderson – from the Brian Michael Bendis forum. He’s really excited about season 2, which starts in July. I really like the characters in this show, and though I rate it behind NCIS and Psych as my top favorites, I think it’s just as good, especially for a first season. I can only imagine S2 will be even better! Not sure who my favorite is yet – I think Peter or Mozz. I love Neal, too, but you know my tastes (or lack thereof), and Neal is just a bit too handsome for me (I did vote for him in that poll, however!). Hmmm…maybe if he shaved off his eyebrows… 😉


  22. Joe,

    Caught an episode of SG-1 on cable last night, I thought you would get a kick out of what the on-screen menu guide displayed about the episode…

    “Unnatural Selection” (2003), Conclusion. An alien chieftain returns to his planet with an SG-1 team in a desperate attempt to stop an army of box shaped robots from annihilating his civilization (SC-FI).

    Now that’s writing! I take it the SG writing staff doesn’t provide the synopsis for syndication airing.

    Just thought it was funny.

  23. Joe, you’re awesome. Just had to say it. Also, today (Friday) is Astra Per Aspera’s b-day. Could you give a shout out to her? She’s a fan and a regular on your blog (though, you and the other blog regulars know her by a different name). Anyway! Rambling! Sorry!



    I will not be held responsible for any heart attacks that may occur as a result of the global cheeseburger orgy that is planned for this weekend.

    That is all.

    (For the record, I’m eyeing up that Aunt Millie… :p***** )


  25. I’m not quite sure how to quote, but I have to say, re morjana’s link about the spec scripts…

    Where’s Sanctuary?! It’s not as though it’s too new to review, and I think it certainly could be considered a Wild Card or an Outsider… 🙁

  26. Chili-chocolate sauce? Isn’t that just a chocolate based mole? Which I love if prepared properly. Bad mole is really really awful. I like mine on grilled calamari steak when I can get it.

  27. Narelle, Chevron7: please, let’s not bring up the video again….cringe. (going to wash my eyes out again)

    Mr. M, if you are going to include pictures of food that you made, then please include the recipe!

    I’m going to try “grilling” fish tonight. For some reason, fish doesn’t make me feel guility. Although, one kind of fish would. Mr. M, have you tried the fish in Japan that is flash fried and served gasping on the plate? Yuck!

  28. i know you dont have to answer me, but i really would like to know, why does the ancient database chair looks so incredibly different from any other ancient database?

    i dont get the “its an old model” response, i would like a more production like answer like “we wanted to do something so different that you would feel uncomfortable and think again that you are watching a complete new series”… or something, because if you said that the chair was a control interface like all the other chairs i would get it, even if it looked all weird and cyberpunk, but an ancient database? really? if you at least did it against a wall, and whit some kind of helmet that took over your face, even there ill buy it, but this ‘dollhouse’ like chair is just not ancient to me.

    im probably alone on this so feel free to disregard this post.

  29. @ das – I saved your Cheese Burger site to my Favorites. They all look so good. I want to try #1 The Casanova because it looks pretty simple yet delicious and I love potato bread and potato rolls. I’ll be trying several!

  30. My grilled fish turned out ok. I had problems with the fish sticking, though. Do you think a higher cooking temp would help that? I did the fish on medium low.

  31. @Tammy Dixon

    I’ll leave you with some pearls of wisdom from JCVD via his twitter account:

    “If you want to break walnuts with your butt, it’s the right time of the year” (Oct)

    “Birds are aware of how great it is to eat worms that just have had the apple’s pectine for lunch, that’s why they sing so often.”

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. I just found out that God has a twitter account…random

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